Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Alma, Quebec

Through His Instrument The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : The Love is in the presence of each one of you. The Love inhabits your beings. I am, I, The Love. I make use of instruments who abandon themselves in my Will.

This world, my children, needs to know that it is loved,

this world thirsts for love,

this world is dying due to the lack of knowledge regarding what it is :

it does not perceive all the harm it causes itself by refusing to recognize itself.

My children, God wants love for you.

He wants your happiness.

He wants to accomplish his work.

My children, you come from God, you come from The Love.

Love is within you, but you are unaware of what is inside you.

You let those you love know that you want to give them your love; before giving, my children, it is necessary to realize that you yourselves have that need for love.

If, my children, you make a promise to others : the one of loving them, while you yourselves do not respect that promise : you are not loyal to yourselves;

you do not prove to yourselves that you are children of The Love.

You who, tonight, came together to hear God speak to you, to hear God say to you : “I love you. I want to draw you to me in my heart, the one that opened itself up, the one that gave itself out of love for each of you,” you must, my children, above all, be aware of what you are :

At your Baptism, you asked God, through your parents, to be children of love.

The Holy Spirit come to enlighten you, he place a flame within you : a flame of love;

it is within you, it was never extinguished,

and it made you children of faith, children of hope, children who wanted to live of love : of the love of their God,

for, my children, you were love beforehand, you were pure, you were God’s chosen ones,

but the original sin had made you impure.

And God wants his children for himself in the purity of his Being, because he wants to have you for himself.

He gave you The Love, my children, the Being of his Being : his Son.

He came into this world through the yes of the Virgin, of the pure Mary of love.

She brought into this world, through the power of The Love, through the Will of God : The Love.

And The Love came to live among you, among the impure.

He wanted to give purity to this world, for he was, he, the Purity.

He came from a perfect Being.

Without conditions placed upon his love, he gave his Life for you.

He left the Purity, unconditional love : he left the Being of his Being, the very Perfection of The Love in whom all is nothing but beauty, in whom all is nothing but sweetness, but gentleness, the very love of the Heart of The Love : his Father, in order to come among the impure. He offered himself for each one of you, so that you might recognize yourselves as God’s children.

This Child of love, he had to come to take all your sins : past, present, future;

he offered them to his Father, he felt all of them in his Body.

He was turned into a wound of impurities, because of you.

He gave himself without keeping score, without ever a word of regret, a thought against you.

He was so merciful that he did not wish for you to be in this impure movement.

He took everything upon himself so that you might recognize  yourselves as children of love.

He left each of you an act, an act that would make you pure, that would make you children of God : your Baptism.

My children, this act of love is so beautiful!

It is so pure!

It covers you, it takes you, it presents you to your Father, in order to erase the original sin, which turned you into slaves of sin.

And he, in his goodness, he takes you, he purifies you

so that you might be children worthy of his Father.

And you, my children, what have you done with your promise?

What have you done with this act of purity?

You have not even analysed it.

You have not, my children, understood the depth of this act of love.

He purified you through water, the water of the Life.

Water, my children, is a pure liquid, a liquid that pours out from his Being : it is part of God;

God is the Rock which Moses struck to bring forth water, the water that nourishes life.

My children, you were impure children, not in conformity with what God had created.

You were meant for love, you were meant to live in the purity of your being without ever knowing sin.

The disobedience of Adam and Eve turned you into impure children.

God loved you so! He did not hold back the beloved Being of his Being, his Son, to open his Heart, which would cleanse you of the original sin.

He shed up to the last drop of his liquid of love.

My children, his Being emptied itself, he had nothing left inside; he had offered everything to his Father for each of you, and, at the very end, water gushed out, and,

that water made you pure.

And you, you spend your lives asking yourselves :

        Why do we become ill?

        Why do we experience wars, revolts?

        Children are dying of hunger!

        What then is this justice of God?

        Why must we be born into a world where we must suffer?

        What then is this need to go to Heaven?

        So God created me! he makes me suffer to go to his Kingdom.

        He says he is the Light!

        He makes his laws, his commandments known to the world, and I, I must, to go to Heaven, bend to his laws of love.

