Gathering of Love With God's Action in Hinton, Alberta

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




 The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus says: “Now, you will close your eyes.”


Jesus: Each one of you, you must give yourselves; you are mine, you belong to my Father.

All that you are is willed by my Father; not one among you could have been what you are if my Father had not nourished you with his graces.

All has been prepared for you, I have prepared this world so that it can give itself.

You live in a world where it has been forgotten that Jesus is living.

I am the Life, I am the Presence, learn to remain within yourselves.

            To renounce oneself is to discover life in God;

            to renounce yourselves is to discover happiness in this world.

It is my Father's graces that can make you discover love: the love that gives, the love that does not demand.

I come to speak in your hearts, I am asking you, my children, to be attentive to these words, I will place words of renunciation within you, I will show you how to make choices.

All around you, you see a world that is in turmoil; all around you, there is a world that does not know itself.

This world lives on external things, it has not learned to live inside itself.

You, you are the children of this world, but because my Father has chosen you, you have been enveloped by his protection.

Because my Father knew who you were, because my Father knew everything about you, he knew that you were going to give of your time to his Word: I am the Word, I carry out my Father's Will.

Do not expect anything from this world: this world cannot bring you happiness, this world cannot make you grow in love.

You have seen much suffering, suffering is known to you because it inhabits you.

This world has evolved into a world without faith: it has been said that this world would become lost:

            when there will come a world that lives only of its ego,

            when there will come a world that will only consider it's own good deeds,

            when it will live only of its pride,

            when this world will no longer believe: there will come a great suffering in the Church, in my Church, in the one which I founded.

Then will come a time when God's children will have to choose:

            they will have to consider the fruits they have made;

            they will look at what they have accomplished; and

            they will have to choose if this is good, or if this did no more than fulfill their own well-being.

A great wind will blow over the earth, and will show them their harvest.

These children will be before all they have accomplished and all those who will find that this is sufficient, all those will fall into a trap, that trap which was built by Satan.

Those who will regard the harvest and will find that their fruits do not bear the flavour that God is expecting, and who will turn inwardly: they will see the Light.

They shall hear, and they shall see, and God will manifest himself to them.

God will instruct them in the Word that has been and that will be nourishment; God himself will nourish the children of his Word, his Word that was and will be.

God says: Children of your world, the pride of humans has surpassed all comprehension:

it has not been able to respect nature, it has not been able to respect one’s neighbour, it has not been able to respect the child that he is,

and God, from his interior, will show life and all movement in life, every thought in life: and there will be a choice.

Each one will choose if he wants to go on or if he wants to renounce all that is not of God.

Children of love, you are living this time!

At this very moment, you have choices to make: each one of you is in the presence of everything that is happening around you.

You see the misery of the world, you see the violence of the world, you must acknowledge that this is not of God, that this comes from human will, that this is there and it is not for you:

it is up to you alone to renounce all this, it is up to you alone to make the decision if you want to follow in God's steps.

You are my Father's chosen ones, you must be role models for your brothers and your sisters; you must, from now on, renounce what has killed your spiritual life:

every word that bears judgements against your neighbour, every thought that harms your spiritual life, every glance that gives rise within you to movements against The Love, all that is within you and that is not of God: must be given to Jesus.

I will create movements within you and this will become apparent to you:

you will begin to hear what you have already said, for this will make itself heard within you: you will remember your words;

images will appear within you, for you will remember having made certain gestures;

you will also be aware of all the feelings that have inhabited you: these feelings will resurface from within you.

All this will happen through God's power and God will make your choices known to you: you will become aware of all your flesh has accepted because of sin.

This flesh which you inhabit will have to be purified through God's graces.

A great fire of love will be felt within you: this will be a fire of repentance.

You will give Jesus all that dwells within you, I will give you graces of repentance.

These graces of repentance will be felt within you like a sense of peace, and the more you give, the more that sense of peace will inhabit you, and this will bring joy to your days,

for you will learn to see with the eyes of Jesus, you will learn to speak with the gentleness of Jesus.

