Gathering of Love With God's Action in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-08-18 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Can someone please go and get the picture for me before we begin? What you’re seeing here is a picture taken at my home.

And the Lord asked me to show it to you, and I do so out of obedience.

It’s not always easy to show one’s true colours; I wanted to keep this for myself but Mother Mary decided otherwise.

It’s with faith that we can look at this, but I assure you that it’s not everybody who can see – there are some who see, there are some who don’t see. As for me, do you know that it took me ten years?

Well, that’s because in the beginning when there's only a line forming on a window, we can't see; another forms, and the following year, there's another one: a crack, we can call it a crack in the window, eh, like a good Quebecer.

And so, all this was forming slowly, slowly. Two years ago I was able to see that there was a person that had formed in my window.

All those lines that had formed by themselves! It was only two years ago!

And even now, it’s not everyone who can see the person: my son can't see it, my son-in-law can't see it, my two daughters can see it… and so, it’s not everyone.

But I know there are graces associated with it because the moment I said it, a person close to me smelled roses three times, and in a vision, I saw: I saw people who were praying, who were praying, and who were on a pilgrimage.

And so, let’s keep this in our heart and we leave this up to the Holy Spirit – he's the one who enables us to see what is on that window.

And now, please take the song, “Closer to you”, and if you wish, we’ll all stand and sing together.



Hymn: Closer to you, Mary


Mary: Yes, I am calling you; yes, I want to make you very little – sit down, my children – so you can be completely attentive to my Son's requests.

Every one of you, my children, has been called to live this moment of love; every one of you, my children, has been attentive to your heart.

Graces were necessary to gather you together; it was necessary for Heaven to come and fulfill you so you could be the Church – a Church that gives itself, a Church that, in these times, wants to be: obedient.

Children of my Will, I gave myself to Heaven so you could all be tiny little children.

My will, my children, is my Heart, my Heart of a Mother; the Heart of the Mother of God is a Heart that wants to gather all hearts together, so that you can carry within you the mark of love.

My children, there is a war, a fierce war: it is evil that wants to destroy good; good can only be destroyed if one consents to it.

I am asking you, my children, to give yourselves, for all of you to give yourselves for your brothers and your sisters.

Be very little; do not retain within yourselves that which could put up a barrier to Heaven’s graces.

How can we recognize, my tiny little children, what could prevent graces from Heaven from nourishing you? It is by discovering the pride in your life, by discovering that you prefer this world to living in poverty, to living in simplicity.

You must recognize yourselves as true before God's Will.

To want to be tiny little children who walk in the light is to recognize that you are obedient to Heaven’s request.

It is true, my children, that Heaven is asking you to give up anything in your heart that could retain pride; you must not do this with your will; ask me for graces, ask me for what you need to give up the things that are nothing more than pride in your homes.

You have been shown, my children, that material possessions were necessary for you to be comfortable in your lives. This was false – this only served to distance you from humility.

When one distances oneself from humility, Satan can reach you; this is when he acquaints you with what is not good for your soul.

Be careful, my little children, ask your Mother for graces of renunciation; I am begging you, my children, do not do this without my graces.

You know that everything that is idolatry engenders evil and evil, my children, destroys love: there are those who wanted to destroy the love in your heart.

When love is no longer in your heart, it is impossible for you to give yourselves, to give yourselves for those you love: you try to please yourselves, you try to console yourselves, you try to be a victim for others.

My little ones, when in your hearts there is no longer love that gives itself, only bitterness remains and this destroys your life, this destroys your heart.

A heart of love is a heart that knows how to learn from God, but a heart that no longer has love closes itself to God's requests, it becomes hard, it becomes as hard as stone.

This is why Satan wanted you to know pride in order to keep you thirsty, thirsty for this world, thirsty for knowledge, thirsty for your own satisfaction.

My little children, be careful, trying to rationalize what renunciation would mean is so close to this!

You see, someone who rationalizes is someone who wants to know what would be good for him, and when we ask ourselves these questions, we do not trust in God.

It is God who knows what is good for us: the Ten Commandments of God teach you to live in love; the Ten Commandments of God enable you to know God's love, your neighbour’s love; the Ten Commandments of God are abandonment, it is to give up living of your human will and to leave yourselves in the hands of the Divine Will.

To be completely abandoned, to renounce, is so good, my children; this was part of my life, my life as a child, my life as a woman, my life as a Mother.

Little children, get up and continue singing.


