Gathering of Love With God's Action in Chertsey, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus.




Jesus: Beloved, you are in me, I am in your presence: all is in the Will of God.

The Love gave himself to you, he dwells in your interior: he makes himself active on your behalf and on behalf of those you carry within you.

Through the power of The Love, God makes it known to you that you are God's children.

God wants to give himself, he wants to make himself known because the children of this world are unaware of my Presence within them.

They believe themselves masters of their lives, they allow themselves to be swept up in the movement of a faithless world.

They have cast aside God's love, for when one does not follow the commandments: one cannot perceive the love that is in each child of this world.

They may try as they like to journey through their external life:

they will find nothing but emptiness there, for everything is inside them.

Everything is life within them, I, I am there: I am the Life, I am the one who keeps them alive.

I am the very Love of The Love: I gave myself to them so they might be alive.

I bore within myself all that which was not love and I bore it unto death: I gave my Life for the sake of love.

These children must acknowledge that they are in me.

This is why, my children, I am asking you: to give yourselves, to make of yourselves instruments of love while not seeking to turn yourselves into children who want to make your will known to them.

My children, how many children who pray want to convert their brothers and their sisters with their human will?

This cannot be done for, you see, those children look at you: they see in you beings like themselves with the same flaws; they cannot see within you your offering in God, for all is inside you.

When they look at you they perceive gestures like theirs, words like the ones they speak; they are not ready to listen to your recommendations.

My children of love, I, God, I place within you graces of love, graces of abandonment so that you might give yourselves to me, God,

and I, my loves, I take you, I use you to go to my children who have forgotten that I live within them, that I am alive within them.

Through me, you are alive and through me, I want to show them that they too are alive.

You, you have made your way while discovering that you are chosen ones.

You have committed impure acts in the past.

I was within you; I waited for you to accept my graces of love; I exercised patience because I knew you; I knew your weaknesses and I knew your love for me; I also know the love hidden in those children; that is because I am in them, because I live in them, just as I am in you and that I am alive in you.

I nourished you with my Life, just as I keep them alive, with my Life.

My children, this time in which you live is a time of light for you who have accepted the Light.

I have also created this same movement within them, but they have become deeply rooted in their habits of doing everything for themselves, of accomplishing everything on their own: and so, now they only see their own actions.

Even though they see that you, you pray, this only bothers them: they can no longer understand your loving moments with your God; they can no longer grasp why so many prayers, for, to them, it is a waste of time: they have other things to do besides praying, for everything around them displays a world of external pleasures: they prepare for celebrations, they begin to put away their winter clothing, they inspect their lighter clothing which they will wear when having fun in the outdoors.

Oh! my children of love, I, I am asking you, you my children of light,

to not divest yourselves of my Presence.

I cover you with my love, I warm you with my gentleness, for I am preparing you to enter my New Earth: there where all will be nothing but beauty, where all will glow with love.

They, my children, are still in darkness: they live only of what is external to them, they have not seen the light within themselves; they cannot warm themselves with my Presence for they are purely external to themselves; they are so afraid of becoming bored: they cannot imagine a life in God's presence.

And you, my children of the Light, the winter is of little matter,

the summer heat is of little matter: all that matters to you is God's presence.

You want to live in God, for you know that each season brings you closer to the event for which I am preparing you.

This is the reason why you are pleased that time marches on.

You have this desire within you, this need to give yourselves to God.

The time for love has arrived for you, for when one discovers that giving one’s life to God is joy, is peace:

everything about you becomes love.

You carry within you the children who do not have the light within them, for they refuse it; they believe they are filled with themselves, without me.

You, you know that I dwell within you, you are aware of my Presence: carry them, love them, give yourselves to them, to those children, by going through me, only through me; you can no longer reach them, for they have shut the door to your presence that reminds them that you, you are in God's presence.

They bring on their own suffering, for when one refuses the company of children who are joyful, peaceful: they are the ones who suffer because of it.

You, you know that you carry them; you know that you are God's children, that within you there is The Love and that peace is within you.

They are seeking externally what you, you have found inside yourselves.

My gentle loves, I speak to you like this to make you understand that you allow yourselves to be transformed by my Presence within you, that I take you, that I turn you into children of love.

Behold, how many among you feel my Presence? How many among you perceive God of Love?

I allow myself to be swayed by your desires: yes, my children, you want me, you have this need to feel that you are in my Presence; you are children who are discovering that God is present, that God is acting in this moment of love, for you are moving forward towards my New Earth:

I gather you together in my Heart and you form but one.

