Gathering of Love with Godís Action in Calgary, Alberta

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus has just said: ďOpen your eyes.Ē

Jesus guides our life, Jesus wants to carry out the Will of his Father through us.

Jesus gives us everything we need so that we can accomplish what we have to do on earth: he gives each of us graces, the graces that make us go forward.

If in our life weíve had difficulties, if in our life weíve known suffering, very often, it was to protect us from ourselves.

Itís as if Jesus knew everything we were going to do and he was protecting us by putting in our life, in front of us, the consequences of what we could do.

Jesus says: ďI will give you an example:

It is like a child who tries to do his will during the day; he starts to work hard all day to do a job, he is convinced that he can accomplish the idea he has formed in his mind.

You just have to think of women at home who start kneading dough to make a loaf of bread; she knows that her actions will lead her to obtaining a loaf of bread.

If she knows that after that work the result will be a loaf of bread, the work will be worth it, she had to invest her will;

without Godís graces, she could not have accomplished this.

Because God knew ahead of time what she wanted to do:

He is the one who gave her the courage to get up in the morning,

He is the one who gave her the courage to knead the dough,

He is the one who gave her faith in what she was doing,

and he is the one who was nourishing her will so that she might know that what she was doing was to obtain a loaf of bread.

Who told her that what she was about to do would produce good bread? She was doing it without thinking and she knew that she was going to succeed.

This is because she had learned: she had learned to love what she was doing, she had learned through God to give herself to what she was doing, she had confidence in her own movements.

It was Jesus who was nourishing with his Will: her will; itís as if he had put his own Life in the life of that person.

Understand that Jesus is the Word, Jesus is the Will of the Father.

If Jesus had not placed his Life in the life of that person, there would not have been a movement within that person: everything comes from the Word, everything comes from the Will of the Father.Ē

God loves us: and as Godís children, he gives us the freedom to carry out our actions;

and within what we are, those actions become like a nourishment for us.

When weíre proud of an action weíve just carried out, weíre happy with the bread obtained: itís as if we were receiving the fruit of that action.

This is what God does in our life: God the Father gave his Son to take our action: he nourished it with his own Will to offer it to the Father.

Now, itís up to us to realize what the Son does for us, itís up to us to realize that weíre alive: alive in Jesus.

God has been speaking since he came on earth; he taught his Will, of his Father; he spoke to us of the Fatherís love: that love was directed at us.

If we learn to discover the Fatherís love through the Son, we discover the love that we, we have for the Father.

We discover the Fatherís love that has always been present in our life:

everything comes from the Father.

When he taught the prayer, the ďOur FatherĒ, he said, ďGive us this day our daily breadĒ: and God was nourishing our will with his graces, so that one day we could give back to him what he has given us.

All the actions we carry out, one day weíll have to be before those actions, and weíll have to present him the fruits of those actions, and this will take place before his Son, before the Word: the Fulfilment

If we want to give fruits to God the Father, we must become aware that weíre in the Son.

The slightest action, be it to sweep the floor, be it to wash the car, becomes an action carried out in Jesus because itís Jesus who is that action, itís Jesus who is the Word, itís Jesus who is the Will of his Father.

When we accept to die in the Son, we accept to take our will and to make it enter the Will of Jesus,

and so all our actions, all our thoughts become the actions and the thoughts of Jesus:

then God the Father will, through his Sonís actions, look at all weíve accomplished in our life.

Since Jesus allowed his Precious Blood to be shed in order to purify all our actions, all our thoughts: he purified our bad thoughts, our bad actions;

he even purified the actions we carried out but that we thought came strictly from us.

We become a movement in Jesus: itís as if Jesus were saying: ďDo not be afraid, I am here,Ē because the moment we accept to die in Jesus, he who is the Perfection, he who is the Will of the Father, the Fulfilment, he takes our entire life, everything weíve done since our birth: we become the Life of Jesus.

We must have faith in the words of The Love.

