Gathering of Love With God's Action in Cap-Rouge, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-13 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Grace: grace is a movement that comes to us from Heaven; grace is something that flows inside us to bring us nourishment.

We need nourishment, we need that nourishment to feed our heart.

If we’re nourished by grace, our heart will have movements; these movements will bring us openings, and we will be able to go through doors, doors that God wants us to go through.

In our human will, we have often gone through doors; we went through them with our head, with our emotions, with what we knew, due to all we had heard, due to all we had accepted to see; this caused us to go through certain doors.

Even the doors we didn’t want to go through, we went through them despite ourselves, and when we went through those doors, we discovered that it wasn’t very pleasant, that we could insult people, judge people, that we could be angry, that we could abuse food, or abuse the way we did physical exercise, or the way we behaved, saw, or spoke.

Anything that is abuse… there are many forms of abuse, right? How many times do we say useless words… it would be better if we kept quiet: these are doors.

We have often gone through those doors in our life because we forgot to go inside ourselves to obtain graces.

We won't find them outside those graces, we’ll find them inside us and they’re alive those graces: those graces are part of our life.

If we’re joyful on any given morning, did you know that our soul has been in a movement of love?

When we’re asleep, we often have a tendency to let our human will rest, and so what is inside us rises up and what is inside us brings us life.

Even when we sleep, there's something inside us that’s always alive: it’s our spiritual life that gives our temporary human life what it needs.

When we’re resting and especially before going to sleep, we took the time to pray, to ask our guardian angel to be there, we took the time to think of those we love, of our neighbour, then it’s as if we were letting our spiritual life watch over us: “Okay, I'm turning a light on for you, a candle, I'm leaving room for you.”

Our spiritual life, it knows what we want from it: we leave it some room. Then, it takes us in its movement of love: it brings us peace, it brings us confidence, it brings us hope, it enables us to feel faith, and yet, we’re sleeping.

How is it possible for this to happen? Because it always continues; spiritual life, it’s the one that is power, it’s the one that gives nourishment to our earthly life. It isn't our earthly life, which is carnal, that finds itself taking over, that finds itself giving spiritual life strength; no, earthly life, it has nothing to give, it has needs – it always needs nourishment.

Without spiritual life, our earthly life wouldn’t be worth much, it would always be in anguish, it would always be fearful, doubtful, lacking love.

Spiritual life, it’s nourished by God: by graces.

So our spiritual life, when we give it room, it nourishes us during the night, it gives us joy, it makes us realize that we’re children of God; and so, we wake up and we’re joyful, we have a need to get up, to get on with our day.

Today, many people cannot say they are joyful when they get up in the morning because they forgot to pray: too tired. They forgot to think of their neighbour.

Did you know that it’s very important to think of one’s neighbour? Think of your neighbour and your neighbour will think of you; this is very important.

Joy is something that travels; if you have joy, others will feel it and because they will feel joy, they will have joy in their day and you will feel that.

You see, it’s as if it travels: I give to you, you give to me, and because you gave to me, I give it back.

There have to be moments in our life when we must enter within ourselves to nourish ourselves, to seek out that nourishment Heaven gives us; we need this, it’s essential. We cannot go through our day without going inside ourselves to seek out that nourishment; for a short moment we must go within. How do we do this? Well, we stop: here we are! God does the rest.

It’s because you agree: you agree that your life belong to Jesus, and so, he takes you and then, he brings you inside yourselves.

In the very beginning, you don’t have the impression that something has happened, and afterwards, you let yourselves go: “Okay, I did it but I don’t know what’s happening.”

This is when abandonment begins to develop slowly: “Yes, now that I'm used to doing it, I don’t know if it has any effect but I do it anyway; I got into the habit of doing it.” Oh! Now abandonment is nourishing itself.

You see, in the very beginning, we didn’t know what this was; we simply said, “Here I am, I want this.” This is a yes: in that moment, you received graces for your interior.

Since you received graces, there was nourishment: your spiritual life nourished your external life; then, you said, “Oh well, I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t find that there's a difference but I don’t think it’s important.” And then, more nourishment, you have just received more nourishment.

The nourishment that was there and the one added to it gives you even more nourishment: double nourishment and you say, “Oh well, I don’t know if it’s having any effect but I’ll continue doing it.” Here is more nourishment for you.

