Gathering of Love With God's Action in Bourg d’Iré, France,

 Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus

2008-03-02 – Afternoon – Part 2

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we have just received is nourishment. What we have just received is the Will of God. Let’s take a look at ourselves and let’s look to the patron who was granted to us. Yes, Saint Joseph is the patron of those who have always been in exile, the one who always wanted to be a father to us. What we are living, we are living it in the Will of God, we are not living it in our will.

Is there anyone more humble than Saint Joseph, who asks for nothing more than to serve, to not come before God, to not take the place of the Mother of God, to not place himself before the One who was sent by God the Father? Saint Joseph has always been a model for us and he tells us: “Listen.” Therefore, let’s listen to the voice of the Lord who speaks within us. If God speaks to each one of us out of love, he also spoke to Saint Joseph, saying to him, “What I am entrusting to you is what is most precious to me.” And he entrusted us all to Saint Joseph, but Saint Joseph has always remained in his place. He is silent, he remains silent and he asks us to be like him. This is the patron that was granted to us.

We have learned to be peaceful solely through grace. If we’re hearing the Spirit of God talking about us, that’s because we need to learn who we are before God's graces. It isn't up to us to say who Saint Joseph is – that will be revealed to us when God wills it, for we carry in our hearts our own pain, we carry in our hearts what God wants to show us so that we may allow ourselves to be purified.

A time has been granted to us, a time of purification, such as the one granted to Joseph. When he approached a young girl who was pure and he realized that that young girl was carrying a child, Joseph didn’t say a word: he begged his God to open his spirit. But nevertheless he wanted to escape, leaving everything to God!

Through this, God is showing us that we must leave our human will behind and remain in our place. We must be where God wants us to be so that we may always be ready to listen to the Word of God, and not to our words – to listen to the Spirit of God and not to the spirit of this world; to not listen to our heart that is afraid, our heart that doubts, our heart that worries. If we listen to our heart that panics, we will cry out, we will cry out yet again to our own human will, for it is our own human will that makes us doubtful, that leads us to live in our fear, in our worry: it isn't God.

This is what we have always done – we have always followed our human will, we have always been here, asking ourselves, “This thing before me – does it really come from God? Is what is happening inside me really willed by God?” God alone can nourish us; he alone can give us answers, but not through our human will, but rather through the Divine Will: The Love who nourishes, The Love who gives us to eat, The Love who quenches those who are thirsty for the truth.

This doesn’t come from us. No human being is able to bring healing and deliverance: none. Therefore, we must be what we are – tiny little ones before this time of light – for we have entered a time in which we see what we have accepted: we have placed our human will before us to show ourselves that we haven’t been mistaken. Yes, we have been mistaken. Yes, we are sinners. Yes, we have gone to Confession. Yes, we have received Jesus. Yes, we have adored. Yes, I have judged my neighbour. Yes, I have doubted him. Yes, I have given my opinion. Yes, I have failed towards my mother, failed towards my father. Yes, I haven’t always listened to my parents. Yes, I have often pushed my brother and my sister. Yes, I have lied, I have raped. Yes, I have turned to impure and excessive sexuality. But did all this come from the child of God who was inside me or from the human will that manipulated the child of God, and that deceived him to the point of no longer refusing sin?

We must enter this movement of light in order to understand who we are. There isn't a single movement that God allows without showing us the light beforehand. If he wants to use the pain of one of our brothers to bring us face to face with what we are – alleluia! This is something we must not avoid. When grace comes through, let’s dive into grace and let’s thank Heaven for what we’re hearing. Whether it comes from this person or that one, if God is allowing it – alleluia! Amen.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And now, you may ask questions, but not personal ones like, “Am I going to meet the man I'm going to marry, or get a new job?” No personal questions. We need to nourish one another. And so, we can begin right away, if you wish, because we have another gathering tonight, which is willed by God. Okay? Now, if you would like to begin…

Q. What should we think of people who have difficulty nourishing themselves with God's love, with the Nourishment?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God has put movements of love in each one of us. We have had these movements of love since our creation. If we have neglected to nourish our movements of love through The Love himself by seeking physical love, by seeking a love that was apart from God, that’s because we shut our eyes to everything that was God's beauty.