It has been said in the Gospel: ďTo be reborn againÖĒ; to be reborn again: is to die in Jesus, itís to live again in Jesus.

We could have been born enveloped in the Will of God and not have lived in our will;

but this was so with Adam and Eve, and after the sin of disobedience, they entered into their own will: the human will;

from that moment on, they had to choose their actions: to do good, to avoid evil.

Us, weíre the descendants of Adam and Eve; the human will is in us from our arrival into this world, but God didnít remove life in God from us.

Even before the coming of Jesus, all Godís children were in the breath of The Love; this is why God gave Abrahamís descendants the promise of a land of love, of a promised land, paradise on earth, because his love was immeasurable.

God the Father knew that God the Son was to come on earth and take all our actions.

He saw the stubbornness of Abrahamís children; he saw how much they wanted to do their will without even casting a glance towards the Father; he spoke to all the children, even the children of Ishmael.

When Jesus came to earth, he spoke to Godís people: his people; he also spoke to children of all nations because the children of all nations had Godís breath within them:

they were the children of the Promise.

Everything was meant for all Godís children throughout all time.

We are the children of the Promise.

            We must learn to be thankful for the movement of the Father on behalf of each child.

            We must become aware that Jesus has carried all children.

Each thought weíve had, each glance weíve cast, each time weíve agreed to listen, to carry out actions, it was Jesus who did so before us because in his love, God carried all movements, because he IS and WILL BE: he is the Alpha and the Omega. 

Every movement is in God and we are a movement since we have the will within us: the will is movement.

We must become aware that we are in the movement of Godís love.

We are life: we can only be life if we go into the Will of the Son; God has given us this freedom.

We can only love God if we are free; God has nourished us with his graces of love in order to nourish this freedom: there is only love that is free.

If weíre slaves, itís because thereís no love: thereís only possessiveness.

God is love, he wants us as children of his Will.

He has respected our freedom and we, we must respect our freedom.

How many among us donít respect who we are? We impose actions upon ourselves that are against us.

How many among us do things that we know will be harmful to our lives?

The moment when we judge a single one of our brothers or our sisters, weíre carrying out an action against ourselves.

We are the children of God the Father: he declares that he is our Father;

and we who recite the ďOur FatherĒ, we claim that weíre children of the Father, and so, the moment when we say this, we know that weíre all brothers and sisters on earth, without exception.

Godís children wonít be separated because theyíre of one race or one nation or one religion or another: theyíre Godís children; itís the human will that has separated all this and not God.

Godís children spoke one single language, they were all brothers and sisters.

It was the human will that was the cause of language that was divided, because some men were dominating others;

men were vain and they wanted to be above God; they had fixed their gazes upon themselves,

and when they looked up at the sky, they wanted to defy God, and God showed them how much he loved them, he divinized them so they would not destroy themselves:

God the Father didnít punish the children, God the Father protected them.

God the Father loves us beyond what we, we are capable of understanding.

Us, we havenít understood this loving gesture, weíve judged one another;

weíve claimed the Fatherís love for ourselves while forgetting that our brother, our sister, they too were loved by God the Father.

Due to human will, we have a tendency to look at what we are from the outside,

and so weíre likely to be disappointed in others, weíre likely to judge others.

We tell ourselves that weíre good while we say that theyíre at fault; isnít this because we carry wounds inside us?

And these wounds rise to the surface : we look at our brothers and our sisters as we are inside ourselves.

We have to understand that we are one, in Jesus.

We are the Church in Jesus; we have to be perfect like Jesus is perfect; but we, because of our human will, we donít find that we are perfect.

            We have excessive needs;

            we have to raise our voices in order to make ourselves heard;

            we have to turn our eyes away when weíre in too much pain;

            we have the need to turn inwardly to hide ourselves when weíre too sad: all this is inside us

            and when we see this around us, in our brothers and in our sisters, then we tell them our way of thinking.

Itís as if our own nourishment was fed by our own pain inside us and, to avoid an internal explosion, it erupts like a volcano.

Jesus knows what we are.

