Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bourg d’Iré, France,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-03-02 – Afternoon – Part 1

♪♪♪       Ave, Ave, Ave Maria

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit:

♪♪♪       The hearts of the chosen have gathered together,

            giving their yes to the beloved Son.

            Beloved, beloved, let your Mother speak in your hearts.

Mother Mary: Little children of love, there is so much to be given to you; there is so much that is hidden within each of you. There is hope within you, there is faith within you. How can you understand all this through your suffering? How can you live hope while you look at your past, while you drag behind you the things that have been a source of suffering to you? You are living the consequence of all those who have chosen to follow evil.

Children of my will, yes, you are so little. You cannot understand the loving plans God has for you. Every one of you must learn to leave everything up to my Son; every one of you must learn to no longer be but to live, to live in grace, to allow yourselves to be wrapped in God's love, to not understand with your will, but rather to leave everything behind so that you can welcome Heaven’s graces in these times. These times are providing you with answers, my children. These times are leading you to a place that you are not able to see. It is Heaven that guides your steps, it is Heaven that shows you that you must move forward.

Little children of love, everything is within you. You must allow grace to show you where you are. It is necessary that you understand that these times are willed by Heaven. The human will cannot give you answers, the human will cannot lead you to see what is meant for you. Leave to God what belongs to God. Allow grace to transform you.

Little children, look at this country, this country that has been blessed by Heaven: this country is suffering due to human will, this country has turned its eyes away from the King of Love due to human will. You who have lived under the rule of nobility now know what it means to be subjected to the human will, and this is making you suffer. You are God's chosen ones, like other children of the world: every name is written in the Book of Life. You must bring nourishment to those, in your country, who have lost their faith. This country, children of love, is open to Heaven's graces. If every child who listens to the voice of The Love were to choose to live with graces, others would come, others would know to follow in the footsteps in which you, you have followed.

Take a look at your past, your past that has been a past of suffering. Your past is something that has made you suffer. There was nothing but suffering: you have known poverty, you have known what it meant to go to sleep without having eaten, you have known what it meant to walk while you were cold, not knowing where you would sleep. Because what you are, children of love, is what your ancestors were: you carry the weight of your past.

Heaven has come to speak to you. Heaven has asked you to consecrate every heart to my Heart so that you might be protected from Satan. You have been neglectful. Learn from Heaven, little children of love, that when one turns one’s eyes to the one who gives you food while you neglect the one who is beside you: this causes suffering. The one who walks along the road without looking to see if the person beside him needs help: carries suffering. The one who eats without worrying about whether the tiny little child will eat: carries suffering. You must love one another, you must sustain one another.

You who live in a country where there is abundance, you who live in this country of colours, of warmth, you live in a country of suffering. Heaven had granted you so much. Today, you look around you and your eyes are scandalized by the coldness of this world, by the deceit, by the domination. Isn't this, little children, the result of a world that wanted to think only of material things? I know your hearts as Mother has taken care of them.

When my chosen son was your king, he wanted to give a flower to this country: he consecrated France to the Heart of Mary. You were covered with grace and I moved forward alongside you. I took care of your little hearts. I took care of every heart as if it was my most precious possession, nourishing each heart with my graces. This led you to keep your faith, this enabled you to move forward, knowing that Heaven was watching you. But you know all this, little children of love, but your words, your poor words that wound your hearts, that fill your hearts with pain, that make them incapable of feeling compassion for the sinner, for the one who denies my Son, for the one who does not want to pray! You see, little children of love, you have been maintained in your faith, but Heaven was watching them as well: Heaven wanted them as well.

God is Mercy. God comes to speak in your hearts so that you may be oneness of love in order to seek out my tiny ones who are suffering because of their refusals. My Son came for the greatest of sinners. Whether a person had stolen only an apple, or whether another had raped his own child, or whether another had taken the life of several little children, do you think that my Son's Heart failed to feel compassion for each one of these? Do you think that he neglected the one who causes pain and another who doesn’t care about hurting himself? He gave up his Life; he did not neglect a single child.

His Blood, my children, is a pure Blood, a powerful Blood. He gave it and he gives it at every moment so that God's children may be purified. Not one of you can know who is deserving and who is not deserving. Not one of you is able to understand my Son's love, the love of a Father who accepts that his Child, his Beloved, be on the Cross.

