Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Calgary, Alberta

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus.


2005-04-08 – Evening


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God loves his children so much that he wants to bring light into their days of darkness.

If God has chosen what I am even though I’m nothing more than a sinner, while you’re sinners as well, how much God must love us!

He opens up his heart to talk to us, he opens up our hearts so that we can hear.

You and I, we must be abandonment for the sake of love for those who are with us on earth.

God has forgotten no one.

Even if we don’t know all of them, we have to give them; we don’t need to know their names since their names are inscribed in the Book of Life: they are therefore in our life.

Tonight, we’re all in God’s hands because these words are familiar to us at the very moment we hear them.

God takes what we are and he nourishes it himself with his love, with his graces of love, for us, so that we might be instruments between his hands.

He takes us to the depths of our being, there, where we, we aren’t capable of going.

We have to understand that God loves us and that this is good for us.

If we are what we are today: children who want to hear what God has to tell us, it’s because we have to abandon ourselves into his hands, we have to give up our human will.

Our human will can’t shed light upon our interior, it has only served to darken us;

                all of us, we live in darkness;

                all of us, we’ve consented to living in darkness;

                we’ve contributed to the creation of a loveless world;

                we’ve contributed to making our children suffer:

                but it’s not because we’ve wanted this.

A huge wave penetrated our life:

this wave was nourished by our own thoughts.

We believed that we were important beings, we believed that we had the right to speak for ourselves: we took advantage of this to go forward on earth.

            We learned to talk, but the words were against us;

            we learned to think, but this was against us;

            we learned to listen, this was against us;

            for the world attracted us more than what he, God, could give us: we were stopping Jesus from acting inside us.

And Jesus respected what we were, he couldn’t give us more than what we, we wanted.

We looked around us, and we had a good time, and when something no longer pleased us, we rejected it; we tried to control our neighbour with what we were.

We wanted to take ourselves for gods.   

But gods are beings of darkness: they trick man human being, they lead him into the darkness of what they are: the gods are dark beings, ugly beings.

Look at what we’ve become:

                we are, today, full of ourselves;

                we want to be right and when we realize that we’re wrong, we find excuses for our weakness:

                all this is because we’re beings of darkness.

Yes, we’re black on the outside, and we look at our exterior and we find it beautiful: we tell ourselves that we’re satisfied with ourselves.

We look at our neighbour to see if he’s looking at us,

            in order to detect a look of compassion, a look of admiration, a look of pity, an empty look.

We would like our neighbour to be just like us.

The one who seeks compassion is a wounded being, a being who hasn’t found God’s love.

A being who seeks a look of admiration is a vain being who’s taken love, and who’s turned it into what he is.

Isn’t a look of pity a look that reflects what we are?

We complain constantly, and when we don’t complain, we listen to those who complain.

We search for empty looks; so, when we find someone who isn’t looking at us, we withdraw inside ourselves and we look for what’s wrong.

            We’re unhappy beings.

            We’re false beings.

            We’re loveless beings; because of the evil inside us, because of human will.

Yes, we want to sing, yes, we want to shout out love, but we’re false, because we always want to make those sounds for our own benefit.

We want to tell God that we love him, that we want to adore him, but this is to please ourselves, because we don’t want to feel guilty about not adoring God.

We want to be pious, we want to be good children of God but, inside, God’s call scares us.


We find excuses for ourselves to not turn towards God, and the excuses are numerous:

            we find all sorts of weaknesses in ourselves, all sorts of illnesses;

            we say that our neighbour doesn’t love us;

            we say that our neighbour insults us;

            we say that we’re all alone.

But what do we know about ourselves? We don’t know what dwells inside us.

We’ve lived with all that suffering and we’ve become used to it;

we have trouble separating ourselves from suffering, because suffering has become our life’s companion: it’s the consequence of sin.

We carry the ugliness of sin inside ourselves: this is stuck to our skin.

This is why we’re beings of darkness.

When we enter into ourselves, we don’t find the door that would make us enter into the light, because everything is nothing but darkness.

We’ve listened to words, and those words inhabit us, and those words have led us to ask ourselves:

Who is Jesus? Why doesn’t Jesus love me? Why does he send me suffering? Why doesn’t he answer my prayers? Why did he see to it that I lose my husband? Why did my child commit suicide? Why do we have this lousy weather? Why did I lose my house in a hurricane? Why did so many children die in a flood?

We don’t stop accusing God, this is because we can’t find the doorknob that would open the door to the Light.

It’s because everything inside us is black.


We’re in so much pain inside, and this pain prevents us from being kind to ourselves.

Kindness is a gesture that leads us towards goodness.

Goodness is a feeling that leads us to carrying out good deeds.

