Gathering of Love With God's Action in Cap-Rouge, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-13 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: In 2001, the Lord turned his attention to each one of us – not that he hadn't done so beforehand, but it was as if he had cast a glance, a glance in our direction and said to himself, “I will go speak to them in their hearts.”

In the very beginning, he came to speak in my heart, and he sent his Mother. In ’98, it was through the smell of roses that Mother Mary drew me to listen to my interior. She taught me, she taught me to go within myself; slowly, she was showing me.

In 2001, I heard her voice, I heard the voice of Mary, and she continued to teach me. The first time, it was by prompting, but then, in 2001, it was her voice: a gentle voice, the voice of a woman inside me, and it wasn’t in my head but it filled me up inside. She was showing me images and this was happening inside me, which made me pray more, and even more. Above all, she would use my children so that I would pray for all children: this is what she showed me.

She told me several times to be constantly obedient to her Son because Mother Mary, she speaks, but she acts as well; she places movements of love within us that lead us to discover her tenderness, that lead us to discover her maternal presence by our side.

And so, this brings us, this brings us graces, a great deal of peace: we are inclined to think of her Son, we are inclined to look at her Son's cross, we are inclined to carry out acts of adoration, but with such intensity that we don’t recognize ourselves any longer.

This is Mother Mary who is acting within us: she wants to teach us to be attentive only to her Son and not attentive to this world.

Slowly, I was learning to leave this world, to enter within myself – it felt so good! I was discovering that when I was before the Holy Face, it was alive; this experience that I was having in front of Jesus’ face was taking on a different form – it was a real presence, a presence that I could even feel, even touch.

How can we touch a presence? It’s because it starts inside us: we have the impression that all these movements we see externally become movements inside us.

And so, when I would look at his face, which was all swollen, I would ask for forgiveness, for forgiveness out of love; I would have wanted to comfort him so much and then, this would increase my love for him; I loved him so much.

And fifteen days later, I heard, I heard a voice, a voice that was external; it was my guardian angel who was telling me to obey as well, that he was going to be there but that I didn’t know what was going to happen in my life.

In that same week, Jesus spoke inside me, and since that time he has been teaching; he always gives teachings and those teachings are teachings of love and of peace.

Jesus is a Being of peace, is a Being of joy, is a Being of love, is a God, is a presence, is a friend, is a source of comfort, is someone we can count on, is someone who always follows us.

We can try all we like to hide our thoughts, but he, he knows them; we can try all we like to be alone with our pain, but he, he's always there to comfort us, even if sometimes the tears are falling, even if sometimes our words cry out, cry out in pain, cry out in despair, he's always there, all the time, present for us, to say to us, “I love you, I love you, give me everything, leave your pain to me, it is my pain, let me hug you.” Jesus is constantly in our presence.

I was very sad this week and I heard ‘I love you’s’.

I had my sister who was with me and she was saying, “What is he saying to you?” Oh! I didn’t feel like talking about it, but it came out as: “He's saying ‘I love you’.” That was all I was able to tell my sister: “Jesus says, ‘I love you’” and this was filling me up.

Not that he took my pain away, he didn’t take away the pain; I had to live it to the very end, I had to discover that that pain belonged to him, that that pain, he was the only one who could spread a balm of peace on it so that I could discover joy through my pain, which was no longer becoming my pain, but his pain.

I knew that he was attentive to all children in the world who were feeling the same pain as I was; I knew that he was active despite my human will. The human part of me was in pain: I had pain in my stomach, I had pain in my heart, my thoughts were going wild. I had to discipline my thoughts by saying constantly, “Stop, stop and be obedient to Jesus, don’t stay within me, you belong to Jesus.”

And so, Jesus was teaching me that even if I can hear him, even if he's present, it’s my duty to be completely in love with him, in love with Jesus despite the fact that we receive news that someone has cancer, that another has cancer, that someone else is gone and left his child in despair.

He was teaching me that I had to be in love with him despite all this pain, despite knowing that he was the only one who could remove that pain from me, the only one who has the power to gather hearts, to prevent people from separating, to prevent illness from taking our friends away: I had to be in love with Jesus, to discover his presence, his support.

He's there, Jesus; he's present in our life; despite the fact that we have to go through suffering, Jesus never stops telling us that he loves us, and he expects the same thing from us: he wants us to tell him: “I love you, Jesus.”

It’s as if he was teaching us to take care of ourselves with ‘I love you’s’, ‘I love you’s’ that come from his heart, ‘I love you’s’ that are nourished by his love, by the very presence of the Trinity in our life.

