Gathering of Love With God's Action in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-08-18 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord spoke to me at the fifth decade of the rosary, and he repeated once again what he tells me every time: “This isn't your gathering, this is my gathering; abandon yourself; you have nothing to say; you, you have only to listen and to repeat.”

Since 2001, I have been hearing the Lord inside me, and through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit, I repeat what he says inside me.

The Lord is completely love! The Lord has so many graces to grant to us! The Lord gave his Life for us! He wants to reach all hearts.

He has reached the hearts of several of us here; he has touched our heart with his finger and this shook us up to the point of wanting to leave, to leave this world: to leave this materialistic world, to leave this learned world filled with its own knowledge.

He showed us how important we were to his Father; he hungers all the time, Jesus.

Ever since he came on earth to speak to his apostles, to us, he has been speaking to us of his Father's love and he continues to speak of his Father's love because we came on earth for him, we came on earth to go towards God the Father; this is the only reason we are here.

We came to go, to go to him, to go to the One who chose us, the One who gave us life, the One who created everything around us.

God the Father is so loving! There is no word known to us to describe the love he has for us.

You know, God the Father loves himself; he loves himself so much that he let that love emerge from himself and he placed it in front himself; ah, first he placed his Son: and he received flesh.

Recently, we learned that there is only one flesh that exists on earth: it’s the Flesh of the Son of God made Man; there are not two, there is only one, and we, we come from that Flesh.

Adam received flesh because the Son was Flesh; a being of flesh couldn’t have existed before the Son: this was impossible.

Matter belongs to God; we are made of matter, we are made of atoms; isn't this what the learned say about us? Jesus is the Matter, Jesus is everything that is atom.

We come from the Eternal Flesh, Jesus is the Eternal Flesh.

When Adam received the breath of life, before receiving spiritual life he was composed of matter; he therefore received from God everything he needed to be man; he received from the first – the Son of God made Man.

When the angels, especially Satan, when he saw the Son of God made Man, he refused to adore him, and so they had seen him before they saw Adam. And so, Adam received flesh because the Son was Flesh.

Therefore, we are all from the flesh, from the Eternal Flesh, from God made Man. So, imagine when we look at ourselves, we’re looking at what belongs to the Flesh of the Son of God made Man.

Do you see why, when Jesus was on earth, he said to us, “Love one another, love me, love the flesh you see, it is my Flesh, love what my Father wanted for you; he loves you”?

He still says the same thing today; he's asking us to love one another, he's asking us to love our enemies, and it’s easier to understand now.

To love one’s enemies is to love one’s own flesh because when I see Mr. Baril, I see my flesh, when I see Monique, I see my flesh. My flesh is part of your flesh and your flesh is part of my flesh: we’re all brothers and sisters, we all have the same matter.

Jesus speaks to us like this because he's preparing his world of love; he wants us to recognize ourselves as we are; we’re all the same, we were all made to love.

It’s hard today to understand all this with the ideas of this world.

This is why since 2001, Jesus, inside me, has been saying, “You are no longer of this world, you belong only to me. I took you so that you could taste the Divine Will; I will make of you an instrument of love and you will listen only to me.”

God wants to do the same thing for each of us, and he has begun. Several of us here have given up our human will to dive into the Divine Will.

It’s the Divine Will itself who has chosen us; the Divine Will has turned us into children who are obedient to everything from Heaven.

We look at this world in which we live through our eyes, we look at all those who walk around us and we look at our flesh walking: we learn to love them as they are, we learn to be true to what we are.

The more we look at the people walking in the street, the more we learn to love ourselves; the more we learn to not judge, the more we learn to love ourselves; the more we learn to come to their aid through prayer, the more we learn to love ourselves.

We are learning to discover our heart, our heart that has given itself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary so she can enable us to enter the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We had left that Heart because we entered the human will due to sin; we entered our own thoughts, our own way of hearing, our words, our looks, our actions, our feelings. We took possession of what is the Flesh of Jesus and we made all this ours.

We lived with our ‘self’, we became idols, idols for those who listen to us and we became gods for those who look at us.

We also accepted idols, we accepted gods. We take for granted that what is said by a friend, by a brother, by a sister, and which comes from their human will, is sacred, is important, so important that we put their words before our own words, their thoughts before our own thoughts. We pay so much attention to what we’re hearing that our own hearing is no longer ours, it belongs to them, and so, we do as they ask. Our feelings are so troubled that they are no longer our feelings, they’re the feeling of those we have listened to, and we have listened so much in our life.

From our mother’s womb, we heard sounds and we brought them inside ourselves: we hid them, but as we grew older, what was hidden was coming up to the surface and was important in the face of what we were hearing around us. And so, we became attentive to what did not belong to us.

God speaks to us of idols.

These days, he very much wants to make us understand that we have turned our life into a life in the hands of the human will.

The human will has been so manipulated by Satan and the demons that it is no longer ours: it listens only to Satan and to the demons, it makes us unhappy, it makes us incapable of loving our God with all our soul, with all our strength, our mind, with all our heart, for our spirit is of this world, our spirit belongs to this world. Our words are no longer our words; they are the words of this world, which is under Satan's power, and we use those words.

