Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: Love, it is a movement that belongs to you, it has been given to you by God.

At the moment when Adam received the breath of life, The Love made himself known and The Love is in you because the Breath is in you.

I will create a movement within you tonight: I will link you to all the children of the entire world because you are the Church, and the Church is one.

I gather you together in the very Heart of The Love, so that you might give of yourselves.

To give of yourselves: is to learn who you are; to learn who you are: is to discover the being that you are in the Body of Christ.

Each part of you is a whole: you form a whole within your being. 

Try, my children, to separate one limb from another: you will suffer because you were created to be part of a whole.

It is like this that I want you to know:  that you must be whole within the Church, I, I am the Church.

Through the movement of my Fatherís power, you are present; because I am the Word and I do my Fatherís Will, each one of you is before my Fatherís Will.

At this very moment, the Word is speaking within you and these words make themselves heard to you through this instrument who is before you, because my Father wills it: the power of the Holy Spirit is around you.

Children of love, each one of you forms a whole within the Church, each one of you must learn to give himself for others, in this way your life will be more pleasant to you.

If, my children, you were to learn to live in the all of God, by being pleasing to yourselves and to your brothers and your sisters, there would be no sadness in your life, there would be no anger in your life, there would be no fear in your life: all would be nothing but harmony.

Harmony, it is to know what is good for you so that you might give to others: to give is to receive.

Many people have heard speak about love, many people have wanted to live love,

but many people have not known how.

I came to speak, I came to teach about love: so few have understood.

Each child who wants to learn must consent to die.

To die in Christ, is it not to discover the beauty of your interior? Within you there is everything you need to live on earth.

You have received beauty from my Father; you have received goodness from my Father; you have received love from my Father.

When we are in love: we become good to our neighbour; when we discover that we are good to our neighbour: everything around you seems beautiful.

You have no need to seek beauty through artificial means for it emerges from you.

I am, I, the Beauty of your life, and when you discover Jesus in all his splendour:

You discover yourselves.

You are strangers to yourselves, you have wanted to know yourselves through external means: this is why you are so disappointed!

When someone tells you that you are not pretty or handsome, you try to please with your looks: all that which is external satisfies only what is external.

And so, when we satisfy the exterior: we have an emptiness inside, you neglect your life, you neglect to be the being that you are: you are cheating yourselves.

This is why, I, almighty God, I want to make you discover your interior with my eyes, not yours.

Godís eyes are perfect, everything within me is nothing but perfection.

In this way, when you will learn to see yourselves with my eyes, you will discover my goodness, you will discover forgiveness.

My children, I will speak to you about forgiveness.

I want you to pronounce this word with love, with gentleness, for yourselves.

How many children have wanted to forgive but were unable to do so due to what they were?

They were living with their wounds and it was with their wounds that they were forgiving others, but inside they had not forgiven themselves:

they had not known how to give themselves love, they had not known to discover that they were little before their gestures.

When you forgive children and you remain the being that you are: wounded by words, humiliated by things done to you, there are feelings that rise up within you and these feelings are against you.

I am going to tell you a story.

One day, a child is walking on the street: he starts looking up at the sky.

He says to himself: ďWay up there is God, he is watching me and he knows everything I do, he hears everything I say, so I am going to keep walking, but I will not look at him, I will not raise my head towards the sky.Ē

And so, the child began to walk while looking down; he was asking himself if God was watching him and if God was listening to what he was saying.

So, he continued on his way, always keeping his head down; but because he kept his head down for so long, he began to think about what he was: he himself.

He started to consider his own actions and to listen to what he was saying; all along his journey, sometimes, he would think of God, who was watching him and listening to him;

but as the days go by, he becomes more and more withdrawn: he reached the point where he no longer thought that God was watching him, was listening to him.

Everything revolved around him: he thought about what he was doing, about what he was going to do, about the words he had said, about the ones he was going to say to himself.

He reached the point where he thought that everything depended on him, so much so that he thought that he was alone within himself : and so, he continued on his journey and a great sadness descended upon his life.

He was alone now to do battle with his actions and his thoughts.

One day, the child began to develop a curve in his back, he was no longer able to straighten his body.

Everything was too burdensome in his life, everything was too sad in his life: and so, he began to think that he was alone within himself.

