Gathering of Love With God's Action in Draguignan, France,

 Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-02-23 – Afternoon – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: If you wish, as Father said earlier, you may ask questions, and it isn't the human will that is going to answer – you will be hearing the Will of God.

I come from the South Shore of Montreal and I'm a mother: I have three children and I have been a widow since 2001. My husband died on the 4th of March. On the 1st of January, I heard Mary's voice – but my husband died on March 4th – it was afterwards that the Lord began to teach me. Everything began on January 1st when Mary began speaking to me. Fifteen days later, I heard the voice of my guardian angel, and then, I heard a man’s voice inside me and I did what he asked me to do – I wrote.

The first time I wrote, he signed his name: Jesus. Boy! Did I every cry! What was this all about? Afterwards, I still had a few doubts because, at that point, I thought I was schizophrenic. So, I went to a doctor to see what it meant to be schizophrenic. I realized that this wasn’t exactly the same thing: I was still doing my housework, I had my children; I hadn’t lost my husband at that point. And then, I lost my husband: I still remained grounded with everything that was going on but I needed a spiritual advisor.

I met my spiritual advisor, Clément Provencher, before I heard the voice, because I had been prepared by receiving the odour of roses and by receiving many visions, and those visions came equally from Heaven as they did from the other one. I often experienced attacks as well, and so I needed the grace of the sacrament of Holy Orders. And I really needed it! All this was leading me to the place where I was meant to be: listening to the Will of God.

And so, I wrote what the voice was telling me to write. Not a single word came from my human will, not even when he would say to me: “Do you love me?” He would answer for me. So, I wrote; this brought me much joy, much peace. And then, I changed. One month before my husband died, my behaviour towards him became different. Oh, was I ever happy! I knew then what it meant to be part of a couple that asks for nothing and that gives everything. Everything emerges without having to ask. But the Lord, he decided otherwise: he came for my husband. This is what he said: “You will come to know peace but your flesh will always remember.” And I haven’t forgotten my husband; my husband is always with me.

And then, there were more, and more, and more teachings. I didn’t know what the mission he was entrusting to me was. I would leave sheets of paper everywhere… Imagine – I used to work in construction, in home renovation.

I wasn’t good in school. I wasn’t aware of any visionaries. What I knew about the Bible was what the priest said at mass, things we hear and we can understand: “Thank you, Lord. I'm going home now. I received beautiful graces.” We can't really talk about things we know nothing about and so, I would go home. I was a practising Catholic; my husband was as well; my children are practising, except for my son who, at 18, did the same as everybody else. But I was just like you: we all look at material things. When you’re doing renovations, you go shopping for drywall, ceramic tiles, paint, and all those things. As for decorating, that was another story – I didn’t have the time for it. I was hoping to have the time one day: “One day, when I turn 50, I’ll travel, I’ll decorate, I’ll buy myself some clothes – I'm going to do all those things.” But he decided otherwise.

And so, one thing led to another, and my husband lost his job about a year, a year and a half, two years before he – I can't really give you the exact date – in any case, why would I want to remember the moment he lost his job? What purpose would it have served me to remember? Today, Holy Spirit, you should be helping me to remember these dates! But all those things led me to where I am today. He didn’t want me to educate myself with all sorts of theories. He always ensured that I remain uneducated.

And since 1999, I no longer watch television, I no longer read newspapers or novels – nothing, nothing, no television – I have only God. Oh, every once in a while, I see my children but not as much as I would like to. I see my grandchildren – I have five – but not as often as I would like to since God comes before everyone. And my children have also made their choice, because when my husband died, he asked them, through me, if they wanted to surrender their mother to him and they answered yes. But sometimes they say, “We would like to have a mother like everyone else.”

You see, it’s hard for them to listen to the recordings because they hear my voice. They say, “That’s mom.” As a result, my daughters will read the books or the writings once the messages have been transcribed. They prefer this because they don’t want to put their mother between them and the Will of God. Recently, I said to my son, “You know, if I die, you just have to watch the DVDs we’re working on at the moment – you'll always have a souvenir of your mother.” He answered, “Nice try, mom!” Well, he hasn’t quite said his yes. He did say yes, but not as a mother would like, and so, I give this to the Lord.

Now, concerning what I do – does the Church approve? When I began to write, I had my spiritual advisor, and then, the Lord found priests – theologians – for me. I wasn’t the one who chose them; they just showed up. Time went by, and then one day, I went to see my bishop along with my spiritual advisor and another priest, and I brought the books with me. And we talked, we talked all afternoon. At the end, I received a blessing: I know that my bishop is praying for me. And I received a gift from Grandmother Saint Ann. I'm positive that it was Grandmother Saint Ann who arranged all this: one day, there was a gathering at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré – I don’t know if anyone here knows about Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré?

Audience member: In Canada?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, in Canada. It’s a sanctuary – Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré in Québec. Grandmother Saint Ann appears often in that place: many miracles. And so, that day, Grandmother Saint Ann announced to me that I was going to receive a surprise for Francine and for the Girl of My Will in Jesus. This is the name given to me by the Lord, because we’re all boys and girls of My Will in Jesus. We belong to the Yes, we belong to the Yes of Jesus.

