Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bellevue, Saskatchewan,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: I am in the presence of every one of you, I am the Presence: God dwells in each of you. My children, you must not be surprised if God manifests himself to you through this instrument of love: I am the Life, I am the Movement of love. The Movement of love cannot be stopped: it was, is and shall be for all eternity.

God came among you to redeem all the sins of the world.

He took all your actions within him, presenting them to his Father, so that you could all be saved through my Precious Blood.

It is not possible for even one of you to not come to my Father: all the children of the world come from my Father.

Within me is each one of you.

Beloved, you belong to God.

This world needs to hear The Love speaking in hearts.

I am your God, I speak through this instrument to tell you that you are all alive.

When you declare, my children, that you are alive, it is because you are in me, in Christ.

God is Power, I gave you life.

Those who renounce their lives to die in me discover their lives.

The children of this world have forgotten who they were, they no longer take care of themselves, forgetting who gave them life.

They want only to buy themselves material things, they want to live solely for their own pleasure, forgetting the happiness that is inside them.

My children, there is no happiness on the outside, everything is within you.

The Life gave life.

I gave myself up to death, taking all the sins of the world, so that you could be happy, but the children of this world have rejected happiness.

Who can make them discover that true life is in me? They only take care of themselves, neglecting their brothers and their sisters.

My children, when you say you love me: if you say you love me and you forget to tell your brothers and your sisters who are with you that you love them, what is the use of your life?

You live selfishly.

I speak in hearts, I speak for those you carry within you.

You, my children, who are here, God has chosen you, you are all called to live in the Divine Will, renouncing your human will to live only in me.

I cry out within each of you, so that my children can hear me: they are nothing more than empty beings.

I need you and your gift of love; that gift of love is your life in me.

Beloved, I love you, I love all my children; I have no preferences within me.

I am the Eternal One, I am The Love who gives himself at every moment.

There are children in this world who do not consider themselves God's children; they do not want to help their neighbour, they refuse to share.

I, The Love, I want them to learn to give themselves.

Listen to The Love: Adam and Eve lived in the Divine Will; they were in God's presence.

All was solely for God.

God showed them the beauty of their interior.

When they looked inside themselves, God would show them that all was beautiful, that all was only for them, because God had created everything so they could be love, in harmony with creation.

But, because of sin, my children gave in to evil and the Divine Will withdrew from them.

They were forced to live in their human will, choosing between good and evil. And with time, you, the children, came to live with evil.

The good that is within you has been suffocated: you no longer see the light, the beauty of creation.

You have taken God's blessings for yourselves, claiming to be the owners of what should have been for everyone: there should have been only sharing. This is why, my children, God comes to speak in hearts to remind you of my teachings of love.

I am not coming to teach you new things.

I taught my apostles how to love one another.

I spoke to them of my Father so they could discover who they were and where they were meant to go.

But here we are today, and the children of this world have distanced themselves from my teachings, dismissing all my teachings with a wave of the hand: they who are my Father's chosen ones.

My children, here I am speaking to you to tell you how much I love you,

how much I want you within me!

The majority of you have read my teachings in the Bible, this is my Word: my Word is living.

I am the Action, I am my Father's Accomplishment and this is why I speak to you.

God sees you, he has pity on you: he sees your decline.

You must give yourselves on behalf of your brothers and your sisters.

I am asking you to go within yourselves.

Can you, my children, claim to be saved knowing that your brothers and your sisters are in the process of becoming lost?

That is why I am here: I am preparing my children of the Light for the Great Evangelization.

The time for love is coming.

My holy Vicar, John Paul II, has been telling you that soon you shall live on love:

a new civilization is in preparation.

Before you come to my New Earth, your hearts must open up to God's call, to The Love’s call.

I have said to you: “Love one another as I love you.”

I am The Love, you are God's children and all children must acknowledge that they are united to their brothers and their sisters: this is true love.

You must not compare yourselves (to others), you must not declare that you are littler that those who boast, for when you hurt one another, your interior suffers. 

You do not let God act within you because you place obstacles in the way of my graces of love.

I want you to love one another because you are God's children.

God created you perfect; it is because of sin that you judge one another.

You believe that you are children incapable of being perfect like God wants you to be.

You say that you are not capable, that you are full of faults. My children, I instituted the sacraments so you could recognize yourselves as sinners; and when one recognizes oneself as a sinner, you are accepting that God change your interior through his sanctifying graces.