I am asking you, little children of love, to feel compassion for yourselves so that you may understand Mother's Heart. Yes, I come to speak in your hearts to reclaim the place of all children who do not follow my Son, who are against my Son. I am begging you, little children, be a gift of love as my Son is a gift of love. Be perfect, through Heaven's graces, as God is perfect.

These times are times willed by God. He is showing you his mercy, he enables you to feel his love, he accompanies you every moment of your lives so that you may turn your eyes towards him. See as my Son sees and you will understand that he loves all children. Hear as my Son hears and you will understand the words of The Love. Have my Son's Heart within you and you will enter their hearts. He who allows the Divine Will to envelop him is able to understand my words. At present, they are teaching you to give up your human will: the one that has made you choose your own suffering. Sin, my children, has come to you and you have not been able to refuse sin.

My Son came to take all this. It is up to you now to enter his mercy; it is up to you to allow your flesh to be purified by a fire of love. All this is presented to you in these times, all around the world. Children are receiving, are receiving graces through the hearts that are the most loving, through the hearts that abandon themselves, having given everything to God.

Little children, be in love with one another. To be in love with one another is to love all those you carry within you. It is not possible to be separated from those who curse my Son – you carry them within you: love the being that you are. Accept suffering. Be joyful for being able to understand and to see. Give thanks to God for what you are living. And move forward, move forward along the path that leads you to your glory, which is none other than my Son's Glory.

Little children of love, you have received, and therefore, give. From those who receive much, much will be asked. And Heaven is asking you to carry all those who are downcast because of their poor choices before sin.

Little children, sin is Satan, the Prince of Darkness. My Son is the King, the King of love, the King of the universe, the King of all nations. Nothing is above my Son, for the one who was defeated acknowledges that defeat. He knows that he has lost, but he wants to drag the Kingdom’s subjects down with him. Do not allow him to get away with this. It is up to you to answer yes to your own happiness. You belong to God; you do not belong to Satan. Always keep your heads raised towards Heaven. Little children, walk together towards the Kingdom of God. You are upon a path, a path that is necessary. It was presented to you by God so that you could show him your love. Be symbols of love.

Now, little children, stand and sing to the Mother of God that hymn of love that you had not finished singing earlier.

♪♪♪ Hymn.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And now, we will continue; please sit down. Every one of you has heard the Will of God. Can you hear me in the back? Well, I feel much more at ease being who I am: I never got used to the microphone. I come from Québec, I come from New France. We left Normandy to cross the sea. It’s as though we had said: “We left a world of imprisonment, of slavery, to find our freedom.”

But we didn’t find our freedom because the one who had sent us had lost what he once carried in his heart: righteousness, the rights of God's children; the desire to be all for God, to want everything solely for God, to give himself to God; to take the children who had been entrusted to him and to show them the way; to be himself a witness to the Gospel, to be a witness to the Word of God; the desire to do only what God expected of him.

The one who sent us was a king under the rule of God: when we left, we left with a cross in our hearts. When we left, we had faith in God; we wanted to eat, we wanted to drink according to what he, God, gave us. We left in faith, knowing that where we were going God would be there, God would welcome us, for we were hungry; our children were dying of hunger. We had nothing to put on our backs, for we owed everything to the one who was meant to govern us.

Every king must forget himself, every king must be upon the cross, every king must agree to shed his last drop of blood for those he loves. That is what a king is, that is what it means to love unconditionally. For a king who accepts, from God, to be anointed by God is no longer himself: he is the one who is upon the cross, he is a man in love, his heart is filled with Heaven's graces, and he moves forward. Wherever he sends God's children, he is sending his own children, he is sending those he loves more than himself. He's ready to place his head on the executioner’s block out of love, out of love for God, out of love for those he takes care of. That is a king of love.

And we, we tried to protect ourselves over there. We gathered together in small places, surrounding ourselves with a stockade against those who didn’t agree with our being in that country, for that country was theirs by right. Some of them welcomed us. Some of them tried to listen to the Word of God for what they saw first was a cross among the trees. They recognized that piece of wood! That wood revealed respect to them, for men and women would gather around that piece of wood that bore no leaves, no fruit, and that, nevertheless, drew them as though it were something of great value, of great reassurance! They would say, “Why do they gather around that piece of wood when it has no leaves to protect them from this heat, when they cannot use its bark to build their homes?” They didn’t understand, but what they were seeing were children who loved that piece of wood.

