Gathering of Love With God's Action in Alma, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Presenter: I’m happy to introduce to you this instrument chosen by Jesus.

I came to know the Girl of My Will in Jesus through the book “Love for All My Children”, written by her, but of which Jesus himself is the author.

I had an experience that was quite special with the Girl of My Will in Jesus last September, when she came to Lac Saint-Jean.

I wanted to go see her, but my six-year-old daughter had to be hospitalized and I wasn’t able to go.

So I phoned the organizer, Colette Bédard, so she could give her my name, in case Jesus had a personal message to give me: I didn’t dare hope so!

I received a tape on which Jesus talks to me about my family, my husband, my children, my journey, my past and my deepest secrets I share with him.

From the contents, I quickly realized that it was really Jesus who was talking to me, because the little Girl of My Will didn’t know me at all: it was impossible for it to be anything else, it was an extraordinary gift. I cried a lot.

Who is the Girl of My Will in Jesus? First, she’s a woman, a mother of three children; she’s a widow and grandmother, a hairdresser by trade. She’s a small woman who’s very simple and who has always loved the Lord; she gives her entire life up for Jesus.

The Girl of my Will in Jesus began to hear Jesus’ voice on September 13, 1985.

Jesus said to her: “I cry out my pain over the rooftops, but no one understands it for it is so great.”

He also says: “I am in you, my beloved; that cry you heard was from me, your love, Jesus; I cried out my distress within you so loudly; these words have been inscribed on your heart, my beloved.”

A little later on, the Girl of My Will in Jesus was crying out with all her might: “Father, I beg you, send your Son, our Jesus, on earth; we want his coming right away, we’re in too much pain; we can’t handle things like this any longer; I love you Father, hear your little girl who’s crying out to you.”

And this is what she heard: “We, the Trinity, we exulted with joy at this cry uttered with such abandon.” My children, I, Jesus, was not able to resist this cry, heartrending with distress. My Girl of My Will was carrying you all within her for, that cry, she uttered it in the Divine Will and, as such, in the name of all. And I, Jesus, I cried out to my Father: ‘Father, look at your children, they are begging me to go to them.’ And I came to you through these messages, these revelations, these words that I dictate to my Girl of My Will, for you. It is in her littleness and obedience that she accomplishes everything. I am the author of these volumes, not her. Every word is a grace of love for all my children of the earth.”

And Jesus asked her to write; she didn’t know where this would lead her. She obeyed and her obedience led her here, tonight.

Today, Jesus, or God the Father, of maybe Mary, will speak to us through his instrument of love. Let’s open up our hearts very wide and listen to the voice of the Lord. I present to you the Girl of My Will in Jesus.


Jesus: I am in this child of the yes for you; she uttered a loving yes and I came to speak to you through her.

The Divine Will chose her so that each one of you, you could know that I am in you, that I live in you.

The presence of God is love, the voice that speaks to you is in the Divine Will.

Any love (child) who abandons himself, at the moment of my Eucharistic Presence, is in him: this occurs because we, the Holy Trinity, will it.

Each one of you is in the presence of the Holy Trinity the moment when you receive Jesus Host.

You are in the presence of The Love, he speaks to you within each of you: he is the Presence.

I am Jesus, I gave myself out of love for each of you.

The moment when I offer myself to my Father, I take each one of you within myself;

I take everything about you and I offer myself to my Father and, through my sacrifice on the Cross, I renew this movement of love.

I who am the Presence, I am in the very presence of my Father and you, my children, you are also present through me.

We, the Holy Trinity, are the Almightiness, you are in our Presence.

Loves of my Life, I took you within myself so that you might know the importance: the importance of your presence in the Life.

The Life is me, you are alive through me.

If I give myself on all the altars of the world at every fraction of every second: do you see the importance of your presence?

You must realize, my children of love, that your life has worth, to me it is love, and if your life is love: it is because I, crucified Jesus, I allowed my Precious Blood to be shed over each one of you.

Become aware of your life at present, now, at this very moment.

Each one of you is important, you are unique.

Each movement you carry out must be for you an action worthy of your life.

