Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus  


2007-10-20 – Morning  


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We are going to ask the Spirit of love to come and envelop us; everything we hear will come from the Will of God.

All that we are at this moment is one heart, united to form the heart of the Church.

When God speaks, he speaks in hearts; he has his Will come to life within us. Therefore, let’s behave as God wants us to: everything for the Church. Everything for the Church means for Jesus; it is to behave as God wants us to behave.

We must behave as brothers and sisters on earth – before God – and not before men. We are creatures of God – we weren't made by men, created by men – and as such, we have a duty: the one of living as God's children. This is the only duty every one of us must have within him.

We must put human beings before animals, we must put human beings before what is part of creation, because we received the breath of Life, and the breath of Life comes from God. If we’re alive that’s because life is in us and life doesn’t come from matter, it comes from God: living matter is created by God, it is inferior to man. When we hear someone speak about man, when we hear someone speak about woman, we’re hearing them speak about children.

Let’s leave to God what belongs to God, and let’s allow the Spirit of God to fill us so we can understand what he expects of us.

All life comes from God, it doesn’t come from us. God is the one who created what we are and God is the one who has all rights over what we are. Not a single hair falls from our head without God having desired it; not a single hair turns white without God having desired it. Isn’t this written in the Gospel? Isn’t it our life that is written in the Gospel? All the rights that human beings possess are written in the Gospel.

There is nothing but triviality outside the Gospel. Outside the Gospel, there are nothing but thoughts trying to make themselves known, trying to impose themselves beyond what God expects from his children.

We who are God's children, we who want to live our lives only before the face of God, we must live while with the certainty that we are in the right place. Try to introduce into our lives something that isn’t written in the Bible: we’ll be cheating the being that we are; we’ll see ourselves as a mutilated being because our mind won’t be nourished by the being that we are; the words emerging from us won’t be useful – they’ll be serving those who don’t want to acknowledge that they are in the Word of God.

If today we still want to believe in God, that’s because the Word of God is inside us, and our duty is to always try to live within what we are. Let’s not look for the truth outside ourselves – we will become lost. Let’s not listen to words that don’t come from our inner life, for we’ll become lost, we won’t be ourselves, we’ll become strangers.

We don’t have the right to behave as strangers towards ourselves. If we do this, we’ll be walking among others but we’ll be like impersonators: we’ll hear words, and we’ll try to talk like those we hear, but this won't ring true to us because our inner life will always catch us. Then, we’ll be ashamed of ourselves, we’ll be depressed; in our life, we’ll behave in ways that won't respond to our feelings, and as we’ll be immersed in impure feelings towards ourselves, what we’ll become is something that is shameful to all God's children. Therefore, it will be impossible for us to behave properly in society when, in fact, we should be living for love.

But don’t be confused by the word ‘love’ – today, we speak about and we say ‘love’ without knowing what love is. What does the word ‘love’ mean? The word ‘love’ is a movement that opens us up to what we must be, and what we must be is a being who is good to himself, a being who wants to have feelings leading him to give even more of himself. The more he learns who he is on the inside, the more he gives his interior what it needs. And the more he receives what he gives to himself, the more he gives: this is a movement that never stops growing. It’s at that moment that he can say he is a child of God; it’s at that moment that he can say: “I am your brother, I am your sister.” Remove this gift that we have within us and we are no longer love.

That’s what love is: it’s a gift of ourselves, for ourselves, in order to always bring out what is inside us for those who are with us on earth – this, this is a right that every human being must experience.

Take away that right and there is no more love; take away that right and there is no more life; take away that right and it is impossible to exist solely through one’s manner of thinking, of seeing, of hearing, of speaking, of behaving and of feeling. The mind needs love just as the hearing does, just as speech does, and just as actions and the heart.

In order to feel love, we need all our movements; therefore, one goes with the other: love for movements, movements for love.

Love is inner life; it isn’t something that controls the senses. The senses were given to us because we are human. We received the senses and through these senses, which are in themselves movements, we are always able to be movements for one another. The senses are something that enable us to see, that enable us to hear, that enable us to speak, that enable us to feel, that enable us to stir within a movement of love. All this is part of the human being: if you don’t respect this, then you don’t respect yourself – these must be in harmony.

