Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Amqui, Quebec

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : I am with each of you, I am the Presence within you.

My children of love, go within, be present within yourselves, allow love to flow within you : God’s love, love for you. When we take the time to welcome another person, we must open ourselves up our interior, for when someone draws close to you to speak to you,

if you listen only with your ears : you will receive only what you want to obtain,

but if you open your heart : you will receive what is inside him.

Every word which comes from what is human bears no graces;

every word which comes from God’s voice bears graces.

Tonight, God is present within you. He envelops this child so that she may give herself.

She is no longer in her will, she listens through me, Jesus, to what she hears; she repeats the words that come from her interior :

it is up to you, my beloved, to nourish yourselves with my life-giving words, with my words of love; they are for your interior, within you.

I am preparing my children for my Coming in hearts

and it is within each of you that you receive these graces.

You must enter within yourselves, you must abandon yourselves in God’s love in order to welcome his Presence,

not only for yourselves, but for those you carry, for all my children.

I am the Presence, I am the Life : Life is inside you;

it is life, my children, that makes you go forward in search of happiness : happiness is to discover your presence in God, this is where your place is, this is where love is.

I am The Love, I am the Essence of love you, my children, are love through me.

I gave myself out of love to my Father by taking your sins : I took everything upon myself;

I offered myself up in sacrifice so that you, you may be children of love, purified by my Precious Blood.

My Blood does not cease flowing, I pour my Blood during each mass.

At each second of your time, a priest, my consecrated son, offers me to my Father :

I renew my sacrifice for you, for those you carry within you.

My Blood purifies your sins.

This movement will never stop as long as there will be one single sin that has not been regretted.

It is necessary, my children, that you see  yourselves through your actions in order to analyze

if what you are doing is good for your soul or

if what you are doing is harming your soul.

When you become aware of your actions, it is up to you to choose if you want to accept my sacrifice.

I took everything within myself, I did not forget a single sin, my loves,

it is up to each one of you to make the decision if you want to abandon them in my Being.

When you present yourselves to my son, you present yourselves to me, Jesus : I am in the priest.

You come to give me your confession by admitting to me your sins, which I have already purified with my Blood;

but if you do not make the effort to come to my priest, I, I remain inside you in the silence of your interior, and

I wait :

I wait for you to go within yourselves to come towards me.

When you remain in silence :

        you open a door inside yourselves,

        you place yourselves in God’s presence,

        you make your interior aware that you accept the desire to be in God’s presence :

        this is a grace for you.

I cannot refuse my graces to those who want to come to me in their silence.

Even if you, you do not see your sin, I, through your presence, I pour graces of repentance into you,

so that you may see yourselves in your action which has harmed your soul.

I am a movement of love :

        I know each of you,

        I know your interior,

        I know your past, your present, your future :

        what you have done, are doing, and will do in me.

I am the Presence, it is up to each of you to become aware that you are with me inside yourselves.

You must feel alive : I am the Life!

How many children of this world believe they are alive!

        He speaks with his neighbour,

        he eats with his neighbour,

        he laughs with his neighbour,

        he shares with his neighbour; everything about him is nothing but external;

        he believes himself master of all he sees, of what he does;

he does not notice that he draws on his inner life in order to exist in a cold world, void of love, void of God’s presence.

It is only when the children of this world will go within themselves that they will know that they are alive.

When a child stops to go within :

he realizes that true life is inside himself,

that all that is external is composed only

        of what he desires,

        of what he perceives,

        of what he hopes :

everything is nothing but his human will,

whereas God is in him : God is life, God is his life.

My loves, I created everything you see.

I gave life to my creation, I gave life to all that is living,

and you, you are my creatures : I formed you.

When I formed Adam, I breathed my breath of life into him,

and that breath of life is in you :

        you are all my creatures : you come from me;

        you are the life inside yourselves : life is inside you

        and when you look with your eyes, what you see :

        you are making use of my Life, which I gave you, to see my creation;

        When your hands move about, it is your life inside you that gives life to your actions,

        and you produce what I give to you : by giving you my Presence of Life within your life.

