Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




God the Father: My children of love, God has chosen, each one of you himself; he has given you, inside, the voice of The Love: it is that voice that, here, tonight, is speaking to you.

I am The Love, I am living.

No, my loves, I am not repeating myself, for every time that you hear The Love speak of love, a change takes place within you: you become, through God’s power, through The Love’s power, beings of love. Within love, my children, there is a movement, and this movement is living: it is God's Life.

Life in God is immutable: it cannot change, it is indefinable love, for who among you could grasp who God is?

There are no words, known to you, that could describe who God is: the Supreme Being, the Being of love who loves you to the point of giving his own Life for you.

Who among you, my children, could imagine such a love?

Who among you, my children, would be able to give himself, to offer himself: up to the Life of the Life of the very One who is his Son.

He, he is The Love.

The Love separated himself in order to go to you, to offer you his Being: my Son is me.

Who can understand this movement of love? There is only The Love who can grasp the entire magnitude of this unique gesture.

My children, this movement

        is so perfect,

        it is so sublime,

        it is so giving of itself

that no being can carry it out!

The Love offered himself on your behalf, little beings of God. He wants to have you within him, he wants you to be part of love, of unconditional love, where all is nothing but perfection.


Jesus: You, the imperfect of the earth, through your human will, you have caused my work to come to know errors. You have, my children, forgotten that God the Father gave his own Life for each one of you. He himself is the Life of his Life: you are, my children, a part of him.

It was God the Father, through a movement of love, who gave life to the first child of earth and that part, my children, is life.

Life cannot stop, it is perpetual:

        within each child, it is present:

        it is God's life;

        this life, my children, is in each one of you,

        is in each of the earth’s children,

        and this, since the first child of God.

He loves you, my children: he reminds you of this movement of love.

He wants you to know that he loves you despite all your human errors.

My children of love, listen to the voice that cries out in your lives:

        he wants to gather you together in his Life in order to turn you into what you should have been:

        children in his image,

        children of The Love perfect in all things,

        knowing only good,

        teaching your children only about love. Love is a movement, my children, it is giving of itself in all things.

Love cannot be kept to oneself, for love is alive.

He gives of himself continuously, he offers himself to make others happy, for his happiness: is to give the love that he is.

When he sees a child that is his, and who does not share the love he has given to him: his entire Being breaks down.

He is a gift of love, he wants his movement to be within that child.

If that child refuses to give what he has received from God, he stops the movement, and God, who is Love, waits.

He cannot force the child to give love, for God is Love: The Love does not force.

The Love is so loving that he sends The Love himself: his Being, to show how God loves his child, how God wants him to be the being of his Being!

He himself is in that child, he therefore cannot see to it that that child no longer give, he needs his love;

not that he is not able to be sufficient unto himself: he is the Essence of love of The Love, my Father is me, I am in my Father.

The Love is sufficient unto himself, but his love is so pure, so perfect, that he wants to give.

So, Jesus of Love came on earth to show that child from whom he came.

But that child did not understand: he refused to give himself to Jesus;

and so, Jesus of love offered himself to his Father to show how much he loved him!

His Child offered his Life to his Father, just like the Father offered his Life of the Life, who is his Son, for the sake of love.

In this movement, there is an indefinable gift of love, my children: a Father who gives his Life out of love, and a Son who gives his Life to his Father out of love, to save that child.

Who can understand this movement, my children? No one among you, it is too perfect!

God is that movement of love, he gave everything.

He wants, my children, to have you for himself: so, his Son of love bore all the mistakes that interrupted this movement in order to bring it (them) to death, so that there would no longer be any sins that would interrupt this movement of love. My children, Jesus accomplished his Father's work.

He performed, through his death, an act of abandonment to The Love, and God the Father, in his infinite love, himself, gave his acceptance of this abandonment.

He was with his Son in this movement, and The Love triumphed over death.

The Love made, with an explosion, a movement of love burst out:

the sublime Being of Life, his Son, came to know the Glory

of having given himself out of love for all those he loves.

