Gathering of Love with God’s Action in Edmundston, New Brunswick

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit : I am in the presence of the voice that speaks to me inside myself; not for me but for you.


Jesus : My priest, my chosen son, spoke to you tonight; he produced from inside himself words of love. He has faith in what he is : an active member of my Church.

I need not choose between my son of predilection and a child who gives herself; my son is in me, in the Christ-Priest :he has this power through his priesthood : he is in me,

just as I am in this child, just as I am in each one of you :

I am the Presence, I am the Life.

You have received, through the consecrated hands of my son : my Body, my Blood,

I am in you, I live within you, my children :

I speak within you, my children.

This world needs to hear that it is in my Presence;

it has lost faith in me, I who am Jesus-Host;

It asks itself why go receive a piece of bread, while it sees nothing, feels nothing;

these children need me, they need to know that I am the Life, their life inside themselves.

If they are alive, it is because I, I am the Life; it is I who nourish each life.

This world (the children) is becoming lost due to materialism,

this world is becoming lost because it is sufficient unto itself.

They do not want to acknowledge that they are God’s children.

They have received Baptism, but they have lost the meaning of this sacrament;

they came with their parents to receive this life-giving sacrament, which cleanses them of the original sin :

and welcomes them into God’s family, my Father’s family.

This child who is speaking to you is but an instrument, she does not have the same value as my consecrated sons :

she is a member of my Church, just as you, you are members of my Church.

I am the mystical Body :

        I am the Head of my Church,

        my active members are my priests

        and you, you are my members :

        you must acknowledge yourselves as God’s children.

You bear the Life within yourselves and the Life gives himself to each of you in order to nourish you, in order to feed you so as to show you your presence in me, the Life.

It is not I, my children, who am unaware that I am Life,

it is you who are unaware that you are children within me, within the Life.

I speak to each one of you because you carry my children, you carry your brothers and your sisters within you :

through my Presence within you, you carry life and life is each of my Father’s children.

I speak in your interior, I speak for my children.

What you receive today, they as well receive it, for I gave myself on the Cross for each of you, and I nourish life :

life, my children, is my Life and you are in my Life.

I cannot remain silent, for this world forgets that it is in me, that it lives in me.

I gave my teachings,

but the children of this world have allowed themselves to be manipulated by children who have followed their pride, vanity;

they do not want to acknowledge themselves as God’s children;

and so Satan came to trouble my children,

and today you confuse my truth with your own words, which have emerged from your world filled with pride, a world that takes itself for me;

they no longer want to acknowledge that they are children of my Church;

they want to see themselves as children who are free in a world which has evolved.

They are living in a modern world.

All this began with television, with radio.

A machine was brought into your homes that emits images and sounds : this is television, my children,

and over time :

        it has made you forget your prayers,

        it has made you forget your moments of intimacy between you and me,

        it shows you a world full of itself;

all those images are false, my children, on the most part;

take note of all those hours you spend before those programs invented out of nowhere to seduce you,

showing a man and a woman who live a life full of bitterness, of jealousy :

today, they show divorces as being normal;

they show scenes of violence as being inoffensive,

who among you has not watched these scenes while saying :

        Oh! he deserved it!

        Oh! look at what he did!

        Ah! if only he could get caught!

And sometimes you shed a tear when you see a child who has lost his parents; you see his torment,

but you have become indifferent.

You do not see that Satan has shown you a world of sin:

you see it in front of you and you do not recognize it anymore.

How can you, my children, say to yourselves: I am in a state of sin;

you can no longer do this, for you cannot even recognize true from false anymore;

you live your life excusing one behaviour or another by saying : that is not our fault, others showed us that it wasn’t so bad :

and so, without noticing it, you rid yourselves of your guilt regarding what you have done.

You behave, my children, like children who are indifferent to your own interior.

 Oh! my children of love, I am a God full of love for you.

Do you believe that I will remain silent before your attitudes?

No, my loves, for I know your suffering, I know your prayers;

I know that you say to me :

        “Oh! Jesus, see, I suffer, I lost my husband, he left me;

        oh! Jesus of love, I have a child, she is suffering because her husband is no longer with her, he chose to live his own life;

        oh! Jesus, see our suffering, I have a hard time enduring this pain, come, come and help me.”

