Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God wants to grant his Presence to our hearts. Everything we will experience will come from the Will of God and only from the Will of God.

It isn’t up to us to gather friends together to talk about God. If this is the case, this won't provide graces to those we carry within us. It is God who brings people together, it is God who sees to it that we’re together so we can give a share of what we have to those who are within us. It’s as though we had opened up a part of our life and we were showing it to those we love.

When the Mother of God was on earth, that’s what she would do: she never stopped showing others that her life belonged to them; she never stopped talking to them about who they were before her Son. What she did, she did it with love for them so they could feel loved by her Son.

With Mary, all is nothing but patience, and that’s what she is with us: Mother Mary is very patient with us. She wants us to be open to her Son, she wants us to be open to ourselves so we can learn to see that part of us belongs to God and that, to us, the other part must be a gift to God.

Which part are we going to offer to God tonight? If we say, “Well, my mind,” then he will take our mind. But if we say, “My speech,” then, he will hesitate and he will ask us something: “Tell me, what more have you to offer me than I have to offer you?” Through these words we realize that we have nothing to give. It’s as though Jesus were saying to us, “You talk too much!”

Speech must serve God; it must not serve our way of reacting, our way of thinking. Jesus has listened to our conversations and Jesus has some thoughts about this!


Jesus: Children of love, what I am trying to make you understand, little chatterboxes, is that you like to hear yourselves talk. The voice of the Lord is a voice of silence; the voice of the Lord is a voice that teaches you to realize that God wants you to himself, like a tiny child who thirsts for God, like a tiny child who wants to listen only to God.

You live in a world full of chatter, my children, and that chatter is constantly filling your homes. What this world has taught you is its own language, and that language has not nourished you, has not quenched your thirst. The only thing this has accomplished in your lives is to bring you worries, making you always want to know what tomorrow holds. Know to recognize the language of God: the language of God is nothing but obedience, nothing but silence, nothing but prayer.

God is an All, God is the All of what he is. God has no need to listen for he already knows; God has no need to show you things for he knows what he is; God has no need to know what tomorrow holds for tomorrow is already accomplished. God is in his All, he is in his Being of love, a Being who is the All, a Being who exists for the All, a Being who gives himself through everything, because he is God. You who are on earth, you must learn to discover that the All of all things wants you within himself.

I am coming to teach you, my children, to give yourselves time to prepare; I am coming to show you how to live this time; I am coming to call upon all of you to discover your inner life because it is your inner life, my children, that is in the all of what God expects of you. This means, my children, that everything occurs within you, that everything that is to come will be for your interior. I keep the littlest of my children informed, and I exclude the great ones among my children so that they might learn from the littlest ones.

My children, you are the chosen; you have been chosen, my children, because you are little. It is possible to recognize the littlest one by his silence. The littlest one uses the language of love, he leaves all the room to his God.

Children of love, at this very moment I am transforming you, at this very moment I am healing wounds. You cannot even imagine the importance of inner silence when it is God who desires it.

It is as though you were entering a dwelling that has no furniture, whose walls are so high that you would never be able to touch the top, whose floor, my children, is a place upon which you cannot walk but that is nevertheless there, for you can see it but are unable to touch it. You are in that space but you have no control; you are unable to move on your own for this is not a place in which one moves from side to side or up and down.

When you are unable to control the place in which you are, you let yourselves go in God's hands and it is God who controls your life, it is God who carries out his Will: the Light directs your eyes, God's love fills that place and it reveals to you all that comes from him – the Light is around you, the Light is God.

You see, when you are within that place of love, nothing comes from you. You have entered that place solely because you have uttered your yes and God does everything.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: In our lives, we have set up guidelines for ourselves; in our lives we have shown things to others: which didn’t come from us. It’s as though we had borrowed something, it’s as though we had wanted to wear a garment that was too big or too tight for us: we wanted to play someone else’s role. And so we grew up without ever being ourselves, and then, once we had grown up, well, we kept on playing that role – it’s as though we were forced by the current of life to live something that wasn’t ours to live, and then, we find ourselves, we find ourselves faced with certain situations. At times, some of these situations are difficult to get through. And so, we do our best, we talk to others through what we’ve become: a person who isn’t himself. This is what God is revealing to us.

We have walked through life while not being ourselves, while being what others wanted us to be, and we accepted this. When we were very little, we were often told, “Behave like this, don’t say that, go over there and sit down, and behave properly, and you have to eat what you’re told to eat.” And so, when we would go to our aunt’s house or to a neighbour’s: “Oh, I hope that’s not what we’re going to eat because I’ll be forced to eat it and I don’t like that!” And sometimes, we were also given things we didn’t like.

It was the same thing for clothes: “Oh, no! I don’t feel like wearing that!” And yet, we would wear it one day, two days, a week… we would wear clothes we didn’t even like, which made us feel like a stranger sitting in front of a dinner plate, a stranger in our own clothes.  

