Gathering of Love With God's Action in Hyères Les Palmiers, France,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


 2008-02-22 – Morning

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Grace turns every one of us into the work of the Lord. No child on earth can be in the Lord's grace without having said his yes, his yes to God. God is love, and therefore, he places graces of love within us so we can be worthy of his Son's Yes. To be worthy of his Son's Yes is to enter the Yes, it is to go through the Yes in order to become light.

Jesus is the Light of the world. We must enter the Light of the world in order to be able to recognize that we are God's chosen ones. How can we recognize that we are God's chosen if we don’t enter the light? If we don’t enter the light, we stay where we are, asking ourselves, “What does it mean to be God's children? Why do they claim to be God's children?” There they are, always questioning themselves; there they are, always asking themselves why: “Why am I on this earth? For what reason am I called a child of God?” When we ask ourselves questions like this, we remain apart from the light because God respects every child.

God wants all his children, but he will not force any child of his to enter his light if the child hesitates, if the child is afraid. This is our God of love: the One who sent us his beloved Son so we could listen to him, so we could come to know who the Father is. Without Jesus, without our adorable God, we would have understood nothing. We would have seen children walking on earth whose eyes were always turning from one thing to another, searching – searching for the reason, the reason they are here on earth. This is why so many children before us… when we hear the word ‘children’, that means us, we are children, we are God's children… this is why there have been so many children who searched, and what they found were, very often, movements against God. They tried to find the reason they were on earth, and what they found was idolatry, they found gods.

God watched over his children and God loved his children. He spoke to them through their hearts; he told them how much he loved them, how much he wanted to be a God who was known to them. Therefore, he sent them prophets who prepared them for the coming of the Messenger. From one century to the next, from one century to the next, the heart was being prepared: the heart of the child of God was preparing to welcome the words that all would hear. Those words were uttered by Jesus himself, by the Messenger, the Child of God, the only begotten Child of God, the only One who was able to speak in hearts. No one can speak in hearts, not even the prophets. No prophet can speak in hearts; only the Son of God speaks in hearts. When the prophets spoke, they always, always spoke through the One who was to come: the Messenger.

God is love and he comes, once again, to speak in our hearts, for it was written in the Old Testament: ‘You will be dispersed throughout the world. There will come a day when I shall return to speak in hearts, and I shall gather my people and they will know that they have one God.’ God has been sending prophets since the beginning of time – before the coming of Jesus and after the coming of Jesus – because hearts are not yet certain that Jesus is the only Messenger of God. It doesn’t matter how much time we spend observing all God's children on earth, we’ll still end up wondering why they keep asking themselves the same questions that others asked before them: “Why am I here on earth?” They have Jesus in their hearts but they don’t recognize him; they have Jesus before their eyes, on the Cross, and they don’t want to recognize who he is. Many receive Jesus in their hearts and they are unable to behave as Jesus wants them to behave before God the Father. This is because hearts of flesh have turned to stone. It is necessary for hearts to change back into what they have always been: hearts of flesh.

If our hearts are made of stone, that’s because our flesh has listened to everything that is external and it has allowed all this to enter it. And when we allow what is external to enter within, this changes the person who is listening. All his senses are heightened: his eyesight, his hearing, his thoughts, his words, his actions, his feelings are heightened. They become fixed on the external. And then, once they are fixed on the external, all that is external enters him and transforms: it transforms his eyesight, it transforms his hearing, it transforms his words, his thoughts, his movements, his feelings. And as this is taking place, from one movement to the next – external and internal – then everything is transformed: the heart becomes hard, the heart is not able to be a loving heart. The heart is made for love; the heart is made to feel God's beauty, God's presence; and this, the ability to see, to hear, to speak, to understand, to act and to grasp, makes the child of God completely happy.