Today, we see children asleep on the sidewalk because they have nowhere to sleep. Well, that’s because, before us, there were people who said, “No, I will see only myself; I will give myself pleasure; I will find a job; I will educate myself; I will become master of my life.” If, today, all over the world we see nations dying of hunger, women who give birth to children and who give them up because they can't even feed them, well, that’s because we’re living the consequence of our choices before sin, before things that kill us.

Sin kills us; sin takes away the nourishment that is essential to our soul, which results in a lack of nourishment for our flesh. If we lack nourishment for our flesh, we become afraid: we’re afraid of running out of food, we’re afraid of not having a home, we’re afraid of not being able to sleep in a warm place, we’re afraid of not being able to face the future, we’re afraid of tomorrow. Because we’re afraid of tomorrow, we allow those who are like us to die.

But don’t be deceived – sometimes, they’re stronger than we are. Sometimes, they look at us and say, “You, with your house, you’re a prisoner. You might have a nice car but you’re forced to work sixty hours a week to pay for it. You haven’t noticed that you’re a slave to your own choices. If that’s what you have to offer me along with this bit of change, then I’ll pray for you, I’ll commend you to the One who keeps me alive on the sidewalk. I’ll cradle you in my arms because you no longer know how to hold your children. I will comfort you because you don’t know that you’re suffering and that you’re hungry: you’re hungry for your freedom. You think you have freedom through your material possessions, your bank account; you think you have the freedom to buy yourself whatever you want when, in fact, you are a slave: you are a slave to yourself, you have built your own prison. Today, I'm sleeping here. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll sleep under a bridge, or maybe I’ll be in my cardboard box. I’ll move around; if someone doesn’t want me around, I’ll just go somewhere else.” You see, which one of us lacks nourishment the most?

In the very beginning, God said, “The children of the third world are dying of hunger, but my children of the world are dying because they do not have nourishment: my Nourishment. When they will see themselves, they run the risk of knowing eternal death. Go nourish them; by your surrender, I shall speak. You will have nothing to give to them, but you will serve. You will not bring them the nourishment to which they have become accustomed; what I shall give them will come from the One who is the Bread of life and the Wine of life.”

And so, we must turn our attention to the one who helps us. Yes, those people who are out there on the streets or in the slums, well, we need them. Let’s go and show them that we need them. Let’s not turn up our noses because they smell bad. Let’s hold them and say, “Help me because you can show me that I should be like you, deprived of everything, for when God shows me what I am, I will have to give up all the extras in my life. I will share with you, but I don’t have that strength yet. You took a step that I have not taken: you have chosen to live in poverty. Oh! You made this choice because of certain events – your father left; your mother was being beaten; you saw that your brother committed suicide; you were raped when you were young; you were thrown out because your mother’s boyfriend didn’t want you around. You have an illness and your thoughts are manipulated by a voice that scares you. It’s true that you have experienced all this but you, you have to help me understand your pain because, whatever it is that you see in me, I haven’t seen it yet. Yes, I need to know that inside me there's rape, incest, homosexuality, deceit, lies, theft, indifference, the New Age Movement. You, you look at this and you say to yourself, ‘They won't be able to escape all that.’”

We need them just as they need us. Let’s turn our attention to the poor of this world: they have much to give us. One day, I was in Sandy Bay – this is a First Nation reserve in Northern Manitoba. They laugh because they say that, sometimes, they still have to go and wash their clothes in the river. They said, “She's coming to shake things up a bit.” The Lord told them, “You will suffer less than the white men in their big houses. They own castles whereas you, you share amongst yourselves.” We took away their dignity. The white man took away their dignity. When a human being’s dignity is taken away, he claims to be unable to escape his situation.