Now let’s try to imagine a ten year-old child sitting in front of a plate of spaghetti and he doesn’t like his spaghetti, but he eats it anyway. And then someone asks him a question – “Is it good?” He remembers mommy and daddy’s words: “Of course it’s good,” and the conversation goes on. So, he has just revealed that he wasn’t being himself, that it was a lie, that what he was saying was a façade.

Therefore, his mind, his mind was hurt, and he functioned with a wounded mind. A mind that is wounded also leads to words that are not for him. Consequently, his thoughts and his words weren't something that nourished him, and therefore, he lacked love towards himself, he was learning to not love himself.

Now let’s try to imagine a person who was wearing clothes he didn’t like, and who was being forced to wear those clothes.

Then, visitors come over to his house and the child is forced to wear those clothes. He presents himself in front of the people and he feels like disappearing – he would like to avoid being seen in those clothes. He looks at the people and the people, they aren’t looking at him, but he feels as if they were staring at him. He thinks that the people who aren’t looking at him don’t approve of what he's wearing. He says to himself, “I knew I shouldn’t have worn this.”

And so, he begins to fight what he is: he was forced into it, he's wearing something he doesn’t like; he thinks the others don’t like him because even he doesn’t like himself. He's learning, he's learning, at his own expense, that his suffering comes from what he has accepted. He should have put up a fight – this is what he tells himself – and so, all his thoughts revolve around this one idea; he reaches the point of wishing harm to those around him.

That little being is someone who wants to live his life as he would like to but living in a society that forces things on him has become a way of life to him.

What we are today is that little being who was forced to move forward in life, to move forward in a world that doesn’t bother with him, that imposes a manner of dressing upon him, a way of thinking, a way of life. It’s as if that little being had become so real to us that, in our own life, we could be him. He was forced to live in a difficult society as if he wasn’t capable of doing otherwise; a way of life was imposed upon him.

What the Spirit of God wants to show us is that we see this every day – this is part of our everyday conversations. Someone says, “So and so did such and such.” Another says, “Oh, yes, so and so did this and that’s not the way it should be.” If this is part of our conversations, that’s because we have lived this.

Every human being has gone through a situation that has made him suffer; something was imposed upon him and this emerged once he became an adult. When we talk about any situation in a way that goes against us, what we’re dong is turning ourselves into beings of suffering.

When she was on earth, our loving Mother would look at all God's children; she could see how they suffered because of their words. She, our loving Mother, she knew what was in their hearts and she never stopped praying to God; she didn’t strike up conversations with those children, she would invite them to offer all of it to God, she would invite them to be patient. The Mother of God had only to smile and she would heal them, the Mother of God had only to go on her way and others looked to her as a model of wisdom. When there were complex conversations, Mother Mary wouldn’t say a word; Mother would pray – she trusted in God. Us, we don’t trust in God: God asks us to pray and instead we talk.

Jesus is love; he comes to speak in our heart to heal us so we can help all our brothers and sisters of the whole world. Jesus begs us not to follow the powerful, Mother Mary begs us to learn the language of love.

Mother Mary knows that certain cardinals, that certain bishops, that certain priests, that certain religious are against her, and she knows they are against her Son, but Mother Mary still comes to ask us to remain silent and to pray.

Now that the end times are here and that we’re the ones who are going to live during these times, do you think that we aren’t going to suffer? We’re going to live these times and it will be more and more difficult as each day goes by: this is part of our lives.

The more we talk against those who are going to sabotage the work of the chosen, the more we’ll be doing Satan's work. Yes, there are bishops, there are priests who are against our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. Do you think that Heaven isn’t aware of this? Do you think that Heaven will take part in our conversations, we who pray, who gossip about this one and that one? Heaven won’t be part of this and it won’t be our words that are going to help the cause of love.

We fight for love, and well, it’s with prayer that we will win and not with our gossiping. What we’re hearing is for all the world’s children, it’s for every child who wants to live as a being of love. If the Holy Spirit enables us to understand what we need to understand, it is to heal and liberate. He has us enter within, in our dwelling place, and he leads us where he wants to lead us.

God is a God full of gentleness! He's the only one who can reprimand us like this, and he does it because he cares about every one of us: these times are very important. Heaven speaks in the hearts of many chosen ones and we must all support one another. Therefore, we all need one another; we even need those who talk too much, even those who don’t follow what they should follow.

If we see priests who don’t follow Benedict XVI, well then, we need to pray for them so they can find their way back to the right path – we need them!

Earlier, God said, “I will use my littlest ones to help the great ones of this world.” Well, the priests are much greater than we are; they’re the ones who nourish us with the Body of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus; they’re the ones who give us graces through the sacraments – we need them! It’s up to us to pray for them, it’s up to us to stay close to Mother and to do what Heaven asks us to do.

Every thought we have must be for God; every word must be at the service of our neighbour. We are God's instruments and we are nothing other than this.

It is the present that enables us to see what is going to happen tomorrow. Therefore, if our present is a present filled with love, well then, our tomorrow will be filled with hope for those who will need love, for they want love as well. If people cry out, “I want to do my will, I have the right solution,” well, that’s because there's something missing in their lives, that’s because they’re suffering.

