Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Candiac, Quebec

Through His Instrument The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every step that God asks of us turns us into beings that are abandoned to his Will. Sometimes those steps lead us towards a path that seems complicated to us; if it seems complicated to us that’s because inside us, we have movements that are against us; these movements, God is in the process of showing them to us in our life, in our daily routine.

God the Father has chosen this time to make us see our interior.

It’s our interior that has to come first so that we can understand the Scriptures; to read the Scriptures with what we know, to read the Scriptures with what we’re able to understand, that’s limiting ourselves in what he wants us to understand.

Jesus wants to open the door to movements that belong to us so that we can go forward with our brothers and our sisters as beings of love.

We’ve read the Scriptures, we’ve tried to live with our brothers and our sisters with what we had understood in the Scriptures; often, we realized that this was hard, that the company of those we lived with didn’t bring us happiness; when we discovered that we were incapable of finding happiness with the people we lived with, we were disappointed in ourselves.

And because we were disappointed in ourselves, we tried to find the cause of what was making us like this; we wanted to behave as God's children with what we knew, with what we had understood and what was written in the Scriptures, but as we didn’t find the solution, as we continued suffering, then we found that the Scriptures were hard to understand; the Scriptures: this is the Word of Jesus, this is the Light, this is the Father's Gentleness, this is Jesus’ Light.

Because we had trouble understanding, we moved away from the Light, it wasn’t that we wanted to distance ourselves from Jesus, but we wanted get away from the pain we were feeling inside: we wanted to justify our behaviour; what we found complicated was providing us with a good reason to be what we were.

And now, Jesus is saying, “Let me tell you a story. One day, a tiny little child left with his backpack; behind him, he had left his parents, friends, sisters, brothers; he wanted to go forward in life with what he had in his backpack.

Along the way, he met a group of people; those people invited him to stay with them in order to celebrate; they wanted to celebrate life, anything that could bring them well-being.

The little being watched them live as best they could; so, he asked himself, “How can they accept themselves as they are?” Although he observed them for a while, all he could see were sad beings, upset beings, beings who were searching for themselves; they claimed to be celebrating life: where was the celebration, where was the joy?

The little being said to himself: “They are false, they are not their true selves, in all that they should be;” and so, he picked up his backpack and he left.

Along the way, he met another group of people; these were people who did not party but who worked, people who helped their neighbour, people who accepted daily life.

They spoke softly, they had a tendency to move lips but the little being was not able to understand what they were saying; when they moved their lips, they lifted their eyes towards the sky and a smile appeared on their lips and, after a moment, they would begin again, they continued their movements as if they had received something.

Their being had received strength, for the little being could feel it; he said to himself, “Why are these people looking at the sky? What did these people receive because of this gesture?” He discovered the presence, their individual presences that were united to those of the others.

The little being could see them uniting to become one family, yet they were strangers; they were becoming one language, they were becoming one movement: what he was seeing was unity.

His whole interior was opening up to something new: why were these people bringing this movement to him? Why were these people making him discover that he was loved by God? He was discovering humility, he was discovering charity, he was discovering love for one’s neighbour.

So, he opened his backpack and he took a book in his hands, and he opened that book; when he began reading, he understood, he understood what he was reading: everything was becoming light to him, he no longer seeked to leave, for he had found what could bring him happiness.

The little being knew that he was God's child, the little being knew that he was a child among all other children; he agreed to lift his eyes towards the sky and to give thanks to God for having given him this opportunity: to discover his interior.”

In the very beginning, the being lived in the world, lived with his parents, lived with the friends he knew, but he grew up; because he had grown up, he learned to discover his own human will, he wanted to live his life, he wanted to discover an easy world, he wanted to discover what happiness was on his own, but he always felt like a stranger, he never managed to feel good about himself.