Everything we have become is now detrimental to us.

But Jesus is full of love, Jesus is full of tenderness; if he enables people like me to speak, I who am imperfect, who have succumbed to evil, and he took me to turn me into his instrument for these times, it’s because he loves us.

He turns each one of us into prophets so we can help those who are on the street, those who no longer want to leave their homes because their ears, eyes and hearts are turned to the television, to those diabolical screens.

The television could have served God's children, could have been an instrument of love for us that enabled us to know our brothers and our sisters who are loved by God, our brothers and our sisters who only want to adore God.

Try to watch your television to find that! All we’re doing is destroying our neighbour’s love; if we destroy our neighbour’s love, we’re destroying our Jesus of love, we’re destroying what we are: the flesh we received from God – we’re destroying the very flesh of our Jesus of love.

This instrument has not served us, this instrument has gone against us, and it continues to go against us.

But Jesus, he comes to speak directly in hearts – he does this! He's using us at this very moment; at this very moment, what he's doing is: giving you graces, he's transforming you – because every second a transformation takes place.

Because these words are from the Holy Spirit, they’re not from us, they belong to Heaven, those we carry within us receive graces just as we receive; they’re letting themselves be transformed as well.

Jesus is in the process of transforming hearts, he's transforming the world.

We who have followed Jesus, we who have been reading messages that come from mystics for several years, we’re waiting for that event: the return of Christ.

Well, the return of Christ – he's in us! Jesus is in our heart; through the power of the Holy Spirit we hear the Will of God; through the power of the Holy Spirit, we unite to form but one Church, the Church of Jesus, and Jesus heals, Jesus liberates.

Jesus is in the process of transforming this world from the inside and not from the outside, for the outside is rotten, the outside no longer wants to hear about God… in Canada and in certain countries.

But Jesus, he still continues to nourish us with his Body and with his Blood; we are the flesh of Jesus and he continues; as long as there is one flesh left standing, Jesus will nourish the flesh that belongs to him.

It doesn’t belong to us; we have no right over our flesh. Oh, we have claimed rights over our flesh!

We didn’t ask the Eternal Flesh for permission – whether it was good to do one thing or another, to say this word or another, to listen to this or that language. We didn’t do this; we believed that the flesh was a means for us to live on this earth as we pleased.

We were once young, we played, we studied, we worked, we looked at our flesh: we saw it when it was beautiful, less beautiful; we wanted to improve it, we wanted to keep it in good shape, but our flesh didn’t always listen to us and it won't listen to us either because our flesh knows it belongs to God, but due to our human will, it listens to evil, it no longer wants to listen to the Eternal Flesh. It has learned to become proud, vain, envious.

How can flesh be alive? Does it have power over us? Can it think, can it react? Flesh is matter, therefore, it can only be obedient if there is life. Consequently, our flesh obtains the essence of life the moment it receives spiritual life: the soul. And then there is movement, then it lives.

All that is movement is alive; therefore, our flesh is alive. This is why it is flexible: there is elasticity; this is why it can easily be in its movements.

Matter belongs to life; it belongs to what we are through the Life of God, but we have agreed to let it listen to evil, to let it give itself over to evil.

And so, it has become so used to all this since Adam; the flesh was part of a movement – was a movement of disobedience.

Through or Baptism, we received the light; through Baptism, we received the grace to understand God's love, to give ourselves to God, but because of human will, our flesh has always held that memory: it remembers; it is subjected to sin and so our flesh constantly succumbs, it is disobedient, it doesn’t obey.

When we go to Confession and we say, “I no longer want to lie, I no longer want to judge, I ask forgiveness, o God, let your Precious Blood flow over me”, well, when we come out, we’re still in sin, we know falsehood, we go on judging because it disobeys, it disobeys the graces.

Us, we want it to obey the graces, but our thoughts are always doubting: they doubt graces, they lack faith. It’s difficult to stop our thoughts, isn't it? This is one of the most difficult things to do: “Shut up, be obedient. In my prayer, I asked that my child be healed, because of this flesh, I can't stop thinking: ‘Ah, maybe he hasn’t been healed! Ah, I will go see! Ah, maybe he has been healed! Ah, no, look, he still has a fever!’”

Our thoughts never stop keeping us in a state of lack of faith; we must make them stop, our thoughts. “Be quiet and obey. You, flesh, be obedient to the Eternal Flesh, you don’t belong to yourself, you belong to the Eternal Flesh, be quiet and obey.”

This is what God wants to teach us: we must ask our flesh to be quiet, to be obedient.

How can you expect to heal if the flesh is disobedient? Jesus says to us, “You are healed, my children.”

When we receive the Body and Blood at Communion, we’re receiving the Body, the Eternal Flesh of Jesus, we’re receiving the Eternal Blood of Jesus, and we leave there and we’re still sick.