Everything comes from me, there is nothing that comes from you.

You are my children : you are my creatures.

Life is within you because I am the Master of  life who chose it to be as such : I chose all of you.

Not a single one among you : each and every one in particular was not chosen unless I willed it so.

I am the Creator, everything within me is power.

Everything you have done since your birth, it is I who nourished it with my Life.

You see, what belongs to you is your human will.

Your human will has a choice :

        to say yes to Life or

        to refuse to believe that I am the Life within you.

It is only your yes, your no, that belong to you.

You, you belong to God.

God does not want to force you to be within him, in his Life : he wants you to be free.

You are in his Being through your yes.

It is up to you alone to enter within yourselves to utter your yes.

Children of God, I created you as love :

I am The Love and The Love wants you in love.

A yes, my loves, said to God : is said inside yourselves,

it cannot be external, for I am within you.

The children of this world live only of their exterior.

They want to give themselves some happiness

by offering themselves material things,

by offering themselves external pleasures, which sometimes make them suffer so much!

They reveal to them : those pleasures,

moments of darkness,

moments when they are alone with themselves,

and this leads them so far away that they fall into despair

where it seems totally impossible to them to be happy :

they are children lost in their human will.

I am with them, I do not leave them for a single moment, even though they refuse me, even though they reject me.

They do not want God’s love, for this would interfere with their habit of giving in to those forbidden pleasures.

My loves, I am with you to bring you light.

You must carry these children within you : your brothers, your sisters;

they need you.

When you pronounce your yes inside yourselves and you give it to Jesus of Love,

I pour graces of love, abandonment, and light into you, and this is felt by them,

for you are members of my Church, I am the Head of the Church : they benefit from what I give to you.

My children of love, there is so much to give, so much to offer!

It is up to you to give yourselves to God.

It is I within you who accomplish the work of my Father, I am the Word, the Action, it is I.

I need your consent, your yes to The Love,

and I, I pour graces into you which transform you into children of God, into children of the Light.

At this very moment, you are accepting your purification.

This time is a time of love, a time of graces for you :

it prepares you to enter my New Earth.


I provoke children among you

        who give themselves,

        who abandon themselves,

        who offer themselves,

        who forget themselves completely.

They forget their life, their entire being is focused internally, they renounce this world.

Just like this child, she has renounced her life in a complete abandonment;

she is no longer the child in her human will;

she lives only for God.

She has given everything, she has abandoned her life in its entirety.

All pleasure, she has given it to me;

all she has known with her children, she has given it to me.

Having given up everything, every day of her life is for me.

I guide her to the deepest part of her being through her renunciation of what she is, so that she may give.

When I ask her “Give yourself, offer yourself, abandon yourself” : she holds nothing back, she does not try to

understand, she fulfils her mission;

she does not ask, she offers her life.

I am in her and she, she is in me. 


Each child in my New Earth shall be in a complete abandonment in the Divine Will,

renouncing his human will,

renouncing the choice that is of saying no.

You shall be children of the yes, who will have renounced their human will

in order to live only in the Divine Will.

God is love, God wants to fulfil you : he wants to give you all he has within himself.

God, my Father, has given me all his blessings, I have so much to give you!

There will be nothing but joy, never again shall you suffer.

All I announced to my apostles shall be for you, in my New Earth,

for all the children who will have said yes to The Love.

        You shall know joys, my children, that you do not know;

        you shall see with the eyes of love, for your human will shall be no more : I will open the eyes to love;

        you shall hear sounds that the human will cannot perceive;

        you shall smell odours that your human sense of smell cannot smell

        when you will act, all shall be done in the Divine Will : all your movements shall be perfect.

Your human will, at this moment, acts as a hindrance to my action, to what you can do in the Divine Will;

the sin, committed by Adam and Eve, interrupted these movements of love.

