Gathering of Love With God's Action in Charlottetown, PEI,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-27 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord wants to put graces in our hearts. These graces have a purpose: the one of healing, of healing and of liberating.

When Jesus speaks of healings, he's speaking about healing our sufferings, which, in our lives, we have brought on ourselves through everything we have said, everything we have thought.

He wants to make our hearts light; a light heart loves more easily, it is inclined to worry less, it is inclined to recognize that love is something that is given.

God gives, God doesn’t ask to be fulfilled, he never stops giving himself, which is different from us – we always have a need to ask: we want to receive.

Us, we have a God of love, we have a God who never stops giving love.

We have the Son of God with us. The Son of God came on earth to give himself; God the Father consented to give his love for us because Jesus is love, he's the love of God the Father, and so, we receive love continuously.

If Jesus were to withhold his love for a single minute, this would be long enough for nothing to exist, because everything exists in Jesus.

God the Father is a Spirit, a pure Spirit; God the Son in God the Father is a pure Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is a pure God, a Spirit of love.

Therefore, one God who never stops giving himself, who never stops giving himself continuously – it’s as if God appeared before himself – he appears before himself, he sees what he is.

If we want to see who we are, we stand before a mirror; but if you stand before a mirror, this doesn’t mean that there are two of you – there's only you seeing yourself.

But God is different – God sees himself. What he is, he sees it in front of himself; all that he is, he presents it to himself. And so, this is why we say that Jesus wasn’t created but rather engendered. The Son of God is the second Person of the Trinity.

When God looks at his Son, there's so much love being given that this is always in a movement of love: one God who sees himself.

A God who sees himself gives, gives, gives: movements of love that form a third person, and therefore, we have a God who gives love.

If we, with what we are, were to stop and think about this without Jesus, without being enveloped in the Holy Spirit, without the Will of God the Father maintaining us in his love, we wouldn’t even be able to pronounce the word ‘love’; all this would be something inconceivable to us, something false: this would lead us to not believing in all this.

But God, he wants us to believe in him so he gives us love; his Son keeps us in his love and the Holy Spirit enables us to taste it: three movements that give love for us, God's chosen ones.

But we, we have something inside us; we can say no to this, we’re the ones who decide: “Yes, I really want to accept what you’re giving me, I want your love.” In this case, we believe in God, but if I say, “Me, I don’t want anything to do with this,” well, I have free will – I'm the one separating myself from that love, I'm the one who doesn’t want to receive the love given to me, and therefore, I consent to making myself suffer.

The flesh needs love; our soul, it is made of love, it is constantly nourished by the grace of God, but because of our human will, sometimes we don’t allow our soul to receive love, we bring it to the point of anguish.

When our soul is in anguish, when our soul lacks its nourishment, our flesh suffers because of this; our flesh needs love because it comes from God.

When God the Father wanted his Son to become flesh: he willed it. In a single instant, the Son of God made Man stood before God because the Will of God enabled matter to emerge.

God contains all; he also contains matter, and so, he wanted matter to be within the Son of God made Man. Therefore, everything was in the Son, everything, absolutely everything.

And we, we’re in Jesus, and out of love for all men, everything was created: the universe was created, everything in the universe was created out of love; the earth was created out of love and everything the earth contains was created out of love.

And God gave us the universe and everything it contains, and God gave us the earth and everything it contains, therefore, we should have lacked nothing – this is a gift of love: God gives and gives love.

Therefore, that movement was a movement of love: I give you everything within me, you come from me and I give you everything that is within me for you.

So, before the sin of Adam and Eve, everything was being given to us; we were in the movement of everything that is love in regard to matter.

God is speaking to us like this so we can go forward in what he wants to enable us to understand, so we can understand that love is what keeps us alive, that it’s what always keeps us in the present, and at this moment, everything is being given to us by God.

Why is it that we, we have needs? Why is it that our thoughts are all confused, that we’re incapable of understanding love? We want to understand this but we aren't able to live it; even if we hear about it, we’re unable to live it.

We would like to grasp what this movement is about so we can understand what we are, but in order to understand love we must fully be in this movement of love.

Because of our bad thoughts, there's a blockage; because of what we agreed to listen to, well, there's a blockage. And so it’s the same thing for our thoughts, for our words, our actions and our feelings: we prevent our interior from understanding the love that is given to us so we can live.

We need love in order to breathe, we need love to see, we need love to see God's creation and to carry out movements associated to the love we see around us.

When we see the trees, it’s as if the tree was love for us and I, I am love for that tree; the tree was given to us out of love, created out of love, and we, we were created out of love to give love.