Although I use this child to speak to you, you, my gentle loves, I am within you as I am within her.

I am active within you as I am within this instrument who speaks to you; there is no distinction among my children of the Light:

you are all equal.

This time is a time of love, a time of graces: my Mother has prepared you.

For several years she has been asking you for prayers; she has also been asking for sacrifices, fasting; she has been asking you to go to mass, to practise the sacraments, to wear blessed objects.

And how many among you have done so?

Despite your difficulty in praying with the heart, she holds you in her Heart.

I take you within myself, you are my children: I take you with your flaws, your difficulties, because I love you as you are.

Look at yourselves, you move forward towards my New Earth at your pace, for I respect your freedom;

I take you as you are and, slowly, I transform you into children of the Light.

My loves, in your journey towards me: you take within yourselves children who are non-believers; you take within yourselves children who are unaware of my love; you take within yourselves the stubborn; you take within yourselves those who deny themselves, for when we reject God: we reject The Love;

and because you have them within you, they too move forward towards my New Earth.

How many among you are suffering at this very moment?

Because you carry your brothers and your sisters, because you love them, and this cannot come from you but from me, from the Presence, I pour graces into you: graces of light, graces of love, graces of abandonment in my Divine Will; you are practically no longer in your human will, but in my Will, although I still perceive within you judgements towards my chosen children, although I still perceive within you doubts regarding your mission.

My loves, I know each one you, I cannot stop my graces,

even if some of my chosen children are calculating.

You know, you have lived with your human will since your birth and you have your parents, your great-grandparents within you; you carry within you your brothers and your sisters, who also carry their parents, their grandparents: it is human will that is within them.

If you, my children of the Light, you still carry flaws: it is because you carry that burden which is the human will.

I am begging you, do not judge one another.

If you perceive a flaw in your brother or your sister: give it to me, I bore that flaw.

Love one another: I, I love you, I know that fault since I bore it, since I suffered, since I purified it with my Precious Blood; if you have difficulty forgiving or forgetting, or difficulty giving it to me: do not forget that I am in that child; do not forget that I sustain you in your weakness and that I sustain him in his weakness; I am the only one to have borne all sins: I am the beloved Son of the Father, in me, he placed all his blessings.

Not one of you could have given those children to my Father;

only the Son could have done so, for he bore all sins.

Do you see why you must give me everything?

When you give me everything, you keep your peace.

You know that one day you will judge yourselves, and when you have your peace within yourselves: you also know that your judgement will be comparable to the love you have kept within yourselves.

My gentle loves, love one another as I love you.

Do not judge my children, for what you perceive is only external.

When you have this doubt: give it to me and go to Confession: go and draw graces of strength.

My priests, my chosen ones, are in me: they are no longer themselves, they are me through the priesthood.

They warn you of danger and, also, they give you light so that you, you may recognize yourselves as little before God's mercy.

Only my priests can ask you to abandon yourselves in God when they perceive that there are flaws in your neighbour, because they are in me, they can ask you for obedience in order to not see the absence of obedience to God in that child; what I am trying to say, my children, is that there are children around you who are hurting themselves because of their human will and if a priest tells you to be careful: you must obey the priest in God, you must recognize the light in him.

Remain at peace and pray as he prays for that child, towards whom he has asked you to be prudent.

The Church, my children, is attentive to me: she is a means for you through which you can discover that you are God's children.

When you know that a priest recommends that you be prudent: obey that priest, pray so that you might be obedient and pray also so that that priest might always be in the Light.

My children of love, at this very moment, people are trying to hurt my Church.

Satan wants to trick you and this is the truth: he is using my chosen children, my beloved, to trouble you.

Remember Peter: Peter, my chosen one, was in his human weakness, Satan tempted him: my beloved son cried over his mistake.

Do you believe, my children of love, that you are safe from Satan? You, my children of the Light, you are not superior to my chosen one: Peter, my first Vicar; be vigilant, be in prayer.

I am asking you and I am begging you: do not judge one another, for he (Satan) knows your weakness.

Human pride has taken on great proportions in your world: this world is filled with children who listen to themselves, who are full of themselves; this has spread over the entire surface of the earth, my children, and Satan is the author of it: he has poisoned your hearts.

This sickness is so serious!

Today, you are told to be careful; people are afraid of a virus: fear is instilled within you and the only author is Satan.

He uses any means he can to make you falter, for when you are watchful because of your neighbour who might harm you: this places a doubt within you towards your neighbour’s love.

