Gathering of Love With God's Action in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2004-10-23 – PM


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God wants to take us within him again, God wants to take hold of us, he wants to take the most beautiful part of us and nourish it: the soul is for us a joy that will never cease.

The soul that allows itself to be immersed in God's graces is a joy to us; the soul that allows itself to be immersed in God's love is love.

We are love and because God reveals who we are to us, we allow ourselves to delve deep within ourselves in order to live out our life for God.

The moment when we accept God's graces we agree to live for God, to give him what comes from him: everything comes from God.

We come from God and we return to him what belongs to him: ourselves.

Through God's power, we have heard what is inside us: inside us, the women; God has revealed these things to us so that we can blossom through all he has created.

This is a call to love, to do everything out of love, in order to render unto God what is God's: ourselves, and through this very act, we return to him everything that is in us: our brothers and our sisters; our brothers and our sisters, they’re also our children.

We return to God what is inside us, we give ourselves completely to God.

We can’t die in Jesus unless those who are in us die in Jesus too; but God says that each one of us has to pronounce our yes.

It’s each one of us who has to say yes to God; we can’t do it for our children nor for those we carry within us, but we can give them like we, we give ourselves, this nourishes their interior.

What God gives them, he’s given it to us: (he) had to go through us to get to them.

God wants everything to be done in freedom: we came into the world through God's will, we have lived on earth as free beings and it’s as free beings that God wants us to give ourselves.

This is why God expects a yes from each one of us, this is why our children, themselves, will pronounce their yes, but it’s up to us to give, so that they can receive graces, so that they can be showered with graces up until the moment when they will have to pronounce their yes themselves.

We’re responsible for ourselves; but ourselves, that’s our neighbour too.

Inside us, there's so much love that we can’t interrupt this love; even if we, we answer no to God, there will be children inside us who will say yes.

Life cannot die; life cannot separate itself from the Life; it’s up to us to be part of this movement of love, so that everything can be (only) for God.

It’s true that inside us we also carry children who bear a no, but God says that as long as his Passion is not over, we will have to, we as well, carry our brothers and our sisters unconditionally; this means: to not judge them, to love them as if they were all children of the yes.

God said to us: “Love your enemy, pray for him;” this is what we have to do until the end; the end, that’s until the moment of the great judgement.

For us, soon there will be a judgement that will take place; this will be the first judgement on earth, not the one from the end of the world, when bodies will be resurrected: it will be our own judgement.

But before this happens, God wants to talk to us some more; God wants to talk to us about man; God wants to talk to us about the words he uses, what he hears, about his heart, about his thoughts; didn’t he do the same thing for woman?

Man came on earth in order to carry out God's Will.

God is the Creator: God created everything around us, and, God even created what we can’t see. God is the Almighty, God is the All: man is within this All, he is like a part of God on behalf of woman; he came on earth to create, just like woman came on earth to create.

Man’s attributes reside in the fact that he is in the Son: man was created in the Son’s image, he came to carry out God's Will, to accomplish God's Will.

Jesus came to earth, he took all of us within him to protect us from ourselves; Jesus came on earth to take (everything) upon his shoulders in order to protect the weak, in order to reassure the poor, in order to comfort those who were suffering.

God is asking as much of man: man must protect the weak, must sustain the widow; man must be everything to his family: yes, Jesus came on earth and took all his Father’s children in order to save them from death.

This is God's great family: Jesus is the head of God's great family; Jesus is the Almightiness, he takes all of us within him; he makes us go forward; he shows us how weak we are before sin and strong in him; he shows us that yes, we have stumbled, but that we have the choice to start over with his strength so as to always go forward; Jesus, he’s our Guide, our Protector, our Love; we have before us the power of God the Father, we have before us the love of God the Father, we have before us a Brother of perfect love: God the Son is all this to us.

Man must be, to his family, a complete being unto himself; he must be completely devoted to God; he must have faith only in God in order to have strength, perseverance to go forward despite difficulties; and those who are with him must feel that strength, that strength that can come only from God, not from his human will, but only from God; this must emanate from him, he must show that he has faith in God, he must show that God has faith in him: he has entrusted his children to him.

Since man has chosen to take a wife, since man has chosen to start a family: then he becomes God's arm to that family, then he becomes to that family a complete being with what God has given him, and the woman who looks at her husband can lean on him; the woman who looks at her husband who has faith in God, has faith in what he says, in what he does, because when she looks at him: she sees to which extent God has given him his strength, she sees to which extent God has fulfilled him with graces of peace, because the man, when he’s completely in God, shoulders the responsibility for his family and protects it from the outside world, from those who might attack it.