And then, you say, “Okay, I got into this habit.” More and more nourishment, and then you realize that you feel good during those moments: “During the moments when I receive graces and I enter within myself, ah! I find that I'm peaceful in those moments.” This is more nourishment.

You see, you didn’t even do anything, it was Jesus who did everything: you consented to it.

But it wasn’t you, it was Jesus who acted, he's the one who turned you into an abandoned child, he's the one who turned you into a child who is completely abandoned, he's the one who turned you into a child who wants to abandon himself, he's the one who turned you into a child who is a child of peace, of light, ready to be love for others, and yet, everything comes from Jesus.

This is the Life, this is the Presence; we are in a living Church, we are in an active Church.

It’s true, we’re not always as fast as a rocket, as quick as lightening, as thunder, like someone who just hit the table – that, that’s our exterior. This is what has been shown to us: this is our impatience, this is our lack of faith, this is our stubbornness, these are our doubts, this is our indifference, our loneliness, this is everything that is external.

But our interior, when we leave all the room to God, is docile; our interior is inclined to nourish itself with God's graces. This is why Jesus says to us, “Enter within yourselves, come to me, leave yourselves in my hands, pray.”

Well, to enter within yourselves is to pray; to enter within yourselves is to praise; to enter within yourselves is to be and it is not to be: to be true to God and to no longer belong to this world, to the outside world.

The outside world has brought us nothing: the world can only affect you on the inside if you, you take what is external and bring it inside yourselves; then the world can affect you, then you can live in anguish, then you can live in your fears, then you can live in anger, then you can live in your disappointment, your indifference towards your neighbour, your selfishness, your pride: this, this can affect you.

It had to come from the outside in order for you to bring it inside you, but all that is internal belongs to God. What is inside you is a yes, but the rest is God's. He's the one who enables you to discover the beauty of the outside.

The warmth of the sun, the gentleness of your loving mother, the strength of a father, the trust in a priest – this comes from inside and it’s Jesus, it’s real, it’s alive – this is what life is all about.

It isn't the outside world that is life – this is wrong – anything that is external is death, it is suffering, it is illness, it is deception, it is lies, it is manipulation, it is power: this, this is external.

What is internal is happiness, it is love, it is sharing, it is what gentleness is: purity, humility, chastity, this is everything that is good: anything that has flavour is inside us.

The outside comes for you: it comes to take what is best within you in order to make it emerge and to transform it, transform it into something cold, into something without flavour, into something that brings nothing to others, into something that is useless.

And so, you see, we who are children of God, living, light, strength, we become useless to others, we become beings to whom people say: “I don’t know if I love you.”

But what was it that enabled this movement to exist? It’s because inside me there's good but because of the world of today, I find that I'm not good enough. The others, they come to drain me; the world of today comes to drain what is good in us and when we look at ourselves, we find we are no longer good: the world of today comes to take the child of God that we are, it comes to take what makes us beings made for their neighbour. 

The Word of Jesus is: “There is no greater love than to give one’s life for those one loves.” Well, when we’re ourselves, when we’re light, love, kindness, gentleness, humble, pure, when we’re all that inside ourselves along with God's graces, it emerges, it emerges from within to go outside and what emerges spreads around us, and as it emerged from us, we’re protected – this is good – no one can affect us.

But if, without graces, I try to be good: “Ah! I'm someone. Me, I'm good at this thing. Me, I'm capable, I have the talents to do this or that thing. I'm filled with goodness.” Well, all this changes into pride, and so, it’s as if my external flesh had taken over my true self.

So, my goodness is only an appearance: what is appearance, others want nothing to do with it; what is appearance, others judge; what is appearance bothers others – it leads them to be angry or indifferent towards you; so, we’re not true, we’re an appearance: we’re what the world wants us to be.

It’s the world that teaches us to let that goodness emerge through our knowledge, our words learned from others, our hearing that is manipulated by them, our gestures learned from this world; and so, this becomes their goodness: we’re good on the outside for others.

So, the others, they have their own goodness; why do they need ours? It becomes a rivalry.

Then we no longer give ourselves for those we love because we love the outside world too much: we no longer love ourselves, we become beings who suffer, but we have everything inside us to make the world loving.

