Gathering of Love With Godís Action in Calgary, Alberta

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2005-04-08 Afternoon


Jesus: God will take each of your hearts so that you might be completely in his Will; this movement cannot belong to you, it belongs only to God.

God does not want your human will, God wants to take your human will: it is up to you to say yes to him.

If you keep that yes for yourselves, you will receive only what you, you can give.

Human will does not bear graces, only my Fatherís Will bears graces, and my Father has given me everything.

The voice you are hearing is of my Fatherís Will.

When you prayed to the Holy Spirit, you were enveloped by the Light.

Within you I am; what you are hearing, this is your interior.

I dwell within you, and it is through the power of the Holy Spirit that you hear what I say within you.

You form but a whole in the Church, I am the Church and you, you are the members of the Church.

You must learn to abandon yourselves for the sake of your brothers and your sisters.

You must understand the Sonís love for the Father, so that you may understand the love that God has placed within you.

That love comes from God, it must fill your entire being so that everything about you might be only love: love for God, love for yourselves, love for your neighbour.

The source is from God, and what flows from the source is willed by God: these are the graces that nourish your spiritual life.

The soul receives graces from God: the soul must be pure, my children, in order to receive graces from God.

A soul that is wounded by sin cannot receive what God wants to give to it.

A soul in sin is a soul that is ashamed, it does not dare to look at God, because it knows that it is impure.

Today, the children of this world no longer take care of their souls, they commit sins and their souls suffer.

How many souls are in the process of agonizing due to all the sins!

And because of this, the children of God are suffering: the body suffers, it is under the influence of evil, for it does not receive the graces from God that the soul should be receiving so that it (the body) may no longer suffer.

With Godís graces, it obtains the strength to live its life on earth; often, it experiences the consequences of sin, but how this is filled with grace when this is done in Godís love!

God will speak to you of your suffering, God will place graces of abandonment within you,

graces of confidence in the Fatherís Will.

The Son is in your presence; through the power of the Holy Spirit, you hear the voice of Christ.

This child is but an instrument: she repeats what I say within you; if she hears, it is willed by God.

If these two children repeat, it is because the Holy Spirit is giving them the strength to repeat, in love, for The Love, so that all might be before the Will.

I am the Power of God.

One day, a child was created by God and God found that child pleasing to him, for God was contemplating his work.

God found that his work was in his image, he breathed his love into him and the child saw God, heard Godís voice, and The Love contemplated love, for that child was Godís love:

he was filled with the tenderness of God, with the goodness of God, with the gentleness of God.

All was nothing but wonderful and God loved that child, for he was his creature; God gave that child everything he had created, and that child looked around him and he found that it was good: that creation.

God looked that child: he loved him like a father, he loved him like a mother.

He wanted that child to know the happiness of love by becoming complete through the flesh of his flesh;

and so God took from his creature a piece of him, for life was within him, for love was within him: all was of God, and he created his counterpart,

and that counterpart was filled with love, with Godís love for his other creature.

He looked at his creature and contemplated her; he had wanted to please his first creature by placing his creation within this child.

Within all his creation he placed his love, and love was in his creature ready to return to him all he had created.

Adam received love from God, Eve received love from God in order to become a single counterpart: a unit of love in God, for God.

Adam was love to Eve, and Eve was love to Adam; they formed but one being before God, for man had received life from God and woman had received creation from God.

When Adam was created, he saw Godís creation from the outside, he found that all that was from God was good, and so when he looked at Eve: he loved Eve, for he saw the creation in Eve, for Eve had been created to bear creation.

