Gathering of Love With God's Action in Calgary, Alberta

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus is in each one of us, Jesus is going to speak in hearts tonight: in the heart of each one of you.

The way God does things, it’s that he knows what is in your hearts, he knows what you want to hear, me, I don’t know any of this.

This is why, during the last decade of the Rosary, Jesus presented himself to me.

I saw Jesus who was walking along a wall and I realized that it was at the edge of a cliff, he asked me: “Follow me,” and he said to me, “Abandon yourself,” and then, I said yes.

And then I saw, I didn’t push myself, but I fell into space without my having wanted to; and then I felt a great sense of peace when I was in that emptiness: God was supporting me.

He said to me: “You are not the one who will speak, it is I, for you are no more.”

Jesus wants me to shut my eyes, for when I shut my eyes, I hear the voice inside me.

When my eyes are open, it's that the words, it's as if I was the words, I don't have to think, it comes out of my mouth all by itself.


Jesus: I want to touch hearts, I want you to abandon yourselves into God's hands like little children: everything that is within you, you are.

God is the Presence and when God asks his children to be present, the child responds to the call.

I am the One who is, I am the One who leads you to eternal happiness: everything within you is in the very presence of The Love.

I am calling upon all of you to become God's children who are very little: only the child can understand God's call; everything within you is the child whom God is calling.

The world cannot draw you the way that I can draw you for, within me, all is nothing but purity, all is nothing but truth.

I am the Light of the world and the Light of the world wants to draw you to the Light.

Do not resist the Light, for the Light is nothing but love, it is nothing but God's presence.

When you enter into the Light, all your interior reaches out to God: I am The Love and The Love is within you.

My children, I am asking you to be attentive to your God, I want to speak to the child that you are.

My words cannot reach the adult, for the adult rejects God's words, for when the human will comes between God and the adult, it is because the adult has not entered within himself.

It is up to me to make you discover your presence within yourself: that is where eternal life is, that is where The Love is.

A great wind is blowing over the entire surface of the earth.

At this very moment, my angels are travelling the earth; at this very moment,

my angels are marking God's children; at this very moment, I am gathering together all my Father's children

so that they might enter into the Light; at this very moment, the interior is beginning to listen to God's call.

To believe in the Light is to believe in your presence.

Remain as a child and go forward, believe in the movement of God's power.

What the human being can perceive is nothing other than what he wants to see, what the spiritual life can perceive: is God's Will.

God's Will wants to gather you together in the Light: this movement is being prepared for all the children of earth,

this is why my angels, at this very moment, are creating a movement within spiritual life.

The Spirit of God has spoken to all souls. The Spirit of God has made known to souls what is.

Be part of this movement like tiny little children, so that your external life might be solely in peace and in joy.

I have spoken, I have warned, so that each one might be ready for the moment that my Father has chosen: my Father's movement will take place in peace and in joy.

The Son of God has taken all of you within himself: the Eucharist has created a presence for you, the Eucharist, it is the presence of Jesus in your life; your life belongs to Christ, your life is in Christ.

I am speaking to you like this to make you understand the importance of your presence in the Eucharist.

The holy year, that my pope proclaimed, rendering thanks to God the Father for the Holy Eucharist,

leads you to the discovery of your place within the Eucharist.

Everything has been prepared since the beginning of time so that you might live this moment of love in the Church.

The Church, at this very moment, acknowledges itself as loyal to Christ: by paying homage to the Founder, she has declared herself loyal in all things.

There was only my son, chosen from the beginning of time, who could lead you to where my Father desired, there was only John Paul II who could make you enter into this movement which was blessed my by Father.

He spoke to you of a civilization of love; you are all the chosen ones who are to enter this civilization that shall be eternal.

My children, the Light is living, the Light is a place of love for you, allow that Light to turn you into children.

Enter into that Light by pronouncing your yes, do not allow your doubts to linger within you, but come into the Light.

Be obedient to the call of your God, God has led you to where you are.

Baptized you have been, children of the Light you are, God's family is made up of children of light.

Not a single child who is called shall not be light, for the Light draws the children of God like a magnet.

My children of love, here come joys for you, here comes The Love who is calling you to pay homage to my Father,

and through my Cross, I have turned you into children of The Love, children of the civilization of The Love.

No child will be able to penetrate that light unless he bears the yes to The Love within himself.

I am the Good Shepherd, it is up to me to gather together my flock.

