Gathering of Love With God's Action in Chicoutimi, Quebec,

With His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Introduction: Good evening to one and all. We’re gathered here tonight in the love of the Trinity who wants to speak to us through the girl it has chosen, the Girl of My Will in Jesus. Colette has asked me to talk a little bit about myself, about what I experienced – I'm not used to this – when I read the two books.

I'm up to the second one, and the first one blew me away.

I was completely amazed, first of all because I, who was looking for love, realized how much Jesus really loved me.

He explains it to me so well that at times I would say to myself, “It’s almost incredible!” Then sometimes I would tell myself, “It’s not possible, he loves me!”

But me, I live surrounded by conflicts and all this makes me a woman who’s… there are those who often say that I look gentle, but on the inside I'm not; and, I would say to myself, is it possible that he loves me like this and that he welcomes me and that he wants to give me gifts? But in the second book, he told me a little bit more: how I, I could return that love to him despite what I am, despite the fact that he still leaves me with certain traits of my personality.

I trust in him so much now that it almost changes the people around me.

I don’t wait for my husband’s love anymore, I don’t wait anymore; I have Jesus inside me.

Also, there's something that’s changing, I don’t know what but slowly I'm not the same anymore.

Even if there are things he leaves me, I have complete faith in him.

Then, when the time is wright, he'll see to it that I become love more and more.

I'm not capable of being the same person anymore and as I was saying before, to hear people swearing around me, I can’t take it anymore, I’ve become withdrawn.

And there's a change that’s happening and even my husband asks himself questions every once in a while; he's a little jealous, he doesn’t tell me, but he can see that it leads me to loving them even more; and there really is something happening.

For sure, it changes you … anyway, I'm going to stop here because I'm not good at expressing myself. Let's get back to the person you’ve been waiting for, that you’re eager to hear, an instrument of the Lord.

And I think we can open our hearts to The Love, to The Love who wants to reveal himself

to his children of love, as he tells us in his books: to his children of light,

to his children of the Divine Will, – that’s us! –

through his instrument who is his spokesperson.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is with us, he's asking each of us: do you love me?


Jesus: Tell me so, I am in each one of you.


All: Yes.

This word came from your interior; it took on a meaning because it is I, your God, who asked you for it.

The Love is within you, he makes you realize that you can love with your interior.

He wants to show you that within you: there is the power to love.

The children of this world, my children, need lessons on love.

You have learned to say the words “to love” with what you are, with what you have been taught.

I, God of love, I want to show you to love with me, in me, through me, with my graces of love, with my surges of love.

There is no greater love than mine!

I have shown each of you that God loved to the point of giving his Life.

The children who have not seen a body fixed to a cross are rare, but some of them do not understand this gesture of love: they are afraid of it.

They do not understand why a Son, the very Son of God is fixed to that wood.

They believe he is weak, they tell themselves that he is so powerful, why did he allow himself to be crucified?

We who are children of the twentieth century, we do not want to be impressed by

this gesture, that is for those who are not evolved.

Oh! My children of love, they are your brothers, they are your sisters who speak like this.

They do not understand this gesture of love, for love is absent within them, for they have suffocated what is most important within themselves: God's love for them.

They refuse my graces. They do not accept the Cross.

The Cross is a symbol of love.

Through my crucifixion, I turned the Cross into a symbol, a symbol of love.

I love you, my children; I want to show you that love is to give, it is to offer one’s life so that the beloved one may agree to accept that you give yourself.

Through the crucifixion, I gave my Life so that you could be saved from eternal death.

It is necessary to understand this gesture of love in order to accept my love: it took everything, it accepted everything;

it is a resigned gesture, it is a gesture that indicates that he will do everything to keep you.

I could have, my children, uttered a yes without dying on the Cross, without suffering the agony, but, my children, I wanted to show you that the Son of God took all your deeds, took all your movements that have made you suffer; all that you endure in your life, I, I have lived it, I have known it before you; every moral suffering, I have known it; all your broken hearts are within me.

How many children are suffering! Their sadness is so immense that they can no longer endure this pain; they no longer think about living, they want to remove what is within themselves to stop suffering: they were not able to find love within themselves, they have searched.

Some have turned to alcohol to forget that they were suffering; some have turned to gambling in search of some amusement, looking for a reason to get up in the morning for life seemed dull to them; some have turned to drugs because they wanted to prove to themselves that they were somebody, they allowed themselves be influenced because others also wanted to show themselves that they were capable of proving to others that they were their equals; some turned towards material things, amassing the means to be able to buy themselves whatever they desired.

These children were seeking to fill their lives with love, for inside themselves they had not found love, they did not know how!

