Gathering of Love With God's Action in Berlin, New Hampshire,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-05-12 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When the Lord speaks, he gives graces of love; when the Holy Spirit speaks, he gives graces of love, he heals wounds inside us.

Only God knows these wounds and these wounds come from our life choices, and the wounds also come from the life choices of our parents, our grandparents, great-grandparents, and this goes all the way back to Adam and Eve; we’re all brothers and sisters through Adam and Eve.

God created the flesh and the flesh comes from God the Father.

There was only the Creator who was able to create; no human being is able to create, no spirit other than God, three times Holy, is able to create.

Satan and the demons are able to transform – inhabit and transform – but they cannot create.

The human being cannot create. He carries out works with what was created by God; he can take wood, which comes from the tree, and create a work with God's graces. Therefore, he didn’t create the tree; he makes something from what the tree provides: it is with graces that we carry out works.

We’re all God's creatures; what is not of God, and that we can see, comes from Satan.

There are works on earth that were created from things that were transformed: this bears no graces. Anything that speaks to us of evil with the aim of leading us to evil, bears no graces, and therefore, is not of God; Satan brought about unwholesome works so as to lead us to disobeying God.

God put guardian angels around us to protect us; we are loved by God, and so, God takes care of his creatures. We must regard good works that come from God as something good for us.

And so, look at the place where you are: when we’re in a place in which we feel well-protected, whether it’s in a place like this, whether it’s in our home, when we feel good, we’re home: this comes from God.

 We have to look at the place where we lay our head down as a place willed by God: God says that we must love what he gives us.

Today, we live in a society that doesn’t love the elderly as it should; few love the elderly as being equal to them because they have wounds inside themselves: those wounds have been and still are in them because of their choices and because of the choices of those who came before them.

And because of those wounds, when they are faced with making a choice – “Yes, I will deprive myself of my bowling night to go see my dad, my mom; yes, I’ll go eat with mom and dad instead of going to the restaurant with my friends” – these are loving choices when we choose to go eat with our parents…


A 90-year-old woman: Are your parents still alive?


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: 90 years old, my mom is 90 years old.


A 90-year-old woman: That’s how old I am.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When a child chooses to say no, he prefers to turn to his own choices: bowling – not that this is a bad thing in itself. A moment was presenting itself to them in their lives in which it would have been a good thing to go see their fathers and their mothers, but because they chose to go have fun, they are wounding their flesh.

The flesh attracts the flesh, the flesh loves the flesh: when we love the flesh more than bowling, we receive love, and so, a child who chooses bowling rather than the parent isn't giving himself love.

But if he gives himself love, he's inclined to always seek love, however, today, children often go bowling, often go to football games, often go to hockey games, shopping: they’re not giving themselves love.

But we, the ones who want their company, then we must go on looking at them with love; we must regard their presence as a true presence, close to us, and not regard this as a weight to bear: “I'm bored, it’s been a long time that he hasn’t come over; I can't even remember the look in his eyes.”

You see, these words don’t nourish the love that we need: we’re also making a choice.

If our child made the choice to not come over and we, we make the choice to feel sorry for ourselves, the child isn't giving himself love, and we aren’t nourishing ourselves with love: he needs love.

Us, we love; that love is inside us but it’s as if we were putting it in a drawer: “Ah! Let me cry today, I want to feel my loneliness, things are bubbling up inside me and it hurts, I don’t need your comfort.” And so, we leave our love in a drawer.

So, if we want that love to be with us, we have to look at our children and go on loving them as they are, along with their wounds, because Jesus told us this: “Love one another as I loved you.”

So, Jesus saw that sometimes we weren’t turning to him; we had also made choices: to go towards temptation, to go towards things that weren't bringing us graces, and then, we would find ourselves without love.

Jesus was watching us and he was waiting for us to go to him, but Jesus wasn’t crying over us while saying, “Ah! He forgot about me today, he preferred his hockey over me, he preferred his shopping; I don’t feel good inside.” No, Jesus wasn’t saying this; Jesus was praying to his Father so that we could have graces of love; Jesus went on loving us, he trusted in his Father, he trusted in his abandonment.

God the Father had asked his Son to abandon himself: “Go and lie upon the Cross, show me that you love me, take all these children and offer them to me.” You see, this is what he expects of us.

Let’s abandon our children to him: “Jesus, these are your children; you gave them to me, and so I give them back to you; they are not my children, you are the one who carried them.”

So, we offer everything to Jesus and he gives us love, he gives us peace, the strength to go on loving unconditionally; whether or not they come over, they’re with us: this is the flesh of our flesh and we cannot separate the flesh.