Little by little, God will use us; little by little, God will make us discover how much we are love, how much we love Jesus and we’ll learn how priceless our worth is to God.

Our worth is priceless to Jesus, to our Dad of love, to the Holy Spirit: we don’t even have an idea of this worth.

Imagine, God the Father gave his Son, his beloved Son, for us, to save us!

The Son of God is almighty, the Son of God is Purity, is the Light, is The Love, is everything to God the Father and he gave him to us out of love.

Can you understand how much God loves us? Can we understand how much we’re worth to God the Father? This is unthinkable with our human imagination; we can't, with what we know, think of how much God the Father loves us.

This is our life, let’s leave it to Jesus; he knows it since he gave his Life for us.

We are worth the trouble of looking at ourselves, we are worth the trouble of leaving ourselves in the hands of the Trinity in order to discover who we are and this is just the beginning.

Jesus wants to take our slightest thoughts that are against us; Jesus wants to take all the words we have said, he wants to purify all this; anything that we have agreed to listen to and that has entered us, Jesus wants it; all our actions that we agreed to and that made us unhappy because we went through the wrong doors, well, Jesus, he wants all this. He wants to change our heart, he wants to transform it, he wants to take our heart and turn it into a nourishment of love for all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world.

Jesus is the Nourishment, Jesus is the Bread and the Wine of Life; he wants us to be the bread and the wine of life for all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world, and this belongs only to the Son.

At every moment that Jesus speaks to us, there is movement within us, there is grace, nourishment, and this nourishes.

Our hearts, at this very moment, are joining together to form but one heart and it beats to the rhythm of the heart of the Church, Jesus, and the nourishment comes through, comes through, comes through: we receive some and they receive some.

Yes, we want our children to feel that love, yes, we want others all over the world to vibrate to the same movements as we do, for we vibrate in Jesus and we want them to vibrate, and so, they vibrate.

Do you think that we can, at this very moment, be in the Heart of Jesus, beat in the Heart of Jesus, without them feeling the effects of this? This is impossible since we are in Jesus, we are the flesh of the Flesh.

The Eternal Flesh, isn't it the one of Christ? It’s Jesus who is the Eternal Flesh and we’re flesh in the Flesh of Jesus; so, all flesh, since Adam up to the last one to be flesh, is in Jesus.

So, what we’re receiving within us through graces to nourish our flesh, at this very moment every flesh is feeling the effects of it: there is nourishment.

Can you see how important this is? This is our Church, this is our strength, this is our hope, our faith, love, this is Jesus, this is The Love, this is Movement of love; he's the Word, he's the Word: the Will of the Father.

And so we, when we say yes, we are the Will of the Father, we are no longer our will, we are the Will of the Father, we are in Jesus, but for this to be we need a yes.

At this very moment, we are all a yes, we are the movement of Jesus before God the Father for his greater Glory: this is what we are at this very moment.

Our gazes are no longer our gazes, they are the gazes of love; what we hear we hear it from the inside, we don’t hear it from the outside; what we feel makes all the cells of our flesh vibrate because it’s an inner nourishment that emerges to the outside. And so, it causes to vibrate whatever it touches. So it makes our flesh and our cells vibrate: there is a movement – this is love, this is the Church, this is Jesus.

Word (Jesus) means movement, action: “Your will Father, not mine.” Jesus acts within the Will of The Love.

Jesus is movement, he is the fullness of the Father's love: Jesus, he is the movement within the Father.

It’s as if we were taking a light that is here and we were trying to touch a spot of light; try to touch it: it’s impossible because light is a movement in this hall, it touches who we are.

We aren’t able to touch a precise spot of light: it’s whole, it’s the all, it’s the movement that encompasses us, it’s the movement that takes us, it’s the movement that warms us, it’s the movement that contains us.

We are in the light because the light surrounds us; the light is movement; because it’s there, it’s movement.

Jesus is the same – he's in the Father, he's movement; he can't say to his Father, “Okay, well, I'm here” or “I'm over here.” No, he's in the Father, he is the All of the Father, he encompasses all and the Father encompasses all: he's the Movement of the Movement.

Who then is movement? The one who envelops or the one who is internal, or the one who is internal and who causes everything he has to emerge in order to be external?