You no longer have faith in one or in another, for you are afraid to catch his virus: you are warned by the media.

Do you see what is happening around you? This is his work.

I, I tell you that the greatest danger is inside you: the one of judging your neighbour.

What is the use of saving a life externally when the true life within you is in danger?

Remain prudent, surround yourselves with love, be humble, go and draw graces from my sacraments:

they will give you strength: you will see the light, you will nourish it.

Oh! my children of love, it is not only occasionally that you must acknowledge that you are fragile, it is at every moment; at this very moment you are hearing my voice, but it is when you are alone that you must be careful: I cover you with my Presence, you know that I speak to you; when you are alone, know that I am within you, that I speak to you, that I do not leave you for a single moment: just as I did not leave Peter for a single moment; I never left him, I carried his weakness within me:

just as I carry your weaknesses at this very moment.

My loves, I give you my graces of love for your brothers and your sisters: love them, love those who are in prayer for, you know, we are inclined to judge those who are similar to us.

You see, when two politicians are side by side going towards success: they do not stop attacking each other, they want to take over; and when prayer groups pray: they want to have a special place for themselves

and, often, they look around and they judge that so and so does one thing or another, that so and so forgets to do such and such.

Yes, my children, my children of the Light hurt one another!

Because they love me: they so want to be worthy, that when they perceive that a child is not like them: they judge him because that child does not have the right to stumble, because he is in the light, because he prays, because God has fulfilled him.

You see to which extent they are capable of judging one another!

Sometimes, when we love too much with our human will:

we hurt ourselves and those who are around us.

My loves, my apostles were also familiar with this weakness.

When I would distance myself from them to pray my Father, they were left on their own; and so, sometimes, they would judge one another severely, you know, saying: Why were you not able to do this? Why did you say that? Why did he behave like that in front of the Master?

You see, it was not because they did not love me, it was because they loved me: they wanted everyone to be perfect as they were perfect: this is what they believed!

I, who knew each one of them, I loved them as they were.

I knew the weakness of each one, I also know your weakness.

I brought them with me so that they could be models of love, and you, my children of the Light, I do the same thing with you: I guide you, I bring you with me so that you might be models for the children who are not yet in the light:

they watch you, they hear you talk, they are witness to what you say.

I love you, my gentle loves; be abandonment, it is not you who can transform yourselves, it is I.

I need your yes: a yes of abandonment, a loving yes.

I am the Son of God, the Beloved of the Father: it is up to me alone to make of you my Father's chosen ones in love, with The Love, for the glory of my Father.

God brings down graces of love:

receive these graces through the one who gave himself completely by renouncing his life as a man,

by becoming a consecrated son in my Church.



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every time I speak when he asks me to, I never know how to begin.

I don’t know what I'm going to say because the Lord, when he talks, it’s special, and how can I come along and talk after him?

“Yes, Lord.” He's saying: “That’s because I'm still here.”

Yes, God is always in our presence.

He's letting us know that he's present, that he's preparing us for something very important.

There are a lot of us here and, today, he said that we’re all children who are going to have to help others.

We have a mission: the one of giving ourselves.

We can doing nothing else: it’s not up to us to know what we’re going to do, what we’re going to say, and also when this is going to happen: that’s up to him.

We have to give ourselves completely without analyzing anything, because when we give everything to God, that's when he does the most.

God is so perfect, how can we know what to do?

That's his mission, it’s not ours.

We were born because he willed it: so, it’s as if we were all part of his mission.

Sometimes, I feel unworthy of talking about a mission.

Oh, my! The only one is God's mission; it’s his, it’s not ours!

Who are we to say that we have a mission?

We simply have to abandon ourselves in the Lord, and do what he tells us to do.

For several years, we’ve been living with our human will: he's teaching us to give up our human will.

It’s true that at first, it scares us when we hear another person saying: “Give up your human will,” but that’s because we’re thinking with our human will!

When we here this, we understand it with our human will; if we take it and keep it to ourselves, we’ll never be able to abandon ourselves, but if we take the movement we hear: “Okay, Lord, I don’t know what this means but I give it to you,”

then, God  begins to act.

He's the one who begins to create the movement of all this, only God: us, we can’t do anything!

“Yes.” God is telling me to go on talking to you.

God has so much to tell us but we, sometimes, ask ourselves: What can we do with what we’re hearing? It’s great to come here and listen but when we go home, it would be nice to know what to do with what we heard.

