Gathering of Love With God's Action in Charlottetown, PEI,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-27 – Part 2  


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The words we’re hearing are like a spring; they flow from the Church on our behalf in order to bring nourishment to those who are hungry, to those who are thirsty.

If Jesus comes to speak to us today, that’s because he knows we need it, because a great movement is being prepared.

He wants to gather together all his children of the earth so they can form only one people, a people of love.

We’re living in times when there are many movements that come from Heaven; there are also many movements that come from hell.

But when sin abounds, graces abounds even more. And so, God is telling us not to worry about what is to come and to prepare ourselves. It’s up to us to live what we’re going to live; it’s up to us to want to prepare ourselves.

This won't delay what is to come; we’ll all have to take a look at our life. The moment when all this is to be fulfilled, God is the one who knows this, God the Father, but his Will is that we, we be prepared.

This is why he covers us in the Holy Spirit so we can hear his Word, which is in our heart. These words are like a spring flowing from our heart and feeding all those who are in us; we were made from one part – the all of the Will of God.

When this is being fulfilled, we will all be in movement, nothing will stop. This is why God speaks to us with love, he speaks to us with who he is.

We’re hearing many messages these days that speak to us about what is to come: we hear about earthquakes, we hear about wars, we hear about epidemics, fires and even entire cities that will disappear.

If we’re hearing about all this, that’s because Heaven wants us to pray; don’t forget that everything is movement of love, and God gives, God gives love.

So, if we open up our interior through movements that come from the yes, what are we going to receive? Love! This is what God wants to give us, but this is what we don’t understand: God wants us to help one another.

If God says that California will disappear, well, do you think he's telling us this so we can stand around with our arms crossed, so we can be afraid? He wants to give us love so we can thwart Satan's plans: this is what God does for the chosen ones.

And we, the chosen ones, what we do is: we read the messages, we analyze them and we get scared. Others read the messages: they’re really happy that there are those who will be shaken up.

We understand nothing; God wants to give us love so we can help one another by saying, “Yes, Jesus, use me. You want me to pray, Jesus? I give you my yes. Today, through my work, you want me to give you everything? Well, Jesus, take everything since it comes from you. Fill me with your love and others will receive; in turn, they too will give their yes; in turn, they too will develop love for themselves. This is your work, it isn't mine; you are the movement, it isn't me; I am the yes within you.”

You see, this is what love is all about. It’s much more powerful than anything we are able to understand.

It isn't energy that has this power – it has the power to destroy, to make us say no, to become selfish, to separate us. Energy[1] is a movement that comes from Satan's power.

Don’t you think that during man’s very beginnings he didn’t use this power? This brought about the destruction of the earth, for God wanted to destroy those children who were nothing but darkness: he made it rain for forty days and forty nights.

Today, God doesn’t want to destroy his children; he wants to build a world of love, but he won't build it through our human will – not a single thought that will bear a refusal shall come to know the movement of accomplishment.

The accomplishment is: “Yes, Father, your Will; into your hands I commit my spirit.” This is what God wants from each child on earth and this will be irrevocable.

There will be no debating with God: we’re either for God or we aren't. If we’re for God, we’ll have love, but if we aren't for God, we’ll remain in darkness for eternity, and we won't be with the children of the Light, and this, God has told us this.

Everything is written in the Gospel, we’re not the ones making this up; God is the one who is placing it before us so we can understand what we’re in the process of living.

The Holy Virgin, our Mother of love, appears; Mother Mary has been speaking to us about peace for more than twenty-five years[2]. There are signs all around us showing us God's action: this is love! How come we don’t stop and think about this? We never stop separating God's children.

Jesus came on earth, he founded his Church – one Church – and we, in very little time, we succeeded in creating a separation within it: “Me, I believe in this, I’ll get rid of this, I believe in this; this isn't too bad, I’ll go for this; this is okay; this, I don’t want; this, I don’t believe; okay, that’s it.”

What God does is done to show us that we must only follow God, and to follow God, then we must be attuned to him: to drink in his Word, to never miss a single word by letting oneself flow into him. This, it’s God who can do this, not us.

Therefore, we need only say yes and let him do the rest. If, at any given moment, we’re unable to do what he asks of us, well, we’ll have given our yes and he’ll take care of things from there! He will always be able to reach us wherever we are to make us understand what we have to do; we have a God of love.