God the Father knows who we are, he knows that we carry wounds inside us and he doesnít ask of us what we, we ask of ourselves.

He, God the Father, is quicker to forgive than we are towards ourselves: we have difficulty looking at ourselves with love.

Think of the woman who has just kneaded her bread and after all that work, she notices that her bread is hard, that itís really hard.

Sheís disappointed, sheís going to tell herself that sheís an idiot and sheís going to get angry, and look out to whoever tells her the bread is hard!

This is because sheís judging herself harshly; sheís not forgiving herself for her mistake because sheís convinced that sheís made a mistake, whereas God is giving her graces of love.

God the Father is enveloping her in his tenderness because God the Father saw, inside that child, her wounds.

He had seen that her bread was going to be hard, and so even before she saw the result, God the Father had given her graces so that she might accept this.

Since we ask him ďgive us this day our daily bread,Ē God the Father listens to us, but we donít realize Godís goodness.

God gives us what we need in our daily lives, he knows what is good for us.

Itís through simple actions that God nourishes us.

Itís in the present moment that God nourishes us; if he doesnít nourish the child in the present, howís he going to get through the days throughout the week?

How many children have made requests to God the Father regarding a project: they wanted to buy a house?

If God saw that this was good for the child, God would nourish him with his graces of love in the present moment;

everything was making him go forward towards that goal according to what he was capable of doing in the present moment, without harming his own spiritual life, without harming the spiritual lives of his brothers and sisters of the whole world, because he knew that his child, one day, would see the present action;

God doesnít take care of his child for the future, but for the present, so that he might always be proud of what he is when heís standing face to face with the Father: and every day the child goes forward towards his project.

But how many among us are impatient? We make a plan: ďin a certain amount of time, I have to reach that goal;Ē if we donít achieve it: that goal, itís a failure for us.

God teaches us to abandon ourselves in our life, but we, we donít learn to abandon ourselves within what weíre capable of doing.

Very often we destroy Godís work through ourselves and God, in his goodness: heís patient.

From that moment of denial, from that moment of failure that we created for ourselves, God always sends his graces so that we might still go forward despite the fact that we havenít followed Godís plans: the Will of God.

So that he doesnít destroy himself, so that he doesnít become discouraged, God nourishes the child; he gives him the strength to go on and the child goes on:

and the child is convinced that by working night and day, heís the one who managed to get through that failure, but God always continues seeing him with the eyes of the Father.

He doesnít punish him by saying ďYou are so vain, I am the one who makes you go forward, not you.Ē Why? Because he respects his freedom, he wants him to love him freely.

And itís in this freedom that God the Father will continue nourishing that child, even if he believes that heís been neglected by the Father, even if he believes that his days are often failures before God the Father

because, slowly, he has lost confidence in God the Father;

because what he had asked for in the beginning didnít happen like he though it would happen, he took his own human will and he made it work like he wanted it to;

and so God the Father, who loves his child, still continues nourishing him with his graces so that he might continue going forward in his life,

and when he achieves his goal, when he has his house, he will sustain him even if his child doesnít thank him.

One day, that child will present himself before God

            and heíll see all that God the Father did for him;

            heíll see that God has respected the child that he is in his freedom;

            heíll see that his actions, that he has carried out, were nourished by God the Father, because God the Father has always kept his eyes fixed upon him.

God will do this for each of us on a daily basis.

There are moments when everything seems difficult to us, there are moments when weíre so focused on our lives!

Itís in those moments that we stop and think of God, and God gives us graces so that we can go directly to the Heart of his Son so that we might go and get some graces.

He says, ďDo not become discouraged, I am here!Ē

Sometimes, we believe that this comes from our will, but itís God whoís speaking;

itís God whoís speaking in our heart and since we havenít given our human will to Jesus, this comes out and pops up in our mind;

so us, we think that weíre the ones who had that thought, but it comes from the words of the heart, it comes from the words of The Love.

God is present in our life.

He creates wonders for us and itís because of us that we have difficulty understanding.