 “O you, little being of love, it is to you that I am speaking, to you who acknowledge yourself a sinner, an imperfect being of that love, if you agree to allow yourself to be taken up by this movement of love, then you are accepting that I eradicate from you all that is not love.

In order to enter into me, you must come as a being of love by living only to please God, not yourself, not for what is external to love, but only for love.

In order to become, you as well, a complement to this movement of love, when you agree to being purified: you are also agreeing to acknowledge that you are very little, weak, and, through what you are, you bring to life within yourself your need to feel that you as well are love; but it is because of this, my son/my daughter, that you go ask for forgiveness: forgiveness for all those mistakes that you caused towards The Love, and when, through the intervention of my holy son, the priest, you receive forgiveness from us, you allow yourself to be taken up in this movement and you learn, slowly, to become the child that God expects of you.

You, who have known weakness, you have so much to learn!

I, I will help you, and it is with patience, with love, that I will sustain you so that you may be transformed into my image: a perfect being of love, a being filled with goodness who wants to give of himself without holding anything back for himself.”

Every child who experiences this movement of love can no longer stop himself from giving, for he discovers that giving makes him happy.

There is such joy within him that this stirs the love inside him and that love does not cease stirring.

He can no longer stop himself, he is a movement of love like his God, because his God nourishes him with his love.

God wants for each one of you, my children, to know this movement of love, eternally.

There is so much love that is unknown in this world! So many beings that have interrupted this movement!

Through your presence, my children, here, you want to make a gift of yourselves for your God, by accepting that he take from you what he himself placed there: his love, and, with his love, he will turn you into beings of his Being.

On your own, my children, you cannot do this, you must be completely abandoned.

Your imperfection prevents you from giving yourselves completely, and it is God, only God who can help you. Through your presence, here, in this holy place, in God's very dwelling, you come to draw God's nourishment: love.

My children, when the priest consecrates the bread, when he consecrates the wine, it is The Love that consecrates.

He presents you the Body, the Blood of The Love.

He gives himself to you, through the consecrated hands of the priest, and, through this movement of love, he offers himself so that you might offer yourselves, my children, and your entire being becomes part of this movement of love.

You cannot do this, my children, of your own accord, it is only Jesus who can do this within you.

This celestial Nourishment, it is love: it is my Father's love, it is the Son’s love, it is the Holy Spirit's love,

they are this movement of love.

God has been in this movement of love, for he is The Love, and you, my children, when you allow yourselves to be taken up by The Love, you allow yourselves to be transformed in this movement.

Therefore, my children, there is no need to ask oneself a million questions: “How can we become beings of love?” You need only allow yourselves to be loved by God.

It is necessary, my children, to have the desire to come and draw that Nourishment from within you so that God may carry out that act of love, and that desire, from the start, comes from my Father, comes from me, comes from the Holy Spirit.

He places within you graces so that you might come towards The Love.

All is a gift from my Father for you: all is a movement of love.

Life, my children, is love! No one, yes, I do mean no one, my children, can interrupt this movement of love, for love is alive. It is you, my children, through your refusal to move, it is you who cause this interruption for yourselves.

God of Love carries each one of you: he wants you all for himself, he does not want for a single one to become lost.

Be good to yourselves, love who you are, learn to know your interior.

God is in this movement of love; he wants to teach you to recognize yourselves as you really are: beings created for giving, beings created for sharing, beings created to offer everything about themselves to God, to themselves, to their neighbour.

My children, be beings who want to live for eternity in a movement that cannot be interrupted, for love nourishes itself with love, and love produces love, and love always gives of itself so that it may give again.

You who do not know how to recognize that you are part of this movement, abandon yourselves in God, God himself will help you.

My children, I am the One who wants each one of you, I am the Movement of love, and it is this movement that speaks to you here tonight in this instrument.

You are, you as well, in this movement; you are united to all those who have responded to God's call.

Inside you there is that thirst to know eternity, I am the Eternal One.

There is no need, my children, to give yourselves with fear, for love is the most beautiful, the most wonderful, the most perfect thing that exists for each of you, for therein is Nourishment of eternal love. Amen.