I carried these children, they were within me; all their deeds were within me.

These beings of love, unable to withstand the pain, took their own lives: giving up on themselves.

My loves, I bear every pain, your pain.

How many among you have lost a friend, a child, a brother, a sister? You still carry that pain inside you.

You must give it to Jesus; give it to me, it is part of my Cross.

Oh! Loves of my Life, I love you, I want to make you discover the love that dwells within you; I am not speaking to you about condemnation, I am not speaking about forsaking you, I am not coming to ask you to suffer agony, I am coming to tell you: “Give me your sufferings, give me those you carry within you.”

I am The Love, I am Jesus crucified.

My movement of love is present: I am omnipresent God.

You, my children, you are too little, too weak because of your human will.

God is Power, God is Mercy:

it is necessary to die in me to deliver you from the chains that you, you have agreed to bear.

Every day, my children, when you leave for work with this pain within you, you cannot know peace; your days are heavy and your character, my children, suffers the effects: you have trouble smiling; your patience is limited: it is not equal to the depth of your pain, for when someone approaches you and this does not please you: you push him away because on the inside, you are in pain; you cannot withstand this pain, so you carry it before you and you push away your neighbour.

This happens without your being aware of it, but you live it, you do not understand it.

Throughout your day, you also have difficulty accepting what is asked of you.

How many among you are irritable when people repeat the same thing twice? You say, “I understood!”

My children, when one repeats themselves it is because it is important that you do not make mistakes.

Resentment is within you, it is not within the one who repeats two times.

My loves, when you are at the wheel of your car, you are no longer able to drive while remaining calm.

You look around you and if there is a movement that is not right: you gesture, you bear judgement, you become angry and you believe that you are right, or if you feel that you are wrong, your heart starts beating, you are afraid that the other will look at you; this is because within you, my loves, there is the little child who does not like to be wrong or because he is afraid to be punished.

Oh! There is the teenager who does not like it when the other comes to play on his territory! Since his birth:

he believes that others have been running his life: he does not want to accept this.

My children of love, your world is filled with suffering children.

There is practically no child who is at peace within himself, he is searching for love.

How can one help being surprised when you read in the papers that so and so has murdered another, that so and so has violated his own children.

I cry out to you asking you to lift your eyes towards the Cross in order to take a look at yourselves.

When you look at Jesus fixed upon the Cross, you are looking at your wounds.

I carry your pains, they are within me; I have accepted them.

I gave myself out of love to bring all your sins to death.

When, my children, you refuse yourselves love, you refuse love to your neighbour, you refuse love to God: you are lacking towards The Love.

I, The Love, I took all your sins and I poured my Precious Blood over each of you to cleanse you so that you could be happy.

This gesture is a gesture of love. It is so great! It is so powerful!

I am in love with everyone of you.

You must give me your yes, you must surrender your suffering to me.

Give me your life, give me the lives of your children, give me the lives of your parents, give me the lives of your brothers and your sisters.

Through your yes, I take everything within me and I pour graces of peace into you; only then do you begin to see the light within yourselves.

There is only God who can transform you.

And when we are at peace with ourselves we can help those we love.

You see, I am The Love, I gave myself: you, give yourselves, offer yourselves.

Learn to accept God's love: be very little, stop judging yourselves as incapable, leave this movement up to God: I am the one who will cover you with my love, I am the Almighty.

I am the Life, you have the Life within you because the Life gave you his Life.

Be tiny little children, be gentle, be simple and be humble.

When one is gentle, this means that you accept yourselves, you do not take yourselves for someone else: you accept God's love as you are.

When you accept yourselves as you are, you do not take yourselves for someone else: you develop humility within yourselves.

Humility is to discover the littleness of your being: you accept that God the Father take you by the hand.

You accept that my Father do his Will within you because you have given him your will.

When we give our hand to someone, we trust: we abandon ourselves.

This is what my Father expects of you: he wants you to be completely surrendered to his Son.

I am the Father's Word, I want to envelop you in my action, I want to turn you into children who are obedient to my Father's Will: while taking care of what you are, while taking care to not upset you.

You are so fragile due to your shortcomings, to your wounds, to your pain!

My loves, God speaks within your being.

God is telling you that he loves you.

I am The Love, I have nothing but words of love to give to you.

If I tell you that your deed: the one of taking your own life, is a sin, it is to make you realize that you have offended The Love, The Love who is my Father.

He gave you life and you, you reject it.

And so I, your Jesus of love, want to show you what love is gently, what my Father's love is, because you have not understood.

When I taught my apostles that my Father's love is immense, that my Father's love is immutable, that my Father's love is mercy, you fled my priests because you did not want to be judged.

