Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bouctouche, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-25 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Divine Will is what we, we must live: we must live in the Will of God, we must live in God's love.

The Divine Will is God in our life; it’s to learn that God is constantly in our presence. The Will is to to do what God expects of us, it’s to do what God puts inside us, it’s to constantly say: “Your Will.”

It’s as if our eyes were saying to God, “Your Will,” and every time we will look, we’ll be looking at God's Will. Today, we don’t look continuously to God's Will; when we look, we often look at impurity, and this, God didn’t want this for us.

What he wanted for us was a continuous love; what he wanted for us was the best the earth had to offer so we could understand that we are loved, loved like a child; but due to our first parents, we haven't been able to understand this love, this indescribable love, this love that is in our life.

And so, Jesus took someone like you – a sinner – someone who had been weak in her life, who hadn't always been able to say yes to God, someone who went ahead just like everyone else, who cried because she was making mistakes before God, someone who regretted, who asked for forgiveness; someone who, at times – oh, had doubts as tiny as a fleeting thought that we don’t even remember anymore – doubted that there could be an Eternal One; even if this was for a single instant in my life, it was already too much!

God reminded the weak that he was living, God reminded the weak beings that we are that we belong to him.

After Mother Mary, Jesus came within me to speak, to speak in my interior; he came to prepare, to prepare what he had already announced: his world of love.

He speaks in hearts, he gathers hearts, he wants to turn us into perfect children, in his Father's likeness. He places this need in us through children who constantly say yes to God: “Yes, I give you my life; yes, I give you the lives of those I carry within me. I no longer want anything to do with my human will; I want to live in you, to taste the Divine Will.

I know this will comes from you and that I cannot acquire it on my own, but you teach me to dive into your Divine Will; you want to make my thoughts pure, you want to make my gaze pure, my hearing pure, my words, my movements, my feelings; so, I give you everything, take everything.”

Every day there are children who say this for every one of us. They learned, they learned that they were nothing, and yet, that they were everything; they learned to be instruments of love in God's hands; they learned to abandon themselves, to hide nothing that comes from them, they learned to be wary of their human will, they learned to live with what they are throughout their daily lives by asking for help, help from Heaven’s graces.

Jesus came to talk to us about all this directly in our hearts through several messengers; what he's doing with me: is that he takes what I am, he takes my will – he asked me for it and I said yes.

Everything we’re hearing at this very moment are words that come within me; every word appears inside me through abandonment; I don’t have to search for the next word, it comes, it is uttered and I hear: we are the Church, we are the movement of love.

We all have a heart but when it beats out of love for Jesus, when it beats in the Church, it forms but one heart, it becomes the very heart of the center of The Love: the love of Christ for God the Father.

And so, Mary, Mary shows us how to always be obedient, always be abandonment, because she leads us directly to that abandonment; she leads us to love, to the love that is God.

There's only one God and God is love; we come from The Love and we are love; in a movement of love, God wants to turn each one of us into abandoned beings, he wants to seize the being that we are.

When he takes hold of the being that we are, we enter within us, we’re no longer able to understand what we’re hearing externally, but with our heart: yes.

So, the Mother of God will take hold of the hearts of all the children of the world that we carry within us because she wants to give them graces, she wants to reach out to hearts that are hesitant, hearts that doubt, hearts that rejected her Son, hearts that live only for this world, believing that this is happiness, believing that everything they have acquired in their lives would bring them joy.

In a movement of love, let’s leave all the room to Mary; let’s grasp her movement of love, and may the one who doesn’t understand, who can't grasp it, come forward.


Mary: Little children of love, every one of you has been called, every one of you has been seized by love.

None of you, my children, is able to understand God's Will during these times, during these times when you, you live among children who suffer.

God's call is within you; it isn't on the outside. You are all called to live in God's love so you may all be united with one another to form but one people: God's people.

You are God's children; you have been promised that you would live in a world of love, a world of people that, at this very moment, are preparing themselves to be all together. All those who accept the grace of acknowledging that they are God's chosen ones go forward in peace, in the very Heart of The Love.

God takes hold of the little being that you are so that you can be all together to live this time of love, this time of purification.

When we enter a place of love, we must learn, my children, to leave all that is unworthy of the host at the door.

The Host, my children, is Jesus, he is the Son of God, he is the One who died on the cross for you, he is the One who gave himself out of love for you.

