Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bobcaygeon, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-20 - Afternoon – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The presence of God himself turned us into instruments this morning. This morning, many received, and we received.

God truly wants to give to his children! He takes advantage of all the moments we grant him to distribute his graces of healing and of liberation. What has been given belongs to God and was given by God in the way in which he wanted to give: and we received.

The Will of God wants us to be fully open to what he wants to enable us to know.

It is the duty of every child of God to behave as a brother and a sister before what he or she is, and God gives us that right: it’s up to us to give ourselves as we want to give ourselves to our brothers and our sisters – by going through God's graces.

If we try to give ourselves to our brothers and our sisters without God's graces, we’ll have nothing to give them. Instead, they’ll try to stop us. They’ll have an advantage over us because we’ll have given them what is inside us and that bears no graces. Therefore, it will be the law of the strongest: “My thoughts are just as valuable as yours; my eyes are just as valuable as your eyes. Whatever you want to tell me is worth just as much as what I want to tell you, and therefore, your hearing isn’t more valuable than my hearing. So don’t come and show me your rights because I have rights too. Whatever I have in me is just as valuable as what you have in you: so show me that you’re worth more than I am. Afterwards, I’ll show you what I'm worth in comparison to you, and it’s the law that will decide and not what is inside you – because I will use what men have shown me. And if you don’t measure up to what men want from you, then I will show you my strength, for it is more powerful than yours. I will use power, I will use what I have in my hands, because money can ruin you. My human values will crush your values as a child of God.”

No child of God is able to confront the children of this world if he doesn’t have graces, for the children of this world have Satan as their master. They have the spirit of this world, for they have listened to what comes from the human will: the human will listens to the strongest one.

If we look all around us, we will see that evil runs the world today; therefore, the human will listens to evil and evil has Satan as its master. If we want to have our rights as children of God, we have to let God cover us with his graces; we have to listen to our interior, and our interior proclaims the very presence of Jesus in our life.

God displays before us what we’ve become without his graces, but God listens to our prayers and he wants to answer us. He comes himself to speak in our heart so we can hear the words that will reveal to us that we have rights.

God knows what's happening all over the world, and God is watching over his children.

God gave us Benedict XVI as Pope, and Benedict XVI speaks words of love. Benedict XVI follows in the steps of Christ. He is dead to his human will, he's ready to be ridiculed for the sake of love, he's ready to give up his life for the sake of love. He knows he's surrounded by enemies, and yet, Benedict XVI stands before us like the cross stands before us. He shows us the path to follow, he shows us that we have rights as children of God, and that we must believe in what he is: our Pope, the one who represents, on earth, Jesus who died, is risen and glorified by God the Father. There isn’t a single government, there isn’t a single leader who will rise above Benedict XVI. Through what he is, he is the representative of God, and God is above all things, he's the Creator, he's eternal Life.

There is no greater power than the one God has placed in the hands of Benedict XVI. If someone makes an attempt on Benedict XVI’s life, this will reinforce the presence of God in our life, for, within us, we have our rights as children of God, and no one will ever be able to take that away from us – they can take our money, they can take our business, they can take our home, but we’ll always have life.

Eternal life is for God's children, it will never end. It will blossom every day without ever dying, and its fruits, which come from what it is, are the treasures of all that is visible and invisible.

What can we expect from things that will decay, that will disappear? We, the children of God, we don’t need things that are merely transitory: we want everything that comes to us to be the same as we are. We are children of the eternal Life. We are, therefore, eternal, and that’s what we thirst for and hunger for – we hunger for God's treasure, for that eternal beauty that lacks nothing. When we talk like this, we know that we’re already living this. That’s why, when we speak with God's graces, we know that we are within our rights.

Today, we have invented laws: human rights. If we look at human rights through the eyes of today's world, these rights satisfy only what is external. And what is external fades away, disappears, we no longer talk about it, for, as the decades go by, changes will constantly be made to these laws.