I have placed my children in the hands of my priests, so that they might protect my children, so that they might nourish my children, so that they might render unto my Father what is my Father's.

You all belong to my Father and, through the hands of the priest, you have been nourished with my Flesh and with my Blood.

Each one of you has learned to acknowledge who you are, each one of you has learned to abandon himself: the Church is each one of you.

To which extent the child remains light when he learns to acknowledge his superior!

The priest is in your life, he is the representative of Christ in your life, he is the one that my Father has chosen in order to bring you light.

This is why each child must be obedient to the Church, obedient to the teachings that I myself brought to my priests.

Each priest becomes nourishment, each priest becomes the Word: his priesthood renders him pure.

You must acknowledge the presence of Christ through the priesthood:

obedience to the priesthood becomes a light to you.

Acknowledge God's Word, acknowledge God's teachings for, within you, everything becomes light when the Word is in your presence.

Around you, everything becomes clearer, easier, peace enters your life, and the child of the Light is able to recognize Jesus: he recognizes purity, he recognizes truth, he recognizes his Shepherd.

The child of the Light knows how to be very little before the Light, for the Light came into this world and the Light gave all nourishment to God's children.

My children, in the coming days, you shall recognize the Light, you will know when Christ speaks.

All will be nothing but goodness, all will be nothing but the Father's tenderness; love of one’s neighbour will be nourishment to you, for this will bring you love, and the more this will bring love to your life, the more you will become light.

You will learn to look more and more with the eyes of the Light, and you will see what others do not see, you will hear what others cannot hear, for I place movements within you that are unknown to you.

These movements will give birth within you to the need to give yourselves; they will be like a reward for what you have become because of the Light, and this will become more and more love for you when you shall go towards the Light.

Know to acknowledge that the Light is in the hands of my priests, for he is me,

he is no longer himself: he is in the Christ-Priest.

The power resides in his priesthood, it is not in the human will; this is why I say to you, my children, that you shall recognize the Light.

You will be able to differentiate between what is of the Light and what is of the human will.

You will learn to nourish yourselves only of the Light, you will learn to leave aside what is of the human will, for you will have tasted of the love that is from the Light.

You see, the your external self cannot recognize what is of the Light, it is only inside yourselves that all this will take place.

Try to savour the presence of Christ by remaining on the outside, this will not penetrate to the depth of your being.

God flows within you, God dwells within you, God has placed his Presence there

and it is within you that is spiritual life.

The soul recognizes its God, the soul allows itself to be enveloped by God's graces, the soul becomes light to such an extent that it allows its rays of love to emerge from it, and your entire being feels the effects of this.

That is because this came from the inside, this did not come from the outside.

There is only God who can give you light, so be attentive to his words, allow God's power to flow through you: the priest will be able to nourish you through the Presence.

Children of love, benefit from all these graces.

You must learn to humble yourselves: humility in God is a movement of love.

John Paul II was a humble being, John Paul II is a humble being, for he is present: there where Christ is, there is his presence.

I do not separate myself from the children of the Light, for the Church is Jesus and I am the Alpha and the Omega.

I am the All of my Father's all, deep within me is the Presence, for I am the Presence.

When I speak within you, I speak to all those who dwell within you, for you are inhabited by God's children, you are inhabited by all those who are present in me: you bear the militant Church, purifying and triumphant.

You are complete beings, my children, through me; and so, conduct yourselves as children of God, conduct yourselves as complete beings, knowing that you are in Jesus, knowing that you are all present.

The Light is powerful and you are powerful through me; do not neglect the power that dwells within you.

In this moment, you are like tiny little children at school: you are learning to behave as beings of light.

In order to benefit from everything I have placed within you, through my Body, through my Blood, I have nourished you, I have prepared you to come and dive into this power.

The more, my children, you shall come into the light, the more, my children, you shall remain in the light and the more your power will become apparent to you.

When I came on earth, when I showed my apostles who the Son of God was, they saw and they believed, because I was showing them my Father's power, because the Son was doing the Father's Will.

I have nourished you with my Body, I have nourished you with my Blood, therefore you have come into me through this movement of power.

You have tasted God's power, you must believe that God has placed this power within you.

Only the child who knows himself to be in Christ’s hands shall discover this power

and it will never stop growing.

It is the human will that prevents the child from coming into the light;

it is the human will that places doubt within the child;

it is the human will that brings to the child of God the disadvantage of what he is:

he is as if paralysed because of his words;

he is mute, he is deaf because of his lack of faith;

he is sick because of the lack of love:

all this because, to him, the human will has become his own source of nourishment.