You see, my children, I am alive in each one of you : I hear your prayers,

but you are unable to analyse your suffering on your own,

for everything within you has forgotten what you are.

You are children of God, children of love.

I taught my apostles lessons showing them my Father’s love for them;

they discovered that by following Moses’ laws they were able to love :

to love who they were, to love their brothers and their sisters;

I showed them how merciful my Father is, full of love, of gentleness!

and, through my sacrifice, they recognized the Son of God who gave himself out of love for them and for you.


My children, this modern world has distorted your lives

and today you have trouble recognizing your mistakes.

Today, we do not utter the word “sin”, we say “little mistakes”

and even at that, you do not seek to go further for fear of seeing what you are doing too clearly;

you no longer wish to listen to the words of my priests who give themselves.

Yes, my children, each time a priest speaks of my Gospel : these are graces meant for you,

and when the priest gives his homily : his words are graces, lights, for you .

Through his priesthood, I come to you!

And if at times, my children, this world, that has allowed itself to become numb, makes you discover the weakness

of one of my priests, then, my children, I ask of you, in the name of love, to pray for him so that he may be protected

from Satan’s attacks.

My Mother asks you to pray : she asks you to pray for her sons of predilection

for, you see, without my priests, who would nourish you?

I am the Nourishment!

Only a priest has the power to change the bread, to change the wine, into my Body and into my Blood,

none of you has this power; it is given to him by us, the Trinity :

it is our power and through him, God grants you graces.

But the children of this world

        have denied my teachings,

        lauding their own ideas, their ways of seeing things,

        they have gone as far as forgetting my holy sacraments;

        they no longer know, or voluntarily refuse to return within themselves to discover what has been deposited in them :

        my loving Presence.

But you, my children, who accept to live in God’s presence, you see the light, you carry my children :

it is requested of you that you give them to me without judging them.

It is you, my children, my children of the Light, who will present my children to me at the moment of the Offertory so

that my priest, who is in the Christ-Priest, may present your brothers and your sisters to my Father, so that they may

receive graces.

To whom would I ask this if not to you who frequent my Church, who come to my priests to receive my sacraments?  You are the salt of the earth, you must share what God gives you.

My Mother has warned the children of this world at the Salette.

Read her messages, they are truth and you will, my children, recognize that message that my Mother gave for your


I am The Love, I cannot allow you to become mired in your errors : you are making my Church suffer.

You are members of my Church and those who become lost, I carry them, I gave myself on the Cross on their behalf.

Am I therefore going to make of my gesture a gesture which is not living?

I cry out within each one of you : Love yourselves, love the ones you carry, give them to me, offer them to me : I am the Almightiness, everything within me is love.

I am the Father’s Word, I carry out his Will; you act in me through my graces.

You, my children, you cannot do this, only I can within you.

All that belongs to you is your yes : your consent

that is the only choice you must give to God, however, you see, there is also another choice within you, the one of refusing.

God is a God of freedom, he respects each one of you, he cannot force you : God is love.

Through the choice of Adam and Eve, you have good and evil inside you;

        it is up to you to say yes to God and it is through my sacraments that you will have the strength to say :

        “No, we refuse to continue letting ourselves be manipulated by a world that has lost faith,

        a world that extols vice, violence,

        I do not want to live in this world;

        but you, Jesus of love, you can help us;

        help us, Jesus of love, we also want to save our brothers and our sisters by dying in you,

        for you are the Saviour :

        it is only through you that I will manage to turn my life into a life of love,

        because love, it is you : you gave yourself out of love,

        I want to give myself like you, you gave yourself;

        but Jesus, I am afraid, you know,

        because when we learn to give ourselves like you, you gave yourself, I see that I also have to suffer and this makes me afraid.”

My children of love, I know each one of you, I know your interior, it is through my graces that you will abandon yourselves.

The suffering within you is known to you due to sin; it is not I who brought suffering into your world, it came through

the “no” to good and it is this “no” that has caused you to know sin,

and, because of sin : you suffer.

I, Jesus, I carried all your sins unto death.

Look at my body, I endured all your sufferings!

At the moment of my agony, I experienced all those sufferings caused by all your sins;

not a single one was unknown to me :

I took everything within myself, I carried all of you.