My children, when you carry out a deed, tell yourselves that this is part of your life, which will be eternal.

How important your life is, how what you do is important, how what you say is important, how what you hear is important, for all this is part of your life, your daily life!

A daily life is a life in God.

Every day you accumulate deeds that will be presented to you: these deeds will bring you graces.

Yes, my loves, if your deeds are good: there are graces inside you that show you that you are love.

If, my children, you carry out deeds that are not good deeds: I, The Love, I give you, through my children of the Light, graces, so that you may realize that your deeds are against your life, against The Love; you must learn to recognize your deeds: if they are good, this is grace; if they are not good, this requires a renunciation on your part.

What I want to teach you is that you must acknowledge yourselves as you are.

I, I love you as you are, but I can only acknowledge you as my Father wishes.

When you carry out deeds that are against yourselves, I pour graces of light into you: graces that will make you realize that your deeds will not bring you happiness.

A deed is a movement: it is a part of you;

it is in your life and your life is in God's presence.

If your deed is not a good deed, I who am in your presence, I feel rejected by you, for when you carry out a bad deed, it is that you do not accept to admit that you love me.

To love me: is to know that you want to behave as children worthy of what I, I expect of you.

I shed my Blood over each one of you: it purified all your bad deeds; it made of you children who must acknowledge that they are God's children.

But when you carry out a bad deed: my action within you waits for you to correct yourselves, that you admit that you are at fault.

My loves, I am the only one who can speak to you like this.

I am the only one who can say to you: “But what are you doing with your life?”

When you behave badly, you are making my Father sad! He gave me to you so that you, you could be by his side for eternity, do you not know that he loves you? Do you not know that you are worth more than what you want to do, what you want to have? Your deeds, which are not good, cannot bring you joy!

When you get angry, your anger goes against you, it goes against those you love.

When you rob your neighbour, you are robbing yourself: you are robbing yourself of graces that you need to live your life.

When you speak against your neighbour: you speak against yourself, you speak against God's love.

God gave you love so that you, you might acknowledge that you are love.

To speak against love: is to speak against what God has given you. And when you hurt your neighbour:

you bring unhappiness upon yourself and that unhappiness is inside you, it is part of your life.

I, I am too loving to leave you in the ignorance of your deeds.

You must know, my love, that you are mine: I earned your life.

I am the one who took your life within myself: I purified it with my Precious Blood.

Do I therefore not have the right to speak to you like this? I want you within me. 

I know everything you have done, I know everything you do, and I know everything you will do: and it is out of love that I speak within you.

We are alone, you and I for, at this very moment, it is inside you that I speak, in your being.

I go through the children of the Light who accept to listen to the voice, who accept to abandon themselves, in order to take you.

You who are alone inside yourself, I, I am there and you want to ignore me!

You do not want to acknowledge that you are with me within you, but you see, I love you so much that I bring about situations so I can give you love!

I create gatherings with children of the Light to speak to you, to tell my children of the Light that I love you:

they are witnesses of my love for you.

They will bear witness on your behalf before my Father for, when those children will be alone tonight with me, they will remember you and they will say: “Jesus, you came to talk to us about our brothers and our sisters who do not accept your Presence: Jesus of love, I give you my yes.

I do not always understand your actions, they are too big, they are too loving, and I, I am a child who is too little. I want to abandon myself In the Divine Will. I want you to take everything about me because you, you know my need for love better than I.”

Children of my Presence, you are with me, I speak to you of love.

This time is a time of graces for all those you carry within you; it is a time of love for you who listen to my voice.

I am within you, I speak within you.

It is not because you hear this child who speaks in me, - she does not speak in herself, but she speaks in me, - that I, Jesus, use only this time to speak to you: I always speak within you.

At each moment of your life, I am present: I am the Presence.

Realize all the blessings that occur within you: your transformation has begun, it will only stop the moment when you will see me within you.

You are children of The Love. You are in the very presence of God.

The outside world is a world that must acknowledge itself as it is in order for it to know that God loves it.

I am not coming in each child to present myself to condemn him, I am coming to give evidence of my love.

And when I shall give evidence of my love within them, you, the children of the Light, you shall be witnesses: that Jesus has spoken, that Jesus has announced that he is present, that he is active.