The movement of purification shows you what is unworthy of my Son so that you may leave everything in the hands of the Purifier.

Look at the cross, my children! The cross is the sign of your presence among all those you have around you; you have around you children who suffer, children who do not see, who do not hear the Will of God in their hearts because their hearts are overly drawn towards the outside world; they refuse to abandon themselves, they refuse to take Heaven’s signs seriously.

Heaven, my children, is speaking to you; Heaven is enabling you to know what you are living at present.

Little children of love, the Mother of God is by your side; she guides you, she protects you, she brings you joy so that you may always go forward, forward in this world that is being built with love.

Allow yourselves to be swept up by this movement of love, allow yourselves to be enveloped, my children, by my Son's love. He gave me everything, I have so many graces for you; I want to bring you, my children, where you, you are unable to go, for your external suffering is too great.

Later, my children, there will be a great movement that will reunite all God's chosen children and the children who are with God's chosen ones; this great gathering will take place through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit.

All this, my children, most of you have already heard it, and that Heaven will come to illuminate your interior so you will be able to live your judgement on earth.

This movement, my children, will take place when God wills it; Heaven is preparing you for this, Heaven is putting you face to face with what is to come. Every one of you has been chosen to help all those who must live this movement of love.

This movement of love will take place in peace, will take place in joy for all those who will have accepted to live this time of preparation; this time of preparation has been granted to you.

All those who give their lives to my Son, all those who give my Son the lives of all those they carry within them, receive graces; the almightiness of God shows them movements that enable them to go forward.

Oh! Children of love, what you are living is unique! How many children, my children, have wanted to live this! Those who, in the past, waited for this movement are watching you and they are helping you live this time of purification.

Everything around you is willed by God.

Remember, my children, the Great Expulsion; remember, my children, the pain, remember the cries, remember how painful separation was. All this reminded the children of their weaknesses, all this reminded them that man, through is rights, made the children of God suffer – he was making God's children suffer again.

Heaven had prepared those children through graces, for Heaven knew what they were going to live; the Mother of God interceded with the Trinity so they could obtain graces of strength, of faith and of hope.

To offer one’s life to the Mother of God in order to be protected is to accept Heaven’s graces so that all might be in the Will of God and not in men’s. It is grace, my children, to live this as a movement permitted by God to show you that God takes care of you, that God, despite human will, is keeping watch over his children.

Little children of love, every child is always under God's watchful eye; every child has God's protection; even if children do not look to Heaven, Heaven gazes upon them.

You have always kept your faith and hope because I have always watched over you, I have always protected you; what keeps you all united to one another is my love, the love of a Mother for her children; my love has always kept you in this unity.

Little children of this corner of the country, receive the grace of knowing that you are always in the tenderness of the Mother of God; this has always helped you and this will continue to help you, for you will need this tenderness.

There is suffering around you, there is confusion around you, my children; they speak of disobedience towards my son of predilection, the one who was chosen by Heaven to guide my Son's Church.

My children, refrain from speaking about your brothers and your sisters who let themselves fall into Satan's traps; Satan wants to divide you, Satan wants to turn my Son's Church into a movement of separation.

The Mother of God comes to speak in your pure heart to tell you to always be united in thought, in word, in sight, in hearing, in action and in feelings; this movement of love, my children, merges all these movements to form charity.

Be charitable, my children, you who receive from Heaven the graces to remain obedient to the head of the Church on earth; you must always look towards Heaven and never lose sight of the fact that Heaven has a watchful eye upon you.

Wherever you might be, nothing escapes God; the earth, my children, is a movement of God's very presence, for if God were to turn his eyes away, the earth would disappear.

You see, my children, you are on earth out of love for God, and out of love for God you must all be together; do not look at your neighbour who becomes lost in his thoughts, who is dying due to his will: he is straying from God's path.

My beloved Son, my adorable God of love gave his life in order to take all evil and bring it unto death so you might all be saved, and you have all been saved.

Do not be afraid when you hear speak of disobedience to my Pope, for God willed that the Mother of God take your Pope under her protection; he belongs to God and all those who look at this chosen child see themselves.

He bows down before God's Will, he recognizes that among those at his right there are those who are suffering internally due to their human will and he, he prays; he does not condemn, he follows in the footsteps of Christ, he calls upon all his members to ask them to pray.

You see, my children, prayer, prayer is a weapon of love, it knows how to fight evil.

Trust in the Mother of God.

