Gathering of Love With God's Action in Berlin, New Hampshire,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The grace of the Lord wants to reach out to all hearts, not only to those who are present here tonight; he wants to reach out to all the hearts of all his children.

When we’re at peace, we open up our interior to God's movement. When, by the Will of God, we keep away from ourselves anything that is irritating, it’s as if we were leaving more room for God. God, he wants to reach out to our hearts. He's always ready to do his Father's Will, but us, with what we’ve been doing for so many, many years, and especially with what we did today, it’s as if we put up a wall between his Will and everything inside us. But how can we discover what is inside us and that prevents God from reaching all the world’s children? On our own, we cannot discover this; this is why God comes to speak in our hearts.

He wants to open us to something that is within us but of which we are unaware. It’s as if he wanted to enable us to discover our life, a life that, to us, seems: “Well, okay, this is the way I am, that’s the way I am”, but there's a big space between “this way” and “that way”. What did I do between “this way” and “that way”? There have been movements in my life, and so, everything that happened between here and there is what I accepted: I accepted what was good for me, but I also accepted what wasn’t good for me. What I accepted and that wasn’t good for me, well, I accepted it without really realizing it. This didn’t happen from one day to the next; there had to be a starting point.

Anything that isn't good for me and that I accepted doesn’t come from God, it comes from Satan. Therefore, to arrive at what I accept and which is what Satan wanted, then he had to begin slowly. So, he had to come into my life deceitfully because if I had known that Satan was in my life, hey, I would have been careful!

Even if sometimes mom, dad and the Church were telling us, “Satan exists,” the fact is that I didn’t know when he was in my life.

As soon as we’re born, Satan is there. Don’t forget that we call him the Prince of darkness and he turned the earth into his territory. So, this means that when a child is born on earth, he's already in Satan's territory. Why are we in Satan's territory? And why did God put us here, in Satan's territory? In the very beginning, man was in a place of love, man wasn’t in Satan's territory.

Let’s go back to the time of Genesis. Adam was created in a place of love. Eve was created with part of Adam, and she was in a place of love. Genesis calls it: Earthly Paradise. So, ‘earthly’ means the earth. Therefore, there was a place on earth where Satan couldn’t go; he couldn’t draw close to God's children. And so, God's children saw the beauty of God's creation in all its perfection.

To see the beauty of God's creation, they had a spirit of love. Therefore, there was also love in their gazes, in their hearing, in their words, in their actions and in their feelings. And so this means that all those movements – thought, sight, hearing, words, actions, the heart and feelings – were in harmony. When Adam and Eve had a thought, well, their words were love because their thoughts were love. Everything was in a harmony of love, and so they didn’t get angry: when they spoke, their ears loved their words; when they carried out actions, they loved what they were doing because they were in harmony with themselves; and so, their hearts beat out of love for them because they knew they came from God, and everything they saw around them was out of love for them.

The earth had been created out of love for them and so they returned every movement to God. Ah, it was a continuous movement of love. I give to you, I give to you, I give to you, I give to you: movement between the Creator and creatures.

Therefore, to them, every day was a day of harmony, a day of joy, a day of happiness; whatever had happened yesterday, they lived it in the present. No movement was lost; it was as if the movements they had carried out on previous days were a source of nourishment to the movements they were carrying out in the present. And so, the movements they were carrying out in the present were a source of nourishment for the movements of tomorrow. They didn’t have to worry about tomorrow; everything inside them was telling them that they were in harmony with what they were, and so their lives were like a movement of love towards God, always towards God: they felt fulfilled by God.

The day Satan entered Paradise came about only because God allowed it; he was a presence, but a presence without movement. Satan possesses no living movement. Satan is nothingness, he's the darkness; darkness has no light. You won't find any love in the darkness; you won't find anything with a future in the darkness because nothingness is a void, there's no movement in nothingness. Therefore, Satan, who is nothingness and darkness, doesn’t possess life. Life is something that contributes and when we receive, we give. Satan, he doesn’t give, he contributes nothing; and so, we have nothing to receive from him and we have nothing to give. But Satan is a spirit, a spirit of nothingness.

God is above all this. God is a perfect Spirit, he's the Light; he, God, is the only one who can see nothingness, who can perceive what nothingness wants. And so, when Satan approached God – because allowed it – and Satan said, “They have nothing to give you because you give them everything. What can they bring to you?” God knew that his children were in harmony with him; God knew that he gave love to his children and that his children gave him love.

Therefore, God was in the movement along with his children. It was also necessary for his children to know this, it was necessary for his children to live this movement: I give to you, I give back to you, and I give to you, and I give back to you. It was as if God wanted his children to be aware of this movement.

