Gathering of Love With God's Action in Charlottetown, PEI,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-26 - Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And now, we will have that question and answer period.


Q.  I understand that Satan was able to approach animals, but I don’t understand - how was Satan able to possess without turning to woman first; how did he possess woman?    


A.  Jesus: The human being is the beauty of God.

When the human being looks at external things, he wants to gain knowledge of these, and God knows the human being, and God, in his love, gives him knowledge; all this is a movement which God allows when the child is fascinated with God.

Children of love, remember, Cain raised his hand to his brother; this movement brought much suffering to the flesh, this movement raised many questions.

The children who emerged from Cain bore the mark; by this mark, they were meant to be recognized as children who were unfaithful to God but not rejected by God.

God was protecting his children through this movement; but in their flesh, their duty was to always be before God in order to protect themselves from themselves, for what Cain had done, they could feel it in their flesh: disobedience was within them, jealousy was within them, untruthfulness was within them, envy was within them; all this, they went forth with all this.

When other movements, which are external, reveal themselves to children who have feelings of jealousy, of hatred, of envy, there is something that develops within them: an external movement enters and meets another movement within them, and when these two movements meet, a new movement is born. If the child does not learn through his own will to give this to God, this nourishes the other movements within him.

If this movement is love, he will learn that it belongs to God, that he must be obedient to God despite the hatred, despite the envy, despite the untruthfulness, the jealousy; but if the child keeps this within himself, and the movement is not love, he will then cause the other movements, which are not love, to be felt within himself.

The children of Cain had the duty of always being careful and to always remain connected to God, to give God everything they were seeing; they had to give thanks to God for what they were receiving from God.

Do not forget, my children, that they were much closer to Creation than you! Their parents reminded them constantly that everything around them was from the Creator, from the One who had created them; therefore, Cain’s children knew this.

When they left for far away places and came into contact with those animals that were possessed by demons, they saw beings that acted with power, for what they were doing was strange. They could do things that regular animals were not able to do, nor were human beings, and this fascinated them, and what was entering them brought about a movement that met a movement within them, and so, now there were two movements that met; and what they felt was: they had to give this to God, they had to return to God what they had received, for they were given a time in which to do this: the children of Cain were giving thanks to God because remember that Cain made offerings to God to give thanks to God.

They knew all this, but certain movements they were feeling within themselves were developing something that was unfamiliar to them; this was leading them to hide themselves, this was leading them to wanting to be part of movements they did not want others to see.

Remember, my children, earlier I told you that children must be love, love towards themselves, and that in order to be love towards yourselves, you must let yourselves be nourished by God's graces. God gives graces of love, graces of peace and of joy in order to develop your love and to share it.

Those children had learned to share what they were feeling, but what they were feeling was a sensation that satisfied them, and what they were feeling was something they could not give: it was a movement that did not emerge, it was a movement that was teaching them to be superior to others.

And the more this was within them, the more they looked to the outside world. The peace within them, they joy within them was slowly beginning to no longer be within them; they were turning to those animals rather than gathering their thoughts to pray God, to praise God, to give thanks to God, and all this was turning God's children into children who were becoming more and more self-centered. It was as if their senses were becoming, to them, movements of their own choosing: they went running, running to feel those sensations over and over again.

Those animals were making them feel those sensations, and this was teaching them to be vain, untruthful, envious children.

Through external movements, they developed beauty by showing them how to fix their hair, how to use paint to enhance the colour of their eyes, and that they could make themselves more beautiful with objects, for they had begun to adorn their ears, their fingers, their toes, and around their waists, there were little objects and when they moved, they all made sounds. Therefore, they were teaching them how to move with the aim of pleasing themselves: all this was being shown to them by the demon.

To man, those women began to no longer be the gentleness of God, the beauty of God; the women could no longer be satisfied by God's creation for they wanted it all for themselves; they wanted to be more seductive than what they saw around them.

And all this, it was the demons who taught it to them; they were in their hands and they liked it – they wanted more and more of it. What they learned, they learned by putting it into practice; and from then on, whatever they saw around them had to be seductive so they could use all of it for themselves: they no longer gave, they took.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.


Q.  So, this seduction, this temptation that affected Cain’s descendants, is it the same seduction that affected the rest of humanity as one of the consequences of the original sin?


A.  Jesus: The children of Cain, the descendants who came into contact with demons, turned to men and men did evil things with animals. They were now the children of evil; they were possessed by Satan by their own consent. And so, Satan showed them how to approach others – remember that Cain left with his descendancy, far from the children of Adam and Eve – and so, those who were possessed by Satan had a certain power: they knew how to approach others.

Those from the impure descendants had drawn close to the pure descendants and contaminated their thoughts, words, hearing, movements: they taught them as well.

But they were not suspicious of them – this came about slowly, so much so that there were no children of God left who were loving towards God; they behaved like animals, they killed one another, they were lower than animals.

There was only Noah’s family left that still had a spirit of love. This is why God wanted to destroy those beings by making it rain forty days and forty nights.


