Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Testimony of Jesus’ Action in Her Life

Good evening. First, my grandmother asked me, “Would you like to introduce the Girl of My Will?” Well, I said, “Of course!” It ended there.

And then, the time was approaching, closer and closer, she said, “What are you going to say?” “Well, I don’t know.”

And then, she said, “Well, look in your first book, there are things in there you can say about her.” And I said, “Me, I can’t say much about her, because I don’t know her very well on a personal level; but what I can say, for example, is a little something about my story, my testimony, to show how, when we open doors, we allow things to enter.”

So, I was saying that often we open doors, maybe without noticing, or others open doors for us, and that’s when we notice that there are things that have entered us.

To make a long story short: in September, I think it was, my grandmother called me; she said, “We’re going to organize a meeting with the Girl of My Will, and can we have supper at your house, we’ll be nine, five, six, ok?” And so, she said, “Can we come and have supper at your house?” And, since I was all alone, I said, “Oh, yes!” I was happy, I was going to have company! And so… I went about getting things ready, and then she says, “You should come during the day, she’s going to give us messages, then it continues at night.” And then, I said, “Ok!”

During the day, I didn’t have time to go because I had a few little things to prepare; when they arrived, I sat down with them for supper; my grandmother was talking to me about the Girl of My Will; and then, I meet her!

She’s a small woman, someone has to point her out because you won’t know it’s her; I was quite surprised! Then she also wrote a dedication in my book for me; it was a message, I read it and I just couldn’t eat anymore, I waited, I was emotional; and so, then, things just went on. We ate supper; the others, they had to go because of mass, they had to leave.

And so my grandmother said, “Are you coming tonight?” So I said, “I have swimming, I have to go swimming.” I used to do a little exercise: I have to go swimming; but I said, “Maybe I’ll come by.”

But I said to myself, “I won’t promise anything because I know I won’t go.”

And so, in the end, I said, “Go ahead, I’m going to do the dishes.” I begin doing the dishes: and after five minutes, I just left everything there, picked up my keys and left.

And then, I came here to the church, as luck would have it, they were painting all the steps of the church! So, there was tape all around the painted steps; so I couldn’t go in.

So, I said, “I’ll go around to see on the other side;” I get to the other side, those steps were painted too: can’t get in by there! Well, it was the devil for sure who didn’t want me to get here!

So, in the end, I said, “I’m going to try the last door I know.” I went to that door, and finally, I arrived. There, everyone was sitting down like in here; so I sat down with everyone else and we celebrated mass.

During the celebration, people starting singing the song from World Youth Day: it was the message “Light of the World.”

Everybody began standing up but me, I couldn’t get up; and then, my eyes started to cry, but I didn’t know why I was crying; tears were falling, and I didn’t want to look around, they weren’t little tears, they were like this - she shows the audience the abundance of her tears through gestures - and they wouldn’t stop; I wasn’t able to stop it.

I said, “What’s going on here?” Okay. I’m going to stop! I wasn’t able to; they were falling, falling, falling, I remained sitting there; normally, I was supposed to go swimming; my grandmother looked at me and said, “Aren’t you going to your swimming?” I said, “No, I have more to learn by coming to learn here.” And so I stayed; and I hadn’t really had the chance to talk with the Girl of My Will.

At the end, I said, “I’m going to help because, well, my grandmother’s waiting for me;” they had to pack up all their stuff; I helped them put everything away, and just before leaving, the Girl of My Will, she asked if she could give me a message from the Lord, and then she told me my message from the Lord: that during the evening, the Lord had made his light shine within me. That was really how I felt it was too; then, she told me “to be light also for the people around me.”

So me, I left very happy, my feet not touching the ground; this was new, but it was a huge thing, but, deep down, we absorb it, it enters inside us, and we almost don’t notice it.

And so, me, I felt like talking about it to everybody; afterwards, I called my friend up on the phone, but I said, “I have to stop, I have to stop,” he's going to say, “she’s gone nuts.” So then, I said, “I’m going to stop, but instead, I'm going to pray for people instead of bothering them.”

And so that’s how it started, because back then I used to go to mass once in a while, I would go, and it would do me good, I would go home, and it was nice, but since that time, I go every Sunday, and it’s not out of obligation, it’s because I need it, because it fills me up.

As a matter of fact, I was saying this week, “On Sunday, I couldn’t go to Mass. I was in such a bad mood! It was unbelievable!”

So, I really need to go! Before, I had trouble, maybe, even understanding what the priest was saying or something like that; since then, well, everything makes sense. I read books, and everything makes sense. So, often, I go to my godmother’s for lunch or I go to my aunt’s or else, when I have problems, I call my grandmother, and we talk about the Divine Will; she says: “Put everything in the Divine Will.” “That’s great!”

And so as soon as something comes up, I put everything in the Divine Will.