I am announcing to you

        a time of love,

        a time of joy,

        a time of light,

        a time of contemplation when all will be nothing but eternal happiness :

all will be in my action.

O loves of my Life, I gave my Life for you so that you might know this happiness :

        it is at your door, it is up to you to say yes, it is up to you to go forward;

        do not worry, do not be afraid, remain at peace.

When you feel joy, when you feel peace inside,

        is it Satan who can give you these feelings?

        Can he say to you :“Love your neighbour; offer yourself; give yourself to God; create peace inside yourself?”

        No, my children, he cannot speak to you like this

        because he is evil, he is the liar, he is the seducer.

You, my children of the Light, come within yourselves to draw graces of light

that will make you see God’s action.

My loves, I came among you to teach you the commandments my Father gave to Moses.

I gave teachings to my apostles,

and the Holy Spirit covered them, showing them the light,

and all my teachings became a source of light to them.

You, as well, be in this movement of love;

let yourselves be enveloped by the power of the Holy Spirit :

and then, you will see God’s action, then you will see Satan’s tricks, for he tricks my children.

Many children let themselves be caught by errors, they want to go forward by placing their human will first,

afterwards they think of God.

My loves, when one places the self before God, God respects your will to go ahead of him, and God waits.

God does not force, he allows you your freedom.

My loves, it has been written: “You shall adore your God with all your soul, with all your heart, with all your strength, and with all your mind.”

When my children place their self before me, they love themselves so strongly that they take themselves for gods :

that is a mistake and this world is fully aware of this mistake.

They have invented methods that make them appear as children who want to love God, but they are bestowing powers

upon themselves;

they are making themselves the masters of their interior,

by taking the time to meditate, to relax,

by channelling energy :

this is a form of power.

Only God wants to fulfil you, only God wants to cover you;

I gave myself to you out of love, I poured my Blood over you in order to cover you,

by allowing my Blood to be shed, I purified your being.

When those children give themselves over to those methods :

they do not accept that I cover them entirely with my loving Presence, they allow Satan to seduce them : they have been tricked.

Satan is showing them how to be gods, and they do these things with ignorance.

These children will see themselves as they really are; they will see their actions

that they themselves have brought above.

When we do not allow God to take everything, to do everything, to accomplish everything : God is pushed to the background, he waits,

and these children allow themselves to be covered by darkness :

        they become impatient,

        turmoil penetrates them,

        for they develop a sense of self, saying to themselves :

        “I am free, I do not need to ask for permission, I like to do what I please, I do not need to be told what to do”;

        they say “I don’t want to be manipulated,” and these children develop a sense of independence;

these children, at the slightest annoyance :

        no longer resemble themselves, for they become strangers unto themselves;

        and so, when someone who loves them tells them what to do :they become angry,

        they do not accept to be manipulated, for they believe that the other wants to dominate them.

Today, you live in a world where couples are in disagreement,

they no longer accept that the other infringe upon “the me”, for “the me” has taken up all the room;

they have become little gods on their throne that Satan has built.

And he, from the loftiness of his power, watches you with eyes filled with coldness, hatred,

destruction, ready to rip out your soul to take it to the pit of eternal pain.

O, my children of love, I cry out within you :

“Be vigilant, enter within yourselves into the light.”

I light up your interior so as to say to you :

“You are mine. I gave you my Life, it is yours.

Give me your life, give me your yes with complete abandonment;

I will protect you from Satan’s tricks, from the deceiver,

and those you love who are around you, give them to me,

and because you accept to abandon yourself,

I will go through you to help them so that they may know that I love them, that I want them,

even if they have refused to see themselves as God’s children, as very small”.

I am The Love, this time is a time of love, a time of light for you.

I speak in your hearts, I speak to your soul,

it knows that it is my spouse;

it begs you, your soul, to listen to the voice inside yourselves.

It is up to you to make the decision to abandon yourselves.

It is up to you to give me all those you carry within yourselves.

