Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bormes les Mimosas, France,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-02-25 – Afternoon – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When someone says yes to Jesus, it’s as though Jesus takes our childlike heart in his hands, and then we feel God's presence in our lives. It’s so powerful that we melt in his hands. We discover what God's love for us is, and we feel loved unconditionally. We’re no longer afraid of what we’ve done – we know that we’re sinners, but also that we are loved, we know that God loves us. There is such a difference!

When we’re in our human will and we see ourselves as sinners, does it ever hurt! We have a tendency to say, “That’s how I am. I can't control myself. I try to avoid giving in to evil, but there I go, I give in.” And so, we aren’t proud of ourselves; we even try to hide this from ourselves. We try to hide our weaknesses inside ourselves, but they’re still there and Satan, he takes what is hidden inside us and he uses it to knock us to the ground constantly.

When we go to Confession, we go but we go to Confession without joy, whereas we should go with joy. Confession is a movement of love, it’s a movement of deliverance and of healing, but we don’t experience it in this way – we experience it with our human will. When we experience it with our human will, there we are: “Okay, what am I going to say? I’d better not forget anything. Oh, yes, it’s true – I did this, I did that. Well, that’s okay. Oh, my goodness! What is he going to say? It’s my turn now.” We’re living all this. It’s as though we were ashamed. We’re ashamed to show our Jesus of love what he already knows, what he has already brought unto death. We’re ashamed of it even though that movement has already taken place.

God wants us to love ourselves; God wants us to accept that we are sinners so we can place ourselves in his hands. If we don’t accept that we are sinners, how can we leave our lives in God's hands? We go to Confession, and on our way out we are filled with peace, right? But there's always that moment when we fall again: that’s when we commit another sin or we have certain thoughts. Even if we don’t actually do anything, our mind remembers and it makes us think of the sin we confessed. All this happens because we are not joyful. To go to the foot of the Cross is a joy: it’s to let sanctifying grace immerse us, it’s to allow ourselves to be taken up by a movement of love that leads to the discovery of ourselves – “Yes, I discover that I am loved by God. Yes, I savour his mercy. Yes, I enter that mystery of Redemption.”

We cannot understand a movement if we don’t enter it. We aren’t able to enter that movement; God can enable us to enter it. And the more we turn to that sacrament, the more we allow peace to permeate us: there is more, and more, and more joy that comes. That’s when we are able to discover that Confession is a movement given to us by the Divine Will. It’s as though the Divine Will were taking all the causes of our weakness, which has made us fall before God's Ten Commandments, and it were having us understand the consequences: those famous consequences that have brought so much suffering into our lives!

We are experiencing illnesses – they are a consequence. We are experiencing a lack of trust towards who we are – this is a consequence. We are unable to look at our husband with the Father's gentleness – well, this is a consequence. We have trouble being patient with our children – this is a consequence. And we could go on listing consequences: this is anything that makes us suffer, which is the consequence of what we have chosen in the face of temptation. Jesus talks to us about all this. Jesus is coming to bring us light during these times. Jesus is coming to have us discover the greatness of mercy.

We won't be able to live through the great events without going through this movement. You have all heard about the great events that are coming soon, but if we were to reconsider this in the Divine Will: we are living the great events. We are living the great events at present – they have begun. Those events: we have both feet in them and we are immersed in grace in and through what we are living.

Inside us, there are movements that are making themselves known by the power of the Holy Spirit. Those movements began for us in the year 2000, but before the year 2000, there were other events that prepared us to live these events. There have been many movements in the Church – Marian movements, there have been charismatic movements and there were others – but there were also other movements present that were opposed to these. There will be more opposition, there has been opposition, and there has always been opposition, always, always – these conflicts reveal themselves to us through our ignorance.

Satan uses ignorance to impede the fulfillment. If we can't see what is being fulfilled, that’s simply because Satan has placed movements before us that prevent us from seeing the power of the Holy Spirit, from seeing the power of the Son of God, from seeing the movements willed by the Father.

The Holy Virgin, our good Mother, she is sent to us by the Will of God the Father. She has prepared us for what we are living at present, today. She is giving us many graces so we can live these times, these times of grace, these times of revelations, these times of discoveries.