He has this power because in him burns a fire, a fire of love and this fire is none other than God's presence.

He’s the one who’s responsible for this family, this family in God.

He's there to guide it, to sustain it, to defend it, to make it go forward towards the right path; he's not there as an authority figure that frightens; he doesn’t need a stick to make his family move forward, for he's completely love; he doesn’t need to raise his voice to make himself heard, for he is all gentleness; he doesn’t need to dominate to show that he's the head of the family, for everything in him is nothing but tenderness.

He gives of himself: everything he is exudes justice, truth, God's strength; when he speaks, people listen, for his conversation is nothing but justice; he has no need for long discussions, for his words lead straight to the heart: this is a man of God.

God has chosen every man on earth to bear on his shoulders the family he must protect; man has received from God so many talents in order to use them for the benefit of his family: all this is in man because everything is in God, and God comes from The Love.

Adam came through God: God gave Adam everything so that he could take care of his creations, of his creature that was to come.

God didn’t forget anything and all that Adam received, men from every generation, from generation to generation, they have it within them; but man must keep himself in a spirit of love, he must keep himself in God's faith.

Everything comes from God.

Man must live with what he is, he must have a spirit that is in God in order to protect the treasure he has in his hands; in this way, man can fully realize himself as the Creator did, for everything he will create will be nothing but love, and all those who will be around him, will see his creations, to them they will be works of love.

Fruits will emerge from his works: woman will no longer have to struggle, for she will have everything; woman will not have to dominate, for she will feel protected; woman will not have to seduce, for she will feel loved unconditionally.

This is how God will protect the family: this is how man will be the protector of God's family; but because of human will, today man has lost the treasure he has within him; isn’t the treasure the thing that was entrusted to him?

He has between his hands what God has entrusted to him: when a man is united to his wife, he receives graces from God so that he can be to his wife what God is to woman: this is the work of every man on earth.

When he isn’t in God, man is grappling with human will, and human will wages a battle in man, so he loses what he has received in God; it becomes buried deep inside him, and as he no longer remembers who he is, he loses the depth of what he is: man in God.

And the woman who looks at her husband senses that his strength is lacking, she sometimes senses that he needs help; so he confides in woman, and woman gives of herself: he turns his gaze towards the one he must protect, and the woman sometimes feels obligated to protect the man and, because she's protecting the man, she gazes upon his weakness, and she can easily control him, when the need to do so makes itself felt within her.

You see, today, many men allow themselves to be controlled by the weakness that comes from human will, not from the woman herself because the woman herself, on the inside, is a child of God: she wants to love, she wants to give of herself, but as woman does not receive, she seeks: she seeks out the one who will protect her.

And so, as she doesn’t see this protection in man, she searches deep inside him with her human will, and her words become dominating, seductive, deceiving, honeyed for the man; the man, when he feels controlled, dominated, seduced, cannot look at the woman with loving eyes; he begins to look off into space, for what he sees isn’t what he's looking for because what he's looking for, is the ideal companion: his complement.

How can we love a complement who takes over the other?

So they hurt each other, they no longer understand each other, they remain one beside the other but they both seem to be drowning: drowning in unfamiliar, fragile, hurtful feelings.

The man and woman, although they love each other, although they seek love, can no longer find love: true love; and so they only satisfy themselves with the external: a love that becomes fleeting, because with the years, a fleeting love runs its course!

When the man, in the beginning, finds the woman, what he sees in the woman, is the ideal woman: the one who’ll make him happy, the one who’ll give him a family; but when this doesn’t satisfy his need, which is but external, he turns his eyes away, for what he has before his eyes no longer pleases him, no longer seduces him: he therefore looks elsewhere for comfort.

How many search for themselves through sports? How many search for themselves through leisure activities? How many search for themselves in work? How many search for themselves by going towards the outside world? He looks at the one who passes before his eyes and he asks himself if she wouldn’t have been the one who would have been for him.

He's searching in a void, because what he sees is nothing but emptiness; it’s inside himself that he has to search for who he is, it’s inside himself that he has to find the complete being that he is in God.

