Gathering of Love With God's Action in Draguignan, France,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-02-23 – Afternoon – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: All God's footsteps lead us towards our glory. The Son of God was glorified by the Father. Through the Son of God, we will be in his Glory. Every one of us has his own place in the very Heart of Jesus. Outside the Heart of Jesus, there is no place that can give us happiness. In order to enter the Heart of Jesus, one must die in the Heart of Jesus. The Mother of God wants to take our hearts and bring them into the very Heart of her Son so we can be worthy of the graces given to us by Heaven during these times.

These are painful times for many among us. When we see our brothers and our sisters who are close to us, when we see our brothers and our sisters who live around us, in other countries, we see moral degradation, we see suffering, we see nothing but violence, we see illness, epidemics. We are witnesses to all this but Jesus, he wants to turn us into witnesses of his love, witnesses of his power, witnesses of faith. We have received everything from the Father – he sent us his All – Jesus is the All of the Father. He lacks nothing, and therefore, when we keep ourselves in the Heart of the Son, we lack nothing.

But, let’s take a look at ourselves: we are saddened by this world, our eyes are always filled with tears; our hearts are crushed when we see our children, when we see our grandchildren who have left the Church. We have kept the rosary in our hands and as soon as we open our hands and we present the rosary to our children, to our grandchildren, they back away from us – they want nothing to do with it. “You’re old-fashioned, you aren’t moving with the times. You’re trying to hold me back in your world, and to keep me from moving ahead in a world where you don’t want to live. That’s not what I want. My eyes are turned to this world, this world with its technology; my eyes are turned to the things I buy myself and that make me happy; my eyes are turned to the things that give me pleasure.” This is what they tell us all the time. Oh, not in words, but we see them, we know what their hearts accept, and our hearts are wounded by this.

But Jesus is still on the Cross out of love for us, in order to tell us: “Do not be afraid.” We live in the fear that they won't be saved, but our children are saved! Let’s take a look at ourselves: if we remain in our faith even though we cry as we say the rosary, when we go to mass, well then, isn't this because God is holding us in that little bit of faith that we have left inside us? He's the one who enables us to move forward, he's the one who shows us: “Place your feet in my footsteps and let us move forward together.” But we don’t feel this; we always have that fear, we’re afraid of tomorrow.

Tomorrow belongs to God the Father, tomorrow doesn’t belong to us. What is there to be afraid of? We have nothing to fear because our Father sent us his only-begotten Child to show us that we belong to him. We are the children of God the Father and he gave us to his beloved Son, and his beloved Son accomplished what he had to accomplish when he came on earth. In that very last moment, when he was he                                                                                                                            re, when, with his love, he said to his Father, “Father, all is accomplished,” the Father received from his Son everything he had asked his Son to do, everything, absolutely everything. We were there in that moment, in the Father's hands, and he welcomed every one of us through the Heart of his Son.

We are children of The Love; we are not children of this world. This world is not for us, since Jesus came on earth and he said, “I am not of this world. I am coming to show you that you are not of this world. Your eyes contain the gaze of love, your words are the words of love, your ears were made for love, your thoughts are turned towards love, all your movements lead you to the knowledge of love, your heart is the source that contains love.” These are the words Jesus came to say to us when he said, “You are not of this world, you belong to my Father,” because he came to bear witness on our behalf, to his Father, so that we might accept his Will. God is love; he gathered all of us within him.

Are we able to bear witness on our own? If we bear witness on our own, our testimony isn't worth a single penny, but if God the Son bears witness on our behalf, that’s when we acquire worth: we’re showing his Father that we deserve his love, we’re showing his Father our joy in belonging to him, of wanting no one but him, of wanting nothing to do with this world, with the thoughts of this world. This world has held us in our suffering.

Jesus came on earth to deliver us and he accomplished what he wanted to do and he did it for the Father. It’s up to us now to enter into that deliverance. If we continue to remain in the sufferings of this world, we’re indicating to the Son of God that we have understood nothing. Even though the Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles, even though he opened our eyes, opened our ears, we’re indicating to Jesus that we have understood nothing. We must refuse the spirit of this world; we must be what we are: children of God, children of The Love.

