Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bouctouche, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus

2007-09-25 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When we accomplish ourselves in the Divine Will, there's like a breath that enables us to go forward; that breath is the power of the Holy Spirit.

That breath enables us to see that we’re capable of going forward, that we’re capable of remaining in our faith.

We’re children of God and we go forward; despite all the difficulties, we always remain standing.

It’s true that we haven't always been faithful to God's Ten Commandments; it’s true that we haven't always been present at the Eucharist as we should have been; we haven't always loved our brothers and our sisters as we should have loved them, but there was something pushing us forward, there was something showing us that we were still able to love unconditionally, able to look at Jesus on the cross without being ashamed.

That breath is the one that called us to be together here, tonight; that breath enables us to enter within ourselves; it teaches us to take a look at ourselves, it teaches us to recognize ourselves through its movement of love for us.

It isn't always easy to look at our life while realizing that our thoughts haven't been the thoughts of God, that our hearing hasn’t served God but has served our pride, served our selfishness; it isn't always easy to realize that our actions have led us to idolize another god other than our God. The Holy Spirit show us all this with his graces.

This is the time of purification, this is the time to look at what we are and the Holy Spirit, he makes sure this is done with his love, with his almightiness. He placed gifts within us and those gifts have been there since our birth; and it’s with what we are that the Holy Spirit wants us to bring our brothers and our sisters.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t want us to give up our way of behaving, that is to say, if a person is inclined to take over, to speak loudly, to impose himself, well, the Holy Spirit won't take this away but he will use it, because what that person is, he is so thanks to the gifts he received from the moment he appeared in his mother’s womb and that he received at his Baptism.

The Holy Spirit will use us as we are; what we thought was a character flaw in our neighbour will become an instrument of great value to us. It will help us understand what we must do, that is to say, our neighbour will become a source of light to us: this will shed light on what we don’t see in our life.

We have received gifts and we don’t use them because we’re afraid. We’ve been manipulated by this world and since we’ve been manipulated by this world, we buried the gifts of the Holy Spirit inside us, and what revealed itself to our neighbour revealed itself as something that was warped, as if we were full of flaws, whereas this had been given to us to be used, to show our neighbour that we were love.

All that we are, we are so through God.

If someone uses his gifts in construction, he's using them through his muscles, through his words, through his eyes; he understands he has to use a certain hammer rather than another one, because this knowledge is in him, this is part of him. He has the gift of handling a certain object more easily than another person. And this, this is willed by God, but God wants him to use it for the greater good of his neighbour, not for himself to develop his pride, so he can make money to the detriment of his neighbour.

A gift must be useful, it mustn’t crush, it mustn’t steal, it mustn’t be used for evil.

God gave us everything we needed to carry out works on earth in order to present them to him; these works must be carried out by us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

All this must serve; these gifts mustn’t serve us but must serve our neighbour; if we have the gift of cooking, then we must do so with love; we must use the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

But beforehand we must understand that God loves us and that we love him; we must understand that the gifts come from him, and so, anything that comes from him must return to him.

 “Thank you for this gift of cooking, for it comes from you; everything I do, I do it for you; everything I learn to develop thanks to your gifts, I give it to you; take all this, this is yours. O, God of love, I adore you, I adore you because you teach me: you teach me to look at myself as being wanted by you, you teach me to recognize that, in your hands, I'm a being of love, a being made to appreciate your gifts, a being made to understand that what I am is love. I am your gift of love; use me and teach me; teach me to regard what I do through your eyes, through your ears, your words, your movements. This feeling of love within me comes from you; it is right and good that this movement belong to you; I am completely yours. You teach me to be love for myself, so I can give of myself, for there is no greater love than to give one’s life for those we love.”

Therefore, when I give my works – be it when I'm cooking for my neighbour – I'm giving love that comes from me, I'm giving love and I see, I see this gift through his eyes, through his words that express appreciation for what I'm giving to him, through his ears that need to hear, “Here, what I made is for you because I love you.” All this is love; it’s what God expects of us.

We’re children of love and slowly, God will show us, will show us to give ourselves freely; what we’re receiving today must be returned to him.

God takes care of us; we only need money for a certain amount of time – to eat, to clothe ourselves, for a place to live – up until the day when we will receive freely.

We will learn to give and we will learn to receive with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with the gifts of love; all this will be done with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today, we’re slowly learning to recognize that God loves us; we’re slowly learning to love the being that we are; we’re slowly learning to welcome graces so we can forgive ourselves, so we can let the Precious Blood of Jesus flow over us, turning us into beings of light, abandoned beings, beings who offer themselves, beings who want to guide those we love – because our brothers and our sisters, this is love, this is love for us: it’s to leave everything behind on their behalf, to give everything up on their behalf.

It is to also learn that God is taking care of us; it is to also learn that God is taking care of our children, our grandchildren, our husband, our wife; it is to learn that God's eyes are upon us and that he knows how to clothe us, he knows how to feed us, he knows how to give us the dwelling we need.

What we need is everything God wants to give us, and God knows how many movements we need to be happy.