How can we put it into practice? Well! I say to you: “Do what I do: do nothing!”

That's what he showed me: I do nothing, I’m with the Lord,  and that, that's what I do, I'm with him, that's all he ever asks of me: “Give yourself, remain at peace.”

But I don’t know how to be at peace, he's the one who gives it to me!

And, sometimes, when I'm at home and I find it all a bit complicated, or very, sometimes: everything he makes me do, I give it back to him.

“You know, Lord, that I can do nothing, you know that I can’t do it: so I give you everything.” That's all! But that's when he makes me do more things.

If I had thought about what I'm saying right now three years ago, four years ago, it wouldn’t have made any sense to me, because I wasn’t living it; this is really living: this is really living it!

If we say: “Abandon yourself,” they’re only words, but you have to do it, and even then, it’s hard, you have to ask God: “Help me, tell me how to abandon myself, how to not do anything?” And then, do you know what he's going to do? He's going to send you to a spiritual father (a confessor).

You know, I believe that if we want to journey towards abandonment in God, we have to have a priest with us;

we can’t do it alone, we have to go to a priest: he's the one who gives us advice, and if we sort of veer off in a different direction, he knows how to bring us back because he's been doing it for years.

Forty-four years very soon, he gave himself!

When you give yourself like that, you gain experience; but that experience doesn’t come from him, it comes from God: that's his priesthood, but that's what you want to draw from:

you have to go to a priest.

God did things (well)! It’s amazing when we analyze everything he did!

The first thing he did was to form his Church with apostles: his apostles.

And so, how can we be instructed without turning to his ministers? It’s impossible because we are the Church: we’re members of the Church!

But if we want to be members of the Church, we have to go to the main members: they’re the priests, they’re the ones who nourish the members.

This is what Jesus tells me.

There's no other way. God asks us to abandon ourselves.

You know, when we journey towards God, if we don’t turn to a priest, there will be pride: there's the risk that we’ll make decisions on our own, and when we make too many decisions on our own, when we don’t draw from the graces of the sacrament: well, then there's the risk of becoming proud.

We have to turn to the sacraments in order to have humility: and then, that becomes acceptance, but it’s a good kind of humility; it’s not like when we’re humiliated, for example, oh, I don’t know: by our family, by a group, by our friends; you know, sometimes they say: “You’re not bowling well; usually you score 200 but tonight you bowled 100.”

It’s humiliating, you know, to be humiliated in front of everybody, but it’s not the same thing when it’s in God; it’s a good humiliation.

Mother Mary is the model of humility and today:

Mother Mary, she’s the Queen of Heaven, Queen of the earth.

So, can you see that humility makes you grow! This is what we must learn, but we mustn’t forget that we have with us: our brothers and our sisters.

Jesus teaches us to love one another, he teaches us to abandon ourselves.

You know, when you are prayerful, well, who do you think you see the most often? People who pray.

They’re my friends now.

My family, I hardly see them anymore, no; they’re a little afraid of me! And so, I see people who pray and when you see people who pray: you hear about one, you hear about another, I don’t even know them: it’s a group from another city, it’s a group from another, I’ve never seen them!

And so, we don’t even know each other and yet, we hear people talking against one and against another: how can we allow ourselves this?

So Jesus, he says: “You, you have me, so remain in me and give them to me,” because, you know, Satan wants to divide us.

We form one same family, a family of prayer: he’ll do all he can to stop our love between us.

Mother Mary gave me a message and she told me that he was making a plan to divide us, to stop the writings.

But Jesus put love in our hearts and since he gave us his Mother, why would we worry?

He gave us everything, he gave his Life; so we only have to give ourselves, to give our life to Jesus of love and he’ll do everything, he’ll protect us from what’s going to happen.

And every time I receive message like this, - these are messages for me, okay! Now he's allowing me to tell you because it’s in the Holy Spirit – it is always how it happens.

And Jesus tells us that the days preceeding today, there were many who suffered attacks, and wasn’t only me, it was in the prayer groups.

God respects our freedom, and it’s up to us to say ‘no’ to what rises up in us when we’re not love: that's what we need to do.

We have to pray for one another; we mustn’t be afraid because Jesus tells us: “There’s no need to worry when you are in the truth,” because God is there, because God is present, because God nourishes us: so against what do we need to defend ourselves? We don’t need to defend ourselves, he defends us.

We need only to let ourselves go, but as a prayerful person, I have to take within myself those who speak against love because we’re completely love, and give them to God: and that's when God acts the most and that's when he crushes Satan.