Therefore, the tree is a movement in Jesus and I am a movement in Jesus, and so I receive love in order to appreciate all this, in order to be fulfilled by this movement of love, because the tree that grows, the tree that moves, the tree that gives its fruit, that gives shade – these are movements of love for me.

But how come I can't manage to live that love, to understand that love, to grasp that love? That’s because I'm a stranger to myself: the love that is in me has been blocked, and so I can't see that love in front of me and I can't understand it.

Before, we were talking about a tree, but every movement around us is in Jesus: every movement.

Look at this table in front of us; in the beginning, this table came from a forest: it was matter. All this came from God's creation: matter willed out of love for us.

Then, man took what comes from God, and through his movement, he created; he was therefore meant to be linked to that movement of love, but he was incapable of understanding that what he was doing was because God was nourishing him with love, and that what came from God to create that table came from the eternal Matter.

Who is the eternal Matter? It’s Jesus; everything that is in Jesus is matter because he is the perfect and pure Matter for us.

And this is like creation – creation is in Jesus, in Jesus created to be love: Matter that encompasses everything, Matter that gives itself. Therefore, Jesus gives and gives of himself all the time: he gives his power, he gives his love, he gives his joy, he gives his light.

Jesus, he is the Movement, he is the Will of the Father; he is love to such an extent that he enables us to feel the presence, the presence of God in our lives.

He is God, he is in God the Father, he is in God the Holy Spirit, he himself is God the Son; he cannot hold himself back, he is God, he is The Love, The Love who is always in movement: I give, I give, I give and I give.

It is sufficient for the human being to have a yes within him, and God nourishes everything he is so he can be within the movement of creation: he enables him to discover wood, he enables him to feel his flesh that is in a movement along with the wood; when he gives himself to the wood, it seems as if the wood becomes part of the man.

That movement is love: the man who creates a table and the table that leaves itself in the man’s hands; therefore, through his hands, the man can feel the love for him that is within the wood.

Everything is a movement that gives itself continuously: this is what our God of love is all about.

Today, we are part of the world and we see nothing, and we don’t understand love. Through all sorts of means, we try to find whatever would make us happy through our flesh: we want to satisfy our senses, we want to create our own paradise, we want to create what has already been created.

Man and woman are in Jesus, but, in Jesus, they deny themselves; they deny themselves the opportunity to be in that movement of love: they allow themselves to be caught up in rejection.

When we don’t believe that Jesus is in everything we see, that’s because we’re rejecting, we’re rejecting love; when we eat and, to us, that food is something that depends on us, then we’re rejecting love.

Jesus wants to give us what is necessary to us and we, we refuse to accept from him what is necessary to us. We obtain it ourselves, and so, I am therefore refusing to allow myself to be nourished by God's creation. Isn't this what Satan did?

Lucifer saw Jesus, he saw the Son of God made Man, he saw the Movement of love, the Movement that gives who he is: the Matter who gives himself; the Matter who loves, the Matter who gives himself, for Jesus loved himself as a man.

He loved what his Father had created for him, he was entirely love from what God the Father was giving to him.

When Lucifer saw the Son of God made Man, he refused to adore the perfect Matter: the perfect Matter was bearing all God's chosen ones, the perfect Matter was bearing the One who was meant to give birth to the Eternal Flesh.

So, Lucifer refused to adore the Matter, he who was a spirit; he refused to bow down, and so, everything he was became a form of rejection to him: he refused to receive the light.

Because the moment he refused to adore God, the light, which constantly shone upon Lucifer, was interrupted, and then he became darkness.

He looked at himself and admired himself; he began to contemplate himself; he kept what he was for himself, he gave nothing; he became a selfish being: a celestial being became a being of darkness.

What we are when we refuse God – we become children who walk in darkness; we let the darkness envelop us and because we let the darkness envelop us, then it leads us to a place where we see nothing.

And as we see nothing, it puts thoughts in our head that we don’t want, it places before us images that are against us, and we accept them.

It’s the same thing for sounds, it’s the same thing for words, it’s the same thing for movements and feelings; we allow what is darkness to enter us, and what is darkness, becomes, to us, something that refuses: I refuse love, I refuse to give, I refuse to believe, I refuse to adore, I refuse to be obedient, I refuse to be abandonment, to be giving. Consequently, the matter in which I am becomes a matter that suffers.

We are made of the Matter, of the pure Matter – Jesus – but we refuse what is necessary to us and so we suffer.

In those moments, how our soul suffers! We refuse to come to its aid, we refuse to bow down before the Will of God, we question what God the Father has given us – the Ten Commandments – we refuse to believe in all of Jesus’ teachings when he was on earth.