So, the child said to himself: ďWhy did you leave me? Why do I suffer so much? Where are you? Even though I talk to you, I have the impression that you do not hear me.Ē

The child had not realized that it was he who had withdrawn into himself, he no longer remembered that he himself had chosen to lower his head.

This, my children, is how you act : you are at the point where you ask yourselves if God is

watching you, if God hears what you say.

You make requests, you hope, but you have forgotten that God sees all, that God hears all.

Lift up your heads, my children, and you shall see that everything that is around you is God: through the power of God, God made this world.

The world was made through a movement of love: the light is a movement of love, the air is a movement of love, all that you see and all that is before you is a movement of love,

all that you hear is a movement of love: and so, you are in God, you are in a movement of love.

Look at your lives: I have always been there, present, since I am the one who gave you daylight, I gave you your nightly rest, I made the rain fall in order to feed you.

God has always been present in your life.

When you ask me, my children, do you not know that I give you even more than what you have asked me for?

            Who among you ask God for daylight?

            Who among you, at night, ask who will provide your rest?

            I, I do this for you, I, I take care of you: I see you and I hear you.

Children of love, I am with you, I teach you how to love your being, I teach you to appreciate the fragile little being that you are.

You have gone forward in your human life with your knowledge, I, I have done more than that: I have nourished your knowledge and I have given you graces so that you could live in my knowledge, of which you were unaware.

You are unaware of the Fatherís love for you.

My Father has given you everything: you are a whole in my Fatherís love.

If today you are so wounded, if today you have difficulty seeing that you are love towards yourselves, it is because inside you, there are movements that have greatly hurt you and that you have not given me.

If you would have always lifted up your head:

            you would have always known that I was there;

            you would have given me what makes you suffer;

            you would have learned to have faith in your Father;

            you would have learned to have faith that your Father takes care of all those you love who are around you;

you would have known that those people who wanted to hurt you were people like you who have lowered your heads.

I am coming to remind you that you are my Fatherís children.

I am coming to remind you that you must learn to love yourselves and to forgive yourselves.

Children of love, ever since you have been in this world, you have learned that Jesus, I, the Son of God, I came among you.

I took all your actions, I took all your thoughts, all your words, that emerged from you while you thought that my Father was not watching you and not hearing you, and I purified you with my Precious Blood;

my Fatherís forgiveness is a movement of love: this has enveloped you, this has shown you my Fatherís love.

My Fatherís mercy is like a mantle of love upon your shoulders.

When you journeyed through your life while lowering your head, my Father placed that mantle upon your shoulders so that you might realize that he has always taken care of you

because my Father loves you, he knows your wounds, he knows your needs.

You are children of love and you need my Fatherís love.

Throughout your life, I created movements of love for you: I taught you to stop, I taught you to have faith in God.

When you stopped and you made requests to my Father, it was I who was placing my mercy within you;

I was making you understand that my Father loved you in spite of the fact that you were not looking at him with the eyes of love;

because when you doubt that my Father grants your requests: you have not looked at my Father with love in your eyes because you would have known that my Father had already granted your requests.

My children, if you had continued without my Fatherís graces, you would not have been able to understand that you are his, you would have fallen into deep repentance, a repentance aimed at yourselves:

a repentance aimed at yourselves, my children, this means that: you would have exhausted yourselves searching for yourselves, without understanding who you were, you would have wanted to forgive yourselves, but you would have been unable to understand who you are, you would have been unable to understand what you were doing, you would have been unable to understand the words that would have comforted you: you would have been lost inside yourselves.

How can one understand repentance when one is unaware of oneself?

This is why sometimes you would learn to recognize that you were weak; this is why sometimes you would learn to discover that you needed someone in your life who listens to you, who encourages you, who helps you go forward;

this is what my Father was doing for you: he was teaching you to discover my Fatherís goodness with what you were capable of understanding.

Love, it is a movement: that helps you go forward, that helps you to give yourselves, that helps you to share, that helps you to be thankful.

Is this not what you have learned in your life?

My Father has always responded to your requests, my children.

It is because you were focused on yourselves that you understood nothing.

You have experienced my Fatherís mercy, you have tasted my Fatherís mercy, you have drunk my Fatherís mercy.