Before meeting with the young people – because it was a gathering for young people – we were supposed to eat in the gymnasium, in the old seminary. And I went the wrong way; I climbed a flight of stairs, reached the top, and woops, I turn around and go back down. And as I reach the bottom, some men in suits were entering the gymnasium at the same time. And some people said, “Monsignor Ouellet!” – the cardinal, the archbishop of the Church in Canada. He was entering the gymnasium at the same time as we were and everybody was shaking his hand. It was hard for me to not hold out my hand, but in spite of my shyness, I held out my hand anyway. Then, someone said to him, “Monsignor Ouellet, the Girl of My Will in Jesus is here.” I don’t know if I blushed – the Holy Spirit taught me to stop blushing – but in spite of that, I was embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say. He held out his hand and I held out my hand, and right after that, I went to the back of the gymnasium with my group to eat. I sat down and someone came to tell me, “Monsignor Ouellet would like to speak to you.” Oh! I said, “Yes, okay.” On my way there, I kept wondering, “What am I going to say to him; I don’t know what to say!”

And he asked me questions during the entire lunch. He ate, we ate together with all the others. He asked questions regarding this work, regarding how I was living this. I have to add that he had received the four books perhaps a few weeks before that event. And afterwards, he blessed Francine. But then, I got up, I was standing and just before leaving, it just came out and I said to him, “Oh! Monsignor, if you only knew how much I want to go home!” And, you know, he knew exactly what I meant. We are all prophets, but we’re not… And then, he blessed the Girl of My Will in Jesus and after, just before I left, he said to me, “Continue with your mission.” You know, to me, that was quite a gift. And so, I thanked Grandmother Saint Ann for having arranged the whole thing.

If you wish, we can take some time for questions. You ask questions, but not personal questions such as, “Am I going to find the house or that job I've been looking for?” It has to be something that is for all our brothers and our sisters.

Q. How can we spread your messages? What does God expect from us regarding what has been given to you?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every one of us was chosen by God the Father, and when we were chosen by God the Father, it was to fulfil our destiny in the place where he wanted us to be on earth. We all have a mission: the one of conducting ourselves well. Let’s present our fruits to God, and then, he will look at our fruits, and he will give us our rightful place. On earth, we all have a mission, and during these times, the greatest mission that he asks of us is the rosary. How can we help our brothers and our sisters without praying to the Mother of God? With our human will, we are no longer able to choose our own mission, because they don’t want anything to do with our human will.

There's so much suffering around us. We have allowed the human will to deceive us. How many of God's children have become members of sects such as the Freemasons? Freemasonry wants to eliminate God from the lives of God's children. How can we go up against this? With our human will? Our human will is very meager, it is in pain; we would be doing nothing more than making ourselves suffer. When two human wills clash, there are sparks and those sparks are like daggers stabbing us. And when we get stabbed, it hurts, and so we attack, we attack the person who is the cause of that pain. Then, our human will can do nothing more.

Love can accomplish everything. Love will win hearts. Jesus is The Love, God is The Love, he is the Essence of love. When we pray to the Mother of God, she prays for us: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners.” And so, the Mother of God says our prayers for us; she presents them to the Trinity. When we ask our guardian angels to pray, they do it. Let’s use our guardian angels to remain in a constant state of prayer.

When you go to work, give your day: “I give you all that I am,” and you become prayer – “It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.” When we’re cooking: “I am not the one cooking, it is you. You are the Word and I am movement within your Movement. I do not claim ownership of my works; my works are no longer worth anything. Take them, they are your works, Jesus. I am your life.” Wasn’t it Saint Paul who said: “I am no longer, I am Christ, I have died in Christ”? And this hasn’t changed – when we decide to give up our human will, we enter into the movement of the Divine Will: the Divine Will is God, it is the Will of God, it is the love of God, it is to be in Jesus, through Jesus, for the greater Glory of his Father.

This is what it means to be prayer: it’s to see through the eyes of God, it’s to hear through eyes of God, it’s to think through the eyes of God, it’s to move by the impulse of God's movements, it’s to be in the heartbeat of the Heart of God. This is what it means to be prayer – this is our mission. Our mission is: to be together. My mission is: to repeat. Your mission is: to be here so that I can repeat what you, you are. There's no difference! Your mission is my mission, my mission is your mission: to abandon ourselves to the hands of the Divine Will so that the Divine Will’s desire for us can be carried out – happiness, to achieve eternal happiness.

Eternal happiness is in us. Didn’t Saint Augustine say this? “I search and search, and now I know: happiness is within me.” Therefore, we have happiness within us. So, let’s allow God to lead us to discover this. We aren’t the ones who are going to discover happiness – we have tried to do this by looking outwardly. Our interior belongs to God. Let’s live our spiritual life – our spiritual life is within our reach. It has nothing to do with our external life – that life is accessible to everybody, to those who want to make us happy by their own means, which come from Satan. But God, he has put everything within us so that we could discover what he had placed within us: eternal happiness.