From year to year, we function with a body, a body that is ill. Our flesh is subjected to sin because we are incapable of remaining in a state of grace. Let’s take a look at ourselves: we go to confession, we go to communion, and we haven’t even left the mass and we’re already upset by someone, by a thought – “Okay, what should I do? I'm having my family over for lunch today and I haven’t cooked anything.” We become worried: “My son lost his job. How is he going to pay his rent?” How can we be preoccupied with these questions when we have just received the Presence? And the Presence is eternal, the Presence is pure, the Presence is strong; it has God's power, it belongs to God, Jesus is God. We receive the Body and the Blood of God the Son made Man and we remain in a flesh that is in pain. And yet, our soul, which receives Jesus, is pure.

Our soul, which receives Jesus, must be pure before its God in order to receive grace, and that grace flows throughout our entire being; it doesn’t remain only within our soul, it doesn’t beautify only the soul. Yes, our soul is all radiant; yes, our soul allows itself to be taken up in this movement of love and it praises its God, it adores its God, it prays to its God, it is in love with its God, with its only God, because the soul recognizes that there is one God.

But our flesh! Our flesh should benefit from all this because when the soul is filled with light, it is radiant, and our flesh feels the effects of all this. There isn't a single part of our flesh that doesn’t feel the effects of grace. Every cell in our body feels the presence of God – every one – because our flesh recognizes where it comes from: our flesh comes from God. Even before we were conceived in our earthly mother’s womb, we were in Jesus made Man, we were in the Only Flesh. There is only one flesh and there is none other. When God the Father said of his Son, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Listen to him,” he was telling us that he was the Only One, that he was the Man-God, that he was Immortal Flesh, listen to him.

Should we listen to a Flesh other than the Immaculate Flesh? If we listen to an impure flesh, our flesh will come into contact with an impure flesh and it will accept what is impure, and our flesh will always remain impure. Doesn’t it say in the Gospel that our flesh, which is subjected to sin, will become a flesh that will never again be subjected to sin? A corruptible body will become an incorruptible body? Therefore, it was absolutely necessary for us to come into contact with the Flesh that is incorruptible.

Adam wasn’t incorruptible because he gave in to temptation; his was a flesh that was going to fall into sin. Therefore, Adam was not perfect flesh. Adam was not immortal flesh – he was so by the Will of God, by the Divine Will – but he wasn’t perfect flesh, otherwise he wouldn’t have succumbed. Therefore, there had to be an Immortal Flesh, a Perfect Flesh. There was only one: the Son of God made Man – Man-God. Therefore, we come from the Perfect Flesh, we come from the Immortal Flesh, we come from Jesus.

God has the power, God has the power to create. He is uncreated, he is engendered, he is God. He is Man in his Being because he is Son of God made Man, second Person of the Trinity, and therefore: all power. As he is Man-God, he has power over all creation because he is the one who created. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit form but one, and therefore, they have the power to create. Jesus carried all creation: Jesus carried everything we are. In Jesus, through Jesus, we have been created: we have all been in Jesus. We have creation within us: we are made of light, and we are, therefore, light, and we are called children of the Light.

Mother Mary came to tell us this at La Salette: ‘There will be children and they will be called children of the Light.’ And so, we are the children of the Light. How was Mother Mary able to say that we would become children who are in the light without our being children of the Light beforehand? Mother cannot create children of the Light, she isn't God, but she told us what we would become. We were so before, and then we were no longer so, but now is the time for us to be children of the Light. Why in these times? Because these times were chosen by God, were chosen by God the Father to have us hear the power of the Holy Spirit.

What we’re hearing at this very moment is in each one of us; it comes from your hearts that are gathered together to form but one heart. And, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I just repeat what this heart of love hears: the Will of God, the love of God. Because it thirsts for God, it hungers for God, it comes from God, it recognizes that it is from God, it therefore allows itself to be nourished by God's love, and we hear: we hear the loving Flesh, we consent to being in this movement of love. Who are we to be God's chosen ones? Well, we are simply children who have said: “Yes, we accept.”