The man, when he turns his eyes towards the outside world, cannot find what is inside himself, and so he can’t be happy; he will satisfy himself with money, with work, with leisure activities, but this won’t bring him what he truly is: a man created to achieve his full potential.

In God, there are no mistakes, so man is not a mistake; nor is woman a mistake: all that has emerged from God is perfect.

So man must seek himself within himself in order to become once again the complete being that he is, and it’s only through God's graces that this will happen, it’s only by giving God the being that he is that he will become again the being in the image of the Son of God: then, he will be able to give, protect, sustain, comfort, forgive; he will be tender and gentle, patient, perseverant; he’ll have no need to dominate, he’ll have no need to defend himself, he’ll be himself: the man must be this so that the family can become once again a family of God.

God's family is each one of us, but in the Body of Christ.

There are families and these families must unite in God in order to form one and the same family.

How many little circles have become divided! How many little circles have broken apart! How many little circles no longer believe in God! How many little circles no longer search!

They’ve lost the faith, they’ve lost hope in happiness, they’ve lost unconditional love: if we place conditions on love, we won’t find love.

Love doesn’t need to blackmail, love is free, love is given, love doesn’t judge; love, it’s a whole: we must be a whole in the Body of Jesus.

Jesus begs all men and all women to come back to the being that they are.

By searching and searching on the outside, we’ve lost our identity as man and woman: we’ve become similar to beings that are inferior to what God created.

God says: “My animal couples behave better than you; my inferior beings have remained loyal to how they were created, whereas the couple, man and woman behave in a more lowly fashion than the animals. They no longer respect one another amongst themselves; they no longer respect the body they possess; they no longer respect their feelings; they no longer respect their heart, for their heart is scorned by their impurities, and they continue to feed their impurity in order to go on living in their lowliness.”

God speaks like this in each one of us to make us realize that we, the human beings (that we) call men and women, are not (even) worthy anymore of being called men and women.

We’ve lost the meaning of dignity.

We claim to be women, but we don’t respect who we are; we claim to be women, but we don’t respect the children that emerge from our womb; we claim to be women and we don’t deserve to be in the company or our loved one, for when he doesn’t please us, we judge him, we want to seduce him, dominate him, reject him when things are no longer going our way.

And when man, he's isn’t true to himself, he loses his pride, he no longer becomes the man he must be, he's no longer the child he must be, he's no more than a weak being of no value to other human beings, for human beings are all focused on searching: searching for love, searching for a divine Being who will be above him: this is the essence of all human beings.

But how can we all be focused on searching for God, searching for love, if individually we’re no longer what we should be: beings made of God's love, having received everything from God?

God doesn’t say that we’re hopeless because God came on earth, becoming flesh as the Son of God the Father.

He bore within him all our sins, all our weaknesses, all our wounds; he bore them unto death because God gazed upon us and had more faith in us than we have in ourselves.

We say to ourselves: “Are we going to be capable of being women of God, in God, for God? Are we capable of being men of God, with God and for God?”

We ask ourselves these questions, isn’t it because we’ve lost our self-esteem?

We’ve lost our will of love, our yes.

God wants to make us grasp the yes we have within us: he (himself) has put that yes there; he himself carried our yes and enveloped it in his own yes, because he knew that we came from God, because he knows that we have God's breath inside us, because he knows that our soul comes from him, because he loves us more than we (can) love ourselves.

And God says: “Let me show you how much I love you; let me tell you, in simple words, who you are; let me transform you into perfect beings, I am the one who will bring you back to my Father, I am the one who will make you discover the splendour of your interior, the beauty of your creation.”

God put everything in each one of us.

Everything that composed our flesh comes from God, everything that is in us, be it skeletal, muscular, everything comes from God: this is God's creation.

We are a whole in God: everything that makes our heart beat is from God; everything that leads us to love comes from God; everything that makes us act comes from God; the soul is God's, it belongs to him.

Inside, we’re nothing but love and God wants to make us discover this: we must have faith in him in all things.

We have needs: he knows them before we, we can utter them; he knows if we need a healing; he knows if we need to be comforted, to be consoled; he knows if we need a job; he knows if we need protection: he knows everything about us even before we can utter it; isn’t it Jesus himself who nourishes our interior so that we can discover our needs?

If we need to pray for one of our children, do you believe that this comes from us? If we kneel at his feet to ask him for a job, do you believe that this comes from us? This comes from him because he can take care of us.

Everything that is good doesn’t come from us, it comes from God.