Carrying out good deeds is to show our neighbour that we love him.

To love our neighbour is to love oneself.

To love oneself is to accept God’s graces, it’s to want to live for God.

Can you see that we’re beings of darkness?

We’re not kind, we have trouble being good, we judge our neighbour.

We look at what we’ve become, and we accuse God.

We’re afraid of God. We listen to his words and we try to analyse God’s wrath: we believe that God

will punish the world, we believe that God will spread his wrath over the entire surface of the earth.

Jesus: Listen to your words, listen to your aspirations: you want this, you want God to punish you.

You are so afraid of what is coming that you stir up this fear within yourselves, you nourish it: you complete yourselves with this fear.

You have listened to words that have shown you that God is coming, and you concentrated on the words that spoke about the chastisement.

You tremble before pain, for

          when you hear speak of famine,

          when you hear speak of wars,

          when you hear speak of deprivation,

          when you hear speak of the lack of work,

          when you hear speak of the microchip:

          this makes you tremble, but you listen and you do not miss a single word, for you want to know more:

          your suffering is such that you nourish your own suffering!

Children of the world, it is you that I am describing.

Am I obliged to raise my voice so that you can hear me?

Am I obliged to speak to you of punishment in order for you to listen?

I speak in your hearts, I speak to you about love, and you do not understand The Love,

you do not want love, because I have been speaking about love for over 2000 years.

John Paul II spoke to you about love, he listened to The Love; he warned you that men had to be attentive to Jesus.

I am The Love: will you hear this with my graces? I am weary of speaking to you.

My Will of love is allowing itself to be carried away by your impulses and you do not cease making me suffer; will my Passion never end?

Stop begging for suffering, nourish yourselves with God’s love, with God’s divine graces.

Children of love, I want to tell you how much I love you, I want to tell you that your life is in my Life.

I will envelop it in my power, I will make you taste peace, joy.

All this happens the moment in which you accept to live the Purification in love, but this world does not want love and the world continues to live in suffering.

If you could see all the suffering that inhabits you!

Evil has succeeded in turning you into beings who are independent of God’s love.

You, my children of the Light, you, my chosen ones, you hear speak of love, you hear speak of God’s graces, but you are so drawn when you hear speak of floods, of fires, of earthquakes:

         evil upsets you and this attracts you;

         nature suffers and you watch the result of this suffering.

When you find out that some of your brothers and some of your sisters have suffered a disaster, you shake your heads; you are saddened, but inside, you are incapable of loving.

You are incapable of loving your neighbour with my love, for all you see: is a world that is being shaken by suffering, by ugliness, by evil, and you say that times are changing.

Would I have given messages to nourish your suffering will?

Would my Mother have come to earth to teach you to pray in hearts so that you might have more courage to endure suffering? You are fearful beings.

Yes, you are afraid, yes, you nourish your fear, for this is inside you.

I will take you into the darkness, I will take you where there is suffering: you will understand my suffering:

            A child was walking along the banks of a river:

he was asking himself if he could go into the water, he was afraid of how deep it might be; he was wondering if there might not be voracious fish; he was wondering if there might not be whirlpools;

he was wondering if, way down deep, there were rocks that were sharp; he was wondering if there was seaweed that could trap him; he was wondering if there might not be leeches;

he was wondering if there might not be crabs; he was wondering if there might not be sludge.

Even though he looked at the water, all this was inside him; he was looking at the water’s surface, and he could see the waves that indicated to him that the water was alive;

he was wondering if he was capable of going into the water; finally, he told himself he was capable of going into that water.

He challenged himself: he was ready to suffer in order to confront what he did not know;

he wanted to give himself courage, so he began saying to himself: “Who do I think I am: a coward? I can do this, I’m going in.”

So, he entered the water and went forward:

he felt something soft take hold of his leg; he felt his feet sinking into the sludge;

he felt something slither between his legs, he began to tremble; then, he began thinking about everything he had thought about: he told himself he was capable of staying where he was;

he did not want to get out, he wanted to go further, and so he went forward in his fear.

He felt that, at the bottom, there was something holding onto him; he had just noticed that he was caught in sludge up to his knees;

he tried to escape from the sludge, but he fell backwards: his entire body fell into the water, and the water covered him.

And as he was no longer able to move, he tried to open his eyes, and everything was dark, for his motions had disturbed the silt, and the water had become black.

He became dizzy; he did not want to swallow that water, but he had difficulty breathing;

his lungs wanted to explode, they were burning; and so, he began to open his mouth and his entire being lost consciousness.

He saw a light before him, and this light drew him, and he saw in that light the being that he was: he was seeing himself.