We never stop asking ourselves: “Is energy good for us? Is the horoscope good for us; is there any harm in reading it?” Well, if we read about the lives of the Saints, we would see that God answered through the Bible; he tells us that this is against us, that this is magic.

To want to change others is to use magic; to want to possess what the future holds is to use magic; to want to know what our life will be like in the future is to use magic; to want to heal without God's graces is against God.

We come from God and everything comes from God: should the human being separate himself from God's graces, he denies himself love, and he, therefore, becomes a being who idolizes himself.

We’re filled with idols, we’re surrounded by gods and goddesses; we never stop creating our own laws, we never stop satisfying ourselves. Today, we say, “Women are in charge of their own bodies; if they want an abortion, let them get an abortion.”

Who does the flesh belong to? Where does the flesh come from? Why do we have a flesh? Who has the answers to all this? It is necessary to know the past, it is necessary to live in the present, it is necessary to know the future – no one can do this except the One who created matter and who gave life to matter.

There's only God, the Creator: ever since the existence of man, there has always been a power above him; it led him to where he is today so that he could be loving towards himself.

Ever since the existence of man, man has always wanted to know what was making him go forward, man has always tried to figure out why he had to go forward, man has always wanted to know what was waiting for him; why?

Why is he always searching, why is he always waiting for answers? Because he's empty on the inside; he has never succeeded in being happy with what he is, he never understood that these questions came from his ignorance regarding who he really is.

A being who becomes a being devoted to himself is a being without reason; a being who believes he knows the answer to his questions buries himself completely in what he is, for the answers are whispered to him by the one who refused to be life.

The human being who knows that he is life would not question, for he would have the answer in front of him; nothing would be hidden from him. He would look and he would understand; he would hear nothing and yet, everything would be revealed to him for the Life would be within him. Through his movement of love, he would be movement of love for God, for the One who is superior to him.


Jesus: “Man of little reason, you become lost through your thoughts; man without reason, what have you done with what I have given you? You try to make up for you own shortcomings and Satan is laughing at you for he holds you in his claws.

When will you answer my call? When will you stop ignoring yourself? Do you not know that I know what you do not know? You have divided yourself, you have separated yourself from what you are: life in God.

Come, enter within what you are and I shall wait for you, and you shall have eternity to savour your present.

How can you understand simplicity? And yet, it is truth, but you have understood nothing because you have complicated your life.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord is saying, “Now, stop talking,” but he wants us to take a little time to open this book on Saints.

This book was given to me about five days ago by a man who had it in his heart to give it to me because he loved the lives of the Saints.

We arrived in New Brunswick and we discovered much suffering; and now, we’re here, in Prince Edward Island, realizing that that same suffering is here.

It’s the same one as in Québec, it’s the same one found in Western Canada. We just have to go on the Internet and share this with those in Europe: they’re living the same thing.

We have friends who come from South America and even they are afraid of what they’re discovering: total confusion. And even in places like Asia and Africa there's confusion.

What’s going on? How come everywhere in the world, wherever there's faith, there's confusion? It’s as though people were afraid, were afraid to utter Christ’s words! We belong to God; we don’t belong to anyone else but God.

We have to stop listening to human will; human will is nothing but deceit to us, God's children; Satan has taken over human will.

In the past, those who didn’t want to use human will were in God's graces; has this changed today? Look at what is written here, it was only in 314: Saint Cyprian and Saint Justine.

Saint Cyprian was raised as a pagan; he was a pagan, he didn’t believe in God. Therefore, astrology was part of his life, magic was part of his life; he more or less used these as a means to make friends, so much so that one day, one of his friends went to see him so he could help him seduce a young girl.

That young girl had given herself to God, to Jesus of love; she wanted to be only his. She had left everything behind for her Jesus of love, but the boy who wanted to seduce her refused to listen to what was in the young girl’s heart.

He wanted to steal her heart – because when we try to take what belongs to Jesus, we’re stealing what belongs to Jesus, but Jesus, he knows what is in hearts and therefore, he takes care of his treasures, and so, he filled the heart of the young girl with his love; she was so in love with her Jesus that nothing could undermine it, not even magic – for Cyprian had learned powers and he was sending his powers to make the young girl change her mind.

He used everything he had learned through evil spirits, because his spirit could hear evil spirits.

And then, as nothing worked, he turned to the spirit who, in particular, spoke to him every day. He said to him, “Everything I have tried has been unsuccessful.”