We want to experience the great event, don’t we, when we will enter within and we will live the final movement before our flesh is fully purified? We are living movements of love. These movements of love are given to us by Heaven. In order to lead us here, there had to be other movements before these and this goes back a long, long way. If we remember, the first movement took place when God the Father said to Adam, “I will send you a Saviour.” That was a long time ago! This goes all the way back to Adam and Eve, and this movement has continued to stir until today. All movements that occurred before today have led us here, where we are today.

Jesus has never brought about a movement without having prepared us with his graces, never. We have always been fulfilled by God the Father so that we would be able to live what we had to live on earth. God's eternal love showed our first parents how to live on earth with their human will after they came to know their human will. The Father's love ensured that they were always protected from themselves: from their human will. God the Father has constantly nourished his children; God the Father has constantly sent his chosen ones among them to talk to them.

The first one who was sent was Noah, when he said that there would be a great flood. God had warned Noah, and Noah warned those who were around him. Only his family believed him: his entire family entered Noah’s ark. Do you think that the others hadn’t been warned? They could see what was happening but they laughed, they ridiculed Noah and his family. But God gave his warning – they were his children! But they refused to listen; in any case, they wouldn’t have been able to – they had evil within them and they had given in so often to that evil! They had eaten their fill of it. And so, God carried out his Will. The moment God willed it, everything was accomplished: he did not delay his movement, everything was accomplished.

And the same can be said for other times in history: from age to age, from to age to age. He warned the people, his people, of the coming of the Light among them, and the prophets spoke of the coming of the Light. They spoke of the One who would come to save them; they spoke of a child who was going to be born: of a king. A king would be born. He even told them the name of the town. He even told them from which lineage he would come. He told them everything. It didn’t come as a surprise to them: “Oh, wow! Here he is, among us.” No, they had been warned. It took 4000 years, 4000 years for them to prepare themselves: they had plenty of time! And during that time, what did they do? They adored idols, they rejected, they fell, they got back up, they fell again and they got back up again.

Those tribes, the twelve chosen tribes, fought amongst themselves and only one remained: the tribe of Judah. That’s not a lot – he wanted them all. When Jesus came, he was not recognized. He was not loved by those whom God had asked to respect his laws and to have his laws respected. They were mired in the deepest of deceptions; they themselves had turned against the laws of God. He had made his laws known to them, but to them, those laws had become their own. And so, Jesus came to choose twelve among many people. Oh, there weren't only twelve who followed Jesus! But twelve were chosen and the others followed Jesus: they were there, they loved their God.

Among all those who were around him, and there were many, they all had a heart that was in the Heart of The Love: they followed him out of love and not out of obligation. Yes, it’s true that people will follow someone who does miracles; yes, it’s true that people will follow someone who feeds them, who comforts them, but they did follow him. And even those who followed him became discouraged: even they! Those very same people saw that the One they had followed didn’t meet their expectations, and they became afraid: because they had asked for strength. They had obtained it but they didn’t persevere until the end – they gave up. Because when they crucified Jesus, the twelve weren't there, with the exception of one – John. John was there, but the others weren't there: the other ten had left.

And then, the Church was built – well, it was rebuilt! Even though we say that the Church was rebuilt, in reality, the rebuilding of the Church was never completed. Because if we take a look ourselves, well, we’re living exactly what they lived. When Mary came to warn us regarding what we were accepting, well, it wasn’t everyone who listened to her. We didn’t want to listen to her: we continued to work on Sunday, we continued to use the name of Jesus to blaspheme.

And men kept on going, and they lived their consequences just as the first people lived their consequences, and this has been going on and on. And she, the great Prophet, came back, and she came back again! It was as though, by the Will of God, the Chosen One had come to put in our hearts: that the return to love was really going to happen. But we continued to not listen: we didn’t do much better than those who were with the first prophets. We did exactly the same thing, and she has always sustained us in spite of our will! The Mother of Jesus has asked us to pray from the heart and, with our human will, we have learned, we have learned to say yes, we have slowly learned to follow her, but not everybody has done so: a tiny group has learned to do so, but that group has moved forward again and again with the Mother of God.

But a time came when that little group began to become discouraged. That little group began to lose hope that this would ever happen. They watched the times and the times didn’t quite meet with their expectations. They waited: “When is it going to happen? He says that it’s imminent, he says that it’s real. The Virgin Mary said that everything would happen in the year 2000. Well, it’s 2008 and we’re still waiting.”