How can creatures see a movement? A movement is invisible, we cannot see a movement; it’s something that moves between one thing that exists and another thing that exists: and so, here, there's movement. How can Nicole see what I'm doing when her eyes are shut? The power of the Holy Spirit enables the interior to move. It is God who enables children to communicate. This is a movement: between this movement and another movement, God is there; he's the one who sees to it that we are together, that we’re alive. Between the child and God, there is also this movement, there’s the movement of love, an infinite love, an unconditional love.

It was necessary for Adam and Eve to live this movement, to enter into this movement, but they had never lived it because this movement had never been interrupted, it’s as if it had never been carried out by the child and the Creator. And so, God allowed Satan, who is nothingness, to approach his children in order to test this movement: life/movement, the life of the Creator of the child; and God permitted that this movement be put to the test.

Then, when Satan arrived, he enabled them to become aware of something they had never known: nothingness, which has no life. Adam and Eve, they had to give a movement to what is nothingness. Movement is life. If there's no movement, then there's no life.

Try to sit there without moving, with an empty spirit – but life, it’s always with you because you are in love with God. It’s God who gives movement. Now, stay there without doing anything, but refuse God, you don’t want God in your life: this is rejection, on the part of the child, occurring between the Father and his child. The child is still alive: between God and the child, the movement of life is still there but it has been rejected.

If God didn’t love his child, what would happen between God and the child if God's movement were to stop? There would no longer be any movement – movement doesn’t come from us, it comes from God – and so, we would die. But God, he keeps us in the movement; even if we reject God, he keeps us in that movement of life.

When Adam and Eve said yes to Satan, that movement, from God to them, was still there because they were alive; so they used a movement of life and it was as if they gave it to Satan. Satan wouldn’t have been able to do anything without movement: he is nothingness, he has nothing, he has no movement. Therefore, it was necessary for him to obtain a movement of life, and through deception, he went and stole a movement of life. But to obtain a movement of life there had to be consent. It was God's children who said yes to something that had no life. Therefore, he used, he used the movements of life of God's children, which wounded Life in God: the soul was deeply wounded. What belonged to God, life in God, had just been wounded. From then on, God saw his children with their rejection upon them, and despite all this, God has always continued to give his movement.

We have a God of love; he's a God who loves his children. Let’s take a look at ourselves today: we function on God's earth along with nothingness, and we often say yes to that nothingness – every time we commit theft, every time we tell a lie, these are movements of life that we give to nothingness and he uses them, but first he uses them against us.

We, God's creatures, we, God's children, we take movements that belong to God and we give our consent for Satan to use them. Yes, he uses them – he has used them deceitfully but he still used them. This is why Satan, when he takes a movement of life, he makes us feel as if we’re unworthy of God. And so, the person, the first one to be wounded is the child of God, because this is what he said: “You are not even worthy of possessing the movement of life and yet, you possess it all the same.”

His hatred goes as far as wanting us to feel that hatred against us, and this comes from him and not from God. Does God have even one ounce of hatred towards his child? Hey, the movement, the movement of life! We’re still here; we just have to look at one another; we cannot even doubt for a fraction of a fraction of a second that God doesn’t love us. Do whatever you wish, and ah, God will keep us alive even up to our judgement.

When we leave this earth and we’re before our judgement, even then God keeps us alive: “Come to me, choose me. I am the Movement of life, do not leave the Life.” Which God can speak like this? Many gods have been introduced to us on earth. No other god is like God, for there's only one God; the others are only nothingness. There's life and there's the Life.

God wants to show us to which extent we are movement of life, and that this movement is in us and has never left us. He wants to show us that through the choices we have made, that is to say the movements we gave to Satan, are movements of life, and that Satan took those movements, and he used them against us and against our neighbour to cause detriment to God.

This is why God frequently speaks to us about choices. It isn't our neighbour who chooses to give Satan a certain movement. If I think of something that frightens me, whatever I'm thinking about doesn’t come from my neighbour, it comes from me. I'm the one who responded to what I imagined and as I entered into that imagination through my own choosing, well then, it became something that is a movement against me.

I take my skates and I put them on my feet: “Will I remember how to skate? Maybe I'm going to fall down!” I put my skates on my feet, I haven't even gotten up yet and already I'm afraid, I have doubts: “What if I fall?” And yet, I haven't even stood up: I responded to my imagination.

