Gathering of Love With God's Action in Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire,

With His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-05-17 – Part 2


Q: Have you heard of Luisa Piccarreta: living in the Divine Will?


A: The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, oh, yes! In the very beginning, around 1999, that’s when I began going to Marmora on pilgrimages; and they handed out a pamphlet, and it was enough for me to arrive home and say, “Jesus, you’re the one who’s doing the dishes, you’re the one who’s sweeping the floor.” It was all coming to me like this.

That’s what I know about her.


Q: Do you say the same thing everywhere you go?


A: The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The mission I have is to repeat what is inside me and it is to repeat what is inside every one of us here together.

We are children of the Divine Will and Jesus uses us.

Jesus, earlier, spoke within you, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, well, I hear what is inside you and I repeat; this happens in the same moment as the movement takes place.

When he says, “I will tell you a story,” I don’t know which story he's going to tell you; however, I don’t need to worry because he knows.

Since 2001, there have been gatherings, over three hundred gatherings up until now, over three hundred gatherings! There isn't a single gathering that is like another because we are in movement.

And so, Jesus, when he brings about gatherings, he heals; in this moment, you have received healings, there have been liberations.

Some happen afterwards: “Well, this is what happened to me, I was healed, I did this, I did that…” Well, this is their business, it’s between them and God; it’s not up to me to know what happens afterwards, I do my job, right?! But I benefit from this.

When people allow themselves to be healed, well, inside me, there is healing as well.

When a person receives a liberation, he finds peace again more easily, and well, my flesh feels this.

You see, when we allow ourselves to be liberated by God, everybody feels this, even those who live in China.

What he said earlier, well, this is since the beginning of the world; imagine that the souls in purgatory and the souls in Heaven have a flesh that is waiting at this moment, they (our brothers and our sisters).

Do you think that they don’t intercede in order to obtain graces for us so that we can abandon ourselves? They benefit from this, their flesh will benefit from this.

This is the Divine Will: movement of love.

We are children of the Light, Mother Mary told us so at the Salette; she said that she would make use of the children of the Light; and so, we are the fruits that Mother Mary revealed to us, and also the fruits of all those who prayed for us.

Why do we accept this whereas others don’t? Well, this is because we continued what they, they started: praying the rosary! Because we cast aside our rosary and we have just taken it up again: now, we pray with our heart.

When we used to pray when we were very young, up to twelve years old, they were prayers of children of love, but afterwards, oh, praying at 12, 13, 14, 15 (years old) began to be a chore!

We liked listening to rock music, we turned our televisions on, everybody turned their television on; we watched to daily news: oops, a movie here, a movie there, this was to our liking. Ah! A soap opera: we were nourishing ourselves with this, but now, we’re relearning how to pray.

This is Mother Mary, this is her work; prayers belong to Mary.

When we say a “Hail Mary,” in the second part, we say, “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us,” and well, this is what she does.

Mother Mary, she has always prayed for us, and so, we cannot take credit for what we are today – that credit belongs to Heaven, and we benefit from this.  

That is what we did this afternoon and this is what we’re going to do over and over again.

There are four (volumes: one) book that (was written) by the hand that I am; I would write, I would hear, I would write; I would hear the voice and I would write, and when I began going where God was sending me, they were taping what I was saying.

But I remember that in the very beginning, we hadn't started taping, and so it was impossible to remember what I was repeating; I couldn’t do two things at once: being present within myself and present externally, but what he was saying was so good that people wanted to hear it again.

That’s when we began taping and many tapes have been made; this is a blessing that we have.

There are some (tapes) here, but if we go back to the beginning… if you could see all the tapes we have! I think I must have five or six suitcases… but you can find this on the internet.

Yes, we have a little card that the Lord showed us how to make. The Lord, he's the one who does everything. So now we can distribute this and you will be able to read; the four books are on the Internet.


Q: Are the books similar to Sister Faustine’s journal?


R: The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: No, the books are different; the books lead us to the purification of the flesh.

The first one is about love, love and more love, so much so that there isn't a single sentence without love.

Jesus, he says, “You have forgotten love, you have been brainwashed.” And so, he's coming to talk to us about it again.

In the second one, he talks to us about ourselves in relation to him.

Ah! In the third one, he talks to us about love, about the love among the children of God, the couple; he can also talk to us about the love we must have for those who have fallen into sin.

We must not be against our brothers and our sisters, but we must not accept sin.

After having completed those three, then he talks to us about the purification of the flesh, the Great Purification.

There will come a time when the Holy Spirit will make us enter within ourselves; this will take place at a time that God the Father knows.

Wherever we may be, be it at work, be it at home, no matter where, when the moment has arrived, we will enter within ourselves, and before Jesus, before the Light, we will see all our choices before sins; we will live what sin has made us live: the consequences.

All shall be done through the justice of God the Father.

How is he going to do this? He will make us aware of his love for us; with his love, we will look at our life; so don’t try to hide something, nothing will be hidden: this is God's justice.

The gatherings we hold, the gatherings of love, are to obtain graces to help all our brothers and our sisters to make it through that moment with graces.

Jesus has prepared everything; he suffered the Passion for us, he went all the way to the end for us, in order to obtain for us the strength to live what we’re going to live.

The Gospel says that there will be a time when all will live in a world of love, when his Father's chosen ones will know that there is only one God; they will no longer be in evil; and so, this is what God is preparing for us: this world of love.

And this is written in the Gospel but no one ever came to talk to us about it because it wasn’t yet time: now it is time.

Do you remember when we read in the Gospel that John, John wrote, wrote down everything he was seeing? But then God said, “Now eat what you have written.” It wasn’t yet time, now it is time.

It is necessary now for what he ate to emerge; it’s what we’re living, and it’s only Jesus who can do this – he's the one who will purify since he is the Purifier.

The priest is the Christ-Priest; the priest, through his sacrament of the Orders, is the Christ-Priest; he takes care of our soul.

The priest is also a man; he suffers bodily just like Paul suffered bodily: “There is a splinter in my flesh.” This wasn’t about sexuality, it was his human will that was making him suffer.

The Holy Spirit was making him feel what was in his flesh, that suffering that he couldn’t get rid of; only the Christ Jesus could have removed this because he had already done so.
The flesh, it’s Christ who will purify it, but the soul needs the graces of the sacraments, it needs the Body and the Blood of Jesus; the more the soul receives graces, the more we will have the strength to give to Jesus: the causes, choices and consequences.

Satan is going to do everything he can to prevent us from turning to the priests; this is why he has hounded priests for many, many years, because Jesus has entrusted his flock to the priests, and he knows this.

But if the priests are not as we, we would like them to be with regards to their human behaviour, they are so through the sacrament of the Orders as the Christ-Priest.

We must always pray for the human will that is in priests, so that they don’t use it; and well, if they do use it, this is because we have lacked abandonment in Mary’s hands, we have given up saying the rosary – we have to take it up again.

We must support our priests; without priests we are lost – you know this.

But Jesus, he said to us, “Nothing shall prevail against my Church.”

And so, he is in the process of nourishing our trust in him.

This, our purification, will not happen without some suffering – don’t forget this – but together we will have Jesus’ strength.

And so, Jesus has just said, “Now go to mass.”

Thank you, Jesus of love.