Jesus bought our lives by giving up his Life. A single drop of his Blood would have sufficed – that would have been enough. Why did Jesus give up his Life for us? Why did he shed up to the last drop of his Blood? To show us that we had to go on being what we are in order to persevere to the end. We have accepted the sufferings of this world and we have made sure that we gave our blood to this world, and this world took it: it took what we were, it had us taste bitterness, it has kept us living in fear, it has dominated us.

How can we, the children of God, fragile in our human will, escape this while our blood is being shed upon this earth? As our blood belongs to the One who shed his Blood for us, out of love for us, our blood doesn’t belong to this earth. Our blood has the same worth as the blood of Christ. Our blood is immortal. Our Blood will never cease to exist. It can be shed over and over again upon this earth, but in the eyes of God the Father, our blood has worth because Jesus tasted of this blood. When Jesus took all the sins of the world, he was accepting to take evil to a place from where it could no longer affect us, and he also accepted to experience our sufferings. Jesus came to know all our sufferings, which we ourselves had consented to through the choices we made before temptation, for we are children who are free.  

When we came on earth, God told us, “Go and walk.” He didn’t say to us, “You, you are going to do as I say”; he said, “You are my child. I love you. Go ahead; show me that you love me; I will give you everything.” And we moved forward, but we didn’t give God the Father what he expected of us. He isn't expecting the impossible from us: just love, unconditional love. And he placed within us all we needed to return his love to him, for if we, we are love, that’s because that love comes from the Father – it doesn’t come from us, it comes from the Father. We come from him; our flesh belongs to the One who created the flesh. No one other than God created the flesh: no one.

Our mother did nothing more than give back what she had received: she had received life and life was deposited in the womb of love, and the womb of love nourished the child: the child chosen by the Father. That love is synonymous with happiness: a mother who bears a child is happy and the child basks in her happiness. But we, we can't understand this because when we emerged and we moved forward according to the Father's wishes, our eyes saw the world, our ears heard what this world wanted us to hear, our tongues learned to pronounce the words of this world, our spirits turned towards this world, and therefore, our movements became the movements that this world wanted for us and our hearts were unable to recognize that they were happy.

Today, we come to hear the Will of God the Father, not the human will. No human being can savour what we’re hearing through his mind, his eyes, his ears, his words, his movements, his heart, for his heart is made of stone. No human will can nourish us for I am a sinner and you are sinners.

We have accepted this world, we have accepted suffering. We haven’t been able to give it to the One who had taken all our sufferings – we didn’t know how. No one had told us to “Give, give me the consequences of your choices, of your bad choices before temptation, which is nothing more than Satan's evil.” No one had ever spoken to us like this. It was necessary that God the Father enable us to hear the very Heart of his Son through the power of the Holy Spirit, for the Heart of his Son is within us, the Life of God is within us; Jesus dwells in us. Wherever Jesus is, that’s where the Father is, that’s where the Holy Spirit is.

When we go to receive the Body and the Blood of Jesus, we receive him in his entirety, we receive Eternal Life, and Eternal Life is God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. We are receiving The Love, we are receiving Eternal Life, and our soul rejoices over this. Our soul, which is pure, is joyful: it sees its God, it adores its God, it praises its God, it gives glory to its God because it sees, it knows – it is in its God's love – but our flesh, our flesh that is subjected to sin, our flesh that remembers what it has within itself, because our eyes have allowed all the images of this world to enter us; our ears, which have heard, have allowed words to enter us that struck our being, and these became lodged within us. This applies to everything we are – we have seen a world filled with suffering and suffering has entered us, and we have accepted all of it without knowing that Jesus wanted it all.

When we offer God our sufferings, it’s as though we were offering ourselves up as a sacrifice upon the altar: “See my offering, Father. See how I suffer. I am giving myself on behalf of my brothers and my sisters.” God welcomes our offering through the Son. But these things stay inside us, for our flesh remembers that suffering, and it is constantly being renewed – every time we see suffering, which is also within us: we recognize it.