Very often, we need an illness to understand that God is really there; he, God, he didnít need an illness to show us that he was there.

Heís always taken care of us, weíre the ones who didnít take care of ourselves, we had to get sick to realize it.

Itís as if God was putting our life in front of us so we can see our own life.

Now, he says ďI am going to show you what you have become because of your stubbornness.Ē

And then, we start thinking, we start looking back over our life, itís as if we were making a first judgement of what we are.

Itís not before our sins, itís before our behaviour: that we question ourselves: ďWhat could I have done? I worked too much, I didnít spend enough time with my familyĒ; all this comes back suddenly.

We think about love, our familyís love; it becomes like an important point in our life, and yet it always was.

It took an illness, very often, to realize this: a suffering.

Because God couldnít catch us, we were always running around with our human will.

It isnít God who made us sick, weíre the ones who made ourselves sick;

but God, in his Divinity, he had seen the result of all our actions, of all our thoughts: he had nourished our life every day because he knew that at that moment we were going to stop.

Happy is the child who stops, who looks at Godís life, he learns to profit from the graces that are given to him at that moment;

but many donít profit from that moment, they donít even notice it and yet, the grace is given to them.

God wonít favour one more than another, heís God the Father, he loves us all equally; weíre all children of God the Father.

We must love one another.

And if he waits for that moment to make us understand that weíre in a world of love, itís that we missed out on the daily graces.

We live in a selfish world, we live in a world that thinks of itself, and weíve reached the point where we want to solve our own problems without God.

Those who pray a lot have reached the point where they lack confidence in their prayers: they pray, but they donít profit from the graces God gives them.

Prayer is a conversation from the soul to the soul;

prayer is a means that leads us to the Heart of The Love;

praying is as if we were letting all our human will fall away and we were presenting ourselves to God like a little child.

But how many pray today while guarding their own happiness because they pray out of self-interest: they want this, this is what I want.

They donít pray to give themselves, they pray to obtain.

So this creates worshippers with stiff necks: weíre no better than his people in the desert.

God was always present with them: the rock was following them, the cloud was following them, and yet they didnít stop doubting that Godís power was with them.

And they were one people and yet they were jealous of one another. Isnít this what we do?

We pray, but we donít abandon ourselves into the Fatherís hands.

We have to pray for the more unfortunate.

The more unfortunate are not necessarily the ones who are dying of hunger because they donít have food for their bodies:

the more unfortunate, theyíre the ones who lack nourishment for their spiritual lives, and those who pray judge those children: theyíre held up as examples by those who pray:

many children have left religion, no longer practise, no longer go to mass;

among our brothers and of our sisters, there were some who were practising and who have left religion;

many of our brothers were priests and they have left their priesthood;

many of our brothers and our sisters were brothers and nuns and they have turned their eyes away to form their own religion;

many of our brothers and our sisters have entered sects:

itís of them that weíre speaking; we have to give ourselves to Jesus like children in order to pray for them, because Jesus came for them.

There are murderers, there are thieves, there are liars, there are cheaters:

God the Father protects them, God the Father envelops them, they receive graces according to what theyíre capable of absorbing.

When they will see their actions, they will judge themselves with the graces they have received with all the Fatherís love.

They will see all God the Father has done for them and it will be easier for them to say yes,

but the one who has received a lot, the one who has received many graces, the one who has been before the face of God the Father, the one who has received a lot and who turned away from the face of God the Father, when he will see his actions, when he will see all the graces God the Father gave him and that he didnít benefit from: a great shame will overcome him and an enormous pain will be inside him: how difficult it will be to pronounce his yes!

Because he will want to save himself before Godís presence and he wonít be able to, heíll want to postpone it, but it will be too late.

This is why God says, ďPray for my children who are hungry, who are thirsty for spiritual life, but who have not profited from the graces I have given them.Ē

            There was a time when God built his Church.

            There was a time when Godís children said yes to the resurrected Son: the Church became great, the Church became strong.

