Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-10-20 – Evening – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And now, we will continue a little longer; we’ll use this time for “questions and answers.”

There are people here who know how this works; Claire, I think you know how this works.

Carmel, have you ever been present during a “questions and answers” period?

Well, people ask questions and God is the one who answers.

You too, Roger, I think you’ve seen this before.


Q.  Is it God the Father who speaks?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: In the beginning, it’s the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit who permeates our being, the Holy Spirit who enables us to understand the Will of God the Father, and through his almightiness, God the Son makes himself heard in each one of us, leading us wherever his Father wills.

How is it possible to understand what is happening in front of us? Is it the Holy Spirit, God the Son, God the Father? They form an All.

What we’re feeling is the Will of God.

When we feel the presence of God the Father, it’s as though God the Father were opening his hand and placing you in his hand so you can be in his Will. And then, you hear the Will of the Son who carries out the Will of the Father through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit. So, when we hear, we feel it inside ourselves. That’s when you discover who's talking. And so, what we’ve just heard had God the Father in it.


Nicole:  The lady is saying that the voice of God the Father seems more solemn.


Q.  When the Holy Spirit came to us after the Assumption, how did the Holy Spirit come? Did he come through God the Father or through Jesus?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When God prepared his children, he brought them together through his love by giving the Mother of God the Son to them. The Mother of God the Son reassured them; she prayed God the Father on their behalf. Her Heart never stopped soaring towards the Heart of the Son and everything she was became a movement of presence to the apostles. When they were away from her they felt unsure, but when they were with her, then they knew, they knew they had the Will of The Love by their side.

They were all together because they hoped, they hoped for that power they hadn’t understood, but, through God's graces, there was something inside them urging them to be together, to pray together, to meditate together, because they were in a state of silent prayer.

They gathered together trusting that something would happen. They couldn’t understand and they couldn’t see, but everything within them was like a movement stirring in the distance and that slowly draws closer: they don’t know it’s there, and yet, there's something inside them that is alive.

The moment when God, in the fullness of his power, spread his will, his Will made itself heard: a great wind entered the room, just like the wind that blew for Moses.

The power of the Holy Spirit is the love of the Father, the love of the Son that never stops giving itself: what God the Father gave to his Son, his Son returns to him. The Holy Spirit: movement of The Love that gives and never stops giving, the very presence of God the Son and of God the Holy Spirit in the Son, for God the Father – movement that cannot be separated.

When this power made itself known, everything opened up inside them: what they were became light. Through their senses, they weren't able to grasp what they knew; their interior was permeated with love for God. In an instant, a single instant, they were in the love of the Father for the Son, and in the love of the Son for his Father: everything was being understood through the Will of God.

The light infused them, the light nourished them, the light gave them to drink. The Holy Spirit enabled them to understand that the Son was in them and that they owed everything to Jesus. Their faith became unshakeable, for they were nourished by the Son's love.

Every time Jesus had been present in their lives became a moment of knowledge: their lives became linked to the Life of Jesus made Man. The breath of the Holy Spirit was upon them like the oxygen in their lungs. To them, nothing appeared as something that originated from their will. They had no need to know, they knew everything; they had no need to remember, everything was in the present moment. The Holy Spirit was there, the Holy Spirit was present among them. Wherever the Holy Spirit is, God the Father is there, and God the Son.

When we heard the answer to Maureen’s question earlier, the answer was that God is in his all: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. This grabs hold of us on the inside and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, it’s as though we know that it is God the Father who has spoken; it’s as though we had felt Jesus’ presence, and we recognize that the human will has nothing to do with this.

The apostles experienced a great power. They understood everything that had happened while Jesus was with them. The Word of Jesus became a source of light to them, but they couldn’t talk about it through their human will; they knew, and this was within them.

It was when they were faced with certain situations that the Holy Spirit would do everything for them: everything emerged from them like a fountain that never stopped nourishing them. They didn’t have to search for words; they nourished themselves with the Word of Jesus that was in them.