Even if you have eyes, even if you have ears, even if you have a mouth, even if you have a mind and all your limbs, but you don’t have a heart, how will you be able to look at your neighbour with love? How will you be able to hear what is essential to you in order to speak, in order to carry out your actions? It would be like asking a chair, “You, do what you have to do; come here, go over there.” It wouldn’t be able to move because it’s lifeless – it is nothing but inert matter.

We, we have within us what comes from God, from the Creator; we need that organ to be able to live within matter but it isn’t the heart that is life – the heart is nothing more than matter.

Take a heart and place it in a substance that will preserve its movement for a certain amount of time; will that heart be complete? Will that heart be able to think? Will that heart be able to see, listen, speak, act? It will retain its movement of life in order to continue performing its essential function. So it will need – it will need itself as a whole – it will need the spirit, it will need sight, hearing, speech, it will need movements, and only then will it be able to live. Therefore, the heart on its own has no life.

Life is something that we don’t see, that we don’t control.

Man tries to control life any way he can but he will never succeed because he cannot give life, and he cannot control life, and make it last as long as he wants it to. Even if he takes sperm and, using methods of his own making, fertilizes an egg, he will only be using what has already been created.

He isn’t the one who created the sperm and he isn’t the one who created the egg. Why? Because he isn’t the Creator; only God is the Creator.

If man says that the human being comes from living matter that comes from water, he's cheating himself because water is matter, it had already been created – there had to be a Creator to create water. If he says that we come from apes and that we evolved into man from the apes, then he's proving something to himself – that there is life in the ape and that he doesn’t know where that life comes from. Man only knows how to take what has already been created to give himself importance.

All that was created comes from God, comes from God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit: a pure Spirit who created pure spirits, and those pure spirits, which are inferior to the pure Spirit, owed him everything, and were meant to serve and to adore. If a pure spirit doesn’t serve the pure Spirit, if he doesn’t adore him, he is therefore impure, and whatever is impure is lacking something.

If you take a glass and you fill it with pure water, and that water comes into contact with something that is foreign to water, and that foreign substance contaminates the water, the water, therefore, becomes impure. There's something in the water that shouldn’t be there; therefore, that water cannot serve its purpose because water, it has a purpose: it is meant to nourish, to nourish the human being who needs to be healthy. Put that impure substance in water and have a human being drink it – the human being will drink water that is impure. Therefore, the water won't be useful to the health of that person: it will slowly poison him, it will slowly spread throughout the human being, it will slowly affect his organs; his spirit will slowly be affected, his eyes will slowly be affected, his ears will be affected, his mouth will be affected, all his limbs will be affected. Consequently, the heart will be affected and it will stop beating because it will have come into contact with an impure substance.

And so, the angels must be pure. If the angels are impure, they're called angels of darkness: they are demons. They poison, they cheat, they lie, because they lead everything they touch to death. And they are, they are spirits poisoned by evil, and when we come into contact with these spirits of evil, our thoughts are no longer the same, our hearing is no longer the same, our eyesight, our words, our movements, our heart… and so, we die, we slowly die because of what is drawing near to us, because of what can poison us. Therefore, our duty is to protect ourselves.

Pure spirits cannot create and impure spirits cannot create.

Pure spirits serve God, adore God; impure spirits serve and adore themselves. They never stop drawing towards themselves the evil that is their only nourishment. Everything they touch becomes something that turns against creatures.

God is the Life; he is in everything we can see and in everything we cannot see.

A pure spirit is love: it gives.

God never stops giving of himself; he gives of himself and he receives what he gives; this movement is continuously within him. No human being can carry out this movement in and through his matter; only the life in him possesses this movement – I give and I give back, I give and I give of myself, I give, I receive: and this movement is repeated over and over again.

Everything that was created is in this movement. The earth is part of this movement: trees grow, and after a certain amount of time, they die and whatever they return to the earth comes back to life. And animals, animals are born, they mate, and life goes on. They die, but they have given life through procreation, reproduction: they breed constantly.

The human being has received life through the Life. Jesus is God; he is the Eternal Flesh: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – one God.

God possesses all movements, he is eternal. He need only desire something and everything appears before him. The human being doesn’t have this power, nor do the spirits, spirits inferior to God. Therefore, angels cannot create; whether they are good or whether they are angels of darkness, they cannot create – only God can create.

In his Will, he wanted Jesus to be the Man God: he only had to want it and the Son of God stood before God. Therefore, the Son of God, the Man God, is the Eternal Flesh, Eternal Matter.