Adam had the eyes of God, and he saw in Eve the being that was to bear Godís creation, he saw that his life was within Eve, for God had taken Adamís life in order to place it in Eveís life;

and Adam contemplated his being in Eve, for he knew that God had placed everything that he was in Eve, and he did not cease giving thanks to God for all he had done for him; he knew that everything came from God, for God was The Love, and God loved him,

and Eve looked at Adam and she contemplated life, the being from God, chosen by the Creator: when she looked at Adam: she saw God, she saw the being that was in Godís image, for she saw Adam with Godís eyes; and she knew that inside herself was Godís presence and that a part of Adam was within her, and she gave thanks to God for the life that was within her.

She wanted to render unto God what belonged to God, and she accepted to bear Godís creation; her yes was for God, for she loved Adam through God, in God: everything passed through God.

The two beings chosen by God to form Godís children loved their Creator, adored their Creator, praised their Creator, for they both knew that they were of God.

And God spoke with his creatures, and his creatures spoke with God.

Both were before God as a single being: all was for God.

But along came a being of darkness to tempt Godís creatures, for God had allowed a test of their love: they were meant to choose God because God had placed his Life within them.

They had received everything from God, they were love, they were meant to have eyes only for God;

and God loved his children, he wanted his children to love him freely so that they might give love to The Love.

But the being from the dark side came to speak to Godís children.

He went to Eve to seduce her, for Eve was the one who bore creation: she had received life through Adam, for she was of God: the one chosen by God to be the mother of all children.

And so, the being of darkness spoke to Adam by tricking Eve.

And Eve allowed herself to be seduced, she forgot Godís advice: to always turn her gaze towards God, to always turn to God, to be obedient to God, for God wanted everything for her and, she, she was meant to be entirely for God.

But the being of darkness was telling her that she could prove her love to God by discovering what was good and evil, in order to always remain loyal to God, in order to avoid what was not meant for God,

and she believed the being from the dark side, she wanted to know what God knew, so that she could return Godís love.

But the woman Eve listened to the liar; because she forgot to give herself completely, because she wanted to be complete of her own accord through knowledge, and so: she listened to Satan.

Because she listened to Satan, she therefore became the child of evil, for evil penetrated Eve; she went to find Adam and she seduced Adam, and Adam listened to the words of the woman.

The words appeared seductive, the words appeared to entice him; Adam held back so as not to fall into temptation, but he looked at Godís creation, and Godís creation was seductive.

He could very well see that the words bore no trace of obedience to God, instead of turning his gaze towards God, instead of reclaiming the woman, instead of protecting the woman, he listened to the woman and he disobeyed God.

He, the first man, he who had been created, did not protect the woman, and the error was a serious one for them, for evil entered Adam, he was not able to be Godís loyal child: he had received life from God, he had received everything from God in order to take charge of Eve.

And so God said ďAdam, Eve, where are you?Ē God knew that they were ashamed, God knew that shame had entered them.

And so God said to them ďYou do not deserve the Divine Will, you will leave and you shall never return.Ē

But God loved his creatures, he could see his creatures that were suffering: he promised them a Being of love, a Being that was to take their shame and envelop it with his light, in order to present to the Father the yes to The Love.

Because woman tempted Adam, she was therefore to live in suffering: she who was meant to present to God all his creation, in love, through love, for The Love, had to suffer from that moment on, for each child that would emerge from her womb would bear the trace of evil.

Adam, the being who was meant to protect woman, he who had received the strength of God, the protection of God over all creation had to know suffering from that moment on: all that would emerge from his hands, all that he would create, would, from that moment on, be done in suffering.

But God loved his creatures, he promised them a Messiah, a Saviour, in order to bring them deliverance, this is why God looked at them and loved them despite the fact that they bore evil within themselves, for he saw in his creatures the Being of love that was to come into this world, the Being of his Being, The Love of his Love.

All children who came into the world through the volition of God bore the trace of evil within themselves, but God looked at them and loved them because they were in the image

of the One who was meant to come.

But as the children were not deserving of Godís love, they suffered: you suffer, you bear suffering within yourselves because of evil.

It is the evil inside you that makes you suffer; goodness is inside you: that goodness is gentleness, that goodness is kindness.