We have been prepared by Mary: we have learned to pray from the heart, we have consented to being instruments of love. Prayer has slowly transformed us, prayer has slowly brought about its movement of love. All the things that had entered us and that had come from the first prophets, from the very first ones, have just reawakened within us: they are awakening through prayer. And the more our yes was allowed to have a taste of graces, the more our flesh was being transformed, and our heart was learning: learning to listen, to do God's Will, to be love for God. And so, while every one of us was attending the school of love, we were slowly learning to be what God the Father is expecting us to be for these times: for these times of love, these times of revelations.

We’re living in times of revelations, we’re living in the time of the Apocalypse – we all know this: we know! Around us there are signs, and these signs will be the last. These signs are signs of love and we must be very little before these signs, we need to be what we must be before God. We have been tiny little children who have listened to their flesh rather than their hearts that are filled with love for God, children who have made their souls suffer because they have turned their eyes to this world: we have been impure children and we have neglected the graces, the graces that the Mother of God has given us. The Mother of God never stops praying for us. When we recite the rosary, the second part of our prayer – ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us’ – we aren’t the ones who are praying: we’re accepting that the Mother of God take what we are, and she is the one praying, praying the Trinity in our behalf. We are unworthy of this, but through grace, we appeal to the Mother of God so that we can pray in her Heart, and the Mother of God takes our hearts into the Heart of Jesus, and then everything happens.

We are children who consent to die in the Heart of Jesus and to no longer be: to agree to die in the Heart of Jesus is to accept his work, it is to accept the Will of his Father. How can we, we accept the Will of the Father? We have turned against the Father so many times! But the Son, the Son earned our place for us, and therefore, he takes what we are and carries out his Father's work. What I am and what you are is one and the same thing. I am an instrument just as you, you are instruments at this very moment – there is only one heart that is making itself heard – and what I repeat is nothing more than the movement of abandon, an abandon which was made known to me by the power of the Holy Spirit, just as it was to you.

How can you be children who pray together if it were not for the fact that you abandon yourselves in the hands of God, and that the Holy Spirit enables you to understand that the act of being together is the Church? To pray for your brothers and your sisters of the whole world: is to be the Church. To accept what you see: is to be the Church. To live in hope: is to be the Church. To live the faith: is to be the Church. Being together: this is love, this is charity. We are together out of love for God: we accept to be instruments of God. If I am here, that’s because God asked me to be.

Our brothers and our sisters, our children, our grandchildren don’t need us, they don’t need our human will. What they need are graces from Heaven. They want to be nourished by Heaven's grace because if we, we give them part of our human will, they will have no use for it. They’ve been hearing the human will since they were this tall. This will has nourished them, this will has hurt them, this will has seen to it that they doubt and that they distance themselves. And so, when we talk – mom and dad – they can see, they can see that this comes from human will, because our human will comes and strikes their human will: two human wills colliding with each other and creating more hurt.

The only thing we accomplish is to cause more pain to everyone. We suffer because our child doesn’t pray and our child suffers because he has just met his mother’s will. And he knows that he's going to hurt her again, and this, this leads him to become withdrawn, this leads him to become cold, even in front of us: this is a defense mechanism. This is how they protect themselves: “Another lecture, mom! You know that I don’t go to mass; you know that I don’t pray. You pray – I’ll do as I please.” Well, if this is how they answer us, then it’s simply because they’re tired of seeing the sadness in our eyes, they’re tired of our words that are going to cause pain; because they have understood what we haven’t understood: you’re going to hurt yourself again.