He was going forward, he was seeing a light that was so radiant that it seemed to blind him.

            Then, in one motion, he felt something envelop him: every part of him began to know love, every part of him began to          know God.

            He could not see God, but he knew that God loved him:

                        he could feel the love that was rocking him;

                        he could feel the love that was comforting him;

                        he could feel the love that was taking him, as he was;

                        he could feel that he was loved by God.

            And so, a shadow formed before him and that shadow became a screen for the story of his life.

            Everything was before him: he could see himself as a child floating in a liquid, he felt good in that movement;

but sometimes he could feel movements, and sounds would reach him, and those sounds made him understand that he was part of life, and he felt a push that took him towards the light.

He was removed from the place where he was, and those motions removed him from that liquid.

He felt the cold and the child wondered where the warmth had gone, and suddenly he felt a motion carry him away, and he received a very violent motion, and a shout emerged from him, forcing him to cry out:

for the first time, he heard a cry emerging from himself; he could not understand the reason for this violence; he had experienced pain and he did not understand.

And so, that violence, that pain were in him; he had just been born into a world in which no one understood love.

But the child allowed himself to be comforted by someone who took him in his arms.

He could hear all kinds of sounds around him, he could not understand those sounds, but what he did understand was: that there were arms holding him.

He was forced to look at lights, he was forced to open his mouth and that little being did not understand why they wanted to look in his eyes, why they wanted to remove what was in his mouth,

and that little being allowed them to do their will, for there were arms holding him, and he was comforted by this;

but these gestures entered deep within him, into his little being: he welcomed these gestures that were not what he had known.

And so, time taught him that he was part of this world that was not the one that he had known: everything within him gave in;

he was being taught to talk, he was being taught to walk.

How many were the times he saw and heard suffering, how many were the times when he allowed this to penetrate him, for he did not understand that what was external to him was so violent, so painful!

That little being was learning to grow up in suffering, and those around him were teaching him to endure suffering, to forget suffering, to not discuss suffering, but to endure it, to keep quiet before suffering.

He was learning to be a part of this world: a loveless world, a world that had forgotten from where it came, and he too forgot from where he came.

When he cried, they tried to comfort him with words derived from suffering:

“Make a real man of yourself, be quiet and listen, do this, do that, don’t you understand? This is how you must be.”

And that little being listened to the suffering and he did as he was told: he was growing up and learning.

One day, someone hit him: and this reminded him of what had been done to him, and, inside him, a great sadness appeared, for he remembered and he was suffering;

and this was accompanied by words that hurt him: and he remembered all he had heard;

and these words made him suffer because other words were reawakened within him: he was therefore a wicked being since he was hearing the suffering inside him speaking against him!  

Because he noticed that certain gestures were familiar go him, he was therefore inclined to act them out: he was therefore mean, violent!

He grew up while multiplying these gestures, while multiplying the words that fed on suffering and that allowed suffering to emerge.

Within him, everything was becoming dark: the more he went forward in life, the deeper the darkness became.

As he was in darkness, what he heard entered him and became lodged in that darkness;

the violent gestures he posed, he only regarded them through his darkness:

he regarded the violence of others, but he no longer saw the violence he was doing to himself, for everything was geared towards self-defence: he was suffering and suffering inhabited him.

When he tried to know love, love was supposed to make him happy: he demanded that he be loved.

He wanted to give love, but what emerged from him was suffering: he expressed love through his own suffering.

He cried out that he wanted to be loved, but with his suffering, and as he was incapable of being in love, the being of suffering that he was no longer believed he was able to love.

He disguised love with needs: food became a means to satisfy himself; wanting to amuse himself became for him a means to satisfy himself.

He had learned to control his universe: a universe of suffering.

He demanded work from himself in order to obtain what he wanted; he also demanded laziness from himself, for he also found the means to control others, to pass his responsibility onto others: to control others to better obtain what he wanted.

Consequently, he was right, the others were wrong.

He watched the others and became indifferent to their suffering.

He was in so much pain that he did not see the suffering of others, for he was in darkness, a darkness that was within him due to evil.

            Evil had a foul smell.

            Evil inhabited that being.

            Evil saw to it that it controlled his life through suffering.

When he was in the presence of good, evil incited him to see that goodness as something that was being controlled: therefore, the being that he was felt it was being controlled.

When he was in the presence of kindness, the evil, inside him, would tell him that he did not deserve kindness: and so he would refuse the kindness of others, for he was suffering within himself because he was not good and because he did not deserve kindness.

When he was in the presence of charity and he wanted to be charitable, the evil inside him controlled what he was meant to give: it incited him to keep the best part of himself for himself in order to control him through regret for, when he found himself alone, he would think of his action and evil would see to it that he realized he had not given enough.