It seemed as though those children had found what they themselves were searching for: the Creator, the One who had created all forests, the One who had made the eagle fly in the sky, the One who had created fire to warm them. Yes, for when the missionaries spoke, they understood, they understood that what they were hearing was what had always been inside them. From legend to legend, they had been reliving the love that was in the words of the one teaching them. They were the same words of the women who wore black dresses and scarves on their heads. How were those women different from the ones they knew? They seemed to have a strength within them.

Those beings were children of God like us, we who were coming to that country. They were like us. We arrived there and we looked at them, and we loved them. They were teaching us to live in that rough and harsh country, for they were familiar with the cold. They knew what it meant to run miles and miles to find food. They knew what it meant to take down their dwellings and carry them on their shoulders to rebuild another dwelling in different place, as they could no longer find food in the place where they had been living: they were forced to leave in order to find food. And so, those who arrived needed them. They also taught them how to use plants; they taught them how to protect themselves from insects that could give them fever. They shared all this, for we gave what we were to them – we gave them what we had brought with us: faith, the love of God.

We prayed God and they learned to pray God. We shared our warm houses with them, for we began to build houses with their wood. Their fire entered the houses and they found that this was good, and all this was shared. They also taught us how to defend ourselves, for there were those who wanted to make us disappear as well, like Jesus on the Cross; because there were men who tried to give them what was against them, that is to say, alcohol and things that made loud noises – guns. People were bringing poison to them, and they, who were not used to all these things, allowed that evil to numb them: this made them feel so lightheaded! They were experiencing things that were unfamiliar to them and their hearts began to turn into hearts of war.

Men wanted to go to war against those who prayed God; they didn’t want to be love. We, who were there, needed help; we needed the help of all our brothers and our sisters of France in order to conquer our weakness, for we had gone there with our human will, we had gone there with our fears, our worries. We had gone there while remembering that we had always been hungry and cold. We needed prayers to withstand all this. We really wanted to obey those who governed, those who had agreed to take us there in their boats, but most of us were people who farmed the land: we weren't meant to fight. And so, what were we to do with guns? We were so clumsy.

But we managed anyway; we tried to keep a faithful heart. We didn’t want to follow those who wanted war – those who conquered the country for the sake of power – for there were others who travelled by boat across the sea. They too wanted to conquer a country, but not with the cross, not with faith, but rather by taking over through the use of power. They were the ones who brought guns to them; they were the ones who brought them alcohol. We defended ourselves as best we could: we kept our faith. That faith led us to be dominated by them as well, for there was a battle and it wasn’t France that won – it was the English.

You see, the same battle that was taking place here in France was also taking place over there, in Canada. It was as though the darkness were battling the light. How is it that the light was not victorious? Why were we conquered? Wasn’t it because we laid our weapons down? Not the weapons that were making a lot of noise – the only weapon we needed was love. It is the only weapon that is able to conquer. But we haven’t yet won – the war is still going on, there's still domination, power.

A priest asked me, “Why is your government removing the crosses from your schools? How come they no longer want to teach the Catholic religion in Catholic schools?” I didn’t have an answer. Today, I know because I'm hearing the answer at the same time as you are: it’s because the power of domination governs. We ourselves, God's children, have elected people who have power over God's children, over the children of the Light: we ourselves – because we believed in the law – have believed in the laws of men, we have had more faith in the laws of men than in the laws of God. As a result, today we’re paying the price for this.

Isn't it the same thing that is happening all over again: a king who believes more in what he is than in God, a king who claims to love his subjects, but who concentrates on himself and neglects his children? And we’re doing the same thing: we elect men, and even women, so that they can take care of us and of our children.

We’re the same, we’re no different. If a king isn't what he should be before God, isn't that because his children didn’t pray for him? We have neglected to pray for our king, we have neglected to pray for our governments, we have neglected to love them as brothers and as sisters, we have neglected to respect the laws of God: “Love your brother. If you do not love your brother, you do not love God. If you judge your brother, you judge God. If you hold an opinion against your brother, you hold an opinion against God.” Isn't this what we did even though we had the rosary in our hands?

Even today, we see brothers and sisters in government – it’s true that they don’t follow God, it’s true that they are against God – but we have to love them because what they are is children like us: they have a father, they have a mother, they have a family like we do. But their hearts have become hard; their hearts have become hearts of stone because they listened to Satan. They have fallen under Satan's spell, they have fallen into Satan's trap, because others before them neglected the laws of God; others before them chose to work on Sunday, chose to use the name of God as they blasphemed.