When someone receives a blow, it enters us and that blow, it becomes lodged very deeply within us so that we can remember it. We don’t want to remember that blow – because I have a family to raise, it must not stop me from making supper, it must not stop me from doing my housework – but that blow is still in there, it’s inside us, and when we see someone hitting someone else, we remember. Why do I remember that pain? Why do I become aware that that blow is affecting me? I'm not the one receiving that blow, so why does this affect me? That’s because there's a place inside me where I've hidden my pain, and my flesh remembers it, and my flesh feels the pain, and then I pass judgment: “He shouldn’t do that. She's very weak; she doesn’t know how to avoid that blow.”

Because we react, that blow we received caused our flesh to suffer, and when we see the same movement happening to someone else, it enters us once again. And when it enters us, there are two sources of suffering: the pain we already experienced comes face to face with the pain we have just accepted, and then, another type of pain enters us – a judgment, a burst of anger, a fear, a sense of alarm – and these multiply. Are we able to grasp how much pain is inside us? Don’t you think that our flesh remembers the pain of all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world? Through Jesus, we carry all our brothers and sisters of the whole world.

We cannot separate ourselves from what we are: we come from Jesus, Son of God made Man who took on human nature, who came to show us who we were. We were made in God's likeness, and therefore, we were created by the One who carried us, by the One who revealed himself to the angels. When God the Son revealed himself to the angels, he revealed himself as the Son of God made Man.

That is why certain angels refused to adore the One who presented himself before them in the form of Matter, Pure Matter, Immaculate Matter, Eternal Matter, Perfect Matter – Eternal Life that was revealing itself – the first time the spirits saw the Matter. That Matter contained all matter. Nothing else existed – the universe didn’t exist, no human being existed, the earth didn’t exist – nothing else existed, for everything was in him, and from him we were created in order to become flesh.

We are the all of Jesus, we are the love of Jesus, and God the Father looked upon his Son, and God the Father loved his Son. He loved his All, for he was of the Father and the Father gave what he was: love, love that never ceases to give itself.

We are love, we are the Father's love, and therefore, when we look at ourselves, we see the contents of The Love. Can Jesus say, “All right, I give you a part of me, and to you I give another part of me. You cannot have the part that he has for your part is unique”? No, Jesus gave us something that is whole – it’s as though every one of us contained the all of Jesus. And all this was to ensure that we continued to be love. How can a person be unconditional love if he received only bits and pieces of Jesus? We are whole, we are the all of God and God has given us everything.

Therefore, God comes to speak in hearts. He chose one person among many, just as he chose others from among many others to speak out, and this has been so since the beginning of time. This isn't something new – this is the continuation of the Will of God the Father. God the Father didn’t say, “There is a time for this and once it is over, there will be no time left for other things.” That’s wrong. The end of the world hasn’t happened yet! Only God the Father knows when that moment is and only the Word will do the Father's Will, but we have to fulfil our destinies within the time God the Father has chosen for us.

This time, which is presented to us, is a time of love: a time chosen by God the Father to give us the opportunity to hear his Will. The words we’re hearing are words that are emerging from each one of us; they’re words that have been within us for all eternity, and we’re hearing them at this very moment because now is the time for us to hear them.

We’re living a time of love! Despite all the suffering we see in the world around us, we’re living a time of love: “Happy is he who shall dwell in this time, for he shall be greater than the greatest among us today. Happy is he who shall be one of the littlest of this time, for he shall be greater than the greatest among us today.” You see, he was talking about our times, he was talking about what we are: we are God's chosen ones for the Promised Land.

Did God's children, did God's people enter the Promised Land? Did they taste the honey of that land of abundance, of happiness, where nothing could harm them, where evil would never make them suffer again? Is there a single person here who knows of one child who lived in the Promised Land? There's no one. Because it is thanks to a small number of people that we are here, where we are today. It was necessary that a certain number of children willed by God, chosen by God, live in God's graces through their yes – “Your Will, not my will” – for us to reach this time in which we live today.