Let’s take a look at the rights of God’s children: For thousands and thousands of years, the rights of God's children haven’t changed. “Love your God, he loves you. Respect your life, for it belongs to him. Love yourself because he loves you. Behave as a truthful being before your brother and your sister – they will know that you’re there to help them. Respect what God gives you, for he will multiply what is his and is destined for you. Life is within you and it will never be extinguished, unless you refuse it.” This has been so for thousands of years and it has never changed.

When Jesus came on earth, he turned us into light because we understood, we understood what God's laws were: “Love your God with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind, and with all your heart. Love your neighbour as I love you. I am in you and you are in me, and therefore, love yourself. Eternal Life is before you because you believe in me, and all that belongs to me belongs to you.” These are our rights as children of God. This is why we accept to behave as children of God.

A child of God says yes to God. He cannot be lukewarm, for God is the Truth, God is righteous, God doesn’t go back on his word. God is the All of all things and he is the only God; therefore, we are children of God's all.

So, when we behave as children of God, we stand before God and we say to him, “Here I am, just as you want me to be. Your laws are my laws, and, as a child of God, I don’t argue with you, for you have imprinted your laws on my heart.”

Because the moment when Moses received the commandments and they struck the stone: they struck our heart. Consequently, we have God's Ten Commandments imprinted upon our heart and we consented to this.

And Jesus, he is constantly nourishing our flesh because he has lodged them deep within our life – this was done in case we failed to follow what is written in our heart. When we behave as children of God through God's graces, then we do what is written in our heart. However, when try to do what must be done without God's graces, we have a tendency to forget what is written in our heart. Therefore, in the fullness of his power, God sees to it that what is written within us emerges.

Since we have the breath of life, since we have life within us, then life reveals itself, makes itself felt. That’s why we cannot shut our eyes, that’s why our thoughts always rise to the surface. And so, we can't be deaf, we can’t be unaware of what's inside us. We do what we do because we aren’t able to do otherwise.

To accept what is impure in our life is to accept to be prisoners like the Hebrews were prisoners to the Egyptians. Even the Hebrews cried out to God for justice. And so we, when we’re faced with injustice, we cry out to God: “When will you cover this world with your power? When will you avenge your children’s blood?” This resonates within us, and we can’t silence this, for we know that one day we’ll be faced with those words, and as we don’t want to be ashamed of what we are, we struggle to remain children of God before God.

What God is placing in front of us is the truth, and he does this to help our brothers and our sisters of the whole world. Are we going to deny what we are? Are we going to reject our grandparents, our parents, our great-grandparents? In the name of the freedom that is of this world, in the name of the human rights that are of this world, are we going to push aside all those who gave up their lives as an example to us? What, then, is that freedom but nothing more than asserting their power over God's children, but nothing more than satisfying their senses to the detriment of their spiritual life? Isn’t this being a slave to impurity? Is that what freedom is – the one that suffocates eternal life, that leads God's children to be ashamed of what they are, that leads God's children to behave like beings inferior to what they are?

If we accept the freedom of this world: we accept to die to our eternal life, we accept to no longer believe in Jesus, the Purity, we accept to not follow God's Ten Commandments, we accept to not walk in the footsteps of the One who gave up his life out of love for us, we accept to renounce God's graces that nourish our soul, that nourish our physical life, we accept to no longer wanting to be what we are.

The freedom of this world, the freedom of today, which is separate from Christ, is a form of slavery, is a form of slavery that makes our senses more important than the things that make us who we are. We are whole: body and soul, spirit, love. Everything we believe is inside us, and whatever is inside us enables our exterior to reveal that we belong to God.

Does freedom hold any meaning for us today if it prevents us from living our lives as children of God? Life belongs to God and we believe in this; we die when we are not living within this belief.

Today, we no longer want to talk about our God, we no longer want to show that we love God for the sake of a society that is free. People say that society must assert its rights, its rights that are inherent: “I have the right to believe in my God.” Well then, so be it. That every person believe in what he or she truly is without crushing others, this, this is the right of every human being – the right to think, the right to see, to listen, to speak, to act and to feel.