And yet, we missed it: everything has begun. We’re living exactly the same thing as the apostles. There are few who have continued to live this in complete faith as John did. There aren’t very many. Don’t you think that John was put there to show us how to do this? Yes, John was chosen to speak to us about the Apocalypse because he was the only one who remained in his faith: absolute faith. Despite what he saw, he left all the room to God so as to avoid entering into fear. He claimed to be so little that he could walk where others could not walk: that’s why John was little. And so, John was chosen to speak to us about the end times.

Small groups have been chosen to live the grace of understanding, of seeing, and it isn't that others have not been chosen – they have been chosen and they are coming. They are gathering together. They are living what we, we have begun to live: we have begun to live the purification of the flesh. We have begun to carry the cross of our brothers and of our sisters of the whole world; not only ours – ours belongs to Jesus. Let’s carry the cross of others, let’s help them. Let’s be what God wants us to be during this time of grace, during this time of light, during this time of revelations.

We’re living something that is extraordinary. God comes to speak in our hearts to tell us how much he loves us, how much he has prepared us for what we are living: we are living our own hope. It isn't the hope of others that we are living; we’re living our hope, our own, the one that was given to us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here we are, wrapped in God's love, and we move forward together. It doesn’t matter if others say, “Oh! That’s how you pray? No, that’s not how you should pray. Why don’t you try to evolve a little more? That way of praying is old-fashioned.” There isn't one way that is better than another. There are many ways to pray, but only grace can ensure that we pray the right way: which is only through the Heart of Mary. When we pray in the Heart of Mary, Mary prays the Trinity on our behalf. Mary leads us directly to the Heart of her Son so that we can live these times of love, these times of peace.

It’s hard for us to say, “This is a time of peace.” If we look at prayer groups: there are battles between us. There's bickering: we’re living a time of peace?! We see the Church and we see the priests who are at war, and God says that we’re living our time of peace! We see the Church and we see it suffering because its members are divided: they have formed different religions, and they say we’re living a time of peace! Well then, Mother of love, explain to us what you mean. Explain this to us, Holy Spirit.

How can we understand all this when we’re at war with our own heart? We have the desire but our heart is worried. We have the desire but we enter into fear. We have the desire but we’re incapable of remaining a child of God: we judge, we take ourselves for God. And so, God comes to speak in our hearts, and when we allow that love to envelop us, we’re permeated with a sense of peace and this isn't a trick, because it comes to us directly from the heart.

The heart that we placed in the Heart of Mary, Mary knew to place it in her Son's Heart. And through the Son's Heart, we are all gathered together, not only we who are here today, but all those who carry a yes to The Love – a yes that is unknown to them and a yes that is ignored by them, a hesitant yes, an awkward yes – but they are with us, those hearts are with us. As they are in the Heart of Jesus, they carry a yes, for God speaks to all those who say, “Yes, here I am.” God speaks directly in their hearts; he doesn’t come through someone else, he himself comes to speak in our hearts.

If, in this very moment, we know that our hearts want to hear, this isn't because of our human will. It’s because we are children of the Divine Will and we have agreed to die in the very Heart of Jesus, through Mary, through the Heart of Mary: that’s why we’re here, listening. How can we hear if it weren't for the fact that the Holy Spirit has opened a channel within us, if it weren't for the fact that the Holy Spirit has enabled us to see what we are? Nothing can come from the human will because the human will has too many wounds. It has maintained us in our pride, it has kept us in a state of confusion.

The human will cannot lead us to where we are today. It was necessary for certain movements to take place: “I no longer want my human will.” And this happened through the yes of Mary, which was a constant echo in our lives. Every time we prayed from the heart, Mary's yes resonated and it struck our hearts, and the more it struck our hearts, the more our hearts softened – our hearts of stone became hearts, hearts beating for The Love, hearts of flesh – so that we could recognize her Child, so that we could recognize our God.  Mother Mary wanted us to listen to the only God: Mary's God, our God. There's only one God, there are not two of them, there's only one – God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – and he is in us.

