Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bobcaygeon, Ontario,

 Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus

2007-10-20 - P.M. - Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: It’s our right to be healthy – if we’re in a state of impurity, we’ll get sick; if we don’t follow the laws of the Church, we’ll get sick and we’ll stay sick because those who don’t turn to the sacraments cannot get well. Jesus is the one who is the Healer and the Liberator, it isn’t the human being.

The Sacrament of Holy Orders is a sacrament which confers rights.

It is to God's children that God gave the Sacrament of Holy Orders; it is to God's children, who want to be part of the ministry of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, that God gave the right to heal and to liberate.

The sacrament of ministerial Orders possesses this right: to protect the rights of God's children.

By law, the priest, the Christ-Priest, has the duty to protect the rights of God's children who are in God's Order: no human child has the right to carry out the ministerial duties of a priest, the Christ-Priest. For when God was on earth – the Son of God – he conferred this right to the apostles and the disciples; he gave them the right to protect eternal life.

If a priest does not carry out the ministerial Orders, he fails to comply with God's laws: the greater his ministry, the greater is the justice of God. The justice of God may either be on his side or against him.

God confers all rights to the Christ-Priest when he is in the Son of God, in the Christ-Priest. But when he is apart from the Christ-Priest, he is not carrying out the ministerial Orders; he's using the ministerial Orders to impart worth to his human will, and therefore, he will be judged according to what he is: a child of God who takes what doesn’t belong to him so as to present himself as being within the ministerial Orders. He is, therefore, doubly at fault because of his choice before sin, for it is a sin for him to stand before God, to take himself for God, and he is doing so before all God's children.

He's sinning against God's first commandment, God's second commandment, and as a result, he cannot stand before God's children as a model of faithfulness: “You shall honour your God, you shall worship Him and you shall adore Him.” This, in turn, prevents God's children from fully following the third commandment of God, and as they are not entirely faithful to God's commandments, they’re incapable of following God's other commandments as they should. Therefore, he bears within himself all acts of unfaithfulness to God's Ten Commandments; he won't just answer for himself, he will answer for every child of God who felt pain because of unfaithfulness to God.

He received everything from the Son of God, for he gave up what he is as a man in order to be in the Son of God, the Christ-Priest. He, who is in the Great Priest, will answer for what he is in relation to the ministerial Orders within the Order of the Christ-Priest.

It is important for every child of God to remain a child of God through God's graces. It is important for the ministerial Orders, the priests, to be in the Christ-Priest through God's graces, as God's justice is immutable: it does not change, it is eternal. We must always see this through the eyes of Jesus.

Remember Peter – Peter believed that he would never offend his Jesus of love but when he was tempted, when he was tempted by Satan: he faltered, but the Mother of God prayed for Peter and Peter regretted his sin; he became very strong as a result of this. And so, we, we must follow Mary's example: we must pray for the priests who are faced with temptation, and we must pray even harder for those who have fallen into temptation, for their repentance will result in their becoming even stronger when they will stand before us.

Satan can do whatever he likes but he will never take away the right of God's children: they are the Church – nothing will prevail against it.

We’re in the right place: in Jesus, in Eternal Life, in the Eternal Flesh.

Let’s take a look at ourselves – we have the Flesh of Jesus, we belong to him, we come from him. This is what he, Satan, would like to control. He would really like to control the flesh that comes from Jesus because he wants to become master of it, but we know that he will never be master of our flesh because Jesus defeated him.

At this very moment, Satan is in the process of suffocating himself with his own lies: the more he uses God's children, the more we see and understand his ploys. Because the little children, the littlest ones, they are in those he controls, and as we are little, the Holy Spirit enables us to see and enables us to understand what he's plotting with our brothers and our sisters. As a result, through Mother Mary, we’re able to crush him.

It’s Mother Mary who crushes him with her heel. Every time we say a ‘Hail Mary’ with the heart of a child of God who knows he is within his rights, then Mother Mary crushes him.

The more we are part of this movement of love, which means that – when we’re faced with a situation and the Holy Spirit enables us to see that what's happening around us is against God, against us, that it is impure, that it is a poison in our lives, all the while remaining as tiny children in the face of that situation, not taking ourselves for God, and leaving all the room to him, saying, “Take this God; I'm too little; take everything: the causes, choices and consequences,” – then we’re part of the movement of life, we come face to face with certain actions, we come face to face with an event but we’re enveloped by the Holy Spirit so we can see and understand what's happening, and, in that moment, God acts.

God does what he has already done: he accomplishes for us what he has already done for his Father. Jesus has already lived all this; he saw all this during his Passion; he accepted all this; he lived it and he gave it to his Father, and everything was in the accomplishment: “Father, I have taken everything; Father, I have conquered; Father, all is accomplished.”