I had to become aware that the ‘I love you’ I was saying didn’t come from me, but that it was nourished by the graces of the Trinity in order to be at peace, a peace that helps me to go forward and to support others who will come to me, to support those I carry inside myself: the Church.

How are we supposed to help our brothers and our sisters of the entire world: those who die every day, those who are tortured, those who don’t have food, those who are alone, those who are in prisons, those who are in hospitals? We can't help them if we don’t love Jesus, if we aren’t in love with Jesus through our sufferings, through our difficulties.

We have to learn to love our Jesus: to love Jesus is to love God the Father, it’s to love the Holy Spirit, it’s to love the Holy Virgin, it’s to love our brothers and our sisters of the whole world.

So, if we cry, we must also realize that we can stop crying and say: “I love you, Jesus. I love you because that ‘I love you’ will comfort me. I love you because that ‘I love you’ will give me strength. I love you because that ‘I love you’ will bring back my hope, will keep me faithful.” This is what we must always be aware of.

Oh! We have often heard the words of Jesus of love in his teaching because there has only ever been one teaching – it’s the one about love and it’s inscribed on every page of the Gospel.

We must realize that Jesus spoke to us with love, that Jesus cared for us with love, freed us with love, and it’s only love that can enable us to go forward, to make us take the path that is difficult for us to live.

It’s upsetting to live every day with pain knowing that no one loves us, or that we would like to love someone who doesn’t listen to us, or that we would like him to love Jesus as we love him.

Yes, it’s painful; it’s painful because through all this, there's fatigue; through all this, there's illness; through all this, there are separations; through all this, there's hatred, indifference, domination, power, money, sin, Satan, the demons; all this is in our life.

But as true as this is, it’s also true that we must be in love with Jesus, we must love Jesus unconditionally; this is the only way we will get through our sufferings.

We can cry, but at the same time, we can say, “I love you, Jesus. These tears, I give them to you; they are movements of love. If I cry, it’s because there's love in me and that love, I give it to you. You are my Love.”

This is what we need to realize because we live in a world of suffering.

We, in Canada, we live in a country where we once had faith, where we once prayed, where we once looked at the sky and said to ourselves and sing: “I will go see her one day, in Heaven.”

Those songs, we believed in them; we weren't ashamed to talk about Jesus, we weren't ashamed to show our faith, we even had parades in the streets and we weren't afraid because others were doing the same thing as us. We didn’t look at windows to see if people were watching us, saying, “What will they think of us? Oh! Why don’t they come with us, too?” No, because everybody was there participating.

We were a country of love; today, we’re a country of indifference.

We live without looking at each other, without loving each other; we often try to understand our neighbour, our husband, our wife, to understand our government, to understand our priests, our bishops.

Yes, we often try to understand with our little mind that’s in pain, with our eyes filled with images that aren’t from God, with our ears that never stop remembering what wasn’t from God.

We walk now on an earth that has lost love, that has lost faith, and we lower our heads: we lower our heads because we no longer want to look at who we are.

Because when we look at the people on the street, we’re looking at ourselves. When we hear people speaking, we’re hearing our words; because we take part in what they are: their gazes are our gazes, their hearing is our hearing, their movements are our movements.

We acknowledge that we’re all the same in Canada; before, we were all the same – this hasn’t changed, we’re still all the same.

What caused us to no longer show our faith today?

You see, I will tell you a little story about something that happened yesterday.

The Lord, in my great pain, taught me this saying: “O Divine Will, may all powers unite to thwart the forces of evil.”

This rose up within me and it warmed my heart, and I wanted to tell the whole world. And so, yesterday, I made the decision to write in it big letters and to put in the window of my car, at the back. In this way, those who would read it would have the same opportunity as me to obtain graces and to repel the darkness.

Well, you know what? While I was putting my piece of paper in the window of my car, taping it to the back windshield, whoops, my future son-in-law comes into the driveway with a friend – he repairs Harley Davidsons! You know… the big black sweaters, eh, and they walk like soldiers.

But they didn’t look at my window, but I, oops, I turned around, I went into my house and I said, “Who do I think I am? I didn’t even react! This reaction I just had – what was it all about? Could it be that I was afraid they would see what I had written?”

Well! I wasn’t proud of myself, eh? I said, “My Jesus of love, he put himself on the cross for me and I don’t want to make a display of myself with those words in my back window.”

So, in the afternoon, I left with my car, and then, in my car, I saw it – oops! – I could see it really well and I said, “Everybody’s going to see it.” It was around four thirty, and there's a lot of traffic at four thirty.

So, I was saying to myself, “But why isn't anybody pulling up behind my car?” There was a distance of about five hundred feet behind me; all the cars were passing around me, but not behind my car. I said, “Are they doing it on purpose?” I said, “Why aren’t they coming closer? They’re going to see!”