And God comes to speak in our hearts. He's coming to tell us how much he loves us, how deeply immersed we are in God's graces, and that we must keep our eyes fixed on God. We must keep our ears open to the grace of God, because it is the Holy Spirit who opens us to the grace of God so that we can taste of that Blood, so that we can taste of that Body, which is the one of The Love, the One who gave himself up for us: our Jesus of love, our God, our only God.

There is only one God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. “Whoever sees me sees my Father, for my Father is in me and I am in my Father. And when I shall leave, I will go to my Father. I will always be with you and the Paraclete shall open your eyes, shall open your ears, because he is in me and I in him, my Father is in him and he is in my Father: there is only one God. There are no other gods and there never have been.”

Let’s not allow the spirit of this world to deceive us just like our brothers and sisters allowed Satan to deceive them – not because that was what they wanted. Do you think that those who came before us and who believed in gods chose for themselves, through the little being that they were, to believe in these things? Solomon, the one who received God's wisdom, didn’t he fail? He turned to the gods because he married women who believed in gods, and yet, his heart was filled with love for God. He had received everything from God. Don’t think that on his deathbed he didn’t love his God! He did, but he let himself be tempted, he let his human will tempt him, that human will which Adam came to know through Eve, but that Adam accepted nevertheless.

If Adam had said no, he would have said, “Woman, look at yourself: you no longer have the eyes of God, you no longer speak the words of God, you no longer have the hearing of God, you no longer have the movements, the Heart of God. Where are your thoughts now?” And she would have bowed down before the one who had the eyes of God, the words of God, the hearing of God, the spirit of God, the love of God, the movements of God, and this would have brought her back to where she should have been – to the Eternal Life – for it was from Adam that Eve had received the flesh of Jesus. God didn’t use something different to form the body of Eve; no, God used a part of Adam. God used Adam's flesh; the same flesh was used and received life; and so, the flesh of Adam and the flesh of Eve, which had multiplied, were one and the same flesh, and when they multiplied, it was the same flesh that multiplied. And we, therefore, have that same flesh, which was created and which multiplied.

We are love, we are the love of the Father, but because Adam was tempted by his own flesh, he wasn’t able to say no; he was seduced by his own flesh and blood, and he saw himself in that flesh, and he loved. The purpose of all this is to tell us that we have a human will that was made known to us through the 'self'.

Adam and Eve wanted to be like God. They didn’t want to be superior to God. Oh! But Satan avoided this subject when he tempted them and they failed to recognize the 'self', the 'self' that deceives, that is proud: the darkness. All this was well-disguised and, as a result, they entered their human will. From then on, they would always have to choose between good and evil.

But today, evil is everywhere, and is so present that we collapse under the weight of the pain which the human will has accepted. It is our human will that said yes to evil. Our human will is our suffering. It is because of the human will that we always have the choice to say: “Yes, no, yes no. What should I choose? I'm leaving. I'm staying. No, I'm leaving. I don’t care.” Well, we didn’t give a damn about our eternal life, about our immortality.

Today, we think only of the 'self': I make sure that pleasure is at the centre of my life, I make sure that I am strong, I make sure that I am relaxed, I make sure that I follow my own mind. All these things are the 'self', the 'self' that is against us, the 'self' that is none other than Satan, the one who was filled with pride. Because the moment Satan refused to accept that the Light be adored, he became darkness: the 'self'. He saw himself, he loved himself, he admired himself, he contemplated himself, he adored himself – this is what the 'self' is. Our human will has became the 'self'.

God the Father loves us; he wants us to be happy; he wants us to turn our eyes away from ourselves and to fix our eyes on the One who redeemed us with his Blood: Jesus, Jesus on the Cross, Jesus who says to us, “I am always here. Do not be afraid. I keep you alive even though you have rejected my Father over and over again, in spite of the fact that you no longer enjoyed following the voice of The Love, who came to show you his love by striking stone with his finger and by giving the stone to Moses,” so that we could read what he had written on the stone tablets: the Ten Commandments of love, the Ten Commandments that enable us to live in happiness.