That imagination that rose up within me, is it living? No, it isn't living, it doesn’t move; I was already sitting, nothing happened but that imagination was there. The imagination is something that doesn’t have life yet, something that doesn’t have movement yet, and therefore, Satan sees to it that it enter us. Now, who responded to that imagination? It was us. We responded to that imagination, and therefore, we accepted it. Since we accepted it, we took a movement of life given to us by God, and we put it in the imagination of nothingness, so much so that we say, “Ah, I don’t dare get up, I'm going to fall down,” so much so that we say, “My heart is starting to beat faster, my muscles are starting to contract, my capacity to do this has just vanished.”

These are movements of life. What affects these movements of life? It’s when I responded to something that was false – I took some movements of life and it’s as if, in my life, they became alive: “I, who am able to do this, now I'm turning into someone who is no longer able to wear skates!” If I go back in time, it was maybe a year ago that I skated, and now, I have doubts regarding what I'm about to do. I'm agreeing to live in a feeling of fear. This feeling of fear doesn’t come from God, doesn’t come from the child of God; this feeling comes from Satan, who managed to make me give him part of my life, and then he uses it. The choice was up to me. When my imagination came along, I could have said, “Oh, come on! Hey, I'm giving this to you, Lord. You’re my life. You see to it that I behave as I should. Now, I'm giving this to you; me, I trust in you, God. You are the Life; you’re the one who gave me agility, I trust in you.”

We don’t do this anymore. We have lost that complete trust in God; we have lost that love between the Creator and the child, an unconditional love: “You created me, you gave me everything; you’re the one who saw to it that I was able to skate, and so it’s up to you to take care of me.” But no, this isn't what we did – we responded to fear.

Is it possible for us now to think of all the times we used our imagination and agreed to enter into this? And this goes all the way back to our childhood! So far back that we don’t remember the first time we gave a movement of life to Satan. We did this because our flesh, it often answered yes to Satan. That’s what God says: to be subjected to sin. It’s as if our flesh, which is in a movement of life, always remembers having responded to temptation and that it is incapable of escaping this. Our flesh, which is a movement of life, has become a slave to temptation.

Can our God of love condemn us? No, because he knows the number of times our flesh suffered because of this movement. Because we know that we received the flesh that we have from our parents, and that our parents also received flesh from their parents – and we can go all the way back to our first parents – how can we escape this prison? With love.

If we learn to discover the love God has for us, then we’ll learn to love ourselves, to love ourselves with everything God has given us. God gave us a spirit of love; with this spirit of love, which we received from God, we must learn to love ourselves. And so, this means that despite everything our spirit agreed to accept, and that came from temptation, we must learn to love, to discover our imperfections in order to give them to God. The moment we really accept to enter into that movement of healing and of liberation, then the movement begins: the movement of the Creator and of his child – this movement is always there.

Yes, Satan has stolen; yes, Satan used movements of life, but who do those movements belong to? They belong to God. So, if we agree to give to God what belongs to God, we’ll be freed of this slavery. We’re the ones who agreed to make our spirit a slave to the movements we gave to Satan. God will take back what… he has already taken back what is his, but he wants this from his child.

When he sent his Son on earth, his Son agreed to take all those movements, which brought suffering to the spirit, and he bore them as if they were his own thoughts. Everything that our spirit agreed to, he, Jesus of love, he took it; then, he brought this unto death. “See, what is impure is no longer so! I am reclaiming my life. I am reclaiming my movements of life.” This is what Jesus did when he said, “I brought all sins unto death.” He took all those movements, which belonged to his Father and which we agreed to give to Satan, who took them and turned them into movements against us: they were cleansed.

There was only the Life who could have cleansed that which came from life. It isn't someone who doesn’t posses life who can do this; there's only the Life who will see life. The movements that were here between the Creator and the child, it was as if those movements were paralysed, sick. Who was able to restore his movement of life, of love, of peace, of joy? God: the Life. Who is the Movement, the Word? Jesus. Through perfection, he returned to his Father what belonged to his Father. This, this is for our spirit.

And the same applies to our sight. All gazes that have been loving are gazes alive in the movement of life. All gazes that were taken and given to nothingness became impure movements. The movements of life that entered into something that possessed no life were wounded, were seduced, and in that impurity, they turned against us; therefore, they weren't gazes of love. How could we have looked at ourselves lovingly? We weren't able to love ourselves as we should have loved ourselves.

When we look at our child, our grandchild, or our brother, our sister, and we see that they’re doing something we don’t like, it hurts us. Therefore, our sight is a weapon against us: “I'm angry with him; he doesn’t behave properly. I would like to help him but he doesn’t want me to; so I feel guilty about this, I feel so anxious about this.” You see, these are movements against us: they develop fear, they develop anger, they develop independence, guilt, despair.