Did I not carry my Cross? I fell, my children, I got back up; I have known your weaknesses, my knees have been bruised; my shoulder was carrying the weight of your sins, and I went forward, showing you that you must, you as well, go forward.

This is done by following my teachings, by going to my priests to receive the sacraments, that I myself instituted to purify your interior, so you could become strong, my children.

Only grace strengthens! Everything is within you; you must become aware of your place by God's side.

I am Mercy, I have so much love for each of you! When you deprive yourselves of graces, when you distance yourselves from my sacraments: you neglect your interior, you do not give yourselves the strength to recognize that you are love for yourselves.

My children, you must learn to love yourselves, to give yourselves love by coming to my priests: they are my Presence.

I gave my Presence to my priests and they have been consecrated.

When a son is chosen to become a favourite son in Jesus: he is no longer himself, he is me.

It is necessary to come to me in order to give yourselves love, to purify your interior; in this way you learn to slowly give yourselves love, for yourselves; in this way, you will be able to, in turn, give love for your brothers and for your sisters.

There is only God who can transform you, on your own you cannot experience this movement of love.

I am the one who gave myself, I allowed myself to be crucified, carrying all your movements which are hurting you.

Give me everything, let God turn you into children as my Father desires.

I am the Son of God.

It is necessary to die in me to be children worthy of my Father; thus, you will be able to know happiness within you. The moment is coming when you will have to give up your superfluous possessions.

My children, I am not speaking to you about your necessities: God knows what you need.

It is all the things you choose which are not necessary in your life that harm you.

When you watch television, which shows you those useless things, you create desires within you: to have what you are being shown and then, you allow excessive desires to enter within you.

My children, this is covetousness.

It is not good for you to have these desires: only God wants to fulfill you.

God is The Love, he knows what suits you.

I speak within you, for those you carry as well. I do not come to speak only for you,

I am coming to instruct you so that you, in turn, may testify regarding God's love.

My children, when the time arrives when The Love shall make a request in hearts, every child will have to respond to God's call, every child will have to choose if he wants to give up his human will to live in the Divine Will.

And if you do not hear these words, some of you will hesitate, considering this a useless interrogation, saying to yourselves: “Why are you asking me this question? Do you not know that I gave myself in order to obtain everything I have today? Am I going to answer yes to be yours, not knowing what lies in wait for me? I have gained many possessions, will I be forced to give up everything to live as a child of love for you and for my brothers and sisters? I am much too afraid to live in poverty!”

You see, my children, this is what could happen if you do not hear God's call: God's love.

God does not want to enter within you like a thief, he is preparing you.

And you, the children of the Light, you must also help your brothers and sisters to answer yes to The Love.

I am not telling you to leave here and to go evangelize, I want to transform you into children of the Light.

I am the one who will place within you graces of love, graces of abandonment, graces of light that will transform you.

And when the Holy Spirit will cover you, you will become children of the Divine Will.

And it is I who will put inside you the words that you will have to say to your brothers and your sisters, for human will does not bear graces; it is only through the Divine Will that you shall bear graces.

All that comes from the human is fleeting; all that comes from God takes root.

I am The Love, I gave life and only the Life shall reclaim life! Every person shall recognize himself as he is, and it is as such, my children, that you shall be able to help those you will love. And if at present, this seems unknown to you, it is that God is letting you know that all must come from him, not from you.

I gave each of you love and it is love that shall reign: this is the weapon against indifference.

Prayer, my children, will help you; it will be for you like a path on which you will go forward, and peace will reign within you and at every step, your interior will allow itself to be transformed by my graces of love.

It will not be difficult for you, you will not have to do anything by using your human will: being abandoned in the Divine Will will enable God to act within you.

Every step is a step towards my Father's Kingdom.

My children of love, you belong to my Father. You came on earth because he willed it. He knows every one of you. He has prepared your time so you could enter into the New Earth. In the time of times, God prepared a land of love for each one of you, and this land is for you.

It is necessary to enter into me like little children.

Abandon who you are: the wilful being that turned himself into a child independent of God's love.

I, I want you to be like a tiny little child who is discovering that God loves you.

If you look at yourselves as you are at present, you will see drawn features, tired of working in an arid field.

I, I want to make you discover a face renewed by my love, and this is how you will enter into my New Earth, where all will be nothing but joy.

There will never again be work that is too difficult for you, there will be no more tears, there will be no more illnesses.

These words, which seem like a fairytale to you at the moment, are to your God of love, words of love for you.

Let me envelop you in my love.

Be abandoned, God knows each one of you at this point in time.

Leave your doubts aside, be abandonment like my Mother.