We have just asked for our arthritis to be healed, our headache, our cancer, our diabetes; we go to the doctor for exams, and we still have them. Jesus, didn’t he heal us? Yes, Jesus grants us graces, but our flesh is always there not wanting to believe.

When Jesus would heal, he would say, “Your faith has healed you.” How come we, we aren’t healed? We receive the Body of Jesus and we receive the Blood of Jesus – this is important! We should be healed; our flesh has tasted his Flesh, our blood tastes his Blood.

Our flesh doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to Christ; our blood doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to Christ, and so, they owe obedience to Christ, but because of our thoughts, because of our doubt, our flesh maintains itself in disobedience. Therefore, God speaks to us in order to enlighten us.

God says that if we behave as children of God, desiring only God, loving God with all our soul, wanting only God in our life, rejecting all that is of this world, wanting to be all for God, not following the spirit of this world but having faith in all that is spiritual, being true, persevering, being hopeful, having that strength to go forward despite everything we see around us…our strength is not external, it’s internal, it comes from God; it is so powerful that nothing can shake the strength that comes from God up to the point of being able to die as martyrs out of love for God: this is the strength that dwells in us.

(We must) be in the very heart of the Church, (we must) not be fragile and let our heart be shaken because there's an earthquake, because there's an epidemic, because there's bacteria, because our water is polluted with blue algae: we must keep our peace.

Our heart must be in the right place; we must be ready to go to the very heart of the Church and pray, be completely given to Jesus – the Church – to beat in rhythm with the Church, to allow Christ’s love to circulate in our veins, that love of Christ for his Church.

This is our heart, this is love, this is what God is asking us for. When we love in this way, we’re capable of giving up our idols.

Jesus, he said, and many know this, that we’re surrounded by idols; our houses are filled with idols; we look at ourselves and what we see is a god full of nice colours, nicely decorated with pretty jewellery in the latest style.

God says to us: “You are children of love, I clothed you with my most beautiful assets, I gave you the beauty of love, all that is mine belongs to you.

When you walk upon this earth, you walk among my Father's creations; I make of you children of light who shine during these times of darkness; do not seek to shine in this world, this world is nothing but darkness, it does not have the smell of Heaven, it has the stink of its sins.

You, I cover you with my Mother’s mantle: the smell of roses rises all the way to Heaven because it is you who become fragrant with my Mother’s very presence. You are my children of the Light, you are my beloved.”

This is what God says in these times; God places many truths before us.

He spoke to us of a time when demons frolicked with animals, when animals, that had a shape similar to humans, turned to humans to trick them, and woman let herself fall into that trap, and man let himself fall into that trap because woman became a trap.

When woman slept with those animals, she allowed evil to enter her, an evil so great, so impure that all that was child within her disappeared: God's child.

Those women were the first to be possessed by Satan, by demons.

This is the sin that turned those women into something lower than animals; nothing here on earth can describe their baseness, for they were behaving hideously: we can even say they behaved like animals for they were lower than animals.

And those women were witnesses of the very presence of demons and they accepted this; they turned to men and the men turned to those women, and those men agreed to have relations with evil and evil was revealing itself to them.

Those women were the traps for those men and those men became possessed by demons, and those men and those women brought forth children of evil and this spread, and spread, and spread; and God said, “Man does not deserve my love.”

Only Noah and his family were saved from the flood, but Satan's deception is beyond that of humans for among Noah’s descendants there was a being, a being that was impure, possessed by evil.

How can we, we remain righteous? We’re so weak and Satan is so cunning; we’re so blind and Satan is so perverse.

We need Mary, we need our Mother of love; she's the only one who protects us against Satan's attacks, she's the only one who covers us with her mantle of love, she maintains us in the garment of Christ in order to protect us from pride.

When a mantle of derision was placed upon Jesus’ shoulders, that mantle implied that he was someone who was crazy, stupid, without importance; Jesus accepted all this because he was humble.

Jesus, on earth, was a humble man; he didn’t wear rich garments adorned with jewels; he was simple, his garment was full of strength, full of love.

Mary’s hand had touched that mantle and she clothed him with the mantle of love because it was the power of the Holy Spirit that so desired, it was the power of the Holy Spirit that guided Mary so she was always in the Will of the Father.

You see, Mary, she placed her Son's garment upon us, she wrapped us in that garment, and she holds us on her shoulder, and she covers us with her shawl so we may be protected.

This is a movement that enables us to go forward; we aren’t afraid to discover pride within ourselves. As soon as we discover that we have just used our human will, we give it right away: “I don’t want any of this, this will, it’s yours, Jesus; I want to live in your Divine Will, not my will, your will, Jesus; see how very little I am.” And then, we know that we’re covered in that mantle made of humility.

You see, we mustn’t move away from this.

And now, we will take a moment, if you wish, and we will stand and offer Jesus the prayer he showed his apostles, and it will go directly to his Father through Jesus: it’s the Our Father.

“Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.”

Thank you.

Now it’s ten past two, and with the rosary, this took one hour; and now, we’ll take a fifteen minute break. Thank you.