“Who’s to tell me that all this is true? Who’s to tell me that this can bring me happiness? Who says that I have to listen to these teachings? Why am I not master of my flesh, of my thoughts, of my gazes? Why am I not able to run my life? Am I, therefore, going to be a slave to others? Am I, therefore, going to be under domination?” – we are refusing.

We are refusing what would be love for us, but we accept, we accept what makes us doubt, we accept what makes us afraid, we accept to hurt ourselves, because when we separate ourselves from our neighbour, we are separating ourselves from a flesh.

When we refuse to remain with a person on earth, hoping he will disappear: I am refusing part of my flesh, I am refusing to be love for him, I don’t want to give. Therefore, I am making myself suffer, I am mutilating myself.

We are made of the Eternal Flesh. Jesus contains all that is matter: the universe and its contents, the earth and its contents; nothing is missing.

But we, we who are the all within the All of Jesus, we mutilate ourselves; from our flesh we remove what is necessary for us to be loving; all this because we are in darkness, all this because Satan has shown us refusal: I refuse to contemplate, I refuse to serve.

We who are children of God, we all have the same flesh, we have the Matter of Jesus made Man for us – this is within us: anything that is love in Jesus is love in us.

Take the ocean, for example; the ocean is immense; take a drop from the ocean, and if I place that drop here beside me, will it be any different from that water? Everything the ocean contains, everything that tastes of the ocean is in this drop.

Therefore, this is what we are: we’re all the same matter; if a single child is taken away and killed, well, it’s a part of ourselves that has been killed.

We need love, we’re made of love; love gives itself continuously, love is a movement of harmony. Then, that little being who died because we refused him in our flesh was meant to give us love, we were meant to give him love: this movement of love is an eternal movement.

What we are, Jesus is so to his Father: the Father who gives himself and the Son who gives himself, the Father who is in the Son, the Son who is in the Father.

We who are with our neighbour, the neighbour who is within us: I am love to my neighbour and my neighbour is love to me. To be happy, I need to be complete; if someone who is part of my flesh is missing, I'm missing love; and so, if I'm missing love, how can I understand love?

Take a book and read it but remove a few words from it: okay, I remove maybe ten words from one page and I remove ten more words from another page, ten from another page, and now, read that book and try to come to a conclusion using that book: you'll be missing something, you won't be able to form a good theory, it would be incomplete.

We need the entire contents of the book to understand and to explain this book. And so, we need all those who are within us to understand our Book of Life; this, this is what we are: we are love.

If we understand that a tree is a movement of love, we need to understand even more that we’re a movement of love to our neighbour.

Take a rose for instance – everyone believes that a rose is a flower that represents love, that it brings joy, that it’s fragile and that we have to take care of it; we must devote time to it so that our rose on the rosebush might always be beautiful. Therefore, if we understand all this, we need to understand even more that we, we’re made of love.

The person who has a rosebush, if he doesn’t love his rose, his rose will die; but if he loves that rose, he’ll take care of his rosebush.

Therefore, Jesus comes to speak in our hearts so that we might understand that we are made for love and that if we’re made for love, it’s Jesus who is love, and it’s from Jesus that we receive love.

Jesus gives, gives and gives for us; he doesn’t come to take us, he doesn’t come without (our) consent, he gives.

We are the Flesh of Jesus; what we are, we are so within ourselves; we don’t need to seek externally, everything is there.

In these times, we live in darkness like the children of God who, in the past, lived in darkness; we believe what the evil spirits wants to make us believe.

It’s the fallen angels who lead us to believe in falsehoods: the fallen angels make us believe that money can bring us happiness, that material possessions can bring us what we need to feel good physically, that happiness is buying ourselves all sorts of chemical-laden food that tastes good, that happiness is looking at things we can buy to decorate our home, that it’s gratifying to constantly, constantly buy new clothes, following what the world wants us to follow. Turning ourselves into athletes, turning ourselves into goddesses brings us a certain strength, and we could go on and on; all this has entered our lives through the fallen angels.

Today, we speak of energy that we can send to someone we love; today, we speak of energy to treat illness, to heal; we say that energy is part of our flesh and that we can find it in everything around us.

Whatever is matter comes from Jesus and God gives, God never stops giving; he doesn’t hide what he wants to give, he makes his love felt, he presents his love before us through children, through work, through food.

Everything that comes from the earth was given to us by God out of love, and when we give this to someone and we don’t hide the fact that it comes from God and that it is given with love, the movement takes place: from one to the other, God gives: we, we just simply said yes.

Like the man, earlier, who built his table, he was love and the wood was love, and both were receiving love; it’s Jesus who is the movement and it’s Jesus who was giving everything, and man was receiving everything from God.