My Mother speaks to you, she tells you to pray in your hearts.

She wants you to cast aside your human will; she wants you to be children with heart, who are not analyzing words, but who are entering into themselves, praying to the Holy Spirit to give them graces of light.

Only the Holy Spirit will make you discover the truth.

My Mother gave herself, she gave her yes to The Love.

Be children who want to listen only to your interior while maintaining peace within you.

If there are worries, give them to God: God will make you discover abandonment.

All that is good comes from God; all that is worrisome, all that troubles cannot come from God.

God is coming to give you your place: it is in me, you are in me.

I, I am the Head of the Church, you are members of my Church.

Every one of you must come within me to draw my graces; I shall force no one, I await your yes to The Love.

Do not consider these words as difficult, wanting to analyze what you hear; let God do this for you, you are too little, you are my children.

Your prayers are conversations with your God: he is love for you.

You are receiving signs of love at present.

Some of you have been witnesses of God's action; you are in the presence of God's action.

God has begun his movement of love, introducing you to your interior.

When we discover God's love, we learn to discover: littleness, humility, obedience.

It is by acknowledging that you are little that you see God's action.

I love you, my loves, God accomplishes his Will. Every person is in God. He gives each of you graces of love; these graces, I want to make them rain down upon each of you through the consecrated hands of my son. Receive my blessing.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus wants me to talk. He is making me aware of his action. He had chosen his little girl, while I, I didn’t know what he expected from me.

I was married for thirty-three years to Maurice; he died on March 4th and this happened in a few hours: it was his heart. I had been prepared the day before. And I had three children with my husband; today, I have three grandchildren.

Obedient? I have to say yes; it’s very special for me to be here. This, this is God's work. When he chose my spiritual director I didn’t know that he was from Prince Albert: now that’s the Lord’s way! In the beginning I had lots of visions. I would see things, and I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I had some when I was younger too, but you know when we watch television we think it’s our emotions that are emerging. So my husband used to say, “Stop watching TV!” And so, I watched it less and less because I knew that it wasn’t for me, because I would dream of things… but they weren’t just dreams; I would feel and see things and they would upset me. So, my son – I remember – used to say, “Mom, you should write and send it, you’d make money with all those dreams!” With time, those dreams began to play an important role in my life because I began to, also, smell flowers. Around the year 2000, maybe 1999, it became was stronger, I was awake and then, I had – you too, eh, Carmen? – we would see things. It’s hard to explain; yes, you tell yourself that you’re crazy and you don’t dare talk to anyone about it. But it becomes so intense that you can’t leave things as they are because it’s coming out of the pores of your skin. Oh! Yes, it’s part of our lives now, but that, that’s because it’s the Lord who wants it to be like this! And so, we look for someone who might believe us. Sometimes, you have your husband, eh?

And then our children, but they aren’t the right people... oh, no! They’re afraid because they love us too much! So we begin to talk to our friends about it: they can’t do anything for us. That’s when we think of a priest. Which one? But that, that’s God who tells us.

We let ourselves go in all this, without realizing that it comes from God because there's something that he has us do: that’s prayer. It’s not just a little bit now: we thirst for prayer – oh, yes! – and for going to Mass. So, through our entire day, that’s all we want, and to save our brothers and our sisters; but we don’t know how. And at the same time, we have doubts inside us because what we’re living isn’t normal.

I believe that he also chooses people who don’t know anything. It’s the Holy Spirit who kept us in ignorance because if we knew things, we would place ourselves before God. This is why we don’t really know the Church, like the great worshippers: yes, because we’re ignorant. At school, we were taught: how to pray, the catechism, to go to Mass; but me, I wasn’t a person who went to prayer groups. No, I wasn’t aware of any! And I didn’t even know that Mother Mary was appearing at Medjugorje and Garabandal: I didn’t know anything about all this.

But, I did know that she had appeared at Lourdes, at Fatima. Yes, I also knew Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, what we were taught at school, but no more.

The New Earth, I didn’t know about it, and the True Life in God by Vassula either, I didn’t know about it.

And so, it was slowly that I began to learn about all this.

Because I was working in construction, oh, yes, I wasn’t anywhere near the books, eh? Then (one day) when I was really tired, a friend of my daughter’s said, “The Blessed Virgin is appearing at Marmora.” And so – I needed a day of rest – I said, “Ah! That’s going to give me a chance to pray on the bus, and it’s going to give me a chance to rest.” And when I arrived down there, well, I saw people who were praying – because since 1998, I had a need to pray; it happened very quickly, the day when my sister Rita died, this need to pray became very strong in me because while I worked in construction, I would have my tape recorder and I would say the rosary while working – so, when I arrived down there, and I saw the people who were praying and doing the way of the cross, there were English, French, Asians, Blacks, there were people of all races, I had the impression that I was with all the children of the world.