I also try to, as much as possible, to talk to my friends about it, except that it had been a long time since I had seen them and so I went to see them, but I felt like an alien!

I was reading the first book that says: “When people blaspheme, when people swear…" we say, "Lord, give this back to the devil." But then, with my friends, I spent the evening saying: “Lord, give this back to the devil, Lord, give this back to the devil.”

The next day, I said, “I can’t be with my friends anymore, this is nuts!” This is just to tell you about all the transformations and how this can happen to us.

And so, this is a little part of my story, and I hope that sometimes even if we don’t always understand things right away, I just hope that, the important thing is to, I think, remain open so you can hear them: everything will find a way in!

In the first place, if you’re here it’s because the Lord wants you to be here; so, I hope that your doors are open so you can at least gain a little something for yourselves here tonight. Thank you.


God the Son: God is making his Will of love heard; he is with each one of you, he is in your presence; beloved, you belong to me, you are in me;

deep within you, there is my Presence, that is where your presence is within yourselves.

I am Jesus-Host.

My loves, you have received The Love; The Love has taken you, he has brought you to life in The Love.

I use this word love because you are love, you live in me.

I, I am the Author of love: I am the one who came into this world to acquaint you with my Father.

My Father is the Creator; he created the universe, he created the earth and its contents; with earth, he formed a human shape, he breathed his Life into it. God's Life is love, love is within you, and man is alive because my Father gave him life; he did not withdraw his Life from Adam after his disobedience: God maintained his Presence in all his children.

But Adam and Eve, after their disobedience, lived in their human will, for God had withdrawn his Divine Will from them.

Adam and Eve came to know their weakness, for evil had entered them.


God the Father: You, my children of love, you are the descendants of Adam and Eve; you are not strangers to my first creatures: you are from me.

I am your God, I am your Father: I gave my Son to save you.

Through the disobedience of my first children, you were dead to life, the life that was within you, because of sin.

Only my Son could redeem this offence:

the blessed Lamb shed his Blood over each of you to cleanse all your sins.

Because of disobedience, children came to know evil and evil has lived among you.

Today, my children of love, you have so many bad habits within you that make you suffer and, because of these habits, you often stumble, you fall into sin.

There is sin when there is an offence towards God.

I am your Father, I know each one of you; I gave my Son to redeem your sins while you were not even in this world.

Because I am the Almightiness, I, I have seen all you were going to commit.

I have also seen your yes; I have also been in the presence of your consent when my Son died on the Cross: he bore all of you within him.

Oh! My loves, this world in which you live has so much difficulty understanding

my Son’s sacrifice, the gift of the Father’s love.

The love of God the Father for his beloved Son is of such great infinity that no one among you can understand it: it is too perfect, it is too immense!

It is this love, my children, which has ensured that love is within you.

We are The Love, we are the Essence of love: everything within me is love and a part of me is within you.

I love you, I do not want to judge your behaviour:

you alone, you shall judge yourselves, you alone with God's love!

Oh! My loves, allow yourselves to be swept up by these words, they are for you: they make you aware of your world.

There is a great apostasy; everywhere I see my children who no longer want to believe; they are children who come from other children who had faith.

My Son came into this world to teach my love to the apostles.

The Holy Spirit came on earth covering the apostles, illuminating them with the living Word that was within them, for when my Son taught them the Father's love, everything entered them: even if they did not understand, everything was within them.

And when the Holy Spirit, my Paraclete, descended upon them in the presence of my holy Daughter: they received the light,

and like children filled with learning, they taught my children, they taught your ancestors.

My loves, you come from someone, you have words inside you; they have been transmitted to you by those who have heard them:

that is the faith, my children, that was within them.

They were not in my Son's presence: only the apostles, the disciples lived with my Son.

Your parents, your great-grandparents, your great-great-grandparents lived in faith: they kept the words within themselves; they prayed, they believed and, to preserve the faith, they asked God for graces of faith so they could transmit what they possessed to their children.

You see, my loves, the children of this world have lost the faith; they do not ask me for graces that would help them: they do not want to, for what they have come to know has bewitched them.

Today, you live in overindulgence, you are a rich country, you have come to know abundance.

My loves, it is God who gives: what you have comes from me, you must be grateful for what God gives you.

When children claim for themselves, for themselves alone, God's gifts: they become selfish, they allow themselves to be filled with what they have amassed.

When a child amasses material goods, he has greed within himself and this takes up so much room that he is afraid to lose what he has gained; he cannot imagine a life without the things he has amassed.

Today, the children of this world measure their happiness according to what they have amassed; they are so certain that everything depends on money.

If he (the child) does not have what he wants, he becomes depressed; he feels he does not belong with his brothers and his sisters.

Oh! My loves, look around you, there is coldness, there is indifference;

no one takes care of the hungry: one only gives if it does not interfere with one’s budget.