You will no longer judge your neighbour, for you will understand that what dwells within you is also within your brothers and your sisters, you will understand that you dwell within all your brothers and your sisters of the entire world.

All you have thought, all you have said, all you have done, they have felt it because you form the Church, you form the Body of Jesus.

And it is with love that this shall be done, for when you will give everything to Jesus so that Jesus may purify your flesh, they will feel this through graces;

this will prepare them to look at their thoughts, their words, their gestures, the moment when they will say yes to Jesus.

They will say yes to Jesus because you will have agreed to give yourselves on their behalf as well.

This movement has already begun.

My children, you could not have come here tonight unless my graces had prepared you.

I took this person just as I took your person so that you might give yourselves for your brothers and your sisters of the entire world.

Only The Love will change the face of the earth, only The Love will purify the earth, only The Love will revive the earth.

Because I came into this world, I spoke of the Kingdom of my Father: I am my Father's Kingdom.

I spoke to you of a land of love: 

I spoke to you of my Father's Will, that my Father's Will shall be upon the earth as in Heaven, I am in my Father and my Father is in me;

the moment I came on earth, I took all of you within me; you are part of the earth, therefore, you dwell on earth, my children, you dwell in Jesus;

all my Father has done, he did it through The Love, and I am in my Father; my Father's creation is in me: you are mine, the earth is mine: you see that I am the New Earth.

I shall renew the earth through my Being.

I will show you that all that you are is of my Father, all that you are cannot be parted from my Father's creation.

When my Father created Adam, he placed his Breath of life within Adam: life is my Father's All.

Inside you, my Father placed his Life, you are a whole within his All: my Father is the Almightiness, you dwell in the Almightiness.

Because of your human will, you have not understood my Father's love; your whole is unknown to yourselves, as little as it may be, be yourself.

You belong to my Father and all together you form my All: there is not one thing about you that is not of the Son of God.

When I came to earth, I took everything about you: thoughts, words, deeds are within me.

Through my Precious Blood I purified all your bad deeds; all you have done, I cleansed it in order to purify you, in order to erase all your impurities, so that you might be my Father's children.

I, I have carried out my Father's Will in all things,

my choice has been to carry out my Father's Will: this is my yes.

You, you have a choice to make: it is to pronounce your yes, your yes that is so fragile, so small due to your human will.

But I, I will take everything about you, I will envelop it with my yes and I will take you where you, you cannot go:

within yourselves, there where you have formed choices, there where you have allowed things to enter you that should not have entered you.

How many of your choices have been against you, and this has wounded you!

You have lived with your parents’ choices and this has penetrated your interior; your parents have also allowed their parents’ choices to penetrate them, and as your parents have allowed this to penetrate them: this is within you.

You see, my children, I am trying to explain that, inside you, there are movements unknown to you, and this has wounded your life and you have not been able to behave as children who are worthy of my Father.

My Father has seen all you had done even before you came into this world, he gave his Son; he gave his Being of his Being to take all you had within you and bring it unto death.

My Father's mercy is beyond anything you can imagine.

My Father gave the Son so that he could take everything, from the first sin to the last.

He also took all your sins, from the first wound, which was the one of Adam and Eve, up to the last, which will be caused by a child yet to be born.

And the Son took on everything and he agreed to live all the movements of all God's children; this is why I know you.

This is why my Father's mercy is upon you, because my Father's mercy is the Son's mercy, and why The Love’s mercy is upon you.

Understand that God has forgiven the entire being that you are, but you must become aware of this.

You must freely pronounce your yeses to Jesus, this will turn you into beings who are in Jesus: dead to life and alive in Jesus.

I am the Life, I am The Love; your human life cannot understand life in God, it is only through my Father's graces that you have been able to understand what the Son's love is about.

But what you understand, what you know is so little!

Try to see a tiny speck that is the size of a grain of sand in the universe: this is impossible to the human being.

