Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Crabtree, Quebec

Through His Instrument The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : My children, tonight, it is I, your God, who will speak to you to show you that you are all gathered together in my interior. My children, I am the Life, I am the Life of your being. I am the One who gave you breath, the One who gives you joy : a happiness that you, you must know whether or not you want to live.

Although you live on this earth, it is necessary for you, and only you to decide to come to me.

I live within you; you, my children, you are in me.

This does not mean, my children, that you are going to come to God’s Kingdom; it is necessary that you, you become aware of your own choice that is yours to make.

I am not a God who has chosen you and who forces you to come to me without you wanting to.

You have all been created with free will, you have your own life inside yourselves.

It is I who nourish it, that life;

it is I who give you what you need, so that you might see that you belong to me.

Although you belong to me, my children, this does not mean that you are not bound to The Love:

you are free to choose.

I, I created your first parents.

They came, through my choice, to me, in Paradise on earth.

I formed man in my own image, I breathed my own Life into him, my children,

and from that being of love I extracted my femininity, for I am the love found in his complement.

And you, my children, you come from them : you come from those two beings of love who are from me.

You must complete each other, my children; you must live of your Being that is inside you.

I am, I, God of love; I am the Being who lives within you : I am living!

I am a God who thinks, who acts, who does on your behalf that which will lead you to me.

Many among you, my children, believe that your life is the one that I, I force you to live:

it is false to believe such a thing!

It is you, my children, who have the choice to live as you, you see fit.

I gave you laws of love through my holy prophet Moses.

You must, my children, put them into practice!

If you do not live while practising my laws of love: you are the ones who are hurting yourselves.

You are not doing yourselves any good, and you are the first ones to ask yourselves:

        “Lord, my God, why am I sick?

        Why does my neighbour burden me with his reproaches?

        Why am I not happy with my wife or my husband?

        Why don’t my children follow my religion, the one I showed them?”

        And how many more, my children! It is that inside you, you have not learned to live in my Being. You are free, my children, to live in your own free will, but you see, your will, it is very deficient: it has a tendency to deviate. Along the path that I have mapped out for you, there are my laws of love;

you really do want to come to me, but you are incapable of it, my children.

You find excuses for yourselves for not following my commandments.

I know, my children, that you have many difficulties.

Your world has wanted to live in its freedom while ignoring my commandments.

And you, my children, you, my beings of light;

you really do want to follow them but around you everything is upside down. There are those who tell you that this is no longer fashionable :

        “Come on, this is the 21st century, why deprive ourselves?

        Why want to follow laws that have shown us that life is strict?”

And so you, my children of love, my beings of light, you want to defend what is dear to your hearts!

So, you make use of your own methods : you speak in my Name.

You want to show them that they are wrong, and you, my children, you do not see that you are playing the game of the Divider.

You sow division amongst yourselves: you, you are on one side of the fence and they are on the other side.

But, my children, who is on the right side? Only I know!

If you believe, my children, that you are right, if you believe that what you say if filled with truth, it is because you have found the light within yourselves, the one that sheds light upon your words, the one that shows others that you have the truth inside.

You, who believe to contain the law of love within yourselves, you want to show them your own way of seeing life according to what you were taught.

My children of love, you see, when you make comments regarding what others should have done in order to follow my laws of love, sometimes, your human will gains the upper hand, and they, who are listening to you, are inclined to see your human will!

Why should they listen to you?

Why should they do what you, you have difficulty doing?

When, my children, it is necessary for you to go to mass, look at yourselves, you go to that place as if you were forced to go there, because it is the law.

My children of love, mass is an act of love, it was made to nourish you, to feed you with my love.

If you go, my children, to see a play, you go there with the desire to be entertained, to have pleasure, and the others who look at you also participate in that pleasure for, you see, they are happy for you because you are going to distract yourself.

But, when you come to see me, my children, there is tension; you are not carrying out acts of love, of desire.

You arrive in a hurry at the appointed hour, for you have planned that moment, and you have also planned the places you must go afterwards;

if, my children, the time you have planned an outing is in relation to the time dedicated to me : you are rushing yourselves, you upset, very often, the household.

Because it is not accomplished with love, you are even, sometimes, eager for this to be over. Look at yourselves, tonight, my children, you came here with joy to hear my words.

You celebrated, you sang songs of joy, in your hearts you had that desire to come see Jesus.

My children, on Sundays, it is also a celebration!

If you show others how happy you are during that moment of intimacy with me, this will be revealed!

Inside you, my children, there are restrictions on how you give yourselves.

You want to give yourselves, but not if this goes against your schedules.

My children of love, I am your God, I am the One who lives in you.

When you give yourselves with love, I, I know it.

Even before you arrive at Church, I have seen you!

I know what is inside you. I know your desire to come see me, to come contemplate my Presence in the sacred Host.

I also know those who want to have me within themselves with a great loving desire!

And so, I who know, before you come to mass, how much you desire me, I am bursting with love in order to fulfill you. Like a future groom waiting for his future bride, he wants to show her all his love by pouring into her all he has within himself.

You see, my loves, this is how I want you to come to mass on Sundays : by desiring me, so that I may pour my entire Being into you.

If you receive me while thinking of your outing or while thinking that you have done your duty, “There, I came to mass, my duty is done,”

my children of love, I know this!

I love you so much, I desire you so much!