Adam and Eve were our first parents; they always had hope, they always trusted in God. The only mistake they made was to choose human will: “I choose to know what is good and what is evil”: this is the original sin.

When God told them he was going to give them the Saviour, they believed and they no longer disobeyed. They walked the earth before the Face of God and they went on loving, loving what they were seeing: they were seeing their children working the earth in order to reap the earth’s work, and they saw their daughters giving birth in pain; they went on loving unconditionally.

They saw their Son Cain commit a sin: killing their son Abel. Do you think that they hated Cain? No, they loved their son Cain unconditionally because they knew he was a child of God and that he was the flesh of their flesh.

Adam knew he was the first man, Eve knew she came from the flesh of Adam, and they loved their flesh.

And so for every child that was being born, they knew, they knew that they came from them through the Will of God; they knew God was the Creator, that he had chosen his children, and so, they loved God's work unconditionally.

Yes, they cried over Cain’s action because the flesh came to know the suffering of being separated from Abel, but they went on looking up towards Heaven, hoping and loving.

So how is this different from us? It’s that we’re carrying the wounds that came after that first wound; there was another, and another, and another, and this is incalculable.

You see, no one can know the reason why our child prefers bowling to coming over to see us; this is a wound that comes from other wounds, and from more wounds, and so, and so on.

So, we have to pray, we have to love like Adam and Eve loved.

They never saw Cain again, for God had taken him far away. Were they able to forget their child? No, and they continued loving him, continued loving him as if he were present with them.

Cain had his wife and Cain had his children, and his children had children; so not only did they no longer see Cain, but they no longer saw Cain’s descendants.

They went on loving, they continued praying for them and hoping, hoping that one day they would be in their presence, for God had told them he would send them a Messiah.

And so we, we have the Messiah; he's with us, he lives in us, we live in him. So, they are saved, our grandchildren are saved: this is the flesh of our flesh.

Let’s have faith in the One who earned us our place next to God the Father in his Kingdom; let’s have faith as Adam and Eve had: believing that we would be with them, and if they believed that we would be with them, they also believed that our children and our grandchildren would be with them.

And so, we have to pray, we have to pray with the Heart of Mary, the new Eve, the Immaculate One, the pure Child of God, who carried us all. She carried all God's children; all those who will say yes to Jesus, she carried them. Then, let’s always have our rosary close by – this is how we maintain our hope.

Cast your rosary aside and you will go in search of yourselves, you will be asking yourselves where your children are, what they’re doing, where they’re going to go; but have your rosary with you and you will find that you are in Mary’s hands. Then you will know that Mary knows where your children are, that she takes care of them and that she, she knows what will happen to them.

When we’re with (our) mom, we trust in her, we know that tonight we will eat a good meal; we don’t worry if she's going to peel the potatoes properly or make a good salad: we sit down and we eat, and we say thank you.

So, this is what we must do with Mary: we have to pray. She takes our prayers and she asks for graces, for we say “pray for us sinners.”

Therefore, Mary listens when we ask her to pray for us, and she's the one who prays for our children; so now we’re going to shut our eyes.

“O, God of love, you created us, you created the earth so we could live close to one another.

We are your family, you teach us how to love one another; give us love, we give you our life. Is not our life also that of our children, is it not also that of our brothers and our sisters of earth?

So, take everything, o God of love; turn us into prayerful children so that we may obtain the grace of faith through our prayers, addressed to you through Mary.”


Holy Spirit: “Children of my Will, you have heard these words and these words have brought you to the depth of your interior; this has been accompanied by graces.

All this has been a movement of love for you; you have been enveloped in Heaven’s grace so that all may be accomplished on this day.

Be children of the Divine Will, give thanks to Heaven, my children, for all has been accomplished.

Be the light of the world, this world is becoming lost due to its choices.

You, little children of my Will, be very little as Heaven asks of you.

I am the Voice of the Holy Spirit, the One who enables you to hear and to understand; you belong to me as I give myself to you in this moment.

The call for your presence here was willed by Heaven so that other children might respond yes to the graces Heaven wants to grant them.

My children, receive within yourselves: the love of your God for each of you.

Through the almightiness of God, through the Will of God, through Christ, the Cross is upon you.

My children, make your sign of the Cross.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And so, we’re going to stop here. We have received many graces, and there will be others.

What will happen in the days to come will be filled with graces for the United States, for God will pass through the United States in order to fulfill Canada’s need for love, a lot of love.

Thank you, Lord.