My children of love, I am your Father, I love you, I took care of you, I gave you my Son.

He made you aware of my love for you, I cannot withdraw what you, you know through my Son: his gesture is and shall be eternal.

It is inside you that this occurs; there is a choice within you and I respect that choice.

If you say yes, I, God, I give you, through my Son, graces of love; if you answer no when I give you surges of love, I do not force you.

God is too loving, he is free: I do not want you as children enslaved by my love,

I want you free to choose.

The Love is speaking because you have agreed to come and listen to what we have for you; but, my children, inside you, there is life and life bears life: you carry your brothers and your sisters.

I pour graces into you: graces of love, graces of abandonment, graces of light.

My Word is within you; it makes itself heard outside this instrument of love because I will it: I am the Almightiness.

She is covered by the Holy Spirit, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, she hears my Will, and within each of you is my Son's presence.

I also speak within you, you are in a loving union with my Son: there is but one movement.

I know, my children, that this is not usual to your daily routine.

God knows what is good for you: I know what you need.

This time has been chosen by me, God the Father, to make you aware of my Divine Will: all has been chosen.

It is not up to you to discuss the actions of my power, I alone am the All of my All: I am your Creator.

To you, time is an open space in which you live: I am the only Master of time.

I have chosen you so that you, my children, could be attentive to me.

At this very moment you are receiving graces of light: allow yourselves to be transformed by my power.

You have received my Son and all those who die in my Son come to me, the Father: no one can come to me unless he dies in my Son.

Whosoever desires to be abandoned in love shall be reborn: it is necessary, my children of love, to renounce yourselves.

To die in my Son is not to disappear, it is to discover the true worth of your life.

You came into this world to journey towards me, God the Father: I am the one who chose you.

All is movement of love; allow yourselves to be swept up by these words, do not seek to understand my acts: it is my Will; I know what suits you, better than you do.

Through your yes, let my graces flow; they allow you to see how active God is!

It is not this child who changes your way of seeing things, it is what is happening within you, it is what I place within you, it is what is produced through my graces: this is God's action.

It is by your consent that a yes of abandonment is produced within you; if you agree to give your yes to my Son, he gives birth to graces of abandonment within you, not only for yourselves, but for those you carry.

My children of love, this moment shall be inscribed in the movement of love on your behalf, and all you accept to take within you shall be shown to you, and because of this movement of love, I shall show you what occurred within your brothers and within your sisters.

It is like a shower of stars, when all is dark outside, only then can you see these stars.

My loves, go within, gaze upon the light within yourselves; your exterior is not light,

it is within you: you are those lights throughout these times.

When you agree to go within, you become light for your brothers and your sisters, they who are on the outside.

Those who have lost faith see you; they see in you something that has changed: it is love that reveals itself on the outside and love, it is God.

God is Light.

You are the stars for your brothers and your sisters; shed light during this time of little faith; through your presence, bring new life to what they have within themselves: love.

No words, my children, be movement: they will know to recognize you; they will not understand, but within them there will be a joy and, one day, when they will see my Son within themselves, they will understand that God the Father came to speak to the children of the Light for them.

My loves, be in the presence of The Love; be in the presence of my Son's Mother.

God the Father gives his consent that you may hear my beloved, my Daughter Mary.

Mary: My children of love, God the Father gave you his beloved Son; to you, he is the Light.

When the Light came into me, I saw how much God loved you! I have had you all within me: he made maternal graces of love flow within me for you.

The greatest love came to dwell in my Being, and I, I dwelled within him.

My children, give yourselves in obedience, grant your life to my Son.

I gave my Life for the sake of love, I kept nothing within myself: I gave up my human will for the sake of love.

The Divine Will enveloped me, everything within me was nothing but love.

When we see ourselves in obedience, God fulfills.

My children of love, let yourselves be fulfilled by my Son, be little.

I cover you with my maternal love; you are completely within me, I am your refuge.

These times, my loves, are times of graces; this makes you realize the importance of prayer.

You must pray in my Son.

I am the Mother of The Love, I gave my yes so that you, you might be in my Heart.

My Heart dwells in the Heart of The Love.

My children, love yourselves, be good to yourselves; when you are good to yourselves, you learn to be good to your brothers and your sisters; carry them within you.

In the Divine Will, everything is in my Son's action.

Be devoted to him.

I am asking you, my children, to pray like my little chosen ones: François and Jacinthe are role models for you, just like my little Lucie.

It is right, my children, to look within yourselves to see how little you are: it is only then that you discover the greatness of God's love.

I, your loving Mother, through this little child who has given up her life, I shower you with graces of obedience to my Son.

It is through abandonment that you discover the true value of life.

Your life must be the one your Father has chosen for you.

In my Son's name, I bless you: In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Holy Spirit.


All: Amen.