And so, at the light, I said, “Now they won't have a choice, there will surely be someone who’s going to read it.” Then, along came a man, but even though I tried to look at him through my rear-view mirror, his eyes didn’t look at that little…, oh! It was maybe like this big with a font of 16! It was still quite big enough and in bold letters. For those who know the internet, they know that you can print nice letters, quite big, so we can read them… but he seemed to not want to look, it wasn’t catching his eye.

So, I went happily on my way and I said, “Okay, I did about as much as I could do.”

And today, on the other hand, I removed my sign because Jesus told me, “You have done enough.”

So then, it was as if in my heart of hearts, I had wanted to put in front of my brothers and my sisters a word, a word of warning, a cry: “Wake up, hell is around us!”

Then, he said, “That is not exactly the way I will act.” Jesus does not act externally, but internally; but he made me understand that I could tape images of Jesus and Mary on my windshield.

This is what we, we are.

When Jesus comes to touch our heart, it’s as if there was an earthquake inside us: things move; we would like to cry out our love for Jesus, our faith for Jesus; we would like to display it for those who really want to listen to us, for all those who really want to look at us, but they’re not ready yet, they’re not ready to draw near to us, they’re not ready yet to listen to what is spilling out of our heart.

Our heart is spilling over with love, our heart is spilling over with faith, our heart is spilling over with will: will of love, but that will must be in the Will of God so as not to upset them.

The Lord asks that we be completely attentive and to be his; he, he knows what is good for us.

And so, the Lord is asking me to shut my eyes, he wants to take up all the room.


Jesus: Children of my Father's joy, in each one of you, you have received my Presence; it is as if, my children, you could travel in eternity, it is as if you had placed your presence in my Presence so you could be true to yourselves.

Those who are with me learn to be true, to be light, to be truth, to be language of love.

To be language of love is to take for granted that God takes up all the room, it is to be true in what surrounds you so that those who are around you can discover my Presence, it is to be light so that you can be, in plain daylight, sources of light: lights that shine with the very presence of the Trinity, lights that reveal themselves even through the eyes of those who do not want to look at the Presence.

I am in all the hearts of all my Father's children.

I walk through their thoughts, through their gazes, their hearing, their actions, their feelings.

Every day is a day that brings them grace; I am the Life, I give myself to you so they can receive.

Pain, my children, is a movement that leads you to discover the gift of yourselves; pain, my children, teaches you to not distance yourselves from God.

When you suffer and you come to me, I fulfil you with my graces, I teach you to be true to yourselves, to be sincere, for one cannot lie when there is pain, for when one lies, the pain increases.

How many among you, my children, lied one day and felt great pain once it was discovered that you had told a lie? Those who have felt that pain said to themselves, “I will never do this again.” Others who wanted to cover up that pain said to themselves, “I got caught.” Others who refused that pain said to themselves, “Who does he think he is?”

You see, my children, love teaches you to be good to yourselves, love teaches you to be true before yourselves, love teaches you to not flee who you are: this is the only means, my children, that God places before you so you can realize that you are love.

When one suffers, it is because you have lacked love towards yourselves; you demand from yourselves what God does not demand; you hide from yourselves what God does not want to hide from you, you conceal your life behind movements: these are your movements.

To all those who want to discover gentleness, tenderness, affection, kindness, comfort, movements that are love for you – they must acknowledge that they are children of pain.

You see, my children, today, man does not want to suffer, today, man flees his own life.

The one who does not want to suffer does not want to discover that he is subjected to sin; he has a tendency to always say yes to what makes him suffer, his eyes are always fixed on what reveals to him that what he is looking at is not a consolation for him.

He has developed curiosity within himself, he has developed weakness within himself, he has developed rancour within himself, he has developed sadness within himself, indifference, indifference towards what he is himself: love.

If you believe, my children, you can discover love without discovering your suffering, you will always search: search for what could bring you the truth, consolation.

To discover that you are love is to discover that you are strong; to discover that you are love is to discover that you are filled with hope; to discover that you are love is to discover that you have within you all that my Father gave you so you could be children of God on this earth.

But at the same time, my children, it is to discover that you are capable of walking with your brothers and your sisters who watch you and who do not agree with you, with your brothers and your sisters who insult you, your brothers and your sisters who want nothing to do with your words, with your brothers and your sisters who do not try to be close to you; it is to discover that you are in a world where there is injustice; it is to discover that you live in a world where money dominates; it is to discover that you are only a person among others whether or not they want you to be among them.  

All this is painful, but when you are love this no longer affects you, for inside you, you have everything from my Father; everything you need is inside you.