When you say your rosary and you meditate my Son's life and my life, you enter into the movement of obedience and you thwart Satan's plans.

Heaven, my children, is teaching you; it is showing you how to behave before Satan's traps. This is to show you that Heaven knows what is happening; Heaven comes to speak to you to always remind you of your behaviour.

Be the image of my Son, be the image of all those who accepted obedience. Your ancestors, my children, are an example to you; they were deported, but in their hearts, they always had faith that one day, they would all be reunited to live together in a land of love, where they would never again be separated.

You see, my children, what they experienced is an example for you – you must do the same.

Remain righteous before my Son, who gazes upon you; have faith. If you are against God's children, who suffer because of their human will, you become children who bring suffering to those who do not understand what they are living; they have so much suffering within themselves. Help them, my children, by remaining at peace.

Do not follow the Evil one, who wants to deceive you; he uses pride to get to you; remain little.

You are children of the Light; look at Satan's traps through my Heart of a Mother and you will understand what is happening inside you. Do not panic when you hear the language of those who are in disobedience; remain at peace.

Little children of love, the Mother of God is with you; she guides you during this time of darkness. Am I not the Star that shines and leads you to safety?

Always be at peace within yourselves, remain in the joy of knowing that you have all been saved by my Son; he was victorious over evil and this is for you, my children, just as this was for those who left far away from their families, who have not yet come to this land. One day, they will come, there will be great joy, there will be celebration, for they will have come home.

Oh! Little children of love, what Heaven prepares for you at every moment of your life is a movement of eternity for you. Everything that exists in the present for you has already been written in eternity; it is up to you to accomplish yourselves by remaining faithful to what you are: children of God, children in God's likeness.

I, the Mother of God, I have always had faith in my Son's Precious Blood; I have always kept in my Heart the grace of living my Son's victory over evil: my children, live this in your heart, which is linked to my Heart.

All you are hearing is willed by the Divine Will.

Bless you, my children, and in the Name of my Son, of my God of love, I bless you: “May God the Father bless you in all things, may God the Son bless you through his holy Sacrifice, may God the Holy Spirit, present in your interior, bless you.”

Amen, my children.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every one of us, we must live these movements of love that are with us.

We must give to God what is happening on the outside; this must not upset our life. Yes, it’s true that we live in a Church that is suffering, but Heaven warned us about this.

We, who have brought children into this word, know that childbirth is painful, we know that it will end at some point. Well, this is what we’re living now: the Church is suffering and we must support the Church.

The mother, when she gives birth, is supported, is supported by the father, is supported by her older children, is supported by family members. Therefore, this is how we must be: we must support the Church, we must support all our brothers and our sisters who are members of the Church. We are members of the Church and we must remain united.

God is reminding us that we mustn’t have a single thought against our brothers: not one.

When we hear about disobedience to our Holy Father, the Pope, we must give this to Jesus, to Mary. We must not fall into Satan's trap and discuss it amongst ourselves; this doesn’t bring nourishment to the Church – it’s as if we were consenting to spread poison amongst ourselves.

If a single drop falls into a glass of water, the entire glass of water is contaminated, and all those who drink from that glass of water, will be contaminated. Every word, everything we hear, every glance, every thought, action and feeling that doesn’t nourish God's children – our brothers, our sisters… our children are our brothers and our sisters – brings poison into the Church.

Let’s understand what we’re hearing by the power of the Holy Spirit.

If the Mother of God came to speak directly in our hearts tonight, that’s because she heard; she hears our complaining, our fears; she knows that we’re hurting inside because of what’s happening around us: people want to disobey Benedict XVI, people don’t accept what he's propagating in the Church.

Well, when we listen to those conversations and we allow this to enter us, it poisons us, it brings certain thoughts to mind, judgemental thoughts; and in God's Ten Commandments, we don’t have the right to judge our neighbour: we’re failing towards God's Ten Commandments.

We don’t want to follow Satan, we don’t want to do what Satan wants us to do but this is what is happening.

The moment we start a conversation amongst ourselves regarding what’s happening against our Pope and we exchange our thoughts, we’re passing judgement on our neighbour, and firstly, on ourselves; it’s against ourselves that we’re doing this, for thoughts belong to us, our ears belong to us.

It’s up to us to give what we’re hearing right away: “No, I don’t want this, Jesus; this goes against your teachings; take this, Jesus; take all the consequences this may have brought to all my brothers and my sisters.”

