Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Chertsey, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is in you. He lets his Will be known to me. He brings you his love, the love that lives within you. I’m an instrument of love; I’m what God wants me to be. Just like you, I’m in Jesus’ presence. He doesn’t want me to be myself any longer, he wants me to abandon myself in his Will.


Jesus: My children of love, such is my Presence in each one of you.

You are present here through your own choice.

You are my children: you have been chosen to live in love, through love, for The Love.

The Love, it is God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

You are children of God, you are my beloved.

The Love is in each one of you, he guides you every day so that you might accomplish everything through your inner life.

Yes, my children, it is The Love who is the life within you.

Your life is inside you, it is not on the outside.

It is by living within yourselves that you carry out your days.

It is I who nourish your life, who feed it with my movements of love.

If you take a child and you give him an object, he takes it and looks at it; he wants to use it as he sees fit by turning that object into an instrument:

        be it to amuse himself,

        be it to work,

        be it to learn.

This is external to him; what is inside him, is my knowledge:

it is I who show him what is good for him.

If he is very young, he wants that object to be a toy;

and so, I, God of love who am in him, who nourish his life, I give him thoughts nourished by my Will

and he sees an amusing instrument in that object:

he develops within him my Will of love, which wants to make of him a child who is pleasant to those who want to play and share that instrument with him.

Everything comes from me!

And if that child discovers that that instrument is a work tool,

I, who am in him, I nourish him, I give him my knowledge:

he sees in that instrument the usefulness that I have shown him;

I say to him, through my own means, that that instrument is a tool that will help him become a complete being in what he must do: to accomplish his work with that instrument;

I show him, through my surges of love, that he can help his neighbour, that he can turn that instrument into a tool to do good around him and that he can create works;

all this came from his interior:

it is I, who am in him, who nourish him,

it is from me that he knows what he will do with that tool because I am his life;

I am the love that leads him to give himself to his brothers and sisters

through what he will accomplish thanks to that tool.

And if that child wants to teach others, with what he has between his hands,

I, the Life in him, I show him that he is an instrument for his brothers and his sisters.

What he will have to give, what he will have to present,

is what he will learn from inside himself:

he will give my knowledge, he will spread my Word, he will demonstrate my love that is in that child,

but he can only give if he is nourished by me.

All of you here, you are nourished by me:

I am the Life inside you, I am your daily nourishment,

you, you are instruments of love:

you are life to others;

but the Life: the true Life, is the one that is inside you,

it is the one that has shown you, that has given you the most precious thing of all:

all the love of my Being so that you might be alive.

My children, before this morning, when you got up, I prepared you for this day;

it was my graces that showed you that you were able and strong enough to turn your day into a day of love for you and for those who would see you and who would share your day: all this comes from me.

It is I who lead you to doing what is good, to making yourselves useful, to wanting to give, so that others might know that you are love.

Everything that is within you comes from me.

I am The Love, you are children of love;

you are nourished of my Being.

My children, give yourselves!

Give yourselves to your brothers and sisters because it is I who give you this life:

it was created for loving, it was created for giving.

Give yourselves to one another;

do not keep inside yourselves that treasure that is your life.

To keep for oneself that which is good: is to deprive yourselves as well of the joys that others might give you

For you see, if you learn to give the love inside you, which comes from me, through your actions, through your gazes, because you have learned that you were love:

others who see you, who see life inside you, will also give what they have.

But if you do not give, you will not receive; you will be in the loneliness of your interior.

The life around you will not be able to fill that void inside you,

for you will deny yourselves the love that comes from me.

My children, I am the love inside you, I am the love in your brothers and your sisters.

What is mine returns to me: I give and I give again.

This, my children, means that when I am in a child and that he takes from within himself my love in order to give, I, who am in the other child who has just received love, have just received;

I give love to him so that he might give some to the other who has just given;

and so, I give love in return, and I nourish myself with love.

I am Essence of love, my children.

The Love nourishes himself, I need love: I love what is from me.

I am God. God is The Love, he engendered The Love, and from that love emerged The Love.

You are, my children, in this movement of love.

If you do not give, if you do not learn to discover what the other wants to give you, you will not, my children, be able to be part of this exchange of love:

you will stop this movement and you will be miserable!

You must give over and over again.

It is so great to be alive!

This life is a movement in every moment of the Life.

My children, I remind you that you are in me, that you live of me, that you are children created to love, to love your neighbour.

To love oneself is to love the one you see,

it is to not bear judgement regarding what you see, for this goes against yourselves.