Isn't that what Mother Mary told us at La Salette? “Stop putting my Son's name in the middle of your sentences. Stop working on Sunday by going out to your fields. Whoever does not respect Sunday will come to know suffering, for the potatoes will rot, the wheat will dry, it will become moldy.” Isn't that what happened? Let’s take a look at what happened. At La Salette, Mother Mary said that children would die. Let’s take a look at our children: our children are dying, are dying for lack of nourishment. The only nourishment they need is the Body of Jesus. We need the Eucharist. If a child doesn’t receive the nourishment that he has a right to receive on Sunday, he will die throughout the week. A child who doesn’t go to drink the Blood of Jesus dies of thirst throughout the week. And Mother Mary told us this at La Salette.

We, we have understood. Yes, we kept count: “Wow! A hundred children died, a thousand children died, two thousand children died. Hey! Mother Mary was right!” And we didn’t see a thing – we didn’t even realize that we were also keeping track of what was going to happen later on: the one who doesn’t nourish himself cannot nourish his children. If one child dies because he didn’t receive God's nourishment, one hundred children die. When Jesus gave out food with five loaves of bread and two fish, there was enough for more than five thousand people, much more than five thousand people: the multiplication of grace. Therefore, if we deprive just one of our children of graces, many will feel the effects and the consequences of this. We’re living the consequences of our negligence.

Are we able to separate ourselves from those we carry within us? Are we able to separate ourselves from our brothers and our sisters when we are in the Body of Jesus, when we are the Church, when we carry all those who came before us since Adam, and when we carry all those who will come after us and who have not yet been born, but whom Jesus carries and whom we carry within us?

We are the flesh of the Flesh. There is only one Flesh and it is the one of Jesus. There aren’t two of them; there's only one, only one Flesh that was able to carry everything: all flesh, only one perfect Flesh, one Flesh that comes from God to us. Jesus is the Eternal Flesh, Jesus is the Eternal Matter, and we, we are eternal matter, we are eternal flesh through Jesus, from Jesus. We have received everything from God, and we walk with the contents of God, since God is in us and we are in him: we form a whole.

Therefore, every thought bears consequences, every word bears consequences, every gaze bears consequences, everything we hear bears consequences, every movement bears consequences and ever feeling. If you carry out even one movement that is not love, all God's children bear the consequences of it. We cannot be a whole without being in the All, we cannot be just one part of God: God is complete, God is a whole. And so, we are part of the All of God and God the Father said of his Son: “Listen to my Beloved Son with whom I am well-pleased.”

We are God's beauty, we are God's intelligence. We have everything within us in order to be happy; we have everything, in God, to be equal to one another, in order to be well-pleased with one another, as God the Father and God the Son, God the Holy Spirit form but one. God the Father, who is an All, is in the All of his Son. The All of the Son is in the All of the Father: movement of love that is constantly given, that is constantly in his All. The Holy Spirit is the All of The Love and The Love is the All of God. They form but one God and we form but one all in God.

We are all different from one another. We have all received an all from God; through that all, we are whole. If we try to examine everything inside us, you won't find two people who are alike. Try to see your love and you will find only one, for we all contain the same one. We have the sight of God – there is only one sight. We have the hearing of God – there is only one hearing. We have one word – it is the word of God. We have but one mind: the Spirit, the Spirit of God, the mind of God. We are word within the Word, movement within the Movement. We are the heart of The Love, the Heart of the Son that soars towards the Father and that never stops giving. So, this is how we are: we are movement within the Movement, we are love within The Love, we are whole in and through one another.

How can we understand this? “Okay, Lord; you say that if I look at who I am, I won't find another like me among my neighbours. But you’ve just told me that I have the same eyesight as my neighbour, that there's only one – the same hearing, word, mind, one movement and one heart. Then explain to me, Lord, what am I supposed to do with all this?”

Well, God enters us to make us unique. He loves us with what we have received – the gifts of God, the fruits of God, the intelligence of God, the love of God – so that we may give everything that we are for another, and the other gives: the other gives what he is to become a complement of the one standing in front him, and as soon as he gives, the other gives back. It’s as though this movement were entering the other person and were completing him, and his movement were entering me and were completing me. Therefore, his all becomes my own all, and my all becomes his all. How can we understand this?