I am sending, among the people, children abandoned in the Divine Will

so that the children of the Light may be witnesses of God's action.

You are not only spectators, listeners, no, my loves, you are in the very presence of God's action, and when Jesus of love makes his Presence seen, it is for those who do not accept God's presence.

Do you believe, my children, that I would need to present myself to children who pray, who go to mass regularly, who have faith without seeing? Oh! my children, it is for those who do not pray, for those who do not go to mass, for those who have lost the faith.

You are my children of the Light, you are God's chosen children.

You will give my children what I will give you; you will not be able to give what emerges from your human will for I, Jesus of love, I am in your presence to transform you into children of the Divine Will.

You shall be in my Will, not in your will, for a child who speaks in his will cannot help his brother, his sister, for what he has within himself is only of himself, while a child of the Divine Will takes from within himself what the Divine Will places within him.

It is the Divine Will that dictates the words,

it is the Divine Will that makes him carry out movements in Jesus.

There is no need for me to give the words to my priests who are in me, who listen to their interior, for they are me.

Through their priesthood, my priests speak in Jesus, through Jesus, with Jesus: they are covered by the power of the Holy Spirit, they are in the movement of The Love: each one of them is me, Jesus, the divine Christ Priest.

Through their priesthood, they speak to you of love; they speak to you of the teachings I placed within my apostles: they have the words of The Love within them; they are active in me, the Christ.

And through my priests, my children of love, you receive graces that purify your deeds that are not good: my priests have this power.

Children of the Light, it is my graces that will transform you, that transform you.

When you go to my priests, I give you, through their consecrated hands: my Presence.

I am the Life, I am Nourishment for your life.

Without me, your life, my children, could not be movement of love.

Be present in me, in Jesus.

Go, with your littleness, with humility, to my priests to receive my sacraments.

Any child who acknowledges that he is little is apt to receive everything.

You must learn to give me everything, to forget about yourselves, to let Jesus transform you: I am the Gentleness, I am the Tenderness; I do not want to take everything from you and turn you into slaves: I want you to have freedom in your life, in my Life.

Everything my Father has given me, I want to give it to you because I am love.

When you, you bring a child into the world, you look at him, your eyes see a part of yourselves: you fall in love with that child; it is the grace within you that makes you fall in love with that child: I gave you my Life.

And you, when you bring a child into the world, you agree to give your life for that child: all those hours spent feeding him, all those hours spent taking care of him, educating him, showing him his good deeds and the bad ones to avoid: my children, it is a gift of love and that gift of love cannot come from you, but from me, who gave myself.

Everything comes from me, everything must go through me.

You must learn that the gift of life comes from me: I gave myself out of love for you.

This movement was created by the Son of God: no human being could have given himself unless the Son of God had not given himself.

Through me, you are able to give: there is only the Son of God who placed this movement within you.

This movement is love and every deed carried out in me, Jesus, this shows you my gift of love.

And when you do a bad deed, you must recognize yourselves in that action; it is done through your human will, it is produced by the evil which dwells in children.

Because of your first parents, evil dwells in you; evil came from the disobedience to God, my Father; and the Son of God came to redeem all your bad deeds by taking them within himself and bringing them unto death.

Oh! beloved, I took everything within myself for you, for the sake of love.

When you acknowledge that you are impure, through my priest, I give you graces that will purify you.

You must go to my priest to confess.

I, Jesus of love, I give graces so that you might acknowledge that you are very little, to acknowledge yourselves as the child who wants to give what is not good within himself so that I, Jesus, can take your bad deed.

Do you not know that I did this movement? You bad deeds, my children, I carried them unto death.

How many among you are ashamed, are afraid, hesitate or do not see the importance of going to Confession?

If you only knew your soul’s desire!

It wants to receive sanctifying graces, it wants to be beautiful for its Love.

Oh! my loves, I speak for you, I speak for those you carry: your brothers and your sisters.

I do not stop telling you that I want you within me with what you are because I love you.

It is up to me alone to help you: it is up to me alone to turn you into children of love, into children of the Divine Will.