It was not my priests who judged you, it was you yourselves: it was you who judged yourselves with your human will.

It is under the influence of evil! It is evil that does not want you to recognize that you are a tiny child who committed deeds against my Father.

It was not my Father who punished you, it was you yourselves.

My children of love, I am asking you to realize that you are God's children,

that you are my Father's children.

Through my sacrifice, I was turning you into my Father's children.

Oh! My loves, this gesture is a loving gesture! You must understand it, you must live it!

You must abandon yourselves by giving your yes to The Love, with simplicity, with humility, while acknowledging that you are little, a small little child.

Remember, my apostles asked me who would go to Heaven, how to go about it? I said that you must be very little.

I placed a child among them, showing them that they too were little children.

You must go within yourselves, there you will acknowledge that you are little.

I carry you as I carried you on the Cross.

Come within yourselves, talk to me, tell me with simple words: “Jesus, I love you, I am very little, take me.”

My children, it is not with phrases learned by heart from books,

I want this to come from your heart, your heart of a child, with simplicity.

You will see that your life will change: you will find it less difficult to get up in the morning for I will have poured graces of love into you, and when you find yourself in the company of your neighbour, these graces that I will have placed within you will nourish you: you will learn to become more patient; you will learn to see with the eyes of The Love; you will learn to give me your day; you will also give me the people who irritate you, and your life will be lighter, and every day something wonderful will develop within you: love. And this will happen at your own pace, and I am the one who will pour graces of love into you and your need to feel love will arise within you, you will return to my priests, you will love to receive my sacraments:

The Love will transform you.

My children of love, you are all called to help your brothers and your sisters that you carry within you.

I know, my children, that all those of you who are here, for the most part, have begun your transformation of love.

I do not only speak within you, for you, I speak for those you carry within you.

These words are living, these words are active.

It is God who is speaking, it is not this instrument, it is not this child; she has accepted to die in me by giving up her human will.

I use this child so that you can hear me. She is but a microphone, that is all, my children!

Am I not the Almighty? I spoke through my prophets, I speak through chosen children of the end times.

I am not bringing you new things, I am reminding you of my love for you,

I am the one who allowed myself to be crucified on your behalf.

It was more than 2000 years ago, my children, that I gave myself and today I speak to you about my gift of love; it is still in motion.

I am the Divine Will, I carry all the children of the world within me.

From Adam and Eve, up to the last that shall be created, I carry them within me, I am the Action of God the Father.

My Father has given me all his blessings, I have everything within me.

My children of love, I am dying for the sake of love, I love you.

Love Jesus, love who you are, love your brothers and your sisters, accept my gift of love, and give yourselves as I have given myself, and also learn to receive love from your brothers and from your sisters: they want to love you.

A new world has begun, a world of love.

Hatred, my children, shall disappear from the surface of the earth.

When I shall present myself within you, in all my Father's children of this world, I shall ask you if you care about The Love: and all those who say yes will be nothing but love, and those who say no will be rejecting love, and The Love will withdraw from those children, and the children who are love will be only in Jesus.

My children, I have no evil in me, there is no violence in me,

there is no hatred in me: you shall be nothing but love.

I am announcing to you, my children, that your transformation of love has begun.

Accept your purification with my graces.

When you accept to be purified with God's graces, you come to know joy, the joy of bearing your cross, the one that is part of my Cross.

I love you, my loves, let God turn you into sons of my Will in Jesus, daughters of my Will in Jesus.

You belong to me, my Father gave you to me. I want to take you all to my Father.

You see, my children, God is speaking because he knows your yes, he is placing the light within you.

His words are living, his words are for you, they are nothing but love, they cannot deceive you.

The one who keeps my Word within him is in the light, only the humble one allows God to transform him.

Acknowledge that you are God's children.

It is not this child who speaks who can do something to help you, it is only God.

There is a priest here, he is the representative of Jesus: the Christ-Priest, he has the power to change bread and wine into my Body and my Blood to nourish you.

I am the one who nourishes you, I am the one who turns you into a child of God, I am the Presence.

There is so much love within you of which you are unaware!

And God has pity on you; he takes little children who agree to being transformed; these children also agree to bear the cross, they agree to suffer for the sake of love.

Remember my words: “Whoever wants to follow me must bear his cross.”

It is through my graces that these children are able to endure the pain that I, I agree to reveal to them; God the Father knows the measure of every one of my instruments.

He prepares his children and they are joyful.

They recognize that they are so little, so unworthy when God reveals to them

that they are linked to God's pain: they give themselves with humility,

with littleness, feeling unworthy of this movement of love.