As a result, they take drugs. The mafia is all around them. There is a great deal of suffering: men who abuse women; women who are constantly abused, who see their children commit suicide; a mother who says, “Pray because five of my children committed suicide.” We’re living this because of our choices. People always abuse power. The only power we should have is: “Yes, God.” This is the only one we have: “Yes, God, everything for you. Teach me.” And we should never refuse, because the moment we say “no,” we no longer have any power, and Satan takes who we are, and Satan is the one who manipulates us.

And so, you see, this is a little lesson on love. Thank you, Lord.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Is there another question?

Q. Yes. Francine, according to what you’re saying, we, in the Western World, will come to know great poverty – according to what you’re telling us. There are already people in Québec who are experiencing this, and there are also those experiencing this in France. Because in France, there are thirty million people who are experiencing lack of job security, that is to say, one out of every two. Do you have anything to say regarding this?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When the voice of God is in your heart, when the voice of God makes your heart beat with hope, don’t you think that God will fill children’s hearts with love, with faith, with loyalty? Yes, children of love, you promised to be faithful to the Ten Commandments of God; you promised to be witnesses of the Gospel for your brothers and your sisters. Wherever you may be, you will know that God is showering you with graces, and hunger will not affect you, nor the cold, for fear will disappear.

When there is no more fear, there's no need to worry about tomorrow. Leave to God what belongs to God. This is how it must be in order to allow man to reclaim what he has left in the hands of Satan.

Q. Thank you. There's a passage of hope, a page in the Gospel that says: “He who gives to the poor will lack nothing.”

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Whatever tomorrow holds for us – we need only accept it. Something that is accepted is something that holds a promise: God promises us that we will live his Glory. Amen.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, my brother.

Q. I have to say this before it’s time to leave: could we recite the prayer to Our Lady of Deliverance, the prayer for inner healing, because there are those who are in shackles. A real prison! Before we finish tonight, just give me the go-ahead.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, my brother.

Q. You spoke of a great movement that was beginning… and I wanted to know what we should hope for in and through what we’re experiencing.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: In God, we can hope for everything. The movement that has begun is the call for the return of his people. We come from God's people.

God is coming to gather together hearts of stone to change them into hearts of flesh, and this can only be accomplished by the purification of the flesh. If we want our heart, which has become hard through the sins we committed because of our poor choices, to be changed into a heart of flesh, then we must give everything our flesh has accepted: thoughts, gazes, what we hear, words, movements, and feelings. Everything must be given to God, absolutely everything, and this happens according to the rhythm of love. The Holy Spirit is the one who will bring our sufferings back up to the surface so we can give them to Jesus. But Jesus really loves it when we go through the Heart of Mary in order to enter the Heart of Jesus.

When we accept to no longer have a heart only for ourselves, then we accept to take the very Heart of Jesus and to live in that Heart – to no longer be, but to just be, to no longer be of this world but to belong to Jesus. This is what we’re learning in this moment. Time belongs to God – it doesn’t belong to us. Our children don’t belong to us – they belong to God. They were created before they were conceived in us, before we nourished them with our flesh, which is the Flesh of God. We have received everything from God, and therefore, God will give them what he gives to us: graces.

If we are gathered together today, in this little group, well, just tell yourselves that all the children of the earth have received graces. The moment we accept God's graces without fear, something flows within us – a flood of graces – and they flow from one heart to another, from that heart to another, and from that heart to another. Everything will happen internally. The purification of the flesh will not take place externally. It will not be necessary for any human will to make a single gesture. Everything will come from God and solely from God. That which we cannot see is alive. Let’s not forget that, in the very beginning, we spoke of the invisible, and afterwards, of the visible: this is invisible.

Q. Are the angels going to help us throughout this great spiritual struggle?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Ah! If you could only see all the angels present here, you would be surprised. The saints in Heaven are on earth with us. The souls in Purgatory never stop praying for us.