The soul is the life of God, it has received its life from God so that it might belong only to God.

God, when he sees that a child does good, nourishes him with his graces: it is the soul that receives graces from God, and it is the soul that allows this source to flow into the flesh, so that oneís thoughts, so that oneís gaze, so that oneís ears may be only for God.

Adam and Eve could see God in creation, could hear God and acted for God: the soul was pure, it was drowning in the source of graces from God, and Adam and Eveís entire beings were in the light.

Today, children no longer bother with the soul, and those that have the faith have difficulty taking care of their souls.

You must constantly remind yourselves that you must remain pure, you must constantly remind yourselves that the sacraments are essential to the nourishment of your souls.

Through the sacrament of Baptism, the soul received the light: it was beautified through the Strength of Godís love, who gave himself: the Son, the Lamb of God, shed his Blood on the soulís behalf so that it might recover its beauty.

The soul is the betrothed of God, of the Son of God,

for the Son of God nourished that soul with his Blood.

It is therefore linked to God, it owes him everything and it knows that Jesus is its Spouse.

But the children of this world no longer believe in the Spouse, if they do think of him, it is only for their personal concerns: they love God for themselves.

They were given a body, and so to them: the soul is for the body, it has to be pure in order to obtain eternal life; but when they think like this, it is always regarding themselves: they are not thinking of The Love, they are not thinking of the Spouse, for they hesitate to go towards the Spouse.

Today, children say they are capable of beautifying their souls of their own accord.

They analyse their own thoughts, their own gazes, their own words, their own actions, and because they analyse what they do with their human will: they suffer, they suffer due to their indifference: they are indifferent to God.

They are not capable of giving themselves completely to God, of abandoning themselves completely into Godís hands.

And so, their yes is like a yes that suffers, it is a yes that carries conditions.

 ďGive me love, God; give me what I need for my life; see to it that I am happy; suffering, I want to endure it, but you have to come and comfort me. I want to give myself, but I canít if you donít do this for me.Ē These words, they are for the purpose of obtaining, but not for the purpose of forgetting oneself, this is a yes that is enveloped by the human will.

God wants more than this: God wants to show you what suffering does to your yes.

A yes dwells within you, a yes has been within you because it is goodness before God: it wants to say yes to God, but it is unable to abandon itself;

it seeks all sorts of ways to control its life, it seeks all sorts of ways so that its yes might be worthy of what it would like it to be so that it might not suffer too much;

it wants to control its yes: it wants to know why is has to pronounce its yes;

it wants to know why a no has been uttered: it wants to envelop it with knowledge, for it wants to see, it wants to hear, it wants to know why;

it therefore puts a part of itself into that yes, it is incapable of abandoning itself completely: it therefore becomes a yes that does not come from a child, but a yes that is still being uttered by an adult.

The child has no need to see, the child has no need to understand: he is present.

But the adult, he wants to know, he wants to see, he wants to understand; he wants to utter his yeses, but he must be aware of his yeses, knowing the consequence of the yes.

God wants complete abandonment, for God knows the interior of each one of you.

The soul, when it sees its Spouse, bows down before the splendour of Godís love.

It knows Godís love, inside itself it sees what it is before Godís love.

The soul can hide nothing from itself, it knows the slightest thoughts, it knows the slightest actions, and everything it has felt: it knows all that because the soul is Jesusí betrothed.

How can a soul hold back before the Source of its life? Jesus is its eyes, Jesus is everything it might be feeling, Jesus is its ears, Jesus is its will.

The soul completely belongs to Jesus, but because of your human will, the soul suffers:

it suffers because you are not loyal to Jesusí love, it suffers because it knows Jesusí love for you.

Your human will suffocates your soul, your human will controls the love it has for Jesus, therefore it becomes a slave to your human will.

God speaks like this so that you might understand your own suffering.