My loves, when you say to me: “Jesus, I love you, Jesus I accept my headache, Jesus I accept because today I have just learned that I have cancer, Jesus, I accept because my child is sick, I have just been told that soon he will die, Jesus, I agree to give you everything," these children are giving their yes, they are agreeing to bear with me my sufferings and they are saving souls; through their sufferings, God frees souls from purgatory because these children –  I know who they are – were with me during my Passion.

You, my children of my light, I know your gifts of love.

Some of you suffer joyfully.

They accept their sufferings because they know that souls are being liberated.

They know they are saving children who, without their sufferings, would have said no to The Love.

My children of love, my gift, my sacrifice on the Cross, will be a gift of love for you, you will see Jesus within you, glorified:

I shall link you to my Glory. Beloved, beloved, God is almighty.

I love you, keep within you the love that has revealed itself.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is so loving that he never stops fulfilling his children, and it is through the consecrated hands of his priest that he grants us graces of love.


The priest’s blessing: May the blessing of the Father and the Son, who is love, come down upon each one among you, upon the Girl of My Will, upon those who are closely involved in her mission to spread love, may it come down upon you and become permanently fixed within each one among you and within all those you love, within all those you hope may one day live in peace, in love, in the Divine Will.

May God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through the intercession of the most Blessed Virgin, our Lady of love, come down upon you and keep you in peace, in trust, in love: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


All: Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Tonight, God wants me to be ‘more open'. “Lord, I don’t know how.”

He has just said this inside me. He wants us all to be united in his Heart, he wants us to float, because he says: “I carry you on my wings and I want to take you to my Father.” “Yes, Jesus.” Through this, he’s letting us know that every one among us, we receive words that are in our hearts; he will reveal them to me. I have written for you, but I also have writings for myself; I would have enough maybe to write a book.

Jesus never stops telling us how much he loves us.

When he has nothing to dictate to me, it’s always: “I love you, my daughter, tell me you love me, tell me so; there are so many who do not tell me, I am dying for love!.

When he wants to make me work, then he says: “Go and get ready to write,” and believe me, I get ready to write often! I get up early in the morning, he lets me sleep maybe around five hours! And during those five hours, well, he makes me see things, he teaches me things and when he wakes me up, he explains what it’s all about to me.

Observe such and such, those are my children suffering; observe such and such, that’s love.

Like this morning, he said to me, “I am the Church. The Church, it is my children. You are the Church…” and he went on, to the point that Colette said, “Ah! You slept until at least a quarter to eight!” He had been talking to me since five o’clock.

I live in the Divine Will.

In the beginning it was my angel. Ah! He’s saying, “That is not true, my daughter.” It was him.

He’s saying: “Remember: ‘I cry out over the roof tops, but no one hears my suffering for it is so immense.’ Yes, he answers, “That is it!”

So Jesus was the first one to talk to me; this is true because I realized something the other day: it was that when I was in front of the tabernacle, I would always hear, “I love you, I love you, ah! I love you...” and so, I used to say, “Ah! Lord, I can’t stop thinking. I'm sorry Jesus.” And then, I would say, “Lord, forgive me, I can’t stop myself from saying it, from thinking it – I love you, I love you.”

Ah! It was really distracting because I wanted to remain silent!

He would say, “Remain silent before the tabernacle;” and so, me, I wanted to remain silent before the tabernacle, and to just empty my mind of all thoughts. He would say, “Create an emptiness within you;” I wanted to create an emptiness, but I would always hear “I love you’s.”

Ah! I used to say, “I can’t do this!”

Well, I realized that it was him, it was Jesus who was saying “I love you”, but I just couldn’t do it… “Yes.”

He says: “You were too little to understand that it was coming from me.”

This is what he has just told me.

And I also heard my angel, my guardian angel; before that I heard Mother Mary.

After that, I received anointings, it was in a vision, I received a blessing through the Son, the Holy Spirit and God the Father, and when it was over, there was like an explosion and I was in so much pain: so much pain that it only went away that afternoon when I received Communion.

Then, it stopped and afterwards, I began hearing, I would hear my husband. The first time I heard my husband was at the hospital.

For me, today I can say it: it was a day of love, the Father's love, because the day before I had gone on a pilgrimage to Marmora and to the oratory (St. Joseph’s). In front of the tabernacle, Jesus said to me, “I want you to abandon yourself, abandon yourself.” I said, “Yes.”

“I want you to abandon yourself completely.” And so I would say, “Yes.”

“I want you to abandon yourself,” ah! it was there, and it was there all the time: “I want you to abandon yourself.”