When he was in the presence of words coming from his neighbour while his neighbour was reprimanding him for what he was, evil would show him they were right to reject him because he, he was different from others: he developed within his being movements against himself, by telling himself that he was incapable of loving, that he was incapable of being abandonment in God, that he did not deserve the graces of God, that when God gave he was incapable of understanding what God expected of him:

evil was in control, evil had succeeded in obtaining the life of the being it had inhabited.

He could see all this in front of him, he could see all it had done with him, he could see his impure actions that were controlled by evil:

            and he was so ashamed of what he was seeing!

Evil was attacking him constantly, evil wanted to harm him to draw him deeper into himself so that he might not be a child before God.

He could see God’s love, but he did not feel capable of being worthy of it: evil was in control of everything about him.

            And God’s love was present:

            God’s love was showing him how much he had loved this being despite all he had done;

            God’s love was telling him to come to him, to not listen to evil, but to look at his good deeds,

for The Love was telling him that he knew of his suffering, The Love was telling him that he had always been with him; The Love was telling him that he had given him graces of fortitude to withstand this suffering;

The Love was constantly showing him that he was a child of God; The Love was showing him that he was saved if he would pronounce his yes to God, but the being was in such pain!

            He was looking at The Love, he was looking at what he was: how great was his pain!

He did not know what to do, he would have wanted to say yes, but shame would overcame him; he could see how much The Love had loved him, but he, to which extent he had rejected The Love!

Evil was attacking him furiously, wanting solely to take him with it into the abyss of pain:

it made him think of all the times he had suffered and had not received support, for it did not want him to think of God’s love that had sustained him when he had cried, and the fragile being that he was no longer knew who The Love was.

Why did love have to hurt so much? Because what he was feeling was suffering, an unfathomable suffering due to love, of the love that was presenting itself.

He had become so used to living in his own suffering!

            He had cried so much, yelled; he had hated, judged, stolen, raped.

            How could anyone love a being like him?

            And that being chose pain, and pain triumphed over love.

Evil enveloped him, carried him away, and in the place where he took him, there was nothing but weeping, and gnashing of teeth:

            everything around him was on fire; he felt as if his skin were in shreds; it seemed to be falling away like snow.

This was making him suffer so much that hateful words began to form within him: all these words were against God.

He was vomiting his hatred: he was vomiting hatred against all those he had known, he was vomiting hatred against his own children, for he had entered pain and Evil was making him aware of its triumph. (All those he had known throughout his life were nothing more than the cause of his pain.)

The sufferings were unfathomable, for nothing he had known had ever been so painful: all that he was had become a burning torch.

His words had become like fire, his tongue like flames, the air that penetrated him was sulphur, and his eyes were like spears.

When he looked around him, hatred was within him, it nourished itself with that hatred against God, against all those who were neighbours, and eternity became hatred in its purest form:

endless sufferings that would multiply.

Now, my children, I am here, I am with you.

If these words are familiar to you, it is to show you that God does not want this.

God does not want you to know this suffering.

God does not want to nourish you with this suffering.

God does not want you to be afraid.

God wants you to be at peace, in joy.

God wants you to know peace.

Do you believe that I will make you witness your life without my graces? Do you believe that I want you to be fearful?

I want to speak to you about love, about tenderness, about goodness; I want to speak to you about hope; I want you to see the being that you are with my graces of love.

The Great Purification is for you, my children.

Would I speak in your hearts to frighten you? Would I make you suffer again and again?

Do you not know that suffering must emerge from you in order to be given to me?

I will teach you to be little children, like the little child who was in the liquid of love, who let himself be rocked by the Father’s tenderness, by the Light that warmed him: I am with you, I am the Light.

I came into this world and the world came to know the Light: the Light is Purity, the Light is the Truth.

I am the Good Shepherd.

I speak to you and you recognize my Word, for my Word is nothing but gentleness.

It is like a wind that calls to you:

come to me, allow yourself to be swept away by my surges of love, I gave my Life for you so that you might be in eternity, I know all you have done:

your slightest thoughts, your slightest actions, all you have allowed to enter into you: I know about it.

You are so ignorant of your suffering!

I want your yeses of love, I want to take everything about you; what I expect of you: is abandonment.

I want you to know peace within you, I want you to know abandonment so that you give me everything of yourself.

All the consequences of your sins, I know them and I also know how much you have made your brothers and your sisters suffer: all this, I, I have seen it, during my agony.

I accepted the torment of the Cross on your behalf so that you might no longer suffer.

I want you to give me yeses of love, yeses of abandonment.