My children of love, when you accept your sufferings and you give them to me, I, I pour graces into you :

        graces of love,

        graces of abandonment,

        graces of light,

        graces of strength;

you discover your life in God; and then, your sufferings become less painful : you accept to bear your cross :

your cross has been in my Cross.

My loves,

        you are also aware of the sufferings of your children;

        you are also aware of the sufferings of your loved ones;

        you are also aware of the sufferings of the children of this world;

        you are aware of the sufferings of my Church :

give me your sufferings!

I carried all of them, your cross shall be less heavy; you will have the courage to go forward in your life while discovering joy within yourselves,

for when we discover that God loves us despite the fact that we have sinned,

        suffering serves to purify you,

        it no longer becomes a burden,

        you are even, my children, capable of enduring the suffering of your brothers and your sisters,

        for these sufferings are graces :

and this is the true worth of your life as children of God.

God gives, he cannot withhold his love and his love is grace for you.

Each of you, discover who you are inside, discover your brothers and your sisters;

you will see, my children, that your life will become a life of love.

I announced a time of preparation for my New Earth.

My children, you the children of the Light, you are living your purification; you are living this time, it has begun!

You are allowing yourselves to be transformed like this child who has allowed herself to be transformed in order to give up her human will, so as to die in Jesus

to live her life in the Will of The Love.

My children, Adam and Eve lived in God : they lived in the Will of God

but, through their disobedience, they gave up living in God in order to live in their human will : this was their choice.

They were tempted by Satan;

they did not come to me, to God, in order to receive graces of strength to resist temptation :

and so, they lived exiled from Paradise, in their human will,

and you, my children, you are the descendants of Adam and Eve:

you live in your human will and the human will lives in good and in evil.

I am announcing a time of love when you will have to give up your human will in order to live in the Will of God, in love, loving one another.

The Our Father shows you how you should behave, shows you the choice you must make so that my Father’s Will may reign on earth as in Heaven.

Through your own choice, you accept to allow yourselves to be transformed into children of God in the Will of God. Pray, my children, so that your brothers and your sisters accept to live in the Divine Will, renouncing evil.

It is you, my children, who are the children of the Light.

You must tell your brothers and your sisters how much I love them!

When the time will come when my children will see glorified Jesus within themselves, they will have to answer with a yes or a no, and those who will say yes will go to my priest to receive my Nourishment.

I will fill them with graces of love that will transform them into children of the Divine Will, and they will be on earth in love.

My loves, I am in you, I am the Truth in you; all has been said.

This time is a time of graces, benefit from my graces : go, my children, receive my sacraments;

come to me in the Eucharist : I am the Source of life, I am the celestial Nourishment so that I may nourish you with my love.

Through the presence of my priest, of my chosen son, receive graces for his hands are my Hands. Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit : The Lord is asking me to bear witness to his action :

he is in me, through his voice.

You know,  I didn’t choose this, all this was new to me.

I didn’t believe that Jesus could talk inside us.

I would pray, I would go to mass, I had great respect for priests, very great!

That’s what mom and dad had taught us at home, but, to go from there to thinking that Jesus could talk in hearts : ah! well!

that for me, that was really something new, since I had never even thought that Jesus could talk in priests.

But I knew that priests were everything Jesus represented on earth.

That was why I didn’t talk to priests, it was too important!

I was really shy and I think this is still what happens inside of me.

Because when a priest is close to me, Jesus, he doesn’t talk to me anymore, he doesn’t talk anymore,

and he always talks, he talks all the time, thus: “I love you”, “listen”, “be obedient,” he gives me lessons,

but, when it’s a priest, he says : Be quiet and listen

And then, he makes me discover the greatness of priests :

it’s so important, but I think we don’t realize it.

When I can abandon myself, I say that I can, I’m not the one who can do this, it’s the Lord who overcomes me,

but when this happens, it’s during the Eucharist;

but it starts with the sacrament of Penance, then during Communion I receive Jesus :

and then, everything happens inside of me.

He talks to me, and then he tells me he’s the Presence and he shows me something beautiful inside myself.

He says :  “Come with me”, then I see myself mostly from the back : and then I go forward, I follow him;

and then a bright light,

but I can’t describe that light because :

       it’s radiant,

       it’s transparent,

       it’s opaque, and at the same time,

       it’s an entire space :

       there’s no ceiling, there are no walls,

       there’s no floor :

       it’s a light,

       and I enter into this and then : I see.