Therefore, when they spoke to the people who were around them, it was as though Jesus himself were speaking. That’s why people were healed and allowed themselves to be liberated of evil spirits. Nothing came from human will, but rather from Jesus. They were carrying out their ministry: to serve God's children. They were Christ-Priest: the priest who renounces all human will, Christ who is present and who carries out the Will of his Father. All was in the Will of God for his greater Glory.


Q.  In this day and age, how do we attain that level, that goal, that way of life?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Do you remember, in the very beginning, when the Holy Spirit said, “I am coming for you, I am coming to take hold of you”? Well, in that moment, we were giving our consent, we were saying our yes. He wasn’t taking us by force, he was inviting us to say our yes. We could have said, “Oh, come on! What's he doing? What's this all about?” In that moment, we could have chosen not to follow the movement of the Light; we could have chosen not to follow the Word, the Divine Will, who was bringing us back to a time of his own choosing. We would have remained at the level of our own thoughts: “Oh! What's he saying now? What does he mean by that? Well, me, I don’t really understand; this stuff is too complicated for me!” You see, our human will is always on the alert; we aren’t abandoned.

Our yes wasn’t the yes of a child, but rather a controlled yes: “Yes, I do want to give my yes; I want to see what the result will be. I'm not really sure I’ll agree with what I'm about to hear.” And that’s how I control my yes: therefore, there's no abandon. The one who said yes and who left all the room to what he was hearing entered within himself effortlessly.

When we turn on the TV and we watch the light that appears – that black screen that lights up – in that moment, our eyes are captivated, in that moment we’re ready to follow that movement. We no longer ask ourselves any questions – we’re in front of an external light source and that external light captivates our senses. When we continue watching, this means that we consent to our senses being in the hands of an object; it’s the object that will control what we’re going to hear. And the more our ears listen, the more our spirit consents. The more our spirit consents, the more we move away from what we are: our interior opens up to the outside world, and what reveals itself becomes, to us, an opening that allows images to enter us. “I agreed to turn on that light source, I agreed to wait,” and therefore, it has power externally. What is external takes up room. It is the external that opens up something inside us, it is the external that controls what the television wants to give to us.

If the images are images that give rise to feelings of love that are controlled externally, this enters us, and in order to enter us, it pushes aside what is already inside us because it needs room. Therefore, what is pushed aside becomes compressed and what has just made itself known expands. This is how a feeling is able to take up room inside us; consequently, the images will take on a life of their own inside us. Those images will become embedded in who we are – in who we were in the past by going through what we are in the present. It’s a life that is unfamiliar to us that has just introduced itself into our life, and this is going to control what we are and it will put down roots wherever it wants to put down roots.

However, earlier, when we agreed to be in the light, we consented, through our yes, to what our interior is showing to us. Consequently, what has entered us showed us something we already knew, showed us things from the past that are inside us and brought them back to the present. It took something from the past and enabled us to live it in the present by showing us that these things are alive inside us. Nothing was hidden from us; everything was revealed to us. This is life, our life, which has become part of the present for us, in order to enable us to learn even more: this is what abandonment is, this is what God's nourishment is.

We have lived our own life in opposition to what is external. What is external steals from others, it doesn’t ask first, it doesn’t perform an act of abandon in order to lead a child to see. It does the opposite: it cheats, it enters, it hides, and it pushes aside what is real in order to gain control, with the aim of bringing back the past to cause suffering – it is controlling, it brings death through a movement of suffering.

When we watch a scene that, to us, is a scene of a man and woman in love, those images enter us without our permission. Those images want to become alive inside us, and in order to become alive inside us, they have to push aside what is the reality of our relationship with our husband, with our fiancé, with our brother, our father, our mother. Therefore, it pushes all this aside to gain control: “You have no business being here.” So, the feeling we felt when we saw the man and woman becomes a real feeling to us, and that real feeling will control our own feelings towards the people we love. And that false feeling, which controls everything, will form a connection to everything that has made us suffer. And by forming that connection to everything that has made us suffer, it will all rise up to the surface and present itself to us once again.