I am preparing you so that you may be children of the Light.

Your time is your time of purification.

To accept that God say to you that you have a “me” that is making you suffer, is to accept your purification;

to accept that your friends, whom you know, are in the New Age movement : is your purification,

to say to a child that God loves him as he is, is to say to him that you love him as he is.

You see, this time is leading you to knowing yourselves inside : you have committed so many mistakes!

Your human will has accepted to live with evil, your human will has also accepted to live in God,

for, you see, you would not be here in my Presence through my instrument’s voice.

You have said yes and it is I who have brought you here : it is not you, it is The Love.

To accept that The Love make you go forward is to accept to know yourselves as you are

God does not speak to punish you.

When someone speaks to you and says :

“You know, when you ate your meal and you continued eating when you were no longer hungry, you made yourself sick!”

That person is speaking to you like this because he loves you!

He is not punishing you, he is letting you know that your pain comes from your overeating.

God is like this, God is love, God loves to correct his children so that they may come to him because God is love.

He wants to fulfil his child, he wants to give him what is best for him: eternal life.

I treated my children in this manner before you were born to this world and my Father treated his children in this manner

before my Coming into this world :

you are all God’s children.

Since Adam and Eve, God has made his children see that there would be eternal happiness, and that happiness is

within you :

I, I am your happiness;

I am the Life.

All is living within me and when you accept to come into me, you accept your happiness.

Be love for yourselves, be love for those you carry.

This time makes you discover who you are.

Loves, I love you, and I want you for eternity.


The Girl of my Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit :

God is asking us to make a sign of the cross so that he may bless us inside.

God sends us his Presence, his Presence through his consecrated son.

Thank you, God of love.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit :  With humility, God asks me to share his action with you.

I am with him every moment. Oh! he let me know that this was from even before my birth.

But, there are times in our life when we become aware of this, it’s at times like tonight : to have a priest present tonight

is a joy for us.

Jesus is so present in his priest, because the priest is in him : he is in the Christ;

and so, we have the presence of Jesus in the priest : "thank you, Father" (the priest).

He is in us; he tells me this, but it’s different :

us, we’re in him like little children who need to be picked up by him, who need to be constantly nourished by him,

and this is why he teaches us.

And he teaches me to always go to the priest to obtain his graces that I need, in the sacraments.

This time is a time of discoveries, not because we didn’t know about this,

we’ve known since we were little that we have to go to the priests to receive the sacraments, but now it’s deeper than that.

When we hear Jesus telling us these things, here, inside us :

we discover the real value of what he gave us on earth.

When he gave us the Holy Spirit : he let his apostles be covered, at that moment, he gave us his Presence through priests.

The apostles are the bishops; but they, the priests, they’re the descendants of the bishops :

they owe obedience to the bishops and us, we owe our obedience to the priests,

and it’s only through the priest that we can receive that nourishment that is so dear to our souls : graces.

Of course, we would love to go through the bishops, but everyone has to stay in his place : we’re very lucky!

But, we have to realize that our souls are suffering :

yes, our souls are suffering because today, in the year 2003,

        we don’t believe in the values of the Church anymore,

        in the values of the sacraments

        and some people we carry inside us even talk against the treasures that God has put around us,

        and this, our soul suffers because of this.

Because we carry Jesus, he told me we carry all our brothers and our sisters inside us;

and so, when brothers and sisters talk against the Church, he says : “Talking against the Church, well, is to talk against the priests.”

Do you see the importance of priests?

When we talk against the Church, we are automatically talking against priests;

well then, this means that we have to realize

how important priests are!

And this, this is Satan’s work!

And he’s the one who’s tricking us; and, he’s tricking our brothers and our sisters : and us, we carry them!

And when we talk against our brothers and our sisters, we, who call ourselves very devout :

ah, well! then again, we’re sinning against The Love, we’re sinning against the Church!

You see, Satan is so subtle, so deceptive, that he uses all sorts of ways to trick us, even that one!