Well, the Lord says the following: “Children of love, what you are, you are so for God. You can exist only because I am: I am the Word, I am the Life, I am the Light, the Truth, I am the Way. I lead you to the place where you must be in order to be in my All. You are part of my All. I see you and I love you. You are unique to God, for every child of God is my Flesh, every child of God is my All. I carry all of you within me. You are a unity of love. Not one of you is able to live without the others, for you belong to God, you are part of my All, you are the All of God.

You have received everything you need to love one another as brothers and sisters. You have received everything from God to love one another as perfect beings of love, which is the love that I am. You are perfect solely through me. He who claims to be perfect without me is nothing. He lacks everything. He causes his brothers and his sisters to suffer; he causes the all to suffer because he cannot recognize that he is an all. He is incapable of entering his own happiness; his happiness resides in the all of God's children. The Voice which leads him to that all reveals to him who he is. It appeals to him to be love over and over again, for he is in its eternal movement, he is in its almightiness, for its almightiness is in God. I am the Almightiness.

Every child is my All and I do not separate myself from my All unless the little one rejects me. If he rejects me, it is up to me to comfort all those who do not reject me; it is up to me to heal; it is up to me to purify this failing, this lack of love towards the Almighty. Each one of you is perfect in and through God; each one of you is part of the Eternal Flesh. You have received a loving yes from God, and you carry that yes within you. You do not carry the lives of your brothers and of your sisters in their human will – you carry the life within the Life, and, children of love, I am the Life. I am Eternal Life. Human will cannot be the Life. Human will makes you aware of your choices. Man and woman were meant to be only in the Divine Will.”

The human will is what makes us individuals; it’s what separates us from one another. We know that we’re whole on the inside; we know that, on the inside, we have received that which is love so that we may give. When I receive the grace to build, well, I can build in order to give, as what I give is returned to me continuously. We were made to give.

Love never stops giving itself. When we give what God has placed within us, we constantly receive it in return. We do not interrupt the movement of love. If we receive the gift of song, we must sing for our neighbour, and our neighbour returns that song to us, for we can see it in his eyes, we can see it in him as he listens, we can feel the joy that comes from his heart. We receive all this. This is a gift that comes from God; it isn't a gift that comes from the human will.

And so, our life perceives what our human will is not able to perceive. This is the reason that we are whole in and through ourselves, different from others, but we are an all within God's love. And we never stop being a movement of love. We cannot be whole if we fail to give ourselves, if we fail to serve. We were made to serve, for we were made to receive: we are love.

If we want to live on earth as beings of love, we must learn to give of ourselves and we must learn to receive. We give what we have within us and that comes from God, and from God, we receive, but our neighbour cannot perceive that he has just received a gift of love that comes solely through God. We are alive and true only if we know that we are in God, with God and for God.

That is what we are: a movement of love in Jesus. We all existed before we came to be in our mother’s womb. It is in Jesus that we received flesh. We were created in Jesus, for he is the Creator; he is the one who is in his Father, in the Holy Spirit. It isn't our mother, it isn't the man who places the seed of life in the woman’s nest – it’s God.

God created everything before we came to be on earth: the universe was created for us, the earth was created for us, all the contents of the universe, all the contents of the earth were created for us. Therefore, we were created before because these things were created for us. The earth wasn’t created before us – it welcomed all those who had been created, for the earth is at the service of man; it isn't above us, it is for us.

God created us out of love and he gave us everything out of love. We were meant to live on earth as perfect beings of love, just as the universe was perfect, just as the earth was perfect before we, we managed to make it imperfect. We are the ones who made the earth impure; it wasn’t God – it was us. But when God created all this, he created it with purity. He created us pure. Before we came to earth, we were pure children, perfect, immortal. When Adam was created, he was created with earth and he received the breath of God; but where does the earth come from? It comes from God and Jesus is the Pure Matter, he is the Eternal Flesh.

Remember that all the angels, all the angels adored God, praised God. They served God, they looked upon God and they received the light of God. They were God's beauty, God's intelligence, and they were always filled with admiration as they could see their God of Love in and through what they were. They were pure spirits and God is a pure Spirit, but the angels are not superior to the pure Spirit – they are pure spirits. There is only one pure Spirit – God – and they, they were pure spirits. There is one difference between a pure Spirit and a spirit that is pure: the pure spirits come from the pure Spirit.