During the whole trip on the bus, it was, “I want you to abandon yourself;” and I would say, “Yes, Lord,” but at the same time I was scared because it didn’t stop.

At Marmora, he himself did the Way of the Cross and it was constantly: “Abandon yourself.” It was always the same thing over and over, and he was meditating, and it was abandonment, then complete abandonment.

When the day ended, I don’t know how I made it home.

But something beautiful had happened at the cross of Dozulé: I had seen the Blessed Virgin, but on the inside; it was the second time that I had seen her in her entirety, dressed in white, all white, and she was as if suspended in the air; and she looked at me, then she smiled at me and I felt her; it was a great joy, and she said to me: “Go now,” but I wasn’t able to find my way back to reality.

She said, “Obey.” Then, tearfully, with great effort, I had to come back, because she respects our will; and so, this happened through tears.

But, I must admit, with huge tears because when you feel that, and you emerge from that state, something happens inside you, but you can’t explain it, it’s so beautiful and so painful at the same time! It’s all mixed up, you really don’t have the words.

So, when I got home and I said, “Everything’s okay!” Hey, that wasn’t like me, eh! Because my husband, he wanted me to go to Marmora but he didn’t want to hear about: “Your business is your business, and my business is my business.” So on that day, imagine that he asked me how it had gone at Marmora; wow! that was the first time he had asked me that, and in the past I would have given him a detailed description, I wouldn’t have forgotten anything.

And yet, I said, “It went well, I had a nice day.” And then he asked me, “Everything went okay?” So then I said, “I saw the Blessed Virgin inside me.” He put his headphones back on (he was watching television). A few seconds later he took them off, he looked at me, and he said, “Are you telling me the truth?” So, I said, “Yes.” He put his equipment back on, then he made a sign and he smiled; then I knew that he had believed me.

You know, when you’ve been living together for thirty-two years, you know each other; then we went to bed. The next morning, he announces to me that the whole family is going to Mass.

Ah! What a wonderful gift! So, we arrive at Mass; most of us went to Confession. My husband went to Confession and he went to Communion.

And during Communion – you know, I see things inside me – I saw myself kneeling and I saw Jesus, but only in profile – not like, you know, we would want to see him, like we would want to feast our eyes on him; it’s not completely visible, it’s as if God were putting up a veil and we can’t see him, he leaves us wanting more – so, he said to me: “Do you want to be my bride?” “Well, no, Lord, I’m married!”

So, he said to me: “Do you want to be my mystical bride?” I didn’t really know what “mystical” was but I said, “Yes.”

Then, he said this: “Your husband is a witness.” I didn’t see my husband, but I saw a heart; when he said that, a heart appeared, a heart of flesh: it was red and it was beating, it was floating in the air.

Then Jesus, he told me how much he loved me and he disappeared.

After Mass, the whole family, like good Quebecers, went to eat at a restaurant, and afterwards we went home, alone; our children took off on their own and we took advantage of the occasion to rest.

A little while later, he sat down in the easy chair and he said, “I think that the Father wants to come for me.”

A little time after we arrived at the hospital, my husband had a heart attack; a nurse told me and my son, “He's just had a heart attack, don’t worry, he's in good hands, we’ll take care of you.”

Then, they took us to a place where I think there were computers; after a call to my two daughters, they arrived with my sons-in-law and even my son's girlfriend was there. The nurse told us that the doctor would come and see us.

But during that time, my daughter had taken out her rosary beads, Nathalie, and we were praying; my children were saying, “Are we going to lose daddy?” I said, “Of course not, don’t worry.” Then we prayed.

The nurse came with the doctor – it was about twenty or fifteen minutes after, time for me, it seemed really long, anyway – and when the doctor arrived, he said, “We’re going to inject him with a product that will accelerate his heart rate, then, his heart will begin beating normally.”

Then he left and we continued praying, while keeping our peace; we didn’t cry, we kept our peace.

You know, as a mother, the children were watching me and I was keeping my peace. And then, a little while later, the doctor came to tell us: “The medication didn’t work.”

So, I said to him, “Are you telling me that my husband is going to die?” He said, “Yes.” Then I said gently, “I want to see my husband.”

He jumped a little and I said, “My children want to see their father.”

And I think he said, “But he's blue, he isn’t presentable.” I said, “I want to see my husband and my children do too.” So, he said, “All right.” He left.

Then the nurse left and she came back to tell us, “You know, there's a chaplain. Would you like him to receive the last rites?” (She had seen us praying.) I said, “Yes.”

In my mind, I said, “Ah! Thank you, my Lord!” I had just received my first gift.