We didn’t understand that by saying these things we’re the ones who suffer first and not them: they throw the ball back in our court, the ball that we threw at them. That ball, it had to come from us so that they could throw it back, and so, they know that we’re in pain. Let’s take a look at how we were when we were young. We women, when we would show up with a young man that dad didn’t like, we could see it in his eyes. Even before he spoke, we knew, and this hurt us. We were the ones to suffer first because even before we went to see our father: “Oh, is he going to like him? He has a loud voice. He doesn’t even have a job.” And so, you see, we knew what his reaction would be and yet, we went ahead anyway. And that young man, he had to introduce his girlfriend to his mother, didn’t he? And he was afraid: “Oh, she's going to compare her to herself! She isn't like her, she doesn’t act like her.” So, you see, the young man knew. He could see his mother’s eyes looking his girlfriend up and down: “She's watching how she sits, she's watching to see how she fixes her dress”; and he thinks his mother is saying to herself, “Oh! She isn't rearranging her dress! Well, well, isn't she seductive.” And the young man knew this because he could see it in his mother’s eyes.

Well, our children are the same – they looked in our eyes, they looked in the eyes of mom and dad, and they did exactly the same thing that our parents did and that we did. They haven’t changed. And you can see that it was the same hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Why? Because the flesh can only give what it knows: we do the same thing year after year, from one century to the next; after one thousand years and another thousand, we’re doing exactly the same thing. The flesh is wounded by the human will. This is the reason God is coming to change our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh – so that we can fully renounce our human will. Oh, it’s so difficult to hear this! What, I have to give up my human will? What am I going to do without it? Who is going to decide whether I like this thing or that thing? Who else is going to make me happy? How will I be able to make this decision or that one? I need my human will! I want to please God with my human will.

Well, our human will has led us to the bottom of the barrel; we’ve hit bottom. Those of you who know how to make wine – whatever is left at the bottom of the barrel is bitter. And so, we’re living that bitterness: our flesh knows what suffering is. And so, when we look at our flesh, when we get a taste of that suffering, we become bitter: “This is it? Is my life worth living like this? No, if this is how it’s going to be, then I don’t want anything to do with it! What's the use of all this?” The Church is destroying itself: we’ve reached the point where even priests, bishops, our cardinals no longer even believe in that unconditional love, in that fire of love: “What's the use?” You see, if they’re asking themselves these questions, that’s because there's something inside us: love. Because if even at the bottom of the barrel there's nothing but bitterness, there's something else in there as well: touch the sides of the barrel and you'll see that there was once wine in there. You can't take this away from the barrel – it was used to make wine.

Well, we are made of love; our entire being is made of love: scratch as much as you like, burn whatever you like, love will always be there. People have tried to burn bodies: and they heard the song of love, that love always remained present. We need only think of Mary Magdalene – she was a being of sin. Great sins were committed by this woman and she offered them, she offered them to the only One who was able to take all of them: that was Jesus. She cried at his feet: all those tears she shed were her bitterness. She eventually learned to forgive herself because God had her discover that she was love, that every part of her being was in God's love, every part of her being recognized where she came from. But when she was at Jesus’ feet, Mary Magdalene wasn’t yet feeling this way – she lived this with tears in her eyes, with hope.

Her faith slowly increased, because the moment she heard, “Go and sin no more,” with every movement her faith began to rise up– it emerged from her. She could touch something she had never felt before: God's love for her. And yet, that love had always been there, inside her; she was made of love, but she had never felt it. When Jesus said, “Go and sin no more,” he was placing his presence upon her heart, and this slowly nourished her, and nourished her, and her faith grew. The faith of Mary Magdalene became so great that she was the first, after the resurrection, to witness the resurrection of Christ – the first! What faith, what love! And yet, if we examine Mary Magdalene, she was among the greatest of sinners, one of the greatest sinners, and she was the one who had the greatest faith, even greater than Peter’s, greater than anyone else’s, and she was a woman! We often ask ourselves questions such as, “Why are there so many women in prayer groups and so few men?”

Jesus: O man of will, man of little faith, you have recognized your God, you have followed your God, you have loved your God, and you have not been able to follow in your God's footsteps. It was necessary that I cast my eyes upon you, it was necessary that I teach you to say my Name with dignity, for you had lost your human dignity, you had lost from within you the very presence of your God. Within you is the strength of God, within you is the life of God, within you is that unconditional love that only God could have nourished. You turned to look at the winds and you were afraid, you heard the thunder and you were afraid, you saw the fire and you were afraid, you tasted the water and you were afraid.