It was Jesus who made him go forward, it was Jesus who showed him that he had to continue on his journey, it was Jesus himself who made him meet those people, those people who taught him to collect his thoughts, those people who taught him to go within himself; because they had discovered Jesus’ presence in their lives, they had benefited from their brothers and their sisters because they had kept the faith within themselves.

To that person prayer had always been a means to preserve the faith: it is prayer that leads us to the Heart of Jesus.

Our place is in the Heart of Jesus, the light is in the Heart of Jesus; when we’re in the Heart of The Love, we can read the Bible, we can understand the Bible; to us it seems like a book filled with knowledge.

We who have complicated our lives due to our suffering, in our hands we had this book filled with light, but because of the world, because of our life, we haven’t known how to go within ourselves; we have continued praying, through our suffering, we have wanted to discover what the Scriptures were reminding us.

For us, it was complicated to absorb the words of Jesus, to live the words of Jesus because of what was inside us, to live with what was inside us, to live the Gospel.

How can we be happy if we don’t live the Gospel? It’s as if we went out onto the water but we had no boat, no oars.

We go forward, we go forward, but at each movement we make, we discover a space before us; so, we ask ourselves: “How were we able to come out onto this sea? How did I get so far out on this sea, without a boat, without an oar? How did I get this far? Didn’t I see anything, didn’t I feel anything? I had to do some movements, I had to use something to get so far away from the shore, to get so far out onto the sea.”

When you realize all this, then you feel lonely, but at the same time you discover that you did have to do something to get that far.

It was my own choices that brought me to where I am; I had to accept certain movements, I had to say yes to what was offered to me, I'm the one who is, at this moment, alone on this sea, I'm the one who’s in my body, in my flesh.

It’s true that throughout our life we’ve been with people, and these people have made us suffer and also these people have given us joys, they’ve brought us something.

“Because I have gone forward, I am now far out onto the sea, I therefore did not stay on the shore;” this is what we say to ourselves, this is our life; it’s as if we were discovering for ourselves, now, after many years, how far we’ve come.

It’s true, we discover fear, the uncertainty in our life, but deep down, there's something that wakes up: faith; there's hope, there's something that got me going.

“What was it that brought me to the surface of the water? How come I didn’t drown?” That’s when we discover our interior, that’s when we discover that there's something powerful inside us; we’re not alone, there's Jesus’ presence that’s inside us, there's God's presence that’s inside us.

Jesus is making us discover that we must trust in him during these times that we’re living.

We discover around us people who are also out on the sea all alone, alone discovering their lives; they have suffering inside them, they have movements inside them that they aren’t able to analyze. What’s the difference between them and us? There is none; if we look at our life, if we look at the life of others, everyone has carried out movements, everyone had to go forward in life, everyone experienced movements: one movement brought on a movement, that movement brought on another movement; we brought on movements that brought on movements for the people we lived with.

We ourselves, we have gone forward, but they too have gone forward: my movement that belonged to me caused the person that I lived with to experience a movement.

A movement, it’s something that moves, it’s something that makes us go forward, it’s living: everything that is living is part of our life; this is why when we see or feel something inside us that moves us, we react; and so, this makes us say things, it makes us think and it makes us move; other movements are born.

The people we live with, it’s the same thing for them; everything that emerges from us in words, everything we can see, that’s an action: we see it, we hear it, this is life; so, this is why we have gone forward all the time, it was impossible to stay where we were without moving, without living, this isn’t what life is about.

Since we’re with people, we’re in motion along with them; then each person, it’s his life that helps the life of another to be in motion; so, one goes forward and the other goes forward in his life, it’s impossible to stay put.

If we carry out movements and those movements are not loving, well then, our life is going to produce movements void of love; then, my life will nourish the life of others with something that is sort of poisoned; the other person, who’s going to receive what is poisoned, is going to accept this to carry out movements in his life; he too is going to produce movements that are poisoned.

So, what we’ll have to give to others won’t be nourishment, since they won’t be able to nourish us, the result will be a life without love, filled with bitterness; we can look at the sun as much as we want to, we can listen to music as much as we want to but what we’ll feel won’t be love.