It’s everything: it’s the Father in the Son, the Son in the Father; this is the Will.

This is why we, when we’re in the yes, we’re in the Will of the Father; through the Son, we are present: we are. Then, everything happens, we don’t need to show this using our arms and legs.

Jesus is the Will: Jesus transforms, Jesus spreads, Jesus contains, Jesus gives, Jesus offers, Jesus is us.

How can we understand this with our will that touches, that goes forward, that goes backward, that sits down and gets up? Us, we have to look, we have to understand, analyse, but the movement of God is eternity.

We are life in eternity: we don’t need to stop when we’re in Jesus; it’s Jesus who is always in movement in us.

So, you see, when we’re in our sufferings and we give our sufferings to Jesus, he acts, he creates movement; even if we continue crying, even if we continue feeling our pain, Jesus acts, Jesus is in the process of healing and of liberating.

We want the suffering to stop; the suffering continues because the Movement continues: it heals, it heals the consequence of our suffering.

But where did our suffering start? Our suffering started in the flesh of the flesh of those who came before us and this was attacking all the time, all the time, and if today, it comes to attack us, it strikes us so hard that we hurt – we want it to stop.

But because we gave Jesus our yes, Jesus heals all the movements which have attacked and which led to another, and then another: Jesus is in the process of healing until he reaches the deepest part of us.

This is the Passion, this is our passion: Jesus took all sins, from the first to the last, and because he took the sins, he suffered out of love; his suffering was the movement of reparation and of liberation: he was offering everything to his Father, he was presenting everything to his Father and his Father was accepting his movement continuously.

Can we calculate all the movements that were taken by Jesus, healed, liberated by Jesus? This is incalculable, incalculable for us: he did it all the way to the end and he offered all this to his Father.

His Father, he had seen beauty, he had seen the light, he had seen each one of us – we were beauty: form the first to the last, we were light.

The Son gave every one of us back to his Father in all our beauty, in all our purity: we were such light, such light!

God the Father gave that light back to his Son, that beauty, and the Son was glorified because everything belongs to his Father.

We belong to God the Father, we don’t belong to ourselves, we belong to God the Father; we are the beauty of God the Father, we are the light of God the Father: the Son gave us back beauty and light.

Now, it’s up to us to live our beauty, it’s up to us to live our light, our passion.

We will live these movements, but we’re not the ones who are going to live them – it’s Jesus – he's the Light, he's Purity, he's Movement, but us, we are the yes.

Every yes leaves room for Jesus, every yes brings nourishment and all is done, all is done, all the way up to the moment when our suffering becomes a suffering that brings us peace and joy, then we are healed.

But we must go on, we must go on because we carry a lot inside us; we love our brothers and our sisters, we love our husband and our wife, we love our children, we love our brothers and our sisters, our aunt, our uncle, we love those who are around us.

Are we going to stop our passion of love saying, “Me, I'm done with mine, let him take care of the others.” Then, say to yourselves, “I haven’t understood the Passion, I haven’t understood the Passion of Jesus, I haven’t understood love, I haven’t understood myself because I haven’t understood my passion; I'm still ignorant about myself, I'm still in darkness regarding what I am.”

This is what the Spirit of God has put in our hearts tonight: to live our passion up to the end with love, saying yes and Jesus will do the rest.

This is the Church: to say yes, to no longer protest, but to say yes, and Jesus: “All belongs to you.”

Now, we’ll take a few moments for some questions.

It happens that – and some of you already know this – during the evening, sometimes many people keep in their hearts something they didn’t quite understand, or something they were carrying for a long time in their hearts but that concerns the Church, and not something of this world, but of the Church.

When we say something of this world, we mean, “Should I go to work tomorrow?” So, let go of this, let’s give our yes, Jesus will teach us tonight.

Let’s take advantage of this moment.


Q.  Can you explain to us who these chosen ones are?


A.  Jesus: All those who are inscribed in the Book of Life.

My Father gave you life, he placed within each one of you all you need to live your life on earth as children of God, as beings of love.

You are all chosen ones.

My children, there are some who answer my Father with a: “Here I am.” That one becomes a being who devotes himself to others: he goes forward, he makes a movement that enables him to become light and he enlightens, he enlightens those who need light: the other chosen ones, the tiny ones who do not yet know that they are chosen.