These times are times of love. He reveals to the little what he hides from the great. The littler we are, the more our hearts allow themselves to be taken up by the Heart of Jesus, and they heal, their wounds are healed. Once our hearts are healed, our flesh will heal. We want to heal, don’t we? “Give me good eyesight, take away the pain in my stomach, take away my rheumatism, give me a good memory, heal mom of her cancer, heal my dad of his Alzheimer.” We want all this, and we will have it. But the way must be prepared beforehand. And as we cannot prepare the way – we don’t have the tools to do this – Jesus is the one who will see to it. He's the one who prepares our hearts to live what he is: a heart of love, the heart of an apostle.

We can be artisans of peace solely through the heart. We cannot be artisans of peace if we have a human will, for our hearts have become too hard because of human will. Jesus is the one who will do everything, absolutely everything. No human will bring about this movement of love. This movement of love has already begun and it will go on. Sit back, relax and wait, as this movement, which has begun, will continue to go on, because there will always be others who will continue the movement: they are on fire. You know just as I do that Jesus manifests himself to children who don’t believe in him, and they melt with love for him as soon as they see him.

Did you know that if Jesus were to present himself to very devout people they wouldn’t melt? Why? Because they would want more, they would want to pursue their mission: “Oh, Jesus! Tell me what I have to do. Where am I going to go? Oh, okay, this is it. Okay, Lord, that’s good. Oh, that’s where I have to go! He has given me a mission. Oh, I have to get organized! I have to move forward, I have to step back, this is it. I have booked my dates – I'm going here, I'm going there. Good, Lord, you have given me a mission. I will carry out your mission. Now, I will take everything in hand. Don’t worry, I'm here.” But that’s not it; that isn't what God wants.

So, Jesus is going to take little nobodies who don’t know anything. Those who have hardly heard about Jesus are ready to listen to him. They’re waiting: they’re waiting for what God wants to show them and nothing more. They cannot do otherwise; they don’t know anything! And so, God takes everything in hand. That’s what God's love is all about. He did the same thing with his apostles. Is he going to change? He won't change; Jesus, he has always been like this. He said so himself: “I am gentle and humble,” and so, he is coming for the humble.

Therefore, it would be a good idea if we asked Mother Mary to help us become humble. And if we want to be humble by going through the Heart of Mary, she will lead us to someone: her priest, her beloved son, the one who is the representative of her Son on earth. She will show us how to give him our sins, and once our sins have been given, the Holy Spirit will show us more sins, because there are many that we haven’t confessed. It isn't that those sins haven’t been forgiven! When the priest says, “All your sins are forgiven,” alleluia, there is peace! How could we feel peace after a confession unless everything has been forgiven? But we have memories: I can remember. Which part of us remembers? That would be our flesh.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we are going to live movements. The Holy Spirit will bring back up to the surface things that have been hidden somewhere inside us for 6000 years, and they will rise up, and then we will need help.

We will need the help of a priest. Oh, we won't be going to Confession every five minutes – he’ll be worn out! – we need to take care of them because we don’t have many priests! But we need his blessings, we need his strength, we need the very presence of Jesus with us, who says to us, “Calm down, there will be others, there will be other movements that will rise up within you. Do not panic, stop crying, this is completely normal. Your flesh, which has accepted to live in temptation, has made itself suffer. You will get through this: the path is narrow. You will come to know the cross, your cross, and that cross, you will give it to Jesus. Every time you lied, you will remember it, and then, you will give it to Jesus. Once it has been given, then, listen carefully to your interior because there will be other movements. The priest will calm all this down.” And we, we will have to pray for the priest. Do you know why? Because there's a human will within him. He was born like us, he's a man like us. Therefore, we are going to support one another.

The Great Purification will happen. For the Great Purification to happen, it will be necessary for us to live movements of purification. This means that, at present, we are living – it began in 2001 – we’re living movements that are rising up inside us, and then we give them to Jesus, and we receive healing and deliverance. And all this will happen as many times as God wants it to happen. This is none of our business. Why? Because he's the only one who knows what's inside us. Who can count the number of lies that have been inside us since Adam and Eve? We can't, can we? But Jesus can. Why? Because he carried all of them. He has known every movement; he will not forget a single one because he must not forget any of them, right?