If you see around you children who are against themselves,

it is necessary, my children, to give them to me by repeating those words of love that I have shown you, the ones I uttered from the Cross: “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

These words must be within you as well.

I carried all my children, I gave them my Being so that they might all be love.

If some of them refuse to be what they are, they are no less love because of this, I am within them.

I am suffering within them because they deny themselves to me, but I am always within them.

I suffer, I offer myself to my Father on their behalf, so that they might see that they are in my love.

You, my gentle children of love, you, my beloved, you who watch them, be wary of your words, do not judge them,

for if you judge them, you judge me, I who am in them.

I turn my attention to their sins and I cry over their shortcomings.

My Blood is poured over them to help them see themselves as they really are,

and if they are deaf to my appeals of love within them,

I hold on to them very strongly so that they do not become lost,

for Satan is hovering around them, he does as he pleases with these children.

I who am in them, I present myself and I receive his torments aimed at them.

My Body bleeds, my wounds do not cease reopening because they are at fault;

because of their refusal to listen to me inside themselves, I cannot reject them.

I allowed myself to be crucified on their behalf.

It is for them that I came, for those who commit sins against The Love.

They who are love inflict suffering upon themselves,

and I who am the Son of God, the Power, I hold them in my love in spite of themselves, so they do not let themselves become caught by their complete rejection of The Love.

And you, my children of love, you, my beloved, I pour graces of love into you that make you see my Presence within them

I say to you:

“My children of light, look at those children who want to deny their God by refusing to be children of love, children of God, look at them, I am suffering inside them!

I need you, I need your prayers, your sacrifices.

I know you suffer when you see those children who are far from me, I who am love.

I know that there are religious sects in this world who make their own laws because they refuse to be in me.

All those children are in darkness.

I am the Truth, I am the Light, I am the Way that will make them see that they are love,

and you, my children of the Light, you give yourselves out of love, in love, with The Love, for them.

“You accumulate within yourselves acts that will be shown to you.

It is I, my loves, who am in you, who am The Love: the Life who nourishes you with my Life so that you may accomplish these acts.

These acts are made up of nothing but goodness, but gentleness, but tenderness!

They bear no judgement, they are acts of love for those who are against The Love.

At present, you are suffering; you see those mistakes and you want this to stop.

My children of love, only I can do this, it is not you, for this world is experiencing a movement of apostasy.

“They have denied their God by wanting to do their will, by rejecting my laws of love: the ones I gave to Moses.

They want to do their will so as to not owe anything to this world: this world, my children, which is filled with its own human will.

They no longer see what they are doing to themselves, for they believe in their own ego.

Yes, they live only for their ego, they want to do what pleases them by declaring themselves masters of their own lives.

“They give themselves the right to govern their own beings, but they do not realize that their individual rights are governed by the masses, and the human mass, my children, has no heart.

Their heart is loveless, does not share, does not give.

My children of love, you, my beings of light, can you, through your own means, you, come to the aid of a world that has hardened its heart through all sorts of falsehoods?

There is only I, The Love, who live in them, whose attention is turned to their sins, and who, at every moment, I allow myself to be crucified on their behalf.”

I said to my Father: “Father, I thirst. I want them, those children, they are mine. I want to give them to drink, I want to nourish them with my Life that gives life, that gives warmth, that softens the heart, that speaks of love. I know that you, you love them; you gave your only Son to have them with you. I love you, Father of love. I will continue being on this Cross, as long as there is a single one of your chosen children who will not respond to your loving appeal.” 


And you, my children of the Light, you who so desire that your brothers and your sisters correct themselves so that they might see that they are God’s children, do not become discouraged.

Give me your sufferings, place them in my Heart, which opened up out of love, come and take refuge in my wounds of love.

I make my graces emerge, which will enlighten you.

You will become, my children, through my graces: children of love who are completely in my love.

My love is pure, it is without judgement for its children.

My love will transform you, my children, into perfect beings of love.

You will be beings of self-giving and this will take place each time, my children, that you will give me your life, for I am the Life of your life, I am the One that nourishes your life, and your life shall be my Life.

You will no longer be children of the human will, but children of the Divine Will: your life will be my Life.

Such as I am to my Father, such you will be in me for the sake of my Father’s love.

You will love your brothers and your sisters.

You will accomplish everything in my Will.

My children, these are reminders of my teachings.

I am not coming to bring you new teachings, I am coming to remind you of what I said to my apostles: “Love one another as I love you.”

You will be love, the one you should always have been.

It is I who will transform you into perfect beings of love.

I am coming to claim your yes.