            There came a time when men began to look at the world around them, and they were seduced:

            they who had received much, they who formed the Church that was strong, now they turned their eyes towards a world of pleasure;

            material things brought them what they wanted, they bought themselves their own happiness, while God the Father was nourishing them with his graces of love.

Itís his children that weíre judging, itís the people who pray, the people from long ago who practised and who no longer practise: itís those brothers and sisters.

And now God is saying, ďMy children of love, take care of yourselves because you shall see what you do to all my children.Ē

He says, ďNow, close your eyes.Ē


Jesus: I am the Word, the Word is in you; there is not one child on earth who does not carry the Word.

My Fatherís children have been chosen; all those who carry the Word are my Fatherís elect and they are the Church.

I, I am: the Church.

I came on earth to bring the Word that nourishes; I gave my Life as example; I showed my Fatherís children

how to behave; to show them how to behave, I spoke to them of my Fatherís love; I guided my Fatherís children towards the right path; many have not followed this path: the Son has continued loving all the chosen ones.

I am the One who comes to remind my Fatherís elect that my Father loves them.

My Word IS, my Word SHALL BE.

When I came, I imprinted my Word within each of my Fatherís elect: it is part of your life, for I am the Life.

When you take my Body and my Blood, you take my Life; as you take my Life, you dwell inside me, and the Word IS and the Word SHALL BE.

I have never stopped talking to you; I have guided you, I have shown you the path to follow.

If, along the way, you have forgotten what I, the Power, can do in your life, is it not because your ears have become deaf to the Word?

I want to speak to you, inside you.

The Life is within you: all that is within you is movement within the movement of my Father, and all that is external to you, is my Fatherís movement.

This reminds you of my Fatherís presence on earth, but due to your human will, your eyes are inclined to cast a glance upon yourselves;

and, you yourselves, you place yourselves in the presence of my Fatherís movement: you do this only externally, whereas your life is inside you.

You neglect your spiritual life!

Because you neglect life: spiritual life, you are blinded; you see only what you want to see; you hear only what you want to hear.

The one who prays and does not go within himself, can only perceive the echo of his spiritual life.

You hear from the outside, but you do not understand for this is too complicated because of your life: you forget the very presence of God in your life.

You know God is there, but you are not convinced of his action in your life: your prayer becomes sterile because Godís graces have to exit from your interior.

I nourish your spiritual life, it is spiritual life that receives from its God all it requires so that your external life might be contemplative;

this means: to be proud of what you are inside, this means: to be in touch with your spiritual life.

Children of this world, understand Godís presence in your lives, I am speaking at this moment within your spiritual lives: you are hearing the words that are within you.

You form the Church and the Church is living.

It creates a movement that is external to you because it is my Father who wills it and not you, because it is my Father who has chosen this moment and not you.

He gave you freedom and because you answered yes in your freedom: you hear;

but become aware, my children, that all is from my Father: the movement is from God.

Spiritual movement can only be nourished by God the Father, and the movement that is human can only be nourished by the graces that God gives to spiritual life: this must be earned, my children.

To earn the privilege of hearing your spiritual life speaking with your God, and to earn that your God may make you hear externally, you had to give up a part of yourselves: to have confidence in Godís Spirit, to give up your human spirit that is given to doubting, to being afraid.

When you begin to discover your interior with the presence of God in your life;

            you begin to be at peace inside,

            you begin to discover love for yourselves,

            you begin to discover the love of your brothers and of your sisters,

            you begin to discover that all that is of God the Father is for you,

            you believe that Jesus, I, his Son, I purified all your bad actions with my Precious Blood, and you believe that I can do the same for your flesh.

Your flesh has been subjected to sin and your flesh shall be delivered from all servitude.

You will become free in your flesh; all of you, my children, you will no longer be slaves to the evil that has entered you due to your human will.

Listen to my Fatherís Will, listen to the voice of The Love who dwells within you,

this belongs to you, this is for you.

You are the Church, you are true: all that is within you must resonate in your lives.