You will suffer more: but because of your human will, for you will have to pronounce yeses every day:

            you will learn to love who you are, you will learn to love your neighbour, you will learn to have faith in God,

            and suffering will no longer seem as something painful to you, but as sanctifying.

I know how much you suffer!

Give me everything, go forward in the light : I am the Light.

What I have told you regarding those who have died before you, those who have answered no to the Light, to God’s love, have fallen into the abyss to never know my mercy but you, you are alive, you, you are here, you, you are real!

I want to immerse you in my mercy, I want you to have faith in me, I want you to say those words I have taught you: “Jesus, I have faith in you.”

I want you to say these words, I want you to imprint my Name within yourself, for you must never forget that Jesus died for you, out of love.

I have known suffering and I, the Son of God, I have been in suffering so that you, you might not suffer.

This suffering of which I speak, is the suffering of sin, it is the suffering due to evil that has made a sinner of you.

I love you and you must always know my love for you.


The Girl of my Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus is telling us that because we are beings of these times: we need to rest. Thank you.


We’ll continue later on, in 15 minutes.


The Girl of my Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Abandonment is a movement of love; abandonment, something that comes over us and that leads us towards God; abandonment, it’s God’s love for his children.

When we, we hear what abandonment is through our human will, this scares us; abandonment, for us, it’s about leaving something behind;

but when Jesus talks to us about abandonment, it’s completely different: Jesus takes us, Jesus envelops us, Jesus makes us feel his love.

When, the one he talked to us about before, he left his body to enter into the Light, he had to abandon himself.

The Light drew him to him, God enveloped him in his love, he felt God’s love throughout his entire being: all his thoughts knew God, all he had heard knew God, all that he was: his actions had just come to know the Will.

The being that he was, was in abandonment: he could no longer be in his human will that controls, his whole being was in the knowledge of God’s love.

He had just understood that God loved him, he had just understood that God had given him life and he had to take care of the treasure he had received through the choices he made.

Throughout our whole life, we’ve had two choices: good and evil.

We’re the ones who have a yes or a no inside ourselves;

God made us aware of this because this is inside us, because it’s through Adam that this came to pass: this has been our own choice through our free will.

God has loved us, God has always wanted his children to love him.

We cannot love if we’re not free.

It’s only through freedom that we can say: “I love.”

This is why God has given us free will throughout our entire life on earth, so that we might say “yes to God” and so that we might say “no to evil”.

God has given us his graces so that we might always have that choice.

Evil is different: the evil that’s inside us wants to make us prisoners.

The evil inside us wants to control us, and it controls us through suffering.

When Cain committed the sin against his neighbour, evil incited him to listen to it: he was in the presence of movements that were waking up inside him.

Cain had the choice to reject the evil in him, but he listened more to his will than to the Will of God;

and so evil managed to gain power: it incited him to look at his brother jealously;

he could have refused to look at his brother with jealousy: it was his own choice;

but his human will had gained a hold on him: it made him suffer to see his brother making offerings to God, and that this was pleasing to God;

and because this was so: he experienced suffering, he was losing his sense of peace;

and so evil began to make him feel his suffering more strongly every day;

Cain didn’t want to suffer, he didn’t want to show himself before God as an inferior being;

and so he tried to erase that suffering from himself: by making his brother disappear, he told himself he was making his suffering disappear:

evil had tricked Cain.

When Cain carried out this deed, Cain entered into a great darkness: he could no longer be the child of love that he was;

it was he himself who had refused to listen to good, it was he himself who had listened to the evil that was showing him jealousy.

Evil was constantly maintaining Cain in a state of suffering, it could more easily control Cain’s will: when hatred gained the upper hand, Cain got rid of his brother.

But Cain’s suffering grew, not only did he feel hatred, but he felt shame before God: a sense of bitterness began to invade him, and he didn’t want appear before God in the state he was in;

so, he tried to bury that suffering, deeper and deeper, within himself so that it didn’t show: but we can’t hide anything from God.

And so, God showed Cain what he had done, but Cain didn’t want to listen to God: he rejected him.

His human will was now incapable of looking at God with love:

the evil in Cain was controlling him.

When Cain escaped far away, because God the Father chased him from his Sight, a mark was placed on Cain, which covered him with a darkness to show all the descendants of evil that they would be marked by evil, and it would be this evil that would destroy him, and not life: he would destroy himself.

God makes us understand that we bear the mark of evil within us: this dwells inside us because we bear the consequence of that sin.

When we receive the sacrament of Baptism, the Baptism makes us pure and erases the original sin.

The original sin: it’s the disobedience to God that made us leave the Divine Will to enter the human will: this becomes for us a sin of birth.

We’re all born with the original sin because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience.