To love God with all your soul – isn't this to elevate oneself towards Heaven? Isn't this to enter God's light? To love God with all your strength – isn't this to allow God's power to turn us into children who know how to remain in his love? To love God with all one’s heart – isn't this to give oneself love? Isn't this to open one’s heart to everything God wants to give to it: a feeling that cradles the child, a feeling that nourishes him continuously with his caresses? To love God with all your mind: I only have thoughts for you, for my thoughts are nourished by your own thoughts. O God of love, you place your Spirit in my spirit, you have me taste your love so that I can return that love to you, and you nourish me continuously.

Praise to you, o God of love, for your Name is holy, your Name is powerful, your Name brings me happiness, for whom shall I fear? I fear no one for your Name is known to me. How I love you, you who fulfil me, you who come to me, you who tell me constantly: “Come closer, come see me, I am here. I am listening to you; I take the time to be with you alone. Look at the beauty of creation – it is filled with the sound of my ‘I love you.’ Stay with me today because what I shall give you will satisfy every look, everything you hear, every word, every thought, every movement, every beat of your heart, for this intimacy between you and me feels so good!

I am asking you: to look at yourself so that you may learn to love your flesh, the one that is yours. Look at your father, look at your mother – they are your flesh. I go through the flesh in order to fulfil you constantly. I am showing you how to be loving towards yourself because every movement you make is love for yourself. That is why I am saying to you: do not look to your neighbour; I satisfy you as much as I do your neighbour. Do not try to take what is his; what is his is yours; let him have his share and come, come to me, for I have everything for you just as I have everything for him. Take care of yourself using my graces. Take, take these graces – they teach you to love life, to not do yourself harm. Take and respect my happiness, for your flesh is God's happiness.

I look upon you, I look upon your flesh that shares itself with another flesh in order to multiply my creation, my love for you. I am showing you how to always welcome your own faithfulness to your love for me. All this enables you to always be loving towards my graces, my graces that abound for you, my graces that are there to teach you to be that child, that child that I love so very much.”

All this is for us. God's laws are laws of love, a language of love, but because of our human will, we haven’t understood that language of love; because of human will, we have received what we deserved. For, through those laws, God was saying: “Beware, beware, because I know that you will succumb, I know that you will adore gods other than me. I know that you will use my Name against yourself, and I will hear those no’s, for they will be no’s against my love. You will refuse to give me your Sunday. You will not even respect that bond of intimacy between you and me: I wanted to give you one day, a day that is necessary – oh, just one short day – but you will need it in order to come and draw what I give to you at every fraction of every second of your life.

You will learn to love your father and your mother in order to love yourself. You must learn to love yourself through your parents in order to live eternally, for one day, you will have to come face to face with your own life and you will judge yourself – because I am not the one who will judge what you are for I love you too much – but I will place my love within you and you will judge yourself. You will see your life through the eyes I will give to you, for the eyes of your father and your mother are important to you. They will remind you that you are a child, because you will have forgotten that you are a child of God, that you were once little. Because you have grown up, you will steal, you will envy; you will be unfaithful to yourself; you will not respect my commandments; you will attempt to take your life, which does not belong to you and which I gave to you, and which belongs to me. But you will have to present yourself before me, and then, I will show you: I will show you that even though you threw your life away, it is still there, for it is not possible to throw away eternal life. I will offer it to you once more and if you say yes, then we will be together for eternity.

And if you get through this stage of suffering, you will have to learn to respect those around you, for you shall not judge your neighbour, for I am teaching you that when you judge your neighbour, you are judging yourself, you are judging your flesh, because you are in your brother, you are in your sister. I have told you: love your neighbour, love your flesh; do not love his sin but love the sinner that he is because you are a sinner. Look, I am putting the Ten Commandments before you so that you may always remember that I took care of you in spite of the no’s you uttered to me. I love you, you are my child. Have respect for my love for you, you belong to me. Turn away from this world, this world has nothing to offer you; I can give you everything, I have love.”