Even if I didn’t believe that Mother Mary was appearing, it was a great joy for me to see that others prayed. I say this because there are thirteen of us at home and Rita was like a mother to me. I’m number eight and amongst the oldest ones, there’s always one who replaces mom, then dad. So, she used to really show me how to behave, she would comb my hair, she would talk to me about the saints... And she tried to become a nun twice, but she couldn’t because of her health; but she kept the uniform: the skirt, the blouse and the scarf on her head. So she scared my brothers and my sisters, they would run away from her, it was: “Ah! Rita’s here! Oh, no!” She would make them think of praying too much. Ah! She was like a lightening rod, eh? They all loved her but from afar! And now that she's gone, well, I'm the one they run away from! So, this is why when I found myself with people who were praying, it was a new way for me of saying: “A family. Yes, a beautiful family of God!” And then a few months later – well, it’s not because I saw all those people that I believed that the Blessed Virgin was appearing, oh, no! – I said, “Mother Mary, if you want me to go back, if you appear, tell me.” So, in the month of February, my son came to see me, he said to me, “Mom, get ready, you’re going to Marmora.”

I was really shocked that this was coming from my son because, for a few years, he hadn’t been going to Mass anymore. And he used to say, “I pray, and I follow my religion but in my heart.” So I, I had the impression that my son was becoming lost, and this is why, coming from him - so, I did go to Marmora! And there was a huge snowstorm, we almost turned back, oh yes! And when we got there, we braved the cold, the heavy winds and at the tenth station, at the top of the mountain, we exchanged a sign of peace after saying a “Hail Mary” and then, Mother Mary manifested herself to me through a smell of roses. I thought someone had played a nice trick on me! And it was only a little while later, when we were all at a restaurant, and that I approached the people who had been near me to see if they had smelled the rose (that I realized that this had come from Mary). And since then, I haven’t missed Marmora since 2002; I skipped twice: when my daughter got married, and also my mother. And since then, every time I would go to Marmora, I would smell flowers.

And it’s as if my visions became a lot more intense, (and I had them) more often. Because I had no memory – when Mother Mary started talking to me, she would say such beautiful things! – I used to say, “How am I going to remember all this?” So, she would show me things inside me and this is how I was able to remember everything she was telling me.

But the teachings that Jesus dictated to me, they were dictated word for word, like a teacher at school. I would write by hand, without stopping: one page, two pages, three pages. For me, it was easy, I didn’t have to remember them, but to talk about what was written down, I couldn’t do it. I remember once, I was talking, not to my Father Clément, but to another priest, he had asked a question: I was incapable of answering because I didn’t know the teachings. And so, it was slowly that the Lord began.

He taught me all the time: day and night he would teach me. While I was sleeping, there were lessons; at the same time as I was sleeping, he would teach me. All the time, it was with words and sometimes, there were things that he would show me. And after, we would talk about it; he would often explain to me through stories and this would enter inside me. That’s why in the books you’ll see that the dates aren’t from today because he says that I was at the school of love, because he says that we’re all at the school of love.

They’re not new teachings, they’re a reminder, but with what we’re living today.

Due to television, the radio, magazines, newspapers, soap operas, with everything we see and also read: we need to learn.

So God hasn’t changed his teachings, but it’s as if he were adapting them to what we are today because his teachings are living: they’re his Word, they’re Life.

He said it like this – that every word he dictated bears graces because he said that if they were human words, they wouldn’t bear fruit.

There are many children who have given us testimonials.

Me, I say: children, but they aren’t children, however I see myself as a child: we’re all children, oh, yes!

By hearing Jesus saying “children, children” all the time, then it becomes part of my vocabulary as well.

He says there’s only one book, but there will be several volumes. But once, he said this: “There is only one book: it is the Bible.” All he has written and comes from him is a reminder of his Gospel; he sheds light upon what we are living so that we can live in Jesus.

Before he taught me, I had read the Old Testament.

I didn’t read the New Testament very much, the Bible, because I would go to Mass, so the priest, he would talk to us about the Gospel, because when I would read the Bible on my own, I didn’t understand it.

Now, it’s not the same, the Bible seems clearer to me, easier.