We want to be perfect. When Jesus said, “Be perfect as my Father is perfect,” we responded, “Oh, come on! That’s impossible! I can't be perfect, I’ll never be perfect.” Whoever told himself that he was perfect – “Oh, of course! If Jesus said so, then I'm okay, I'm perfect” – well, he was lying to himself. We cannot be perfect knowing that we carry temptation in our flesh. We are subjected to sin because our flesh remembers.

We were told all these things by the apostles, by the disciples. All these things were revealed to us by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit who revealed to them what they had to write, what they had to say, what they had to reveal: it was by the power of the Holy Spirit. All these things were in them. And who was within them? The One Who IS: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, because before the Pentecost occurred, Jesus had said, “I shall be with you.” And Jesus is with us, Jesus is The Love. We are living the most beautiful time of all. There has never been a time such as this one, never.

What a joy it is to know that our children who don’t go to mass will feel the graces we will have obtained for them when we took them to mass with us in spirit! When you look at it this way, it’s pretty good, isn't it? All those movements, we’re going to live them inside ourselves. What a grace it is to know that a homosexual who wants to live in his depraved tendencies will stand before the grace of purity! When he will say yes, he will be completely freed of his enslavement to depraved sexuality. All this came from Satan; it didn’t come from God.

That, that is the grace we are living at present. We’re learning to love unconditionally, we’re learning to behave as children of God, as God the Father wants us to behave: loving as his Son loves, without judging. Did Jesus judge those who tortured him? He prayed for them. Did he judge those who had judged him, the Pharisees? He prayed for them. Therefore, he's doing exactly the same thing with us.

We are in the midst of such movements of love! We’re discovering immortality! It is revealing itself to us. Oh! It isn't that we are immortal yet, because we’re not, not yet – we shouldn’t spend too much time thinking about this because we’ll just end up thinking like before. But we are getting a taste of revelations that reveal to us that children on earth will become immortal. It doesn’t matter whether this is for us or for others; what is important is that it has begun. 

Let’s look at our children and our grandchildren, let’s look at our brothers and our sisters: isn't it discouraging to leave them behind on earth while we are well-armed – those of us who pray, who recite our act of contrition, who go to Confession, who believe in Jesus, who have the desire to keep ourselves in grace, who wear our scapular? We’re pretty well-armed with all these things! But we can't help thinking of those who are going to be left behind after we’re gone. Well, if they receive the grace of living immortality on earth, alleluia! We will be rewarded for having played a part in this. This, this is the Will of God.

You see, the prophets of our time said that Jesus would return, would return in hearts; isn't that right? Well, Jesus never left: that’s news to us! He is in hearts. And Jesus said the following: “You are the ones who left. You are the ones who left the Heart of The Love. You are the ones who accepted to live outside the Heart of The Love. You are the ones who remained outside the Heart of The Love. You have looked at love and you have combined it with what you were thinking.”

Love is: giving to myself – I'm going to buy myself a refrigerator. Love is: hey, I should find myself a good husband. Love is: I'm going to take a trip. Love is: hey, I'm going to go to school, get a good career. Love is: oh, what a great pension I have! Love is: I will give to the poor. Love is: next year, I’ll give a little more – I hope I get a big refund on my income tax. Love is: I will pay my tithe to my church; well, my church isn't that bad, it hasn’t shut its doors yet – it's not that bad! You see, we use love as we see fit, but that’s not what love is.

We have left the Heart of The Love. Now, Jesus is taking us back to his Heart, and we have entered it. Jesus was waiting for his children, his prodigal children. Even though God gave us graces, we squandered our treasure, and our treasure is life.

If we look at what we have become, we’re like the walking dead with our tortured thoughts, with our words that are constantly filled with complaints, with our ears that never stop listening to the opinions of others, with our eyes wandering from one thing to the next – “Oh! What's the best thing for me?” Well, that’s not life. Life is to live our present in the Heart of Jesus, wherever we may be, in the present moment. That’s what it means to live in the Heart of Jesus, that’s what it means to live our hope. It’s to be present today: “Thank you, Lord. This is where you want me, Lord? Well then, this is where I belong. You want me to pray, Lord? I'm praying. You want me to cook, Lord? All right, but I know that I'm doing it in you, I know that you’re here. You want me to give you my children? Take my children, they are yours, they don’t belong to me. You want me to stop worrying about my priest who doesn’t consecrate as I would like him to consecrate? I give him to you, he is yours.”