For them as well, what will emerge from them won’t be love, they can try all they want to say nice words to us, what we’ll receive won’t be nourishing: we need love; so, we’ll go forward in our life with what we will have known.

This is what we’ve been doing for many years, what man has been doing since always, but Jesus has always been inside us, he's always sustained us, he's  been our strength, he has been our path.

Do you think that Jesus is unaware of what we’ve become? He knows us better than we know ourselves, but he sustains us, he loves us, he shows us the place we have reached.

We are living moments of love for ourselves, for the entire world, because Jesus is in the process of making us discover what we are on the inside; he is in the process of making us discover movements that are inside us and that we had no idea belonged to us.

Jesus is making us see the light inside us, Jesus is in the process of making us discover what happened in our life and in the lives of those who came before us, and in the lives of those who are in us.

Before us, there were people who carried out movements, they brought us to where we are; now, it’s time to show us what is happening in the Church; let’s remember the Scriptures, let’s remember the words of Jesus: “There will come a time when men will have to go within to hear Jesus speak in their hearts.”

I am the Presence, I am the Being of the Being who comes to remind you that you are my Father's chosen ones.

Each one of you, you will recognize yourselves through the movements; the movements you have accepted will be known to you; the movements of your brothers, of your sisters, that you have accepted will be known to you; you will discover the love within you for your brothers and your sisters.

Each movement has led you to where you are, each movement is in your flesh, each movement is known to your flesh; it is up to the Holy Spirit to make you discover what your flesh remembers, and it is up to the Son of God to purify all that could have made your flesh suffer.

Every one of you, you are all called to give of yourselves out of love for your brothers and your sisters; every one of us, we will give ourselves and we’re the ones who will discover our interior: we will discover the words that we’ve said, we will discover the thoughts that we’ve kept; then, we’ll be able to let God purify within us what is impure in our flesh, forgiveness will be movements of love for us.

Once we will have discovered that we’ve said words to our husband and our wife and that we’ve hurt them, when we’ll discover that our words have angered our husband, our wife, our children, we will forgive ourselves with God's graces.

It’s our flesh that will benefit, our flesh will feel liberated from this weight that we’ve been carrying around for so many years; our flesh has been a slave to our words, our flesh has been a slave to our actions that weren’t loving.

All that wasn’t loving, this couldn’t have come from God, but from evil; in each one of us, we have the little child who loves God; in each one of us, we are God’s chosen ones.

It’s evil that has lodged itself inside us since the first sin, it’s evil that has destroyed us; it has only been able to destroy what was physical: the flesh; love, faith, the soul, it wasn’t able to touch it.

It’s like when we water a plant: the water feeds the plant; water is something that soaks into the earth all the way to the roots; the roots absorb what they need to feed themselves.

If there's poison in the water, the roots will bring that inside; the plant that was nourished by the roots, has accepted what it was receiving; it wasn’t able to remain beautiful, it produced tiny fruit, fruit that didn’t have the colour it should have had; but, with time, it lost its flowers, with time, the plant itself began to dry up.

But the plant, it was always present, you could still see a plant that just didn’t look very nice.

But it was always there, the plant, because from the inside it was absorbing water and, that water, it needed it to remain alive; even though it needed pure water, it made do with what it had: that’s a little bit like us.

In our life we have accepted movements that have nourished us; we’re still alive but we are, in God's eyes, little children who need him so much.

From the inside, evil has tried to destroy us; from the inside, evil has poisoned us, it has affected our flesh, it has affected our thoughts, it has affected our way of speaking, it has affected our way of behaving, but as long as there is good inside us, we’re alive; we’ve been poisoned by evil, but good was always in there, inside us.

Jesus has nourished us with his graces so that good could always remain inside us; this is why Jesus speaks in hearts, in order to show us that we’re still alive, that his Church is alive, that his Church is in movement, always in the movement of life; he will remove evil from within us, and there won’t be any left inside us.