When you enter within yourselves, when you agree to die in Jesus, a light shows itself within you, a light draws out who you are;

it makes you penetrate into the Light and the Light shows you, it shows you the being that you are, and the being that you are begins to understand that love, it is God, and that God is the All, and the All is in the All of God, and the universe is in the All of God;

as God is above everything that is, the universe appears to you as a place,

and as you have agreed to enter into God's All, then you can see that little speck that is you within God's All, for God reveals himself to you;

it is God who draws you to him, it is God who breathes love over you, it is God who awakens your senses, it is God who teaches you to speak of love.

When you are like this, everything becomes light, everything becomes warmth and you become love, and love enters into The Love and The Love makes himself known;

a great flavour makes itself felt: you can no longer leave that flavour that is The Love because you have just tasted eternity.

Children of love, you are in Jesus, you live life in Jesus, you are in eternity.

For when you agree to enter within yourselves, you taste eternity; and so, the outside world loses importance, for you know that God is more important than your physical life.

As you place more importance upon your spiritual life, the outside world begins to take on a new face: you see that life, it is less complicated;

you see that life depends on God, and as you have learned to taste love, the flavour of eternity, then you have complete faith in God;

fear no longer exists within you, then the outside world no longer makes you afraid: you have learned to taste joy, therefore the outside world brings you joy.

You see, this is what you are in the process of tasting.

What God wants for you, you cannot imagine it at this moment, it is beyond all you can imagine; I nourish you with my Life, I nourish you with my joys.

All is being fulfilled, for I am my Father's fulfillment and all those who die in me are are part of that fulfillment.

Tomorrow belongs to my Father and I, I carry out my Father's Will.

And as you agree to die in me, then you accept the fulfillment of your life in the present moment. 

What you see around you is of little importance, you know that God is there.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God speaks to us in our hearts, he wants to show us who we are on the inside, he wants us to see a world of love;

it's for this reason that we came on earth; we came to live as beings of love and not to live in a world where we’re in pain.

But due to our human will, we’ve had to live with pain; due to our human will, we’ve seen a lot of violence around us.

It's because of our human will that we haven’t known how to live with the evil around us.

We’re the ones who’ve made choices; we’re the ones who’ve let hurtful words enter us; we’re the ones, with our choices, who’ve made gestures against ourselves: these were our choices, they weren’t God's choices.

But God, in his love, protected us; despite our choices, God gave us graces so that we could go on with our life.

How can it be that we who have seen violence, war, we’ve seen injustices towards little children, how can it be that we have that thirst to be happy, to know love?

That’s because inside us, there’s love.

We nourish ourselves from the inside, but one tiny drop at a time, and very often we experience fear, doubt: we lack faith in ourselves. 

We haven’t learned to love ourselves, how can we love our brothers and our sisters, we don't even love ourselves?

How many among us, we’ve said to ourselves: I’m such an idiot?

How many among us, we've judged ourselves incapable of doing one thing or another?

How many among us have doubted that we were a good mother, a good father?

How many among us have thought that our husband or our wife wasn’t satisfied with what we were?

But in that case, we held that against him or her, not against ourselves, and yet marriage creates ones being: when we hold something against our husband or our wife, it's against ourselves that we hold it because we’re seeing what we are inside ourselves.

So we don't love ourselves.

God wants to teach us what love is.

To learn what love is, we have to learn: what has entered us?

Since the first sin, other sins have come along, others have also accumulated.

Each sin, it's a person who committed it and each person, he or she was inhabited by God's children: we can’t separate one child from another because we come from God the Father.

God the Father placed his breath of life in Adam, and from Adam, he created woman; within woman, there’s the breath of God; each child has the breath of God within him:

so,  we’re linked to one another through the breath of God, and through the Son, we form one single family: we’re all brothers and sisters, and through God's power: we inhabit our brothers and our sisters:

do you see that when there’s one who committed a sin and another who committed a sin, this entered us and this is what formed our characters, this is what formed our temperaments;

but God put in his love, we’re inclined to love one another, we’re inclined to have compassion for someone who’s suffering.

Because when one of our brothers does a good deed and another also does a good deed, well, us, we also have that inside us.