Your spiritual life must be in your human life and your spiritual life must take up more room than your physical life.

A time is coming when you shall live of your spiritual life.

Your human will shall no longer have a hold over your will of love.

The will of love is from my Father, it is not of the human will.

My Fatherís Will is to make of you children of love, children of the Divine Will.

To take all that you are and to die in Jesus:

            is to live in the Divine Will,

            it is to discover freedom,

            it is to no longer be prisoners to your senses,

            it is to no longer be prisoners to your desires,

            it is to no longer be prisoners to your physical needs;

            but, it is to know that God has done everything for you,

            it is to know with conviction that God will do everything for you for eternity,

            it is to give yourselves the Fatherís love through your yes.

There is only the yes that can turn you into complete beings.

Through your yes, God will take everything: Jesus will envelop your life with all his movements of love,

Jesus will restore your birth to you: your life in God only for God, so that you might taste your glory.

Children of love, you are living unique moments: God wants to speak to you of eternal life on earth as in Heaven.

Have I not spoken about my Fatherís Kingdom? Have I not said that I am, I, Godís Kingdom? Was I not there the moment when I spoke about the New Earth?

My Fatherís Kingdom is to do my Fatherís Will on earth as in Heaven:

            it is to live in a reign of peace and of joy on earth as in Heaven: it is to no longer know fear,

            it is to be delivered from all consequences due to sin: physical death is the consequence of sin.

Children of love, believe in what your God has always announced to you: believe in my Fatherís Kingdom.

            You live in a world in which no one wants to believe in this.

            You live in a world that has lost faith in Jesus.

            You live in a world that has denied all that the Church has taught.

The Church, in the past, knew that it was in Jesus since the Church was my apostles; you are, you, my children, the recipients of my apostlesí teachings.

Could the words of the Church have lost their power?

Could the words of the Gospel have lost their flavour, their beauty?

I spoke in the present tense, and I speak in the present tense.

Believe in what Jesus has said and says: ďDo not make of yourselves empty temples.Ē

You who see all that is happening externally, you see a world with two facets: a world without faith and a world with faith.

This world without faith no longer believes in God, no longer believes in his power, does not believe that God exists;

this world of faith believes that there is a God, but believes that God has turned his gaze away;

this world of faith has studied the words, has read the words;

this world of faith does not believe in immortality;

this world of faith does not believe in the lack of love on the earth;

this world of faith objects to the words of Christ, for if it believed in my words, it would believe that I speak in the present, that I am announcing the liberation of the flesh which has been a prisoner of sin.

Do not be empty temples: those who believe in the Gospel but do not live it on the inside.

Be alive within your spiritual life.

The soul knows who Jesus is, the soul knows that it is the spouse of Jesus;

so believe in your soul, believe that it is in you, for soon you will be before all you will have accomplished.

Do not calculate the days, but live your days in Jesus: so, when you will see your actions, you will see your fruits.

I will show you that it was I who took your actions and enveloped them with my Will, who presented them to my Father;

because I, I believe in my Passion, I, I believe in my Precious Blood, I, I believe in my Resurrection, I, I believe in my Glory;

and so, I take your actions that you yourselves give me and I present them to my Father completely purified by me.

Be love for yourselves, give yourselves love by saying:

ďYes, Jesus, I believe because it is you who say so. I have more faith in you than I have faith in myself. I renounce myself to die in you. You, you are the Life. You, you are the Light. I want to enter your life to look at the Light, live the Light, and I believe that you do so every day, every second of my life. I believe that you take everything about me. I believe that when I fall, you are there to lift me up, to help me go forward, and I believe that all that you are is true; because if I did not believe this, I would be false, I would be dead to life. All is for you for the greater glory of God the Father. Here is my life, it is in your image.Ē


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is asking that for a few short moments we remain very close to him, and afterwards, in our freedom, he says that we may go rest in our daily lives, in Jesus.Ē

Now, heís saying, ďGive your place to my priest.Ē


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yesterday, we had a moment of sharing our thoughts, and I believe Yvonne spoke about it a little bit in the beginning; so weíre going to take a few minutes if you would be so kind as to share with me once again. This means: you ask questions regarding what has just happened, but not personal questions that donít concern spiritual life.