Try to imagine that when we, we allow ourselves to be purified in the flesh, the flesh that is at rest benefits from this. At the resurrection of the flesh, in a movement of love, everything will be. There will be nothing but praise to God, praise to God for being able to return to their flesh. Imagine: the soul that returns to its flesh, and in that movement of love, that yes will erupt into praise and gratitude to God.

And so, they are with us. Alleluia, Lord.

Q. I'm a teacher and I'm in charge of religious education in my parish, and because of this we attended a conference on the state of religion in Catholic establishments. It was mentioned that the Catholic religion is no longer taught in Catholic schools, and I was shocked to hear the speaker saying that it is necessary to revise the Bible and that Adam and Eve… It was in Malakoff – because that’s where I work – and I was so angry. I didn’t know the reason for this and I wanted to ask you.

As for me, I don’t know the Bible very well. In fact, I'm used to the Bible I had as a child. However, I rediscovered it… and I learned to become accustomed to it. And I would like to know how I can respond to someone who is against our religion? I find this so appalling… for our children… And so, how do we respond to someone who is against our religion? It’s like the tradition of Halloween – how can I not say anything? Even in kindergarten… it drives me crazy and I had to go against the teacher to explain to her that it was wrong.

And so, how do we respond to someone who is against our religion if he's stronger than we are? And that’s my little story… well, it’s not everything but I don’t have the words to explain everything to you. I felt like getting up and leaving… and that’s all – but can you give me an answer? This just upsets me so much.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We have received much. We have loved much in and through our wounds. Our wounds have put the notion into the minds of our leaders that they had to take control of us. When they take control of us, they use their human will and the human will is against us. We are so cold, so cold, because of our hearts that are hard. Let’s leave it up to the Mother of God to take the hearts of her children. The only weapon we have is: the rosary. Do you have faith in Heaven's graces?

All: Yes.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: More than in the government, than in our leaders?

All: Yes.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Do we have faith that God has conquered evil? Do you have faith that, one day, Satan will bow down before all the angels and adore the One who, to him, was the cause of his ruin?

All: Yes.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Let’s have faith that God has conquered evil. Do you think that they will conquer our children’s hearts? Show love to your children: and those leaders’ words will be useless. Show them patience: their words will be useless. Show them that you have within you that faith in the One who saves: and they are defeated.

It’s not possible to eradicate what is inside us – love – we are love. However, they can affect our thoughts: by accepting their thoughts and by turning them into our thoughts, by accepting their words that give rise to fear, by accepting their decisions that enable them to move forward in order to paralyze us. Let’s have faith. If we accept all this and we don’t give it to Jesus immediately, the impure spirits will come.  

The moment we hear something against God – let’s give to God what belongs to God: “This is against you, God; therefore, take what is against you, you have conquered it; I can do nothing.” Let’s not set one will against another will: two wills that come face to face, both fall to the ground and Satan is victorious. Satan uses God's children against us.

Q. Yes, of course, Francine. What this woman is telling you is what all Christians here have observed. For three generations, faith has no longer been passed on in France: our churches are empty, there are no more children, and who is responsible for all this?

The advice of this woman, who described the mission of lay persons, is the answer to your question… Christians must seek out opportunities to proclaim the Word of God. And, in order to proclaim the Word of God, one must read it, and the more you read, the more you want to know. Read the Bible and you will hunger for the Word of God.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Love your children. Let’s walk together. Let’s be the Cross. Let’s keep our faith by the grace of God.

Q. In a Catholic school, there's a little girl who asked me, “Do you go to mass? Your little brother isn't here? Is he too little?”

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You had your little brother inside you, or, you carried her little brother inside you. We carry all our children.

I visited a private school in Jean Bosco, in Provence. There were four classes: groups of twenty, twenty-five. Children were suffering. There were children among them who believed in God. There were children among them who didn’t believe in God because no one had taught them how. They all listened and they all received. Tiny little children were comforted, tiny little children heard God telling them, “Forgive one another. Do not push one another around. Do not take the place of the weakest. Love one another. Forgive dad when he does not come to visit on the weekend. Love mom even if she is not able to say I love you.”