This nourishment must be cast aside, you must nourish yourselves

with the Eucharistic Presence within yourselves.

Stop believing in your human will, it has no power: human will has two facets: good and evil.

Evil has taken on such great importance within the human will that it has crushed good, that it has made good flee, poisoning your life.

Everything is in Jesus: Jesus is The Love, Jesus is the Word of the Father, for he is the Will of the Father: to die in Jesus is to discover the power of God.

To renounce human will to be born again in Jesus is to surpass the darkness, it is to enter into the Light.

Human will has not been able to bring you happiness, it is only by giving all this up that you will learn to discover all that God has placed within you.

Render unto God what is God’s!

Do you not know that you belong to God? My Father gave you to me so that I might bring you back to him.

You were all chosen by my Father, you were all chosen to live in Jesus; eternal life is for you, happiness is for you: all is in Jesus.

This year, a holy year in which the Eucharist is in your presence as a movement of life, a movement of eternity in your earthly life, makes of you true beings.

The child who does not want to come to the Eucharist, the child who does not want to enter into the Eucharist cannot enter into eternity.

Who then is the child who does not want to enter into the Eucharist: it is the child who does not want to do my Father's Will, it is the child who does not believe in Jesus.

            To not believe in Jesus is to not believe in happiness!

            To not believe in happiness is to refuse oneself love!

            To refuse oneself love is to not carry out gestures of kindness!

            To not carry out gestures of kindness is to hate: hatred of all that is ugliness!

This is what the child who does not want eternity is.

Jesus is love to such an extent that he took all the children of God the Father so that they might choose to live in eternity.

All those who are called become love, and God knows his children, for they are all inscribed in the Book of Life.

There is not a single child whose name is not in the Book of Life: these children are all called to enter into the light.

This is why my angels, at this very moment, are travelling the earth in search of these children to mark them with a sign of love.

The beginning of the end is at hand, for when my Father shall decide, there will have to be a harvest.

Those that have been marked shall be separated from those that have not been marked.

Each one will have to acknowledge that he is a child of the Light.

All those who will have been marked will recognize one another.

Remain as the tiny little children that God is expecting of you, be simple, be humble, love your neighbour!

Listen to the word of the priest, turn to the sacraments, follow my Father's commandments.

Do not judge your neighbour.

Sustain the one who does not yet know that he is a chosen child: love him as he is.

Pray, pray so that all may be nothing but peace and love.

Consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Mother of God is by your side, she pours upon you graces of humility, of obedience to the Church.

Be good to yourselves, do not ask of yourselves what you are not capable of giving yourselves.

Remain as children who share, think of the more unfortunate: share what you are capable of sharing: God knows your heart, God knows what you are capable of doing.

Remain at peace on behalf of those who are not capable of doing what others do, for God has granted his gifts, he knows you better than you know yourselves, so love yourselves as you are; the more you shall learn to love yourselves as you are, the more you shall love your neighbour as he is.

Follow carefully the teachings that I gave you through my apostles, my disciples.

Follow the example of my holy children who are the triumphant Church.

Be attentive to my Father's commandments in all things.

Love God unconditionally, for you are all called upon to become perfect as my Father is perfect, for I am in my Father and my Father is in me and you, you are in me: you are the Church.

Be respectful of what you are: the Church, and everything about you shall be part of the fulfillment of what is to come.



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is of such simplicity, he knows what’s going to happen.

It's not up to us to try to understand what tomorrow will be, but it's up to us to be what we are in the present moment, this is how we’ll remain at peace.

A being who’s at peace is a being who’s not afraid, who’s not afraid of making a mistake, who’s not afraid of making decisions, because his decisions come from God.

Peace becomes a source of well-being that leads us to self-discovery.

When we learn to discover that we’re at peace, it's that God is pouring graces into us; we’re discovering that Jesus is in our life and that he never leaves us.

We’re discovering that we’re with all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world; when we speak about the entire world, we have to think that this goes back to Adam and Eve.

God didn’t put limits on his time, Jesus carries all his Father's children, he carries all those that have been, who are with us and who will be.

And so, to live in peace is to give graces of peace to those we carry in us; so our own children benefit from those graces of peace, and those we don't know and who’ll be born will benefit from those graces of peace.