These are God's laws, but because we have our human will, we have understood nothing. We judge our children, we judge our own children: “If you don’t go to mass, what are you going to do if you get into an accident and find yourself in front of God?” This is how we put ourselves in God's place. The child alone will judge his choices, not us. It’s our duty to pray for him, to give him to God so that, with the graces we will have obtained for him through our prayers, he will have the strength to say: “Yes, I have sinned. Yes, I am your child and yes, I accept everything for the sake of love. I want to taste that eternal life.” This is what we must live at this time.

The Spirit of God is coming to waken us because we have allowed Satan to put us to sleep with his words filled with lies. The Spirit of God is coming to show us that we are children who are free and that we must refuse the chains Satan has put around us, preventing us from loving with our hearts – for we have a heart of flesh and not a heart of stone.

We must stop judging our brothers and sisters who are prostitutes, who are gay, unfaithful towards the sacrament of Marriage, for we must remain in our heart of flesh and not in our heart of stone. They need our graces and God's strength to stay away from those temptations, for soon, very soon, they will see what they have chosen to accept before sin: the temptation that is nothing more than Satan repeating what Adam and Eve did. He's the Tempter. He puts demons around us to make us fall into the temptation to judge. After all, what is sin? Sin is to give in to evil. A gay person is a sinner who gives in to evil, and we, who are practicing Catholics, we’re people who judge the sinner. We have to help the sinner so he can have the strength to say: “No, I choose God.”

And so, God is coming to tell us to love one another, to love our enemies. And when we look at it this way, it isn't the same, is it? We used to say, “How am I ever going to be able to love someone who hits me? It stings, it hurts – I really don’t feel like it.” But God says: “Give him to me; give me his pain and then, I will give you graces. You will feel peace within you, for mercy shall be upon you. That peace will spread within you and it will touch your children, it will touch your grandchildren. It will touch the heart of the one who comes to strike you, for one day, he will see himself, he will see himself as a sinner and he will say to me: ‘I have harmed my brother and my sister; I need your help.’ And then, a flood of graces will fall upon him, and he will become the little child that he always was” – the one who resembles us, for we are all God's children and the eyes of God the Father are upon us all. We have only one Father and he is our Father in Heaven. We all have one gaze and it is the one of the Son, and we can find it in the eyes of all those whose flesh was carried by the Son.

All these things are for our time. God comes to speak in our hearts to show us how to love unconditionally. This is a time of revelations, this is a time that will lead us to a new era, an era of love. God is having us cross the sea. When his people left the desert, they came to know what freedom was, and so we must come to know freedom: we will live in a desert.

We live in a place where everything around us is nothing but misery. There are scorpions everywhere, snakes everywhere – that is Satan, the demons – but God has always kept us alive: the cross, the cross that saved those who were being bitten by snakes. Our eyes are always fixed on the cross and even though we fall into Satan's traps, we raise our eyes up and we look at the cross, and we’re filled with hope. Now, we’re moving forward, we’re following in the footsteps of all those who came before us – we are now walking in the grace of God. We’re crossing the sea to enter the place he wants us to enter.

When the people of God crossed the sea, they still hadn’t found the Promised Land, but we have to cross the sea in order to enter that Promised Land. Jesus, he's the One who shed his Blood for us, out of love for us. He made reparation for all the no’s to God, for all those who refused to follow God's laws, for all those who adored the golden calf, who turned their eyes to this world. We have turned our eyes to this world and God wants us to fix our eyes on the cross, that cross of love, that cross of love made up of us, for we are the cross of love.

But we’re still not convinced that we are love – this is part of our journey. But the more we give Jesus the consequences of our choices before temptation, the more we will become radiant. We will turn our cross of pain into a cross of love. To achieve this, God speaks slowly in our hearts. Slowly, God speaks in our hearts and he is really doing this. This is a movement of love for us.

He has just said, “That is enough for now.” And so, we will stop here for a few minutes. Thank you, Lord.

All: Thank you, Lord.