We, in Jesus, we accept to take everything, we accept to live this, we accept to give it to Jesus so he can do within us what he did.

Jesus is living our life for the greater glory of his Father, because when he lives our consequences, he lives our suffering. When he lives our choices, he lives our weakness before sin. When he is in its cause, he brings it unto eternal death. And then, he says to his Father, “All is accomplished, Father.”

All we needed to do was give our yes: “Yes, I give you the causes, choices and consequences,” and this, this is a movement: one single movement!

We can consider that there as many sufferings within us as the number of times we have blinked. We also have those we carry within us: let’s not forget that we have the militant Church, which is us on earth – it is all of God's children – we have the suffering Church, the triumphant Church.

We know that our soul allows itself to be purified by the sacraments. We know that our brothers and sisters who have died have had their last judgement, and when their soul wasn’t pure, they went to be purified of the causes, choices and consequences that had made their souls suffer. And we also know that those who were pure in soul went to Heaven; but where is their flesh? Do they have their flesh with them in purgatory and in Heaven? Their flesh, which is mortal, is at rest. Even if it’s nothing but dust, it is at rest. And so, we have within us the movements of every flesh.

Our flesh is aware of every movement that every flesh has known. Our flesh cannot forget the first time a lie was told; our flesh cannot forget the first time an act of violence was committed; our flesh cannot forget idolatry. Our flesh knows about all this, about all the sins that led the flesh to commit a sin.

So, God will see to it that we are placed before movements giving us the opportunity to give him every consequence, choice and evil: every impure movement will have to be eradicated. Every impure thought will have to be cleansed; and the same goes for our hearing, speech, eyesight, actions, feelings. It’s as though a fire will burn our flesh with love, and the suffering/consequence will disappear. So, there will have to be lots of causes, choices and consequences given to Jesus for our flesh to be at peace, to be joyful: up to and including the last person!

And when all is accomplished, our flesh will be glorified, our flesh will never again experience temptation, our flesh will never again experience tears, poverty, misery, suffering, because Jesus triumphed over eternal death, and we will, therefore, triumph over eternal death. All this is for our time: it has begun.

Is it possible for you to imagine that, at this very moment, there are many people offering causes, choices and consequences while they are in a movement of suffering? We’re not alone. There are many on earth who give to Jesus – the causes, choices and consequences of a source of suffering – and because it is given to Jesus, Jesus accomplishes. And because of this, there will be consequences in our lives as children of God living within their God-given rights.

What we’re living is the Church: we are the Church, we are the Flesh of Jesus – everything is being accomplished! It’s as though, to us, the Gospel were becoming so filled with light that everything appears to us as loving affirmation from God.  

What God's children experienced during the time of the prophets was nothing but love: a God who was watching over them and who was enabling them to see that if they behaved badly, they would live the consequences of this.

We have a God who, through his Will, would speak to children so they could hear his Will, leading them to live in and through the rights given to God's children, leading them to understand that if they didn’t live within the rights given to God's children, they would live in their consequences as an example to those who would come after them.

And so, they went before us to show us that God has taken care of each one of us, because he has done the same for us as he did for them.

They were in the Immortal Flesh, in Jesus, and our flesh would be aware of everything they were living so that we might never forget that the flesh must be in God's graces. If we aren’t in God's graces, we’re part of the spirit of the world, and if we’re part of the spirit of the world, the spirit of the world will fight us and it will want to destroy us.

If we read the Old Testament, we know that the children who weren't in God's grace were in the hands of those who wanted to lead them to their gods, and those who didn’t want to follow them were killed.  By doing so, they showed us God's power because the children who wanted to destroy the lives of God's children so they would  come to believe in other gods, did nothing more than reinforce our love for our God, for, today, we have God's love inside us.

Despite all the wars, despite all the epidemics, despite all their lack of faith, which have made God's children suffer, nothing was able to take away what was written in our hearts: “Love your God; you have only one God and I am He.” That’s what is written in our hearts. That’s why God is speaking in our hearts at this very moment.

Only God is able to have us hear what we’ve just heard. He himself nourishes our life as a child of God with his graces so that we might be fully abandoned in God's hands, and, at this very moment, we form but one heart: the Heart of Jesus. This is what we are.

It is the Heart of Jesus that is saying to us, “I am your only God – there is none other but me. Believe in me and you shall have eternal life. Behave as a child of God and I shall hold you up before all children to show them that I love them.” This is our right. We have the right to show all God's children that Jesus loves them.

Alleluia, alleluia, Lord.