Gathering of Love With God's Action in Berlin, New Hampshire,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-05-12 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: My name, that the Lord gives me, is The Girl of My Will in Jesus, and the name that I received from my parents is Francine Bériault.

Actually, it’s my husband who gave me this name! My husband’s name is Bériault, and my name is Dumont.

This is Nicole. Nicole is married and her husband’s name is Raymond; she has two children, two sons.

I have three children and I'm grandmother to five grandchildren.

The Lord sends me all over Canada; why does he send me throughout Canada? Because in 2001, something happened in my life.

While I was saying my rosary in front of the Cross of love, my hands began to ooze and during the night, I heard Mary’s voice inside me; it wasn’t here (points to her head) that I was hearing the voice, it was inside, here, in my heart.

It was as if Heaven had prepared me a few years prior, around 1998, two years before: I had gone on a pilgrimage – people were saying that the Holy Virgin was appearing at Marmora.

I was very sceptical, I didn’t believe in this, but I was so tired that I said, “This will provide me with a day of prayers, and therefore, a day of rest.”

The first time I went there, I felt a great peace within myself, and an inner joy of praying with many people.

You know, I come from a family of thirteen children and throughout the years, we prayed a lot in the beginning with mom and dad but over time, the external world attracted us; we began to pray less and in my family, there were some who no longer prayed.

When I say ‘no longer prayed’, to me this means reciting the rosary; I know that we always say our prayer before going to bed, but reciting the rosary, this is different.

The second time I went to Marmora I smelled roses; this was during a snowstorm. So, for the first time, I thought someone had played a trick on me. The other times that I returned to Marmora, every time I arrived at the farm, there was that smell of flowers again.

And I had many visions; I really mean dreams, but dreams that I was living.

I was also being attacked by the demon and those attacks, to me, were very troubling because I was wondering what was going on with these visions, the smell of roses, the attacks from Satan – I was having a bit of trouble figuring out what was going on with me; what was keeping me balanced was the rosary.

The rosary had become a moment of joy to me; so, I added a second rosary, a third rosary, and then, I was up to three rosaries a day and the need to go to mass every day rose up in me.

My husband, who was alive then, used to say to me, “Why are you praying? It’s not necessary for you to give so much of yourself!” But I had that need in me and that need was accompanied by joy.

All this continued, but the attacks from Satan, they stopped. When I began to ooze, then I was no longer being attacked by Satan – why? Because the Lord was showing me, in my dreams, what was happening externally; he was saying that externally, everything was black; he would show me light and I would feel safe.

But the doubt regarding what I was living was still within me: “Am I schizophrenic?” It’s not easy, you know, to live like everyone else – as a mom, a grandmother – and to have that voice on the inside that was constantly there, because after Mother Mary, fifteen days later, it was Jesus’ voice that I was hearing.

It was as if I was afraid of myself with regard to what I was living: “I'm unworthy of this.” It was impossible that I, I could hear the voice of Jesus and to hear Mary.

When I would go to Communion, I would find a great joy, a great peace – this was nourishing me, this was continuing daily; Jesus was always talking to me, he would show me things inside myself, he would talk to me about love; everything was nothing but love and Mother Mary, she would always say to me: “Be obedient, save yourself for my Son.” She was teaching me about abandonment.

In the month of March 2001, the 4th of March, my husband died; he died of a… it was his heart that stopped beating.

Heaven had prepared me the night before; I had gone to Marmora for the pilgrimage and then, from the beginning (of the trip), at St. Joseph’s Oratory, they were saying to me, “Abandon yourself.”

During mass, I could hear, “Abandon yourself”, and afterwards, just before leaving, the Lord said to me, “Give me your life, abandon yourself”, and I would always answer yes.

On the bus, he was still talking about abandonment, but then I could see that he was asking me for a great deal of abandonment.

Why so much abandonment? I would always give my yeses, but it would always come back to: “Abandon yourself, abandon yourself.”

When I arrived there, in that place blessed by Heaven, during the Way of the Cross, I was still hearing: “abandonment.”

When everything was over, with the smell of roses, I went up to the Cross of love, and then, during the prayer, I saw Mother Mary, but inside myself, and she gave me many graces of obedience.

And when I arrived home, my husband asked me for the first time how my day had been.

I had a husband…I have a wonderful husband, but he used to say, “You, you pray over there and I’ll pray over here.”

But then, ever since I had been going to Marmora, for the first time he had just asked me how it had gone, and I told him, I told him that I had seen Mother Mary inside myself.