But this isn’t life – this is a false movement that has taken possession of us, and that takes the pain inside us and turns it into its own movement. This doesn’t belong to us but it controls our life, it controls the feelings that belong to us, and therefore, we become strangers to ourselves. It steals from others, it gives nothing. It causes us to die. We can't even live our life in the present, we’re not part of life – we’re in a movement that doesn’t even exist. This, this is the opposite of life in God.

Life in God: is giving, it never stops giving. It receives and gives, it receives and gives, it allows us to grow, it fills us with peace and joy. It fills us up with so many movements of love that we don’t need to turn to others to fill us up: we live our life.

Why is it that, today, couples who are together are in pain? They’re not even living their own lives: the woman isn’t living her life and the man isn’t living his life. So, the woman has a tendency to look at the other one’s life: “Hey! Give me some love, give me what I need. Tell me I'm beautiful, tell me I'm nice.” False sentiments, a life of pain, a life that is dying: “I need love; is there any love for me?”

And for the man, it’s the same thing. He looks at the one he loves and he wants to feel strong in front of her. He wants to say that he's capable of loving her, and so, “Make me feel valued. Tell me what I mean to you. I want to be your man, I want to give you happiness, but you have to be grateful.”

The man who is looking at his beloved wants to be a strong being for her; he wants to fulfill her so he will ask her, “Am I good enough for you? Do you see me?” He's looking for love: “Tell me you love me.” He won't be able to be who he is; he’ll look for what he's missing: “My life as a man, the man who is the reality of what I am. I want to be me, I want to be love.”

Both want to be love because each one is love. He is complete on his own, just as she is complete on her own. There are too many unfamiliar movements in them; they aren’t living their own lives, they’re living the lives of other people: the external is in control.

The Spirit of God is different: God is love, and therefore, he never stops fulfilling, fulfilling, fulfilling. We become love to such an extent that we see the other person as someone who is just like us: a being who needs God. “He has to live his life and I have to live my life. I will share what I am – and he will share what he is whenever he feels like it – because I respect who I am. Because I respect who I am, I also respect his choices.”

No one is being robbed anymore, no one is demanding; there is tolerance, patience; we’re good to ourselves; everything seems so filled with the love that is meant for us, for us! We’re fulfilled from the inside! We are love to such an extent that we’re not even able to hold it in any longer! And then, then this becomes contagious.

Without saying a single word, the other learns; he learns from the inside, not from the outside. He doesn’t need our words, our judgemental looks; he doesn’t need our demanding gestures of impatience: these, these things are external; these, these things rob the other person; these, these things hurt; these, these things kill – this kills the couple.  

We can only learn from the inside. It is only through our interior that we can find the being that we are – this is how we learn to not look to others, because our interior is what shows us that we need love for ourselves in order to be able to love ourselves. And this is work that only we can do, and the more we do this the more we are filled with peace. And as peace reigns inside us, well, then we have peace on the outside. And when the other hasn’t yet achieved this state and he utters words of impatience, these will collide with our sense of peace and they won't get on our nerves.

And that’s when we learn to keep our mouth shut, we learn to give things to God. “Oh, I give this to you, Lord. Take care of both of us” – like this, we can go forward together: your path, my path. We don’t live by following the same path, because when we walk on the same path, we always have a tendency to think: “Should I please you or should I please myself? I give myself to you or I keep to myself?”

It’s as though we were walking on the edge of a cliff: “I'm always afraid of saying the wrong thing, always afraid of not doing the right thing.” And well, by walking like this all the time I’ll begin to lose my balance. “If this is what it’s like to live together, well then, I'll go my way and she’ll go her way… but I’ll stay anyway, just in case things improve.”