If we need a small salary at the end of the week to be happy – alleluia! If we need a bigger salary in order to accomplish ourselves as children of God, with the gifts we have received – alleluia!

Don’t envy those who have more than we do, for if we envy those who have more than we do, we’ll fail ourselves, we’ll remain blind to everything God is giving us, we’ll remain deaf to everything God is showing and enabling us to understand.

The Word of God is love; it guides us. We need the Word to enable us to go forward among one another, in order to develop within ourselves the gifts we received.

What we are, we are so for God; we are not so for the outside world, we are so for God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, in recognition of the Mother of God who gave her fiat.

We are all God's children and we must walk humbly with what we are. Whether we’re rich or whether we’re poor, God, he knows this is enough for us to earn our place in Heaven.

Our Heaven is within us, here, in the present; we have the Trinity within us and so, it’s in the present that we deserve our place in Heaven.

God will take care of us at every moment, for what God wants for us is eternal life, happiness and joy.

Take a look at the poor, those who have nothing to put on their backs, those who haven't eaten a thing in several days – they smile, they’re happy, they don’t ask for anything more than God gives them; they know God loves them.

And for those of us who have everything, it was necessary for God to come speak in our hearts even though he's always been there; he comes to speak in our hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit so we can hear with our own ears that he loves us and that he takes care of us.

But they don’t need this; they know, they know that God takes care of them because, today, they’re still alive on earth: “Thank you, my God!” This is what they’re living: they’re living the present moment.

When a tiny little child dies, they look up at Heaven and say, “Thank you, you have just taken him, you have just brought him to your Kingdom for eternal life.” They’re living their present, they know how to be in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

To be in the gifts of the Holy Spirit is to live in the present with what we are on the inside.

Men have wanted to suffocate all this – men who have power, men who dominate. They want to take away this hope, this faith, this love that is in God's children, but God's children have always remained in God's love through children of love, through children who have faith that God is present.

Our life is a wave of love towards Heaven and Heaven is within us; the Holy Spirit is constantly here, and he's the one who enables us to enter eternity, for when we enter within ourselves, we’re entering eternity, we’re entering the place where God is present, where God nourishes us.

What is there to fear regarding tomorrow if we live our present? What is there to fear regarding what is to come if we live our present with God? God provides, God knows what is good for us; let’s not worry about what we’re hearing.

God will always be the Present; he's the Alpha and the Omega, he's the Eternal One, he's the Presence; he won't change because we’re afraid, he won't change because we know there will be great tribulations and that, at present, there are great tribulations.

Jesus is always there, Jesus is the Present; he places within us what we need to live; let’s go within ourselves and live this in peace.

Mother Mary is always reminding us to live in peace; that’s when we live the graces that keep us healthy.

This worry, this fear, this doubt, this hatred, this violence is the power that brought illness to us: this is evil. Wherever there's evil, there's fear; wherever there's fear, there's temptation; wherever there's temptation, there's weakness, and wherever there's weakness, there's human will.

Let’s give our human will every day; every day, let’s give the human will of all those we carry within us and let’s allow ourselves to dive into God's peace.

If a fear rises up within us, then give it; don’t remain in that fear for a single minute – that would be too long because, in that minute, there were children who needed us, children from zero to one hundred plus a few years old needed our support, needed graces from Heaven to make choices before temptation that is evil.

Without hesitation, let’s give to God what rises up within us and doesn’t come from God; the Holy Spirit will breathe upon us and will enable us to understand this.

We all have the same mission: it’s to go towards God the Father together, it’s to help one another with what God gave us so we can go to God the Father: this is our life on earth. Always remember that God watches us and God knows what we’re thinking; give this to him, for every thought, Jesus lived it; every thought, Jesus lived it and it left a mark on his flesh.

God wants us to return to him what he lived, what he brought unto death; God wants us to live in the light for our brothers and our sisters; we are love, we must live in love.

Now, we’re going to continue by sharing, by sharing our thoughts; it’s as if something were rising up within you and you want to shed light upon it; you want an answer, you want to share the benefit of this with all your brothers and your sisters of the entire world for the greater glory of God.

People have often asked questions about our behaviour, about what is coming, and we haven't always listened to the answers because the God of love we have was answering them, but today, he's sending his instrument out among you so you can understand what God is going to tell you, what God told you regarding your questions.

Accept this moment with the almightiness of the Holy Spirit.


Q.  You spoke of judgement; you gave the answer that if we hear someone judging, we should give this to Jesus, but when we’re the ones who are judging, what’s the answer?


A.   The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When you realize that you have just judged your brother or your sister, that you have just judged a priest, that you have just judged your husband, then you give this to God without hesitation; you give this to God because God loves you.

Do you think that your noticing that you’ve just passed judgement comes from you? This comes from God's light.

It’s the Holy Spirit who breathed upon you and who enabled you to understand that you have just passed judgement; and so, give thanks to God because God wants to purify you, he wants to tear evil away from you, he wants to heal your wounds with his fire of love, he wants to take your suffering, he wants you to feel God's peace within you.