I know that Jesus is love, Jesus acts within us, this is a movement of love.

Even if we would like it to be so, we wouldn’t be able to understand; it’s only the Holy Spirit who can make us understand the Bible, understand the writings.

Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Spirit talk to me, and Mother Mary; they say that this is because I live in the Divine Will: I have given up my human will.

When my sister Rita died, I went to Mother Mary’s feet. As my son was no longer going to Mass and my husband either for several months – I can’t say for very long, but he wasn’t going to Mass while I had a need to pray, to pray – so, I said to Mother Mary: “I give you my life, take it to save my son and my husband.” But I, I didn’t think that it was going to happen this way, that he was going to take my life. I thought: “Well, they’re going to make me die, you know, to go to Heaven; then I’ll be able to help them.” But this isn’t the way it happened. When we do something, and then we ask God for something, well, he answers but never as we, we think he's going to. And this is how it is for each one of us!

When he talks about the New Earth – because he talks to me a lot about his New Earth – when he says that he's going to come, at first, it will be in our hearts, that’s where it’s all going to start, and it has started!

Many of us hear: either by inner locution or by inspiration.

There are many who see their interior.

Inside us is the Heaven; we see the Heaven.

It’s not Heaven (like God's Kingdom), it’s a kind of Heaven: the Trinity lives inside us.

So, it’s as if we had eyes inside ourselves, and we see things.

Sometimes, we can see them externally, either with our eyes open or shut.

It’s difficult to explain; some will see… it’s something opaque; we see them like… yes, the opposite of transparent; others see them as transparent, you can even distinguish a smile, you can distinguish when Mother Mary is looking at you, and the movement of her hands; I don’t know how to explain this, but you see her: this happens to you[1], eh? You can’t know how this is possible, but it’s there, this is faith! Ah! This is God's action, this is the movement of love.

Here, the interpreter asks the Girl of My Will in Jesus for permission to explain to the audience in English her personal experience with her spiritual director regarding this. And at the end, she asks the Girl of My Will in Jesus if she has understood. The Girl of My Will answers: “Me, I didn’t understand, but the Lord said the following: ‘See how I keep you in ignorance.’” He often says: “It is not up to you to know.” God wants us to be little because that is when he manifests himself.

God also says that many of his children see his Presence; yes, it’s as if they were seeing God's action through the people who come to help them, enabling them to discover love, which they would not have seen before.

There are also people who smell flowers, there are some who smell fruit.

There are some who sigh, yes, like a movement they can’t control, then they feel peaceful.

And many children give testimonials and, we’re talking about little children: they even see the Blessed Virgin.

This, this is God who is in the process of making us enter within ourselves: to live from within.

When we begin to discover this, we find this normal, but we find that we’re not normal when we’re with others.

We want to save everyone, eh? But God sits us down a little bit, saying, “You, you are not able to do a thing, but I am!” So, he is asking us to give our yes, our life.

A few years ago, if he had said to me, “Give me your life,” well, I would have been afraid because I wouldn’t have known what it meant, because when we want to give up something we have, we want something in exchange.

So, today, I know that if I give my life to Jesus, he gives me even more! He gave me peace, he also gave me joy.

Because we suffer, you know, in the Lord, and it’s accompanied by graces: in this way, he can ask us for more because he wants to save many children.

At this moment, Jesus wants you to hear what he has to say to all his children because he wants to prepare all of you to do as we do.

Because many of our brothers and our sisters… think about when we go shopping, there are a lot of people, eh? We’re maybe the only ones in the shopping centre who want to give our lives to God! When they’re going to see Jesus inside themselves: there are thousands, millions even, who will want to give their lives to Jesus; and they’re going to come to us and then, God will talk to them through us.

It won’t be because they won’t have seen Jesus, it’s because they’re going to want to know more, just as we, we want to pray, to give our life to Jesus: well, they’re going to be the same way! When we talk about all this, it’s a source of great joy to each of us.

This is the truth, you know! A few years ago – oh! maybe in 1999, before this started happening inside me – hearing him, seeing all these things on a large scale – I would never have believed that all this was real.

And today I travel wherever he wants to send me.

He said that he already knows all these places.

God acts on behalf of each of us as he desires, not as we do.

We must bow down before God's Will.

He will make us go forward according to his loving pace; what I mean by this: is that his loving pace is our pace.

He won’t force anyone to do something that he isn’t capable of.

“Repeat the phrase, Carmen, that you say about this.” “The Will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God cannot keep you.”

What she learns comes from the Holy Spirit and not from her.