I long, my children, to have you in me.

Give yourselves to The Love, The Love wants you to be in complete abandonment. Mass, my children, do you know that it continues?

It does not stop once you set foot outside the door, it goes on.

The mass, it is nourishment, it is food for your spiritual life.

Every day, my children, I who am in you, I nourish you;

I give you what you need for your day.

I am living, my children, I do not extinguish myself at the church’s door, I continue to nourish you.

Your body, my children, has been in my Presence: you are, you, in me;

I do not detach myself from you, I live with you.

And it is because of this, my children, that I want to make you understand, tonight, how important it is to live your lives in my Life,

        in order for you to become witnesses of love,

        witnesses of my laws of love, for if I nourish you like this,

        it is so that you might have the strength,

        the light,

        the discernment to see that life is not a chore,

        it is not an obligation :

        life, it is free: it is in me.

        When you live in me, my children,

        when you enter into me,

        I pour so many graces into you, and these graces help you to live as God’s children in this world that has forgotten that it is mine, that it has my breath in it. You, my children, whom I nourish with my Body, with my Blood, you are in me;

you come to receive me on Sunday so that you might be living nourishment for those who do not know they are living through me.

I love you, my children of love,

I want you to be beings filled with my Being.

You will see that everything will be easier for you:

my commandments will be simpler, lighter.


You do not see, my children, to which extent my Presence within you is a source of joy, of happiness for you!

When you go towards others and you speak as simple beings, as beings filled with respect for what they are, and not for what you, you want them to be:

they receive graces from me which emerge from you,

and this helps them to view my laws of love as simple laws, laws made to help them endure a daily routine filled with toil.

        It is necessary to have respect, my children, to be able to help your neighbour.

        It is necessary to have patience, my children, in order to show them that they as well are God’s children.

        It is necessary, my children, for you to be beings who are respectful of what they have become by not coming to receive me in the holy Eucharist on Sundays.

My children, how good it will feel to watch you all week, knowing that you are eager to come and receive me, to come and draw that strength that will help you to live in this world where people have forgotten that I live in them!

I love you, my children of love!

You see, love is simple!

There is nothing complicated about it, it is I who give you what you need, your strength so that you may live as simple beings, as beings of love.


        Judgements, my children, will no longer be within you.

        Trickery, my children, will no longer be part of your daily lives.

        The disrespect of marriage will take on another dimension.

        You will see that, in marriage, there are sources of strength. And those strengths, my children,

        are my graces, my graces of love that will lead you to carrying acts of love for yourselves;

        yes, for yourselves, my children, so that the other might know that you are love and thus, the other as well will benefit from those graces that will emerge from you.

You see, my children, love is like this! Love begins with you, inside you, and it emerges to go towards others.

There will no longer be envy; you will no longer have a need to envy your neighbour,

        to take what does not belong to you in order to be happy or to obtain material goods, for inside you, there will be love, and this will make you so joyful!

        You will no longer have a need, my children, to go and draw from the other what you are lacking or would like to possess materially, for inside, you will have happiness.

        My children, when I speak of material goods, I do not want to tell you to go and sell everything you own. I know you live in a country where it is cold, where you need heat, where you need clothing, where you need food, but do you know, my children, what The Love is going to do inside you? He will place temperance within you; and so, you will have no need for excessive goods, for the extras that force you to work beyond your capabilities.

        My children, you will share, you will be able to give the extras that you have to those who, they, have not had the opportunities that you, you have had.

        There will be The Love inside you who will say to you “Give, give to me. I, your God, I will fulfill you,  for you will know that within you, I live there.

        You will know that you are love through me and that I, I take care of each one of you. My children of love, my laws of love are a joy for you.

Happiness will reign in your lives; within you there will be that which is most precious,

that which is most wonderful : the love that gives, the love that wants to offer itself

so that all may be in the joy, in the happiness that you, you feel.

My children, do you see why I am asking you, tonight, to not only look at which side of the fence you are on? You see, if one of you is a child of the Divine Will, then you know that the fence was erected by your human will.

Whoever judges himself knows that he cannot see what is in his neighbour.

Each child must see on his own the light within himself, so that he might render judgement upon himself.

We cannot see the light, my children, unless the Holy Spirit, the God of truth, the God of love, makes you see it. My children, tonight, you have heard the voice of The Love who speaks in each of you, who says to you “Look at your interior, it is filled with my love that will show you that I want to have you within me, through your very own choice, in my love.” Be good, my children, to those who do not have the light within themselves.

Be good to yourselves.

Be the light of your being by asking God for graces of love.

Come, my children, on Sundays, with joy, with the desire to receive those graces of love; they will nourish you each day of your life.

My children, I want your life to be eternal, for I am the Eternal One.

My Nourishment, my children, is celestial, I am the Divinity!

You are all called, my children, to change into my Image : little children of the Divine Will.

The Love is within you, The Love is you.

It is up to you, my children, to choose whether or not you, you want to change into my Image.

My children of love, The Love, tonight, has shown you how much he loves you! And through my priests, here, tonight, you received my Being, my Being of love. The graces, my children, that you received are in the process of transforming you into beings of love. And I would like, my children, through the power of my Being, to pass through the hands that I myself consecrated so that you might receive a blessing, and this blessing, my children, will show you that you are all my chosen ones. Amen.