Hymn: Closer to you, Mary


Mary: Yes, I also want to be closer to you, my children; I want to enable you to know what a movement of offering would be like in your lives.

To know the Will of the Son of God is to know the gift of oneself for God, for one’s neighbour.

How can you expect to give yourselves, my children, if you do not learn to know yourselves?

My Son gives you teachings through the power of the Holy Spirit for you, for your times, for your modern world.

He is teaching you to love yourselves, to recognize that you are loved by God; he is teaching you to become children of light for yourselves and for others, for to be light is to be radiant with joy, with love, with abandonment, with gentleness, with humility; to be all this is to be: light before God.

To be the light, my children, is to walk, to walk on God's paths, it is to always recognize that God has preceded you in your life so he can enable you to know it.

To be the light is to soften your heart towards your past by saying to yourselves: “Jesus has taken everything, I no longer need to worry; his Blood has purified my life, and I know this has been accomplished; I know that my life is known to God and that even before I was in my mother’s womb on earth, my life had been completely accomplished.”

You see, my children, it feels so good to live this in your life! Jesus is teaching you this; he is showing you how to be good to others once you know you are loved by God, loved by yourselves.

When you go forward on this earth filled with traps, you trust in God, you know you are surrounded by the very presence of Heaven.

All around you are the angels, all around you are the saints in Heaven, all around you, my children, prayers accompany you: the prayers of the souls in purgatory; you are not alone because now you know.

My Son came to speak to you in hearts; you have opened your heart, you have entered within yourselves through graces and you have heard, for the Holy Spirit enabled you to hear.

All this is a movement in the Divine Will for you, for the present time; this time is important – it enables you to go forward for what is to come.

You see those signs around you, my children; many signs have been related to you, and today, you are living them. You see and you understand because it is Heaven that has nourished you so you can be true within the truth. Only the children of the truth can see, can understand, can accept.

If, my children, you have accepted, it is because you have known how to behave as humble children, without pride, without trying to judge, with your human will, what you were hearing, what you were seeing, but instead, you were abandoned in the hands of the Divine Will: you have been tiny little children.

The steps you have taken, my children, will lead you to other steps to be taken during the present time.

I am asking you, my children, to always pray with your heart for sinners, for poor sinners who do not want to come to me, who do not want to pray the rosary, the prayers given by Heaven. They also do not want to meditate the life of the Mother of God and of the Son of God on earth.

Little children, guard yourselves against judging this world, guard yourselves against judging those poor sinners; it is grace for you to go forward obediently with your fragile little being.

Do not try to know what is coming tomorrow; let Heaven instruct you; the messages, my children, must be read with your heart, like the way you pray, and leave to the Almightiness the task of enabling you to understand what you must understand.

The messages, my children, are ways for you to remain in prayer, ways for you to remain faithful, ways for you to remain in God's light, and not to inform you of what is to come with the aim of instructing you. You have no need to be instructed by those messages that speak of floods, epidemics: leave that aside but take those messages as a way to remain in prayer, to remain faithful.

If you are children of the Light it is because you have agreed to be instruments of love; you are called to help your neighbour who does not want to believe, and he is in danger; he is in danger of falling into Satan's traps more and more deeply.

I love you, my children; I want you to be very little before what is to come, and when you remain very little, you keep your peace.

Did I not tell you that all those who remain at peace will be protected from what is to come? See, my children, how much anguish there is in the lives of those who are not at peace: they worry about the past, they worry about the present and they worry about the future. They do not realize that their lack of peace is eating away at their health, and they become sick, they fall into Satan's trap.

Yes, there are many trials during these times but you must, my children, be obedient to God regarding what you have agreed to be: children of love, abandoned in God's hands.

Now, my children, let us continue singing.


Hymn: Closer to you, Mary


Mary: To be or not to be: little children of love, if you have already heard these words it is because they have been told to you.

I, the Mother of God, I tell you to be, to be in my Son, to be present, to be children who are close to your brothers and to your sisters, to be children wanting to live only for God, wanting to breathe only for God, wanting to keep yourselves only in grace.

This is, my children, to die in Christ: to no longer live in this world, with this world, for this world, but to be for God, to be the splendour of God's love for all those you see.

You see, my children, those who recognize that you are in love with my Son find you beautiful, true, sincere, because they have hope within them, hope for a new world, hope for a world of love, hope for a world in which all shall be truth, in which there will no longer be cheating, in which no lies will be told, in which all will be equal. There will no longer be poor people, there will no longer be rich people. There will no longer be tears, there will no longer be madness – there will only be love, a true love, a love that gives itself.

