Through his Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: I am with each one of you: I belong to my Father, I am in my Father in Heaven, each one of you must be in me, Jesus. This child of the yes belongs to Jesus: we, the Divine Will, have chosen her to be complete abandonment of herself so she might give everything of herself to God, in order to bring the Presence to all those she loves: I am the Presence.

Through her consent, she gave herself completely: my children of love, the voice is only the instrument.

What she hears within herself is the Presence, I speak to her: within her being, she hears these words within her; through the power of the Holy Spirit, she can hear my Voice.

My children of love, each one of you has the Presence within you.

You are all in the presence of God, in the presence of the Son and of God the Father, who is in me.

God speaks, God acts, God is The Love.

This world, my children, must know who it is.

My children, around you there are children who do not acknowledge that they are love;

they live their life wanting to ignore the very presence of God within them: they want to live to know pleasures; they do not want to prevent themselves from doing their will as they see fit; if they were to come listen to God's Word, this might interfere with their plans, and so as to not interrupt what they know, they do not come to me; they do not want to listen to my children of the Light, they object: they say that this is not true; they do not want to abandon themselves, for whoever abandons himself receives graces; they want to understand nothing:

in this way, they do not have to feel guilty.

My children, even though these children do not want to stop themselves: I am in them, I live in them; they are in each one of you, you who are in the presence of my Voice.

You who are children who abandon yourselves to carry out the Will of God, you want to bring hope, light, joy to this world; you want to say to them: ďCome, they are talking about God. Come, this will make you discover that God loves you.Ē

But those children are not ready: they have not yet discovered their interior; they live only of their exterior; they do not want to stop themselves, and you, my beloved, you want to guide them towards the right path that would lead them to knowing the living God inside them.

My children, this time you are living has been prepared for you

so that you might be children of the Light.

I want to transform you into children of love.

I want you to be submitted to The Love.

All those who give themselves allow themselves to be enveloped by the Holy Spirit,

and God makes them discover his tenderness, his mercy.

I am a God who forgives every child who wants to acknowledge that he is a sinner.

I give to the one who comes to me to ask forgiveness and for those who remain far from me, I give graces to my children of the Light so that they might abandon themselves, so that they might pray for those children who are far.

You are with me, you are my beloved; they too are my chosen ones, but they delay in coming to me.

And my return in hearts is very near at hand, my children;

it will soon allow itself to be seen in each child of the earth.

You must allow yourselves to be transformed by God.

I want to turn you into children ready to help those who delay, for they will need to be taught, for I will speak within you.

I will tell you the words they want to hear: those words will be nourishment to them, for when the moment arrives when those children will see God's action, they will want to know who The Love is:

God of mercy, God who forgives, God of tenderness, God of gentleness.

My loves, allow yourselves to be taken by the movement of God, who wants you to know your interior.

Have no fear, I know everything about you.

Every day is a moment of discovery during which you allow God to acquaint you with your life.

I am the love within you, you are my beloved:

each person is in union with his brothers and his sisters of the entire world.

When you see, on television, children who are suffering, my loves, offer them to me, give them to me.

I know that you pray, you, my chosen children, my children of the Light: so, give yourselves for the ones who suffer, who are afraid, who have lost all hope in happiness, in joy, in eternal life.

They no longer believe in a God, they only see themselves in a world where everyone is out for himself.

The world is no longer love, it lives only for itself;

it cannot perceive the love within itself, for it has placed a shield of coldness around itself.

O love, do you not know that I love you? Do you not know that I want you within me? I gave myself for you.

O world unworthy of my love! Look at me on the Cross, my arms extended, begging you to enter my Being.

Come and draw the graces that will show you who you are; do not allow yourself to die, enter within yourself: there where life is, where I am.

Do not allow those who have spread lies to lead you astray, do not allow yourself to be caught in Satanís game: he exists, he is real.

O you, who do not stop looking at yourself, you see yourself on the inside as being filled with garbage; wake up, for I am among all those things you have idolized.

Your material things will not bring you eternal life, for when your days come to an end, you will not be able to protect yourself with what you have accumulated for you, alone, will present yourself.

I am asking you, o world, to love yourself.

My children of love, I am begging you, offer yourselves on their behalf, the children of this world.

Give yourselves, offer yourselves, do not keep track of your actions.

If a child behaves a certain way, not as you, you want him to: do not judge him, offer him to me, remain children of love, children of the Light: a child of the Light sees only God's love; he has no need to look at what I have purified through my Precious Blood: he must offer it to me on the altar.

I am speaking to each of you and I speak to all those you carry within you.

Oh! chosen children, give yourselves in love, love one another,

carry within yourselves all those who make you suffer, all those who make my Church suffer.

My priests are maligned, people point their fingers at my nuns, my brothers are scorned.

You, my children of the Light, you have no need to judge my Church, even if she has made mistakes, even if her behaviour does not live up to my Gospel.

I am God of Mercy, I am The Love: I gave myself for each child of the earth; whether he is in my Church; whether he is in a sect; whether he is an atheist; whether he is a non-believer: he is my child; I gave myself out of love for him in order to take all his sins.

Every child is a chosen one, I carry him within myself, he is my love.

You, be love for yourselves; be love for all those you carry; be self-giving just like my Mother.