The first time, I saw Jesus:

       but Jesus, he’s standing,

       he has a tunic on, it’s white,

       but I can’t manage to see his face as I would like to,

       but I know his hair is down to here, (motions to her shoulders),

       you know, maybe we can see him as we want to see him, I don’t know…

       I can’t describe him to you, but I know how I see him :

       he’s radiant, Jesus,

       but at the same time that there’s light all around him : I can see Jesus

       but his light, it’s all radiant, it’s as if his clothes were white, white, white

       and him, his face…

       but do you know what is the most beautiful of all?

       I think it’s what I feel when I look at him : it’s purity : it’s so beautiful!

       And when it’s the Father…

       ah! then, it’s a completely different matter!

       It’s as if I was so little, so tiny

       and everything inside me is all tenderness :

       he’s a Father of love!

       There’s also the Holy Spirit!

       There are three persons.

       But you know, for me, anyway, the Father isn’t any older than the Son : he’s not an old man, the Father,

       he’s like his Son and the Holy Spirit is like the Father too,

       but, there’s something different :

       it’s that the Father is always higher than the Son and the Holy Spiri :

       That’s what happens inside of me,

       and when I see them, it’s to abandon myself.

       He says : “You are nothing, look.”  Then, he makes me see as if I was tiny and he makes me disappear.

Today, it was different; he made me disappear inside a cross,

and I saw a cross., he said : “You see, you are no more!”

And so, that’s how it is, I can present myself in front of you and he tells me that it’s not me who’s here.

I’m the one who’s here but I mean that I’m not the one who has to talk, I only have to listen and these words are the ones he says but he respects who I am, because God is full of love for each of us : each person.

And so, he takes me just as I am.

But, as I hear each word, I can’t guess what the next one is; he’s not saying sentences but words;

and so I repeat the words and, quite often at the end of an evening, I say : “How did it go?”

Because, you know, when you repeat one word at a time, they’re not sentences, and so I can’t tell if it went well, and if, in spite of this, it produced something interesting to listen to,

because for me it’s only one word at a time!

Once, it wasn’t that long ago, about fifteen days ago, we were going home after a day like today, and I was listening to a tape : Ah! it was so beautiful what he was saying! and then, it came to me all of a sudden, and so, I said : “Turn the tape off.” O.K., listen :

And then, I said  : “What happens to me when my eyes are closed;

it’s like when you drive a car :

you hold on to the steering wheel, you have the steering wheel in your hands,

you know you have something under you, under your car,

but there’s no road in front of you, it’s a complete void;

and then, God says the words, the words make the car go forward : a word is spoken, the car goes forward;

And so, can you imagine that when I say a word, I don’t know the word that will come after it and I can’t even

know how long it will be, what the entire word can mean; I have to wait for him to say it.

In the beginning, when he started, well there was a person who said to me : “You often pause;”

and then she said : “Why do you pause?”

Well, it’s because I haven’t heard everything completely, I have to wait.

And then, sometimes, he, the Lord, he waits;

when I pause, it’s because he’s not saying anything; so, I have to pause;

and so, when he continues talking : then, I talk.

But he’s transforming me, it seems, because now it goes faster!

It’s as if I, with the words, we form one thing : and so, now, sometimes things just go too fast! But sometimes, he has pity on me : he stops.

He knows me, he knows my weakness, and I know another thing also, I never know what I’m going to say, not at all! He never prepares me, because he says : “It’s not up to you to know, it’s not your evening, it’s my evening!”

But also, when you don’t know what you’re going to say, you’re not afraid, you don’t worry.

You know, I don’t have a great education; I went up to grade nine, – secretarial course – you know

and so, I’m not used to the public and he knows this.

This is why he keeps me in ignorance; I don’t need to worry, I stand behind him :

and so, I let myself go in what I hear,

and if sometimes, there’s something he says : uh, I don’t know, that I don’t really understand : I let the Lord go,

because what he says, he knows that certain people will hear him : it’s what they wanted to hear.

Each person who’s here : God is in union with your interior.

And so I would say to myself all the time – well, it happens often - : “Lord, you have said everything, what are you going to say?” But he always knows! because it’s a movement that takes place, between your presence and his Presence, in him; because when he talks, he talks in heart : he comes to nourish the interior; he doesn’t come to nourish what is external. If he nourishes the interior, it’s because he knows that it’s our life : it’s there, it must nourish itself with his Presence, with his graces,

and it’s only then that our exterior will benefit from it.