Without our consent, we’ve brought fears into our life and our children have known fear,

and our grandchildren who will come may know fear: therefore, they can't benefit from God's graces.

There’s only Satan who can take away the peace inside us, he uses everything we’ve already heard, everything we've already done and that was inside us, and that was evil.

Evil, it's like a nourishment that is against us, and evil is alive: evil talks, evil acts, it's like a movement that’s against life.

We must not let it have power over us anymore, we must not let it take up any more room, it’s only by going to die in Jesus that we’ll discover this strength.

Jesus spoke of power and that power dwells in us, but we can't discover that power unless we give up what we are in order to die in Jesus.

Then, way down deep, God pours out his power for us: we learn to no longer be afraid, we learn to look at the truth.

We’ll have to look at the truth of what we’ve become.

It's in Jesus that this will happen, it's through Jesus that we’ll discover what we've become and it's for God the Father that we’ll discover this because we have to give ourselves back to God the Father.

God the Father chose us: gave us life because it was pleasing to him to contemplate us;

God the Father created every human being in the likeness of God, so when he looks at us: he sees the beauty of his Son.

But how saddened he is when he looks at what we've become on the outside, but God the Father is The Love, God the Father is our Father!

When we look at our own child, when we look at the children of others: we discover a tenderness in the child, but we discover it only when he's asleep,

because when he's awake and when he's noisy, when he says unloving words to us: we become irritated, we become impatient, sometimes we become angry towards the child;

but when we see the child at peace, when we see the child sleeping, inside us there’s so much love for the child!

God the Father watches us, he sees what we've become on the outside with our human will;

we can't hide from God that we're liars, hypocrites, that we’re selfish, but when we find our peace once again:

            God the Father discovers the child that we are;

            God the Father has pity on each one of us,

            God the Father opens up his entire Being in order to shower us with his graces.

He wants us to enter into his Son, he wants us to go and draw from the Source that never ends.

God the Father makes his Will known through the Son because the Son has given him everything.

God the Son has accomplished the Will of his Father internally and externally.

So God the Father says: “Because I have given you everything, because you were not able to keep the beauty of your interior within yourself so that your exterior could benefit from it, I will then make the decision of giving you the means of always being love.”

He gave us his Son, he gave us the ultimate means to be perfect.

There was only God the Father who could make a gesture of such great importance in the lives of all humans.

To acknowledge the Father's love, to acknowledge the Father's power in our life,

in our daily routine: leads us to journey towards his Son.

It's because for many decades, we haven't thought about God the Father;

            for many, many years we had our eyes fixed on what we had learned;

            for many, many years we functioned according to the liturgy;

            for many, many years the liturgy became a daily nourishment for us: we took it, we absorbed it, we used it with our human will.

Now, we’re going to know what God the Father wants, what God the Father expects of us: we’re going to learn who we are through Jesus, for the Father.

God the Father is for us a Father of daily love: this is why God the Son taught us the Our Father.

We have to turn that prayer into a movement that is present in our life: we have to live the Our Father.

When we live with our parents, we become like our parents, we use their language, we assume their gazes, their gestures: we become the parent.

All this, it's because it's external; we learn from the outside.

Now, by going into Jesus, we’ll become like God the Father wants us to be: perfect like God the Father is perfect.

The Our Father will become our home to us.

The name of the Father will be for us a loving power because Jesus is the name of God.

Jesus is in the Father, Jesus is a source that is from the Father: we can’t separate the Father from the Son.

The Father is present everywhere in the Gospel, absolutely everywhere, be it in the Old Testament, be it in the New Testament: God the Father is the very Source of all that has been written.

When the words were inscribed, this was done through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was infusing all God's children to make it understood that all children made up only one whole in the Son.

When the Old Testament spoke of God's people, it was speaking about us: all the movements that took place were movements that are happening now.

Everything that happened then, is part of our time, because it was for us:

this was a nourishment through the presence of the Father in our life.

Life, it's something that has no beginning and something that has no end: life, it's right now.

Life, it's a light; when we light a candle: the candle, it's fire; fire, it's the presence: it's life.

Leave an unlit candle on a shelf, it has no life,

it's the movement of heat that ensures we have a fire of love; when there’s light, everything is lit up: that’s what our life is.

Life in God is light, it is and always will be.

The presence of God since the Old Testament, it's our presence in the Father, it's our presence in the Son, it's our presence in the Holy Spirit: so, we were present.