We have this choice, we have the choice to accept to do the Will of The Love or that of our human will, which is suffering.

We don’t want to make the Church suffer, we don’t want to disobey God, but our human will is so used to listening to evil that it confuses us; we can't even understand what is real and what is false anymore, what is allowed, what isn't allowed; we’re entering into sin, for it’s a sin to speak against our neighbour; we are neglecting love, the love that we are.

We are love, we are God's children, we were made of God's love, and we’re neglecting this. We who were nourished with love, we who received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we who are alive by the very breath of God – we’re betraying what we receive.

You see, God comes to speak in our hearts because we’re all people who pray; we take out our rosary and we present it to Mary. We pray the Virgin Mary to come protect who we are, we ask Mary, “Pray for us sinners, now…”

Well, every time we say our rosary, Mother Mary, she doesn’t stop praying for us; we beg Mother Mary to grant us graces so we can behave well in the present, and Mother Mary, she listens to our requests and she turns them into her own requests.

And then, she comes to speak, saying, “Be careful, my children, Satan is taking you where he wants to take you: to division.”

We were one people, a people chosen by God; we all lived together in suffering when we were in France; we were all brothers and sisters in the bosom of our ancestors; our flesh knew that it came from God, we didn’t have the thoughts we have today.

The thoughts of our parents, our great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents were filled with suffering, but they wanted, they still wanted unity; it was together that they boarded the ship to cross the ocean and it was together that they came here to this land.

Through the cross, they had been chosen, for it was the cross that guided us here; it was the cross that brought us here and it’s still the cross that welcomes us here.

When we’re together here, we’re all brothers and sisters and we welcome all those who are here as brothers and sisters, for this country belongs to the Cross, this country belongs to God; it was opened to us so we could welcome the being that we are and welcome all those who are here and who come here.

We are in God's country, we walk together in suffering – this is true… every day, Satan wants to divide us, every day, Satan places traps before us in order to divide us.

We speak only one language and that language is love; it is the one that listens, for it speaks directly to our hearts. Nothing can take this language from us, nothing can inject poison into this language if we give it continuously to the Heart of Mary so we can dive into the Heart of Jesus.

Mother Mary tells us once again, “Be careful, do not become divided, you are one people, you are all God's children, you are the people chosen by God to enter his Promised Land.”

Jesus is within us just as he was within Abraham; God spoke to Abraham and God said to Abraham, “Look towards the sky, and for as many stars as you can see, so shall be the children who will enter the Promised Land – they are your descendants.”

We are from the lineage of the children of the Promise and that Promise is in front of us, it is living, it is always before us.

We’re entering an earth of love, where there will be nothing but joy, where the earth will reign in hearts, where we will know that there's only one God, where we will speak only one language: the language of love. We will have the eyes of those who have always walked towards the Promised Land, for our eyes turn towards love.

When we look ahead of us, we see the cross; it’s the cross that guided us here and it’s the cross that guides us every day.

Just like our ancestors in France, they looked at the cross when they were evangelized by those who had had the cross before their eyes, the cross that became our earth of love.

Jesus was nailed to a piece of wood and that wood grew from the earth, from the earth of love, and that wood had been chosen for all eternity to carry the Son of God, who was going to lead us to the Promised Land.

That cross is us – it’s every one of us; we’re from the cross, we’re from the earth, we’re matter: we are matter in Jesus, for everything came from the Eternal Matter, from the Eternal Flesh, from the Man-God.

All has already been accomplished.

To us, the cross is the path that leads us towards eternal happiness; the cross is victory over everything that turned us into children who looked away from the cross.

We are all together to live upon an earth of love and this earth of love is the entire earth; wherever we might be, we’re together.

If a single child walks on earth, then we walk in him; if only one looks at the cross, then we look at the cross; if only one says, “Yes, everything for you, God of love”, then, as we are in him, we say, “Yes, everything for you.”

Whatever we are, we are so for God; we are one flesh and it’s the Flesh of Christ, the one that is eternal; there aren't two of them, there's only one.

We are all unity of love; let’s not separate from one another, for when we separate, be it by only a thought, we suffer; be it only because we have just accepted to listen to something that isn't love, we suffer – this makes us suffer.

We are love, so let’s behave as beings of love; this is what Mother Mary is asking us.

We’ll take a short break to get up and rest a little. Let’s take ten minutes, please.