Now, here come the times of graces when you shall learn to know what my Father has done for you, in this way, you will lift up your heads;

you will see with the eyes of the Son, you will no longer be ashamed of what you have become because of your bad actions for you will learn that my Father has loved you, despite the fact that you had not lifted up your heads.

I am the One who is, I am the One who shall be with you for eternity.

I will envelop you with my movement of love, I will make you understand that my movement is eternal and that you are in this movement of love.

At the moment when you accept to be in Jesus, you discover your interior, you discover how to love who you are despite your stubbornness, despite your refusal to love yourselves as you really are.

I will make you discover the thoughts that have been detrimental to you: you will learn to give them to me and you will learn to accept my graces of mercy;

you will let the fire of love to purify your interior so that you might taste the being that you are in the Church.

I am the Light of the world and you are part of Godís world.

You are not part of this world: this world that you know, that has taken away your interior and that has made you suffer.

My world is a world of love where all is nothing but purity, in which there is nothing but love.

There is no judgement within me, there is only mercy: mercy, it is love.

Since I am the One who took everything upon himself and who purified everything, you are mine.

My Father gave you to the Son so that you might be entirely love.

Be mindful of the words that emerge from you.

They nourish your life and they also nourish the life of those you love.

When you accept to die in Christ, you accept everything about yourselves so that Jesus may take everything: thus, you are the Church, you are all your brothers and your sisters of the whole world; and so, the movement I create for you, they as well feel its effects inside themselves.

Many cannot perceive this movement for they are overly focused on their external lives; but Jesus: he acts, and since I am the Light and the Light is all around the earth, and since they inhabit the earth, then there is also a movement within them.

It cannot be otherwise, for as long as the Light of the world exits, there will be love; I am the One who is and who speaks within you.

Children of love, there are children who refuse the Light, who refuse The Love, these children cannot be in harmony with others.

But as long as I will live my Passion, as long as this movement is in your lives, the Son of God will give himself, the Son of God will suffer for the least of this world, for my Fatherís children.

I am speaking so that you might be nourishment for your brothers and your sisters.

You are in a movement of love along with the the one who is speaking.

What you are is just as important as what she does, for I use you to help my children, I use you for your children, I use you for those who believe they are alone in this world: you are the Church, you are me.

When you pray to my Mother, you pray in the Church, you pray in Jesus: those ďHail MaryísĒ are in me and I make graces rain down upon all the children of the world.

I am The Love and The Love cannot stop himself from giving.

You are part of The Love, a whole in my Whole for the greater glory of my Father.

This is what it is all about, my children of love.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God speaks in each one of us, he takes who we are and he presents it to his Church.

At this very moment, we are creating a movement in the Church.

The Church is living, the Church is active; it is Jesus, the Church, and we are in Jesus, we are the members of Jesus.

We consent to giving ourselves, we consent to being alive in Jesusí Church.

Jesus came to talk to us, Jesus has always talked to each one of us.

Not for a single minute has Jesus not talked in his Church.

Isnít it because we focused on ourselves that we didnít hear him any longer? This happened without our noticing it.

Other people before us had lowered their heads; each time a person committed a fault against God the Father, each time a person said a word that did not please God the Father:

he was learning to lower his head.

Isnít this what Cain did? When he said ďI am not my brotherís keeper,Ē he was showing God the Father that he didnít want God the Father to watch him, for God the Father to judge him:

he had too much pain inside him, he was ashamed of what he had done, but he had not learned to forgive himself, to love himself.

So, the others who came afterwards also carried that inside themselves: that burden was inside them.

Others came along and each child was carrying that inside himself, and they started to forget that God was watching them and that God was hearing them;

but God was always there, he was watching them, God, and he knew what they were saying;

this is why he asked Noah to be attentive to his word, because God loved his creation, because God didnít want his creation to be destroyed.

If God hadnít watched Noah, if God hadnít spoken to Noah, the world would have been completely destroyed because the world was no longer looking towards God the Father, it no longer wanted to look towards God the Father: the world was ignorant of the fact that God the Father was seeing and hearing it.

God the Father himself came to speak in hearts, and the heart of Noah said yes to the Father, and the family came, as well, to listen to the Father in faith, and the world experienced a movement of love.