This sin was committed: Satan went after our first parents and he did this through trickery.

They didn’t want to do anything to hurt God, they disobeyed God, their Creator, but not with the intention of interfering with what God is.

But Cain: his intention was to harm God’s creature.

His sin was before God, Cain was aware that he was harming his neighbour, who was his brother.

That stain that was in Cain is the consequence of his sin, this indicated that he had fallen into darkness: when we, we are in sin, it’s as if we know that darkness.

Jesus came to earth to show us how to go towards the light.

Jesus came to give us light, he placed light inside us.

Jesus is the Light: we’re in the Body and in the Blood of the Light.

And so, when we go towards the sacraments, we enter into the Light: our soul knows the Light;

it allows itself to be enveloped by the Light in order to distance us from evil so that darkness does not envelop us, because light repels darkness.

This is why Jesus is the Light:

he’s the Source of our life.

When we agree to give him our human will, we allow ourselves to dive into the light, then our thoughts become thoughts nourished by the Light.

All we hear draws close to us, and it’s with the Light that we can accept or refuse to let those words enter us: so our actions fall under the influence of the Light, because we see and we hear.

There’s only the Light who can show us what we see and we hear.

Without the Light, we’re in the darkness, due to the consequences of sins.

Jesus came, the Light came: he took everything.

Jesus took all our sins, he enveloped them with light because he was the Light, and he took everything within him in order to bear everything because he was the Light.

He knew where to go, he knew his Father was calling him to obedience; because Jesus was the Light, he couldn’t walk in the darkness;

he has known darkness, but the darkness wasn’t able to hold onto the Light because the Light repels the darkness,

because the Son of God went as far as doing everything for the Father: the Father glorified the Son:

so the Light that came into this world went to the Light that had sent the Light on earth.

The Light cannot separate itself from the Light, for the Light forms a whole. From God emerged the Light and the Light recognized the Light, and when the Light came to seek the Light, all was in glory.

We’re children of the Light, we have to return to the Light.

The Light is asking us to leave the darkness so that we may enter into the Light.

We can’t, on our own, through our yeses, leave the darkness that is lodged inside us: we’ve said yes to evil, this was our own choice.

And so, Jesus wants to come and take our yeses and release everything inside us that is lodged in the darkness.

He’s the one who will open up our life; we, we can’t do this: let’s not forget that Jesus is speaking to us about the first judgement on earth.

The body has known sin and the body will have to be purified.

The Light will show us our darkness, the Light will show us our suffering that was caused by our sins.

But the darkness will not leave us through our human will.

The human will has been a slave to evil and the darkness has become so thick around us that it has made us blind to what we are.

The one who’s speaking is the Strength of God, the one who’s making himself heard, he’s the Will of God because the Light is in the Holy Spirit:

there’s only the Holy Spirit who gives us light so that we can hear and understand.

When we give up our human will to God, God takes it and opens what we, we’re incapable of opening.

God will show us what was lodged in the darkness, but before showing us this, he will envelop us with his graces of love.

He envelops us with his Strength so that we’re able to see, so that we’re able to hear for, due to our suffering that’s inside us, without God’s graces, we couldn’t accept this, we would push it back into the darkness: this is because the suffering would be too great.

Jesus wants to take on the majority of our sufferings in order to purify us.

He wants to take our weaknesses, he wants to take the fears, the doubts, and he wants to cast these out from us.

Each time we say a yes, like the tiny little child, inside us the light shows itself and God’s graces envelop our shame, and then we can look at what we’ve done.

We agree to help our neighbour because God, at the same time as he purifies us, develops: love.

When he shows us greed, he places before us what we have already done;

when we say to Jesus “I give you everything”, greed seems like a weakness to us that shouldn’t have been in us: this weakness has hurt us and has also hurt those we love.

You see, that’s what God’s mercy is:

he talks to us about the Great Purification using words of love,

using words of hope, so that we can say yes to God.

When those who died before us presented themselves to go through the first judgement, God opened up their lives before them.

God, beforehand, took care to envelop them with his love so that they might judge themselves with God’s loving Justice: they see all the good deeds they have done, and God talks to them with love, God doesn’t scare them, doesn’t threaten them.

Because they’re suffering due to what they’ve done to The Love, is God going to punish them by saying: “Such and such a thing is going to happen to you?”

God doesn’t behave like this, God wants his child, God died on the Cross.

He tells him how purifying his love was for him; he’s the Light, he wants him to enter into the Light through his yes.

When he feels God’s love, when he wants God’s love:

            his entire being is on fire; he becomes aware of all the actions that went against him and, inside him, something happens:

            it’s that he wants to love, it’s that he wants to be worthy of God’s love:

            he wants to be light, he wants to be what God is, for he wants to bond with him in order to be perfect like God is perfect.