Time belongs to God, it doesn’t belong to us; movement belongs to God, it doesn’t belong to us; we are movement, we belong to God; we are children within time, a time that belongs to God; now, it’s up to us to accept what we’re living in time, not as we, we want to live this time, but as he, God will make us live it.

At this moment, certain movements are known to us: movements of purification; we agree to look inside ourselves at what dwells within us.

Jesus is teaching us to give what we discover to his Will; the Will of Jesus is the Will of the Father, this is why everything will depend on God the Father.

Whatever is going to happen in our life, whatever is going to happen in our brothers and in our sisters will be the Father's Will, and the Son will accomplish the Father's Will, and the Holy Spirit will be every movement within us so that we can reach our full potential.

Those who accept, this will be grace for them; the more they accept these movements of purification, the more peace will infuse them.

The flesh will recognize the movement because the flesh belongs to God; God is the one who has chosen us, he's the one who is the Creator and it’s because of him that we’re here; the flesh recognizes its Creator, but God gave his children the choice, he didn’t want for us to be slaves to his love.

God the Father expects us to be completely loving towards him; he makes us discover our yes.

To make us discover our yes he creates movements in our life; remember, in the very beginning, the Holy Spirit spoke about movements, but our movements are also in relation to the movements of our brothers and of our sisters.

This is why God the Father is going to create movements, not only in us, but in our brothers and our sisters, to make us discover our yes; in this way, our flesh will recognize God's movement, because inside us we have all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world.

We have all gone out onto the sea, we have all carried out movements; now, this is where we are and God is saying, “Now is the time.” So, now we open our eyes and we see that we’re not alone out on the sea: all those who have agreed to be in motion are with us.

God is going to wake our brothers and our sisters up just like he woke us up; since he uses the movements of our brothers and our sisters to elicit our yes, this benefits them; since he uses the movements of our brothers and of our sisters to elicit our yes from us, this will give graces to our brothers and our sisters so that they can discover their yes inside themselves.

This is why it’s important to not regard our brothers and our sisters as an obstacle to our life as God's children; we are the Church, we are linked to one another.

We’re all going to be purified and we’re all going to discover that Jesus dwells in us, the Presence dwells in us.

Jesus uses others to help us; (and) us, he's going to use us to help others up until the moment when all flesh will have been purified.

All God's children, all God's chosen ones are ready to pronounce their yes to The Love, to Jesus; now, they have to pronounce their yes, they have to live these movements so that the flesh can recognize the yes of the Creator: the yes of the Creator is freedom: to say yes with one’s interior.

Remember the story: the little being who discovered those people who were looking up at the sky, he too wanted to discover what was happening inside them, everything was inside him, but he didn’t know it; when he discovered this, he became a being of love, filled with peace, with light; he opened his backpack, he took the Bible, he opened the Bible, he understood everything because he was free, he was free from his fears, he was free from his doubts, his pain; he was now ready to live with his brothers and his sisters as a being of love: this is in each one of us.

God sends us on our way with a backpack and we have to discover what’s inside us; we have to discover our forgiveness, we have to discover that inside us there are so many wounds, and those wounds have hurt us and have hurt the people we lived with.

The more we ask for graces of purification, the more we give and the more we allow ourselves to be liberated; and the more we allow ourselves to be liberated, the more those who are in us can receive, thus the more they receive graces that will liberate them from the pain that dwells within them; and because they will suffer less, they will turn to us.

They will be ready to live their purification because their flesh will hurt them less, and it’s God who will do everything, nothing will come from us.

Can we make, us, images emerge that we didn’t even know were inside us? We know that we have accepted words from people that we lived with and who were hurting us; we can remember the pain, but not the cause of that pain.