This went on for hours. Four hours went by, talking to groups and what we heard was: “That warmed my heart. That felt good.” They had smiles on their faces. That’s what they heard. Yes, God spoke about Someone who was above them. Yes, God said, “I am God.” But between them and God, there was love, forgiveness: love, share, be good.

Are we going to take this away from children? No, because when a child is born, he searches for love. He is closer to God than we are. He knows that language. He knows what it means to be love. You can tell him over and over: “Oh! Adam and Eve – that isn't true!” But try telling him: “Bah! Don’t love your mother anymore!” “Whoa! What are you saying? I need my mother. I cry at night when I go to bed because mommy forgot to kiss me goodnight.” We can't take this away from our children.

But Satan will use fear to prevent the flow of graces from us to them. He's the master of manipulation. Let’s not fall into Satan's traps. He has always used fear, always, always. Do you think that he's going to change his methods? No, he will always, always sow fear. Love those who say that Adam and Eve are a myth. Let’s love them, because if they’re regressing, then let’s go after them with prayer. Let’s not claim to be better than they are because we pray – especially not this – because Satan will use this to say to them: “Look at those people who pray, look at them – they think they’re so special. Are they going to show us how to educate children, are they going to tell us how to build a world, a world that takes care of those who are sick and old, are they going to show us how to evolve with all this technology?” You see, he's going to use those children against us, us against them. That is Satan's work.

Mother Mary tells us, “Love one another. Pray for my children. Follow God's Ten Commandments. Turn to the sacraments. Carry sacramentals. Say the rosary every day. Live the Gospel. Be what my Son wants you to be: a word of life, a wine of life and a bread of life.” Let’s be a source of nourishment.

Alleluia! Thank you, Lord.

Q. If we reject love, is it possible that we inherited the rejection of love from our ancestors?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We wouldn’t be here without them, and even though they had bad thoughts, even though they had bad movements: they wanted love, they always searched for love. They were slaves to their suffering, but God never turned his eyes away from the children of God. There has always been love inside them. Remember those who came before Cain: they were love, they followed God, they loved God. But when Cain raised his hand to his brother, when the blood of a child of God touched the earth, then a movement occurred: the flesh was affected, the soul was affected by disobedience.

After that, the flesh allowed movements to affect it and all this led to sin, for, in the place where Cain and his descendants went to live, they met Satan and the demons in animals: the animals had been possessed by demons. The animals underwent a mutation. The demons, who possessed the animals, were transforming them, as they had them mate, and it took hundreds and hundreds of years to produce something that resembled the human form, and the aim of this was to approach women. Those animals did not approach them right away – I should say, those possessed animals.

And so, they learned. The demons were using them and they learned how they praised their gods, what they ate, how they behaved amongst themselves. They learned all this and when they were ready, then they drew near to the women and the women allowed themselves to be seduced by that creature that seemed to be stronger than man. And then, they allowed those beings to teach them. Those beings taught them; they taught them: how to wear make-up on their eyes, how to fix their hair, how to use stones to appear seductive; they taught them how to dance, how to sing; they taught them how to act in order to seduce; they taught them how to awaken the senses, because those women frolicked with the animals. Afterwards, while under their power, the women turned to men to lead men to those animals.

And then, there were more movements of domination. They taught them about power over woman. Man also took part in the seduction of the senses, until they too frolicked with the animals. Those beings became lower than animals, because when an animal was possessed and it acted against nature, it did, in fact, commit this act but it was still inferior to man, whereas man had received everything from God. He wasn’t supposed to do those things, but he did them anyway.