When you place your soul in slavery because of your human will:

you prevent your soul from nourishing your flesh, you make the being that you are suffer, you do not abandon yourselves, you do not receive the graces that God wants to give you.

Jesus refuses nothing to his betrothed, Jesus wants to shower it with his graces of love, with his graces of peace and of joy; he wants to shower it with his graces of abandonment, with graces of confidence and of faith,

but due to your human will, the soul cannot receive his graces, as the soul is ashamed because of sin.

If the soul was purified by the sacrament of Baptism, by the sacrament of Penance, beautified by the sacrament of the Eucharist:

it knows your human will, it knows that you are going to control love, it knows that you do not abandon yourselves, it knows that you prefer to listen to your human will, for your flesh carries more importance in your life than life in God.

You want God in your life, but you want yourselves above all else: your yes is not a total yes, my loves.

You must learn to forget the being that you are, to accept all the consequences of your sins.

The more you will abandon yourselves in God, the more your soul will benefit from the graces it receives, for you will stop making it dizzy with your human will that never stops thinking, that wants to control Godís graces.

You want to see what God does inside you, by wanting to know Godís will; you want to know where a certain thought comes from.

When you do this, my children, when you want to know why there is a movement of purification within you, you place your will alongside Godís Will, you want to know what is happening on your behalf.

When you do this, you therefore become dependant on what you are: you depend on your human will, for you want to know if your purification is occurring at the speed in which you, you want to experience it: you forget all about abandonment.

Understand that God wants you to forget about yourself completely.

The child who goes to Confession, the child who believes in this sacrament, opens up his interior and leaves all the room to God, and God brings him to the foot of his Cross, and God lets his Blood flow over this child so that he might feel repentance in his being, so that his soul might gaze upon its Spouse.

God knows the sincerity of the child because the soul can hide nothing from God, because the soul is in love with God.

When the human will gives the soul to God, God forgives, and the soul receives.

The human will has no power over the soul: all it can do is utter a yes to the sacrament of Penance, and God does everything for the soul.

What happens within the soul, you do not know, for if you knew what the soul received, you would die with joy: spiritual life surpasses life on earth, for spiritual life is in Jesus, it is eternal.

The soul belongs to Jesus, it does not belong to the human will.

But how much suffering the human will causes to the soul when it refuses the sacrament of Penance!

The soul can no longer be nourished by Godís graces, and life on earth receives nourishment from the earth.

The food from earth has become impure due to man: the earth that was once pure became impure the moment when Adam and Eve disobeyed, for it came to know the being of evil.

God had given everything he had created to man, so that he might be happy on earth, in God, through God, and for God, but because of his disobedience: the earth appeared to him as he was;

and so, the earth became impure for man, and when the human will nourishes itself externally: its nourishment is nothing but suffering, for nourishment does not go through graces.

Only the soul can nourish the life of the child with Godís graces,

so that the body might not suffer too much.

Remember that when Adam and Eve left the Divine Will, God looked at his creatures, he continued to love them.

God poured into them graces of love through goodness so that they might go forward on earth as beings of love, up until the day when the Son of God would come to earth to deliver them from sin.

The Son of God was coming to earth to deliver Adam and Eve and all their descendants from evil; but men and women on earth who refuse Godís graces, who are indifferent to Godís grace, distance themselves from Godís graces: this is their own choice.

And you, my children, who love God, you control your yes to God.

It is the fear inside you, my children, that prevents you from abandoning yourselves, it is the fear inside you that makes you not believe.

You receive graces of faith, why are you suffering? Is it not because you are controlling your abandonment?

Therefore your faith must be very small and your soul suffers because of this.

As long as you turn yourselves into beings who control with their human will, you will receive what you are.

How many children want to give themselves to God, and do not abandon themselves? They therefore receive the graces they deserve according to their abandonment.

Children of love, I love you, I speak to you so that you might better understand abandonment.