Often we ask ourselves how can God permit that we are attacked: we’re in God!

How come we get certain ideas in our heads? “Ah! We’re like this,” or “so and so is like that,” and “is that going inside our heads? How can God allow this? How is it that evil is inside us?”

But God says that we live with good and we live with evil: this doesn’t mean that Satan lives inside us, you really have to give yourself to Satan; but since, because of the sin of Adam and Eve, we live with good and with evil: evil is inside us, so, sometimes, it surfaces.

But Satan, he stirs up events: Oh! someone said something: whoops! all this enters our mind; but this, it’s brought on by Satan and it lives inside us: it could simply be a program we saw on television, then, without realizing it, there's a word that entered us: whoops! it reminds us that there was someone who spoke against someone else.

But it’s the evil that lives inside us that just woke up: through what we saw, through what we heard, through objects, through things; and so, it entered us, but that's when we have to say ‘no’ and when we say ‘no’:

Jesus, he says: “When you say no: you refuse evil.”

But if we say to Jesus: “Jesus, I give you this evil, but I also give you those who think as I do, those who are, because of Satan, tempted.” Well, Jesus uses the children of the Light to crush Satan!

And so this means that we just received beautiful graces, but we’re not the only ones to receive some: those who are thinking of evil have just received graces of strength inside themselves because God is allowing it: that, that's Mary’s heel!

You see, he uses the children of the Light because God knows our strength.

He knows that we can help our brothers and our sisters because we gave ourselves to God.

Don’t think that, because we’re in Jesus, that we aren’t attacked, eh?

Sometimes, when we pray, doesn’t it happen to you to start thinking about things, really serious things? But God, he could very well prevent that!

God doesn’t prevent that:

God knows, God strengthens.

He sent us to Confession: we received graces of strength; he sent us to Communion: we received beautiful graces:

he nourishes us.

But we must also use them for our brothers and our sisters: we can’t keep this for ourselves; to keep this for oneself is selfishness.

When we know all this: we can’t not bring our brothers and our sisters into ourselves because the more God gives us the more he wants, and he lets us know it: it always appears in our mind, and it’s very short.

When I'm at the Offertory, he asks me: “Give me your life, give me the life of my children,” and when he gives me Communion, he says: “I take you.” Instantly: “My brothers and my sisters!” It appears inside me, it appears like the air that wants to enter me, just as strongly! Then, God says: “Thank you.”

Ah! this is his nourishment!

This, it’s not me who could have created this movement to think about this, it’s from God, through the graces of the sacraments, it’s so strong inside us that it comes all alone; you can’t hold yourself back any longer, it’s as if you were a movement in God's movement and it happens on its own and we live this.

Do you see how God transforms us? This, this is God.

We’re alive and it won't end here.

You know, he told me: “Many children will hear, many children will see inside themselves, outside themselves.

And this is only a beginning, my daughter. I am leading you to my Promised Land.”

God said it in the Gospel. You remember, he spoke to his apostles as if it was in the present; that's what my Father Clément told me.

It was from the beginning that he spoke of his Father's Kingdom and, this, this was a presence, right away.

He (Father Clément) said it like this: “When a child dies, well, for him, the Father's Kingdom has begun: that's what he's living.” But, God, he also told me: “When there is a beginning, there is an end : you are at the end.”

We’re living the end of what he announced to us.

When there's an end, it means that it’s happening.

When? It’s not up to us to know: this comforts me!

Because when I began going to Marmora in (the year) ninety-nine, they began talking: Hey! the return of the Lord! And so, I was all excited: Ah! my God! then I would see things! I would smell things (roses) from Mother Mary, I would see the sun that had like a host in front of it, it was like a silvery grey: and then it started: ‘Ah! my God, the Lord is coming!’ and then, I would pick a date: ‘Ah! well then, it’s surely going to be for the celebrations of the year 2000, I'm telling you;’ the Rosary! they told us to recite the Rosary at Marmora: I recited three: so really, it was time! then, whoops! it didn’t happen!: ‘It’s going to be at Easter!’ we were picking dates! and then, I could see myself with my husband: ‘Ah! my God, it’s coming!’

Well! now, I don’t ask myself any more questions: “Lord, I give you everything. You teach me so much to abandon myself: that now, I don’t pick a date, there's no timeframe, it’s not important anymore!”

What is important is right now, here:

what we’re doing inside ourselves for our brothers and our sisters.