And after, when we found ourselves alone, my youngest said, “Mom, you know, daddy…” I said, “Yes, my child.” She said, “I give him to Jesus.” I said, “That’s good.”

My other daughter said, “Mom, I know daddy too, I give him to Jesus.”

My son said, “I give him to Jesus.”

So, we gave our yes, and the nurse came to get us; we went in with the priest and we all gathered around him; he performed the last rites and afterwards, he said, “Place your hands on him,” and we said the “Our Father” and when we said “Amen”, his heart stopped because at the “Amen”, my daughter, who was next to the doctor, heard him say, “He just died.” Then, we cried a lot, but the nurse said to us, “You can’t stay here, this is the emergency.”

She said to me, “You can stay with him as long as you like, I’ll bring you to a place where you’ll be together.”

I had just received my second gift: to stay with my husband.

We stayed with him and around ten o’clock, I heard, “I want you to stay alone with your husband.”

So I said to the children, “Can you leave me alone with dad, I want to say good night to him.”

Then, I hear the Lord, he said, “My daughter, make the sign of the cross on his forehead.” I made the sign of the cross with my right hand, but he said, “The hand of the heart.” So, it was with the left hand that I made the sign of the cross.

Then he said, “Put your hand on his heart.” I placed my hand, but he said, “No, my daughter, the hand of the heart.”

I removed my hand and I placed my hand of the heart; then, I heard Jesus of love, he said, “Your husband is with me. He is in my presence with my Mother.” Ah! He had just told me that my husband was with Jesus and Mary!

Then, he said, “I have absolute power over life and over death. You have a choice to make, my daughter. If you choose to keep your hand on his heart, your husband will return to you, and if you choose to remove your hand, your husband will remain with me.”

In a state that I can’t explain to you, I removed my hand, because a year before this, I had gone to see Mother Mary at church, because my husband, it had been one year that he hadn’t come to Mass, and my son as well, and I had said to Mary: “Mary, I give you my life so that my husband and my son can go to Heaven.”

And here, he had just told me that he was in Heaven, how could you not remove your hand?

All this happened so fast inside my head, I removed my hand.

Then, the voice of Jesus says to me, “Put your hand on his forehead.”

Then, I put my hand of the heart on his forehead, and I heard my husband’s voice; he said to me, “It’s me, Maurice, your husband. God the Father is permitting you to hear my voice, he alone will decide the moment when this will end. I love you, my wife, I will love you for all eternity. I will protect you, I will always be with you.”

And he said to me, “People will try to harm you, my mission is to protect you. Many will not believe, but after a certain time the number of those who believe will be much greater than those who do not believe.”

And since that time, I hear my husband’s voice; and in difficult moments, my husband says to me, “Obey Jesus, be obedient. You belong to him as I belong to him. I live in Jesus, you live in Jesus.”

You know, his death and the four days that he was exposed, he planned those days himself, he chose his coffin himself, he chose the flowers himself, the colours, everything that was written on the cards, that was from my husband.

And when there was the letter after the service – I had received a message from my husband and from Jesus – so, I told the priest this, because he has to agree to what’s going to be said in his church, this is very important.

And I don’t know how come but he said yes, and I didn’t know that he could refuse this; it was only afterwards that I found out why I had to present it.

I had been told: “You must show this to the priest.” So I did.

And the message was read in church, and the church was full, and it’s a big church, and God spoke in hearts that day.

And the people of my parish said that it was because of my emotions; it’s very hard, you know, for them to understand my situation.

I read the message, in front, calmly; they were so touched that I was told that many cried, but after a week, fifteen days, they had time to digest a little, they said that it was because of my emotional state.

But God hasn’t stopped his Divine Will; as far as I’m concerned, I hear the voice inside me and the voices of other people. When you live in the Divine Will, you carry all your brothers and your sisters of the entire world and God, he allows you to hear them.

When I write a dedication in your book, I'm not the one who’s writing it, it’s Jesus; this happens because I hear what he's saying to you inside you; you give your consent, because I couldn’t do it for you, God wouldn’t allow it. So God, seeing that you give your yes, God makes me hear what he says to you inside you, so I can write it down; it’s as if he were simply putting my ears inside your head, then I write.

And sometimes it’s like this with souls; there are living souls who give their yes to Jesus in the Divine Will, and God allows me to hear them.

This is why in book two there's a soul that speaks in the Divine Will; it’s because this soul, I heard it and I was able to write down what it was living.

But God is so loving that he warns me ahead of time because he respects who I am, and then I can write; and in the third one, you’ll see that there are a lot of them.

God, when he gives love, he doesn’t keep track, he doesn’t measure, he wants us to be like him.