We really have to discover who Jesus is.

That’s why the word “love” is used so many times in his first book :

there’s a lot of love, it’s there in every line;

and sometimes in a single line, it’s there more than three times, sometimes four, but it’s not repetitious;

each word “love” has a meaning.

We have to absorb this in the deepest part of our being to try and understand it.

In the beginning, it wasn’t obvious for me to understand all the words he was writing : that I would hear and then write;

since I couldn’t manage to understand all the Lord’s messages, it was only between his writing that he would give me lessons :

and then, I slowly absorbed them; it was as if he let me flow into his love without forcing me.

Then, it became much, much clearer!

And this, this is what we have to discover, we have to let ourselves flow into Jesus

to discover who he is : The Love.

Because another priest was saying to me this afternoon, he said : “Jesus’ love is not like ours; it doesn’t have the same flavour; it doesn’t have the same meaning as ours, we human beings : as ours!”

It’s true, us, we think with our human will but he, Jesus, he’s divine.


And so, this is what he wants to make us understand with really, really simple words.

He explained this in his Gospel but, me, I couldn’t manage to understand the Gospel the way I would have liked to.

I read the Old Testament!

It fascinated me because I found that it was beautiful : it was like a novel, you know, beautiful stories : oh,

it was so beautiful!

I used to read it when my husband watched his hockey; I would put my ear plugs in, and then, I could read my Testament : the Old one.

But as far as the Bible itself was concerned, well then, I would go to mass every Sunday, I would listen;

we listen to the Gospel and those are Jesus’ words, but I couldn’t understand them!

No, because today, when I hear Jesus talking to me : Ah! Lord, I really hadn’t understood, eh!

Because I don’t have the education that some priests have; me, I don’t have it!

But I went up to grade nine, it was very simple!

And then my mother and my father, they were Quebecois; mother went up to – ah! I’m telling you! oh! she won’t be happy (she is telling God what she is feeling) – she went up to grade four; it’s not very much!

And father, it was the same, I think; I don’t even know if he did grade four, I don’t think he did!

And some of his daughters, well, he took us out of school quite early to help mother;

thirteen children at home : and so the girls, at a certain age, stayed home to do housework.

And my father, he would say, – ah! Father of love – (she hears God telling her to say what came to her through the Holy Spirit)

he would say : “A woman is good to stay at home!”

And so, when I wanted to continue my education : since it didn’t please my father, my mother put her foot down, and so, I was able to go up to grade nine, in commercial, to become a hairdresser.

And then, even in the middle of the year, in grade eight, yes, I had to stay after school to be able to understand what they were saying, because I wouldn’t have passed the year : and so, from four to five o’clock, I would stay at school to understand what they were telling me, because the next day, I wouldn’t have understood anything!

But, even so, I just made into the commercial course!

So, do you see that when we listen to the Gospel, it’s really something, eh!

I don’t know if you, you were able to understand it, but me, I just couldn’t get it;

I knew that my soul was nourishing itself : that’s important!

My presence at church is very, very important : I understood this and also that it was for my soul.      

And, today, Jesus came to speak inside me, but with simple words.

It’s true that in the beginning : "Me in you, you in me",

afterwards, he started saying : "Me in the Father, the Father in me", and so I would make little drawings.

Can you imagine! He would talk about the Presence, and so I would draw a little man : a sketch, and I would

draw a heart

and then when he would say : "Me", then I would draw a tiny, tiny heart;

and then he would say : “You are in me,” then I would make another little one;

and then, to understand that all the children were in me, ah! but then, I really had to draw it;

but it took a couple of tries before I really understood what he meant, because it was the mystical Church!

Ah! it wasn’t that easy to absorb all those things.

To hear him : they were beautiful lessons, but there were times when it was necessary for me to make my little drawings because when there were people to correct the texts – Monique, and there was Germain – they asked questions, all of them!

Ah! my God! But then I understood it, the Lord had explained it to me!