Every human being must live on earth in order to give what he is to others so there can be sharing, so there can be support. How can we, we, be part of that sharing and support if we’re told that we don’t have the right to live our life, while at the same time they’re taking away our spirit, they're taking away our right to hear, to see, to speak, and taking away our movements and our hearts? Because this is the only way that we, we can be with other people the way everyone else is. Isn't this what they want to do? They want to take away our life; they want us to give up our inner life to become nothing more than an envelope, an envelope that walks along the street as if nothing were wrong. We’re more than that: we’re all children of God, from the first to the last one of us.

Even if someone believes in a God other than our own, he's still a child of God. Before he believed in that, he was with us in the Eternal Flesh; he was meant to be on earth as we were meant to be on earth.

If the Creator, our God, the only God, allowed this, it was because he knew, he knew that life would help life to move forward. He knew that children were going to love children. He knew that children would sustain other children so that, one day, there would be one people: the people of God. All this is written because it was told to Abraham.

When God made it rain forty days and forty nights, wiping impurity from the face of the earth, he was revealing to us through that gesture that he is the Almighty. And when Noah and his family were saved from the flood, he was showing us his love; he was showing us that he would lead us where he wants to take us. Slowly, through the suffering due to human will, he would lead him to his Promised Land, where there would be only children who were faithful to one God.

Look at everything that is around us, all over the world: one God who reveals himself, one God who unifies, one God who makes us all part of the same family.

We have a God of love; we have a God who takes care of all children of every generation, of every religion. He gives his Mother of love, he gives his beloved Daughter, his Spouse.

There's only one God and he's our Father, our Brother, our All. We can see his Presence all over the world; through his children, he heals, he liberates. We have one God who doesn’t crush but rather sustains. He shares his graces and, therefore, he also shows us how to share our love, how to sustain our love.

Every one of us is a witness to God's action; love is spoken of in every language; every set of eyes is able to recognize someone who comes to help.

No human law has this power, for even through tyranny, there is love. Wherever there is war, destruction, we’ll always be able to find love. That, that is the power of God; that is the path we have chosen to follow. Therefore, isn’t it worthwhile to keep ourselves within the rights of God's children?

Let’s not be afraid when we hear about children who, in the name of human rights, crush our life: life will always exist. Let’s not be afraid for those who suffer at the hands of those who want to impose their impurity upon others. Even if they use human rights, they will never be victorious. They will never be able to have those who chose to not follow God's Ten Commandments affect us, showing us that they are within their rights, because Jesus is here, and Jesus knows that he is the Truth, Jesus is the Voice of God.

Everything is in the Gospel; everything is in the Old Testament. There isn’t a single book on earth that bears the truth, the light, the way, like this book, for it’s more than a book: it’s our life. It’s the lives of all those who, before us, believed they had rights on earth. It constantly reminds us that there will be justice. To us, this book is a means to always be within our rights. If one person tries to show us that he has the right to behave a certain way, whereas we believe that this goes against what we are, we’ll find the answer in this book as God's Ten Commandments are printed in it: they are in written within it.

Today, the laws of men see to it that all is written down: this serves as proof of who they are in comparison to others. Well, we also have the same thing: it’s all in here. We have the greatest proof of what God expects of us, for before they made all their laws, the Law existed – God's law. Every human law derives from the Law written in the Old Testament. Therefore, let’s remain righteous in and through what we are. God is the one who will defend us, not the children who are afraid.

When we present ourselves through what we know, and what we know isn’t written in the book of God's Word, we present ourselves without proof. Consequently, we’re putting ourselves in danger of losing what is our right. We have only to open this book and proclaim the truth. We have only to open the word of Paul and we will see the light, for Paul brought us light by revealing the words of the Law to the children who wanted the truth. The Holy Spirit, who was instructing Paul’s heart, Paul’s spirit, was leading him towards the paths of life.

All those who came before Paul were guided by God, by the Truth, by the Light, by the Thunder, for the Word of God was thunder. It made itself known to God's children, and all those who listened to the Word of God stood before the truth, and all those who didn’t listen to the Word of God were punished.

If the children of today want nothing to do with the Word of God, they will come face to face with their punishment. They will never be able to escape this. Whoever does not believe in this – that’s because he has allowed himself to be bewitched by the Liar, the Hypocrite, the Divider, the Devil.

