Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bobcaygeon, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-20 – Evening – Part 1


♪♪♪: Ave Maria


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The child who is calling out is the one who needs Mary, the child who is calling out is the one who wants to obtain graces so he can behave as the Mother of Jesus wants him to behave.

If we want to behave as the Mother of God wants us to behave, we must turn to her; we must take the time to look to Mother Mary. To stop before her is to listen to her, for Mother Mary speaks to us, and the Mother of God speaks words calling us to obedience. Mother Mary was obedient throughout her entire life. She always remained who she was: a servant. She called herself the Lord's servant.

That’s what Mother Mary was on earth. She served God, for when she would take care of her Child: she was taking care to serve her God. When she would wash her tiny Child: she was serving her God. When she cleaned the house so her Child could live in a clean home: she was serving her God. When she would go out to draw water from the well for her Child: she was serving her God. When she would follow her Son while he preached on earth: she was serving her God. When she remained silent after hearing words insulting her Son: she was serving her God. When she remained silent as people insulted him, saying that she had raised her Son badly: she was serving her God. When they arrested her Son, she didn’t say a single world: she was serving her God. When they were whipping her Child, she stood by, ready to give him strength with a glance: for she was serving her God. When she saw her Son carrying the cross, she prayed for him to have the strength to keep going forward: she was serving her God. When they nailed her Son to the cross, she was there to say to him, “My Son, this is where you belong”: for she was serving her God. When her Son died on the cross, the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, the Mother, stood close to the cross for she was accomplishing the Scriptures: she was the Lord's servant.

To Mary, every moment was a moment of service, for as soon as she learned that she had been chosen to be the Mother of the Saviour, she knew she had to serve her God to the very end, and she didn’t forget her Fiat for a single moment. She remembered what she had said: “I am the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to his Word.”

The Word came from God; the Word was being accomplished: “A virgin among all virgins would be chosen to be the Mother of God, the Son made Man.”

What we are, we are so in Jesus, because the Mother of Jesus keeps us faithful to our service. Every one of us must serve God; we must not serve humans – we must serve God.

The presence of God is in all the children of the world. We were chosen to give glory to God through everything we are, and the Mother of God reminds us that we were chosen for God. Due to this fact, we know that we’re going to live eternally in the Glory of God.

In order to go forward in the Glory of God, we must behave as people who are at God's service on behalf of our brothers and our sisters of the whole world. We’re all brothers, sisters; we all have the same flesh. We must be in the movement of the Divine Will. To be in the movement of the Divine Will: is to live our lives here on earth in the Divine Will.

During this time of revelation, God comes to speak in our hearts. He isn’t coming to talk to the human will; he's coming to talk to those who have died to their human will, and those who accept to die to their human will are in the Divine Will.

Jesus reveals himself to us as being the Divine Will. He speaks to us about Adam and Eve, up to and including the last person on earth. He leads us into the time of the Divine Will: that time is the present.

Although we’re here in the present moment, we’re in Jesus, in the movement of the Divine Will, which has us live in the time of Moses; that time is the present to us. He has us understand Moses’ love; he has us enter Moses’ life; he has us hear the voice of God; in him, he has us grasp what is in the present. Our movements are linked to all those who are with Moses, for we are with them.

We are in the present, we are in the Divine Will – a movement that is brought about in the present for us, in order to lead us to understand that God loves us.


The Holy Spirit: A great wind is blowing around us. We can feel this wind that is blowing on us. It comes out of nowhere and yet, it is there; it tears us away from our daily routine in order to have us understand that God wants our presence. All those who are surrounded by this wind are looking at one another: “What is going on? Why this wind? What is happening to us?” And so, a feeling of terror runs through every one of those who are there, surrounded by that wind.

And that Voice! A voice is heard in that wind – it is filled with sounds, it surrounds all beings. They look all around them, up there, at the sky: “But who is talking to us? Who is in control of our hearing?” And then, the Voice rings out: “Listen to the voice of the One I send to you. He will make himself known to you so that you might recognize that you belong to him,” and the Voice became silent.

All eyes are on Moses; Moses responds to that call: “I must go where that Voice is; I must climb up to the place from where the Voice is calling out to me.” Moses leaves them and everything around him. He listens to the Voice, he hungers for the Voice, he makes his way towards the Voice, for his whole being is permeated by that power. He does not hear externally, he is captivated by his interior. Wherever his footsteps fall, he goes forth full of confidence; everything seems to indicate to him where he should place his feet. He trusts in what he hears within himself. There he is, climbing, climbing; it is as though something were drawing him to itself. He no longer looks back, he moves forward. His ears no longer hear what is external, he is within himself. He thirsts for that truth, he thirsts for what he wants to know. Who is nourishing him? Who wants him? Who is it that wants him there, very little, in the hands of the ONE WHO IS? He knows, he knows that he is devoted to what he feels within himself, for he is in love. He is in love as though he were being called forth by love: a movement that is in him, a movement that has him feel a power he cannot control. Once he is where he should be, he waits. He learns to abandon himself; he learns to fully forget what is external to him.