At this very moment, there are men who are having difficulty completely experiencing abandonment, because they want to understand, they want to grasp the voice they are hearing.

But this is occurring with the human will, and this cannot provide the soul with what it requires.

Allow the soul to come first by giving your yes to Jesus, do not try to understand everything, it is your will that wants this; your soul, it knows that it is nourished by Godís graces.

Loves of my life, be completely abandoned in God, receive graces of abandonment.

God wants to envelop your human will and place it in his Will so that you might stop suffocating your soul, and the graces will abound.

Now, my children, make your sign of the Cross, for God will grant you rest.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God wants us to walk on water, he wants us to do as Peter did.

When he walked on water, he had complete faith in Jesus, but remember that when he lacked faith, he sank and God held out his hand because God had seen inside Peter that he had hesitated.

At one point, Peter had had complete faith in Jesus, he had given him his human will; it was when he had took back his human will that he sank, but Jesus held him up just as he holds us up.

When we want to go to Confession, we want to give him our yes; but this, this is only a fraction of a second, it's so little: it's the moment when we wait for absolution, we wait for the priest to bless us.

When we tell our sins, we make use of our human will; we think in our minds of what we should tell the priest because we want to be pure, we want to tell our sins we have inside us to Jesus;

and God accepts us as we are, he knows w're little children who want to give Jesus all that has offended him,

but Jesus goes deeper than that, he knows our flaws, he knows our sins, and they're numerous our sins!

If we were to take out our sins that are hidden inside us, oh boy! we would be kneeling close to the priest for quite a while.

Jesus knows every impure thing that has entered us.

When we see an action that's impure and we look at it: we allow it to enter into us, and it wreaks havoc within us.

Us, we donít remember, but when we were very young children, we saw bad things.

We were barely a year old, we were barely two years old: we saw our father angry and, with his fist, he hit the table, making the dishes shake:

            this went inside us: we saw a bad thing;

            this penetrated us and when we've been disappointed in our mom or our dad: we too struck out.

Without thinking, we committed an impure gesture because of what we'd seen: the tiny, fragile being that we were was suffering.

It was suffering that saw to it that we, as well, struck out because that impure act had hidden itself inside us.

Do you believe that the little child that we were at one year, two years old, hadn't understood that this wasn't love?

He saw it and he hid that gesture inside because he loved his dad, but we were ashamed.

Our soul experienced suffering because of this.

Our soul was asking Jesus for forgiveness for the lack of love

because we were pure through the grace of Baptism.

But already our flesh was learning to suffer, and our soul, which was nourished by Jesus, was helping us to go through all this.

When we also turned our eyes away, we saw our mother who, she, was defending herself.

Our mother had raised her voice to protect the fragile being that she was, because inside her she had also hidden wounds, and this had emerged to make itself heard inside her,

and this had made her suffer so much that she uttered defensive words but, through her defensive words, she hurt her husband.


And so, the little child that we were was also witness to these words, and we were hurt:

we also allowed this to enter us;

and our soul, it took care to give us graces of love: because we were pure, we accepted the graces of the sacrament of Baptism, but our flesh, it was suffering.

We were so little, and yet, already we were suffering.

We cannot even calculate all the times our flesh has been whipped from the inside.

Last week, we went to a place where there were children;

and those children bore many wounds because of their parents, and in the place where they lived, they found their safety.

But Jesus spoke to the little girl through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus made her see and he made me see that there were marks on the living room wall;

there were also places where the paint had been sort of scratched and peeled away;

he was making her understand that inside her, there were many such marks, and this was a very, very young girl.

Jesus says: ďIf we could see our flesh inside, this is what we would see.Ē

Jesusí flesh hung in strips, he was suffering what we, we would have suffered: he was bearing all the sins of the world, Jesus; he had been whipped so much that we could even see his bones!

Inside us, sin, evil, have made us suffer; if we were to see all this, how we would cry over ourselves!