To be chosen ones in these times is to want to be in God's hands in order to be instruments.

God uses you; he places in your heart the need to give yourselves for others up until the moment when these, in turn, will give themselves for others, until the moment when these, in turn, will give themselves for others, up to the very last one.

My Father's chosen ones are inscribed in the Book of Life.

You are all important, you have all been, through my Father, chosen so you can be in my Will: Will of love, Will that wants to be for my Father.

I know each one of you: remember, my children, the one who came to work in the field. There were those who arrived early, very early, others later, and they all earned the same salary.

You are all chosen: there are some who came to me faster than you did and there will be others who will come after you, and you will all have filled your movements of love with graces.

This, this is your salary and it is for eternity that you will benefit from your salary.

I love you.

Unite with each other, unite with all the children of the earth, with all those whose mission it is to be instruments of love so that others might come; regard yourselves as being all my Father's chosen ones, remain humble and little.

You are my Father's chosen ones.

Amen, my children.


Q.  I would like you to talk to us about the refuges?


A.  Jesus: My gentle one, the refuges are the Son of God.

I am the refuge, I am the One who envelops you in his power.

Whoever believes in me, believes that he is saved; whoever believes in me knows he is surrounded by my light; to be surrounded by my light, to be surrounded by my power and my strength makes you humble and little.

Inside you, you have your refuge; inside you, there is a place where all is kindness, where all is nothing but gentleness – this is where you will find that your life belongs to God: you keep your peace, you are no longer afraid of the outside, you belong to my Father: that is where your inner refuge is.

External refuges are the places where you have agreed to live out of love for my Father, without pride, without pretence, giving up all idolatry.

My children of love, I am teaching the children of this world to give up everything that is futile; anything that is futile will not serve my children; this is good only for those who are attached to material things.

God's grace is not in objects, God's grace is in love, love for your neighbour.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We have spoken much about refuges; the messengers speak much about refuges; God has spoken to us about refuges; he is the refuge – Jesus.

When one says, “Here I am,” one enters into oneself and Jesus takes everything, Jesus shows us abandonment, he enables us to understand that God is taking care of us: his Father.

When we understand this, we develop peace and the more we develop peace, the more the outside world fails to affect us, and then we can help others to enter within themselves.

We, we cannot understand the refuge without others being able to understand our refuges.

Can you tell yourselves, “Me, I will be protected while others will not be”? This is impossible, this would be wrong.

We must develop our abandonment so that every person can find his refuge once again: his Jesus of love, Strength, Power, Light, Truth.

When we know we are in the truth, we know we are in Jesus, and so we need not fear, we have the truth, we don’t even need to defend ourselves.

The Truth is Jesus; he will defend me himself however he sees fit and not how I see fit; he knows this.

Do you see how good it feels to be with Jesus? We need not worry, he does it, because, believe me, there are those that will take you to court, there are those who find it unfair because their neighbour sheds too much light in their yard, etc.

He, Jesus, when we give this, he fixes things; he does it with love and gentleness, and then, we find that it feels good to be in Jesus; he takes everything in hand.

There is also an inner refuge for oneself.

When we know we’re at peace inside, we love to be joyful with our neighbour; we don’t like to bother others, we like safety and safety, it comes out through kind words.

If we say disturbing words to someone: “Ah! Did you hear that? There's an earthquake in such and such a place. Oh! Did you hear that? There's a risk of an epidemic!” These are not useful words because they won't bring grace to our neighbour and to us either; we don’t need those words; God, he takes care of things.

When we hear this, we only need to think for a moment: “God will see to it; he, he will know to fill them with graces; I trust in him.”

This is what people need to hear: “Give that to Jesus.”

For those who are irritated by: “Give that to Jesus,” then say it more quietly, up until the moment when he will have been transformed internally.

These are the inner refuges; it’s everything that enters us and that gives us peace.

Do not forget the Bible: the Bible, read it; pray Mother Mary, the rosary; offer yourselves good books: on saints – these are a treasure, they nourish our inner refuge.

And there are also graces, the graces that are given – graces of purity, of loyalty – because where we live must be a refuge.