And so, you see, what we are on the inside – matter – it is God who gives, and so, whatever is around us is love; if we were able to see what is around us with our eyes, we would see a movement.

If man had never said no, he would see love, God's love, which is in motion around him, and nothing would be refused to him; it was man who refused, it was woman who refused, and so they became blind.

When Adam and Eve chose to be little gods, their eyes became blind – they no longer saw the love that is given continuously.

And so, today, we who need love, we want to give ourselves movements of our own accord: I let out from within myself what comes from me and I send it to you; I take a stand, I make myself master of what is inside me; I choose to whom I must give, and therefore, I am making myself master of a movement that is a power within me, and I send it, I send it out among others who are around me so they can grab hold of the power, of the energy.

There's nothing about us that comes from us; everything is given to us by God, but if we create needs for ourselves, we’re giving ourselves power, and therefore, we must receive it from someone.

If we’re refusing it from God, then we’re receiving it from Satan, and so therefore, Satan will see to it that we have certain thoughts, thoughts about the power within us called energy, which we can give.

So, what I'm doing is carrying out a movement rejecting love towards myself: I'm taking God's place; I myself control what I am; me, I can help; we who only have a yes within us, we become gods.

There's only one God – that’s God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, three Persons in one: the Trinity.

What we are is matter and matter is not superior to the perfect Spirit.

Matter was created, it didn’t exist, it was created: everything that has been in Jesus, in the Son of God made Man, was willed by God; God need only will something and all is carried out; the Son of God made Man wanted to create out of love, and out of love, God the Son turned to his Father in order to give him what he was.

When we want to be like gods on the inside, then we, who are inferior, become disobedient matter, and whatever is disobedient to God is in darkness, and Satan manipulates; all those who give in to these movements are hurting themselves.

Jesus comes to speak in their hearts to say to them, “You belong to me, I love you; do not allow yourself to be trapped by the darkness any longer, I love you; I am made of love and you belong to me; let me take everything from you, I want to bring happiness to your life.

I come to speak in your heart not to condemn you, but I come to speak to you about love so you do not condemn yourself, because you will have to take a look at yourself at the time of your judgement, and how you will suffer because of all you have done against yourself.

I, I want you for myself; I want to speak to you with love; I want to turn you into a child of the Light; you know, you are pure through me; you were made for eternity; you soul, it belongs to God and it, it knows this.

But you, you in your flesh, you have your will; it is you who must say yes so your soul can be in the eternal movement of love, it is you who must accept that your flesh be purified, it is up to you to accept that I take your thoughts, which were within you because of Satan.

I want to turn you into a pure being in my likeness, for before you were in your mother’s womb on earth, you were in me.

You were born as a free child and I have always respected your choices, but I come to tell you to beware of yourself, for everything you have accepted in your life has led you to not be loving towards yourself.

If I speak like this it is because my Father loves you; look at this world – it cheats, it cheats my Father's children.

A contradictory spirit is around you, it is everywhere, it manipulates the thoughts of my Father's children, and because of this, the ears of my Father's children are turned outwardly and every word from those children is against themselves.

These words are in your heart and it is out of love that you hear them; do not consider these places as places unworthy of what you are hearing, for these walls are a reflection of your life; I, I gave you everything and you chose to refuse it.

Today, we speak together between these four walls, by trying to keep the door shut and by not keeping the windows wide open so that you might understand, grasp my love, and turn yourself into a child who is true.

If, today, you find yourself in my Presence and you are almost alone, it is to show you what you are; you have separated yourself from your brothers and your sisters, you would like to have them around you so they can hear, but your flesh, your flesh has known so many separations, your matter was once whole.

I, the Spirit of love, the perfect Spirit, the Eternal One, I come to take you so that you might be matter in my hands: little being of love who gives himself without trying to smother your language of love, allowing God to put these words within you so they can resound within all those who refuse to hear the Word.

They are love and you are love, but there is so much rejection that this creates an echo; it is like when you enter a large room, you speak and the sound hits the walls, and when it returns to your ears, it is like a drum and you are not able to grasp the true meaning of the words.

And so, I come to speak, I come to speak within you by the power of the Holy Spirit, and I repeat, I repeat words of love mingled with the truth so you can understand that I love you, for in this moment, I am healing you, I am freeing you of your chains.

But how many words have chained you, how many thoughts have been within you and have suffocated your love! Let me, let me take everything from your life, it belongs to me and I am the one who redeemed your life through my Precious Blood.

What belongs to you is your yes, so let me guide you, let me guide you to the Light; with me, the darkness will be paralysed.

Now, I will stop speaking, you are very tired.”

And now, we’ll get up for a little while. Thank you, Lord.