We often ask ourselves : “Lord, do you want to heal me?” But the Lord is going to heal the interior before because we’re too…

First of all, we wouldn’t understand his gesture :

It’s like someone who’s walking on the street; he goes forward, he sees a child, he wants to say hello,

but the child is looking at him, he doesn’t say hello; instead, he makes a face at him.

Why? Because the child doesn’t know the person there, he’s a stranger.

And so, that’s what we risk doing to Jesus when we ask for healing.

If we don’t know ourselves, we’re like strangers;

what I mean is, when we don’t know ourselves, we don’t know the graces God gives us, we don’t know who we are, in relation to Jesus.

And so when Jesus performs a miracle, how can you appreciate it?

We are unfamiliar with God’s grace; and so, we wouldn’t even be able to appreciate what he gives us.

We have to learn to know who we are, always in relation to Jesus : that’s our true life, that’s when we really have worth.

Today, - even me, eh! – we have too much of a tendency to want to please ourselves, always for the external, but we have forgotten the most important thing : it’s our interior.

And so, Jesus has listened to us, and so, he had pity on us!

You know, when you gave your homily, (The Girl of My Will in Jesus addresses the priest who is in the hall) what truth, what light!

And then, Jesus, he said to me “Look at my son, he is like a pillar, he is not afraid to defend me.”

And then, I felt very little!

Would I be able  to do the same thing that he had done before my friends?

We must dare, we must defend Jesus.

It’s certain that if we begin, us, to want to evangelize :  well! we’ll be turned away;

but the priest can do it.

You know, these words come to me through the Holy Spirit, because he doesn’t even want me to give a testimonial in my human will,

because those words would be worthless,

and that’s what we have a tendency to do when we’re in front of someone :

we lose our cool,

       we babble,

       we want to use our human will so much,

       we want to lead it to the right path,

       but that, that’s what our mistake is.

       We have to let God flow inside us,

       we have to talk about love,

       we have to know what we’re talking about,

       we really have to let ourselves be transformed,

       and the only way, that I, I have found :

       well! it’s to turn to the sacraments, there, you can get everything you need,

       and after, when you read, then you understand.

That’s how he started with me; when I was small, I lived in a family of thirteen children, mama had fourteen,

but there was one that died;

and so, we learned the catechism in school, we received good values;

we recited our rosary with Cardinal Léger : and so, the Lord took care of me.

At school, I was also taught by nuns,

and after working, I met a young man and the first thing I asked him was “Are you Catholic?”

That, that was the first thing I asked;

and, sometimes we would say to each other : “If I had said no, what would you have done?” I said “I wouldn’t have gone out with you.”

You see, God took care of me; those were graces he was giving me.

And I raised my children by showing them also how to love Jesus.

At home, there were lessons, little lessons on catechism; I wanted even more : ah! I was strict!

even my husband would say to me : “Ah! everybody knows it, you, you’re extravagant! when you start something,

you always go too far!” Well! it’s true that I’m like that! Well! it’s because God made me like that for him!

And if I was able to be like that, it’s because I was going to mass : without knowing it, God was guiding me all the time.

Today, we see our children, they don’t practice anymore, almost; it’s because they’ve moved away from the

sacraments, from the Church.

We have to come back, but we can’t do this ourselves all alone, it’s Jesus who will do it : He’s teaching us slowly

to abandon them.

When he says to us : “Give me your children.” We must give them to him.

And so, when we go to mass, well! we give them : we give them to him at the moment of the Offertory.

Do you know what happens inside of me at the moment of the Offertory?

When the moment of the Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy…) arrives, then I feel a great joy inside;

I let myself go in that joy and I know that the Father is there, that the Holy Spirit is there and that Jesus is there. Before that moment Jesus offers himself : and then, he says to me : “Close your eyes and approach.”

At first, he would make my angel go forward and I would see angels going forward down an aisle,

and then depositing offerings on the altar

now, he says : “You can come forward.”

And so, I go forward, and sometimes, my angel covers me,

and now I can put my children on the altar, but I also put all the children : my brothers and my sisters of the whole

world :

this, he showed me how, this is what we have to do too :

we have to put our children, our brothers, our sisters and the children of the whole world on the altar so that the priest can, in Jesus, present them to the Father,

and this is how we will help each other because God wants us all in him,

and it’s up to us, as children of love, to do it.

