Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Iberville, Quebec

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will In Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit : I must repeat the words that are in me. These words are living. They speak about love, God’s love.


Jesus : My children of love, allow me to speak to you in your interior. Leave your human will aside and come within yourselves, there, where I am. Give yourselves to me. I am God of love. I am alive within each of you. I am the Light of the world.

My children of love, this instrument who speaks was chosen so that I, your God, I may speak to you.

I give this child graces, not so that she may keep them for herself, but so that she may give, so that she may give to each one of you what she receives : love.

It is love that makes life vibrate inside each one of you.

The life that is inside you comes from me : it recognizes me.

When I speak to it, it hears, it opens up to my words.

Your human will, sometimes, prevents life from hearing its God.

Each day, I speak to you.

I let you know that I am in you, that I stir within you.

When you go to work, each day, I make myself present within you to help you accomplish your actions.

Your actions must be love and must bear goodness.

And you : beings of love; you who hear the voice of The Life : you are alive.

When you give of yourselves, you give your life.

When you work, it is that you have received, from me, graces that make it possible for you to accomplish your actions:

The Action, it is I.

Even though some children fulfill themselves today thinking that everything comes from them, I, who am in them, I watch them and I sustain them,

for this observation of recognizing themselves as gods causes them to die.

It is I who sustain them, it is I who see to it that each one of you is alive.

Without me, you could not, my children, be active, you could not give,

for I am the gift of life.

–        Give yourselves for the sake of love :

–        this, my children, means that when you accomplish an action, do it because you love life,

–        and not because you are doing this action by rote,

–        this will bring nothing, this will be nothing but a repetition of your actions;

–        I, I am speaking to you about you, of your gift of self;

–        as simple as this action may be, give it with love;

–        it is yourselves that you are giving and it is you who will be rewarded.

–        When you perform an action and you do it with love,

–        you are happy with yourselves, you are proud of what you do.

–        But if you perform this action because you are obligated to do so as part of a daily routine,

–        you are imposing it upon yourselves, and this does not bring you pleasure;

–        and so, then come moments of sadness, of heaviness for you :

–        you carry your behaviour upon your shoulders.

–        So, your working days are not loving :

–        you become exhausted,

–        you are unable to give to your neighbour the good inside you.

–        When you present, my children, a sad face,

–        it is the person looking at you who sees that you are sad,

–        you, you feel it inside yourselves :

–        you are the first ones affected by this sadness;

–        and those looking at you, they, they perceive sadness;

–        and so, they do not want to be with you;

–        they do not welcome you by being happy that you are close to them,

–        they endure you.

–        My children of The Love, I am speaking to you through this instrument to make you understand that you must be, above all,

–        children of love,

–        happy with yourselves,

–        happy with what you do.

You will be able to give, and also, you will be able to receive.

Try to understand, my children, that a day lived with love is a non-exhausting day,

but a day lived with sadness, with dissatisfaction, is a heavy day to bear.

You arrive home very tired : you cannot give joy to those waiting for you.

You are children of love : you must give yourselves love in order to give others love.

What purpose does it serve, my children, to live if you do not appreciate who you are?

It is made known to this world that there are wars at this present time, rumours of war, forms of violence, revolts, protests,

and you, you welcome this in your lives while questioning it :

–        Where is this going to lead us?

–        What are we going to live very shortly?

–        Why does this world not accept itself with love?

I, God of love, I want to cry out to the entire world : “Peace and joy to men of good will”.

All is within you : all must start with you.

A day lived in joy is a day lived in God’s love.

This is what the Will of The Love is all about. : this is what your will must be all about.

My children of love, why this worry?

Why all these questions?

The only ones that should arise within you are :

“Do I accept myself as I am? Do I love myself enough to wish myself peace, joy?

Do I want to live as a child of love so that my neighbour may see me in the joy, in the peace of my interior?”

This world is very sad, my children!

When you take note of these events that evolve around you, you see nothing but sadness.

You do not want to live in this world in which we talk about war, about violence, about revolt, in which the children are not happy!

You must, first and foremost, be happy : you must find joy inside yourselves.

Begin with yourselves.

Begin by giving yourselves joy by pronouncing each day your yes to God :

“Ah! yes, Father, I give you my yes, I abandon myself into your hands. You, you know, Father, what is good for me.

I have faith in you, I want to abandon myself. Give me graces of love so I will find peace, so I will discover joy.

Father of love, there is only you who can make me live in peace and in joy.


God the Father : My children of love, I, your Father, I am asking you to come draw these graces during Communion.

Come take my Son, I gave him to you

In exchange, my children, give me your yes, I will nourish you with my graces : all love is a gift of self.

I gave my Yes to my Son. My Son offered himself to erase all sins from this world : your mistakes.

Yes, my children, I know everything about you : your weaknesses that make you succumb to sin.


Today, my poor little children of love almost no longer hear about sin.

In the past, they had been persecuted by priests, brothers and nuns who were telling them that everything was a sin :

and so, my children had an indigestion, and now, they no longer want to taste these words.

Oh! my children of love, do you not know that if you ate too much, you would not reject all that had been a source of nourishment?

They nourished you with words, with my words;

what was too much for you :  was their human will.

This is what made you ill, my children, and not my teachings.