He wants us to give ourselves, to not calculate and to not keep track, and it’s only through his graces that this happens.

God asks each one of us to give ourselves, but he gives us so much!

Look, he asked me for abandonment, I gave my yes, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me: my husband died and I can hear him, he gave me graces of peace, graces of love.

When God gives, he doesn’t measure.

We, with our human will, we wouldn’t be able to do it, but by giving our yes, by abandoning ourselves in the Divine Will, God makes us capable, this doesn’t come from us.

What I'm doing at this moment, it doesn’t come from me, it comes from his Divine Will in me.

At Communion before, inside me I saw God the Father who made me disappear again; he put me in his hand and he placed his other hand over me; he said, “You are no more. I take your will. You will present yourself and the measure of your human will shall be only according to what I desire.”

Just enough to keep me in my place, just enough to have a sense of his presence: this is how he does things.

So, you see, when God wants us to give, it’s him, it’s his Divine Will.

He tells me that others are living the Divine Will, like Julia: Solitude; others also live in the Divine Will, like Vassula, because he wants us all to be like that; he wants us to give up our human will to live in the Divine Will.

He wants to transform us because all the children who are going to say yes to The Love are also going to say no to human will:

and so, we’ll become children of the Divine Will.

If by respecting my yes, which is not yet up to the standards that he wants it to be, he gives me so much, what is it going to be like later on? Jesus, he's going to give so much!

If you only knew what he says about the New Earth, what he says about what we’re going to become… it’s amazing, it’s wonderful!

If I were to tell this to people who haven’t given their yes, because you, you have given your yes, but them, well, they would say: “Stop living in your own little world, come back down to earth.”

It’s only when we give our yes and that we begin to allow ourselves to be transformed that we accept what God says to us.

God transforms us, we can see his action.

Imagine, we’ve reached the point where we can smell roses from Heaven and yet, we’re not even surprised anymore! Why? Either we smelled them ourselves, or we know someone who has smelled them, plus another person, and there are hundreds! Well, that’s all okay! – “Thank you, Lord!”

And now, we hear that Mother Mary appears in hundreds of places; we welcome this with love: “Thank you, Lord!”

And now we can even receive messages from Heaven; some say to us that… how do we say this, that we’re imagining things? And us, the children of the yes, we think this is normal!

 “Thank you, my God, you have nourished us, you spoil us, we’re spoiled rotten! Ah! Lord, you’re amazing!” But don’t forget we have to pay for this; we haven’t reached the New Earth yet, the path is very narrow.

He said that the path leading to Heaven is tiny, tiny, and is narrow.

One day, I had a vision and I already described it this vision: I'm at home, I go outside and I go out to the road and other children join me because I see houses with smoke coming out of them, black smoke.

We’re all outside and we’re walking, we’re at peace: we’re one big family – I didn’t even know you, now I know, I know you – we’re on the road and I can feel that we’re a single family, and we go forward slowly.

The group gets bigger, and bigger, and we see houses, and we go forward, we walk straight ahead, we stop, we hear a child crying, we go get him, we bring him to the group, we leave again in peace, without talking, and we go forward.

On our way, we meet people who want to stop us; and then, they’re angry, they’re furious, they insult us, they get into fancy cars, and then, they leave. But one person among us has left the group to join them, we didn’t hold him back because it was his choice, we watched them go by; we feel peace inside us, it’s as if our hearts were all united and we know that something is going to happen to them: we feel sadness but we go on and peace is still with us.

Then we arrive, there's a forest: we have to go through this forest, we have to reach water and it’s far: two more obstacles; at the water, three children take off running, filled with joy, they cross the water.

A man tries to hold them back; then we realize that it’s okay and we find rowboats, inflatable tires, all sorts of things: simplicity.

On the other side there's an arid field, like a desert: nothing grows, and yet, this doesn’t stop us: we go forward, we’re at peace, and we allow ourselves to be guided by our interior, and we know that there's a crevice that we have to cross over and that there's only one path, a very small one, not a path, a very narrow passage!

We don’t worry because we know he's there and what we’re feeling inside is making us go forward, and we cross the passage."

This is about us, us; we go forward because we’ve accepted to give up all our useless attachments: television, radio.

Mother Mary said to me once that she's going to hold our hand when we give things up. We’re going to need this because we have to give up our wardrobe, our cars, all these things, our extras, and he's beginning to ease our lives of all the trivialities around us.

It’s starting because when a young girl says that she can’t spend evenings talking with her friends in front of a beer anymore, and that she’s giving this up out of love because she feels a certain something: that’s what renunciation is about.