We make requests, but these requests, he knows them even before, because he's the one who put them inside us, he's the one who put that need there to ask God for love: we cry out to him: “Give us love.”

When we cry out that we wish something good for those we love, he's the one who puts all that inside us: that need to give ourselves endlessly, that need to receive within us graces for our soul and for those we carry inside us.

If we try to love someone, do you believe that this comes from us? He's the one who put that need inside us, that need for love, that thirst for love: he wants us to be love for the other.

If we have a need to give our life to God, to one’s God of love, become devoted only to him, do you believe that this comes from the human being? He's the one who put that movement of love inside us and he's the one who makes us cry out so that we can devote ourselves to him alone: to become his bride, his spouse, that’s from God.

We don’t know who we are, we don’t know what God has put inside us and it’s slowly that God makes us discover it so that we can let those loving words emerge from us, words that are turned towards him.

If we’re thirsty, if we’re hungry, it’s because he has put a need in us to nourish ourselves: yes, he wants us to become aware that we’re hungry and we’re thirsty for love: thirsty for him, thirsty for ourselves, thirsty for our children, for our sisters, for our brothers, for our husband, for our wife, for our parents and for those who are on earth.

This need is in us because we’re all in his Body: we’re part of the family, and each one of us, we must complete ourselves with what we are: complete beings meant to give.

God wants us to receive.

Before receiving, we have to learn to give and before giving, we have to know that we have a need to give.

God is a whole, God is love, to us God is light, truth, the way, life everlasting; it’s up to each of us to come face to face with the being that we are.

Before God we’ll discover ourselves, only in God will we discover ourselves, only for God will we discover ourselves, because we came on earth to live as beings of love; we came on earth to receive gestures of love, and we came on earth to go towards God the Father: we came and we must return.

God is a movement of love: God gave to us and he wants to take in order to give again; he wants to take us within him, he loves us, God.

And it’s with his words, that make themselves heard, that he teaches us to go forward with what we are, slowly; this is his work, it’s not our work; what belongs to us is only a yes, and this yes is everything to us: we must be a whole within that yes, that yes that allowed itself to be enveloped by Jesus’ Yes.

You see, these words are a nourishment to each one of us today.

Many are receiving graces at this very moment; many are allowing themselves to be purified by God.

Purification means healing: we receive graces of healing for our soul, our heart, our mind, our body.

God is so loving that he doesn’t keep track of the times we’ve uttered words through our wounded human will: God knows these words.

Even before we came into this world, God knew each one of our words, and he came; and he knew that we were going to judge his gesture of love, and he knew that weren’t going to be worthy of his gesture of love, he knew that we were going to be reserved towards his graces of love.

But God continues and continues showering us with his graces because God, he has faith in his love; he has faith in what he has given us: love; he doesn’t have faith in our human will, in this deceitful will, but he has faith in what he has placed in us: love!

We’re beings of love, and although we have trouble understanding what he expects of us, God spreads graces of light constantly.

Many receive answers.

No one who comes to gatherings does not receive graces of healing; each person who’s here receives answers to his own inner search: it’s up to you to know if, truly, you’re asking the right questions; it’s up to you to know if you’re prioritizing the questions regarding your eternal life; it’s up to you to know if, truly, you’re worth it, God, him, he knows this; God, him, he knows what you need to hear for yourself and for those you carry within you.

When Jesus answers your questions, don’t forget that Jesus knows your life and knows all those who are within you: he knows the consequence of your question; he knows the needs that will turn you into a complete being: he won’t give answers that will be harmful to your becoming complete: to being complete within yourselves.

God won’t do this, for God knows you and he knows your weaknesses like he knows my weaknesses; he answers according to what you are and to how far you have come.

At this very moment, we are allowing ourselves to be purified through God's graces; at this very moment, we’re living our purification.

He doesn’t stop repeating, wherever he goes, that the purification has already begun.

For quite a while, we’ve been in the purification. Men and women of all ages are allowing themselves to be purified through the graces of the Divine Will: each one goes forward according to what he is, each one allows himself to be purified according to what he is able to accept.

A light makes itself seen, makes itself understood; a truth reveals itself in each one of us, and when we see, it’s that we’ve agreed to take one more step for our purification, and God fulfills our interior: pain begins to disappear, the flesh begins to discover its freedom.



Slowly, God lets our interior know the depth of what we are.

He talks about sins, he talks about our habits, he talks about everything that turned us into beings inferior to what we should have been.