When we remain in a state of prayer, we keep ourselves within the key to happiness. Mary is the one who takes that key: she turns it slowly, she opens the door and she enables us to see the light. We are children of the Light. Didn’t she say so at La Salette? Mother Mary came to prepare us to live this time of love. This is a time of love! What we’re living at this moment, minute by minute – being able to hear, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the beating of our hearts within the Church – isn't this love? We are the Church, we are in Jesus and Jesus is the Church. There’s only one Church. Oh, there are many religions! Yes, there are many religions and why is that? Because our human will was separated. There's only one Church, there are many religions, but we are always the hand of God, always.

It’s up to God to enable us to understand what we need to understand. Let’s leave all the room to him. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Q. I want to ask you a question which doesn’t pertain only to me; it doesn’t really affect me directly, but I think that it’s something we all feel.

It seems as though we’re experiencing a period of spiritual dryness. We pray, offering ourselves: we offer our suffering, we offer our lives, we offer our families to the Lord – all these things – and time marches on and we have the impression that nothing is getting better. We have the feeling that the opposite is true – darkness is gaining more and more ground. And here we are, holding on to the rosary and we keep on praying, and that’s how we manage to move forward. But it feels as though we’re sinking, as though a wave from a tsunami is about to engulf us, and we run, we run to the Lord, but that wave always manages to catch up with us.

And it’s true that certain minds, although minds can be fragile, are so unable to succumb, and very often, it’s their faith and their ability to be immersed in the Lord's love that sustain us or that allow us to move forward, or at the very least, to just stay where we are. And sometimes, we can also feel defeated. And here we are, saying our prayers, and that’s when we ask Our Lord to intervene.

A. Jesus: Grace is upon you, graces abounds. Allow your hearts to open to my Father's power. All that is granted to you comes from Heaven. Children of love, The Love has come and The Love is speaking to you. The Love has given to you and The Love is giving to you once more. Allow yourselves to be taken up by the movement of God's power, for you are the chosen ones.

O, beloved, continue to pray, for within you is the beauty of surrender. What you do not see within yourself is love. It is the love of a child who has faith in the Father. It is the love of a child who speaks to the Father and who says, “Father, walk with me as I am in pain. I see this world and I believe that this world is becoming more and more lost. Hear my prayer, Father.”

The child who speaks like this, my son, is the child who knows that he is under the protection of The Love. You are protected; you are protected because you still have the rosary in your hands. The spirit of this world is taking over the entire world with its malice. At every fraction of every second, it swallows up God's children, but your rosary brings them back. It is as though you were putting your rosary around their necks and you were pulling on your rosary to bring them back to you. The thing you do not see is God's power.

There are many questions inside them, my son. Inside them, they are searching for a world but they do not know where it is. That world is within them: within the child who finds graces, the graces that will help him see his beauty. When you pray, my son of love, graces flow from you towards those children, and they have an effect on them – but not as you would like them to. You are aware only of the speed of this world! My son, look at airplanes: airplanes travel at tremendous speed, but the power of your God travels from north to south, from east to west. It enters the depths of oblivion. It brings the child who is crying back up to the surface in order to remind him that there is someone nearby who can comfort him. He remains in grace because prayer has obtained for him the graces required to prevent him from drowning in his drunkenness.

Only God is able to sustain this world. Without prayer, my son, this world would not even exist. Without prayer, my son, there would be devastation in the hearts of children and there would be nothing but death. Look at this world and smile at life, for this world still exists because of your prayer and it has faith that it will find happiness one day. At this moment, it does not know where to find it. I am calling upon hearts to gather together so they can pray, as my Father's work has already been accomplished.

Have faith, children of love. Look at what you are living. Did I not say recently that children would look at my Church and ask themselves whether it was still alive? You must live this time of birth. You are living this time, which is so important for you: live it in faith. Gather together, children of love, to give one another strength, for the The Love is with you.

I love you, my son; I love you, my children of love.

This time is preparing you for what is to come. Every day is a day of hope. Every day is a day that immerses you in faith. Allow yourselves to be immersed in my Living Water – it nourishes you, it quenches your thirst with an eternal movement of love: the one of my Father. Do not be afraid; all has been accomplished. Fulfil your destinies, children of love, because you must follow the same path as Christ. I persevered to the very end. I am asking you to persevere to the end even when all will seem lost to you, and then, all will come back to life. Look, children of love, spring is just around the corner. Amen, my children.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord. As an act of thanksgiving, can we say a ‘Glory Be’? Father?

The priest: Just a ‘Glory Be’… Perhaps we should sing a ‘Hail Mary’ first and then we could end with a ‘Glory Be’.

♪♪♪  “Hail Mary…”

All: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

The priest: May the blessing of almighty God come down upon every one of us, and upon our prayer group in Draguignan, which isn't very big, but which, I believe, has a great mission of faithfulness, as was mentioned earlier. May the Lord almighty bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

All: Amen.