This is why, when there’s one who has a certain knowledge, others also have knowledge because God's intelligence cannot be placed in one and not placed in another:

God put life within Adam, he put all his intelligence, he placed paternal graces within man, and he placed a maternal portion in man, and in woman he placed maternal and paternal graces, because God possesses all attributes: he’s paternal and maternal.

All this is inside us through The Love’s breath: through God's breath.

This is why, when we make good choices, all God's children benefit; when we make bad choices, all God's children, they too suffer the consequences.

And so, sin has had an influence over us, and those choices have also had consequences over us, and God saw all this!

This is why God has nourished us constantly with his graces of love.

It's as if we were children under the influence of evil committed by others: God didn’t come to punish us because he knew all that inhabited us.

God is love, he was constantly giving us his love, he wanted us under his protection.

He never stopped loving us, God the Father, because he knew we were under the influence of evil, he knew we were under the influence of our choices through our human will.

God gave his own Child, his Son, for us, he wants us to learn to love one another.

When he said “Love one another as I have loved you. Love your enemies,” Jesus was saying “love yourselves” because if we were hurting a single one of our brothers or sisters, it was ourselves that we were hurting because we carry our brothers and our sisters inside us.

Do you see all the consequences of all we could have done through our choices? Not only were we hurting God the Father, The Love, but we were hurting ourselves.

We were hurting our own children, because even if they hadn’t been born yet, they were going to be born: we were carrying them, through Jesus, inside us.

Jesus talks to us like this so that we can learn to love ourselves,

to love the being that we are in the Church.

It's often been said that we shouldn’t love ourselves too much, but rather to love others, but we would forget about ourselves.

God is love, he loves who he is, since the Father is in the Son, the Son is in the Father: that love is so powerful that they created the third Person who is the Holy Spirit.

Can you see that God loves himself? So, we must learn to love ourselves like this, we must learn to discover the being of love that we are in order to give everything to God.

If we learn to love ourselves, we’ll learn to love all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world.

If we learn to forgive ourselves, we’ll give joy and peace to all those who are in us.

We’re not the ones who’ll give peace to this world through our human choices, it's not by signing petitions, it's not by creating movements with our human will:

this won't happen on the outside, all this will come from inside us.

Do you see the importance of every child on earth?

It's as if we carried the world inside us, and it's as if we were, through our choices, sort of responsible for the love that will reign on earth.

God created us free, we’re children of God, and it's one of the only religions that loves and that respects the freedom of what we are: love, it's freedom!

God didn’t force Adam to love him, he wanted him to be free because love, it's free.

Love, it's a movement that comes from us and that gives.

We can't force love, we can't pay love, we can't enslave it: we can turn human beings into slaves, but not love.

God created us with his love and when we let love emerge from us: we love freely;

then, we can see, then, we can hear, and this is how God wants us to love him: with what we have inside us, not with what is on the outside.

This is why he came on earth, Jesus: when he came, he gave us his Word

and his Word came from inside him.

He became flesh, he was God and God was his All and it was with his All that God gave his Word.

The Word is living, the Word is nourishing: it’s from God.

This is why we must leave inside ourselves : free.

But how can we leave our interior free with everything we’ve allowed to enter us?

We have, through our choices, allowed hurtful words to penetrate us; those words, we could have refused them.

When a person would say to us: “I hate you”, we were free to choose: “No, I don't want that to enter me.”

If I had known that I was love, I wouldn’t have accepted that, but I let it enter me and this hurt me, but it was my choice!

Now, Jesus, he says: “I will show you that wound,” and when this will enter me, he says “You shall give it to me.”

And now, Jesus has just told me “I want to tell a story.”


Jesus: One day, a child contemplated his face in a mirror, he found that his face was radiant because he had combed his hair, he had perfumed his face, and he was happy with what he saw.

But the child began to look deeper into his eyes and the eyes began to appear larger: he saw a light in his eyes.

He wanted to look into that light that was before him, so he drew closer to his face in the mirror, and the more he drew his face close to the mirror, the more he was blinded because his eyes were fixed on that light, and because of that light, he could no longer see what he was because he had penetrated into the light and everything beyond was darkness;

and so, inside the light, he lived his own words: he heard his own words: “I hate you because you are you; I hate you because you are not what I want you to be; I hate you because one day you will dominate me; I hate you because you have been chosen.”