But a time came when God, in his Divine Will, showed them the Son of God as man – the Man-God – because God encompasses all things. Creation was in his perfect Spirit. As he had created spirits, he was the Creator, perfect Movement, Movement that gives itself, Movement that never stops giving what it is. He gives himself ceaselessly. He gives what he is. God gives what he is. He does not take in order to give – he is God. Therefore, he gives of himself constantly: a movement of love in God the Father, in God the Son, in God the Holy Spirit: one all, one God, one Spirit, one Creator.

Nothing is above God as we can only create ‘from.’ And so, God created. Through what he is, God the Son revealed himself: the invisible became visible. And all the pure spirits saw, they saw what was visible and then, a great shudder was felt. The moment the Pure Matter appeared before them, there was one, one who rejected the light, one who said ‘no’: he refused. In that very moment, he had just rejected the light that was reflected upon him. He was only able to be pure spirit as long as the light remained upon him. But as he refused that movement, he separated himself from eternity.

The light was no longer reflected upon him; he who was meant to serve, he who was meant to adore in a movement of eternity, had just entered his own movement. As he no longer wanted to be in the light, he saw himself: he adored himself, he served himself. Even though this happened in a fraction of eternity, which we cannot understand, this was too long to a pure spirit. For he was a pure spirit – he had the perfect intelligence of God but he refused. He made his choice. He became ‘I’; he became what he wanted – the proud one.

The other angels, who also looked, were not supposed to look at this movement that was disappearing. They were supposed to remain in the light, they were supposed to adore, they were supposed to be in God's service. But they did look! They, who were perfect, were not supposed to see what was imperfect, but they did it anyway, and therefore, they followed the one who had refused.

The other angels remained what they were: light. They remained in that movement of adoration, they remained in the movement of service to God. They always remained in that movement of love, continuously. Everything became a movement of love to them, for they were entering a movement of love that was leading them into the depths of the Creator. What had not existed beforehand became known to them, and they entered the movement of the Creator: endless movement that demands obedience, endless movement that is absolute. They had just entered that movement.

We were to experience all this as well. We were meant to be in the movement of obedience, we were meant to be in the movement that is absolute; but for this, it is necessary to understand who we are, from where we come, why we exist. No one can reveal this to us except the One who is God. Whatever we may understand, we understand it through God himself: the Holy Spirit.

The time has come – a time within eternal time – to live the act requested of Adam and Eve: “Show me the love you have for me. Be faithful in all things to the movement that is within you. Understand what I enable you to understand by acknowledging that you come from me. Do not reject what I give you, for what you are is what I want for you. I give you what I am; therefore, take and eat, eat this movement of love, for I gave myself to you.”

The Son of God made Man is the One who has always nourished us with his love. It is through his love that he created us within him. We were created from love. We are movements of love; we need nothing else besides love. If, today, we look at our flesh and we love our flesh more than the love that is inside us – the soul – that’s because we have listened to our human will.

We have been in a human will that was constantly forced to listen to good and evil. Good and evil have become a very heavy burden to us, for evil has gained the upper hand. We barely understand what it means to be in the fullness of God. To be in the fullness of God is to love the flesh, and the flesh is each one of us. To be in the fullness of God is to look into my sister’s and my brother’s eyes as if I were looking into my own eyes, which are the eyes of love that come from God and not from me.

This is what God wants us to understand in these times. He's preparing a great, great movement and that movement has already begun, but the One who is to come will gather together all the others. He is coming to speak in our hearts. He is gathering all hearts together, hearts that are present here, and he is enabling our heart to hear. Our heart is whoever is standing in front of us because that person is us: we are the Heart of Jesus, we are the Heart of the One who allowed a sword to pierce him that we might understand that our hearts have been wounded because of the countless times our hearts have separated. Jesus did not allow his Heart to be separated in two, but he did allow his Heart to be pierced to show us that we had accepted suffering in our lives, to show us that reparation had been made. 

How could there have been reparation for us if our heart hadn’t been pierced by the suffering we had caused to the Heart of The Love? We must understand the suffering of all our brothers and sisters of the whole world in order to understand that our heart is open, in order to understand that our heart has allowed the suffering of the world to enter it, in order to understand that our heart needs the One who shed his Precious Blood, the very Blood that created us, the very Blood that never stops nourishing us. We must be children of love and it is God who turns you, who turns us, into love because we come from him. We are the children of the promise, we are the children of the yes.