How wonderful it is when you give God all those who live within you and who passed the same judgement as you!

Understand, my children, that the first time there was a judgement, you were not on earth, and yet, that judgement is still within you; the flesh came to know judgement and the flesh multiplied because there were births.

Because there were births, because there were births and because of what the flesh knows, the flesh remembers; and so, the first time a judgement was passed, the flesh knew, and every flesh that came after that was in that judgement.

The flesh is so weak that it is subjected to sin because of this, and God, he wants to tear away the evil that tempted the child to pass judgement on his brother, on his sister, and which led to consequences.

Illness, hatred, war, poverty have brought a lack of love into hearts, have hardened man and woman to the point of destroying themselves – consequences of everything that is in this world of suffering.

God is the only one who can take everything away.

What you will live, my children, and what you are living will end and will be so up to the last person to carry a single judgement within himself, and so it is for other sins. 

Q.  If there's a priest who says something against the faith, are we responsible for bringing it to the attention of our archbishop? … During the liturgy as during the mass, in the Church… is it our duty to report him to the bishop, and if the bishop does nothing, should we pursue this further, or…?

A.  Jesus: My gentle one, the Mother of God looked upon the children who were crucifying her Son; the Mother of God prayed for them so they could forgive themselves.

The Mother of God sustained Judas, my beloved; she cried over Judas, she did not condemn the one who was to betray her Son; she loved him, she loved him up to the moment when he refused eternal life.

And the Mother of God never knew resentment, never knew the disappointment of the grace of mercy.

You see, my beloved, my Mother warned the Church that there would be errors and that her beloved sons would fall into Satan's traps, and the Mother of God asked for prayers so that every child who was in the light might be prayerful.

Children of love, do you think that my vicar does not know that there is disobedience in the Church? He knows and he never stops going forward and praying.

My children, do you have faith in your prayers? Do you have faith in God? Do you have faith that God listens? Do you have faith that he acts? Since the Mother of God came, asking you to pray, she knew there would be children who would need prayers; she also knew that there would be children who would give themselves to prayer in order to thwart Satan's traps.

Children of love, be humble; go, make an act of adoration! I am asking you this, my children; I am the Almightiness.

I am waiting for children to come to me humbly like the publican, asking me to cast a glance upon him while he was lowering his head and was ashamed. He did not dare come forward but he knew that God was there and that he was watching him, and that God knew what he had in his heart; he knew that he was a sinner and that God was above him; he knew that God would love him despite his state of impurity, for he had understood that God was Mercy, he had understood that God was Forgiveness, he had understood that God was the Way, the Light, and the Life.

Children of love, keep your peace; God has conquered evil and God will conquer evil.

Go and gather around the priest who keeps his faith in all the teachings of Jesus.

I enable you to go forward in a world of love; I will not arm you with words of war, I will not arm you with a belt holding a sharp sword, for a sharp sword is double-sided: it can cut through good as well as evil.

Who, with his human will, can know what he must attack? There is only God who can know this; keep yourselves in faith; I have conquered all.

Pray the Mother of God; pray to her with your heart, gather together, sustain my Pope, sustain him through prayer, be faithful in all things. Read your Bible; learn it, my children, so you will not be deceived. Follow what my Pope is asking; there are documents produced by the Vatican to instruct you; gather together and be faithful to what my Pope is asking you; you will not be disobedient.

You are all responsible for your souls; your soul was given to you by God and not by human will.

Every priest is me; it is up to me to take care of your soul, but know to recognize that the human will in the priest cannot take care of your soul; it is only the priest who died in Christ, for it is Christ who takes care of your soul.

You, my little children of love, you have freewill, you have the choice to obey my Pope or to disobey my Pope, but the one who speaks against a single priest, against a bishop, an archbishop does not obey the Pope, for the Pope, your Pope Benedict XVI, is asking you to follow God's Ten Commandments.

Be obedient and gather together to pray; stay away from what goes against my Pope; always be faithful and Heaven will be your support.

Who is like God? No one, my children, not even the angels and the angels are superior to you.

The priest in Christ, for Christ, for the greater glory of God follows God's Ten Commandments and follows the teachings of Jesus all the way to the end, to the point of shedding his last drop of blood.

Who can say, on this very day, that he has the heart of a priest? Only those who allow themselves to be nourished by the hand of Christ, the Son of God and only the Son of God – and the Mother of God is the One who leads you to the hand of Christ.

Oh! Men of little faith, trust in God.

Oh! Women of little faith, trust in the Mother of God.

Everything has been revealed to you in the holy Bible, from Genesis to the Book of Revelation.

Amen, my children.


Q.  I can't say it in French, “The…” about confession, the meaning of confession, and also is it… and I know that it’s better to go to confession one on one with a priest, but I would like for Jesus to speak about confession, if possible.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Benedict XVI has spoken about confession; read the “Redemptionis Sacramentum”, read it and you'll find your answers. Amen.


So, we’re going to stop here, and maybe we can sing a hymn… Thank you, Lord.


All: ♪♪♪ (Hymn)