So the child recoiled, he was very afraid of what he had just heard; he turned the light off, he no longer saw the face that had been before the mirror: he had not liked what he had seen and heard.

But the child remembered that what he had heard and seen: it was because he had approached the mirror and he had been drawn to that light, and that it was due to that light that he had heard and seen.

He realized that it was inside him, so he said to himself: “Who put that inside me? Why did all this enter me? I do not want to live with this any longer, we have to get this out of me. How can I do this? Who can help me? Somebody help me! Oh! God of love, help me! I am yours. You have no right to leave me all alone, I want you to help me, I want to know love.”

The child had just discovered that he was inhabited by evil.

The child no longer wanted to live in that evil; he began to beg God to come and deliver him.

God had prepared him for this, it was God who had prepared the child to look at himself.

God knew the moment when he would have to look at himself in the mirror because God loved him, because God wanted him pure.

God had waited so long for this moment to arrive: more than six thousand years!

All this because God had created that face, that face that was created in the likeness of the Son of God.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God will make us live this.

What the child saw, that was his interior; we’re going to see inside ourselves what happened during our life: this is going to happen through God's graces, nothing will happen through us.

God says that there won't be any violence, all will take place in love: Jesus came as a Being of love and it's as beings of love that we’ll go to him.

What we’re going to see, it will be like our cross: we’ve carried our cross.

Now, Jesus is saying: “I want your cross, I want to show you how your cross was made.

Each word that hurt you, I want you to give it to me.

Your soul has been purified through the sacrament of Penance, but your flesh, it remembers; it, it has known suffering because of your sin.

This is what has caused your sorrows, this is what has caused your anger.

This is why you judge your neighbour, while you do not want to judge him, it is because your flesh is enslaved due to the evil within you.

What you will see, you will give it to me; you will give me all the consequences that this has brought about within you, and all that the children, who are within you, have endured because of this.

And the more this will come about the more a sense of peace will permeate you, joy will inhabit you, your sufferings will seem different now, because evil will lose its place within you.”

The words we heard when we penetrated the light, that light that was making us enter into the darkness: that was evil.

Evil will also do whatever it can to make us not give to Jesus what has made us suffer.

But the more we will give to Jesus, the more evil will lose its place within us, and the more God's love will take its place, then love will be in our life much more easily.

Think of a big balloon that we have inside us: that balloon is inflated, and we, we know what helium is, well, it’s a gas that’s inside the balloon, well imagine that the gas is evil;

every time we give something that resurfaces from inside us to Jesus, Jesus will purify our flesh, will do some cleaning up inside us; after all the layers have been cleared away, that thin layer we have left is very, very thin, it, it will regain its natural shape : it's like love, whoops! it will take up room, it will push towards the balloon, towards the interior. (With a gesture, she shows that the balloon will shrink and grow smaller.)

Let’s not forget that God's love is stronger than evil.

The more we will give to Jesus, the more room love will take up, and the more evil will shrink inside us; there will come a time, Jesus says, when love will take up a lot of room, and evil will withdraw into silence within us.

But we’ll still have to live with evil inside us for a time.

As long as there’s one of our brothers or our sisters who bears a yes, and who has evil within himself or herself, and who hasn’t pronounced his or her yes to Jesus, we’ll have to carry him or her.

But there will come a time when the Holy Spirit will envelop all God's children with his power, and in a single movement all God's children will enter into the Light:

the time to harvest will come when each one will have to present to God his fruits, his harvest, what is good, what isn’t good.

The fruits will be joys for us, what won’t be good will be suffering.

The one who’s good, but who isn’t yet in his purification, will have to let himself be purified by a fire of love.

But God says that there will be children of the Light who will have completed their purification.

The one whose evil will be silenced, this will indicate that he’s given everything to God, that he’s agreed to relinquish his life to God unconditionally: his human will will be in the hollow of God's hand, and God will have his Will in that child.