And so, let’s go to mass with the Heart of Jesus and let’s be in the Heart of Jesus. He loves his priest, but he's asking us to pray for his human will. Let’s pray for his human will but let’s love the priest we see in front of us. Let’s keep ourselves in the Heart of Jesus – that’s where we belong. We’re living a time of love, a time of grace.

Yes, it’s time to go home: ever since Adam and Eve, when Adam said no to the Divine Will, he left his dwelling place, he left the Divine Will, and his heart began to harden, so much so that there was no longer a door to re-enter his dwelling place. And so, it was necessary for children to cry out, it was necessary for children to ask for his return.

Jesus came to speak to messengers, telling them about his return, and we, we said, “Hey, Jesus are you coming?” We look up at the sky: “Maybe that’s him? Oh! Maybe it’s for this year! No, it isn't for this year; maybe next year. Oh, no! It isn't for this year either?!” Someone announces another event: “Oh, no, that’s not the one; it must be the one after this one. Oh! I'm waiting for something to happen because they said that it was coming. Yes, it must be after this event; everything was calculated, oh, yes. Oh! It isn't this one either? Boy! This is taking so long!” Well, that’s how we are, that’s our human will.

And so, Jesus is saying to us, “Yes.” We are all within ourselves. We are not us – from whose flesh do we come? The Flesh of Jesus. We are not of our own flesh – we are flesh of the Eternal Flesh, we are flesh of the Immaculate Flesh: Jesus. There is only one Flesh and it is the Flesh of Jesus.

If we all have different names, that’s so we can differentiate our flesh from the Flesh. There is only one Christ, there is only one Jesus of Nazareth. There aren’t two of them, there's only one, and that Jesus took on human nature. He, the Perfect Flesh, agreed to enter Mary's womb to become human. This means that he became what we are. Everything that our flesh bears in the way of suffering, Jesus accepted to bear it in his Flesh: the Immaculate Flesh, the Perfect Flesh took everything, accepted everything. And so, it’s as though we were tiny Jesuses in Jesus of Nazareth.

When we accept to no longer be, we are. When we accept to give ourselves, God takes. When we are loving, we are love, and when we are love, we are no longer – we are in the movement: the one that gives of itself, the one that constantly nourishes itself. We are beings of love. This is what God expects of us.

We will go home – some have already gone home and they are beginning to feel the warmth of home, they’re beginning to feel that there's happiness on this earth, on his earth. We’re beginning to recognize that this earth, which is filled with such suffering, belongs to us and that we must give comfort. We must be people who bring strength to those who need it: we must be a nourishment of hope. We must be witnesses of faith: this is what we must be.

What we are living is a movement of love. There has never been a movement like this one on earth, and there will never be another one once this movement has been accomplished fully, completely. Everything has begun. We are in that movement of purification when every thought will be purified, when every gaze will be purified, when every sound heard, every word, when every movement, when every feeling will be purified by the Purifier, and the Purifier is Jesus, for he does the Will of his Father.

The Holy Spirit enables us to see what we are so we can give what we are to the Purifier. No one can do this – forgive me, Father (the priest), but not even you – it is only Christ. The priest takes care of our soul and that is his purpose. His duty is to persevere to the very end; his duty is to take care of us, to nourish us. We need the very Nourishment of the One Who IS. We would not be able to move forward without the priest. We must follow in the footsteps of Christ; we must be in his image. Christ has always done his Father's Will. We must do the Will of Christ and the priest does the Will of Christ.

We recognize that the priest exercises his ministry when he is in Christ. To be in Christ is to love Jesus, it is to enable us to feel that love, it is to have us taste the splendour of purity, it is to lead us to where the Mother of God wants us to be: in humility. It is through his humility that we will know he is exercising his ministry. It is in the greatness of his soul that we will find refuge, for like the shepherd, the lambs recognize who he is by the sound of his voice.

Everything is being accomplished. “There is no greater love than to give one’s life for those one loves.” This is what we will be, this is what we are. But to do this, we must dust ourselves off and get rid of the dust: this is what God is teaching us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Now, we will get some rest. Thank you, Lord.