Therefore, they sank lower than the animal; they became children of evil. They left and they turned to the children of Adam and Eve. And then, evil spread everywhere on earth, everywhere, everywhere. The animals were impure, and God said, “It will rain for forty days and forty nights.” The only ones left were Noah and his family, but God looked at his children and he loved them. And so, they left and they built Noah’s Ark. The others watched them and mocked them. We know this because we were taught this, we were part of this movement.

Don’t you think that the flesh knows that it is seduced by the senses? When we become a slave to the senses, it is the senses that manipulate us. In spite of all this, there was love, always love.

Today, despite the fact that our flesh remembers, we want to pray; despite all this, we have faith in God, the same one who loved his children, but God doesn’t want his children to be prisoners of his love. It was they themselves who chose that, but God has always given his love. Since Noah refused, those who depended on him refused. And that love is inside us, that love is still inside us. It’s the same love.

Yes, they have brought us suffering, but we received love and today, we want to live only on love – we are thirsty for this. But we had to go through what we’re going through now – suffering – to be able to understand that the human will has always been against us. We have tasted the bottom of the barrel. Now, the Lord is bringing us back up to the surface and is saying to us: “My Divine Will is for you; it has always been for you. The human will was not able to give you what I have always granted to you.” Amen, Lord.

Q. Let me ask you a question, Francine: people often talk about the days of darkness that are to come. What can you tell us regarding this subject?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Francine has nothing to say about that… What we’re going to experience, we will experience it together. Yes, God talks to me about the darkness – three consecutive movements – three days of darkness will fall upon the earth. Nothing will move: the north wind, the south wind, the east and west winds will obey God. Creatures that fly will be obedient to God. All waters will be stilled. Everything in the waters will be part of that movement of motionless rest. Nothing will move. Light will no longer exist, for the sun will have to obey God, just as will the moon and the stars. Everything that is external to us will be in complete obedience to the Creator. And we: we will be part of God's movement within ourselves. Remember that, earlier, we heard that everything would happen internally, and everything will indeed happen inside us. We will not be in our human will; we will be enveloped in the loving justice of God.

When this begins, we will all be in that movement, from the first person who was on earth to the last person to be on earth. No one will escape this movement, and then, we will stand before everything we have accepted. Oh, there will be good things and there will be bad things. All the thoughts we have had, and all the thoughts that we accepted from others and which led us to having other thoughts, will be before us. It will be the same for words, gazes, what we have heard, for movements, feelings: everything will be before us.

In fact, the fourth volume explains this movement very well. Everything is explained in it. The purification has begun. Those who have begun their purification and those who are undergoing their purification are part of this movement. There are those – and we don’t know how many as it isn't for us to know, and in fact, that number will not be revealed to us – there are those who will have completed their purification of the flesh. They will live this with such great joy that, if we were to experience this with our human will, we would already have to be before God the Father as we would not be able to withstand such joy in and through our human will.

Others will witness the beginning of their purification of the flesh; they will proceed from whichever point they will have reached in their movement of purification. Others will begin as soon as this movement begins, and this will continue until the end. There will be those who will make their choice by saying yes to the Divine Will or no to the Divine Will. Those who will say yes will emerge from this movement of love as children of the Divine Will. The human will will not make itself known to a child of the Divine Will. All will be nothing but peace and joy: if it is cold, God will provide; if there is a shortage of food, God will provide. There will be nothing but peace.

Those who will have said no, but a real no – when a person says no, it’s a no that they are aware of and it is firmly stated, it’s a no that is unequivocal – they will emerge from this movement without the least particle of love as they will have rejected The Love. They will be beings who are cold, they will be angry beings. Fear will control them. They will worry constantly, they will be incapable of sharing. They will see themselves as the being that they truly are – a selfish being, a being that lies – for Satan and the demons will destroy them.

In the fourth volume, it is written that Satan will vomit them and will dance in his vomit. Such is Satan's hatred for God's creatures. We come from God, and he, he rejected God. But we, we had Jesus on the Cross who saved us and we need to say yes, otherwise Satan will say to us: “You are less than nothing. You were unable to see that you had been saved.”