She gave herself, she was aware of my Sacrifice from my birth, she kept everything within her Heart: she suffered and she gave.

Be like the Heart of my Mother, it suffered: she saw her children.

Through me, she came to know the pain of sin: she suffered with her Son for all the sins of the world.

I am asking you, my children, to go and draw from my Motherís Heart,

the strength that will help you to not succumb to sin.

These times are times of love, times of graces, but also times of pain, of suffering, for when you see around you your children, your brothers, your sisters: you suffer, for you want them to be saved; you want them to pray,

and when you see that your churches are empty: your heart suffers, for it is in union with my Motherís Heart, with my Heart: my divine Heart.

You are in me, you all live united in Christ, you are in a loving union.

It is because you are in me, with your brothers and your sisters, it is for this reason that you suffer; but your suffering, when it is given to me, is accompanied by graces.

You can, my children, give much to God.

This is done through love, in love, with The Love: without me, you can do nothing.

No one among you could give love to your brothers and your sisters that you carry, without me, without my graces, without my Presence.

My loves, I am God of mercy, I am asking you to examine your conscience.

Look within yourselves, if there is a forgiveness that has not been uttered, as little as it may be, it must be given to God.

When you will carry out this examination of your conscience, I ask you to take all your brothers and your sisters of the entire world and to carry their lack of forgiveness within yourselves.

Yes, my children, through your yes, I want to take all the pardons that were not given; I want them in myself so that I might present to my Father all those pardons that were not given.

You, my loves, you can carry out this movement in the Divine Will: present it to me; it will be grace for you and it will be grace for all your brothers and your sisters that you carry within you.

I am the Mercy.

I want all your requests within myself in order to grant you my mercy: the grace of forgiveness.

You see, how many brothers and sisters within you do not know how to say: forgive us, Jesus, we have offended you; forgive us, Mary, we have caused you sorrow; I forgive you who have caused me sorrow, you, my brother, you, my sister, you, my child.

You carry, each one of you, these pardons within yourselves; give them to me and when they will be before The Love, these graces will be within them: they, in turn, will have the strength to ask forgiveness.

You see, my loves, you can give God the pardons you carry through your yes to The Love.

Everything is an offering: when you go to mass, at the Offertory, give me that offering that is within you: God will shower graces of mercy upon all children of the earth.

Oh! my children, I love you so! There is no greater love than to give oneself: give yourselves as I gave myself, give yourselves as my Mother gave herself: be giving.

I am the Presence who is asking this of you: all shall be nothing but happiness for you.

It is up to you alone to choose, up to you alone to know if what you have just heard is for you; you are the only ones, my children, who have this yes within you; you are the only ones, my children, who also bear noís within yourselves.

Grace appears and it is up to you to know if you want it, if you want to share it.

This world is very cold, it is calculating, it does not want to share, it even prevents some of my children from giving.

Through laws it forbids sharing saying that this would become a hindrance to the economy.

Oh! my children of love, look at this world in which you live: it prevents my children who want to give from giving.

How can we conceive of a gesture that prevents sharing? There is only the enemy of The Love who can do such a thing.

Pray, my children, for the leaders, pray for them so that they may see the light inside themselves,

so that they may sense that their gesture is not love.

What they have become is due to evil: evil rules, for when children are prevented from feeding children, this is not love, and when we hide behind laws, not wanting to harm the countryís economy to the detriment of the poor, this, my children, is not love.

It is through prayer that you will give them what you receive: graces of love, graces of sharing.

And you, my children, who pray, you who call yourselves children of prayer, of light, of abandonment, when God asks you to not judge your brothers and your sisters, be in the movement of The Love as well, for when they talk against one or against another: this prevents graces from spreading, prevents the soul from nourishing itself;

the soul needs graces, needs nourishment, it is Jesus who nourishes it.

The soul is Jesusí spouse, and it is your yes that ensures that the soul is able to receive graces: graces of love, graces of sharing for your brothers and your sisters that you carry within you.

If you come to pray while you have noís within yourselves, God waits for you to become self-giving children once again, for, you see, I know your interior: you can hide nothing from God.

God loves you, if you carry noís within yourselves, I, through your prayers, I will give you movements of love so that you may acknowledge yourselves as you really are.

You must give yourselves as I gave myself: in a complete abandonment.

Follow the example of my Mother, be love.

Do not believe that I am not aware of your objections when you say that this is false, that this is not from God:

let me be the sole judge of my children.

Carry within yourselves all your brothers and your sisters and, if this is a source of suffering to you, give me everything: I am The Love, I want to fulfill you, I want to give you graces of abandonment in the Divine Will.

Everything within you is love; it is up to you to acknowledge that you are in this movement by doing everything God expects of you.

Do not carry within you movements that could prevent my graces from nourishing your soul: it is in love with its Spouse; your soul needs me, it thirsts for me.

Be movement within my movement.

Enter within yourselves with your yes: like a child, with nothing more; do not complicate your life: be simple children; I grant so many graces to my tiny little children!

Many children receive love, they are in God in love.

Be in this movement, you as well: all is in God.

Children of love, God is Mercy; through the consecrated hands of my holy son,

I want to rain down upon you and upon all the children you carry graces of light.