But because the world was still carrying a heaviness within itself, the world had difficulty forgiving itself; it was always trying to turn its eyes away from God because it found this too burdensome.

This is why the world has known so much suffering: it was not forgiving itself, it was carrying the trace of sin within itself.

There was only Jesus who could deliver men from this pain.

Jesus took sin, he took all that was sin: shame, fear, doubt, so that they might learn to forgive themselves.

He gave us the sacrament of Penance: itís a sacrament of love, itís a sacrament of liberation.

It teaches us to forgive ourselves, to love ourselves, to discover that weíre Godís children.

But how is it that we havenít understood how much love this sacrament contained?

We have, today, tried to turn this sacrament into a sacrament of sacrifice, a sacrament that is painful to accomplish.

Letís try to remember when, for the first time, we went to Confession.

We were afraid, we were afraid of what we were going to say: ďIs he going to understand me? Am I going to say everything I have to say?Ē

We had lost our childhood innocence, we were too grown-up: we were carrying a heaviness inside and it was with this heaviness that we were going to Confession.

We didnít understand this sacrament of love.

We had already learned to bear the sins of our brothers and our sisters and to not forgive ourselves.

We hadnít understood the Fatherís love, we hadnít understood the Sonís love; how could we understand since we were 7, 10, or 16 years old?

And all we saw were parents who had trouble going to Confession.

When they talked to us about Confession, they would say to us: ďDonít forget to say this, donít forget to say thatĒ: they were giving us what they had inside them: their pain, and this is what we show our children.

When God the Father sent Jesus on earth, he sent his Son, he sent The Love; it was The Love himself who came to teach us who the Father was.

When Jesus would speak, it was with words of love: read the Gospel and youíll see that Jesus talks only about love, he talks about the Fatherís gentleness.

When we listen to Jesus, we let ourselves be enveloped by a mantle of love, we feel swept up in a movement of gentleness, a movement that understands us.

If we donít understand this when we read the Gospel, itís because thereís something inside us.

We havenít forgiven ourselves because Jesus didnít use words of blame, he talked about liberation, he talked about love: to love, to love oneís neighbour, to love oneís enemy.

These are Jesusí words: to forgive.

To forgive is like taking care of ourself, itís to leave all the room to God so that he can take all our burdens, all our illnesses.

And so, when we go to Confession, weíre far from being able to understand what weíre doing.

We want Jesus to forgive our sin, we want to be pure: we have understood this part, but what we havenít understood is: that itís love that envelops this sacrament, itís the Fatherís love that is watching us and that understands us. 

When we go confess a sin, God the Father understands everything that this sin could have done inside us.

He can understand everything that this sin could have done to all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world because when God the Father watches his children, he watches them and he hears them, not only us, but the whole world;

and so, when we do something wrong, he knows all the consequences of this action, be it past, present or future.

He sent his Son Jesus to take that sin: so God the Father knew what we were going to do,

he knew all the consequences of that sin.

So, when we go see a priest and he gives us absolution, God the Father himself gives absolution: so, he forgives sins, he envelops us in his love.

Why is it, that when we come out of Confession, we have doubts?

How come, when we come out of Confession, inside us there are judgements against a person that weíve just seen?

Weíve just remembered that that person, one day, hit our child: and here we are, judging, while God the Father has just forgiven what we have done.

This is because inside us we carry wounds, and itís as if they were engraved inside us and they havenít been erased.

We go to Confession, we go ask for forgiveness for a bad action, but our interior is wounded: we remember, we remember a wound;

we had wanted to forgive that person, but something inside us was hurting us so much because we carry that pain;

it hurt when we saw that our child was suffering because of that person: we kept it to ourselves, we didnít give it to God the Father by going through the Son, that pain.

You see, we went forward in life with our head lowered.

Jesus wants to show us how to give everything now.

That wound, he wants it: ďGive me that wound, give me the consequences of all that pain within you; I want everything about you, I also want to take that pain within your brothers and your sisters because when you are in pain, others also feel its effects. Do not forget that you are the Church, and that you are a member of the Church: when only one member suffers, others suffer as well."

This is why Jesus talks to us: he wants his Church to learn to know itself.

He talks to members so that his members can become little children who give everything to God.