        I have to suffer to earn my place in Heaven.

My children, do you not know that The Love pours his Being into you in order to help you understand that everything that happens to you is the consequence of your ignorance, of your having forgotten what you are?

You are children of God, he gave you everything, he taught you everything;

around you, he brought about : so many prophets, so many messengers; 

you have role models, my children : saints, who permitted their own suffering out of love on your behalf : and you do not recognize God’s work!

You cannot analyse, my children, what is inside you; you cannot, either, analyse, what he has done for you :

        you have placed a blindfold upon your eyes,

        you have blocked your ears,

        you have closed your hearts in favour of a modern world, a world of evolution, a world in which love does not exist, in which love does not exist inside you, for, to you, if love does exist, it is external.

Love, it is joyful, love dances, love likes to have fun;

it lets the world know that it is youthful;

that it is full of knowledge; love is learned;

love can be seen, love can be touched;

love, it is you : it is in what you see, in what is tangible, in what you have.

But you are false beings, you are calculating beings; you are beings who cannot understand the true value of what you are.

You are : my children!

The Love, it is I! It is I, Jesus of love. It is I who live in you, it is I who see to it that you are alive at every moment.

I am active within you. I offered myself so that you might be pure, so that you might have eternal life. Do you not know, my gentle loves, that without my sacrifice you could not have been called children of God! It is I who turned you into redeemed beings. I gave you everything.

I beg you : let go of your materialistic side, of your games that are unfaithful to your being.

I cannot, my children, continue to watch you destroy yourselves.

I cry out within you; I beg you : “Enter into me, I want everything for you.”

The life of your being is my Life : give your life a meaning, give your life a purpose.

Do not allow it to be extinguished, it is entirely love.

That flame that is within you, it gives you light.

Enter into yourselves, look at it, it is gentle, it is warm, it is alive : it is love, God’s love.

God the Father is within you, God the Son lives within you, God the Holy Spirit

does everything within you, because they are in love with each one of you.

My children of love, do not be too worried about what you have just learned : The Love speaks to you because he loves you.

These are continuous movements of his loving supplication on behalf of each one of you.

Through your yes to The Love, I will give my Life on your behalf again, again, and again.

I want all my children, I do not want to lose a single one.

I am The Love, and The Love reminds you that you must behave as baptised children, baptised in love, because you are children of The Love; you were adopted by my Father, and in what my Father has done, there is no error.

You are not errors, you are simply my little children who have allowed themselves to be seduced by what is external to you.

I will, through your yes, draw you within yourselves, I will place within you a desire for love, a desire to live on love, to know only love and I will make you discover the love of your neighbour, the one that shares your being of love.

You will, my children, recognize that what God wants : he obtains; but  not without your consent... it is only after you, you have responded to this cry of alarm.

The Love begs you, my children, to allow yourselves to be loved, to allow yourselves to be loved by your neighbour's love.

I am Jesus who, tonight, my children, has spoken to you because he loves you. 

My children, God is with you, he lives within you. Come and live in your life inside you.

My holy son of love, your God of love has given you so much love! He has placed his power within you. These hands, which were consecrated, have the power to bless all my chosen ones. It is your God of love, through this instrument, who is asking you to hold out your hands and to bring down my blessing upon each of them. Amen.


Blessing of the priest : I think God is asking me to bless you.


Jesus has just said that, through the priest, he has placed the power of his blessing in the hands of the priest. When the priest blesses, it is God who blesses. Let us become aware of the extraordinary power that God has given to the priest to bring down such extraordinary gifts from Heaven. And every time that a priest blesses, every soul is fulfilled; it becomes filled with graces, it becomes filled with graces like Mary. When we say “Hail Mary”, may all these graces  overflow : the more a soul receives, the more it can give.


“May the blessing of almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit come down upon each of you, upon all your families, upon the entire city, upon all the diocese, and upon the entire earth, because it is God who blesses. And the priest may ask him to extend his blessing everywhere, in Heaven, on earth, and also in purgatory, through Jesus Christ the Son, our Lord.”


All : “Amen.”