Q.  Were the people of Cain’s time possessed in the same way as those who were possessed in Jesus’ time, were they physically possessed?


A.  Jesus: When Noah entered the ark with his family, God had prepared him; he (Noah) had announced to them that a time would come when the earth would be destroyed, he announced to them that everything on earth would be flooded; so, God was teaching Noah, he was showing him how to save himself and his family, and the animals God had chosen.

Noah was in his human will and Noah’s family was in its human will. Their flesh, it too was subjected to disobedience because of the original sin, and the flesh had also seen, seen those beings around it; they had heard the words, they had seen. All those movements were there, in front of him; those feelings were in contact with his feelings, but he listened to God, he asked his wife and his descendants, because his descendants were with him, to be obedient.

Do not forget that Noah and his wife left with their children and their spouses – do you think that they had no children? They also had children, but within that descendancy, there was a child, a child who had turned to the unfaithful ones, and he brought a child into the world.

But all this – where that child came from – was kept well-hidden; and so, he too entered Noah’s ark, and this gave rise to evil once again because that being was possessed by Satan. And when Noah left the ark with his family, that child was with them, and he grew up, and he let himself be instructed by Satan. With time, that child taught them how to use plants, he taught them to give names to the stars because he was being taught by Satan himself.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: All that we’re hearing is to enable us to grow in what we must teach our brothers and our sisters, and not to nourish our curiosity. What God is doing with us must serve our brothers and our sisters, and must not respond to our curiosity. If God is enabling us to learn these things, it’s for the purpose of teaching us.


God: “My children, be careful!” What you are living today is what they lived.

You are being taught, you are being taught idolatry, you are being taught to turn against yourselves, against God, against your neighbour. Do not take yourselves for God's; be vigilant for he is always there. Children who are possessed are on earth just as they were in Noah’s time.

You know all this through the Bible, for before Jesus came into the world, there were goddesses, gods, and all this is still present today; people want to climb onto the pedestals of goddesses.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is warning us that this is still true for our time; he says that inside our homes there are many idols, he says that we have left room in our lives for what is impure and was revealed by that being.

Everyone knows the horoscope, everyone knows that this star, or that one, or that other one is called Jupiter, another one is called Sagittarius.  

We have all been taught by this world, which has a dominating spirit, a spirit of power; the world of today is manipulated by Satan, for he is still using the children of the no.

And so, Jesus comes to take care of his children, of those who will live in his world of love.

We think we’re so evolved today! What is being evolved if it isn't to believe that we’re superior to God's children, if it isn't to believe that we’re superior to those who possess less knowledge?

Knowledge obtained through human will is knowledge that destroys the soul, but knowledge willed by the Divine Will is knowledge that enables us to understand that we are loved by God.

We are children of God; only love can make us what we are. Take away love and we’re nothing, we’re beings at the mercy of Satan. Do you think that the children, the descendants of Adam and Eve who had kept a pure spirit, saw what was happening? They let themselves be seduced, they let themselves fall into traps.

Then, how are we any different? Today, God's children let themselves fall into traps; they enter the New Age Movement with both feet.

The New Age Movement is the Antichrist; it’s everything that shows the human being how to be gods: the 'self' belongs to Satan.

Jesus is in the Father, the Father is in the Son; the Father and the Son, in all their love, give of themselves mutually: this is the Holy Spirit.

The Love gives himself, he never stops giving himself, he never stops giving himself, he never stops giving himself; the Father gives, the Son gives, the Holy Spirit gives.

We have a God of love who never stops giving himself, whereas Satan: it’s all about him, it’s the 'self', he takes, he steals, he cheats, he dominates, he causes suffering.

The 'self': everything for himself, look at me, I can do anything, I am in control of myself, I give myself. So you see, this is the 'self'; we’re surrounded by this.

And so, Jesus comes to speak to us in our hearts in order to break that stone.

The 'self' has succeeded in turning the hearts of God's children into stone, and Jesus comes to speak in our hearts in order to change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh: the Eternal Flesh, the Son of God made Man, the Perfect Flesh.



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: This is just the beginning; what God wants to teach us is beyond anything we are capable of understanding, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, he slowly nourishes us. He chooses girls of My Will in Jesus and boys of My Will in Jesus in order to give to others.

You see, we are agreeing to give, to give of ourselves, and when I give of myself, you give to me, then I give to you, I give and you give to me, and all those who are in us receive, they receive love.

This is what Jesus is doing – he's in the process of building his world of love with children, little children who don’t understand but who accept and who, slowly, by the power of God, allow themselves to be enveloped in love.

And slowly, when he knows that we’re completely abandoned out of love for him, then we understand certain things. The Lord will see to it that we understand what we have just learned tonight; this is his concern, it isn't our concern.

We are all called to live in the Divine Will and the Divine Will is: “Your Will, God, not my will; as you wish and not as I wish; when you decide the time is right and not when I insist that it is time.”

This is the will of God, the love of God. Alleluia.


The audience and The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, thank you, Jesus.