All this goes against us. Because we neglected our movements of life and we answered yes to Satan, they turned against us. Satan knew how to use them, he taught us – unwillingly… we didn’t want him as a teacher – but he taught us to turn against ourselves, and we answered yes to all this. And we built our life with this, we raised our children with this, we functioned with this along with our brothers and our sisters: with all these sick movements.

But God, he has always sustained us. Despite our despair, our anger, despite all the times we are discouraged and are so negative in our life, God is there. He led us to paths of life on which he had us journey: “Oh! I don’t feel like going there – it’s hard. I just lost my job. I don’t feel like going there – there's a war going on. I don’t feel like going there – someone there has cancer. I don’t feel like going there – someone died.” Yes, these paths, they’re our paths of life.

In our life, we have met people who have lost their jobs; and sometimes, we have been met with illness, we have been met with death in our life. These movements of pain came for us: “What? I'm fed up, Lord; I have to support my family and I don’t have a job; what are you doing?” Well, without that lack of work, I wouldn’t have cried out to God: that was when I thought of him and that he was there. The father and the child: movement that was passing through movements that were sick, and whoops, they were going to see the Father. And he, he who was pushing his graces through all those movements in our life so as to reach us: “You see, I'm always here. You have no need to be afraid, I'm taking care of you.” Whoops! A little while later, someone shows up to help us. “Ah, I had lost my job, and here comes another one!”

God the Father, he's always been in our life. If we have experienced illness, if we have experienced death, this happened because our movements of life were quietly passed on to Satan. It was necessary for us to realize at some point that if we don’t cry out to God, who are we going to cry out to? To ourselves? At a certain point, we no longer believed in this. When it’s death, cancer, we know we’re helpless and so we go see God. And then, we include him in our life: “Yes, I will see the doctor, but God, are you sure you’re there? Okay, I’ll go see him.” Then, I begin to pray. Even if we’re not inclined to have the rosary with us, even one thought towards God is already a prayer, because the language of the Creator and of the child is prayer: movement of life, communication, harmony, thought, word, God.

This is what Adam did from the beginning. When he saw God's creation, then he would speak to God. He would tell God how beautiful it all was, and therefore, there was prayer between the Creator and his creature. We were made for communication, we are life and life can only address itself to the Life.

Consider the children who aren't baptized, consider those who don’t hear about God: they’re movements of life, they were created, therefore there's a Creator; they were chosen, therefore there are children of God. And so, when they’re in a movement of sharing – a movement of life – they’re in the movement just as we, we’re in the movement. Since we have been baptized and are movements of love, and they’re alive because they have movements of life, everything we do is in harmony with them. We’re in communication, we are movements of life, they are movements of life.

Although Satan wants to divide us, although Satan steals our movements of life and turns them against us, there's that movement of life which is constantly conveyed and which leads us to consider ourselves as true beings. If today we want to escape this, if today we really want to discover – “But what’s going on… we live in a world that’s destroying itself?” – that’s because, all together, we want to live on love.

It’s as if we had reached a time of reconciliation: we want to become once again what we once were. We want to gather all movements of life in order to take up again the rhythm of love: “I'm tired of living in this fear. I want to stop suffering from illnesses in my flesh. The war has to stop. We have to stop dominating one another. Why this poverty that is spreading everywhere? What is this discouragement that people are feeling all over the world? Now, it’s reached the point where the earth is affected by this: earthquakes, floods, fires spreading everywhere.”

God's children are crying out; they’ve had enough. Even rich countries and poor countries are living in decadence. We have to hang on to something, and what can we hang on to if it isn't the Life? And so, now we cry out to God. Let’s cry out to the Life; we cry out to God. It’s as if all children were waking up during these times; it’s as if we were all in the same boat: “We’re fed up now; God has to do something.” Man can no longer help us, even with his inventions, even with the most advanced technology; there's nothing left that can help us: there's only God. And this is what communication and harmony are all about! And this is the point we have reached.

Now, the Lord knew to have us travel along narrow paths, showing what we, we have done. If there are wars, epidemics, if there's destruction, illnesses, these are our choices. But it was necessary for everyone to be in this movement. How many people in the world have said in the past, “Well, okay, some people weren't doing well, but there were others who were doing okay. And so, I cry out to God.” But the others, through their silence, didn’t cry out. Now, we’re crying out together.

Children of all languages, of all religions see that the earth is destroying itself; the poor as well as the rich have begun crying out in the same language. Even if they don’t believe in God, they know something has to move, and who can make something move if not the Life? The language of God is reaching out to hearts: it’s up to him to dot the i’s.

Now, we’re going to stop and have a nice rest.

Thank you, Lord.