My children, Heaven is preparing you to live this; Heaven is turning you into children who want to be, who want to die in Christ.

Everything you are receiving at this moment is willed by Heaven.

Keep your heart of a child, do not grow old, my children; by the graces of Heaven, Heaven keeps you very little; by the graces of Heaven, you acknowledge that you are in the movement of God's love for you.

It is good, my children, to be very little, attentive to the Word of God.

Even now that you see, now that you understand through the power of the Holy Spirit, it is still often difficult for you to remain at peace.

When you hear words against God, against me, the Mother of God, when you see the malice of this world and this affects your life, you must give everything to the Mother of God.

Do you think, my children, that I did not see, that I did not understand what was going on when I lived on earth? They were plotting against my Son, they wanted him to die and I was aware of all this – I remained at peace.

Heaven was not unknown to me for I could see and I could hear; I was linked to the Heart of my Son; I knew wherever my Son went.

My children, I prayed Heaven for each one of you, I prayed so that men could be in the truth.

Pray, my children, pray in turn so that you might always be prayerful for your brothers and your sisters, and so that they might be in the truth.

When you remain at peace, you pray, and those who make you suffer receive graces; this is requested of you.

You must continue, my children, to pray for this world peacefully.

Heaven does not want to tell you that so and so will not be saved because he carries a no within himself: no, Heaven would not do this because the Mother of God, as well, did not look at men in order to cast them aside because they carried a no to my Son – I continued to pray as if they carried a yes within them; you must do the same, you must keep your smile.

Little children, Heaven is asking you to not try to convert those who resist you; this is harmful to you.

It is in hearts, my children, that my Son acts; it is not from outside; everything happens inside you.

Look at what you are living in this very moment: through the power of the Holy Spirit your heart is linked to all hearts that are present to form but one heart, and your heart allows itself to be nourished by graces, and all hearts in the outside world receive these graces. Can you see God's power?

My Son saved the world: all has been accomplished.

What is happening at this very moment has already been accomplished; you must live it. This is why you are being asked you to remain attentive to your heart that responds to the call of the Mother of God.

When there is a movement that takes place within you, you must listen; as little as it may be, as simple as it may be, do what you must do for this is a call from Heaven.

Heaven does not ask you to complicate your life; my Son is gentle and humble of Heart: you must live this in your life.

Your heart must be gentle, your heart must be filled with love for yourselves and for your neighbour, like a tiny little child; there is no pride in the child who listens to his father and mother – he wants to be obedient, that is all.

This is what Heaven is asking you: you must be obedient – this is what is being asked of you.

Time is going forward, my children, you must listen; there are events that will occur.

Do not panic over what is to come, keep your peace.

Within you is your refuge; that refuge, my children, is my Son – he is within you.

When you enter within yourselves, you enter into the very refuge of The Love; there is so much strength within you, there is so much power!

Remain very little and you will understand; the more you remain at peace, my children, the more you will hear what Heaven is expecting of you for what is to come – do not panic!

When, from day to day, there will be more and more events that must be accomplished, the more you will hear the Will of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This must occur peacefully; if you do not have peace, my children, you will not understand what you must do, where you must be, why you must do so.

My little ones, be true, be humble.

There is much work yet to be done with your will; you must ask for graces.

My children, if you could see your transformation! How beautiful it is!

The Heart of the Mother of God unites you; it calls upon you today to be attentive to the Heart of the Son of God.

My little children, be united to one another to form but one chain attached to the cross; you are the rosary of The Love.

Oh, my little ones, how I love you!

Would you, my children, like to be my little ones?


All: Yes.


Hymn: Closer to you, Mary


Mary: Despite the warnings from Heaven, there are children who do not listen; they continue to judge, they continue to seek out all that is sensationalism, they live for materialism, they are incapable of giving up their idols, they practice what Heaven does not want.

My tiny little babies of love, Mother wants you to be united to those children, she wants you to take them into your hearts and speak to them: speak about my Son's love, speak about the love of the Mother of God the Son, speak about the Church – by speaking well, my children – speak about yourselves, speak about the saints in Heaven.

Yes, little children, when you speak to your heart, you speak to their hearts and they begin to listen. Inside them there are movements that take place and they are asking themselves why, why do they have calmer ideas, why they have ideas like: “But does God exist? Why is the Church still around? Why are the churches still open even though they’re empty?”

