God speaks through his instrument of love. He calls her the Girl of My Will in Jesus. God himself dictated these words.



She comes from a Catholic family. Her parents showed her my laws of love, which made her respectful of her fellow man. She married, had three children whom she raised with love. God of Love gave her graces that made her feel his Presence during Communion; she felt an inner warmth. She had dreams that caused her to awaken in tears. It was later that she received the explanations from God himself at the moment he had willed. This introduced her to her journey: the one of abandoning herself completely in the Divine Will. All was ready for her, this even before she was aware of it.



In 1998, Mary, your Mother, covers her with her maternal presence by manifesting this to her through the smell of roses and flowers from the garden of her Heart and this, on several occasions. A thirst for the knowledge of Jesus of Love makes her discover the Love of God the Father and of God the Holy Spirit. She allows herself to be pervaded by their Presence for when she prays, she experiences ecstasies of love. She finds herself in a state of such joy that she cannot explain it for it is so wonderful. Her entire being is in joy and, at the same time, she feels a joyful sadness that gives her a loving thirst to help Jesus crucified. She abandons herself in Godís will. She learns to live in the Divine Will so that her entire being may offer fruits of love to Triune God. She lives in Jesus, she acts in Jesus, she learns to abandon herself in his Being.


In January 2001, she hears with discernment the voice of Jesus and that of his Mother Mary from within herself, and that of her angel from outside herself, who speak to her. It is the Holy Spirit who covers her with his Presence. She receives lessons of love from Mary who shows her how to obey Godís Will. Jesus asks her to write; she obeys without knowing where this will lead her. Everything is abandonment in the Divine Will. Everything within her is inhabited by Triune God.


Triune God shows her that she is in them and they in her, and that all those that Triune God carries are within her. She is in contact with those whose voices God the Father permits her to hear within herself. Everything about her is nothing but obedience to his will. In 2002, during Communion, God of love comes to show her her interior. She perceives the Trinity and Mary with the eyes of the soul. It is later that God tells her that she perceives Heaven within herself and that all the angels, the saints and her brothers and sisters are in her, because she is a member of the Mystical Body.


At first, the writings accumulate. Towards the end of July 2001, he tells her to print out these writings imprisoned in the machine (computer). In a vision, he shows her children of the Third World who are dying due to a lack of nourishment.  He tells her: ďSee these children who are dying, my beloved daughter; they know they are dying due to a lack of nourishment, but not my poor little children of the world. They are dying because their souls have no nourishment. Print these writings quickly, they are nourishment for them. You see, they are in such a sad state. They are worse than the children of the Third World. How many die each day and lose life everlasting.Ē


It is with obedience that she does so. This takes her some time for she has no knowledge in this matter. God lets her know that he will place upon her path persons who will help her. He tells her not to worry: all is from him. She receives from God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, graces that transform her into a being of their Will. She maintains her inner peace, she abandons herself to their Will, for she lives with them in the Presence of their voices.


Subsequently, towards August 2001, they inform her of their Will. They ask her to make up little booklets but to change nothing, except the spelling mistakes; which she did. Even if the proof-readers notice that phrases are sometimes in a language which is not in accordance with proper French, they bow down before the Will of God. What they did not know was that the Divine Will was training them to be attentive to his Will, not the will of men. A few months later, God tells her to produce a book in several volumes. It is with total abandonment that she does so, for she knows that it is Godís work, not her own.


God points out to her that he will do everything himself, for he is the Author of these volumes, not she. She feels very unworthy to be writing for God; she who, at school, did not have very good marks in French, just enough to reach the average. Her love for God, her brothers and sisters, take her to the point of forgetting her own self, for everything is for God.


All this will not be accomplished without suffering, and even for those who will help her. God tells them that all this is necessary to their training in love, that it is necessary she suffer, and even those who would help her with the corrections, for God purifies those who abandon themselves to him in order to save souls. God tells them that all those who want to follow Jesus must follow the same path as he.


God informs her that each word in these volumes will be graces of love for the children of the earth. Her joy was great. All is in the Divine Will.


The Girl of my Will in Jesus in the Divine Will: Peace to you my brothers and sisters. I am attentive to the Divine Will. We must all devote ourselves to being attentive to him.


The path leading to life everlasting is a short one. Let us all be in Jesus in order to make of our life a life that will be worthy of our hopes. Donít we all want happiness? Come, my dear neighbour, let us follow in Godís footsteps, even if they are difficult to follow. The climb towards our salvation is steep. We must give up on wanting to bring with us a burden that is too heavy for us: our human will. Let us leave it behind us, this burden, and let us climb with firm steps towards the summit of our victory over our sins: this is our goal. Let us be attentive to the Wind of love who is calling us to come to the summit to plant our flag whose crest represents two Hearts burning with love for us. Jesus and Mary are waiting there for us.