O man, what have you done to yourself? I have loved you so. I am showing you the path you must follow and you hesitate. Come closer, place your hand in my side, place your hand in the holes that man made in my Flesh, have faith. In this way, you will recognize that you come from me, that you are the strength of God and that nothing can stop you, that the winds will heed you, that you will have control over water, that you will have control over fire, that you come from me and that from earth I formed you. You belong to me, you come from me, and because you come from me and you are the chosen one, the first, you have my Life. Life flows within you and you deposit this life in the flesh of woman so that woman might bear my power, my love, my movements, my spring that flows. She has earth within her, for she nourishes what she bears; she has strength within her, for she requires all minerals for what she bears; she has the water of life within her, for she bears life; she has love within her, for my fire shall never be extinguished – I am that fire, I am the Power, I give and I never stop giving. All that comes from me comes from my Father, and I take up what is mine in order to give it to my Father.

O man of love, how my great is my love for you. O woman, woman of my life, how my Heart sings to the sound of your yes that has never doubted me.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every movement brings us, brings us healing graces. We need this nourishment, we need to be freed from our fears. Satan has shackled our thoughts, he has managed to shorten our vision, he has taught us to turn our eyes towards ourselves and away from God, he has gained control of our hearing and he does with it as he pleases. We have reached the point of listening only to human will. Our words: our words are like a nourishing sap. What have we done with our words? We have made others so hungry for the truth; we are so thirsty for the truth. Our movements have been paralyzed by fear: we are afraid to affirm that we are God's children to those who want to throw us to the ground. We’re afraid of our feelings, for the opinion of others has become something that hurts us so much, that makes us cry. God wants all these movements; they belong to his Son: the Father wants his children of the whole world.

We are here in a blessed land, a land of love, a chosen land. The first land to be converted after the land where Jesus was: is France – it was the first one. This is the reason for the name that is given to France: the Eldest Daughter of the Church. France was consecrated to the Heart of Mary. The Heart of Mary has showered this land with an abundance of graces, and those graces are still here, those graces have not diminished in strength, they have not been diluted by water: your wine tastes like wine, and as for your graces, it’s the same thing – they bear the strength of God. When God gives graces, he gives them for eternity: a grace does not diminish, it doesn’t lose its flavour, and those graces are still here, in France, and they will always be here.

It isn't Freemasonry that will weaken these graces, it is the human will, which is afraid of what it hears because the human will has relinquished its strength into the hands of Satan. We have given our human will to Satan; involuntarily, but we have done it nevertheless. I come from New France: new! What does this name mean? Did France become lost so that it was necessary to create a new one? Did France lose its love so that God was obliged to found a new France so we could love unconditionally? It’s the same France, its children are the same. It isn't because we left this continent that we aren’t Mary's children, God's children. We come from the same family, we come from God's family, we come from the first country to be converted by Heaven's graces. And we’re the same as you – we travelled across the ocean but your flesh and our flesh, it’s the same: we share the same gaze, we share the same hearing and the same heart that beats inside us.

We have often turned our eyes your way, asking ourselves, “How do they live? What are their habits?” We have also heard that faith was diminishing, that there were movements against God. Is it possible that you have forgotten about us? We need one another, we need Heaven's graces. Québec is corrupt: we beat all the records for suicides, divorces, abortions; we are the scandal of the world. Where are your prayers for us? Where are your sacrifices? Is it those who have fallen to the ground, mired in this corruption, who are going to come here to ask you, to beg you to become once again the France of the past, to become once again that symbol of love, the one that we need? We need you to stretch out your hands to us. If you become lost, many will become lost, many, and not only in Canada, in America, in the United States.

