Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Chicoutimi (Quebec)

Through His Instrument The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : I am your God. I make use of this instrument on your behalf, out of love for you. You are my beloved.

You are the salt of the earth.

Everything that is inside you, my children, derives from The Love. I am filled with love. I am Essence of love.

You, my children, you come from me; you are, each one of you, beings of love.

Before being love for your neighbour, my children, it is necessary for you yourselves to be love.

How can you give love to your neighbour if you do not know who you are, why you are love?

My children of The Love, I am a God filled with your being, I carry you; you are all in me.

You, my children of The Love, came to this earth through my Father’s choice in order to realize that you are children of God the Father. I am in all of you.

You, who live on this earth in order to discover for yourselves the reason you are here:

you did not come to this earth, my children, to wander about blindly not knowing where you are going!

You, who are searching for your true selves, searching for your identity in a world in which there is no longer any love, you find that you are unhappy inside;

you want to achieve a state in life that will bring you a sense of happiness, a happiness brought about through your own means. My children, the only happiness : it is inside you.

Do not search externally for what is meant for you.

That happiness, my children, it is I, Jesus of Love.

I am the Life of your life. I am the Eternal One, the Son of God, your Father. You are children of my Being.

You cannot, my children, call on God the Father, your Father, unless you enter into me, to die in me.

I am the one, my children, The Love who allowed himself to die on the Cross by bringing all your sins

        all that you have committed in this world,

        in this world in which there are nothing but desires to please you,

        to fill a life that does not know that it is in me.

The one who learns to seek his happiness away from me cannot call my Father his Father, for he refuses to acknowledge that he is a child of God.


I am Jesus of Love; I gave myself for each of you so that you might be worthy of being called God’s children.

You must not, my children, reject my offering.

I offered myself to my Father for each of you so that you might find The Love within yourselves, The Love who dwells within you, The Love who is within you.

I contain you.

My children, deep within you there is a Being filled with love who wants to draw you to him, who wants to say to you:

“Why seek happiness externally,?

it is not in useless things, it is not in a daily routine filled with your own self during which you attend to your occupations without knowing that you, you are alive.

When you buy yourself a so-called happiness with money, this does not fill you up inside, it satisfies your external life,

the one you see, the one you, you want to be comfortable, abundant, without worrying about yourself.


“Look at yourself, each day you toil without taking care of yourself. You tire yourself out.

After those endless hours, you go home; too tired, you cannot give a sense of well-being to those around you because there is nothing of yourself left inside you.

You cannot give what you do not have inside;

they, who look at you, cannot obtain from you what they did not receive : love.”

You see, my children of love, you are in a world where you seek love.

Only love can give you joy, can teach you that you are exhausted.

You impose hours of work upon yourselves to achieve a financial goal,

and you forget to love yourselves, to give yourselves what is the most beautiful part of yourselves : love.

I, Jesus who lives in you, I tell you these things, my children, so that you may become aware that you do not know yourselves.

You are ignorant regarding true happiness, the one that is inside you.


My children, look around you:

        observe the joy,

        observe the cries of the children;

        do you hear them or have you shut out those cries of joy with your daily chores?

For you, the sounds of children, they are a racket, they are annoying, they are tiresome.

They make you impatient because you no longer see them with your heart.

You watch them, they are your children, you would like to feel tenderness at a certain word, a certain look they give you, a hug they want to give you;

        you can no longer perceive them,

        you are too tired,

        you are too exhausted.

And so, they, those children of love, those tiny little babies, they do not understand why mommy, daddy do not look at them the way they look at them. “Why don’t mommy, daddy give me the hug that I, I have just given them? Am I doing something wrong? Am I too annoying? Am I a child who is a burden?”

Oh! my children of love, they are searching for love,

        the love that is inside you,

        the love that lives inside you!

        They still possess the eyes of love.

        But, you, you, my children, where are your eyes?

Your eyes turn towards others so that they may satisfy your needs, your external needs, for you cannot, my children, know that you seek love through those needs;

you are asking your neighbour to give you what you ignorantly seek;

and so, he responds to your need by giving you what he has : an idea for a project.

He brings you a material good to satisfy a need you, you have presented to him.

He cannot give you love, for you have not asked him for love,

and he cannot give you what he has inside himself because even he is not aware of what he has;

and so, my children, you exchange material things.


This lead you to being children who are not satisfied with what they are given,

and unhappy because what you give to your neighbour is not appreciated by him;

and so, you become irritable children, children who pass judgements against their neighbour, because you are not happy,

because the happiness inside you is unknown to you.

How can you, my children be happy in a world

        that brings you nothing,

        that makes you discover a joyless world,

        a selfish world,

        a world that lives only for materialism?

This is what you are learning, my children, to give: to yourselves, to your neighbour and to that tiny little child who comes to you; you want to love him, and so you spoil him, you spoil him with material things to console yourselves.

That child has no knowledge of your interior, he does not know, he, that inside you there is trouble that has formed. You feel guilty because you cannot fulfill him in what he has requested of you.

What he wants, my children: it’s you, it is not what you can bring him: it is your love, it is what you represent.

You represent love, my children, for you are love to him.

He knows this, he is a being of love just like you, my children, who are beings of love.

He has not had the time to suffocate his love beneath material goods;

he cries out “I want love, give me love. How can you expect me to be happy in your world if you do not give me what I am asking you for? I am going to discover a world that brings me nothing but disappointments.”

