Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Dolbeau, Quebec

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




God the Father : My children of love, God the Father addresses you tonight, with the desire to reveal to you the extent of his love for each of you. I am the Eternal One, my children. I am the Supreme Being.

I am the Creator of all things : the entire universe, with everything it contains; the entire earth, my creation; and of you, my children. I call you my children because you come from me.

Each one of you has been chosen by me.

It is I, my children of love, who have lead you to where you are.

It is I who have made of you beings who were made to love.

You must accomplish yourselves through what you are, but through the mistake committed by your first parents, you, my children, you are children who are against The Love, against yourselves, against what you are.

I myself am coming to speak to you, to you, my children.

Can you, my beings of love, understand this gesture?

A Creator, a Supreme Being, who makes use of an inferior being to speak to you!

It is that, my children, I am your Father : I am your Papa of love.

This inferior being has been purified by my love.

It is I, my children, who have permitted that you may all be called : children of God.

I pronounced, my children, the sublime yes to The Love.

Who could have made of you his children if not your Father?

My Son, my only Son, redeemed the offence that my first children had caused : he took all your offences.

He himself has been in the yes of my yes : he gave himself to The Love for each one of you.

He has, therefore, my children, made of your yes an active yes.

My children of love, not one among you could be saved without the yes in my Son’s yes.

It was necessary to purify your yes; it was therefore necessary for my Son to carry each of your yeses in order to give his Father the yes to The Love.

My children of love, I, your Father, I took that yes of love with all its content and I associated it to my yes.

You have therefore, my children, even before you were born into this world, been in the yes of my Son, in my yes.

But, for your yes to be in my yes, there is a yes of gentleness, a yes of submission, a perfect yes formed by a Being of love : that yes, my children, was of such gentleness, of such affection : it is my daughter Mary’s yes which permitted my Child to take your yeses and to place them within his yes.

To you, she is the Mother of your yeses.

My children of love, it is necessary to become aware of the value of giving oneself to God, to understand this gift of self in order to allow oneself to be taken by The Love.

It is easy, my children, to utter yeses, but if, my children, you remain in your apathy waiting to be present face to face with The Love, who will soon be within each of you, even though you have pronounced your yes, it will not have produced that gift of self within you. 

As my daughter Mary has done, she gave herself, she offered herself with humility, with her entire person, not trying to give herself value.

That yes was a yes stripped of herself with no desire of gaining anything for herself, but rather for each one of you.

My daughter Mary, she gave everything of her life, out of love for you.

She begged us, she prayed so that the Messiah might come on earth to save you.

Her yes, my children, was a yes of love. Her entire person was a yes.

She had been prepared by us; her entire being was ready to receive The Love within her.

When the request was presented to her, in her interior she was very little, humble, not wanting to give herself importance.

When the angel Gabriel announced to her that she was to be the Mother of my Son, she, the humble one, the very little Mary, gave herself, while wanting only to carry out my Will.

She assured herself that all was for me, for The Love, and she gave her yes.

And The Love, The Love penetrated her interior, he entered the very Nest of The Love, and The Love entered his home.

Everything was so perfect within Mary!

All had been prepared to receive The Love, and The Love welcomed himself within her.

She became the Mother of The Love.

My children of love, when one among you wants to have love within him, he gives himself, he desires, he wants, he claims love.

My children of love, only The Love can come into you, it is love that develops within you.

You may cry out all you like, my children : yes, we want this, come!

The Love prepares your interior to become a perfect being so that you might be love.

You see, my children, Adam and Eve were created by The Love.

They were therefore meant to give themselves to The Love.

They were meant to accept to be children of love, obediently, while remaining as the children God wanted them to be :

        humble children, not vain ones;

        children who wanted only to please their Father, not as children who demand, who want, because this comes from them.

I, their Father, their God, their Creator, I was preparing my two children.

I asked them for obedience; I gave them everything.

They would have to, as my son (the priest at the mass) said tonight : undergo the test of love;

but they allowed themselves to be tempted by the Vain One, by the Deceiver;

they did not come to see me, I who had given them everything;

they did not even ask me for help : they allowed themselves to be seduced;

and so, my children of love, they did not pass the test.

They were children who were unworthy of The Love.

They wanted to become little gods, wanting to decide for themselves to know everything.

There will come a time when you will have to prepare yourselves to pronounce a yes, a complete yes of abandonment :

a yes uttered by humble children, by children who want to live of God’s love by having faith only in God, and who want to do everything for the love of God the Father.

You have, my children, for many, many years, lived with your human will, deciding, calculating, wanting everything for yourselves.

It is necessary, my children, that you become aware of your littleness.

To want to make of yourselves children of God is to recognize that you are, like my daughter Mary : very little, humble, without expecting anything for yourselves, by giving everything to God

for I, your Father, my children, I know what is good for you!