The moment when Adam was created, we existed because God placed his breath of life in Adam: and so, every movement of Adam’s is inside us.

When Adam came to know God's creation, when Adam came to know all God the Father had created for him, then we were present: so, if we were present, this is in us;

but we can't benefit from this because of our human will, for the moment when Adam came to know good and evil, a movement took place:

everything that God had placed in Adam that was perfect wasn’t able to remain, for evil had just entered perfection and perfection withdrew.

God refused to remain, he who was perfect, alongside evil, because evil and perfection can't live side by side;

so Adam was losing the inner beauty of everything he knew:

            his intelligence was becoming imperfect, all his limbs, his entire body, what he was made of, became imperfect;

            his sight lost its perfection;

            all he heard was losing its perfection;

            and all he was going to know and what he had known internally: his emotions of love, his surges of love, had just disappeared.

He who was called to become a child divinized by the power of God: had lost everything.

But God wants to give all this back to us, he gave us his Son in order to prepare us for this.

By consciously giving up our human will, through our knowledge, by agreeing with full awareness to die in Jesus, through our knowledge, we’ll reclaim our place: within the movement of perfection. 

There's only the Son who can make this movement happened in each one of us: this is why, at this very moment, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we’re all linked to one another.

Without one movement from our human will, we become for our brothers and our sisters

of the entire world: a movement of love.

- If we don't see the light at this moment, that’s because we’re imperfect.

- If we don't feel a burning fire of love for our brothers and our sisters, at this very moment, that’s because we’re imperfect.

But does this diminish the power that dwells within us through Jesus?

            Since we’ve agreed to give him our yes,

            since we give him our faith,

            since we place our confidence in him,

            since we’ve given him our life: he can do anything for us.

Today, each one among us received the Eucharist, each one among us, and even that little baby, received the Eucharist, and he took us in his Life.

Us, we didn’t do anything except give our yes: we agreed to go to Jesus and Jesus did everything.

This is the power of the Eucharist: to make us enter into Jesus, to teach us to die in Jesus for the Father, to give everything to the Father like children of God: everything is for the Father.

We’re all children of the Father, we are the Word.

The moment he takes us into his Life: we are no longer, our external life isn’t important anymore, but it becomes important to God the Father because he’s the one who created it, and he takes care of what he created, because he watches us and wants us to be peaceful and calm: he holds us in his hand.

And God the Father, when he holds us in his hand, has power over our inner and external lives: so, we have nothing to fear, we shouldn’t bear judgements towards ourselves.

God the Father, he, he knows who we are because he sees our inner life, he gave us his Son so that we could discover what we’ve become.

Should we discover that we’re imperfect, this becomes less important to our external life, but so important to our inner life because everything happens on the inside.

Purification is on the inside, it isn't external.

And so, let’s not be afraid, let’s do as our Holy Father asked us.

            He travelled the entire earth and everywhere he said: “Do not be afraid!”

            He was giving us the message that brings us inner nourishment.

So, this doesn’t change even if he's in Heaven today, because we know that he's inside us, in Jesus, through Jesus, for the greater Glory of God the Father.

Now, he has just said: “Now, my daughter, make your sign of the Cross and rest.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We’re going to talk right now about something that happened in April, last year, when we were in Saskatchewan.

Just before leaving for Quebec, Jesus asked me to go see Maureen.

Are there people here who know Maureen? She’s a Pakistani woman, she only speaks English.


The Lord is saying: “Nicole, explain regarding the story of the Blessed Virgin, her husband’s cross, and briefly up to the message I received.” (This was said only in English).


Jesus: Then God spoke as follows: “Children of love, be attentive to the presence of my priest here. He is of me and you, you belong to my Father. Adam caused my Father's children to leave the Divine Will and it is I who will make you enter the Divine Will. My priest is me and I am him. It is only I who will mark you with the sign of God's children, because you are here, because God, my Father has willed it. Receive this power, all is from me.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When we launched book IV, his Church was present, about a dozen priests.

Each one had with him a little bottle of oil that they blessed.

Jesus said that this oil is purifying, because oil brings healing, purification.

Your soul was purified of the original sin at the time of your Baptism;

your soul allows itself to be purified by the graces of the sacrament of Penance;

your soul allows itself to be nourished by God's graces at the moment of the Eucharist: it becomes all beautiful;

but your flesh knows sin, because your flesh has seen sin, it has allowed it to enter you through all your senses and this has wounded our flesh inside us.