I am the Almightiness; grant me everything about yourselves.

May God be everything to every one of you.

May God be the air you breathe.

My loves, a Wind of love will blow; it will make you go within yourselves and you shall see all your deeds, and I, Jesus of love, I shall declare my love for you.

You shall be in the visual presence of your Jesus.

Beloved, beloved, I love you, carry this within you and give your interior a movement of love by saying:

“Yes, I am yours, only yours, Jesus; do as you wish with me.”

Through the presence of my consecrated son, receive graces of love. Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: He’s letting me know that he’s in me and that he speaks because he loves us.

When I present myself, I never know what he’s going to talk about: this depends on your presence.

It’s like a communication between Jesus and the whole audience: it’s as if we were beating in the very Heart of Jesus.

Jesus knows all of us: he wants to allow love to speak, the love he has for each one of us.

He makes me aware of these words at this very moment, through the Holy Spirit.

Me too, you know, I never know what I have to say: but, tonight, before they introduced me, I felt a great, great joy.

You know, you (the person who introduced her), when you introduced me, Jesus, he said something to me, he said: “Here is the surprise I was preparing for you.” Because, you know, last week, Jesus, he said to me: “Go, and you will have a surprise.” And I got it!

You know, I even discovered something; when she said, ‘in 1985: she was hearing…’ I didn’t realize it right away that it was true that the voice I had heard inside myself: was the voice of Jesus; it’s true that I heard it, but in 1985!

For me, it was a surprise tonight because I thought that it was only in 2001.

But now, it’s true: it was wow! It’s as if he doesn’t want me to think of such things.

He has them revealed to me: he reveals them to me, but when he wants to, the moment he wants to.

He could have shown it to me in another way.

But it’s like this! It’s as if I hadn’t thought of it before! And yet, it’s the truth! Thank you so much! Thank you, Jesus.

It’s with so much love that he shows us his love.                                                                

He does it every day, he does it for each one of us.

You see, I hadn’t even realized it, in 1985, this movement of love: I had written it down; not me, it was so beautiful that I had asked my daughter; that's my daughter Caroline, she was 14 years old, she wrote it.

Then she said: “Mommy, it’s so beautiful!” So, I put it in my Bible, and I couldn’t have imagined that one day, those words would have been used for the writings! So, when he made me write it, - it’s always to do with the writings – I went to look at it, I had it in my Bible.


“I cry out my pain

over the rooftops

but no one

understands it

because it is so immense.”


In my mom’s dream

during the night of

September 13, 1985


But, even then, I didn’t even think (realize) that Jesus was talking to me!

So, can you imagine how many times in our life God has manifested himself, and we didn’t know it?

One day, we’ll know: when we’ll be before him, we’ll know our own actions, but we’ll also know his actions.

What a joy it will be for us to see Jesus’ action!

It won’t only be in this way: it will be with the people he gave us because in our life we meet people, wonderful people, who say things.

Without realizing it, they say things to us that please us: we’re surprised!

How many times do we hear people say: “Ah! You just made my day!”

Well, it’s Jesus who sends us that person: these are God's movements; and, it’s present around us.

We have lost the faith!

On television, we’re shown images that have made us forget that God is active.

When we spend hours in front of the television, we can’t analyze our life.

I don’t believe that we could have said: “Ah! That made my day!”

No, it’s when a person that we meet says something that we want to hear.

It’s not on TV that we can hear those things.

Oh! They instruct us! That’s what they tell us!

Through documentaries: it’s true that there are good things that they show us.

Oh well! If I had to choose between that and a person I meet and having her tell me what I‘d like to hear so I can have a nice day: well, I’ll choose the person, not the documentary; that, that’s going to feed my pride, I’ll have something to say because I’ll have learned something.

What’s the use of giving something that feeds only pride?

We must learn to give ourselves with the heart.

It’s been too many years, I think, that we’ve been speaking with our heads.

When we meet people, we ask ourselves: “Okay, what am I going to say to him? How am I going to fill the silence?”

And well, if this hasn’t happened to you, it’s happened to me a lot!

I had visitors at home, my sister-in-law: well, if there was a moment of silence, I felt bad: “Oh! My Lord, she’s going to think I'm boring.”