And so, this tiny child learns to grow up wanting to fulfill a love he is not being given. So, as the years go by, he forgets that inside him there is love.

He has become an image of you : a child ignorant of the love that lives in him.

My children of love, I am Jesus, I am not coming to speak to you to tell you to give up everything you have.

Why not create balance in your lives?

Give yourselves some time, some time to discover yourselves as God’s children.

Give me of your time, I, I will place graces of love within you that will make you discover the importance of your presence here on earth.

You are all, in my eyes, my children, beings of love.

You are my Father’s children.

Allow me to fulfill you.

Allow me to tell you that you are children who were made to love, made to be loved.

You have so much love inside you! It is unknown to you.

I alone, Jesus, can help you to make of your own life,

        a life that was created to be given,

        a life that was created to be offered,

        a life that was created to respect those you love,

        a life that was created so that you might become aware of your freedom.

My children, you were born of a free God, you were not born to be prisoners of material things.

You want to satisfy your senses! With what, my children?

With that which is not of me.

Me, it is your interior that I want to satisfy.

        I want to pour into you, my children, graces of love,

        graces of abandonment so that you might discover yourselves,

        because if you do not discover yourselves, my children, who will do it for you?

        Is it your other side that does not know that it is love?

        Your interior belongs to you.

You are the only ones, my children, who can utter your yes to Jesus.

You are all, my children, girls of my Will and boys of my Will;

it is up to you, my children, to know if you want to live in Jesus, through Jesus, with Jesus, for The Love.

The Love, it is my Father. I am in my Father. We are love, and our love, my children,

is of such purity, of such power, that on its own it forms The Love : the Holy Spirit.

By uttering your yes, you give yourselves the chance to discover your true life:

        the one that is within you,

        the one that thirsts for you, my children.

        Yes, your interior desires you.

        The soul, my children, it lives, it is your life.

        Without the soul, there is no life within you, there is but an existence.

        The soul is divine, it comes from God.

        All that is not of God, in his divinity, originates from his creation for his beings of love.

        God created the earth with its contents for his beings of love.

        If you do not recognize yourselves as part of his Being, then you are not my Father’s children:

You refuse to be similar to me, his Son, his Beloved, in whom he has placed all his blessings.

My children, come and draw from within yourselves my Source of life.

I want to nourish you with my Life.

I want to nourish your soul.

It needs me.

It needs its God.

It is your soul, my children, that nourishes your body.

If you do not learn how to nourish your soul, your body remains in such a state of weakness!

You see, many children are affected by illnesses.

Many children are affected by imperfections, for the soul has lacked nourishment.

The soul is in such need of love, of me, of its Jesus of Love!


My children of love, you who, tonight, have been nourished by my Being through my holy son of love, you have received a Nourishment. This Nourishment, my children, has fortified your soul.

You have the Life within you. Whoever carries Jesus recognizes himself in me.

All this, my children, did not come from you, it came from me, from The Love.

It is I who placed the light within you. This light, my children, is willed by my Father.

The light is within you, it has been placed within you, by the Holy Spirit.

You are children of God.

I nourish you, my children, at every moment through my graces.

And when you pronounce your acceptance that I nourish you,

then you learn, at your pace, to discover that you are love. You become children of God.

My children, it is important to always nourish yourselves:

Through the sacrament of Penance, you allow yourselves to be guided by my sanctifying graces in order to nourish your soul,

by coming to receive the holy Presence through Communion. All things come from me.

What you are, my children, you are so through me, for only I, I can give you these graces of love.

My children of The Love, grant yourselves acts of love on your behalf, for your interior, to lead you to complete self-discovery in me.

I, Jesus of Love, through your abandonment in me, I place graces of love within you on behalf of your neighbour. There cannot be love, my children, without giving. I gave myself for you.

Through your yeses, through your acceptance of complete abandonment in me, in love, give yourselves to your brothers, to your sisters;

they are in such need of knowing that The Love dwells within them!

You carry them all, my children;

each one of you has your brothers and your sisters of the entire world, for I carry all my children.

You are in me. You are with your brothers and your sisters.

The Love calls you to love: abandon yourselves; give yourselves; offer yourselves; be as I am.

I gave myself for you, I offered myself to my Father out of love for you.

I am asking you, my children, to give yourselves because The Love will soon gather all his children so that they may know that they are God’s children and, through your offerings, my children, they will have graces within them that will help them pronounce their yes so that they as well might be girls of my Will and boys of my Will.

All is in me, I am the Power of the world.


My children, I can force no child to pronounce his yes if he does not wish it.

You see, my children, why I make use of instruments of love?

I appeal to you to give of yourselves out of love, for The Love.

Be beings of self-donation.

Be beings who were made to love, to be loved, for whoever gives, receives graces to recognize that all that comes from one’s neighbour, comes from me.

I want to fulfill you, my children.

I want you to know happiness on earth.

“O Father of love, may your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. There is so much love in you, Father! I give thanks to you for all these wonders. May you be adored, Father. In me and through me, your Son, I take each child of the earth and I bow down before your Majesty, for all things are yours, for your Glory.”

My children of The Love, in all things, be in his love. I am his Love, his beloved Son. I love you, my children. Keep yourselves for The Love, in love. Amen.