The soul, the soul has given us strength.

Our soul has given us graces to be able to go through our life.

Jesus has always taken care of us, he's given graces to our soul so that our soul may nourish us from the inside.

When we go to Confession, we tell the sins that we are aware of;

but how many sins have we committed and that we don't remember, but these sins are a source of suffering for us: they made up Jesusí Cross.

Jesus has purified all those sins.

And so this is why, with our human will, we can only relate the sins w're aware of;

It's through the power of the Holy Spirit that we can recognize the sins we commit.

God has given us the Ten Commandments, Jesus has taught us the Word so that we might see and hear.

The more we accept Godís Commandments, the more we want to follow Jesusí teachings:

            the more we see and hear;

            then, we begin to see what w've done;

            at that moment, we want to go towards Jesus;

            we can't hold ourselves back, for we allow ourselves to dive into the light;

            a surge of love takes place inside us;

            we want our soul to be beautified;

            we feel love for our soul.

The human will does not see Jesus, it's the soul that sees Jesus.

The human will, it has two inner choices: inside, we have a yes and we have a no.

When we consent to go into the light, it's because our yes is given by our human will.

At the moment when our yes is uttered, a movement takes place through Life in God.

Our soul, which is wounded, leads us to Confession, it bears our cross.

Do you believe that the soul is weaker than our body?

            It's the soul that is the strongest one, it isn't our body;

            It's our soul that makes us go forward towards Jesus;

            It's our soul that recognizes Jesusí sacrifice because it's in contact with Jesus: it has tasted the Blood of Jesus, it has seen the Flesh of Jesus.

Our body hasn't seen Jesus.

When we see the Holy Eucharist, what w're seeing: is a host, a simple host consecrated by the priest who's in Jesus.

Our eyes don't see.

Our being, our flesh doesn't feel, it's our soul that possesses the eyes of love, it's the one that possesses the breath of life.

And when we utter our yes, it (the soul) leads us towards penance: the sacrament of Penance.

            But how difficult it is for the soul to bring us there!

            How many times we hesitate to go forward!

            How many times we hold it back!

We ask ourselves if we really should go to the priest, if really, yes: am I going to go or am I going to wait for another day, another week, another month or another year?

And so our soul, we push it down to the ground; our soul, we prevent it from going forward: and it suffers.

Our soul suffers the passion like Jesus because Jesus nourishes it with his graces, and it knows Christís love for it.

It's the one that tastes the Flesh, it's the one that tastes the Blood: it can't refuse to give itself, to abandon itself to its God.

But we, with our human will, we never stop insulting our soul.

When we start judging the sacraments, saying: ďI donít need Jesusí sacrificeĒ;

when we start doubting the sacrament of Penance;

when we start saying that we aren't such big sinners as all that;

when we start seeing with the eyes of the world, telling ourselves that w're love before God, while we, we cover our eyes and block our ears:

then we cause suffering to the one that sees, the one that hears, the one that has known Godís unconditional love, we cause the soul to suffer by not giving it the nourishment it needs.

It's our soul that needs the graces of repentance for us.

When we sin:

Ė         our soul is sullied;

Ė         our soul suffers;

Ė         it needs Godís strength in order to go forward.

When we commit only venial sins, our soul, it's as if it were receiving a blow that knocks it to the ground;

when it falls to the ground, our soul, it's wounded, it gets back up and makes us go forward with Godís graces;

but when it doesn't stop falling down, it becomes weaker and weaker, it becomes more and more wounded: our soul!

If we could see our soul, we would see that it's all covered in scars, but do you believe that those scars don't cause it pain?

It waits, it waits for our yes to go towards Jesus, to go towards the sacrament of Penance, which will give it the sanctifying grace: which will heal its wounds.

Because when Jesus envelops it with his light, when Jesus gives it the sanctifying grace, it's completely enveloped with his love.