And so, with my drawing, I would say to them : “Look at this, I drew this; this is what the Lord wants, it’s like this…

this is what the Presence in the Presence means.”

This is how I would manage to explain it.

And then, things began to move along and it’s easier for me today to understand what he wants to say, and he makes

us go forward slowly, like this.

The second book, to me, it seemed easier : it talked about our will.

This means that he explains our human will to us, and he also wants to explain to us how to abandon ourselves and

how to give up all the things that have hurt us in our human life, and this is what he does in the second one.

Why do we get angry? Why do we argue?

And all this, there are reasons for this, and he explains that this has been like this since Adam and Eve, and it goes way

back, ever since the original sin!

And so, each person has accumulated faults inside himself, habits he has developed, his way of seeing things;

and it’s as if he has kept shadows inside himself : we can call them shadows;

so, each year, each year, we went along and we reached the year 2003.

Can you calculate the number of little shadows that haven’t been chased away by the light?

I believe that all of us, we have a lot to learn from Jesus.

He’s coming to peel back the layers, he’s coming to peel away our human will.

How can we say a yes to The Love, if we can’t analyse our human will?

We’ll say to ourselves : “Why should I give up such and such a thing, why should I do this?"

If I can’t figure out why, it’s because I’m not capable of seeing the light :

now that “why” will never have an answer, and so I’m going to put it inside myself and I’ll go forward.

This is what we’ve done for many years, this is what our grandparents did, what our great-grandparents did, and so on. Why do we act a certain way? We don’t know.

So, inside of us, we hide movements that have hurt us, that will hurt others, and who will then pass them on to others because we raise our children :

and so, we raise our children with what we are and even with what we have hidden inside of us that we don’t know

about; and so, we pass it on without realizing it : this is how we raise our children,

and we love them, our children, we don’t want to hurt them!

But unintentionally, there are things hidden inside us that have made us behave a certain way, without us realizing it

and we have passed them on, just like they were passed on to us.

and this is what God explains.

A man was telling me once : A friend came to him and he said : "This book is – because there are going to be several volumes – is a bomb! And it’s making us discover unknown things and : oh! and it hurts! We’re not ready to hear all this and to welcome it so easily! We open it, oops, we close it!" He saw some of his friends doing this. He said : "We reject that."

        Giving up material goods, we’re not ready to do that.

        Giving up arguing with our husband when he tells us something when we know the truth – we think we know the truth – are we ready to shut up? It’s not that simple!

        Giving up raising our children a certain way, now that’s something, eh? Even when God is telling us :

        “Give them to me; have faith in me.” How can I have faith when I suffered all my life? It’s not that easy, eh?

And so, this is what we slowly discover in these books and it’s not that simple. And it’s a slow process, you know!

When we discover something, and then we close it because it doesn’t please us inside, something just happened :

we discovered something different that we didn’t know before.

We didn’t accept it right on the spot because we were afraid, but slowly, Jesus comes after us.

He will say to us : “Don’t be afraid, come”, and we’ll go along slowly, calmly, to discover his treasures that he wants us to learn about.

He wants us to give up our human will. If he had told me that ten years ago, I wouldn’t have understood;

but, calmly, he made me discover the Divine Will.

That was Mother Mary; I went on a pilgrimage.

After having received many graces, after the death of my sister Rita, during a whole year : I had a need to pray;

but not only to say my prayer at night, to go to mass on Sunday, more than that, it was every day!

It was the Rosary every day, and then it was prayers every day. I had discovered some prayers, I would recite them :

and so I would pray to Saint Michael, and the praying was increasing.

All this until the moment when I also discovered, while on a pilgrimage, books on the Divine Will, little pamphlets.

Oh! they weren’t much, they were maybe, I think they were prayers of the Divine Will by Luisa Piccarreta,

they were very little, a few sheets, but they touched me so much!

And so, it said that we should give everything to Jesus, to do everything in Jesus.