And so, we who are going to live the Great Purification, this is how it’s going to be.

We’re going to see everything we’ve done, and it’s with God’s love that this is going to happen, it’s with Mary’s graces that we’re going to present ourselves before what we’ve done.

How great it will be for us to see that we’ve given ourselves for our brothers and our sisters so that they can live the Great Purification!

We have to live what we’re living, we have to give ourselves for our brothers and our sisters of the entire world.

He wants us to obtain God’s mercy for ourselves and for those we love.

We’re living a time of love, we’re living a time of graces.

God has chosen his children of the yes, because it’s his children of the yes who have pronounced yes with his graces, with God’s mercy.

They have accepted God’s mercy, now, they must go forward in the light.

But evil will do whatever it can to frighten you.

Evil will do whatever it can to make you doubt.

Evil will do whatever it can to make you turn away from God’s words of love.

Even if you believe that the Great Purification is coming, evil, it knows how to manipulate you; it will do whatever it can to take away your peace.

A being that is in fear can’t accept God’s graces for his neighbour:

he’s so afraid that his neighbour won’t be saved that he thinks only of fear, he thinks only of suffering, he doesn’t have faith in God, he doesn’t have faith in God’s graces, because he’s nourished by the fear in himself, and the fear in himself is there because evil is in control due to human will.

We have to be careful of our human will: it’s against us.

The human will is inhabited by good and evil, both are part of it.

This is how the human will is made, it doesn’t want to leave God’s children.

It has Satan’s power; Satan can’t dwell in us unless we give him the power to dwell in us, but evil listens to Evil, and Satan is evil in its purest form.

Can you see that we shouldn’t have faith in our human will?

It has made us suffer, it has made us commit sins against God, and we, we judge our neighbour while he’s suffering as much as we are.

It succeeds, even with children who go to mass, who go purify themselves through the graces of the sacrament of Penance, in controlling them with fear.

It sets the children of the Light against the children of the Light: the children of the Light, who should have taken the children from the darkness to lead them to the light, judge the children who are suffering.

Tonight, we went out to eat; around us, there were children like us: those children were children of God.

What we were seeing on the outside, were children who were drawn towards what was against them.

They were allowing suffering to emerge from themselves; they wanted to give to their neighbour so much, but through what they knew: they didn’t see that they were controlled by evil.

We, who see and hear, we could see that they weren’t behaving as God wanted them to,

God was putting the light inside us so that we could love them as they were.

And then, Jesus, in a movement, showed me their interior: there was a great darkness inside them, and that darkness was almost total inside them.

And then, he said to me: “When the moment arrives when children who are in their darkness will produce their no, when they will say no to God, no to the Light, darkness will overcome them on the inside; it (evil) will vomit them in order to teach them that they are slaves of Evil and then, Evil will cause suffering to emerge from them, and they will vomit suffering; this will emerge from their mouths and from their ears, all their limbs will be nothing but pain.”

And then God said: “You, abandon yourself, these are my children, they are the ones I want in myself, and do as I tell you. Leave all the room to your God because I want to speak to them of love. At this moment, they are not listening, they do not hear; they cannot see the Light, but you, you see, you hear me, so help them, for you shall answer for this!”

Each one of us, we must give ourselves for others.

This is the Great Purification that has begun.

We’re in God’s hands, we’re a source of comfort for our brothers and our sisters who are in darkness; we’re love, we’re from the Light, for inside us, we are, and because we give our yeses, their sufferings, they’ll be able to endure them.

God is asking this of each one of us; but be careful of fear, for fear will prevent us from helping them.

Our Pope, John Paul II: remember his words, he said: “Don’t be afraid!”

This is what God has imprinted inside us through our Holy Father the Pope!

            John Paul II was the door that opened the New Earth to us.

            John Paul II carried what we are, us, the children of the Light.

            John Paul II, he gave his consent, him, a child of the earth, with all that he was: fragile, to carry our very sins.

He imitated his God, he went as far as obedience, to the very end:

he bore his cross, our cross, until his resurrection because at the moment that I am speaking to you, our Holy Father is in Heaven, and all the children of God can’t deny it, for we have seen and we have heard: if we have seen and we have heard, it’s not due to our merits: but due to his merits.

Because Jesus gazed upon the man that he was, and even before he came into this world, he had been chosen for our time.

We needed a child of darkness to become a perfect child of the Light.

He opened up the path for us towards Purification on earth.

So, we must keep our peace concerning the earthly death of our Holy Father.