He was a man who was very calm, and since I had bought him earphones for Christmas so he could watch television while I prayed, when he heard that, he put his earphones back on. Then he removed them right away, and he looked at me and he said, “Francine, are you telling me the truth?” And I answered, yes.

Then, he smiled, he put his earphones back on, but I knew that he had just… that he believed me.

And the next morning, he said, “Son, come with us to mass” – this is my son, and the whole family was there: my daughter was there, and my oldest with her little baby, my son was there with his girlfriend, my other daughter was there with her boyfriend: we were all at mass.

My husband had gone to Confession and I had my eyes shut; after a few minutes, I was certain he was beside me.

After a little while, I turned around and it was a woman who was next to me, it wasn’t my husband; so he, when I turned around, he was with my daughter, and he said to my daughter: “Look, she thinks I'm the one who’s sitting next to her.”

When my eyes are shut during Communion, I see my Heaven; you all have a Heaven, we all have Heaven inside ourselves. When there's God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, we have Heaven inside us; so, when I receive Jesus Eucharist, I can, through the Divine Will, see my interior, my Heaven.

So, my eyes were still shut; I could see Francine, on her knees, and my husband, on his knees, in front of a railing.

Here, on this side, which is my left, I could see Jesus and I could see him from the side; then he asked me, “Do you want to be my spouse?” So, I said to him, “I can't, I'm already married”, but then, he explained to me that it was mystical.

I didn’t know what “mystical” was, but I knew that it came from Heaven, and so I said yes. But when I said yes, he said, “Your husband is witness to this.”

At that moment, I saw the heart: a red heart, a beating human heart; it was on this side, on the other side, up in the air because I couldn’t see my husband anymore – I could see the heart that was beating.

And so, Heaven was preparing me to live what I was going to experience that afternoon because I would lose my husband around six o’clock.

You know, when the Lord calls us, he calls us with love, he calls us in order to lead us to where he is waiting for us.

When we consider death on earth, we consider this with what we are here.

Before our birth, in our mother’s womb, we received the flesh; flesh is matter, our soul is spiritual, it is spiritual life; in order to live on earth, God the Father gave us flesh because our soul lives in our flesh.

Before we received the flesh, our soul existed; our soul was in The Love, in the Son; the Son comes from the Father and the Father is in the Son, and so we, we were in the Son.

We received flesh so we could all be here on earth, together; we are all here together to live from our works; when we learn to behave as children of God, we live with our works.

We have received flesh that comes from the earth; since God the Father took some clay, he formed Adam from earth; us, we come from the earth, and so it is quite normal that we love the earth.

We are attached to what we are, we age and we don’t want to leave our flesh. Why? Because God willed it like this.

When we were born, we came into this world with flesh, flesh that comes from the earth; it was necessary, it was necessary for us to be attached to the earth, for us to love the earth, in order to appreciate the flesh that was being welcomed by the soul.

It’s the soul that welcomed the flesh, it isn't the flesh that welcomed the soul; and so, it’s the soul that teaches us slowly to leave our flesh to go to God the Father.

Without the graces that come to us from Heaven, the soul cannot be in its movement of love for our flesh; our soul receives graces and it gives us its graces; when the moment arrives, the soul prepares our flesh to become separated.

For many people who pray, the moment in which they must go to God the Father is a joy to them.

You will say, “Oh! I'm not ready yet. I don’t quite have that joy in me yet because I don’t want to leave my children. I'm not ready, I want to go to Heaven, but I'm not ready yet.”

But God, he knows this – that you’re not ready – because you have a mission and it hasn’t yet been completed; as long as it hasn’t been completed, the soul will maintain that link between the flesh and Heaven, but when the moment arrives, then the soul, the soul will release a shower of graces and all shall be accomplished in peace and joy.

When we’re on earth, we must fulfill ourselves every day; let’s not think of tomorrow, tomorrow belongs to God the Father.

Every moment on earth is important. We have a duty to behave as children of God; to behave as children of God is to love the flesh that carries out its works, but we wouldn’t be able to carry out works without the soul that receives graces from God.

Often, we have carried out actions in our life; however long ago as that may be, every action was nourished by Heaven: every action.

When we caused harm to our flesh, Heaven was nourishing our soul, thus enabling us to see our action; if we were all able to ask God for forgiveness, this was done through the graces that we received.

Every one of us, we have a will; that will is a human will. All that belongs to the human will is a yes or a no: I behave well or I choose to behave badly.

When we receive graces, we behave well; when we behave badly, we made a choice: to choose evil.