This is what God wants to make you discover: love, the love that is you, the love that has strength, the love that is light, the love that is filled with hope, the love that makes you go forward through suffering, through difficulties.

To give up your life with everyone else, to be like them, is to go forward knowing that you have received grace from my Father, the grace to discover that you are children of God.

You have power within you and this power is synonymous with love; it is only your love for me that will enable you to go forward in this world filled with pain, which is you, and what you are, in pain.

Leave this world and you will discover yourselves through pain but filled with my graces, through pain but enveloped in my strength, through pain but all radiant with my joy.

You must not be afraid, you must live your passion; you must not fear for tomorrow – I was victorious over pain; I am bringing you, my children, what you need to live in this world.

If you live in a country where there is little faith, it is because you are blind, my children; the child who walks with others and who wants love, it is because inside him he still has faith.

When you look around you and you see a mother bending over her child, hoping he will be happy, it is that inside her she has faith that one day he will find happiness: true happiness, sincere happiness, a happiness that gives itself, a happiness that grows.

Money cannot give this, material possessions cannot fulfil this; there is only love, for what she wants for her child: it is love, it is faith, my children, it is hope.

It is your sadness inside you that prevents you from seeing, it is your tears that have prevented you from understanding the joy of consolation, it is your despair that leads you to not understanding that my Father is with you.

He gave me so that I could be completely in your presence.

When a child is capable of giving himself strength to get up in the morning, to go to work for those he loves, that is because there is hope in him; where there is hope, there is faith.

If they lived this with a tiny grain of sand, well, that tiny grain of sand, my children, comes from God, it does not come from humans, it does not come from you.

I, I am the Life; I, I am the Presence; I make myself little and even if I make myself little, my children, I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am Eternity, I am the Almightiness.

I am the one who keeps my children alive for my Father has given me everything; I hold in my hands the lives of all my Father's children, and my power has no limits, my graces have no limits.

When I give myself on the altar, I give myself entirely; my power spreads everywhere, my children; you cannot see the invisible, but the invisible is active, is around you.

All that is around you, my children, is me; all that is good is me, all that is hope is me, for I am joy, peace, happiness, kindness, affection, I am comfort.

None of this comes from Satan, none of this comes from the evil angels, this comes from graces, comes from my Father's nourishment, and my Father accepts the Life of his Son.

I give myself to you, I nourish you, I turn you into light.

You see, you must hope, you must discover to which extent you are love and how much I love you; I never stop saying to you: “I love you, be in love with me.”

Even if at times, my children, you discover that someone around you is dying, well, this shows you that I am in love.

Death, my children, of a being you love is a movement of love, a movement that shows you that my Father wants his child.

He spreads his love over the entire surface of the earth; he tells you: “Look, I placed this child among you so he could remind you of my Presence, and today, I am calling him back to show you that you are mine, that you belong to me.

This movement is a movement of love, I am your Father, you came for me.

If today, I call your brother or your sister, it is to tell you: “You are mine, I am your Daddy, your Daddy of love”; he is my child.

He is my child as you are my child and it is together that we will live eternity in my Kingdom.

Through this movement, I am reminding you that you are mine, that you belong to me, that I gave you life and today, your life is before the life of that child who is coming to me; it is as if there were a dash and on that dash, I was saying to you: “I love you, I love you, see you soon.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: How can we understand this language? It is with love, it is by saying to ourselves that we’re a child of God and because we’re a child of God, God talks to us all the time: God talks to us through the ages, God talks to us through creation, God talks to us through our brother, our sister.


Jesus: I, I am the Son of God, I am your Brother of love, I am the One who is and who shall be and you are in me; I carried you even before you were in your mother’s womb on earth, and I shall always carry you; you are the life of the Life.

Be my joy, be attentive when I say to you: “I love you, tell me you love me.”

All good will is nourished by my Father's Will.

You see, at this moment, you have been nourished by my Father's grace.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord likes to make movements of love for us; he likes to show that we really are beings who are alive, true beings, beings filled with his presence.

We are in a living Church, true, solid; if at times we are unsteady, it is because we are before a suffering and we have probably forgotten to say to Jesus, “I love you.”

When we say ‘I love you’s’, we’re filled with God's strength and not our strength, but God's strength.

It’s true that we have sufferings and we will have sufferings, as Jesus says; as long as there is a child of God in pain inside us, there will be sufferings within us, but surrounded by his strength – we have nothing to fear.

Yes, there is illness and the pain that comes with it, but there are his graces; when we live in God's graces, it’s as if pain doesn’t affect us.

But the Lord says that we have begun to feel a little pain and that it would be good to stand up and to take a moment – about ten minutes.

Thank you.