He wants to teach us to give what we should have given: our sadness, our doubts, our uncertainties: everything that has caused us pain inside, because of sins, and also the consequences of other peopleís sins that could have affected our life. 

Donít forget that when there were wars, our parents suffered, they were afraid; this became a part of their behaviour, part of their language, part of their way of seeing things: this has become a part of their lives.

This is what they raised us with and, without realizing it, we have absorbed this inside us.

Because of the movement of war, fear entered us through our parents.

This is what God wants us to give and this is how weíre going to learn to stop sinning:

Ė         weíre going to learn to forgive ourselves;

Ė         weíre going to learn to give everything to Jesus;

Ė         weíre going to learn to see everything the Father has done for us, not only right at this moment, but since the beginning of the world,

Ė         because weíre going to discover Jesus, weíre going to discover the love of the Church:

Ė         and so, weíre going to discover who we are inside ourselves,

Ė         weíre going to discover our brothers and our sisters of the whole world,

Ė         weíre going to learn to see the world through Jesusí eyes, and no longer through our wounded eyes.

Jesus says: ďWe have much to learn.Ē

We are children who have grown up and who have carried all this weight upon our shoulders; Jesus wants to take all of it, absolutely all.

All this, Jesus had said it before and he says it every day in his Gospel.

Jesus speaks inside us because we are his Church.

At the moment when Jesus came to earth, he said ďI am making a new worldĒ; and so, thatís us: we are the world of Jesus, we are a world of love.

It is written in the Gospel that Jesus will speak in his Church.

It is written that Jesus will be present in his Church.

It is written that Jesus will nourish his Church.

It is written that when we will drink of this water, we will never again be thirsty.

Itís inside us that Jesus has placed his Life.

So, when we enter inside ourselves, we enter the Life of Jesus; and so, he nourishes us with his Life, he nourishes us with his water of Life: these are his Words.

We are in Jesus, we are therefore the Word, we are therefore the Gospel.

Everything that is written in the Gospel: itís us.

When he spoke, Jesus, he spoke for Godís children so that they might know the Father; so, each one of us, we are the children of God the Father.

We are like a nourishment for ourselves: itís as if we were all united to one another and we were nourishing one another.

If we understand this we understand what Jesus wants to make us understand: ďLove one another as I have loved you, love your enemies.Ē

If we manage to love our enemies, we manage to love ourselves, we manage to love what sin has wanted to hide from us: Godís child.

Itís sin that has wanted hide what we were from us.

Sin has betrayed us, sin has lied to us: we are Godís children.

We belong to God the Father, God the Father has forgiven us, he has forgiven us everything we have done and everything we are going to do.

Sin has entered our lives and marks were left inside us: it was like a furrow that was blackened inside us.

Sin can be in movement, sin can be in word, but a forgiven sin is a sin that no longer exists.

Godís mercy, itís a movement of love.

Sin, when it entered us, left a mark, like a bad smell, and this is what reminds us that weíre sort of unworthy: unworthy of Godís mercy;

but this is false: God has forgiven everything.

God, when he grants forgiveness, he gives it completely because God is complete.

And so, weíll have to give everything to Jesus, weíll have to surrender everything to him, absolutely everything.

When a fear rises up inside us: weíll have to give it to Jesus, weíll also have to give all those who are inside us and who have experienced that fear.

And how many fears we have experienced in our lives!

From the first moment we entered this world, we have seen looks that contained fear: the fear of not being loved, the fear of not being able to love, the fear of not being a loving person for the child one was bringing into the world: and so, these fears, weíll have to give them to Jesus, and this will rise up inside us, and this will happen slowly through the presence of Jesus in the Church.

And heís the one whoís going to do this because he knows each one of us, he knows what weíre capable of accepting.

The more we give ourselves to Jesus, the more weíre going to be in graces, the more weíll have the strength to forgive ourselves.

And then, this will show inside us.

Fears are going to leave from inside us and this will happen through our thoughts, and Jesus says that there are some among you who have already begun.

Jesus has already begun his movement of purification and the more time goes on, the more intense it will become because his Church is in a movement of purification.

And now, Jesus says: ďMy daughter, now, thatís enough for tonight.Ē


Thank you, Jesus.