That movement, that movement, which fills him entirely, takes up all the room inside him.

A great Wind, a great Wind blows close to him: he is coming to awaken him, he is coming to open his eyes, he is coming to have him hear his Will. And his mouth! He hears only the sound of the Will, for what he is on the inside cannot emerge. Although he opens his mouth, he cannot hear his own will; he is completely permeated by the ONE WHO IS: his joy is all the greater. His heart beats with love; there is harmony between his movements and what he is internally, and with what is around him. He does not try to understand: he accomplishes himself.

And in a movement of love, God's power is revealed: a mighty movement that strikes, a powerful movement that embraces, a movement of strength that elevates, an eternal movement of light that allows itself to be taken up by the movement of the Will.

The Divine Will writes, the Divine Will informs, the Divine Will ensures that we not forget, the Divine Will is in its movement of justice, the Divine Will imparts understanding, the Divine Will knows to be compassionate, the Divine Will consents to give, the Divine Will fulfills: all is accomplished.

There, before that power, everything seems so perfect, so sublime that he cannot stop admiring that power. He does not need to do a thing and everything is accomplished as though his being were part of that accomplishment: he savours these movements. To him, everything becomes a source of knowledge to be acquired by his own movement, which is that of service: he becomes the one chosen to obtain the Word, to understand the Word, to give the Word, so that its movement might be a source of light to all those who will nourish themselves of the Word, for all those who will allow the Word to quench their thirst.

This movement is engraved now in the hearts of all those who are in the Presence, for Moses is present. Moses is the flesh of the flesh, of the Eternal Flesh. Moses is the one who opened the flesh of every flesh so that it might be present before the Eternal Flesh, so that every flesh might remember.

No movement shall extinguish this movement; people will always remember that, by his almightiness, God manifested himself to man, who was meant to serve his only God.


Jesus: Children of love, what you have just heard is the Will of God.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: All those who are in the very presence of God's laws know that there is but one Will: it is the Will of God. One does not change the Will of God; one bows down before the Will of God.

There is no power other than the one God willed for us. God is Justice, God is the Light, the Word, and God has but one Word; the Word is life, it is eternal life.


Jesus: Which man on earth is able to understand the Divine Will? Who on earth is able to make laws that will ensure that man always remember that he comes from God and that he must devote himself only to his God? Apart from this, there is nothing that lasts, for, through his power, God has used stone upon which to write his laws so that man might know that his law is the only refuge necessary to his eternal life.

The Ten Commandments of God are in the Eternal Flesh; the Ten Commandments of God are in God's movement of love for men, and God's Movement of love is God, the Word.

Eternal Life is Jesus. Every movement is in the Word and the Word is in every movement. What has been written was written in the movement of Jesus’ Movement: Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus who was crucified, died and is risen.

There is only one Word and it is the one of God. Whoever follows God's Ten Commandments follows the Word, and the Word cannot be changed: it comes from the Word.

Therefore, little children of love, be in my movement of life. It is up to me to place before you the laws that are in me.

I am the Word and the Word has breathed upon you; it has led you to enter within, to feel God's power within you, thus enabling you to feel the love of God, a God who gathers his children together to speak to them in their hearts, which is where God is, which is where God's power is: the ONE WHO IS.

Little children of love, did you not live this movement when you said your yes – wanting to be in the presence itself of the ONE WHO IS, wanting only to please him, accepting that he nourish you, wanting to drink only of his Blood in order to live in his love? Is this not what you are: an eternal movement that is repeated over and over again? You are in Moses and Moses is in you.

Only the Divine Will can enable you to understand this; if you understood and if you felt something, it is because you are in the Divine Will.

It is the Divine Will who has you live life in God: movement that has been and movement that is in the present. You who are in the present living in the past, which becomes your present, let yourselves be swept up by these words – it is your interior that is in love.

Your human mind, your human ears, your human heart cannot understand this. They must be enveloped in light so that you might enter the light.

I am the Light of the world; I am the one who is the Man God; therefore, I take you, you, my flesh, to have you live in eternity: movement of the past, movement of the present, movement of the future that is my present.

All this, my children, is a little lesson for you. I love you.


Audience: Amen, alleluia.


♪♪♪  Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.