This is why, even if we receive the sacraments, even if we receive Jesus, we’re inclined to continue committing evil, so we’re subjected to evil.

Jesus wants to mark us with the sign of God's children.

When we receive this mark through Jesus, a great light appears and repels the darkness and, inside us, healings take place.

God wants to purify our being, our flesh.

When we receive this mark on our forehead, we receive it only one time, but when we agree to return again to the priest, graces are given to us.

We’re marked, but we receive other graces: we also receive graces for those we carry inside us: our children, our brothers, our sisters, those we don't know.

This oil is not an unction, it's a sacramental, it's through the power of the Church.

We are the Church, Jesus establishes his Church within us.

We must, if we agree to, leave all the room to Jesus.

Jesus has sent us one of his priests so that we can, if we still agree to, in our freedom, receive this mark, and for those who have worn it: to give ourselves continuously for our brothers and our sisters.

Now, the Lord, he’s saying: “Now, go sit down.”

The Lord, he's saying: “Now, my daughter, I want you to become part of the love of all brothers and sisters of the entire world.”

Each person here, is a whole within the Church.

Now he will place, in the hearts of God's children, the need to give oneself.


Blessing from the priest.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Our flesh has known a lot of suffering, we’ve seen a lot of suffering, and we didn’t understand that this was against us, but Jesus, he says: “It is not up to you to understand, now you need only to give, I am the Gift of life, you must come into the Gift of life.”

Every time we perform a gesture in Jesus, it will be as if we’re giving that gesture back to Jesus and all children, from Adam and Eve to the last who’ll be created, will be presented to God the Father.

Let’s not be ashamed to say that we committed the sin of adultery when we were looking at a person other than our husband or our wife, even if we hide this from ourselves: we can't hide it from God.

So, if we give this movement to Jesus, Jesus will purify our flesh.

We confessed it, this sin, but we bear a scar inside ourselves.

Even if we didn't do that thing, we saw it on television, in the newspapers.

You know, two thieves: there’s one who holds the bag and the other who does the deed.

If we say: “You, you sinned, me, I didn’t sin,” we’re saying “You, you’re impure, me, I’m pure,” so we become an impure being, because our word isn't the word of Jesus, because our gesture isn't the gesture of Jesus: Jesus agreed to present himself to his Father as an adulterer.

Jesus carried that gesture not only once, he carried it many, many a time, from the first act of adultery, to the last one to be committed.

If, inside us, something pops into our head and we think of adultery, then let’s give it to Jesus: “Jesus, I give you what I have just thought about. Come and purify my flesh because this emerged from me, and purify all those who are in me.”

God has that power, us, we don't have it, but we can give it to Jesus.

We transform into the image of the Son of God: we don't try to know, but to give.

It's the same thing for a robbery, it's the same thing for a lie, a rape, it's the same thing for all injustice, it's as if we became beings in the hands of God on behalf of all God's children.

God doesn’t want to calculate if so and so gives more than another: let’s leave that calculation up to Jesus.

It’s through the power of God's love that there are movements that are going to enter us and that dwell in us, because there are some who have received graces, there are some who have received other graces, just in a different way.

It's like a meal: some will like spicy things, then there are others who will like mild things: we have received graces according to what we’re capable of giving God.

When we’ve watched television programs that were impure, when we've read newspapers, magazines that were impure, God gave us graces inside us without our knowledge through the sacraments, so that we could return to him the suffering that our brothers and our sisters have endured.

Involuntarily, we've made our flesh suffer, involuntarily, they contributed to making our flesh suffer; so God gave us graces so that we could have the strength to return to him all that is impure inside us.

So, let’s not try to figure out: “Did I do that or is it someone else who did it?” God doesn’t want to know that.

Why? Because we would lose our sense of peace.

God wants us to keep our sense of peace so that we can give ourselves even more.

When we’re doing the dishes and we have a thought regarding something we did when as a teenager: then let’s give this to God and keep our peace because it's the movement of purification that’s started.

Our flesh will allow itself to be purified through God's power, not through ourselves, so when this happens: we give.

There have been consequences for everything we’ve done, it's the consequences that we have to give to Jesus because, Jesus, he knows that we've confessed that sin, but there have been consequences because of it, and so, he wants them and he also wants us to give the consequences that could have affected the Church: we can't be purified through our own willpower.

Jesus, today, during mass, showed me wonderful things.