What could have caused that person to say those words? Since the person himself/herself doesn’t know why, then we, we don’t know why; it’s like the consequences, there have been consequences for the things we’ve accepted, those consequences, we’re not aware of them.

There were consequences for the person who said those words, there were consequences in our life, there were consequences for all the people that were inside us; those consequences, we can’t analyze them because time doesn’t belong to us.

Who can say what we’re going to feel tomorrow, what we’re going to do, because of something we heard? And who can say what tomorrow will be for the person who said those words? Those words will lead to movements for other days, those words will bear consequences in one year, ten years, twenty years from now.

When we heard those words, when we were one year old, two years old, five years old, today we’re living them: this is the consequence of what we heard and accepted in the life that we’re living.

So we’re not alone in our life inside ourselves; those words have created movements, have brought about other movements, have reproduced other movements up to today.

Can you be aware of them? God can, yes; so, we have to leave to God what is God's.

Our flesh will be filled with gratitude towards its Creator by uttering a continuous yes, by accepting what we’re living on the inside; this is why Jesus, slowly, is making us discover what we must learn.

To us, on the outside, the teachings of Jesus seem like something that repeats itself, and repeats itself, but inside, our life movement recognizes each Word of God.

Each word of God's Spirit heals; we must leave all the room to God's Spirit and have faith in him, God knows what he's doing.

We’ve listened to the words of the Gospel, we’ve reread those words and those words have always brought us love, hope, and he will do the same thing for the purification by using words of love, of healing for us.

We have to allow ourselves to go forward in God's movements and no longer in our own movements; the place we have reached, this is where God has shown us that he has taken us in his hands; and he has taken us and he has placed us in his Heart in order to let his Precious Blood flow over us.

He has already created this movement, Jesus, and it’s up to us now to accept everything he's giving us; we’re living in the Passion of Christ; now, it’s up to us to discover our own passion which has been enveloped in the Passion of Christ.

The Passion of Christ is a movement of life for us, a movement of redemption, it leads us to our own resurrection; our soul, within our flesh, will come to know the glory of the Son.

When we taste peace within our flesh, we go forward: we go forward to where he has already placed his feet; when Jesus was walking with his Cross, when he was accepting everything on our behalf, he was living our life, he was teaching us to utter our yes; each drop of his Blood was nourishing our yes: “Not our will, but your Will, Father.” We must accept what we’re living at this moment in our flesh.

He has so much love for us, the Father! He brings children together so they can hear his Will.

How can we, who are in our flesh, savour these moments of love that we live together? It’s by uniting in the Heart of the Mother of God in order to enter into the Heart of the Son, like tiny little children who are hungry and who are thirsty.

The one that God has chosen for us tonight is the one God the Father wanted through his priesthood; through his ministry, he is the Christ.

The Christ likes to manifest himself to him, the Christ likes to show him his light, his presence, because he recognizes his yes of love, he recognizes his Passion.

Through the priesthood, God asks for his priest so that he can cover his children and grant them the graces they need.


Priest: There is great joy, great joy in this special evening of adoration; and so, we’re going to let the Lord, who’s speaking loud and clear tonight, call out to us. Our greatest joy throughout this celebration of Christ, the Child of the Manger, the adoration of Christ, our greatest joy is to be able to experience as a family, in the deepest way possible, this celebration which is only complete when in the presence of God.

And I, I ask the Lord, who is among us through his Word, but who is also in the heart of each one of us, to give us a special blessing.

And I ask the Lord to spread the power of his love abundantly over this entire gathering and over each one of you, here, the power of love of God the Father.

May this love envelop us and may it touch our hearts, may it open the ears to our hearts, the ears on our heads, our hearts mostly, and may it predispose us to listen to this Word that he gave us tonight through his daughter, so that through our humble person we may now be willing to help others.

Earlier we heard that there's someone tonight who needs to hear the message because the Lord wants to open that person up and help him enter into him.

And so, Lord, spread the power of your love over your children here and renew them completely, bless them through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.