An impure spirit is a spirit that wants nothing to do with God. An impure spirit is one that claims to have rights. An impure spirit is one that wants to crush his neighbour because he desires one thing: to remain in his 'self' – “I have my rights, and I will crush all those who stand in the way of my rights.” He won't listen to his neighbour as he loathes his neighbour. He has no need to pay attention to the truth – he is a lie. He claims power for himself, he claims that right for himself. And this impure spirit is part of this world. All those who exercise rights over others are not pure in spirit; they have allowed themselves to be poisoned.

Remember this morning when he spoke of the glass of water that had a drop of poison in it. We can't see the drop of poison; one single drop of poison cannot make that water taste awful. The poison is very subtle – when we drink that glass of water, it slowly makes its way through us.

Therefore, the spirit that rules this world has used poison. It has instilled a right in the spirits of men: the one of remaining in his own version of the truth; and his version of the truth is that he claims to be able to see, to understand what is around him. He uses only what is external because he cannot see what is on the inside; consequently, he poisons the external. And today, the children of this world, just like the children of the past, drink that water.

What we cannot see is not necessarily absent. Do you think that the impure spirit, Satan, is going to reveal himself? He will put in the minds of God's children the idea that he wants to help them, that he wants to give them pleasure, that this will last, that this will reach a certain level. And once that level has been reached, he will reappear and start over again to continue on to another level.

Some have spoken of reincarnation and others of finding the light, a degree of light, and today we believe in this – how then, is this any different than those who, in the past, believed in reincarnation? Today, we say, “Yes, reincarnation exists. Yes, the power of the light exists.” This is the same thing: this is to want to claim the right to power that doesn’t belong to God's children, but that, rather, comes from the impure spirit.

Those who don’t believe in God believe in what they are at the moment, and will continue to do so until they disappear. This gives them no right to comment on eternal life. And this places them in danger, in danger of being manipulated by a power, a power that will rule their minds, their sight, their hearing, their speech, their actions and their hearts.

But eternal life is in them; even if they don’t believe in it, it’s still there. Eternal Life is Jesus; therefore, Jesus takes care of his own life, he asks all life to take care of his little ones. We are in Jesus, we are the Life of Jesus. It’s as though the Eternal Flesh had accepted to multiply so that we could all take care of one another; sharing and supporting; love that gives – love that receives; love that receives – love that gives: eternal movement of the eternal Life.

Let’s be truthful now by remaining within our rights as children of God. Let’s not be afraid of tomorrow – God will defend us, God will use our hearts of children of God to enable others to read what is written in our hearts.

All together: “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.” We shall love one another as God loves us. There is no greater commandment of love.

A God who wants to be respected: the children of God who want their rights as children of God to be respected.

A God who wants to be honoured, worshipped, and who wants us to devote a moment of our lives to him: children who claim the right to not work on Sunday so as to worship, love and serve God.

A God who gave us a father and a mother so we can be here to see one another: children who claim the right to love their parents in order to attain eternal life.

A God who tells us to respect our life, to not put an end to life, to take care of the life inside us: children who claim the right to love their own lives, to take care of their lives up to the moment when God reclaims their lives; children who never stop giving thanks to God for the life that enters the mother’s womb and fills us with joy: multiplication.

A God who teaches us to develop our love so that it can be shared and thus multiplied: children who claim the right to unite through the sacrament of Marriage in order to procreate, in order to give thanks for what they are – men and women – and for the grace of uniting to give God the fruit of their union, their child.

A God who tells us the truth, a God who maintains us in love: children who claim the right to live their sacrament by respecting who they are – to not use their sight, their hearing, their speech, their movements, their hearts to commit lies. The light has taught them that all judgement goes against them; children who love what they are against all odds.

A God who says, “Give me your life, it is eternal, I have all rights over it”: children who claim the right to love their neighbour, to not harm him by taking away his right to live; children who, the moment they commit an act against a brother, find themselves at the foot of the cross asking for forgiveness – such is the right of the child of God: God's mercy; children who give themselves continuously to a God because they have that right.

And God nourishes those children with his presence, with his love, for every commandment is love, every commandment is a path leading us to behave well.