When we learn to talk like this, it’s because God loves us, then he makes us love ourselves the way we are.

We’re not afraid to call ourselves little, non-educated, because we know that God loves us.

Then, I love myself because God loves me and like this, I can love my brothers and my sisters.

God makes us open our heart.

When we’re in God, we’re with our brothers and our sisters, then we love.

I never stop discovering the love I have for my brothers and my sisters.

God did something for me: he makes me feel what he feels for you. So when I feel the love God has for you, I can’t help loving you because it’s as if we formed one loaf of bread: we form a whole. 

And so, Jesus, he says that this will increase, this is just a very small glimpse of what we’ll become.

This is a joy that he allows us to perceive.

that we can’t even imagine: they are joys in God.

The human will cannot understand this.

He can explain it to us according to what we’re capable of handling, but not more.

This is why he can’t reveal all the wonderful splendour of what we’re going to know because he says the words haven’t been invented yet.

Our intelligence has been… “Lord, how do you say this?” – “It is like your bread: on the outside, it has a shape, on the inside, there is the soft part; all you see is the outside and the inside; but what produced the bread: is flour, water and yeast; on the outside is your human will: your human will, it is you with what you are, with what you have learned: as such, you have built your life; on the inside: this is my Life.”

If I were to show you the Divine Will, he says we would swell up until we exploded.

He says he loves us so much that he holds back!

This is why he says he spares us by using simple words, according to what we’re able to understand. “When I shall present myself to you, you will see The Love, you will feel The Love and The Love will allow himself to be discovered, and it is in that moment that you shall understand my love for you.”

Jesus is with each of us, he never stops talking to me like this.

Every time I speak to people, inside me, he says: “I love you, I love them”, it’s always like this.

If you could hear Jesus talking to you, it would be “I love you’s”.

And, he doesn’t try to judge us: he wants to love us, and when we commit sins, he does whatever he can to make us aware of our deed; then, when we become aware of our deed, he gives us graces of repentance, and it’s with gentleness that he sends us to Confession: when we’re ready! But Jesus, he knows how to wait.

And if we make him wait too long, well then, he sends us someone: ah! yes! people around us: it can be a friend, our husband, one of our children or someone we don’t know who’s walking by on the street.

Jesus never stops helping us, he says he knows all the people who are going to say yes and as long as there’s one person who’s going to hesitate to say yes, he says that he’ll prompt people to help him,

and that’s us!

This is why he's preparing us, he’s gathering his groups together, his groups of light.

He said… he has just said: “Remind them of your dream.”

I had shut my eyes… Lord, you don’t want me to tell them about all that, do you?

Towards the end of my dream, Mother Mary appeared, she said, “Turn around.”

There were sheep; and there were some sheep who were butting the fence a little, others that were running all around (inside the enclosure), others that were chasing each other; then Mother Mary said: “Your mission is to gather the flock to bring it back to my Son.” She said: “You shall not be the only one!”

Those sheep, they’re each one of you. We have a mission to allow ourselves to be transformed into children of the Light to help our brothers and our sisters.

And it’s not according to our way, it’s going to be according to the Lord’s way.

There are people who pray, right? There are people who offer their day.

We must remember Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, she never left her convent, and she saved souls.

So, you see, we’re each going to have a different mission.

There are people who will stay home saving souls; others will leave to evangelize their family, their friends; others will go (towards strangers): it’s going to be bigger than this, it can extend throughout the entire parish; others will have to travel.

What’s important: is that it isn’t up to us to know what we're going to do, it’s what God is going to do with us.

This is why we have to say our yes, a yes like a child; not to try and find out how to go about it: “What does it mean to say yes, Jesus? How do I abandon myself? How do I renounce my human will?”

It’s every day, in the morning, saying to Jesus by going through Mary’s heart: “I give you my yes; I don’t know how you’re going to do this, but I give it to you anyway.”

And do this twice a day: in the morning and at night, and let God act! And this is what he taught me, he doesn’t want anything to come from us because if we try too hard, we let our human will take over again.

It will take the time it requires, God, he knows the moment when we’ll be ready.

But God also says that when we learn to give the yes of a child, we’re already prepared for school.

He says – God wants me to be very little – “I am in the presence of every person and it is in every one of you that God lets his love flow.”

He wants to be the first to tell you, “I love you,” and now, he is letting my “I love you” follow behind his. 


Thank you, Jesus of love. Thank you very much.



[1] The Girl of My Will in Jesus addresses Carmen, the woman who has the gift of healing. She sometimes has visions.