There isn't one single scar on our soul because Jesus loves it, because it belongs to him.

Jesus is the Purity, therefore, the soul, he wants it to be pure for him;

and so, he neglects nothing for the soul, for our soul, so that it might receive him.

Imagine a pure soul, a beautiful soul, that approaches its Spouse, that will receive his Body, that will receive his Blood: how the soul loves him!

Because our soul knows Jesusí love for us, our soul knows that Jesus has suffered all things so that it might be beautiful, so that it might be pure!

Our soul, when it receives Jesus, it receives The Love, it feels The Love, it feels his Nourishment, it feels the life of the Life that permeates its life.

It had been shameful before him for so long, it had walked about before him with its scars that made it ugly: it was ugly because of sins, it was ugly because we, we had refused the graces that Jesus wanted to give to it.

The soul knew about the ďnoĒ, the soul was ashamed,

the soul couldn't even look at its Jesus of love anymore!

Let's try to imagine a very little child who loves daddy and who loves mommy with all his might, and he knows that he must present himself to them very soon, however he has just gotten all the clothes he is wearing dirty.

He's aware that daddy has gone to work, that he's worked long and hard to pay for those clothes; he's also aware that his mommy was very proud to dress him in the clothes that daddy had bought for him.

When the daddy had done this, he had never stopped showing him how much he loved him; never had the father made his child aware of his work, his tiredness, his suffering, his lack of sleep:

and this emanated from the father and the child felt it;

when the mother would take care of the child, she would show him love, gentleness, patience: everything within her glowed for her child;

whereas he, now, was ashamed of not having been worthy of the gift he'd received: the child began to cry even before he arrived before his parents because he knew that this would cause them sorrow:

and now imagine our soul, which is the betrothed of Jesus, of Godís love, it knows eternity through God, it knows purity through God, and it presents itself to him in a state of impurity when we approach him with venial sins.

But when, with our human will, we say a perfect Act of Contrition with sincere repentance: then, it's as if our soul were receiving a mantle, a mantle of love so that it might present itself to God.

Jesus looks at it and Jesus says to it: ďHave no fear, I know you love me. I forgive your little sins, I do not look at your scars.Ē

And then he says to it: ďGo, go and make yourself beautiful.Ē

But how it suffers when it feels that we, who are in our human will, we don't go to make ourselves beautiful through the sacrament of Penance!

And then we lose strength because our soul, it's the one that brings us the graces of strength from God to avoid committing mortal sins.

If we don't receive God's strength we'll see darkness before us: but because we're accustomed to shadows, because we're accustomed to maintaining sufferings within us, then we enter into the darkness: we commit mortal sins.

Our human will controls the soul.

The control of the human will causes the loss of our soul.

            Our human will teaches us that mortal sin doesn't affect our spiritual life negatively;

            our human will tells us that we're not making Jesus suffer:

            it controls our spiritual life.

This is why, today, we who know the sacraments, we who know the teachings of Jesus and the commandments of God:

we have become indifferent;

we take for granted that this was all for us, for our happiness;

we want to control our own happiness with our yeses to Jesus;

we have reached the point where we, we want Jesus to be like we, we want him to be;

we want the Church to be like we, we want it to be;

we want to control the Church with our human will;

we want God to listen to what we, we have to say;

we want Jesus to look at our actions because we, we believe they're pleasing to God:

we have numbed our inner being so that it might remain oblivious to itself;

in this way, we can do as we please, and what doesn't please us, we push it aside, and we bury it inside us,

and once this is buried inside us: we no longer think about it.

We become indifferent to Godís love, to Godís Passion.

This is why we're incapable of reacting when we see Jesus on the Cross.

            We see a man fixed to a piece of wood;

            we see a man fixed with nails to that piece of wood;

            we see a man with an open wound in his side, and we forget that he has suffered.