His hatred is beyond anything we can imagine. He hates us so much that there are no words to describe his hatred, for we come from the flesh of the Flesh, the one that is The Love. He refused to adore the Eternal Flesh, God made Man, the Man-God. Can you understand his hatred for us? He sees us. What are we? The likeness of God.

Q. Three days of darkness: nothing will be able to move, but hell will because they will have the opportunity to attack us… They will have become visible to us through… Those who will want to open the door to them, believing that they are hearing the voices of friends, of family members, or whatever, they will open the door…

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: They won't open the door. Let me tell you about something that happened to me…

Two years ago, I was at home and my sister was there with me: we were praying. And then, we heard a hymn to the Holy Spirit and in an instant, and don’t ask me how it happened, I found myself inside myself. I was inside myself without my human will, which runs things. Everything about me became inert. I was inside myself and it was as though I were… in a house. My interior was holding me inside myself. I couldn’t get out. There was no movement on my part externally; nothing, nothing was moving. My eyes were open since my sister witnessed it. I could see her. She didn’t know what to do; she even said afterwards, “I told myself – come on! Is she going to stay like this until tomorrow morning?” And she said, “I'm going to bed.” And then, she said, “Maybe not… what if she's still like this tomorrow morning? Oh, I’d better stay here.” She didn’t know what to do.

She's a nervous person by nature – because she was just beginning to learn about all these things – and she was at peace, and this wasn’t normal for my sister because she was always in pain. She felt a sense of peace, she wasn’t moving. She was trying to see if I could speak: nothing was moving, absolutely nothing. Everything was happening inside me, I couldn’t do anything.

How much time went by? For me, it was a fraction of a second. It was short but not to her. She lived it one minute at a time, one minute after another, and another, and another. Oh, she now thinks that it was about fifteen, twenty minutes or so, but not to me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t even lift my little finger. When it was time for me to come out of this state, she heard me saying – without moving my lips – she heard: “Rosary.” And then, she got up and she put the rosary in my hands. That was when my hands began to move and it took several minutes before my whole body was able to move again: returning to my human will.

When the time comes, you won't be able to move. Believe me, you won't be able to move! No matter how much you ask! But he didn’t have me live the purification – he showed me the power of the Holy Spirit. In a single instant, you find yourself without your human will, without your human will! But it’s true that the suffering will be so intense for some that it will make them want to die.

But that is why he gathers us together: he wants us to be able to help our brothers and our sisters. The graces we are obtaining in this moment, as we listen to the Will of God – not to Francine in her human will because she doesn’t know the answers, she doesn’t know these things, but the Spirit of God does – the Holy Spirit brings this movement about so we can hear his Will. All this is willed by God, and so graces flow for them, graces flow for all those who, at this very moment, are carrying their yes and who are ready to say it out loud.

When John Paul II died – he died on a Saturday – on the Sunday, I was at mass and, at a certain point, I saw John Paul II, and then we received a blessing: Jesus revealed himself. He revealed himself and he made a gesture with his hand, a circle, and here, there, everywhere, there were so many children, so, so many children! He was saying that the number was complete – all those who were meant to say yes – no one was missing.

But like a good and loving Father, our God wants his children to live this in graces so that they may avoid great suffering. This is why we are living a time of graces. The Mother of God tells us: “Time is pressing. Move forward. Do as Heaven asks.”

And so, we must continue what we’re doing. Yes, we must have candles: we need to pray in front of candles that have been blessed. Yes, we need to have holy water. We have to wear sacramentals. We must also have the Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus above our doors, on the inside, above doors leading outside. That is to say, like this one over here – this is a door leading outside; that one over there is another door – people left through that door earlier. Mother Mary says to us, “Put my Heart and my Son's Heart” above every door that leads outside your homes.