 I know you better than you know yourselves.

I know your flaws, my children;

I know your weaknesses,

I know your journey,

for within you, you carry all my children since Adam and Eve.

My children of love, you are not alone inside yourselves, you live with your brothers and with your sisters.

You are children of God, my children.

God is in you, my Son is in you, the Holy Spirit is in you.

You all live in my Son, while there are so many weaknesses inside you!

In your littleness, by recognizing that you are impure beings : yes, my son, you said that every human being must recognize himself as a sinner;

the one who believes himself pure, the one who believes himself exempt from all flaws, risks being seduced by the Deceiver;

one must be, like Mary, very little and constantly in need of one’s Creator, of The Love : 

by coming to draw from within yourselves inner fortitude, sources of graces, by asking God for graces of abandonment to his very Will.

Yes, my children, always come to your Father.

If Adam and Eve, my children, had come to me, I would have given them the strength to not give in.

Do not function, throughout your days, without asking God for help.

Ask me for graces for yourselves, so that you might always be my little children.

You who need your Papa, you cannot go forward without my graces.

And my gentle Mary knew it!

Every moment, my children, she was in communication with her interior, she was begging me to never leave her : her, the pure, her, the humble Mary :

she was praying her God of love to come help her : her, the little Worm.

And you, my children, do you ask me for this help every day?

I love you so much! I am there inside you and I wait!

And I wait for you to come ask me for help, me, your Father.

I, the Creator of the universe and of the earth, I wait, my children, to give you the strength to be very little, humble, so that you might pronounce that yes in a complete abandonment.

My children, if you believe that you can pronounce a yes on your own, that yes, my children, will not penetrate my Son’s yes : it will not be capable of reaching me.

It is necessary to abandon everything; your human will, my children, bears too many errors.

When I will present myself, I, in my Son, I will ask you for your yes;

I will place love inside you, my love, and you will see, my children, how very little you are before such greatness!

And it is by being little, my children, that you will find the strength to respond to The Love’s call :

        the being who believes himself to be great, defends himself, he wants to absolve himself of his guilt before his mistakes : he seeks ways to escape;

        but the little child, he does not seek to defend himself : if he finds he is at fault, he asks his Papa for forgiveness because he knows his love, and he knows that he has caused him sorrow; so, I who know my little child, I console him and he lets himself be consoled;

        but if there is pride, if the origin of that yes is primarily from you, there will be too much suffering : and so there will be rebellion!

My children of love, I love you, be my tiny little babies;

ask me for help at every moment, and you will develop within you that humility that is a grace, my children.

How many children today, if we speak of humility, become defensive;

they do not understand that the one who accepts to be humble, to be little, discovers safety in the arms of the Father.

There is no shame in coming to seek refuge in the arms of The Love.

The one who is afraid of humbling himself is the one who believes he is too great to accept his Father’s love.

You, my children, are you capable of saying to your earthly father : “Father, I love you; take me in your arms and rock me?”

You see, my children, this seems difficult because inside you there is your human will, which is wounded,

and that wound, my children, prevents you from becoming once again that little child that you really are.

It is only the Father’s love that will help you.

My gentle child Mary, she is given to you through me, her Father, through her Son, Jesus, through her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, so that you might ask her for that grace of humility : she will help you.

This is how, my children, you will discover your littleness.

To ask for help, my children, is to discover that you are weak.

Now this is a step towards abandonment.

Abandon yourselves, my children, in the arms of The Love : she is the Mother of The Love, she is your Mother.

Be, my children, docile to your Father’s call, he loves you so much!

He wants you to be, my children, obedient to the call of the Heart; the very Heart of The Love.

You see, my children, I am sending out signs into this world, for it is necessary to prepare yourselves.

Let go of your old carcass and become once again the little child that you really are.

My son, you who are present here, you who pronounce your yes, bless my holy children so that they may recognize that they are under the guidance of The Love. The power of God has been granted to you so that you may come to the aid of my little children. Amen.


Blessing by the priest : Jesus has just asked the priests, through his instrument, to be so good as to bring down his blessing upon you. Yes, through the priesthood, the power received from God, the priest has in his hands all the richness of the Redemption, which he may apply to all souls, and this is why, tonight, almighty Jesus is so good as to bring down upon you the fullness of his blessings so that your hearts may be filled with graces, as Mary was filled with graces, so that when you leave tonight your hearts are not only full but fulfilled, and may all these graces spill out over your families, over the city, over the diocese and over the entire earth.


"May the blessing of almighty God : Father, Son and Holy Spirit come down upon you and upon the entire earth, upon the sky, upon purgatory, and may all beings in Heaven, on earth and in hell fall to their knees, through the power of God, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.”