Adam and Eve lived in the Divine Will before the disobedience, they didn’t know evil, it was only when they disobeyed God that evil entered them.

It was they themselves who wanted to choose between what was good and what was evil.

Before that, Adam and Eve communicated with God, lived in the Divine Will; God fulfilled them, God enveloped them with his love, all was harmonious; they with nature, they with God’s creation: all that was in the air, all that was in the water, all that was part of nature on earth.

This is for us too, and so, we will become again the children that God has always wanted us to be.

The human being was created in the likeness of the Son and Jesus said: “Be perfect as my Father is perfect. I am of my Father, my Father is in me, I in him, and you in me for the Father.”

And so, we’re going to be what God the Father has always wanted us to be: his pure children.

Never again will we do battle with evil, never again will we have to make choices between good and evil.

Love will emerge from us to please only God.

All that God wanted to create, he did it for us and he wants us to benefit from all he created.

For so many years, God the Father has been expecting love from his children: a true love, a pure love, an unconditional love.

We’ll no longer be afraid of tomorrow, for tomorrow will be made up only of the Will of God the Father: no longer of human will where man wants to dominate, where woman wants to dominate.

The human being, because of sin, has wanted to dominate human beings.

The spiritual life inside us, it doesn’t want to dominate, because it knows God.

Spiritual life is in God, but we live so very much based on our human will that everything that’s essential to us is nothing but external.

And so, in order to obtain what’s external, we have to use what’s external, and that’s by using force: the dominator.

There will always be people who’ll dominate the weaker but, in God's Will, isn’t the weakest one the strongest?

For when we learn to become a tiny little child, we have faith in God, we let God do whatever he wants with us, and so then we have God's strength;

us, we have no need to defend ourselves, it's God who does it for us.

When we understand what God wants for us, we’re not afraid anymore.

There will be great sufferings that are being prepared.

God says: “Children of love, I shall envelop you in my faith.

A great movement is being prepared on earth, it is born by the north wind and that wind wants to make God's children suffer, it wants to make your faith falter: faith in the Eucharist, faith in Jesus.

Through me, you shall keep your faith: do not worry over what you shall hear, do not worry over what you shall see.

Tell yourselves that Jesus has warned you and that the words that will hurt you will come solely from human will, that has no power over Divine Will, which is Jesus.

You do not belong to this world, you belong to my Father.

I will place faith in God within you: you shall see and you shall hear, you shall know the truth and you shall go forward.

Do not worry about your nourishment, know that your spiritual nourishment is above your physical nourishment.

Do not worry about what you will have to cover yourselves, I will warm you from the inside: my light will warm you;

I will give you all that is necessary to you, have faith in God, do not be afraid.

The evil within you will try to keep you in fear, when this will occur, give it to me, give me all the consequences of that fear and you will go forward in love.

You will understand what I mean when this shall occur: have faith in my Church.

My Church is pure, my Church is light, my Church is me: Jesus.

I am the Word, follow the commandments of my Father and have faith;

do not seek the easy way, do not seek excuses to not follow my Father's commandments.

Place me first in your life and I shall have you travel along paths that others cannot travel;

I shall give you what is necessary to you, while others will not be able to find satisfaction.

Do not question yourselves over what you do not know at present, but know that I am there.

Do not be afraid, God is with you, I am the one who is building my world of love within you, and the more you shall remain at peace, the more your brothers and your sisters will be able to go forward as well.

Do not be afraid for your children, do not be afraid for your brothers and your sisters whom you love tenderly: you shall be a source of strength for them, even if they do not believe, even if they say that you are disturbed, for when the time of the Great Tribulation shall arrive, they will see that you, you are God's chosen ones and they will come to you;

but do not expect for this to happen with external joy, joy will be internal, remain as children;

the child does not think of tomorrow, he, he knows how to sleep when he needs rest: do the same, be good to yourselves.

My Church will be shaken but, you, you are my Church: inside you, everything is there.

Have faith in Jesus.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Now, Jesus just has said: “Enough for tonight.”

We didn’t say a Rosary at the beginning and Jesus wants us to say our Rosary, please.