But Heaven doesn’t leave us all alone; it bestows graces for our soul and our soul continues nourishing us with graces so that we may become once again children of God in the grace of God.

Mother Mary watches over us: she taught us how to pray, she opened our hearts in order to place her Heart there.

When we consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mary’s Heart welcomes us, it takes the hearts of those who consecrate themselves and presents them to her Son.

Our children, our grandchildren, we worry because they no longer pray, or they no longer go to mass, or they no longer turn to the sacraments: when we pray, they receive graces.

Remember, in the beginning, our soul gives us graces: when we pray, we behave well; when we behave badly, it continues to nourish.

How can the soul nourish the bodies of our grandchildren and our children if they don’t pray? That’s because you’re still praying; your prayers become graces for them: aren’t they the flesh of your flesh? When your flesh receives graces, they receive graces; the flesh of the flesh receives graces from Heaven: this is why Mother Mary is asking us to pray, to keep our peace.

Mother Mary is the Queen of Peace; she knows what we need: peace.

When we lose our peace and we pray with tears in our eyes, feeling hopeless because our children don’t do as we do, inside us our soul is giving us graces of peace so that we can feel that peace, because our flesh isn't feeling it.

Our soul, it can feel it because we’re praying for our children, but our flesh is agitated and our flesh needs to calm down, our flesh needs peace so that the flesh of our flesh – our children – may receive graces.

Let’s take a window screen, for example: you live there, inside your house, and you don’t feel the dust when it’s windy; outside, the dust is rising: the dust is rising due to sin, due to our children’s bad choices, and it rises and rises.

Our screen captures that dust and the entire screen is so covered in this dust that we can't even feel the little breeze that comes through; in order to feel that breeze, you’re going to wash your screen; once it’s all clean, the air can flow through.

Well, when you’re praying, you’re in your home; you pray internally and you pray for your children; your children live externally, you see their bad choices, you go on loving them.

They no longer pray, they speak against their neighbour, they blaspheme, they neglect their spouse, they turn to other women or to other men, they turn to what is evil: theft, murder, towards substance abuse that makes them think this is happiness.

You are witnesses to all this and inside you, you’re crying; inside you, you’re begging God to come help them; inside you, you’re asking yourselves, “Is he doing something? I pray and pray but nothing changes.” And then, you go on, you beg; there are moments when you are discouraged, so you go on praying.

You see all this externally; and so, this is your “screen”: you see what’s happening externally through your eyes but because of your worrying, you don’t feel the wind of The Love, the wind of The Love no longer reaches you.

So, Mother Mary talks to you about peace: “Keep your peace, pray with the heart, be tiny little children who trust in God. Give everything to my Son, he has been on the Cross and he took all sins and brought them unto death. Stop crying, keep your peace and give that to God.”

And then, you say yes: the screen is cleaned, you become filled with love for God and then, the graces come through; the graces from our soul for them, they can get through now, for our flesh is at peace.

Our children have our flesh; with what did we nourish the little being inside us? Our flesh, everything came from our flesh.

So, our flesh didn’t stop nourishing our children; it nourishes the little being of love that we carried and that we carry in our heart, for Mother of love opened her Heart and let all our hearts enter into it.

And so, we did the same thing: when we saw our child, our grandchildren, our hearts opened and welcomed them, and when we’re at peace, they receive graces, so let’s stop worrying about God's work.

Our children are God's work, this is his business and not our business. Do you think it would have changed anything for my husband, when he (God) asked me for abandonment, if I had said no? His time had come to reveal his works.

When I was constantly saying yes in that abandonment, he was receiving because I had become linked to him through the sacrament of Matrimony: my flesh and his flesh formed but one flesh.

And so, God, through my yeses, was preparing my husband; it was around four o’clock when my husband, sitting on the couch, said, “I think the Father is coming to get me.”

He hadn't had his heart attack yet, he had simply had indigestion, but to him, it was different from what he had experienced in the past.

So, why did he say that? Because Heaven was preparing him through graces of abandonment.

I didn’t understand anything, it wasn’t up to me to understand, it was God's business, not mine, but he was asking: he was asking my flesh that was linked to his flesh, for abandonment, and he was nourishing that flesh through Heaven’s graces.

And so, we’re all together; if only one person prays the rosary on behalf of his brothers and his sisters, then they receive graces and those graces nourish them so they can fulfill themselves in their daily lives, in the present.

Now, the Lord is saying, internally, that we’re going to take a break.

So, let’s take a few moments, fifteen minutes, sister? And afterwards, if you wish, we will continue talking a little while longer.