But that’s what our yeses are! We’re going to give things up slowly! That’s what the smoke was; all those material goods that disappear are smoke; then, we’ll go forward with peace, these are graces: God will give us graces of love, of peace.

Imagine, we’re listening to the Divine Will when we’re at these gatherings, and when we pray together: we’re in the process of forming a huge family.

Earlier she said in her introduction: she went to New Brunswick, but the Lord, he sends me there and he sends me out west because we’re all united, we’re all sons and daughters of My Will in Jesus, children of the Light.

We’re all one huge, huge family: the Church of Jesus.

And, he brings us to the New Earth in peace, but we encounter obstacles, people who want to try and make us turn around; it can be our brothers, it can be our sisters, friends.

You know, maybe there are people with us who will perhaps lose the faith, still, along the way. But when Jesus makes us hear a child crying and someone leaves and goes to get that child, it’s that he's asking us to pray: “Go and get my children, bring them with you; be giving, open your arms, welcome my children.”

This is what he wants: he wants us to bring him his children, and it’s with his graces of love, his graces of peace, his graces of abandonment that we go forward.

Oh! We’re still going to have to be purified; this purification, we’ll have to go through it, we have obstacles to overcome, we don’t know where we’re headed.

The trees, they’re obstacles we’re going to meet; at times, we’re going to think that we’re capable of overcoming them on our own because there will still be human will inside us; he's going to show us that we have to look inside ourselves, because if we look ahead of us with our human will: we’re going to get lost again, we’re going to end up in strange places once again: those are the trees.

We will still have to go through some steps and it’s only by going inside ourselves that we’re going to see the light, because when we enter a forest, don’t forget that the light enters, but not completely, there are only a few rays of light.

So, we’ll have to keep saying yeses to Jesus all the time, to keep going to priests all the time, receiving the sacraments; we’ll have to go to Mass, say our prayers, read good things, block our ears to those sounds void of love, like: the television, the radio.

This, we’ll have to go through this and after having gone through this, it will be the great moment when God will show us his love: a sea of love, graces of love; he will make us dive into his love.

And where is this love? Inside us: we’re going to see inside ourselves everything he has given us and we’re also going to see all the deeds that we, we have done for him and all the deeds that we haven’t done for him; but he will submerge us in his love, he will cover us with his love and all those who will go through this, while accepting his love: will reach the other side.

You know, the inflatable tires, the rowboats: these are the graces of the children of the Light; we’re going to help our brothers and our sisters to go through the Great Purification.

And this is our duty: it’s to live in the Divine Will because those graces are going to be in them and it’s with this that they’re going to have the strength to cross over to the other side.


The three children: that’s us taking off at a run, we’re the ones who are going to run. “Ah! Lord of love!” Three, perfection: the tenderness of the Father, the gift of love of the crucified Son, the light of the Holy Spirit.

You see, they sustain us! We’re going to go through this joyfully! I have heard it: people were laughing, it was wonderful!

You know, those who were there, they were watching them, they were happy: so, this means that our brothers and our sisters in the Light are going to be happy.

On the other side, there's still going to be a little way to go because the hearts that will have said no: are going to be dry; there will be no graces of love within them: there will no longer be any love within them. But what’s wonderful is that we, we’re going to travel through this arid land towards the New Earth: in love, in peace, in the light because everything is going to be inside us; we won’t have to look to the outside world any longer, we’ll have given up our human will.

It’s love, it’s the Divine Will that makes us go forward towards the New Earth.

Ah! Guy, are you here? We’re here in Lac Saint Jean, it’s wonderful tonight! Here’s another gift he has just given me.

You know, the Lord said to me, “You will receive a gift.” I received a first one, it was Alma’s testimonial, you remember, on Monday? But now, he explains my vision to me; my gift came wrapped in a beautiful ribbon.

Because when I related this to Colette this morning, I had no idea what it was about, because Colette she was trying to figure out what it was, and I didn’t know, and I just discovered it at the same time as you.

Now, that’s the Lord’s way!

Can you see the importance of being together, a huge family? I didn’t need to know this morning, he wanted to tell all of us because we’re not one more important than the other:

we’re all the same!

Do you know where he placed me in the group? Not first, and I wasn’t at the end of the line, oh, no! Among the others, that’s all!

Now, that’s the Lord’s way!

Ah! It’s with much love that I want to sing in the Lord.

And here’s the biggest “I love you” for all the children of the Light, in Jesus, in the Divine Will. For you, my children of the Light.


Jesus: It is up to me alone to declare my love to you. It is through obedience that she said what the Spirit of God wanted my children to hear during this gathering, and it is also through obedience that I tell her what must be read by you, my children: this is my Will.