I saw Jesus’ light inside myself, then, when my eyes are closed, when I’ve just received the Presence:

inside (me), I saw a light, but there were many, many, many children;

they had their hands in the air and after, they joined hands and they stopped to gather their thoughts: they entered within themselves deep in thought.

Then, I heard the voice of Jesus who said: “Now, all the children of the yes are gathered together.”

Those who were ready to pronounce their yes were all present, not one was missing, because he had told me that, in the past, he couldn’t because some were missing and, today, they were all there:

then I saw Jesus, he had on a sort of tunic, he opened up his hands like this: (he was wearing a completely white, belt less tunic, with wide sleeves, he was standing, his arms extended;) since his hands were open, they covered the entire expanse of all God's children: not one was missing, all the children were there and he could encompass all of them.

He made me understand, without telling me, that this movement could not be unless all the children of the yes were present, because he said: “I am the Good Shepherd.” I was joyful.

There was also another movement that I received during the Offertory, and I believe that Jesus wants me to tell you about it.

He asked me at the Offertory: “Give me your life, give me the life of all my children;” so, at that time, I say “yes” and I see that we go forward, that I go forward towards the altar;

then, when we all stood up, (my eyes were still shut): I saw Heaven, but in Heaven, there was someone: it was our Holy Father (John Paul II) and our Holy Father was blessing us, and so I kneeled down.

He wanted you to know this.

(Before the blessing) Our Holy Father said to me: “I was the shepherd on earth, I shall be the shepherd once again.” He will always be with us.

He said, “Be obedient to the Church, be obedient to Jesus, he is the Good Shepherd.”

And then, he was gone. I was so joyful! And so he wanted you to know this.


Answers to questions from the audience.


Question: There’s like a heaviness inside me because someone from the clergy isn't living his vows of chastity.


Answer: Jesus: Inside you, there is love, inside you, you have the gift of giving yourself because God has placed his Presence within you.

Every child is within you, whether those children face their mistake or whether those children hide their mistake from themselves: those children are within you.

I call ‘children’ those who live in their human will.

Every child has received graces; those who received graces through their sacraments and who do not benefit from the graces that come from their sacraments, they alone shall present themselves before God, they alone will have to judge themselves.

But you who are a child of God, and you who are children of God, you must love unconditionally because my Father loves you, because my Father knows (all) wounds, because my Father gave his beloved Son to redeem those wounds.

It is necessary, in this instance, to go deep within yourself to regain your peace and to have faith in the Redemption.

All has already been fulfilled, you must live in that fulfillment.

Your life, my sweetness, is a source of suffering because each one of you lives in human will.

Because of human will, the Church suffers, because of human will, the Church has fallen, but Jesus is the Head of the Church: Jesus does not fall, for he has been glorified by the Father.

Each one will have to allow himself to be purified in order to take part in the glory.

When we discover the power of the Precious Blood, when we discover the mercy of God, when we discover the love of God the Father: we keep our peace, we give everything and we pray in love along with all God's children in Jesus.

In this way, Jesus takes every impure movement and he rebuilds once again what is, because the present: it is Jesus.

It is as if Jesus were rebuilding once again the being that he is, out of love, for The Love: this is loving unconditionally.

One must love and forget oneself; one must love and give; one must love and offer; one must love and be thankful: and so, thank God the Father for what he has already granted him and believe in his mercy.


Question: We meet people who’ve changed Churches; they were Catholic and became Lutheran or became Protestant; how do we manage with our guilt regarding these people?


Answer: Jesus: God will tell a story.

One day, a child goes along his way; he begins to look right and left, in front of him, there is a light, it shines and he must go towards the light.

So, he goes forward, but he hears sounds to his right; he goes ahead and he sees movements on his left;

so, the child asks himself, “What are those sounds? What are those movements I’m not familiar with? Why do I feel drawn to those sounds, to those movements? I want to go towards the light, I want to reach the light.”

He is so torn on the inside that he no longer knows what to do.

So he decides to go and see what that sound is: he sees that some children are listening to words and that those children seem drawn by those words;

those words seem to bear the truth, those words seem seductive because, what he sees are children who speak the same language: and so he asks himself if this is good for him.

He returns to his path and he wants to go towards the light, for he says to himself: “Oh! there’s something missing for me.”

But he goes forward, he goes forward and he is drawn by movements that he sees;

so he leaves his path and he goes to take a look: he sees children who are part of movements he is not familiar with; they learn things he does not know, and those who are in those movements all seem to agree to do the same thing, they seem satisfied with what they know, they seem to believe in what they are doing.