And so, I say “Ah! all this is new to me!” And so I would do the dishes : and I who didn’t  like doing the dishes, I would be doing the dishes and I would say : “It’s you, Jesus, who’s doing the dishes.”

And well, you know I said that – that was really something! – "Jesus was doing the dishes." : and so, I started loving that movement, because I would say “Hey! It’s Jesus who just did this!” : so, I started liking doing the dishes.

When I would sweep the floor at home : “Jesus, are you sweeping?” : well, this was a prayer!

And so, I would say “This, is it you who’s doing it, Jesus?” I would sweep, I was doing it in Jesus.

And so, it was giving everything I was doing : I was giving it to Jesus.

When I would tell my daughters this : they would say “Mom, that’s rude what you’re saying to Jesus; you’re telling him to sweep the floor. That’s not right!

And then, you tell him to brush your teeth : Jesus, brush your teeth. You give everything!”

And then, my daughter rejected it for a couple of months, not weeks, but months!

She was discovering all this, and then she was rejecting it : “Ah! Mom is exaggerating, this is too much!”

And so, calmly, I allowed myself to surrender, and then, Mother Mary came for me : I learned complete abandonment.

I received the beautiful perfume of roses, visions, and then, I also learned that everything came from God, that I came from God.

I gave myself, and it’s in this movement of love that my children also discovered a new mother who was calmer, more at peace with herself.

They began to be less afraid : afraid of what they were seeing.

When they would see mom, there, on her knees, there, in the kitchen in front of a cross of love reciting the Rosary, and then a second one, going as far as a third one : it was scary, eh?

Because they were saying : “We don’t want to do what you’re doing, mom!”

And so, they learned that Jesus asks according to what you are capable of giving.

One day, in the Holy Spirit, I said to them : "It’s like a big table, there’s a huge meal; so, he invites all the children to come and eat; but if you, you don’t want to eat a certain dish and you want to taste another, you’re free to do so!

And so, this is how Jesus is, he gives you graces according to your own appetite and, one day, when you’re hungrier, he’ll give you some more;

but he’ll respect what you are. You have no need to fear."

And so, slowly, they began to come closer : little by little and it was with gentleness!

And Jesus wants to do the same thing with each one of us, it’s with yeses that he wants us, while respecting our human will.

And when our human will shall be enveloped with his love, then he will ask us :

“Give me your human will, I want it for myself.”

That is when he will transform us into a child of the Divine Will.

It’s not because he wouldn’t have done it before, eh?

It’s because we’re the ones who are going to accomplish it;

then we’ll be ready to say : “Jesus, I don’t want to live in my human will anymore, but I want to live in your Divine Will.” And we’ll do it without being afraid, calmy, in his love.

This is what he does with each one of us, when he makes us go forward each day and he shows us his love:

he makes us go forward towards his New Earth.

You know, when he talks about his Coming into our hearts, it’s inside us : we’re going to see him inside us, Jesus;

he’s present inside us, eh?

And it’s then that we’re going to live a time of love when there will be no more hatred inside us.

When? It’s not up to us to know!

Because to try to figure out the moment is to waste our time :

the time we spend thinking about it :

we forget to abandon ourselves in Jesus to let ourselves be transformed by his graces.

Let’s leave it up to God to choose that moment of love for us, because he knows us and each of the people who are in us;

right now, we don’t know those people, we carry them inside ourselves : him, he knows them.

And so, we have to say a loud yes to Jesus of love so that he may envelop us in his love by bringing us with him and

also by bringing all those who are in us, towards his love, in his love, out of love for his Father.

I gave God all I have.

Ah! I didn’t do it without tears, you know!

I did it while suffering : this suffering, it was my human will that caused it.

And so, you see, each one of us, we’re going to do it with our human will : so, we have to accept that we’re going to suffer, but when it’s accompanied by his graces, it’s easier : it’s a renunciation of everything we are, of everything we have done.