All that comes from the Will of God stands before him; therefore, the Son of God made Man does only the Will of God because he is the Will of God, he is the Word, the Movement of God, the Movement that reveals himself. Therefore, he cannot be apart from the Movement – he is the Movement of God – he cannot be apart from God. This is why, when he was on earth, he did not contradict his Father, and he knew everything his Father wanted.

The men on earth wanted the Son of God to think like them. The Son of God had the mind of God because he was the mind of God; he couldn’t have an impure mind – because the mind of man was impure, it was in an impure flesh, a flesh that had known sin, unfaithfulness to God.

Jesus, the Man God, was Purity itself. In his entire being he was Purity, the Movement of his Father: his eyes were none other than the eyes of God, his hearing, his words, every movement. He was The Love, he served God. He couldn’t go against the Old Testament, the Torah – he was the Light of the Torah. He was coming to bring the truth to them, the human beings, who were impure through their flesh that knew sin. He said, “I am the Truth.” So, the words of Jesus were nothing but light. He came to shed light upon all words willed by God, by God the Father, by God the Son, and by God the Holy Spirit: one God, one pure Spirit. Therefore, Jesus made Man was the purity of God's mind: all was in harmony with Jesus.

Jesus always respected the being that he is as the Man God: he carried out the Will of his Father in the face of all opposition.

He knew that human beings were going to kill him: to kill the mind that made them suffer, to kill the eyes that judged them. Jesus knew that the human being living in his impure flesh, would kill impure thoughts, impure words, impure ears, impure gazes, impure actions, the impure heart, because Jesus had agreed to take all impurity upon himself and to bring it unto death. So, in order to do this, he had to show them what they were, he had to make them feel what they were: beings who cheat, beings who are liars, hypocrites, jealous, violent beings, beings void of love.

And so, all those who were in the very presence of God the Son made Man listened to the Word. From the very mouth of the Word, they heard what they had been: children who had not respected their duty as children, children who had cheated themselves, children who had not recognized the work of God. They were the work of God and they had refused to live in and through that work, and Jesus was reminding them, reminding them that they were God's creation. And because they didn’t respect the being they were, they always had their poison before them, because, from the moment the first sin was committed, this poisoned the mind, eyesight, hearing, speech, movements, love.

The human being cannot live apart from Jesus’ love, for God gave the Son of God made Man all his love, and all his love is within us, for we were in Jesus.

Even before we came to be, we existed, because the moment God willed that the Flesh be revealed – and we know that the Eternal Flesh is Jesus – then all flesh was created; no flesh was missing, we were all in Jesus.

God knows every one of us because he has seen us, and God comes to speak in our hearts to remind us who we are: we come from the Eternal Flesh and we must behave as pure flesh. We must behave as flesh that wants to return to its state of purity in order to be in a flesh that is hopeful.

Take away your right to live as children of God: and you lose hope, you lose faith, and you lose love. You lose your rights as children of God, you lose your rights as human beings; you behave lower than animals, for animals preserve their right to reproduce in order to always be in the presence of their Creator. If we lose that right, we’ll lose what is essential to us: eternal life. We’ll die, and to die is to come to know eternal death.

We need Jesus, we need the Eternal Flesh; we need to eat, to eat what is our source of nourishment: the Flesh of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus – Nourishment that imparts the right to live as children of God. This is the only way to live eternally: to live as children of God, the reason we were created.

We are alive and Jesus is the only one who keeps us alive – he is the Life. Through his Body, through his Blood, consecrated in front of us, we see our eternal life. And then we know that we are keeping ourselves in our yes: I say yes to eternal life. This is my right as a human being – my life in and through what I am internally – because I believe in it. If I don’t believe in this, then I have no reason to be on earth, because the earth was created so that I could live as a child of God.

And so, now, we’re going to savour a wonderful moment: we’re going to enter the Life of God, we’re going to savour the life we have within us in the presence itself of the Christ-Priest – a God who comes himself through his chosen one to speak to us, to come and show us his eternal Presence, a God who says to us, “Do this in memory of me: I am Eternal Life; you are eternal life only if you turn to Eternal Life. Eternal Life is present, Eternal Life reveals himself, Eternal Life nourishes you; whoever believes in this knows he is alive.”

And now, we will leave all the room to the Church, and the Church is Jesus. Amen.


All: Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.