Of course, I’m talking about it now, because he talked to me about all this before.

I received teachings during the night as well as during the day; even while I was sleeping I would see things, and

when he would wake me up : he would explain those things to me.

In the beginning, I let myself go in all this, now, I can understand them and it’s in the Holy Spirit that I can bear witness to Jesus’ love for each one of us,

and this is what he does when we give our yes, when we come to bring our offerings on the altar : he transforms us as he desires, at his own pace, because he knows all of us.

I thank you very much, you know.

It’s the first time that I leave my province to speak and I did it in a state of calm because he’s the one who went ahead of me : it was easy,

but I believe that there’s something that touched me a great deal : I was welcomed by Mrs. Yanne in her home;

She didn’t know me and I received an amazing welcome!

And beforehand, when I arrived here, there were people I didn’t know, well, by name only, they came to welcome me,

I thank you very much

and what beautiful singing! You know, your singing is wonderful; with the guitar, it’s beautiful!

One day, Jesus said to me : “You are all my children.” And then, I saw a mountain and at the top of the mountain, there was a cross

he said : “You see, all my children must climb towards the Cross and I do not look to see if he is white, if his skin is black, if he speaks a different language : you are all my children and this is how you must all come to me.” This, this is wonderful, we are all brothers and we are all sisters.

When he spoke to me about the war in Israel, at first – because they are his people, his chosen people – I felt so much love in Jesus; because he makes me feel things, eh! We can’t… it’s like when we receive Communion, eh! then, we feel a warmth inside, but  that’s Jesus’ presence. And so when he talks to me, also, I feel things. And so, Jesus of love, when he talked to me about his people, I felt that he was so in love with them, despite the fact that he was not acknowledged  as the Son of God.

But they are his people, and he loves them! And so how can I not love them?

We fall in love and it’s the same thing for Iraq and Iran.

One time, I was at a gathering and there were people behind me, they were talking against, –  we won’t repeat the words or the names out of respect for our brothers and our sisters – and so they were saying : “Him, he’s against that one. And…” and so, I turn around because someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turn around; so, they go on

talking : and then the Lord, he says to them like this :

“It’s like a child who finds himself in a field,

he took possession of it as if it were his,

but he walks about, and there is some poison ivy,

there are all kinds of weeds in the field,

there is also good grass.

But, for him, that field is his!

He’s a tiny child, he invites other children to come with him,

while there are dangerous weeds that will harm them.”

And then, he said : “You see, he is a child and he is my child, I love him!”

And then they understood.

We are all children, even if there are some who fight, we are all God’s children :

we must not judge them, we must pray for them : that’s what God’s love is.

We have to keep our peace in all this;

it’s then, when we’re at peace, that we love our brothers and our sisters, and  that we can help them;

if we’re afraid, worried, we won’t think of praying for them :

we’ll remain in a state full of questions, of fear, and so we won’t pray.

This is why our holy Father the Pope asked us to keep our peace, to pray : this is God’s love.

He loves, God, doesn’t he, to give us someone as wonderful as he holy Father : We are God’s family,

God’s great family.

There are not two of them, there’s only one, and it’s on the entire surface of the earth :

       there are no barriers,

       there are no borders,

       there are no provinces,

       there are no countries :

       there’s one family, the one that belongs to God.

I thank you for listening to someone like you give a testimonial. Do you know why I’m here? I don’t know any more than you do.

Why he chose me? Ah! my God! I don’t know anything about it

Can you imagine? Ah! I’m sure I’m not the only one!

But when we hear the Lord, we have the impression : “Oh my, this can’t be, not me, among billions of people! Hey!

there are billions of people on the earth, now, come on! But why?»

You know, this just isn’t possible! But if I stop to think about all this, I will hurt myself,

and I don’t think Jesus wants this : and so, I just simply said  : “Yes, Lord”;

and so, if the Voice says to me : “Go there,” : “Yes, Lord!”

and so, I have nothing to fell guilty about, I listen to the Voice : and so, I go

and when I will present myself before Jesus of Love,

then I will say to him  : “I listened to the Voice inside myself, Lord.” : this will be my defence!

Thank you.