The Miraculous Medal in the four corners of the house – not in the four corners of this room – the four corners: east, west, north and south. It doesn’t matter if your house is surrounded by other houses: put them in the four corners of your house. You can do the same thing with your land. It has also been suggested that we say the rosary for others, and much is being given to us for these times.

One messenger tells us one thing: pray. Another messenger tells us something else: pray. They are people sent by God. We must listen, but we can't all be: “Okay, I have to do this, I have to do that. I’ll begin at one o’clock. It’s noon and I haven’t finished what I have to do. It’s six o’clock: with all this, my supper isn't ready. I haven’t even had time to finish everything the Lord asks me to do.” “Hey! Where am I going with all this?” Let’s listen to our hearts! It’s the Holy Spirit who nourishes us, not our human will. Everything will rise up inside us by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s the Holy Spirit who says to us, “Here you go! This will serve this purpose, this will serve another.”

Our guardian angels will look after whatever we aren’t able to accomplish. They’re there for us. Let’s not miss out on a single grace. Father Galbert, a friend of mine, once said, “You have put your guardian angels out of work – use them.” And so, let’s use our guardian angels – they’re there to serve us.

Q. Our patron saints as well?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Ah, all the saints, all the saints: yes, we have our patron saints. This is very important. We have the Holy Family. What are we part of? Of the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary, Joseph. And so, we are children of the Holy Family!

Let’s not be afraid. Let’s be united. Mother Mary said that it’s good to come together, those of us who are able to, and to pray together. There are so many attacks. The purification takes place among us. She said, “Don’t look at so and so; that person is there, undergoing his purification. Look at yourself.” But let’s help one another. If someone says, “Oh, me, this is what I did this week, and I also did this, but I gave it to the Lord,” well, this will cause us to say, “Oh, it’s true, something happened to me and I didn’t do it,” and then, immediately after, “I give this to you, Lord: the cause, choices and consequences.” 

I am living this consequence and, if this is rising up inside me, that’s because this has made me suffer. This is the consequence of my own choices; I'm the one who chose to live in this movement. If this comes from my mother, from my father, from my ancestor, then: “I give this to you because my flesh is aware of it: these are the choices that were made. I don’t know what the cause is but you, Lord, you know. This comes from Satan, who provoked these events, who saw to it that I was tempted. This belongs to you. I give it to you.” Three movements: cause, choices and consequences. We must belong fully to God like tiny little children.

And the Lord has just said, “It’s over.” And so, we will say a prayer to Mother Mary one last time, please.

Q. Should I say the prayer to Our Lady of Deliverance?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, my little brother.

Person from the audience: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. “Lord Jesus, may the love of your Heart permeate me. Teach me to remember that if I came to be, it was because I was desired by you and because I am loved by you. I ask that you return to the very moment I was conceived up to this day, to heal me of all wounds that have affected my heart, feelings, memories, imagination, intellect and will. Free my being of all bonds, of all chains that enslave me. By your Holy Spirit, I want to live in freedom and happiness, at your service and at the service of my sisters and my brothers. Jesus, for your Father's Glory and by the hands of Mary and Joseph, I give myself wholly to you, mind, body and soul. I thank you for having created me. Amen.”

All: Amen.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord our God has brought his almightiness down upon us. Let’s remember these words: “If this one does not shout out ‘Hosanna,’ if these were silent, the stones would shout out.” And the stones cried out. Those stones are in the image of the Virgin Mary, those stone are in the image of everything that is sacred, of everything that comes from Heaven, and those stones reveal to us the power that God has willed for us. At present, we are receiving tears, tears flowing from the Heart of Jesus and from the Heart of Mary. Those tears will purify and heal; they will nourish each one of you who thirsts for truth and love.

We no longer want our human will which has kept us in ignorance; we want to live in the Will of God: the Divine Will. When we will be in that movement of the Divine Will, we will thank Heaven for having anointed us with the sign of the cross on the forehead, and we will acknowledge that we are God's children, and we will ask that our flesh be obedient to God and that we may give up our human will. Amen.

Thank you, Lord.