But God, through his love, God, through his almightiness, forced the spirit to tell the truth: “The One who holds that young girl’s heart is stronger than I!” Yes, because Mother Mary saw to it that the young girl always remained in her Son's hands.

When Cyprian heard this, he then began to fight that spirit by saying no; and how was he able to fight that spirit if it weren't for Christ’s love?

The evil spirit tried to suffocate Cyprian – because they also possess this power, and many others – but he, with the cross and with love, was able to use them because God had looked into his heart and had seen the sincerity of this man.

Is it possible for us to understand that a pagan who uses magic, who believes in astrology, has the heart of a child? Man belongs to God, he doesn’t belong to Satan; even if Cyprian was raised as a pagan, he belonged to God.

Don’t you think that God would have been able to prevent that young man from wanting to claim that young girl’s heart by going through Cyprian? Yes, God had that power, but he knew the heart of the young girl and he knew Cyprian’s heart; he used this heart to also help his friend.

And so, God, he wants to do what he did in the past: he wants to take our hearts and help others.

Who among us hasn’t taken a look at astrology, from up close or from afar? Who among us hasn’t been superstitious by refusing to open his umbrella in the house? By using all sorts of ways to bring us luck?

You see, our heart as well has known what magic is, but we had parents, we had parents who prayed and this kept us in the heart of the Church.

Jesus uses who we are to reach out to others.

Today, there's so much magic around us. Oh, we use it under many names, but it’s still magic! There are so many gods around us because when we take ourselves for God's by trying to heal others without going through God, well, we are gods!

God gave his children love, he gave them gifts, because there have been doctors and those doctors were in God.

On September 27th… is it the 27th of September today? Today, at Church, they said it was the feast day of Saint Vincent de Paul, but there are also two other saints we can celebrate today: they are Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian.

These two were doctors and they gave everything to God; their hands belonged to God and their patients belonged to God; they were very careful to avoid saying that this came from science; they attributed everything to God, for it says here: “Divine grace came to elevate their science through the gift of miraculous healing.” Therefore, the results never disappointed their faith, nor their trust.

When God knows that we use our gifts on his behalf, on the behalf of love, then he multiplies. He can even perform miracles through us without our knowing it! What he has done in the past, he will do it again.

We were made for love and so, what we’re receiving will become, to us, a movement of faith for others, but we must never, never take credit for the slightest thing and we must always consider ourselves as the littlest of God's children.

This is what those two doctors did; they considered themselves as smaller than their patients – pride could not affect them.

And so, God used them; what they did increased the faith of many, many, many children.

Therefore, let’s leave room for God in our lives – it’s worth it.

There are young people around us, they need this; and our grandchildren, they need to know, through their grandmother’s words, that mommy believes in God. This is what it means to leave room for God – it isn't complicated.

It’s too simple and that’s why we don’t do what we should do; we complicate our life; and so, we stay in our place, wherever God has put us.

And so, everything for God. Thank you to all of you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Are there any questions?


Q.  What’s the difference between using the energy from X-rays to heal people and using energy like in the practice of, let’s say, Therapeutic Touch?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What comes from God is a movement of love; what has been given to God's children was given so they could give love.

The Love came on earth to serve and not to be served.

When man learned through his knowledge that by using certain methods he could enter into (the body) to heal, to discover what was dislocated, God was nourishing him with love; this was love.

But when man took that knowledge to kill the child in a mother’s womb, that wasn’t love; this was knowledge that was against man and, therefore, that knowledge was becoming knowledge from the darkness.

And whatever stems from wanting to heal through pagan methods is to live in darkness; it is to discover on one’s own things that might give comfort, but these are lies: they’re nothing more than transferring the pain elsewhere.  

The body is a movement of love, the body is matter, the body has warmth of its own when it is in God; when the body isn't in God, it is lifeless.

The soul is life; it gives the flesh graces so it can be in the movement of life. Should the soul be called to its judgement, the flesh becomes inert; doesn’t it become cold? It no longer contains any warmth because The Love, The Love has called the soul.

Who is able to be in the movement of healing once their body has become cold? Who is able to say that one area needs warmth, and that by taking warmth from another area to come to the aid of the area in need is not harmful to the other?

This power comes from darkness; this power is controlled by those who have searched; this power turns its children into beings who believe in what they are on the inside, ignorant of what matter is when it is within love.