When this reveals itself to us, it’s because we’ve agreed to see, and then God creates movements within us; he makes us appear as beings of love for ourselves; he doesn’t show us our ugliness because God knows that our ugliness, it’s sin; he shows us that we’re love, but he makes us aware of what made us ugly.

Sin is not for us, it became part of our life because of human will, but sin no longer belongs to us since Jesus died on the Cross; no sin belongs to us, it belongs to eternal death.

But we have to look at what sin has done to our interior, we have to become aware that at times we have been ugly.

But God wants to erase that ugliness from us to show each one of us our beauty: we were all created in the Son’s image, woman is in the image of Mary in the Son.

We’re all united through God, in God, for the greater glory of God the Father, and this is how we begin to go forward.

We’re all, at this very moment, gathered together on one path, a path carved out by God, and together we go forward towards the New Earth, where everything will be nothing but beauty.

At every moment, we go forward and at every step, purification is occuring for each one of us.

Purification, it’s inside us.

It’s each one of us who lives his own purification, and yet, we all go forward together.

Every step that’s taken ahead of us, the person beside (us) does the same, the one beside does it too, the person behind us does it too: there is no first and last: we all take a step at the same time as everyone else: that’s what God's love is about.

God isn’t coming to tell us: “You, you are different. You, you have more sins. You, you committed less sins. You, you committed only sins.” God isn’t like this.

God wants us all to be in his love because when God the Father chose us, he knew each one among us, and he loved us as we are, and this is how we go forward.

Do you believe that the Precious Blood of the Son of God has been more powerful for one person or another? No, his Blood was pure; his Blood was the Blood of the Son of God; his power is unique, infinite, so he took all of us, and his Precious Blood purified each one of us, and it’s each one of us who’s living his purification: together we go forward.

It’s true that we’re going to experience moments when some won’t go forward; it’s as if their steps were taken at the same time as ours, but their steps don’t seem to produce movement; so God says: “Carry! Carry him! Carry your brother who has difficulty taking his step; you take a step for him; walk, walk in front and bear his suffering, for you must love beyond what you, you know: let God make a complete being of you; because you are complete, you have within you all your brothers and your sisters of the entire world and work in me, Jesus, love unconditionally, and your reward shall be great.”

If at times, you find that your own step is taken with suffering, then God says: “Have no fear, I am here, I know your strength since I place my Being within you, and the strength you lack shall be replenished with my strength; so go forward and you shall be rewarded.”

If we have trouble taking one more step, because we hesitate due to our uncertainty of whether we’re worthy of him, of his Sacrifice, of his yes, God says: “Let me take who you are on your behalf; you are so weak, so little, you still have not discovered who you were; at this very moment, you are allowing yourself to be transformed into a child of the Divine Will.

Do you not know that you have not yet been (completely) transformed? You are barely beginning to discover the Divine Will; you are barely beginning to utter your yeses, all the time, with what you are, while you are so little, so weak, so insecure, so uncertain of my power.

I take you completely within myself and I take a step in your stead, for you are no longer yourself: you are what I, I am: you are me, you renounce yourself, you become such a good being, so little! Allow yourself to be swept up by my Divine Will. I envelop you in my love and, slowly, you begin to see how much God has loved you with what you are, you begin to understand that your life is eternal, you begin to understand that God is in the process of making you die in order to teach you to live: yes, you are beginning to live.

You must accept your death: death to this world; you must die in order to live.

Did I not say these words: ‘To die in Jesus is to die to yourself;’ it is to die with what you have lived because what you have lived has not brought you happiness, with what you have lived, you have not been able to repay happiness with happiness.

I, I want you leave all that, I want to renew who you are, I want you to become flesh in my Flesh: my Flesh is pure, my Flesh is immortal.

I came into this world, I became Flesh in Mary’s womb. My Flesh accepted all your sins, and it came to know death because it was necessary for me to bring all your sins unto death, sins of the soul and of the flesh: this had to be so.

I was resurrected with my Body: my Body was glorified through the Father, for death could not retain the Son of God, the Purity: unconditional love.

Eternal death could not be known by the Son of God; and so your flesh shall be resurrected, your flesh shall come to know glory: you shall know glory in my Glory, and you shall be the work of my Father, complete in all things and for eternity.

The work of the Work shall be immortal: God created what you are for eternity; know to recognize the worth of what dwells within you.” Amen.