But he has not yet found what he is seeking, there is something missing.

He returns to his path and he goes forward.

But sometimes he thinks of those children, sometimes he thinks of all those he saw, he asks himself where the truth is;

and yet, he looks ahead and he sees a light: that light draws him, it warms him, that light gives him what he has not found in others, with others:

that light has led him to where he was meant to go.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every child must follow God's path, every child came into the world to perform deeds and to please God.

But we created sounds, we performed gestures, because there were wounds, because there were shortcomings, and this hurt: we wanted to comfort ourselves, we wanted to know the truth.

Some children believed they could treat their wounds with what they heard, with what they were doing, because they were searching for love, they wanted love; but it was with human will that they searched and that they wanted love.

The evil inside them tricked them, the evil inside them betrayed them, seduced them, and he, Jesus, he saw it all because he was the Light, for Jesus is the Light, for Jesus will always be the Light.

He, Jesus, he knows that those children were born for love; so, it's Jesus who’ll come to them.

Jesus is the Light and the Light is living, the Light moves.

Jesus will give them peace, Jesus will reveal himself to them and then when they’ll see the Light before them, it will fulfill what they’ve always been looking for: The Love.

Each one of us has lived on this earth with what we are.

We must not look beside us, we must not look on the other side, since we’ve all looked on one side or on the other;

let’s thank God for having been where God wanted us to be, when God wanted us to be there, and let’s pray God so that we can always stay on the path.

God doesn’t judge, God is Mercy, God wants his Father's children.

If we keep our peace, those who have lost their peace will receive graces, be they graces of humility, graces of obedience, graces of purity, of chastity, this is as much for them as it is for us.

But time is not the time that we, we know: God is aware of the time they need.

The world is what it is, but God says: “The world is not for those who believe they are true because this is where they are mistaken!”

When we say we are right, that’s when we can trip:

            we must always have our eyes fixed on the Light;

            we must always go towards God's commandments;

            we must have in our heart, the Gospel on the inside, not on the outside, because if we look at the Gospel with our exterior, we’ll become vain over what we’re reading;

            so, we’ll interpret it with our exterior and then, we’ll make mistakes, since the Light is not us, the Light, it's Jesus.

The Spirit of God, that’s the Truth.

We just have to be like children and it's the Holy Spirit who’ll educate us in what we learn.

The priest, who learns to give himself to God through the priesthood, discovers the truth, not through his human will, but through his priesthood.

And we’ve all experienced it: when we go to mass, when we listen to the Gospel that is read by the priest, there’s something inside us that develops: we learn that a sentence is for us, we learn that a word has just healed us, because this isn't human, this comes from God.

This is why we can always listen to the same words and they never mean the same thing to us.

When we’ve listened to the Gospel, let’s say at twelve years old, we listened to it at thirteen years old: it wasn’t the same, even if they were the same words, because our life has entered into the Gospel;

so, when we listened to it again, there was something more; we were in the Gospel, so we learned what dwelled inside us;

this is why this was bringing us something in our life: we were nourishing ourselves with the Life.

Since we agreed to give ourselves to Jesus, Jesus took our life, so Jesus was giving us back our life in his Life, and when this happens from the inside: we receive all the time, all the time.

This is life in God, this is eternity: a movement that will never stop.

It's God who nourishes what we are, and when we’re nourished by God, then something more is added inside us,

and it's a movement that will never end: we nourish ourselves with God who is in us and we in him.

We’ve always wanted eternal life, but we’ve understood nothing.

Eternal life, it's the Word of Jesus, and we were part of the Word of Jesus when we heard it for the first time.

The first time we heard the Gospel, our life entered into the Gospel and the Gospel became eternity to us; so, we became part of eternity and that’s only the beginning.

You see, on earth, we taste eternity, but through the graces we receive, and the more we leave this flesh, the more we enter into eternity.

God says that we need his strength to be able to leave this envelope of flesh.

As long as we are attached to this envelope, we will only taste eternity one drop at a time,

but when we, we give up this flesh and we give it to God, then we allow ourselves to be taken up by the movement of eternity and it's the movement of eternity that makes us go forward.

This is why, when I was on the cliff and in one movement I was floating in the emptiness, it was like a sense of peace, all was happening in God:

there was no more space, there was no bottom to which I could fall, because I was in the hands of God, there were no boundaries.


Thank you, Lord.