The one you uttered yesterday, my children, is renewed today by my movement of love,

and the one you will utter tomorrow, I shall nourish it,

for all is in the Divine Will.

I have already accomplished my Father’s Work.

I know each one among you, I know the ones who will say yes.

Your yeses, my children, I know them all and I know your weaknesses!

I strengthen you at each Eucharist so that you might be perfect as my Father wills it, my children.

This child allows herself to be transformed at every moment by my graces; you, my children, you allow yourselves to be transformed at every moment by my graces.

No one can accomplish the Will of The Love unless he enters into me, he dies in me.

When you go, my children, to Confession and you present yourselves as imperfect children, I who know you, I pour into you graces that help you become children of God.

My loves, The Love is within you, The Love nourishes you.

The bread is my Body, the wine is my Blood: I nourish you with my Life, you are the life in my Life.

You are no longer, you are me and this, my children, takes place in my love for you.

This world will undergo a transformation of love through my love!

It is only I who will produce this movement of love, and it has begun.

I have begun with you, my children of the Light.

I will show you to which extent I am active in every moment of your life: this is done through the Divine Will.

You are in the process, my children, of advancing towards my New Earth.

I place in your hearts graces of love for you, for your neighbour.

I show you who you are: you are all my beings of love.

You have helped those who do not know they are on their way, for they as well are journeying towards the Divine Will.

And all those you carry, my children, and who are in these errors and whom I know for I am in them, they also will pronounce their yes, for I nourish them.

I go through my children of light who abandon themselves to my Will of love, and I pour into them graces that will show them that they have been chosen to enter that place of love: my New Earth.

There will be only a world of love, a world created in my image.

My children, these days nourish you:

        they remind you of who you are,

        of why you are here,

        and of what your mission is.

Yes, my children, this is your mission!

You are not here through your own choice, it is I who have chosen you and it is you, my children, who have answered, through your yes, to my loving request on your behalf and on their behalf: for my children, those for whom I still remain on the Cross.

I will show you, my children, what is within you at present.

I will show you all your works which were fed by my love and you will all be rewarded because The Love gives and gives again: this is a movement of life.

Eternal life is never-ending.

Great shall be your joy!

My children, this is a reminder to love.

This world around you, that is hurting itself, will come to know a world of peace, of gladness.

But, my children, it is necessary to abandon yourselves in me, completely, in my Will.

Remember, my children, that I gave Job love and he gave himself to me, he received everything from me.

I fulfilled him physically as well as spiritually, but a test had been requested by Satan, and I granted it because I knew my son, I was nourishing him with my Life.

And so, everything was taken away from him, and a very great suffering was felt by him, around him, and he gave his yes: he did not refuse his love to me.

I saw him in his suffering; he was completely submitted to my love: not a single reproach emerged from him.

He did not blame me, for he knew that I loved him, and I knew that he loved me.

His reward was great!

I gave him more than he had originally received.

My children of love, I gave my Life for you, I showered you with love and you, love, have been put to the test, and (today) you live, my children, in suffering.


        I am, I, the Son of God, I have received everything from my Father, he has given me everything: you were all in me, you, love.

        You came into this world to be children of love, you were my Father’s treasure he had given you everything: all his love, and I, Jesus of Love, I carried all of you.

        But behold it was presented to you, the test, a test that was to turn you into beings of love.

        Because of sin, you refused my Father’s love, so I came to die on the Cross.

        By suffering inside, by suffering externally, physically, I gave you my Life and

        I presented this test of love to my Father.

All this took place within me, just as with Job.

That pain, which causes my body to suffer, is still within me.

I am in the pain of my Being just as he, he was.

I did not try to accuse you, I did not blame you, I came to take you within me once again so that you might have love within you;

and, my children of light, all those who abandon themselves in me will receive a great reward.

God, my Father, will give you his love once again because he has refused me nothing.

I carried you and, by saying yes to The Love, you shall be rewarded,

just as my Father rewarded Job.

You see, my children, his sacrifice was carried in the Divine Will in order to show you love, loyalty to love.

Be children who are loyal to my Father’s love.

Be what you have always been: children of God.

I carried you before your birth.

I am coming back for you to lead you to my Father.

His Glory, my children, you shall see it.

It will also be your glory, because your reward shall be great for having given yourselves in love.

Because of your yeses, you shall be in an eternal joy.


My children, I love you. It is The Love who has spoken to you. I am, I, in your presence: I am the Life.

I have made use of this instrument on your behalf. I have instructed you. I love you, my children of love:

this is for eternity. Go in peace, my loves. Amen.