Question: What can be done for the homeless in terms of spiritual support, shelter, teaching, according to the Fatherís Will?


Answer: Jesus: Their human will has a tendency to look at their brothers and their sisters as being alone in this world.

If my Father has given you graces of love every day, he has given some to them.

They have lived with their human will in freedom; they have endured the characters of those who were dominating them: they wanted to protect themselves by not doing what the majority was doing.

It is true that they suffer the cold, that they suffer from hunger, but, my sweetness, if you knew how poor of heart the rich are, poor in their spiritual lives: their soul is hungry, their soul is cold without its Spouse.

I will put love in the hearts of my children so that they might all be equal; I will heal the hearts that have suffered; I will give food once again to those who have hungered for me; I will give them to drink of a certain water so that they may never thirst again.

My children of love, I want all my children: poor, rich, I want them for my Father.

Be good amongst yourselves, help one another, share; if you are far from those persons of love, pray for them: have faith in your prayer;

I will put love in the hearts of leaders so that they might help my children; these graces will come through you because you, you will have given.

I will change the face of the earth.

I will give love again to all my Fatherís children: an unconditional love, a true love, a pure love, for the greater glory of my Father.

Pray not only for those who suffer from hunger and from the cold,

pray for the mother who has lost her child because her child took drugs, he was unable to endure this life, and he took the life my Father had given him: pray for that mother, pray for that father.

Pray for the parents who are afraid that their children do not answer yes to Jesus.

Pray so that evil loses its hold on my children, for the human will wreaks havoc in the lives of my children.

Pray so that you might be love for your enemies.

Be good to yourselves and God will fulfil your life so that you might give, give and give.

I love you, my children.


Question: I work in a place that welcomes the homeless. When we give them to eat, when we allow them to take a shower, weíre told that we have no right to talk to them about God. Is there any other way to take care of them?


Answer: God the Father: When you smile, when you carry out good actions, when you love unconditionally: love emerges from you and love is of God.

The children of this world believe that love does not come from God, they have calculated love according to their services: they become vain regarding their own actions.

Be true, be love and do not judge them, you are much closer to those who need care than to those children;

you, you know that all this comes from God and the one who receives knows that this comes from the love that is inside you.

Are not the saddest ones the ones who believe that this comes from them?

Keep your peace, my sweetness, this does not come from God: to worry like this prevents Godís graces from nourishing children who are dying of thirst.

It is love that nourishes us, it is love that cares for us, so, it is God.

If there is no name for this, one day God will show them and I will show you what you gave freely, unconditionally.

And those who, at this moment, open places to help them through the graces that you, you will have obtained in peace, in love, in silence, they will receive graces and they will judge themselves less severely due to their actions void of God.

You see, my sweetness, my Son gave himself for them: love unconditionally, it is I, your Father, who is asking this of you; you are my children and I love you all.

If there are some among your brothers and your sisters who do not behave well before me, the Father, ask me for graces and I will give you some, and you will see them with my Sonís eyes.

Oh! children of love, how your Father loves you! I extend my power over all the children of the world so that they might recognize that they are mine.

Through my Son, you are mine.

Through my Son, you are the chosen ones because I gave you to my Son and, through his Blood, you became chosen children.

Through the water that issued from his Being, you were, in the Spirit of God, immersed in the Spirit of God.

Speak in the Spirit of God, look lovingly at all that has been of God.

If you knew how much I love you! These words are love inside you, you are my children and I love you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Letís sing together. The moment when people join their voices together to show God their love for their brothers and their sisters, when my eyes see the cross hanging on the wall, God shows me his love: the cross becomes all radiant and I can see thousands of children who have their hands raised toward the cross. Without seeing whatís happening behind me, all those who are singing have their hands raised toward the sky. Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord!