Gathering of Love With God's Action in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-08-18 - Part 3


Q. Well, I would like it if Jesus would tell us more about birth stones. What exactly are they and how can we tell them from other stones, please?


A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We have spoken, or rather we have heard about, and we have been speaking about birth stones for some time.

Everything began in Prévost when he began speaking to us about Satan, about the fallen angel. Later on, in Saint-Étienne de Bolton, we heard about fallen angels, about the occult sciences and about birth stones.

Birth stones are part of our life, not because God wants this – birth stones are part of our life because Satan wants this.

Do you remember earlier – I can't always remember who spoke, if it was the Holy Virgin or the Holy Spirit in the beginning – but there were questions regarding people, and, about animals that were possessed by demons, and about the animals with women.

So, what happened was that we came to know, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that a man, a man gave himself up to the devil, and the devil promised him power, prosperity; he promised that he would never be forgotten, that his name would even be written in the stars: he promised him all power.

So, he allowed himself to be instructed by Satan, and through what he learned, he learned to give names, names to stones, to gods and to even give details as to what they should be used for.

And so, all this spread from age to age, from age to age, and it remained in the flesh.

We remember all this as well and we know that in our families, even we have received birth stones or earrings that had a birth stone on them.

And so, the Lord came to speak to us, telling us about the danger associated with wearing those stones, with giving those stones as gifts, with keeping them.

When we went to the United States, we also received a teaching and I believe that it was from Mother Mary – even now, I can't really remember all that well – she also told us that those stones bring illness, they bring us doubts, insecurity, fears; they keep us in movements that are against us, against our neighbour.

Birth stones have different colours; this is associated with a science that shows us: “Okay, so you were born on this date, then, this date means that your birth stone is this colour, and it’s even good to use this birth stone – it can bring good things, it can protect you from a certain illness, it can heal you if you wear it.” This doesn’t come from God.

When we learn about something that can bring us healing but that it comes from a stone: this doesn’t come from God, it comes from the stone: it doesn’t bear graces – and so we fall into Satan's trap.

When you bought a stone, were you told that this came from God's grace? When you wore those stones, little stones on your earrings, did this lead you to discover that you belonged to God's family? Did this lead you to giving yourselves for God? Did this lead you to discover the presence of your brother’s love for you? Did this bring love into your life so you could give it to others without them giving any in return? This has distanced us from God.

We have given importance to a stone; whatever colour it may be, whatever type of stone we may have received, because it bears the name ‘birth stone’, well, it doesn’t bear graces – this has distanced us from the truth.

We are made of love, we are made of grace, we are from the Flesh of Jesus.

God's creation bears grace; it’s true, there are stones on earth that come from God. They’re there and they’re in our life like the apple is in our life.

Have we given any importance to the apple? It’s a fruit, we eat it: “Thank you, Lord, I give you thanks, Lord, you nourish me because this comes from you and I know you take care of me. You make it rain – this is a grace because today I can bite into this fruit, it’s alive.”

So, the birth stone, we can't say the same thing about the birth stone; it has become pride – we wore it on our finger, we wore it around our neck, we wore it around, well, not around but on our ears. This has turned us into proud beings, this has turned us into dependant beings.

Did you know that a few years ago, power was given to those stones, and people would say, “We’re going to heal if we wear this stone, we’ll be able to get that job if we wear this stone, this will bring me luck.”

This is against God; there's only God who knows the future, there's only God who gives us graces, there's only God who heals us, there's only God who takes care of us, there's only God who is Kindness, there's only God who is The Love, who is Tenderness, Gentleness, Truth, Light, the Way and the Life – it is not stones.

We have had faith in something that is dead and we have given such importance to something that is dead that this became alive to us, and what became alive to us, while it didn’t bear graces, became to us something that manipulated us.

It was the stones that manipulated us because the stones bore Satan's power; and so, Satan manipulated us: this is the Antichrist!

We live in a time in which the occult sciences are so strong around us that this surrounds the earth. It’s a darkness so thick that if were to see that darkness, we wouldn’t even be able to put our hand into it, not even. But through graces, through the power of Mary, through humility, we get through it.

The light repels the darkness, we have nothing to fear.

And so, let’s not be afraid if we discover a stone one day: “Whoops! I had forgotten that stone lying there in my drawer.” I take it, I get rid of it – I don’t give it to someone else, I don’t give what is evil to others, I destroy it and I will go obtain graces; I will go obtain graces, graces through the mass, I will go obtain graces through the sacraments, the sacrament of Penance.

Do you think that it’s just a coincidence that we no longer go to Confession? We’re afraid to go to Confession.

No, there are no coincidences; these are the consequences of our belief in these falsehoods – they have distanced us from the sacraments.

We don’t even trust our sacrament of Marriage anymore; we have our husband, our wife, and so we must use the graces of the sacrament of Marriage to strengthen our union. Man and woman form but one through the graces of the sacrament of Marriage, and so we must have faith in this.

If we have lost faith in the graces of the sacraments, well, this is because around us, there's much impurity, black magic; this is black magic.

You see, if we had been told, “That’s black magic,” hey, I would never have touched a birth stone, I would never have considered using energy-giving insoles, I wouldn’t have touched any of that. It would have been black magic but today, we’re very clever – we use other words, we use words of energy: “Hey! I need positive energy, negative and positive: the solar plexus.” Now that’s clever; hey, where does this lead us? Surely, we’ll end up somewhere.

Yes, it leads us somewhere; where does it lead us? To the wrong destiny, to the wrong path.

And so, we have to listen to the Lord’s teachings – they’re full of light.

We are allowing ourselves to be nourished during these times.

So, is this okay, Maryse?


A.  Yes, thank you, Jesus.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, thank you, Lord, thank you, Holy Spirit.


Q.  I would like to ask… I would like to speak to Mother Mary personally.

I want to say I'm sorry to Mother Mary because I was a parrot all my life, and today, one of my sisters in my family is wounded; they say she's suffering from mental illness and I know that’s not what it is – they’re attacks from Satan.

And I also repeated, because I have often heard: “Mother Mary couldn’t have had children like us, us humans, no, this can't be; it’s inconceivable that she had a child like…” and I, well, I was a child who listened to adults, I repeated, and today, well, I'm asking forgiveness of Mother Mary for having repeated, for having been a parrot, and I'm asking Mother for help for me and for my sister.


A.  Many illnesses came into this world because we believed in what we were saying, and what we were saying came from what we were hearing.

What others repeated is what they had heard and what they had heard is what others had heard before them.

Where do we turn? Go into the Heart of Mary because she, she will say to us, “Calm down, remain at peace, love the being you are, love those who have allowed themselves to fall into the trap, let yourself be covered by the mantle of The Love, trust in my Son.”

These times are times of revelations, these times are times of light, these times are times in which we’re learning: we’re learning that we haven’t always been kind, we’re learning that we haven’t followed the Ten Commandments of God as God wanted us to follow them, we’re learning that we haven’t lived the Gospel, we haven’t died in Jesus, we didn’t know how to die in Jesus.

Now, we’re learning, we’re slowly learning what it means to be and to not be: to not be in our ‘self’, to not be in our will, to not be someone who’s important, to not be in the skin of someone who claims to be able to understand and to see, whereas he is nothing but flesh: a flesh that must learn to be quiet.

And so, we’re going to leave all the room to the One who gave us his Life.

When there's a priest, there's the Christ-Priest, there is nothing human there, there's only the Christ-Priest; and so, let’s unite with Christ. And when he passes by, the Christ-Priest, close to us to rise up to the altar, let’s grab on to his alb; we want to be united to his humanity that has died in Christ.

And, we, as well, will no longer be what we are as humans; we will be the little light, little light that wants to be gathered together with all other lights in order to take part in the greatest of miracles: the very Presence of the Light before our eyes.

The invisible will reveal itself to our human life. Alleluia!


All: Alleluia! Thank you, Lord.