I have given you my laws of love :

My laws of love, my children, are just;

they are truth;

they protect you from evil;

they keep you in righteousness;

they show you how to be happy, to welcome your neighbour, to not harm yourselves;

they show you how to give yourselves;

they show you how to welcome The Love :

it is of this, my children, that you must nourish yourselves so as to avoid falling into sin.

My children, if, today, your life is sad, joyless, it is because you do not nourish yourselves properly.

You are learning to ingest nourishment from your computers.

It informs you, my children, of everything that is evil,

but this evil, my children, is human will.

You absorb it within yourselves : you do not allow God to live within you so that you may be capable of knowing if what you are hearing comes from me or from men.

You have opened your intelligence to all that is human and you have closed your interior to all that is divine.

–        I, I speak to you about love,

–        I speak to you about forgiveness,

–        about reconciliation, about peace, about joy, about sharing;

–        I speak to you, my children, about love, true love,

–        and all that you, you hear is : “Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Look at what he is doing. Do you understand?”

–        Those, my children, are commandments : they obligate you.

–        They do not ask you : they impose upon you. They do not give you the freedom to know love.

–        You have learned, with your human will, to place restrictions upon your lives.

–        You have learned to give orders, to dominate, to judge.

–        Look, my children, you have difficulty forgiving.

Love is mercy : It wants to teach you to see with the eyes of The Love, to hear the sounds of love,

to open your hearts to welcome the love of your neighbour.

My children, it is so important to recognize that you are children of love.

It will be easier for you to renounce your human will if, my loves, you want to give yourselves to God, by saying : “I give you everything, I want to abandon myself to you.”

You must also acknowledge that you are children who were made to be loved and to love.

This will be easier through your renunciation.

I am speaking about renunciation, my children, for you must give to God that which prevents you from being children of peace and of joy.


I want your life : a complete renunciation of what you know at present : your human life that includes your human will.

I want to give you life in God, the true life.

You will not be slaves.

Do not be mistaken, my children!

You will live as free children with what you are, with your intelligence, with God’s love.

I will fulfill you : my Will, my children, knows you better than you, you know yourselves.

How many among you carry out actions not knowing whether they will be good or bad for you?

Do you know why?

It is because your human will knows good and evil : you waver between good and evil.


The world of today, my children, has allowed itself to be swept up by evil, for it speaks only of violence, only of hatred :

it dominates your life.

I, I want to make you live in a world of love.

You must start with yourselves, at this very moment, here, where you live.

You must learn to live as children of God.

You were not made to live in human will. No, my children!

Your first parents gave in to temptation.

They came to know good and evil but, with the passing of years, evil gained the upper hand.

And if, today, you know good once again, it is because I am within you,

I live within you, I nourish you with my graces of love.

Many children, my children, have given their yes and they have carried you. Through their yes, I have poured graces into you that have helped you journey towards a new life.

My loves, I speak to instruments to announce the following to you : the kingdom on earth.

Each one of you recites the "Our Father" and says : “Give us, this day, our daily bread.”;

my children of love, I am coming to bring you a bread of love;

I am coming to place in each one of you graces of love to make you understand that my reign is coming to earth.

The reign that should have existed if Adam and Eve had not disobeyed.

I am preparing you for my Son’s coming in glory in hearts.

Each one of you is at this moment in the process of allowing himself to be transformed by my graces, like this child who is speaking to you; she has pronounced her yes in a complete abandonment, and, each day, she has allowed herself to be transformed by my graces,

and she is not the only one.

Many children are at this moment filled with the Holy Spirit :

–        they have given their yes;

–        they have accepted that I take their human will and that I have them live in my Will;

–        they perceive The Love;

–        they feel my Presence within them.

These children are children of light, and if tonight you are here, it is because I have chosen you, and it is you who have responded to my call.

When children take the trouble to come out, as you did, to come hear a child speak in the Holy Spirit, it is because you have opened a door inside yourselves to God.

I speak to you inside each one of you.

You must be hearing, my children, the voice that is speaking to you, for it is the one that brought you here.

I have spoken to you and you have responded to my call.

This does not come from you, the Divine Will, it is I.

All that is good, my children, comes from me, this cannot come from you.

You, you have pronounced your yes to wanting to accomplish my Will.

You have said yes, my children, with your human will.

My children of love, I am announcing an era of love to you, an era of peace, an era of joy, in which you will live in the Divine Will with your brothers, with your sisters.

There will never again be rumours of war, wars, violence, revolts;

Never again, my children, for you will live in harmony, a harmony of love.

And if you doubt the words of your God, deposit this upon the paten :

my Son, through the hands of my holy priest, will present them to me

and I will deposit within you graces of faith which will make you see the light inside you.

My children, it is up to you alone to pronounce your yes : it belongs to you. It is yours.

I, your Father, I have respected your free will and I will respect your free will until the end : and your choice shall be eternal.

My children of love, if your yes is uttered, you will know God’s kingdom on earth : a kingdom of love, a kingdom of peace and of joy.

And if you utter a no as your choice : you will no longer be able to live among my children of Light : this will be decisive.

Through the power of The Love, I deposit graces of light within each of you in order to have you with me for eternity.

It is mine, the Power to tell you that all shall be accomplished as I will it. My children of love, receive peace.

Receive The Love’s blessing.


Abbι Conrad Verreault : Almighty God, come to place love into all our hearts. It is not always easy to love, but you, you are Love and you tell us that where there is love, that is where you are. And so, we ask you to bless us and to place this love into our hearts, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


All : Amen!