Jesus spoke to us this summer about idolatry; he said that the 99 roosters in our house were idols; he spoke to us at length about idolatry, at great length about idolatry: we must slowly, with Mary's help, through prayers, give up our idols.

He also spoke to us about birth stones, he spoke to us about stones that give energy, he spoke to us about the New Age.

In our house, everything must be pure; in our house, we must once again find a place for Jesus: Jesus is the light.

If we bring darkness into our home, Jesus will go into his little corner; he won't leave us all alone but he will keep his silence because he will respect our choice. And so, we’ll find ourselves in a house that has no peace: our house must be at peace.

How can we say, “Oh, come on, our house at peace?” Yes, when we enter the house of someone’s who is filled with love and whose objects are filled with the presence of God, we feel peace.

Go into a house where there's a Buddha in a little corner, where we see collections, where we see incredible wealth – God doesn’t disapprove of certain things – but if we are unhappy because of all this, if we perspire because we’re forced to work really hard to keep all those beautiful valuables, tell yourselves that it’s idolatry because you put material things before yourselves; and so, you, you are on your knees before material things: this is idolatry.

Anything that becomes bigger than we are is idolatry.

So, the closet that doesn’t always satisfy us because we always want something modern, more fashionable and more fashionable, becomes idolatry for us.

You see, Jesus explains all this to us with gentleness.

These are: the three refuges that form but one refuge, God's refuge.

Jesus wants to take up all the room in our heart, wants to take up all the room outside; he wants our external life to be his, only his, not this world’s, and then nothing will stop us; we’ll be ready to live as children of God.

Tomorrow belongs to God, we need not worry about what will happen; he, God, he knows; let’s live our present: this, this is part of our refuge.

Thank you, thank you, Lord.


Q.  I have heard that there are people… let’s say, that it was the seventh son in a family or the seventh daughter in a family, who received a special gift given by the priest during their Baptism. Because I've been asking myself this question for a long time… I heard it from people who prayed a lot, so I imagine that it must be true. I don’t know if it’s a gift or if it’s an additional gift to the seven others we receive during Baptism – or if there are any – there's also the question of healers, etc. I would like you to shed some light on these things.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Will of God is in all God's children; the Will of God is in all those who want to belong only to God.

All children have received God's power; all children who are in the yes to God benefit from God's graces.

Some benefit more than others; some are negligent, others are not able to contain themselves.

This means that God gives, God gives so much love, so much of his power that there are children who have faith in this.

They are so thankful, they claim nothing for themselves, they forget themselves for the sake of their neighbour; then, those gifts flourish – they flourish without our being able to see them; they make movements of love and those movements of love are inclined to become a flavour for Heaven.


Jesus: Little children of love, in your life there are children who receive from Heaven and those children, God has chosen them.

You, you calculate with numbers; God, he does not calculate with numbers; he is Eternity, he is the All, he is the Power.

Every child who has been chosen by the Trinity is in the movement of the Will of God and God nourishes, God fulfils, and God enables one to go forward.

If, for you, the number seven becomes a perfect number, well then, my children, nourish yourselves with the Will of God, with the love of God, for such is the Will of God.

Your spirit, my children, is a spirit that must belong only to God.

There are children who are incapable of controlling themselves in what they are. This means that: they develop a knowledge that comes from their thoughts, and this is pride, and this is not always from God.

Be little, be humble.

When you are in the very presence of my Father's choice, then, my children, open your eyes and you shall see my Father's Glory, open your ears and you will hear the Will of my Father, and give thanks to God because it is the Holy Spirit who enabled you to see and to hear.

If you see nothing, you hear nothing, it is because the Holy Spirit knows you are fulfilled enough.

And for those who claim to have gifts, pray, my children, give them to me so I can show them that my Father loves them.

Does this, my son of love, bring you love, bring you graces? May my Father's Will be within you and may my Father's Will be within each of you.

This is all that you are able to understand; there is more than this, my children, there is more than this – let yourselves be transformed.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And so, the Spirit of God came to tell us, “Yes, there are those who have received gifts, but they do not necessarily come after the number seven; there are others.”

And there are also con artists, as we humans call them. So, we must give them to God because they are our brothers, they are our sisters, let’s love them.

And now, we will stop here.