South America sustains us through its prayers. The poor sustain us by their prayers. Those who are being killed, those who are being imprisoned – the mafia, the uprisings – the martyrs are praying for us, the children of Haiti who have nothing to eat, who lie on cement, and some who sleep in their own excrement and vomit. When soldiers arrived in that country, they cried over what they saw – tiny babies overcome by disease, with nothing to clean them – and they cried, those men cried like children when they saw what was before their eyes. And did you know that they pray for us, for us, the great intercessors?! We have one heart, we share the same heart – it is the one that God gave us, the heart of love, and it beats inside us; it is one and the same heart. We must trust in the graces Heaven grants to us.

Mother Mary is being celebrated here this year: many graces are being given and many more will be given, and this will be in proportion to our faith. All those we have already received will rise up to the surface once again; they will bring life to the love that is within those who, in the past, believed in the Blessed Virgin.

In Canada, we were the first people to clear the land. We arrived there and there were only rocks and stones everywhere. There were trees, lots of trees! We had to clear the land, remove the rocks, cut down trees, dig up the roots, and this was done by our hands, but also with our hearts, our hearts filled with love for God. They were overflowing with love for God, for it was in the name of God that the French left here to go to a country where there were ‘Indians,’ where there were insects. They thought they had discovered paradise! Well, a paradise with insects! People say, “Here, in France, this is paradise!” And us, we have a country full of insects. Here, there is human will, and for us, there are sins because we have reaped what we deserved.

The Lord knew this; he said to us: “Stay with me and sins will not influence you: the insects will not kill you. Insects do not kill, but they can hurt. Therefore, if you remain upright before my Face, you will not fall ill. If you remain upright before my Face, you will always know that I am there.” Today, there are many diseases and they’re spreading everywhere. Our own products, designed to eliminate insects, are giving us viruses, diseases. You see, when we turn away from God, we live the consequences.

Here, in France, the will was nothing but love: France wanted to do God's Will, it was filled with recognition for God, it wanted to pray God, love God, serve him. But the human will turned away from God's eyes: it no longer wants to love its God of love, it no longer wants to serve its God of love, it rejects him, it wants to replace him. And well, now we’re paying the price: the human will has become dominant. It dominates: the poor, we no longer take care of them or just enough for the sake of appearances; needs are controlled; work is offered to the most qualified. All this is nothing more than human will. All is nothing but suffering – the mother cries, the father cries because children are a source of shame: they steal, they lie, they’re caught up in debauchery, they take drugs, they no longer pray, they no longer love, they hide.

These are the consequences of human will and everybody feels the effects of this, everybody feels it! It’s like a fire hydrant – the water in the fire hydrant is pressurized and when that pressure is released, the water gushes out, and when it gushes out, it splashes everywhere and it cools and refreshes. France does not refresh the world. We hear people talking about France, people like France. It’s a country of abundance, it’s a country of love; you have sung many love songs and people remember those songs and still sing them: today, our ears no longer hear. But the heart, the heart is still there. Who does the heart of France belong to? To Mary, and Mary will make sure to bring it into the Heart of her Son. These are the last steps that remain to be taken: you must die in Jesus.

France consecrated all the hearts of the French to the Heart of Mary through Clovis. Then, at Fatima, Mary asked for the consecration to her Immaculate Heart. And, once again, this was done. So we must trust in this because this was done. John Paul II consecrated the world to the Heart of Mary. In that moment, the beloved Daughter of the Father took her rightful place: she is still occupying that place. Now, there is one last step that must be taken: Mother Mary will take your hearts and through your unconditional yeses, she will place all your hearts in the Heart of the Son, so that the Father's work may be accomplished.

There will come a time when God's children will live on earth as beings of love and they will know that there is one God. But that time has not yet arrived; we do not yet live as though we were of the same heart, in a time when sin no longer exists, when Satan no longer has power. He has always had power. Even when France was a France filled with faith, Satan was here, as people were being burned at the stake, the children of God were being martyred.

And now, it is time to get some rest. Thank you, thank you, Lord.