You see, those children ask themselves questions because this is still alive inside them, their heart is still alive; they move about, they want love.

And so, my children, comfort those little hearts that are trying to find the truth; those hearts are hungry, those hearts are thirsty, those hearts are afraid, they’re afraid of Satan, they do not want evil. Although those children turn to the occult sciences, they do not want Satan, they do not want to live in evil.

They have not realized, my children, that they have built a door for Satan and for those who followed that evil angel. They have turned their life into a life of suffering, a proud life, a dominating life, a selfish life.

They are killing my tiny little children in the very womb of the mother, they interrupt life because they can no longer live in this world, they prevent families from forming because people no longer want to bring children into this world saying that this world will disappear, that this world will destroy itself, they are afraid of global warming.

Oh, my little children! Fear leads to destruction, fear leads straight to hell where Satan is, where there are demons who want to destroy life so that death might become nourishment.

Oh, my children! If you could only see all those who are becoming lost – how painful this would be for you – so painful, my children, that you would not be able to continue living in your flesh bruised by sin, you would not have the strength.

Little children, once again, Mother is asking you to take those little hearts that are wounded, bruised, neglected by themselves, and to hug them; hug those hearts, my children, they need you; link them to your heart, your heart that sings, your heart that prays, your heart that trusts in the Heart of Mary.

I am your Mother, I am their Mother, I want all my children; I carried you while I carried my Son.

You are so beautiful, my children!

I want to give you graces of kindness, of beauty; yes, I want to give you graces of kindness and of beauty so you can be all radiant when you will be before those children. They will learn, they will learn to trust in what you represent: the children of God, the children who chose to continue believing in the Church, believing in Pope Benedict XVI, believing in the bishops, believing in the priests, believing in the religious, believing in those who pray.

Little children, you are all together, you are the great gathering; I want this gathering to grow larger and larger, I want it to become the greatest gathering of children who sing for God.

But, in the meantime, would you like to sing with Mother again?


All: Yes.


Hymn: Closer to you, Mary


Go, my children, travel along that path, a path that has been laid out for you, a path made of love, a path made of the very presence of my Son.

My Son leads you to where you must go among the children of this world, among the children who hunger for truth, among the children who cry, among the children who suffer, among the children who are sick.

Yes, there is so much to do, my children, for your world, but the Divine Will envelops you, the Divine Will leads you to the path on which you must go forward in peace, in love.

When you go forward and you see someone crying, you take him within you, you lead him to the very Heart of the Mother of God, and the Mother of God will look after him and will comfort him without his knowing where this is coming from: that comfort. He feels a presence in his life, a true presence; his eyes search for a person who is smiling, a person who believes in him: this is because Heaven has answered your prayers.

Little children, pray; Heaven hears your prayers and it grants your requests.

What you do not see in your life, my children, is in your life; the invisible is part of the visible, my children: all is being accomplished.

A single prayer from you is a surge of love that starts with you and reaches Heaven; Heaven sends this movement of love filled with graces towards the child who needs it, towards the child who begs, towards the child who hopes, towards the child who is in need.

You see, little children, everything that happens in your lives is living, everything around you is true; this world is true, you are true, the Church is true, my Son's Church is living, it is active.

This time is a time of love, this time follows the past: all is in God's action – this is the Divine Will, my children.

Oh! Children of love, believe in what you are: you are living in a flesh and that flesh was granted to you by Heaven.

Your thoughts are part of your flesh; your eyes, your ears, your words, your gestures, your feelings are part of your flesh. If this is true for you, it is because you believe in my Son, you believe in the Son of God made Man; he became flesh, he came into my womb to show you how to live in your flesh.

I am the Mother of God, I am the Mother of the Church, I am your Mother.

If today Heaven has permitted that you hear the Will of God, it is because you owe this grace to Heaven, not to this world, nor to yourselves, but to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

The Son of God is coming to change hearts, the Son of God is appealing to all hearts so there might be only one heart – the one that beats in the very heart of the Church: your heart.

Your heart forms but one heart; it belongs to my Son; your heart is the yes to The Love: “Yes, I give myself; yes, I believe I will live for eternity with all my brothers and my sisters before God the Father, because he gave me his Beloved Son and the Holy Spirit has accompanied me all my life to keep me faithful.”

My little children of love, soon you will enter within yourselves to pray, to celebrate, to be present in my Son's Life on earth.

Little children, be completely love for yourselves and sing a “Hail Mary” to me.


♪♪♪:     Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

            Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.