But I thank the Good Lord for not having come earlier. Do you know why? Because I know people around me who would not have been ready, and, today, he placed in my heart people I don’t know, in other countries, in other provinces, who are not ready; so, imagine, if it had happened, how they would have suffered! There are some who might have said no!

Because he said, once: this, it’s in the third book, it’s regarding homosexuals; you know, he wants them for himself, eh! – he said: “Some will suffer so much that they will spit on me because they will suffer too greatly: their suffering will be so great! They will feel God's love and they will judge themselves according to the love they feel: then, they will be in the presence of love to such an extent that the suffering will be so great that they will not be able to endure it; because it will be too strong, too painful: they will want it to be erased from them.”

It’s because of this that we must pray, so that they have that strength, without our graces, without our yeses, oh boy!

God, what he does is: he gives us graces inside us, as we carry all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world inside us, they too receive graces; so, the moment when they will see The Love in front of them, they will judge themselves, but with graces.

All this will therefore be stored inside them: these graces of strength; they will recognize themselves in suffering, but when we recognize ourselves in suffering with graces, it hurts less!

This is what he told me: so, this is why he has to prepare us.

At this moment, he's preparing all the prayer groups, all over the world.

It’s not only me, now, he's sending lots of people and you, you do the same thing: when you speak with your children at home, innocently, well, you’re bringing out the light inside you to give them light; and they’re all going to become children of the Light too.

How does he do it? When is he going to do it? It’s not up to us to know.

What we do is simply fulfill our duty, abandon ourselves.

He, he knows! It’s not up to us to analyse.

This is why it’s important!

Time: he knows it, so there's no need for us to try and figure it out.

He does everything so well, God, that we can’t analyse his movement:

it’s too perfect, it’s too intelligent!

One day, I don’t know if we’ll be able to understand everything: only in Heaven, I think, we’ll understand all this,

but to say that we’ll understand his intelligence, we won’t be able to!

Do you know, it’s that we’ll be in motion: he says that we’ll become perfect with his love, we’ll be perfect, but it won’t end there; perfection, God's love: it’s a movement, so, God is love and the more the movement takes place, the more the movement is amplified: we won’t be able to stop anything; so, God is so perfect that his perfection is Himself: us, we’ll be in his movement, since we’ll be in the Lord’s movement: we’ll move about in him.

How can you grasp a movement when it’s in constant motion? You can’t, that's life, that's eternal life.

So God is love to such an extent that he’ll nourish us with love; can you see why we’ll be eternal? It’s the love of The Love.

This is all I understand in all this and it’s enough because what he makes me understand: is what I must learn.

Thank you very much for being with me and thank you very much because you are in me too and I am with you.

God doesn’t bring about these meetings for nothing, he doesn’t make us write for nothing, even if there are a lot:

it’s like the movement of before that I was telling you about: it’s always in motion, and well! this is what he does! He does the same thing between you and me; between certain writings and other writings: it’s his work and it’s not ours and we’re part of his work.

So, this is why when you have a writing from one or a writing from another in your hands: love it because it comes from him and ask the Holy Spirit to allow you to savour it; it comes from Heaven!

You know, I know, I hear him and I hope for you that you will be as close to God, because when you hear about love, when you read about love: well, tell yourselves firmly that it can’t come from humans because love comes from God.

If a single child says that he hears and it isn’t true and who writes of love, well, say: ‘Thank you, Jesus,” say thank you to him: this, it’s your reward for having read about love.

As far as the person who wrote is concerned, he will present himself before God.

This is what you must understand, this is love.

Because when we read about love and we turn away: “I'm not sure about her,” well, there's something you haven’t understood: love! Because love doesn’t judge; love is meant to be given; it is meant to be offered: you must give everything to God and go to your priest: talk to him about it, he’ll know how to counsel you. Thank you.


Mary: And with tenderness, with love, with the Heart of Mary, I would like to say to you: “Beloved, you are in my daughter; this child gave herself to my Son because she saw the very Presence of The Love.

No child could understand love unless God the Father had so disposed.

Be united in The Love, I, the Mother of The Love, I place within you a loving kiss.

It was granted to me to live in The Love himself in my womb in order to bear all of you, my children.

Be love for your brothers and your sisters, acknowledge yourselves as little children, I am your Mother.

The Heart of The Love beats within you: unite yourselves to the beats of his Heart and know, my children, that within you beats the Heart of my Son.

I love you, my children of love. Be united to one another so as to form but one, in my Son.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you.