All those who received this news in fear, didn’t follow the recommendations of our Holy Father: we must follow in the footsteps of John Paul II.

And when we remain at peace, we see and we hear, but if we lose our peace: suffering takes on grows inside us and it manipulates us.

We heard Jesus earlier, who talked to us about suffering, who talked to us about our will that sought out anything that was sensational.

The Purification won’t happen like that: it will happen in gentleness and in the light.

Since Jesus is gentle and humble of heart, why would Jesus change his words?

When I withdrew before, Jesus said to me: “Flesh of my Flesh cannot deny my Flesh. The Flesh has born witness to the flesh.”

What he meant by that was that we’re from his Flesh, and that he’s the Purity, and that he’s the Gentleness;

therefore, he can’t be fear; he won’t use fear to draw his children to him.

But, in the Apocalypse, remember what he announced;

he said: “I shall separate the bad grain from the good grain. If the tree bears no fruit, it shall be cut down and burned.”

He was showing us by this that sin shouldn’t inhabit us: look at what he’s done for several years: he’s shown us the right path: John Paul II.

He told us to go to Confession, to receive the sacraments, to carry the religious objects, because he was our role model: so, we have to do as John Paul II did:

be like him.

He, Satan, he’s wanted to control us.

He wants to keep us in fear, and to keep us in fear he’s had to keep us away from the sacraments.

And so, to do this, he’s attacked the priesthood: he made use of God’s children to destroy the Church.

Weakness: suffering, has gone against God’s children.

We who have seen all this, what have we done?

We’ve judged the priests, we’ve condemned them; we’ve let our suffering emerge from us in order to make them suffer more, and the Church has lost its beauty.

If we’ve looked at the Church with a great darkness, it’s because we’ve let the darkness emerge from us, we placed it in front of us.

All this was Satan’s work, to stop us from going to the sacraments.

By preventing us from having faith in the priests, we were leaving our souls in sin, and the suffering in our flesh was growing: and so it, evil, had power over us.

Jesus is asking us to wake up, he’s asking us to give ourselves to him alone, not to our human will.

When we go see a priest, we go see the Christ Priest who is part of the priesthood, we’re not going to see the human will because it’s too involved with suffering;

it suffers because we also, we’re suffering.

We have to leave our purification up to God so that we can understand what’s coming.

It’s as if we were going completely in the opposite direction of the world:

            Jesus came; the Light came, it founded the Church.

            Jesus came to talk to us about love, he came to talk to us about love for our neighbour,

            and we do the exact opposite of what he expects of us: we move away instead of drawing closer.

He asked us to be pure, to keep watch, to always be ready, ready for our judgement.

Be it for the judgement when we leave our earthly body to go towards the judgement that is meant for our soul, be it for the judgment that we’ll experience on earth: hasn’t the Church always told us to be ready and to live in the present moment?

Today, we do the opposite: we live in the past and we live for the future and we forget to always keep ourselves in a state of grace in the present.

And so, God says “Now, my children, leave all the room to God.”

God wants to mark us with the mark of God’s children, God wants to put a sign on our foreheads: the sign of God’s children.

In this way, we’ll be able to recognize ourselves as chosen children, the chosen ones who will live on earth as children of love, as our Holy Father used to say: in a civilization of love.

God says that now we will have to leave room for the Church because it’s the Church that will mark us.

Jesus is the Church.

Adam took all children out of the Divine Will, Jesus came and will make us enter into the Divine Will.

We have with us a representative of Jesus on earth, because it’s Jesus himself who chooses his priests, and it’s the priest, through his priesthood, who will mark us with the sign of God’s children.

This is our own choice: it’s up to us to choose if we want to be marked with the sign of God’s children on the forehead.

Soon it will be a year that God has been asking his priests to mark his children with the sign of God’s children.

He has made oil flow upon the earth through his power; for nine years, in the home of a person just like us, oil flows from statues that she has in her house.

God says: “From the Heart of his Daughter Mary, from the Heart of his Son Jesus flow tears of oil that will purify and heal.”

This oil is not of the earth.

As of last year, this oil has been flowing for nine years, and God said that this represented the nine months of gestation of his Church.

We’re his Church, we’re in Jesus, and it’s Jesus himself who will mark us so that we might all be God’s children.

Our body that knows darkness has to acknowledge that it is a child of the Light.

When we receive this cross on the forehead, a great light makes itself seen; our soul can see that light, not our human will, and this repels the darkness.

We can receive the mark once, but God says “If you return to see my priest, I will bless you with this oil and those that you carry within you will receive graces.”

We won’t allow ourselves to be purified alone, it will be with all God’s children.

And so, Jesus says “Now, give up your place to the one I have chosen.”


Thank you.