But during that entire time, the pain is still there: “I carry her pain, I carry my pain.” Then, this becomes so heavy on our shoulders that we take our burden and: “Here, you carry this by yourself.”

So we transfer our burden onto the other’s back, and the other takes his own burden and puts it on our shoulders: “Live my life because I can't take it anymore! If you aren’t able to fix all this, that’s because we can't stand each other anymore, because I told you what I was thinking, I told you how I felt.” And then, the time comes when we can't take it anymore; we’re too unhappy. And then comes the silence, such a heavy silence: we don’t even look at each other anymore.

A life lived in silence is a lonely life, and consequently, we become self-centered: “Live your life, I’ll live my life.” Living like this is like living with shadows, the past: “I gave you everything and it didn’t get me anywhere.” We never stop thinking about our wasted life, and the time comes when we can't stop crying, we lose all hope for happiness. Then comes the separation, either physical separation or emotional separation. But when we’re together and we each walk our own path, that’s when we become stronger and stronger. Look ahead and that’s when you’ll see where you need to put your feet in order to follow God's footprints.

And the other who walks beside us – we don’t look to see if he's putting his feet in God's footprints; we trust in God, we hand him the reins, we do what we need to do without saying, “Hey there, your path is too far to the right or too far to the left.” No, we keep our eyes on our own, we keep our eyes on our own path, and those who are on our path – our children – they walk with us.

Don’t you think that they're fed up with following daddy’s and mommy’s paths on the edge of a cliff? They want to walk along a path that provides a safe future, because they too want to follow their own path, but we teach them to walk on the paths of others. Therefore, we’re teaching them from the beginning to not have faith in themselves: “You'll have to depend on someone else.” At the slightest breeze, there's a risk that they’ll fall.

We have to teach them to walk on the path of life: on their own path. We’ll be their role models. And so, we have to learn to walk our own path, and this, this is possible because Jesus did this with his apostles, he did this with the disciples, he did this with the holy women, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, they understood – but this hasn’t changed because the Holy Spirit is still here.

Jesus offers himself up at the Eucharist as Body and Blood, and God the Father, God the Father, by his almightiness, has us taste eternal life. So, we have to have both feet firmly planted in our yes: “I surrender to you; show me the way; that’s where I want to go.” And then, he’ll do everything. So, we have to trust in him, right? Alleluia.


All:  Alleluia.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.


Q.  Jesus said to his apostles: “Come.” He didn’t say to his apostles: “You’re going to be a tax collector, you’re going to be a catcher of men.” He said: “Follow me.” Therefore, it’s the same thing for marriage; he didn’t say: “You, you follow your wife’s path, or your husband’s.” He said, “Follow me.” So when we do this, when we follow God's path, everything else becomes secondary.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: A relationship that becomes platonic becomes to Jesus a moment for discovery.


Jesus: The couple that is together and that is bored would be well-advised to go and pray in order to hear their hearts sing: the heart that sings is a heart that is never bored; the heart that sings is a heart that knows it is loved. If today children become bored when together, that is because they do not know how to sing for God: this is a great evil in the hearts of couples. They live their lives like beings who do not bring flavour to their couple. If salt is missing, they will become so bland that they will not preserve their marriage. If they lack flavour, their wine will be colourless.

One must always add a little grain of salt to the Blood of The Love.

To learn to give of oneself is to give one’s life for those one loves. Therefore, because you are on the cross, you must learn to carry the cross of the other and to give your own cross to Jesus.

And so, my children, salt is something that appears to be bitter – this, this is your life that is suffering because of the other – but when the salt falls into the Blood of Jesus, it appears to enhance your life. As a result, your life will have the flavour of love: you die in Jesus so as to enable the other to taste the love that is being given. You consent to die for the sake of love and when you have died, the other receives.

Oh, children of love, this comes from God! Let the Holy Spirit envelop you in his light; it is your soul that has just received.

I love you. Amen.


All: Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Amen, Lord.