Remember what he said in the beginning – the little being who ate what he didn’t like and the other little being who wore clothes that were too big and that he didn’t like – well, they must have eaten what they didn’t like, and worn what they didn’t like: as a result, they spoke against their neighbour and also against the clergy.

Sometimes, what the Lord says doesn’t make any sense. Didn’t you do the same thing? But what the Spirit of God does, it does so to fill up those who have thoughts that are not always suitable to the human being. Isn’t this the case regarding your conversations? We try to fill up God's children with crazy words; we try to blame on others the things that we ourselves refused to bear.


Jesus: Children of my Will, what you are living, you are living it through the will of men, and what God wants you to live is a healing, a liberation, which will be performed solely by the Divine Will.

It is always necessary to know what is at the bottom of the barrel in order to clean out the barrel. Therefore, let me take you to the bottom of the barrel so that I, I can remove all that goes against you.

I will remind you of a story, my children. “One day, a being left with his backpack. He wanted to find happiness of his own accord. The first night, he stopped at an inn. He entered it and there he found a very comfortable bed. Once he was well rested, he left.

He walked all day. When darkness fell, he stopped and there he found an old cabin. So, he went in and in a corner, he made a bed of straw and he slept on it. The following day, fully restored, he went on his way again and continued on his journey. He continued to walk, and walk, and walk. Then, once night came, he wanted to rest but he did not find a place to shelter himself. But there was a rock, quite a large rock, and that is where he rested. Leaning against that rock, he found a way to rest his head. As he moved against the rock, he said to himself, ‘I remember that nice soft bed and I also remember that straw which welcomed my exhausted body.’ Then, he said, ‘How am I going to get any rest – this is so hard, this is so uncomfortable?’ Without realizing it, sleep overcame him, and he felt as if he were floating, he felt his body resting, and he remained in that gentle movement.

Suddenly, he felt something moving him. He opened his eyes – there was a man close to him. He was dressed like a very poor person: his garment had holes all over it and he did not smell very nice; his beard was all dirty and he had missing teeth. He was very surprised and, quickly, he stood up in a single bound. The man said to him, ‘Oh, do not be afraid. I am not here to take away your place, but this is where I usually sleep.’ Then, the other replied, ‘What, this is where you sleep?’

The man replied, ‘Of course this is where I sleep. Did you not you sleep well?’ And then, the other thought for a moment and said, ‘Oh, yes, I did sleep very well.’

In his mind, he thought, ‘How did I sleep well when it was so hard, so uncomfortable?’ The other man said, ‘I know what you are thinking. You see, when you leaned up against the rock and you put your head down, you were not thinking about what I had to offer you. I took your life and I lived it for a moment, and I gave you my life.’ The other did not understand what he was trying to say. The man said, ‘Look at me, look at who I am.’ And then, the one who was standing took a good look at who stood before him: he saw a being whose back was bent, a being who was poorly dressed, a being who did not smell good. Then, the man said, ‘What you are seeing is your happiness.’ The other replied, ‘My happiness? Well, it is not much to look at!’

And then, happiness replied, ‘It is true that I am not beautiful, but what you always wanted in life was not necessarily beautiful: you have often sought out pleasure, you have always wanted to have the best, and you grew up! You went forward in life and you were incapable of understanding that you were not happy because you were never able to be yourself. You have always wanted to converse with others using what you yourself were not; you have wanted to disguise your life by carrying on your shoulders that which did not belong to you; you never felt good about yourself and you went forth in life.

Today, you are learning, you are learning to take a look at yourself because what you are seeing is what you are: a being who has never felt good on the inside, a being who has always sought happiness and who has never found it, for it was not material things that brought you happiness, it was not your conversations that brought you joy, because happiness is lodged within you. When you were lying down and when you were not worried about your external life, I had you see happiness, I had you feel happiness, and then you felt light, you were at peace: that is what happiness is. You see, what I am is the peace within you, I am the joy within you, I am your happiness.’”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That being came face to face with the truth; that being saw what he had become because of all the things that had been part of his life.

Every one of us, we have to live this, for we will see what we, we have accepted. We have gone forth in life and we have made choices, and those choices have turned us into what we are today. There will be a moment, chosen by God, when we will see, we will see the happiness we wanted to build for ourselves, and that happiness will present itself to us – it will be what we wanted it to be.

All this is to show us what is to come. Those who are unprepared will be faced with this choice; those who are prepared, they will see the same thing but in a state of peace, and they will be ready to accept, lovingly and joyfully, what God will show them.

We who hear these words, we who are living the Will of God in this very moment, well, we will have to help others to live that moment.

It is with simple words that the Lord speaks and it is with healing words that the Lord speaks. Without our realizing it, the Holy Spirit is in the process of healing and of liberating at this very moment. Therefore, let’s allow the Spirit of God to give rest to the spirit of men. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to be fully present to understand what God is doing – God calls this ‘resting in the Spirit’ – in order to leave all the room to God.

And now, we will stop here for tonight and we will continue tomorrow morning.   

Thank you, Lord.