So, how could I fill up that silence! Well! I was thinking with my head, it wasn’t with my heart.

Today, the same sister-in-law comes to the house, and the other day she said: “Ah! There’s no noise at your house, eh!”

I said: “No, I don’t watch television, I don’t listen to the radio.” But, you know, I’m not afraid to tell her: “I love you.”

I didn’t do this before; and I kiss her today.

I couldn’t have done this a few years ago: it wasn’t that long ago, in 2000, I wouldn’t have done it.

Today, I tell her I love her: imagine, I say this to my sister-in-law: “I love you” and, then, I kiss her before leaving.

I thank the good Lord for what he teaches me.

Oh! They’re very simple gestures, but they fill up my life!

Then, today, the Lord, he wants you to hear about it.

These words I’m saying to you, they’re words that come out of me on their own: it comes from him, it’s the Holy Spirit.

So, he wants us to witness his Presence inside us.

He transforms me a lot, Jesus of love, every day.

You see, I came, eh, last September, not even a year ago: I wouldn’t have spoken the way I just spoke; it was him, only him, and today, it’s still him, only him.

But it’s different, I gave him all the room, I don’t have to worry anymore, I no longer have any fear inside of me, I have peace.

What he wants me to tell you, I just let it flow, that's all!

He's the movement of my life: I have no need to retain anything within myself, and if I tell you ‘I love you,’ I say it with all my heart, with what he placed within me, because I know, today, that wherever he sends me: well! that's where he wants me to be, with you, sharing love.

What I’m telling you, you receive it and what you’re doing when you look at me, well, I, I receive it.

That is a movement of love! We’re going to learn to love one another!

There was a war; he spoke to me of love during those days, he spoke to me of peace and I kept my peace.

I didn’t try to listen to the radio, or watch TV; I stayed with him, and he talked to me about his children.

Ah! He spoke to me about his suffering; he spoke to me about his children’s suffering.

Even, he was telling me that there were some who were tortured; he was telling me there were children who were dying, even as he was talking to me, then, he would say: “Stay with me, keep your peace. When you give yourself like this, I, I bestow graces to you on their behalf: they receive graces of strength.”

We also prayed; we would say the Rosary with friends and, at the moment of the meditation of the Rosary, - you know, the little meditations – he would give little teachings of love; and then he would tell us what was happening; and then our abandonment would help our brothers and our sisters during those moments.

You see, Jesus expects a lot from us: he expects us to say yes to him, that we abandon ourselves in him; he wants us to help one another, he wants us to give ourselves because when we give ourselves: others receive.

He's a great movement of love, Jesus, and he's the only one who can do this.

He takes all of us: we’re the great family of Jesus, which is the family of the Church: the Church which he founded.

I have a thank you to give to his priest: “Thank you very much for your presence.”

You know, I write in Jesus, but when I do this at home, all alone, it’s like a movement I carry out for Jesus: like a prayer; like each one of us does: we pray at home, but it’s what I do, I as well, when I listen to Jesus: I pray; because I let him talk to me, I do what he tells me to: so, it is prayer.

But when a priest comes out because he believes that Jesus acts within me: this shows me God's action.

Myself and you too, we couldn’t do this: we couldn’t create a movement like this, it’s impossible!

There's only Jesus who can do this:

and well! it increases our own faith too, we see Jesus’ action around us!

“Thank you, Jesus of love, I give you all the room.

Beloved, beloved, thank you, you have put your words within me and I take those words and I offer them to you.

I am in the presence of The Love and The Love bears witness that I live in him.

Loving Jesus, take my voice and make of me what you, you will; but, Jesus of love, take the voices of all my brothers and sisters of the entire world and make them yours; in this way, when I shall speak, I shall speak with all my brothers and my sisters in the Divine Will.”


God says: “Give, my daughter, give.”

Loving Guy, you work in Jesus in the Divine Will, you are present because God has chosen you, and you as well, Colette, and you as well, Marlène, as well as each one of you.

As my son said, if I were to say all the names that are within me, you would spend the week here and even longer.

I love you. Amen.