We look at that man, we know that he has suffered, but we don't participate in his sufferings because his sufferings: we want nothing to do with them, we have enough of our own without taking on the sufferings of Christ, because our sufferings are heavy to bear, we don't want to add on any more.

All this is due to our human will, as our human will suffers because we don't profit from Christís graces.

When Jesus died, when Jesus allowed himself to be nailed to that piece of wood, he was taking on all our sufferings.

Since he took all our sins, he was also taking on our sufferings.

What he's asking us is to take the graces.


I want to give you the graces of love, I want you to learn to forgive yourself because I have forgiven you,

I want you to love yourself as I love you, I want you to be abandoned as I have abandoned myself. It is painful for you to look at me without my graces; you have suffering inside you, you do not know peace and joy. If you were at peace, if you were joyful, you would see The Love, you would see The Love who gave himself, The Love who offered himself, The Love who shed his Blood over you.  When you come to ask me for forgiveness at the foot of the

Cross, I, I look at you from the top of my Cross, and I say to you: ďLove who you are. I earned love for you. I earned forgiveness for you. I wanted to protect the fragile being that you are by taking your sufferings, so that you not be crushed beneath the sins you have committed and that have wounded your flesh. I know the sins you will know because I know your flesh: it is weak in the face of sin, it is the slave of the evil inside you. So, let me shed my light over you so that you might come once again to the foot of the Cross up until the day

when your flesh shall be as pure as your soul.Ē


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: These words are in each one of us, they're a source of nourishment because we have pronounced a yes today.

Many among you came here with a yes, but your yes was enveloped by your human will, and you wanted to know what God wants for you:

Ė         to know why you suffer;

Ė         to know why your children suffer;

Ė         to know: how much time am I going to continue suffering?

Ė         how much time do we have left before the Great Purification?

Ė         When will the Great Chastisement come?

Ė         What do they mean, these messages?

Ė         Why all these graces that are given to us from Heaven during these times?

Ė         Why must we allow ourselves to be purified?

Ė         Why all these thoughts that take over me?

Ė         Where does all this pain inside me come from?

Ė         Why must I give myself to my brothers and my sisters in the Church?

Ė         Is my cross going to be lighter soon?

Do you know that if God were to go on, we would be here several days, because each time we would receive an answer from Jesus, we would want others?

We control our yes with our human will.

We accept our purification on the condition that we belong to you Jesus, but tell me and show me: to me, this will be a reward for my abandonment.

Isnít this what we're looking for when we want to know: to be rewarded for our abandonment?

Abandonment is not like this.

Abandonment: is to walk on water, and it's God who holds us above the surface of the water, not only our head, but our entire being.

Are we capable of standing and of walking on water? Thatís impossible!

Every time we want to control our yes, we sink.

Jesus watches us and Jesus shows us.

But because he has shown us, we've seen our weakness: we've wanted to control that weakness.

And so Jesus made us plunge into the water to purify us with a water of graces for, without that water which is the grace of God, our human will would gain the upper hand:

it would show us what we, we want to see.

Letís not forget that inside us we have images, sounds, and actions, hidden inside us that have made us suffer.

Do you believe that the human will that bears a no can make room for spiritual life?

It has controlled the soul, it has made it a slave, it was able to use suffering to make the soul suffer in order to become mistress of its will: all this is inside us, and we, we're not aware of any of this.

Jesus has been protecting us since we were very little.

He has taken care of our soul, while our soul was suffering due to what we were seeing, due to what we were hearing.

And so, Jesus says:

ďLeave to God what is Godís. When you were little, I took care of you. This is how I want you to be during the Purification: little children who do not control their yes, who come to give their yes to Jesus, completely abandoned.

Allow me to create movements within you, these movements will take place within you at the moment in which I desire. It is not you who will know the moment when this is to be, because God knows the moment when all

your brothers and all your sisters are in need of this movement.Ē


Now, Jesus has just said: ďIt is enough for now, we shall go on later.Ē

Thank you.