When we detach ourselves from something we carried all our lives, well, we have to let go : we have to throw it away behind us.

Ah! yes, Lord, it’s like an old pair of shoes, it’s when they’re worn in that we like them :

our old shoes are comfortable, but this doesn’t mean that they’re good for our whole body

because, when we wear old shoes, often they’re crooked, deformed;

without realizing it, our spinal column suffers the consequences; our muscles, they’re strained, and our shoes :

we become attached to them and this is wrong!

This is what we do with our human will,

        we have to learn to give it up,

        to let it go, and to cover ourselves with a new skin that is made up of God’s love, of his Divine Will.

Jesus of love, I thank you because you put these words in me and these words are in each of my brothers and my sisters. He puts so much love in me because, when we discover Jesus’ love, we discover the love of one’s neighbour and then it can’t be stopped anymore, it always continues. And all this is wonderful! This is how we’re going to live in the New Earth: in love. This is just a beginning. One time, I saw myself going forward with people I didn’t know: I loved them all like brothers and sisters. I didn’t understand what I had seen; now, I understand it because we’re all brothers and sisters.

You know, you (points to someone in the hall), when I came in, I saw you : I can feel your love inside myself, God makes me feel it : and this is how it is!

and this is how it is for many people!

God is a movement, it is a movement inside us.

He loves us so much that he lets his love for you emerge inside us and then, we love, we love ourselves as we are. Before I discovered this, when I would look at someone, I would lower my eyes : I was shy or I didn’t want to disturb him.

I would say to my girls : "During Christmas, ah! this is fun! everyone say hello.”

Now, we don’t need to wait for Christmas to say hello, to say to someone we meet on the street : “Hello”.

This is how we must be.

It’s sad, you know!

We walk on the streets, and we see our brothers and our sisters : and we don’t even say hello to them!

Can you realize what the human will has made of us?

Independent  beings.

Come on, we’re all the same!

        Whether we speak a different language,

        or whether we have a different colour of skin,

        don’t we have the same Jesus inside of us?

        Don’t we have the same Mother inside of us?

        We’re all from God!

We have to love one another, you know! It hurts to walk along the street, to look at someone : you look at him and then, he walks right by you.

And you, you feel like saying to him : “My God, but you love him, you!”

Little Jesus, he says to me : “Look, that’s my child, look at how much I love him!” And then, I felt that inside myself and then I thought “But I love him too.”

I can’t help myself, he’s the one who makes this happen inside of me; he does this to me all the time when I go…

Once, I was in the subway, we were waiting for someone.

Imagine all the people who were climbing the stairs, wow! so, I was waiting for my friend, his name is Jean-Claude, and we were saying “Oh! there he is!

There! No, there, that must be him!” And we saw all the people climbing the stairs.

Wow! There were lots of people, and then, here and there, I was blessing everyone. Everyone was getting a blessing : everyone; I was giving them to the Heart of Jesus, and then to the Heart of Mary.

And well, he liked that, Jesus, eh? Because he got there two hours late. 

Jesus, he is love.

Monique and I, at night, when she’s at my house, he makes us pray in the Divine Will and those prayers are never for me, they’re always with “we” : they’re always together; and so, we all pray together : this, this is Jesus of love.

Papa of love is also all gentleness!

When I pray to Papa of love, it’s in his Son, because I couldn’t do it without his Son; you have to be in Jesus in order to pray to Papa of love : he lets himself be discovered

and sometimes to reward me, do you know what he says?

He says : “Come into my hand, I will rock you,” and then he rocks me. It’s wonderful!

It surprises me sometimes to hear children saying that they’re afraid of Papa because they had a strict father :

they compare their father to the Eternal Father.

Oh well! Papa of love, he’s maternal too : he’s paternal and maternal!

So, if someone tells you that, you should say to him :

"Take a look at his maternal side, and then let him rock you because he’s full of gentleness he’s full of love for us!"


Thank you.

He said : “There, that’s enough, my daughter." Thank you.”