That is why the child who accepts this finds himself in pain once again, discovering pain in another part of his body.


Jesus: Let me tell you a story. “One day, a child went to see a doctor. ‘My leg hurts.’ And so, the doctor looked at the child and he saw that he was limping. He said to him, ‘Come and sit here.’

When he, the child, sat down, he felt a great deal of pain because he had to bend his leg. The doctor took a look and saw swelling; he knew that by immobilizing the leg, it would stop hurting when moved; he knew that this would help him and that he needed time to rest. The child agreed to follow the doctor’s instructions and the doctor was happy to be able to help that child.

Everything he had done was loving: the child had accepted love for himself; the doctor thanked God for having given him wisdom.

Time went by.

One day, a child entered an office; he looked all around him and he could see strange images on a poster, he could see a leg and he could see dots here and there.

And then, he looked and he could see that there was a line that connected a certain part of the body to another part: a black area was connected to a red one. And the child didn’t understand what was going on.

The person who came in said, ‘Lie down.’ And so, the child lay down on a sort of table and the person pressed down on the painful spot with his thumb: it was very painful.

The child tensed his body and the other repeated the movement, but as the movement was being repeated, the child felt that the pain had diminished, and the movement was repeated. After a while, he left.

He went home, happy that he had been relieved of his pain, and the one who had pressed his thumb onto the painful area, was satisfied, and he opened a book. He dove into it in order to learn, and learn, and learn what was before him: knowledge, knowledge that fascinated him. He became so fascinated by everything he was learning that he put his whole soul into it, for he wanted, he wanted to go further.

After some time, the child who had gone home noticed that his knee no longer hurt but that his ankle was beginning to hurt.

He didn’t pay any attention to that pain, but after a while, he became bitter, he lost faith in what was love: “Why should I give myself to others? Why should I force myself to be like those who give themselves out of love? That’s no longer love, it’s selfishness, they’re acting in their own interest; I know what I have to do.”

He was becoming more and more awkward when speaking to his friends and trying to keep them interested in him. Then, he began to have pain in his stomach, his sleep was agitated.

And so, he went to see the one who had eased his pain; he gave him products that would aid his digestion and help him sleep better. All this was happening slowly, so much so that he began to become dependant on what he was swallowing. He was learning to eat food that had no chemicals in it; he was learning to develop muscles by doing exercises: looking good was very important to him, everything was concentrated on himself.

From time to time, he would consult that man who, in the past, had shown him that he could relieve his pain by touching certain places on his body.”

Who was it then who learned to be little gods? Who was it then who learned to discover that he could go further? Who was it then who learned to become proud of his knowledge? Who was it then who had learned to be self-sufficient? Who was it then who had learned to discover the energy in muscles? Who was it then who had learned to judge his neighbour? Who was it then who had learned to become a cold being? Where was the love? Who was giving?

Children of my Will, anything that does not bear the grace of God becomes something that is dangerous, leading to eternal death.

You are all free, my children; what belongs to you, God gave to you, but if you want to keep it without God's graces, without God's love, God will respect this and you will live the consequences of this: one day, you will see what you will have missed.

Children of love, all this is to teach you that Satan has always been in the lives of God's children to lead them where he desired.

God, with love, takes care of what belongs to him; when we take what belongs to another and we claim it as our own, this is not love.

Is this not what that child did when he went to see that charlatan? That charlatan, my children, had learned from the one who sought his ruin; in return, he was robbed.

When we take from one cell what belongs to it, and we give it to another, we are not giving: we are taking, we are robbing.

You see, my children, you are made of love; how can man understand this? He becomes lost in who he is, he learns and he continues to learn within his own mistakes.

I, I nourish the child who gives himself with my own volition; did I not do this with those who gave of themselves?

The ‘Curé d’Ars’, my children, was a movement of love to God and those who would go to him would be healed; I was nourishing him with love.

And this, my children, is to show you that I still continue to nourish my children of love in order to heal children.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God wants to show us that when one gives oneself, he's the one who is giving and it isn't us.

Let’s turn to those who give themselves to God – we’ll be certain that we are in the right place. Leave to God what belongs to God. Amen. We’ll stop here for tonight.

Thank you, thank you, Lord.


[1] The power that human beings claim they have and that they want to give to others whereas they possess no power of their own.

[2] Medjugorje